by JB57

Maria pulled her hungry gaze from the other woman’s beautiful pussy and locked eyes, once more, with the prison slut. Then, smiling tensely, she slipped off her coat. Maria was wearing a thin lace teddy and a thong, and nothing else. She dropped the coat beside the door, then unlaced the bindings on the teddy. Anna’s glare shifted from Maria’s eyes to the warden’s ripe body, watching the unveiling of her enemy’s flesh. The teddy barely contained Maria’s magnificent tits. Its thin, sheer material served only to accent Maria’s dark areola and her spiked nipples. The gossamer-thin garment hung enticingly from the tips of her nipples, falling like a curtain over her sculpted abdomen. Maria slid the silk material from her skin. It whispered to the ground, leaving her body naked, except for the thong. She placed her hands on her hips and thrust out her tits, giving Anna a chance to examine Maria’s massive mammaries and compare them to her own. Her nipples were hard and crusted, throbbing with heat. Then, Maria reached down and pushed the thong down her luscious hips and her smooth thighs. She bent down to push the tiny wisp of cloth past her knees and over her curving calves. Her heavy tits swung deliciously as she moved. The thong fell to her feet and she stepped out of it, then used a single heel to flick the tiny cloth into the opposite corner of the room, away from Anna’s clothing. Maria reached down and, one foot at a time, removed her pumps. She reached up and undid her bun. Her blonde mane cascaded down over her shoulders as she tossed her head, her dense tits bouncing enthusiastically in response to the sudden movement.

Maria stood tall and proud before Anna, her naked body powerful and perfectly formed, extravagant in its voluptuousness. Anna eyes hungrily devoured the warden, from the woman’s golden hair to her round, majestic tits, the stiff brown nipples jutting like spears, to her gently muscled abdomen with its deep, narrow navel, to her flaring hips that tapered into long, powerful legs. The heat of raw desire and sexual power radiated off of Maria in waves. She climbed onto the cot, her massive tits swinging, her red lips parted as she panted with desire, her green-blue eyes half-closed and glowing with lust. She turned herself around, her legs in front of her, her hands behind her body, bracing herself up. Her hard ass settled onto the cot. Her tits rocked as she arranged herself to face Anna, the powerful muscles of her belly tightened. Then, Maria opened her succulent thighs and presented her burning cunt to her challenger.

Sexual electricity filled the air as the two naked rival twats exposed themselves and confronted each other for the first time. Both women stared down into the other’s hot, wet cunt. They began to pant harder, their tits heaving with desire. They flexed their pussy muscles; cunt juice trickled down from their enflamed pussies to moisten their crotches. Maria and Anna were almost hypnotized by the beauty of the other woman’s twat. They were almost paralyzed with anticipation. Anna groaned, an animal sound of pure lust.

Finally, Maria pulled her eyes from between Anna’s legs. Her heart was pounding, her blood was burning. She was slowly going crazy with need and she knew she had to satisfy her urges on Anna’s body. She began to push herself up the bed, moving toward the center of the cot. The bedding dampened as her smooth ass pushed forward. Anna roused herself and pushed down from the head of the bed to meet Maria. But the prisoner’s gaze remained riveted to the warden’s advancing sexhole. The women hissed as their smooth, powerful legs slid over each other, right over left, as they pushed their hungry twats closer and closer together. Their powerful, voluptuous bodies seemed perfectly matched.

Finally, their hungry fuckmeat only an inch apart, the women stopped, their bodies meshed, their torsos leaning away from each other. Both women looked between their heaving tits at the tight, hot wet slits that now stood ready to mate and merge. Their swollen clits, more than an inch long on both women and still swelling with power, were fully visible. The heat from their aching cunts warmed their crotches like a furnace. Hot pussy juice flowed from their fully aroused pussies, lubricating their fuckholes, moistening their inner thighs. Small whimpers of raw lust came from both women.

Biting her lip, struggling to keep herself under control just a while longer, Maria looked up at her foe, now just inches away. “Look at me, cuntfucker…” Maria hissed.

Anna pulled her eyes up from between their legs and locked her gaze with Maria. The prisoner’s beautiful face was a study in pure lust, her eyes were glassy with desire. Maria understood this; she felt exactly the same way. They were both on the edge of sexual delirium.

“Your fuckmeat to mine, whore,” Maria growled. “Cunt to cunt, clit to clit, everything I have against everything you have. We have all night to fuck each other, to settle this. There is only room in this prison for one bull pussy, and that’s me. Do you understand?”

Anna smiled grimly. “That’s fine with me, you motherfucker,” the prisoner snarled. “I’m going to ride your little clit all night. I’ve been matching my fuckmeat to other cunts since I was a teenager. I’m going to teach you a lesson about clitfighting that you’re never going to forget. I’m going to make you my fuckbitch. I’ve worked hard to get where I am in this prison and no prissy blonde whore is going to take it from me. After I’m done with you, you won’t be able to walk for a week and we’re both going to know who is the real woman here.”

Their bodies were aching, burning up with sexual fever. They could not wait any longer. Maria knew that she simply had to consume and devour the woman before her, she had to make the steaming, voluptuous, taut, delicious womanflesh in front of her part of her own body. Her hunger rose to unbearable levels. Eyes flashing, Maria and Anna closed the final distance, sliding their taut asses forward on the bed. Carefully, they pressed their slick, hot cunts solidly together. With a sucking hiss, the wet flesh met and kissed, cunt lips to cunt lips.

It was like putting two live wires together. Sexual electricity erupted in both women. Maria jerked with pleasure. Anna threw back her head and moaned loudly. They simply pressed tight for a moment, sharing heat and wetness, smiling at each other viciously, their bodies trembling with lust, their cunts gushing with the intense arousal. They worked their hips just a little, sliding their soaked, slick pussy lips against each other, up and down, side to side, gasping with the sexual electricity that rippled out from the wet friction, then pulled apart slightly. Their pussies remained joined by thick strings of pussy juice. They pushed together again hard, their cunt lips kissing and locking and sucking, the heat in their crotches flaring unbearably. Both women gasped as unbearable heat and electricity exploded in their groins, as their most intimate body parts sealed and sucked. Then, they began to grind. Maria and Anna began using their hips, rotating around, grinding and working their cunts together harder, smearing their hot flesh together, opening and spreading each other, working their fuck holes into each other, forcing them wider, sucking together tighter, their slick cunt lips sliding back and forth and into each other, their enflamed labia meshing and melting. The heat was unbearable, the raw, delicious pleasure as they slowly fucked and mated, merging their incredible bodies, burned through them like molten lava in their veins.

“Mmmmm, mmm, fuck, fuck that’s good, so good,” Maria gasped, her head thrown back, biting her lip as she struggled to control herself, her ass and hips now working in a hard rhythm. She wanted to drive herself as far and hard and deep into Anna’s yielding cunt and hard body as she could, she wanted to become one sex-enraged body with the other woman. She was in paradise. This was the moment that she lived for, the beginning of an all-out fuckwar, where she could not be certain of the outcome, she just knew that before it was over her body would be wracked with sensual delight and she would be transported to sexual ecstasy. But, even more, she knew her enjoyment of this process would be amplified immeasurably as she consumed and mastered the luscious flesh of her opponent, as the other woman’s sexual core opened to her own and was devoured by her own ravenous sexuality.

Anna pumped back with equal fervor, her powerful ass and hips working like an engine, driven by the raw, animal desires that coursed through her body. For Anna, the fuckwar was also paradise on earth. Anna had an even longer history than Maria of engaging in sexual warfare with other women. From an early age, she had discovered the unrivaled pleasure that she gained from conquering and dominating other women with the power of her womanhood. Now, as she felt her cunt open and welcome Maria’s hungry pussy, as she felt her sex grinding and working into Maria’s cunt, she was lost in the sheer bliss of the terrible sensation of merging, joining in an unbreakable bond to the other woman’s beautiful body. They would unite into one sex-enraged body. They would fuck each other blind, drawing ecstasy and pleasure from each other until, in the end, only one of them could endure. Anna whimpered with joy. “Yes, yes, you dirty little whore, fuck me, fuck me…” she chanted.

With every thrust of their powerful hips, the women’s majestic tits rocked and bounced. Their powerful thighs were slick with pussy juice as they slapped together. The women’s muscled bellies clenched and flexed as they used all of their power to work into each other. They drove at each other with cunt-splitting thrusts of hips and asses. Their engorged clits grew to more than two inches in length and continued to swell in size. As their burning cunts flattened and sucked together, as the room filled with the sound of two juicy cunts forming an unbreakable suction as they ate at each other and merged, the women’s swollen clits came into direct contact. So far, both women had deliberately avoided matching clit to clit, but now the sexual fire burning in their cores demanded this contact. Anna deliberately slid her pulsing clit deep into Maria’s fuckhole and moaned joyfully as her clit worked into Maria’s yielding labia and caressed the underside of Maria’s bulging clit. The women shuddered and screamed together, full-throated roars of pleasure as their sexhorns stroked. Neither woman bothered to even try to stop from screaming. The room was sound proof, they could let loose with all of the animal shrieks and cries that their fuckfest demanded.

Trembling, whimpering with pleasure, Maria and Anna pressed their ultra-sensitive clits together once again, head to head, and thrust with all the power of their hips and asses. Their tits bounced joyfully as they tried to crush each other’s sex. Instead, the rock-hard, nerve-rich sex swords crushed and fused into a single pulsing mass.

“Fuck, FUCK, FUUCCCK!!!” Maria shrieked and bucked as the terrible stimulation pulsed through her body. She had never felt a clit to clit contact this intense before and she was left, momentarily, overwhelmed and sobbing with pleasure.

“Fuck, oh Jesus Fucking CHRIST!!,” Anna howled, her head thrown back, her eyes wide with orgasmic sensations and shock. She convulsed in ecstasy, the pleasure in her pulsing clit roaring through every cell in her body. Then, slowly, agonizingly, the women brought their bodies under control.

Leaning back, hands bracing their powerful bodies, their asses raised off the soaking sheets of the cot, their eyes locked and glaring over their massive, throbbing tits, the women began to fuckfight in earnest. Their pussies were completely meshed and flattened together, hot liquid squirted and squelched out from between their interlocked cunts with each delicious, powerful thrust of their hips. Their asses clenched as they struggled to squash the other’s clit, as each woman strained to force the other into a submissive orgasm. Their tits rocked and quivered. Hot sweat flowed, causing their magnificent bodies to gleam in the dim, harsh light. The raw pleasure blasting through their bodies grew ever more intense with every driving thrust, the heat within their locked crotches burned with nova intensity, their pulsing clits fused and throbbed with such force and sensual power that the women could only grit their teeth and snarl and moan at each other in hate and passion as they fucked.

Maria snarled at Anna, her white teeth flashing. She threw all of her power into the mutual fucking that she and Anna were administering to each other. At the same time, the warden was in absolute sensual ecstasy. It had been a long time since she had locked up with another woman this powerful, since she had crossed clits with such a magnificent foe. She could feel her own clit continuing to grow and swell under the unbearable stimulation of the clit to clit fuck. She could also feel Anna’s clit growing to match her own in size and hardness. Maria squeezed at Anna’s cunt with her own, she concentrated on crushing the other woman’s pussy, on sucking it into her own and eating it alive. But Anna bit back with equal strength, and their trembling pussies were soon linked in a deadlock, the battle coming down to which of them could better endure the incredible sensations they were inflicting on each other.

Anna was delirious with pleasure. She could not believe how good this felt and deep in her mind, she rejoiced to the fact that the battle was just starting. If she could get this much pleasure out of a cunt to cunt fuck with Maria now, she could hope that the rest of the night would be spent in just as much ecstasy. But she was utterly determined to force the other woman to surrender, to consume Maria’s incredible sex with her own. So far, however, they were holding each other in a grinding, bucking, heaving stalemate.

The pleasure kept building, the women kept grinding into each other, harder and harder, trying to bisect each other, trying to crush and eat the other’s sex with her own. Their pussies were now leaking prodigious amounts of juice; they were sliding and grinding in the slick, hot, fleshy forum formed by their inosculated cunts. Their clits were rubbing, grinding, stabbing, all the while swelling up to greater and greater size and sensitivity. Maria and Anna were almost delirious by now, the incredible pleasure of the mutual fucking too much to bear. Their glassy eyes remained locked over the tops of their bouncing tits, their whimpers and moans of animal pleasure turned to snarls and then screams of passion and hate. The women could feel the terrible climax building in their cores and they began working their bodies harder and harder, struggling to bring their enemy to an orgasmic defeat before the unbearable ecstasy building in their clits, boiling deep in their wombs, could break free.

“Break, you fucking, stinking whore, BREAK!!,” Anna shrieked, her hips pumping furiously, her pussy squeezing at Maria’s cunt with all of its strength.

“No, you come you dirty fucker!!” Maria screamed in reply. “Give, you fucking slut, GIVE!!”

Panting, heaving, bucking, screaming and snarling, their bodies trapped in an erotic scissors, locked between each others’ thighs, joined completely, the women rode each other to the end. Maria held out her hands; Anna eagerly took them. Their fingers interlaced, holding each other tight. Using their grips as leverage from which they could drive into each other even harder, the women fucked with all of their strength.

The end came suddenly. One moment, they were riding each other furiously, climbing the pleasure curve together, grinding their clits into a mass of ecstasy, sobbing and screaming and cursing each other in fury, their thick hair thrashing as they tossed their heads in an agony of joy. The next, their swollen clits, by now more than three inches in length, sawing ecstatically against each other, suddenly tangled and twisted together. The interlocked clits instantly swelled into a single, unbreakable knot. The pleasure was indescribable. Maria had never come close to feeling anything like it before; neither had Anna. For a moment, they could only stare at each other in astonished ecstasy as their cunts seemed to melt together, as nova-hot heat and waves of burning tensions rippled through their bodies, as they squeezed each other’s cunts and, together, crushed their clits tight.

Then, they shrieked in concert as the orgasms broke. The women released each other’s hands and fell back, shoulders to the bed, writhing and bucking furiously as orgasm after orgasm roared through their bodies, their tits jolting furiously. A dam broke inside each woman’s sexual core and hot cum jetted between their bodies, filling and mixing within their locked vaginal canals, squeezing out from between their locked pussy lips, soaking their writhing thighs and bellies with hot liquids.

“FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCKING GOD!!!,” Maria shrieked. She put her hands flat to the bed and arched her back in sheer ecstasy. Anna duplicated the action. In an instant, both women had formed a bridge over the bed as their spines curved and they drove into each other as deeply and completely as they could, each woman struggling to violate her foe as intimately as possible.

“OH, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!,” Anna screamed. Maria and Anna held each other in ecstatic tension, their spines bridging the bed, their muscles quivering, their bodies trembling as an orgasmic wave washed through them, tightening then releasing every muscle, filling them with electricity, forcing delicious pleasure to fill their tits and their cunts and their bellies, then blast out through every pore in their bodies. They collapsed back to the bed, panting and heaving, exhausted from the terrible pleasure they had forced on each other, until another sudden wave of orgasmic bliss roared through their locked bodies, forcing them back up on their shoulders, their spines arched in ecstasy, their cunts jammed and locked, their pulsing clits knotted and exploding, molten cum pumping back and forth between their merged cunts. After every unbearable orgasm, they collapsed back to the soaking bed, moaning and gasping, their bodies writhing and grinding, drenched in sweat and pussy juice, until the next orgasm took them.

This happened four more times before the sexual power their mutual fucking had created was finally dissipated. The women collapsed and lay on the bed, their chests heaving, their nipples still swollen and hard, their pussies fused together. Their clits remained twined, but they began to soften, making it possible to separate, though not just yet. Maria gasped, her right arm thrown over her forehead, her breath coming in panting heaves, her tits burning with unreleased sexual power. She was wet with sweat and pussy juice. She smelled of raw sex. She should have been absolutely exhausted but, instead, she was surprised to find that her insatiable sexual appetite was, if anything, even more intense after the incredible fucking that she and Anna had just forced on each other. Maria cupped and rubbed her own tits, and was surprised as a shock of pleasure rippled from her stiff nipples down into her aching clit. Gasping, she pushed herself up to look at Anna from over her tits. She expected to see the other woman unconscious, at least exhausted and depleted, no longer a threat. After that kind of fucking, what kind of woman could possibly still be able to continue the battle?

To her amazement, Anna was staring back at her, with a similar expression in her eyes. For a moment, the two women glared at each other in shock and anger. Then, both came to the same realization together. The incredible pleasure they had just given to each other was not over yet. The fuckwar was just starting. Anna smiled; Maria smiled back.

“That was really nice, bitch,” Anna snarled hoarsely. “You are a really good little fuck. But now it’s time to show you what a real woman’s pussy is like.” She squeezed Maria’s cunt hard with her own.

“You are one tough whore, Anna,” Maria replied as she squeezed back. “I’m going to enjoy fucking you into a coma. But your fuckmeat is mine. You’re going to be sucking my clit after I make you my bitch.”

Groaning, the two beautiful women pulled apart with a sucking pop. Hot cunt juice gushed from their naked pussies, splattering on the bed, filling the room with an even more intense scent of aroused womanhood and the sweet tang of hot sex. Moaning, Maria pulled herself into a sitting position at the foot of the bed. Anna assumed a similar position on the opposite side of the bed. Staring at each other, letting their eyes roam the other’s body, both women felt the stirrings of more sexual desire.

The war to be the top cunt in the prison would go on.

To be continued