by JB57

Though she tried not to show it, Maria was worried. She possessed great skill and power as a sexfighter. But the secret to her fuckfighting success was her sexual insatiability and stamina. She had lost sex battles before, but had always been able to win the war by virtue of her body’s incredible ability to keep going. Once started, the ravenous sexual hunger that built in her core was almost impossible to satisfy and allowed her to wear down and devour almost any opponent in erotic combat. But what she and Anna had just done to each other was more intense than anything she had ever done to anyone or that had been done to her before. Normally, the fuckfight Maria had just had with Anna would have been enough to destroy any foe. But Anna seemed fine; even worse, the prison bitch seemed every bit as lustful and energized as Maria. The warden realized that, for the first time, she might be facing a woman with a sexual hunger as insatiable as her own and a body capable of pursuing that hunger to the end. She recognized the threat; but deep down, she was also thrilled by the challenge and the sexual ecstasy that this fuckwar with Anna could bring.

Maria’s pussy felt a bit tender. Given the incredible pounding it had just taken and the sheer ecstasy it had inflicted, this was hardly surprising. Maria wanted to give her pussy time to recover, time to build back its sexual strength before she took it into combat again. Her eyes settled on Anna’s fantastic tits. She wondered how those chocolate brown nipples tasted, how the dense titflesh would feel crushed and throbbing and grinding against her own. She felt her nipples tightening and pulsing as her mind focused on her desire for a titfight. She smiled, and licked her lips hungrily.

Anna felt energized, the heat pulsing in her loins feeding the pressure in her nipples and crusted areola. The sexfight she had just had with the warden had been incredible – a truly delicious meeting of cunts. It had been more intense and enjoyable than anything she could remember experiencing in the recent past, maybe in her life. She wanted to give her aching pussy time to recover, but she felt the blood boiling in her loins, filling her tits, engorging her clit. She saw Maria staring at her tits and she knew what the warden wanted. She smiled as her own gaze shifted to Maria’s chest. She was enthralled by the warden’s tits. They were as large and round as her own; were they every bit as dense and firm? Could the warden’s nipples match hers in a tit to tit fuck? It was time to test her beautiful rack against that of the other woman.

Anna cupped and hefted her massive breasts and pointed the stiff nipples at Maria.

“Come on, cuntlicker,” she murmured. “Let’s see how tough your little titties are.”

Maria smiled and stroked her crusting nipples. They were moist and hard and grew even longer and tighter as she caressed them. A jolt of pure erotic electricity shot from her sensitive nips deep into her tits, filling them with warmth, tightening them with arousal, feeding the heat between her legs. Warm juice trickled down from her tight pussy. Maria gasped, her eyes glowing hotter, and bit her lip gently as the pleasure pulsed in her core.

Maria stood up on her knees, her hands on her hips, her chest thrust out in challenge. Her nipples felt harder, longer and more sensitive than she could ever remember. Anna rose to match her posture, arching her back to push her massive boobs out in response. The women walked toward each other on their knees until their breasts were only an inch apart. Their hard, pulsing nipples lined up perfectly. The women stared down at the other woman’s heaving tits. Their breasts gleamed with perspiration and other secretions. Sweat dripped from the tips of their brown, crusted nipples. Their breath came in hot pants, their eyes were fevered with lust. Their hair formed wild, unkempt manes as they contemplated each other’s magnificent rack, preparing for the conflict to come.

“Yes,” Maria breathed, a hot smile flickering on her beautiful face. “Oh, yes…”

Anna said nothing, but her eyes were glazed with desire and she licked her dry lips in anticipation.

The women moved closer, just enough to touch the tips of their throbbing nipples. A sexual shockwave rippled through the two fuck-fighters, and the milk holes of their nipples sucked tight together. They gasped and their bodies shuddered at the sudden, intense sexual electricity; their breasts flared with heat and stiffened even more with arousal. Their heaving tits moved in unison, up and down, up and down, as they panted furiously, as they shared hot breath. Anna and Maria locked eyes, exchanging looks of pure hate and raw desire. Glaring at each other, challenging each other, they slowly moved their nipples around, keeping them pressed head to head, but gently, gently stimulating them, letting them tweak and push, letting them massage each other. Their nipples grew even stronger and longer under the stimulation, pushing tighter, growing into each other. Maria and Anna began rubbing their tit nubs harder, letting them grind side to side, then flicking each other, sending little spasms of pain through their pulsing boobs. Their excitement built. Maria moved her hands from her hips to seize Anna’s biceps; Anna instantly returned the grip. Now, with their tits compressed between their powerful arms, the women realigned their throbbing nipples and slowly, agonizingly, used the power of their chests and the full weight of their bodies to push their throbbing nipples together.

“Yes, yes you little fuck, you cuntsucking whore…” Maria breathed as she watched, as she felt, their nipples crush and melt into one.

“Fucking cuntlicking sow,” Anna groaned in reply, “My beauties will flatten your weak little bags, you fucking whore…”

Both women trembled with pain and pleasure as they watched their throbbing nipples lock, hold each other in stalemate, then slowly crush each other back into their areola. Areola met and fused, and a terrible throbbing pain and pleasure suffused both sets of boobs as their nipples disappeared into their taut titflesh to continue their battle for superiority deep inside the women’s warring tits.

Maria moaned as her dense, spongy tits met the thick, yielding, firm flesh of Anna’s equally large pair. The prisoner’s tits were every bit as heavy and taut as Maria’s own magnificent jugs, just as she had hoped. As far as Maria could tell, she and Anna had tits exactly the same size. As their massive racks pushed tight, both women could feel the other’s heart pounding. Gripping each other’s biceps tighter, Anna and Maria rubbed their tits together, mashing the thick meat, the heat and friction from their grinding nipples and yielding, pulsing flesh sending shockwaves of pure, unadulterated pleasure racing through their breasts, heating their bodies. Their massive mammaries slid on each other’s hot sweat, but their hard nipples and rough areola kept rubbing and grinding, the delicious friction building inexorably. Buried deep within their dense titflesh, the women’s long, thick nipples slowly twisted together as Maria and Anna began rolling and rotating their tits into each other, struggling to grind each other’s tits down, to force the other’s tits to weaken and surrender to her own. The nipple to nipple, areola to areola struggle grew more painful as they drove against each other, until it felt to both women as though their nipples might be torn off. But the intense pain fed the excruciating pleasure, as their dense racks merged, liquid sweat feeding their heat, sensual power flowing from their massive, battling tits into their turgid pussies, pumping up their aching clits even more.

“Oh God, oh God, you fucking cunt…” Anna gasped, the heat pouring out of her over stimulated breasts scorching her flesh. The women were nose to nose, forehead to forehead, panting hot breath at each other, lips touching, tongues occasionally reaching out to lick and taunt. Their eyes were locked together as they searched each other for signs of weakness, for hints that the delicious pleasure was becoming too much. Their pants and cries of pain and joy grew more fervent as the titfight became more intense. They were sealed together in the intimacy of their shared hatred and lust. They wanted each other desperately, but they also wanted to master each other, to hurt each other as much as possible.

Maria suddenly released Anna’s biceps and slipped her arms around the prisoner’s naked back. Anna immediately did the same, wrapping Maria’s naked torso in her arms. They found the best grips on each other’s naked flesh. Their bodies filled with the furnace heat, the electric sensations rippling from their dense, battling tits, the women stared deeply into other, seeing the shared desire.

“I’m going to tit-fuck you, Anna,” Maria moaned. “I’m going to squeeze your weak little bags until I milk every drop.”

“Let’s see how you do against a real pair of tits, you blonde pussylicker,” Anna replied. “My tits are going to squash your bags until they are hanging down like the soft sacks they are.”

Then, Maria and Anna crushed each other with all their strength, squashing their tits together in a powerful mutual bearhug, each women trying to flatten and crush the other woman’s fantastic tits with her own. They cried out as their firm, thick tits compressed and pancaked into one throbbing mass of delectable flesh and raw erotic sensations.

Sobbing with joy and lust and hate, their nipples pulsing with heat and pleasure and pain deep in their tits, Maria and Anna began driving into each other furiously. Arms squeezing, tits compressed, they worked their chests together, rubbing and grinding, rotating their battling boobs, working dense titflesh up and down and side to side, struggling to wear the other down, to force her opponent’s tits to collapse from the pressure and the pleasure. As they squeezed and rubbed, hot sweat lubricated the grinding battle. They threw their heads back, arched their backs, and slapped their naked bellies together, then writhed in each other’s arms. Their bellies slapped and their deep navels sucked at each other, sensual flesh to flesh friction. Their powerful thighs pressed together. Their thin landing strips of pubic hair tangled and grated. Anna swung her hips and moaned as she felt her pussy lips slap against Maria’s juicy cunt.

“You whore, you fucking whore…” Maria groaned at Anna.

Anna ran her tongue along Maria’s open, gasping lips and Maria instantly sucked the probing tongue between her lips and teeth. She sucked hard, caressing Anna’s tongue with her own, opening another sexual battlefield in this war between their incredible bodies. The women locked into a deep kiss, their tongues sliding together and licking, their soft yet taut lips sucking at each other. They moaned deep in their throats as their mouths meshed, as they refused to release each other from the tongue twisting, spit swapping kiss as they struggled to overwhelm each other. They kept writhing and grinding in each other arms, rubbing and crushing tits, slapping and sliding their slick bellies, occasionally thrusting their hips forward to let their burning pussies caress and taunt and tantalize.

How long this continued, Maria did not know. Her body was being overwhelmed with the many conflicting sensations coursing through it, all of them immensely pleasurable. Her body was being stimulated and aroused to levels she had rarely achieved before. Her excitement grew. She knew it was time to take the battle to another level. Still sucking hard at Anna’s tongue and mouth with her own, she eased off on her bearhug just enough to reach up, sink her fingers into Anna’s auburn mane, and slowly pull the woman’s head back, breaking their kiss. Anna gasped, then instantly yanked Maria back by her hair. Chin to chin, glaring at each other through half-open eyelids, the women snarled and moaned. Their tits were throbbing, deep pleasure reverberating within their yielding mounds.

“Suck me,” Maria snarled at Anna. “Let’s suck each other… I want to taste your tits, cuntfucker…”

Anna smiled, panting with heat. At this moment, she wanted nothing more than to suck and eat Maria’s delicious tits.

The women pulled apart, gasping with lust. Their blood was boiling, every erogenous area on their bodies was on fire with need. After the incredible way they had fucked each other earlier, it was amazing that they could both be this aroused so soon, but neither questioned what was happening. They were too overwhelmed by hunger for each other’s voluptuous bodies.

Anna and Maria backed away from each other about a foot. Their eyes ran hungrily over the other. The women’s magnificent tits glistened with sweat and were reddened from the grinding friction of the titfight. Their nipples jutted from their battered areola like fleshy, erotic spears and throbbed with heat and painful friction. Both women were struck by a staggering pulse of lust, an overpowering need to possess and consume the other magnificent bitch. They were facing each other as two primal predators, locking together to battle over territory, a battle that could only be decided by matching the most intimate and sensual parts of their bodies and fucking each other senseless.

Anna raised her hands to Maria’s breasts, her fingers sinking into the taut, yielding flesh, Maria’s nipples punching into the palms of her hands. Maria slid her hands over Anna’s glistening orbs. Green eyes locked to turquoise, raw hate and passion flowing between them, the women slowly massaged the other woman’s fantastic jugs. They squeezed and kneaded, they hefted and weighed and stroked and rubbed, all the while forcing whimpers and cries of pleasure from each other as they expertly fondled the other, as they rubbed or caressed a particularly sensitive spot on their opponent’s massive rack. They panted and sobbed and screamed into each other’s faces, their mutual hate and lust building with every moment, with every tantalizing, infuriating caress.

“You dirty fucking cunt, you slut, oh God, you filthy fuck…,” Maria snarled at her hated enemy, whose skilful hands were now inflicting such terrible, unbearable pleasure on her throbbing tits. God, she hated this whore, almost as much as she wanted to fuck the bitch forever.

“Fucking, stinking twat, you whore, oh Christ, you jizz-eating cocksucker …” Anna moaned in response, pushing her nose harder to Maria’s, letting their lips touch as she struggled to resist the delicious sensations building and burning in her tits.

Both women squeezed each other’s nipples like knobs, then screamed, joyously, in unison. Sobbing, snarling, they finally moved to suck each other. Spreading their thighs wider apart on the cot, Anna spread her hand on Maria’s left tit and bent her head to Maria’s magnificent right tit. She licked at the long, thick nipple, she teased it with her powerful tongue, drawing a long moan from Maria. Then she sucked it into her lips, then her teeth, before encompassing as much of Maria’s huge, wet orb with her mouth as she could and began sucking, chewing at the delicious gland, feeding desperately, tasting the salt of Maria’s sweat. She ate at Maria’s right tit and nipple ravenously, even as she squeezed and kneaded at Maria’s left tit. At the same time, Maria lowered her head to Anna’s chest and sucked at Anna’s right tit with equal hunger and skill.

“God, oh God,” Maria thought, as the terribly delicious feelings in her tit reached unbearable levels, as her own enjoyment of eating at Anna’s incredible flesh filled her with indescribable lust, “don’t let this stop, let this go on forever, fuck, fuck, it’s so good…”

The padded room filled with the sound of the two women suckling each other, with the continuous muffled moans and cries and gasps as they worked each other with ravenous hunger. Maria and Anna were both crying with the raw pleasure. Their eyes were closed but the tears flowed unimpeded as they forced ever more pleasure from their bodies, as unbearable erotic tension built within their overwhelmed bodies. Their clits throbbed with desire, pulsing with every heartbeat. Their over sensitized nipples ached with heat, so sharp and rock hard, building to a nipple orgasm.

After some time sucking the other woman’s right tit, the women switched to the left tit and began the process over again. As Anna rubbed and massaged and tortured Maria’s right tit, a spasm of pure ecstasy caused a gush of cunt juice to trickle down to the bed from Anna’s twat. Anna lowered her left hand from Maria’s right orb and cupped the warden’s open, sopping cunt. Maria screamed in shocked joy as she felt Anna’s fingers drive hard up into her fuckhole, stroking her engorged, pulsing three-inch clit, sending a spasm of unbearable pleasure roaring through her entire body. In response, Maria bit into Anna’s delicious tit even harder, then ran her left hand down Anna’s belly, through the landing strip of pubic hair, until she caressed the prisoner’s open slit. Her eager fingers went up into the beautiful prisoner’s hot, wet hole, searching and finding Anna’s burning clit. Anna cried out with hitching gasps of pure ecstasy as the warden returned the clit caress.

Anna and Maria masturbated each other vigorously, viciously, finger fucking in earnest. They stroked their opponents’ engorged clit gently, sensuously, creating such terrible pleasure and pressure that they both started to sob uncontrollably with the sensations. Both women spread their thighs even wider, welcoming, encouraging the other woman’s attack. They sucked at the other’s delicious tit with ever greater force. Their muffled moans, screams and sobs of pleasure became ever louder and more intense. The sound of hot fingers working wet, sucking cunts joined the groans of ecstasy coming from both women. Their aching pussies began leaking a slow, continuous trickle of cunt juice as their probing fingers played and taunted each other’s throbbing clit.

On and on it went until both women were delirious with sexual rage, until their bodies were trembling with sexual tension and erotic power, until waves of erotic heat broke over their ravaged flesh in coruscating bursts of pleasure. They were aroused and enflamed almost to the limits of their bodies.

Anna lifted her right hand from Maria’s left tit, sank her hand into Maria’s thick blonde hair, and yanked the warden’s head back from Anna’s burning tit.

“Give me your tongue, whore,” Anna demanded hoarsely as she pulled Maria’s head towards her. Maria seized the back of Anna’s head with her right hand and pulled the prisoner in closer. The women glared at each other savagely, they rubbed their pert noses together, then they attacked each other with their tongues and mouths.

The women’s hot tongues invaded each other’s mouths, licking and lapping, sucking and swallowing hot spit. At the same time, the women pushed closer, bringing their sensitive, over stimulated, battered nipples into direct head to head contact. Their left hands continued to finger fuck, to work their eager pussies, but both women were now driven by the desire to kiss and rub tits as the focus of the mutual sexual assault shifted again. Maria and Anna wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed tight.

They groaned with delight as their heavy, meaty tits crushed each other again and resumed their nipple to nipple fucking. The sensual kiss they were joined in filled both women’s minds. Their tongues slid and pressed, stroked and pushed, sending delicious pulses of erotic electricity racing through their bodies. Maria loved the sensations of the tongue fight. She loved sliding her own exquisitely sensitive pink probe around and around Anna’s mouth, around her teeth, pushing tongues, swallowing back the other woman’s spit, she enjoyed violating and being violated in such an intimate way. The fires burning in their mouths, in their grinding tits, in their aching cunts, fed the passion in the women’s sexual cores. Every part of their bodies throbbed with heat and pleasure.

Their bodies rubbed and writhed, each woman intent on pressing every inch of sex-slick flesh on her beautiful form against that of her enemy. Anna slid her right hand down Maria’s gently curving spine to the warden’s powerful, rounded ass. She sank her fingers into one tight ass cheek, squeezing, feeling the clenching muscle. In a moment, both women had filled both their hands with the other’s rounded ass. They used the grip to pull each other closer, to thrust and grind even harder, their wet, hot bodies seeking to merge. They arched their pelvises and moaned with passion as they rubbed pubic hair, as they felt their hot cunts touch and caress. Hot clits came tantalizingly close to stroking.

Anna suddenly shifted her weight. Her thighs had been spread wide, pressed tight to Maria’s thighs, to match Maria’s v-shaped stance. Anna brought her knees together and pushed hard. Never breaking the kiss, still holding tight to each other’s beautiful ass, the women struggled briefly. Then Maria felt herself being pushed on to her back. She did not have the time to shift her weight; it was too late to resist. The women toppled over, Anna on top, her thighs pushed between Maria’s thighs, opening and splitting the other woman. Maria landed with her head just hanging over the foot of the bed, her shoulders just holding on the edge of the mattress. The women’s tits crushed with an explosion of pleasure, rock-hard nipples spearing each other. Anna pushed down with her hips and opened her legs, forcing Maria’s thighs even wider, fitting her crotch tight to that of her enemy.

Anna raised her pelvis, then cocked it forward, her hot cunt seeking Maria’s matching twat. Maria tilted her pelvis to align her hot, sopping cunt to Anna’s burning fuckhole. Anna pressed down, her thick cunt lips squashing, slapping to Maria’s juicy pussy lips. Both women groaned deep in their locked mouths as they smeared their cunts together, as they worked their hips to spread each other, as their labia melted into one, as they forced open their fuckholes to their mutual violations.

Anna pulled her ass back, then powered down into Maria’s hot cunt. Their pussies came together again with a delicious sucking splat. The women cried out, still locked in their kiss, and sank their claws into each other’s taut asses, as the rounded muscle began to clench and ripple and thrust. They pulled their twats apart with a gentle sucking pop, cunt juices holding on in thin wet strands, then powered together again, with another hard, sucking slap. They worked their hips, concentrating on separating their enemy’s cunt lips, on opening each other wider. Hot pink labia melted into one, hard three inch clits caressed length to length, forcing a shuddering, bucking, crying scream from both women.

Moaning, crying, desperate for air, Maria and Anna broke their hot kiss, spit flying as their mouths pulled apart. Cheek to cheek, they panted and moaned as their asses began pumping harder, as their hips began to buck. Their nova hot cunts caressed and tantalized, sliding slick, smooth lips together and into each other, then pulling apart in a spray of cunt juice, then slapping back together with a wet splat as they sought to merge and unite once more. Overwhelmed with raw, incredible lust, the beautiful women writhed in each other’s arms, rubbing and grinding every inch of burning flesh to every inch on their opponent. Their massive tits flattened and pulsed, nipple to nipple, fleshy erotic cushions sending constant pleasure streaming through their battling bodies as they fought for sexual domination. Pushing hard with their hips and asses, Anna and Maria felt their hot twats flatten and seal, moist, juicy pussy lips sucking and crushing, locking into a wet, meaty, unbreakable join. Pussy juices smeared and slicked the intersection of their battling crotches. Their hard, taut bellies slapped as their cunts struggled.

Anna’s three inch clit squashed tight to Maria’s equally huge, engorged sex organ. The prisoner’s clit pinned and crossed the warden’s clit within the sealed, boiling wet arena of their merged, flattened cunts. As they writhed, the women slid and crushed and grated their gristly clits against each other, rubbing side to side, head to head, sending pulses of unbearable pleasure through their bucking bodies, curling their toes and tightening their nipples with the raw pleasure. Their cunts were sopping wet, so it felt like their clitfuck was happening in a vat of hot pussy juice.

Anna pulled back and then slid her swollen clit up through Maria’s wet sex-heated gash, from bottom to top, finishing in a deliciously hard stroke up the length of Maria’s throbbing clit. The women screamed together as their clits battled. They worked their hips, driving their sexhorns against each other, sawing them up and down, back and forth, stroking side to side, forcing incredible searing sensations on each other with every delicious thrust.

They screamed and gasped, then began moaning, grunting in harmony, in perfect unison, “Unnh, unnh, unnh,” with every delicious stroke and thrust.

Anna and Maria were joined in an all-out fuckwar. Their clits were sparring, the pleasure from their clit fucking was pumping up the heat and power in their swollen nipples, which were also at war. Hard tits were grinding, taut titflesh mashing and merging, boobs trying to crush each other. Open cunts were sealed and sucked tight in a mutual effort to devour each other.

Maria realized her disadvantage. She was spread wide and open beneath Anna, mounted and in a submissive position. Her fuckhole was gaping and exposed, her swollen clit pinned and throbbing. She continued bucking, trying to match Anna thrust for thrust, but she could not find the leverage with which to push back with her full force. Anna’s driving thrusts were pushing her engorged clit harder and deeper into Maria’s soft, gaping pink cunt, driving against Maria’s hard, nerve-rich clit with greater and greater force, and Maria could not reciprocate the violation. Maria needed to reverse their positions, to take from Anna the decisive advantage of gravity. But she could not. Her shoulders were now off the bed, as Anna’s fuck attacks pushed her further back. Maria’s legs were splayed and she could not plant her heels on the narrow mattress to buck up and maybe dislodge Anna from her dominant position. Anna had spread her own legs out, to keep Maria from pushing back. Maria realized that she was slowly, painfully, deliciously being fucked into a submissive orgasm.

Maria twined her legs with Anna, she squeezed at Anna’s cunt with her cunt, trying to seal their bodies together. Anna’s cunt fought back, squeezing in response, struggling to devour Maria’s gaping sex. Anna snarled, her writhing, bucking body kept driving her clit to Maria’s matching sexhorn with incredible strength. The women’s gasps and moans of pleasure turned to snarls and growls, sobs of pleasure and effort as their fuckwar raged. The mutual heat between their beautiful bodies was indescribable in its intensity. The women writhed, sliding in their shared sweat, still holding tight to the other’s bucking, clenching ass, trying to pull each other’s bodies as deeply into their matching twats as they could, trying to eat each other alive, cunt first.

Maria knew that she was being fucked out of her mind. There was no doubt, now, as to which of them was the rider and who was being ridden. The women sealed together in another long, lustful, frantic kiss. Every other part of their bodies was already at war. They broke the kiss, their frantic panting and grunting, their animal snarls and growls now reaching a fever pitch. The constant splat of hard flesh to flesh as their bellies slapped, as their cunts wrestled and struggled, filled the room.

“I have you, I have you now…” Anna snarled, sobbed at Maria. The prisoner was almost delirious with sexual joy, her body was burning in every cell with raw lust and pleasure, but she could feel Maria’s beautiful body slowly and painfully being overwhelmed by her own. She squeezed hard with her sex, to emphasize the point, and delighted as she felt Maria squeeze back.

“Never, never…” Maria sobbed, struggling to resist the incredible pleasure building in her core, desperately trying to meet Anna’s powerful, pussy-splitting thrusts with her own. But she could feel herself giving. Her fantastic body was overflowing with sexual tension, her mighty pussy was being pounded and eaten by Anna’s glorious cunt. Their swollen, pulsing clits continued to rub and grind frantically, pumping both women full of sexual electricity, but Anna’s clit was driving and pounding Maria’s sexhorn in a steady, inexorable rhythm. Maria untwined her legs from Anna’s and spread her legs as wide as she could, opening her cunt, offering it to her foe, trying to get Anna so deep inside her that she might be able to apply even greater cunt to cunt pressure, to do something, anything, that could break the rhythm of the twat to twat fuck.

But it was too late. With a final, pussy-splitting, ass-powered thrust, Anna rammed her clit head to head with Maria’s equally huge sexhorn. Their clits held in quivering, excruciatingly pleasurable stalemate for an instant, then Maria’s clit twisted and bent under the erotic attack. Maria felt herself completely violated, her cunt completely opened and consumed. She felt her body bisected, cut in half by a thrust of pure pleasure.

It was like a nuclear bomb went off in Maria’s core. Raw ecstasy suffused every inch of her perfect body, blasted out of every pore, tightened every muscle, curled her toes in pleasure. She threw back her head, staring blindly at the wall of the padded cell, her eyes wide in astonished bliss, her hands still gripping Anna’s pumping ass, still trying to pull the other woman’s cunt as deeply into her as it could go. Through her own sexual delirium, Anna watched all of this with a savage, excited smile, even as she groaned and snarled in ecstasy, even as she continued to pull on Maria’s ass, trying to fill even more of her cunt with the warden’s sopping, throbbing twat.

Maria howled, a long, ear-splitting shriek of pure pleasure and hate.


Maria began to convulse, her body given over to complete pleasure, her flesh writhing and wriggling in sexual joy. She was being sexually ravaged and clitfucked by this hated bitch, and there was nothing she could to stop it.

“Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh, you Cow-titted Fuck, YES!!….”Anna screamed as she held Maria tight, riding the blonde whore mercilessly. Her own body was overflowing with pleasure and now, as Maria bucked and moaned and convulsed beneath her, as her clit bathed in the delicious sensation of Maria’s hot cum, Anna kept pounding, grinding, driving her aching body against the delicious body struggling beneath her, seeking the absolute release of complete union and domination of Maria’s beautiful sex. She rammed her clit hard, eagerly, desperately to Maria’s engorged member. She felt the delicious sensation build in her cunt, in her tits, in every part of her throbbing body. She drew herself back, then thrust with all her power, clit to clit, driving into Maria in one final, pussy-splitting hunch.

“OH, FUCK, FUCK, JESUS FUCK, YES!!,” Anna shrieked as the dam finally broke. An incredible orgasm roared out of her conquering cunt, saturating her oversexed body with ecstasy, sending a hard, long blast of hot cum erupting down into Maria’s bucking form.

As her victorious pussy injected its woman cum deep into Maria, Anna heaved in pleasure, riding the waves of raw sensation that pulsed through her entire body, filling every cell with ecstasy. She squeezed Maria’s cunt with her own, as hard as she possibly could. She felt answering pressure, and then it gave out and she rejoiced as her pussy finally consumed the warden’s beautiful cunt.

Anna rode Maria hard, pulling every orgasm that she could out of the warden’s defeated twat, milking every drop of cum from the other woman’s magnificent cunt. She fucked Maria so hard that she pulled the other woman’s body back onto the bed, by the power of their sealed cunts alone. Anna rejoiced as she saw Maria’s beautiful turquoise eyes finally roll up into her head as she passed out, fucked into unconsciousness, ridden into submission. Maria released one final, gasping moan, before her head lolled to the side and her body went limp.

With a final convulsive orgasm, Anna came for the last time. Her body tightened, waves of pure joy flowed through her muscles, her pussy exploded in power and cum.. Then, exhausted by the battle, overcome with her sense of satisfaction, she collapsed. She smiled, enjoying the delicious feeling of the warden’s beautiful body crushed under her own, the woman’s heavy tits cushioning her rack, Maria’s magnificent form serving as a warm, wet mattress.

Anna smiled. She had beaten the warden of this prison soundly and decisively in the most intense and delightful sexfight of her life. Soon, she would be running things at McBride. But first, the night was still young. She intended to enjoy every inch of Maria’s fantastic body for as long as she could. By the time the warden staggered out of this cell, Anna swore to herself, the arrogant woman would be her plaything, her prison bitch. Maria would learn what it meant to confront the cunt of a real woman.

These pleasant thoughts in her head, Anna lapsed into a tired sleep, looking forward to acting on her desires.

To be continued