by JB57

Maria returned to consciousness slowly, her awareness fighting its way back up through the cotton-fuzz of her exhaustion. She became aware of a heavy weight, a wet heat on the left side of her body, pushing down on her. The sensation was delightful, pleasurable, a warmth that included a tight but enticing pressure on her left tit. Something hard and warm was pressed against and around her left leg. Her breasts were throbbing gently, heat and small bursts of electricity rippling through them. She felt a tantalizing pressure in her cunt. These were sensations that were familiar to her, particularly after she had been fucked good and hard…

Maria’s eyes snapped open as she remembered exactly where she was and how she had gotten there. She was staring at the ceiling of the solitary confinement cell. She turned her head to her left and was not surprised to see Anna lying there, on her side, her head propped up on her right hand, her arm bent at the elbow, staring down at Maria with a self-satisfied smirk on her face. The gorgeous prison gang leader smiled, and pushed some of her wild auburn mane out of her eyes. Her body was stretched the length of Maria’s perfect form, her right tit was crushed hard to Maria’s left tit, the rest of her long body was stretched out and pressing down on Maria’s left side. Anna’s left leg was tossed over Maria’s left thigh, her inner thigh pressed up against Maria’s crotch.

The women’s eyes locked, Anna’s eyes twinkling with barely suppressed lust, Maria’s glare a hot flash of rage and shame.

“Good, I’m glad you’re awake,” Anna said with a breathy murmur. “You weren’t out long – just a few minutes. Which is good. I’ve got you with me all night, and I intend to fuck your cunt inside out for the next few hours.” She smiled, hot lust lighting her features. “God, the things I am going to do to you, the things I’m going to make you do to me… you’re a really good little fuck, and you’re going to be my bitch, whore.”

After saying this, Anna slipped her left hand down Maria’s body, to her cum-soaked crotch. She fondled Maria’s powerful pussy for a moment, a sudden contact that made the warden gasp, then she ran her index finger up Maria’s hot slit, scooping out a finger tip of wet cum. Anna raised her finger to Maria’s mouth and offered it to Maria. Maria licked at Anna’s finger easily, enjoying the taste of her cum mixed with Anna’s. Anna smiled and licked the rest of the cum off from her finger.

“That’s good,” Anna murmured, “you know just what I like. You’re going to be a good little bitch.”

Maria said nothing, but she took stock of her own body. Her pussy felt a little sore, her breasts were aching, but a strong sexual fire was still burning in her core. She had been fucked into submission; there was no denying that. But she was far from defeated. Her body still had plenty of fight left in it, plenty of sexual power. She had fought badly, allowing her desire and raw lust to put her in a disadvantageous position. She resolved not to make the same mistake again.

Maria took her right hand and, raising herself slightly, turning towards Anna’s body, she reached down and cupped the other woman’s hot cunt. Following Anna’s lead, she ran her index finger up Anna’s tight, wet cunt slit. The prisoner shuddered with the erotic contact. Maria offered her cum-slicked finger to Anna; eyes locked to Maria’s, Anna grasped Maria’s offered right hand with her left, and licked at the finger. Maria then licked her index finger clean.

Maria shifted her body so that she was lying on her left side, facing Anna. Their massive tits pushed tight, nipple to nipple; their faces were only inches apart. They gazed into each other’s eyes. Both women smiled at the intimacy of the contact.

Anna decided to lay out the rules.

“This is how it’s going to be, Warden Jacobs,” Anna said, her tone making it clear that she would not tolerate dispute. “You lost our little contest here. You are going to serve me for the rest of the night. You will do what I want you to do and you will accept it. If you ever want to cross clits with me again, that’s fine by me, but tonight you’re my fuckbitch.”

Maria said nothing for the moment. Then, she reached down with her right hand and scooped cum out of Anna’s cunt once again, then raised her wet hand to Anna’s left tit, which was pressed hard to her right breast. Maria separated their tits, then used her wet fingers to spread the cum on Anna’s areola, to tweak and squeeze Anna’s nipple, eliciting a pleasurable sigh from the auburn-haired beauty.

“No,” Maria said. “I won’t be your bitch.”

Anna looked at her sharply. “I think that you had better accept my terms, warden,” the prisoner growled. “Taking me on cunt to cunt is one thing. Trying to cheat your way out of a fair fight is different. You’re in this room with me, and I’ve got a lot of different ways to fuck you up if I want to. A prissy blonde college girl is no match for me, even if you are a fuck machine. Knowing how to fuck isn’t the same as knowing how to fight.”

Maria smiled grimly. “This is how it’s going to be, Anna Bennan,” she said. “You won the last round, fair and square. I accept that. I will suck your clit, as a sign of your victory. But that’s just one round. Where I come from, fuckfights go on until one or both of the fighters have nothing left. And I’ve got a lot left. We have at least a few more rounds ahead of us.”

The women glared at each other. Their beautiful bodies were perfectly aligned, and an observer would have noted that their forms were almost mirror images of each other, from their perfect feet, which were now touching toe to toe, to their long, powerful legs, to the equally voluptuous curves of their hips, to their narrow waists and taut abdomens, up to their matching tits, which now pushed tight and pulsed, nipple to nipple, as the tension built.

Anna offered her left hand to Maria; Maria gripped it with her right, and the women interlaced their fingers. They squeezed tight, palm to palm, in a test of strength. All the while, turquoise eyes held green eyes, rage, hate and barely suppressed lust flowing between the two Amazonian beauties.

“Suck my clit, you bitch.” Anna growled. “We’ll work out the rest later.”

Maria smiled. Releasing Anna’s hand, she turned and rolled off of her side of the bed, trying to ignore the dull pain in her aching tits and her overtaxed pussy. She rose to stand by the bed, waiting for Anna to decide how she wanted to position herself. Anna pulled herself to a sitting position, and then swung her legs over to where Maria was standing on the other side of the cot. Anna sat on the side of the bed, her feet on the ground, Maria looming over her. She looked up at the warden, admiring the underside view of the woman’s thick, majestic tits. Then she spread her legs and, looking Maria in the eye, issued her order.

“Get down on your knees, whore. I want you to suck me from where I can look down to see you.”

Maria smiled grimly, then sank to her knees in front of Anna. She placed her hands on the prisoner’s knees, then looked up to lock eyes with the woman she was about to pleasure. Maria pushed Anna’s thighs apart, exposing her naked cunt. Anna suddenly reached out and buried her hand in Maria’s thick blonde hair. She pulled at it painfully, yanking back, causing Maria to clench her teeth with the sudden pain. Anna leaned forward until she was nose to nose with Maria. Then, she spat in the warden’s face, an act immediately followed by licking up the spittle, running her tongue over Maria’s nose and mouth. Maria’s tongue darted out to tangle, briefly, with Anna’s. Anna pulled back on Maria’s hair again, then moved forward to lock Maria in a deep, tongue-twisting kiss. Anna’s nipples pushed hard into the tops of Maria’s breasts. For a long moment, the women struggled together in a savage kiss. Then Anna broke it, though she rubbed cheek to cheek with the warden, and they licked and tongued at each other ferociously for a moment more. Anna pulled back. Panting, she glared at the woman on her knees before her.

“Suck my clit, you cuntfucker. Make it good.” Anna lay back on the cot, raising her knees, spreading her thighs, opening her moistened cunt to Maria. She kept her grip on Maria’s blonde locks, pulling the woman forward toward her exposed cunt.

Maria smiled. She placed her hands on Anna’s calves and pushed the prisoner’s legs wide apart, until the gang leader was spread-eagled before her and flat on her back, her massive tits pressed tight between her arms and bulging up toward the ceiling. Then, Maria bent her head to Anna’s wide open, inviting cunt, pushed by Anna’s hand on the back of her head. Eagerly, she rubbed her face around and around in the thick, soft cunt, kissing and sucking at Anna’s labia, running her tongue into Anna’s fuckhole, licking at the dripping cum that had been deposited in the prisoner’s vaginal canal, getting her face wet with Anna’s juices. Maria placed her hands on Anna’s inner thighs, pushing the woman’s legs even further apart, then began running her tongue along every inch of Anna’s inner vaginal walls, through her labia, around and around her pussy lips. Maria avoided the woman’s clit for now, but worked on stimulating the rest of Anna’s genital area, playing with the woman’s sensitive flesh, building her up. Anna’s thick clit grew harder and longer, stretching from one inch to two under Maria’s ministrations, though still short of its three inch maximum. Even as she licked and sucked at Anna’s inviting flesh, Maria’s nimble fingers pumped and probed Anna’s orifices. She finger fucked Anna, she even drove a probing middle finger into the prisoner’s tight asshole, eliciting a groan of pleasure.

Anna groaned and cried out, enjoying the delicious licking, the tantalizing stimulation of Maria’s skilled tongue and expert fingers in her fuckhole. Finally, Maria turned her attention to Anna’s clit. She stroked the hardening sexhorn delicately with her finger, playing with the supersensitive skin around the hard little organ. She spread Anna’s lubricants around the prisoner’s clit, then lowered her head and spat onto the clit, using her fingers to spread the spittle around, mixing it with Anna’s juices. Then, Maria lowered her head and began to lick and nibble at Anna’s thick sexhorn. Anna groaned wildly, her hips jerked in raw pleasure, and she rubbed her cunt around and around into Maria’s beautiful face, even as she pushed the warden’s head more deeply into her pussy.

Anna placed her calves on Maria’s back, her feet crossed at the ankle, Maria’s face locked between her thick, muscled thighs. Maria continued to feed, taking Anna’s entire clit into her mouth, feeling the engorged organ swell up to its full three inches, and sucked vigorously, viciously, running her tongue and teeth over the excruciatingly sensitive flesh, wrapping her lips around the sexhorn and sucking as though she wanted to milk it of its juices. At the same time, Maria extended her arms up Anna’s torso and filled her hands with Anna’s magnificent tits. She squeezed the prisoner’s massive, meaty rack hard, even as she sucked ravenously on Anna’s pulsing clit.

The gang leader shrieked in absolute bliss and began bucking her hips, working her ass from side to side, pulling Maria’s face as hard into her cunt as she could even as her powerful body writhed in ecstasy. Her legs thrashed out, her toes curling and pointing, her ass rubbing hard into the sheets of the cot.

“Yes, you cuntfucking whore, you filthy little fuck, yes, eat me, eat me, do it harder, harder, YOU BITCH!!” Anna screamed, as the raw pleasure build inexorably in her core. She bucked and thrashed, she rammed and rubbed her pussy into Maria’s face, pulling viciously at the warden’s golden mane. Maria kept sucking and feasting on Anna’s clit with a grim determination. She kept her right hand on Anna’s left tit, kneading and squeezing the dense flesh viciously. Her left hand she looped around Anna’s thigh and used to pull just enough of Anna’s inner thigh aside that she did not suffocate in the woman’s cunt. She felt like she was drowning pussy juice, she felt overwhelmed by the thick scent of burning sex.

Even as she devoured Anna’s womanhood, even as she squeezed the prisoner’s tits mercilessly, even as she brought incredible pleasure to the auburn-haired beauty, Maria burned with humiliation. Anna was claiming this pleasure from her not as an equal, not as part of a battle to decide who was the greater woman, but as a supplicant. She was giving this ecstasy to this bitch because she had been beaten, because she was, at least for the moment, the other woman’s fucktoy. That will change, she swore to herself.

Maria lost track of time as Anna bucked and writhed and cursed, raising herself up from the cot in pleasure, then dropping again, squeezing Maria’s head between her tight thighs, grinding Maria’s face into her cunt. The warden took it all, seeming to embrace it enthusiastically. She sucked and licked and probed at every part of Anna’s nether regions, while concentrating on sucking the other woman’s clit, pulling Anna all the way up the pleasure curve.

Finally, Maria wrapped her lips and tongue around Anna’s engorged clit, she bit into it gently with her teeth, and she sucked with all of her strength. At the same time, she seized Anna’s bouncing tits with both of her hands, kneaded them hard, then grabbed the pulsing nipples on both of Anna’s breasts and squeezed. Anna shrieked and bucked harder, she yanked at Maria’s hair until the warden was sure she would lose handfuls of her golden mane, torn out by the roots.

“FUCK, FUCK, OH YOU DIRTY FUCKING WHORE!! YESSSS!!,” Anna screamed, howling at the top of her lungs. Her back arched, she momentarily lifted Maria’s body up in a hard jerk as her hips bucked and held. Anna exploded in a delicious orgasm. Hot, steaming cum erupted from her cunt and soaked Maria’s mouth and face, dampened her blonde hair, flowed down her chest and splattered her tits. Maria swallowed as much of the cum as she could, trying to avoid drowning it, trying to keep from suffocating as the prisoner locked her head between her powerful thighs and squeezed mercilessly. Maria continued sucking Anna’s throbbing clit, trying to pull more orgasms out of the woman’s cunt, she kept squeezing Anna’s nipples. Anna bucked several more times and gushed once more. Then, her tits heaving with her pants, her body fell back to the cot. She continued to hold Maria’s head tight between her thighs.

“Fuck, oh Fuck, that was good, that was so good…” Anna panted. Maria groaned, still trapped, slow realization beginning to dawn on her. Her hands remained planted on Anna’s tits and her tongue sought Anna’s still engorged clit, getting ready for the battle she knew might be coming.

Suddenly, Anna tightened her grip around Maria’s head to excruciating, painful levels. Maria screamed, her cries muffled by Anna’s crotch, and instinctively pulled her arms back to Anna’s thighs, trying to pull the prisoner’s legs apart. This was a mistake. Her tits freed, Maria firmly gripped by her powerful thighs, Anna suddenly rolled on the cot. Maria tried to resist, but she could not; her head was caught in a vise. She was forced to turn her body too. Suddenly, she was caught again, her shoulders on the cot, but the rest of her body stretched out away from the cot, her back curved painfully, her ass on the ground, no easy way to gain leverage. Anna reached out and grabbed the opposite side of the cot frame and, using it for leverage, pulled her body slightly higher on the bed, dragging Maria with her. Anna looked down on Maria’s beautiful face, savouring the look of fear, pain and humiliated rage now filling the warden’s eyes. Maria’s hands reached for Anna’s tits, but Anna grabbed the blonde’s hands, interlaced their fingers and pushed Maria’s arms down to the bed.

Smiling, Anna rubbed her wet cunt around and around in Maria’s face. She slid her ass higher, rubbing her asshole into Maria’s face as well, forcing the warden to accept her humiliation. She settled her cunt back over Maria’s nose and mouth and squeezed her pussy lips tight.

“Now, Maria,” Anna said. “Let’s have that discussion I talked about.” The warden groaned something, a curse muffled and lost in the depths of Anna’s cunt.

“I see your position, Warden Jacobs,” Anna began, in a conversational way. She rubbed her wet pussy around and around Maria’s face, she leaned back a bit, so that Maria’s pendulous tits could be crushed just a little by her ass, “ but I disagree. Where I come from, when one woman gets fucked so hard she passes out, that pretty much ends the fight right there. Now, don’t you agree?”

Anna smiled down at Maria, then raised her pussy off of the warden’s face just enough to allow an answer. Maria gasped, sucking in air.

“Fuck you, you dirty cunt!,” Maria screamed. That was all she had time to say. Anna’s thick pussy slapped back over her face, then ground wetly into her face, before settling over her nose and mouth. Maria struggled to breathe, getting just enough air to stay conscious, but knowing that it would soon be over for her. If she could not find some way to extricate herself from this situation, she would either have to surrender completely and agree to be Anna’s bitch for the rest of the night, or she would be suffocated into submission – either way, a decisive defeat that she could not ever recover from. Her career would be ruined. Even more, she would have to live with the horrible humiliation of having been completely fucked and humbled by another Alpha bitch. Her pride, her confidence, might be shattered irrevocably. Please God, she thought to herself, there’s got to be some way out of this.

Anna smiled viciously. “Why, warden, I think you’re kind of impolite. Well, no more talking from you. From now on, I want you to just lick my pussy – two licks for ‘yes’, one lick for ‘no’. Do you agree?” She grinned at the fear and rage in Maria’s eyes. “Remember, one lick or two.”

Maria struggled to stay calm and to consider her situation. She could use her teeth on Anna’s pussy, but that would be escalating the fight to a level that could be vicious and very dangerous. If she lost the resulting battle, the consequences could be fatal. On the other hand, she was almost ready to take her chances. She hated Anna passionately. A violent, bloody struggle with this woman was something that a part of her wanted desperately.

Maria felt her body again, she tried to figure out any possible out. Then, suddenly, she had it. It might work or it might not, but it was her only other chance. She began licking Anna’s clit enthusiastically, expertly. The gang leader looked surprised, then smiled in triumph.

“Why Maria,” she cooed. “Is that your way of surrendering? That sure feels nice.” Her smile turned vicious. “Get used to it, fuckmeat. I’m going to be riding that clit of yours for a good long time.”

Maria made her move. She forced her feet onto the floor, then raised up her entire body until her entire torso and thighs were parallel to the floor. At the same time, she arched her back as hard as she could. It was a superhuman effort, but it was designed to do no more than pitch Anna ahead. At the same time, Maria increased her grip on Anna’s hands. The maneuver worked, to a point. Anna was thrown forward, unexpectedly. On a regular bed, she simply would have fallen forward, then caught herself. On the narrow cot, however, she suddenly saw herself dropping off the other end. She tried to use her hands to catch herself on the edge of the cot, but she found that Maria’s hands were holding hers in place. Maria arched her back even harder, screaming with the effort. Anna pitched forward and, with a howl, went flying off the side of the bed. She flipped herself so that she landed on her back. Maria released her hands at the last moment, but she still fell heavily on the padded floor.

The instant she was free of Anna’s body weight, Maria gasped, and turned herself around, so that her tits pressed into the cot. She collapsed against the cot, her legs curled beneath her, gasping for breath. Her hair was disheveled, her face was glistening with sweat and cunt juice. But her eyes were blazing with rage and hate.

Anna pulled herself to her knees and faced Maria. Her eyes were also burning with rage. She crawled to the other side of the cot, placed her elbows on the mattress and reached across to sink her fingers in Maria’s hair. Maria instantly returned the grip. Savagely, snarling with hate, the women pulled their faces closer, as they rose up on either side of the bed. Maria spat in Anna’s face; Anna spat back. Their hot tongues lapped at each other, then tangled and twisted and locked them both into a savage, biting kiss. Their tits, pressed tight together between their elbows, crushed hard nipple to nipple.

The women at last broke the kiss. Nose to nose, panting in each other’s faces, they glared into each other’s eyes.

“I still think that a fuckfight isn’t over until one of the fighters is flat on her back and isn’t getting up, Anna,” Maria hissed dangerously. “Until someone has had her cunt sucked inside out. Why don’t we try it my way for awhile?”

Anna smiled viciously. “I’m up for that, Maria,” the prisoner snarled back in response. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

The fuckwar between the warden and the inmate entered a new and dangerous stage.

To be continued