Antoinette and Ruby were now completely familiar with each other’s style of fucking. Each girl had made the necessary adjustments to accommodate each other and they had now settled into a comfortable, relaxed groove. Slow and steady wins the race, so to speak. Their pelvic rotations were leisurely and rhythmic, but the fusion of their well matched cunts was full and fervent. Flat on their backs now, the only physical connection that they shared, other than their oversexed cunts, was their hands. For whatever reason, holding hands seemed to connect them with each other on a profound level. It was sex, filled with deep emotional connection, but it was hot sex to be sure - unmatched cunt to cunt sex. So fully accustomed to each other’s body movements and hip rotations, their slow and deep fuck stroke was sheer perfection. The fuck that they were now enjoying was one of familiarity and, yes, love. Both women were content to ease up and to explore the depths to which their meaty cunt lips could penetrate, squeeze and release each other. The soft groans that regularly escaped their lungs coincided with each incursion of a clitoris into the other woman’s cunt. First Ruby would sink her clit into Toni, causing her to groan. Then Toni would respond, adjusting her rotation, waiting for Ruby’s cunt to align and relax. Then the heated brunette would sink her hard shaft into the deep, lush folds of Ruby’s incredible labia. The two engorged tools would then tease and wrestle playfully, then separate. And then the whole process would repeat, again and again…no doubt aided and abetted by the mysterious combination of oils and emollients that comprised Lady Bianca’s friction lotion.

“Oh, Ruby…”
“Oh, Antoinette…”
Through the sweet amalgamation of their lubricated pussies, they moaned each other’s name.

Right next to them, a completely different, though equally complex story was unfolding. And there was nothing subtle going on. Their beloved girlfriends, Brenda and Mariko were fucking in a full gallop, like two thoroughbreds making a final dash to the finish line. Their mutual respect for each other notwithstanding, Mariko and Brenda had reached the culmination of months of unrequited sexual lust and were fucking like two snarling, screaming alley cats. Absolutely nothing was being held back.

“Fucking cunt slut!!!” Mariko screamed at Brenda, her star student.
“With deepest respect, sensei…FUCK YOU, you whore!!!” Brenda replied.
“Shut up and fuck me you bitch!” Mariko screamed.
“You shut the fuck up…and fuck me! Tramp!” Brenda screamed in response.

Ruby and Toni knew that things were coming to a boiling point between their girlfriends, but this was far more fiery than they expected. They watched with extreme pleasure as Brenda and Mariko’s bodies began to exude sweat. Ruby tried to see the cunt to cunt connection, but she was at a bad angle. But even if she could see it, the two women were fucking so vigorously that a clear visual would have been rather difficult. If either of them had an advantage, there was no way to tell. But then again, Ruby knew deep inside that between Mariko and Brenda, it wasn’t about winning or loosing. It was about finally coming together. Still it would have been lovely to see the interlocked action between her lover and Toni’s gorgeous girlfriend, like the thrilling close ups in her tribadism videos. Perhaps sometime soon. But then the redhead’s mind became clouded with unforeseen thoughts.

Seeing Mariko’s beautiful, delicate Japanese face go through the pre cum contortions of sexual pleasure that she knew so well, she had to turn away. Odd feelings were swelling in her chest. Ruby turned away in order to refocus, because beautiful Antoinette deserved nothing less than her best. She did indeed cherish this wondrous coupling with Toni and did not wish to give this sexy new lover the impression that her mind was elsewhere. But it was too late to recover. Antoinette sensed something was off.

“Come to me Ruby.” Toni gently requested as she sat upright. Ruby responded, eagerly sitting up without loosing the pussy connection. Antoinette embraced her warmly, lovingly reuniting their breasts and bellies.
“Is everything OK Ruby?”
“It is now.” Ruby said, rolling her tits into Toni’s two beauties.
“Nice try red. But I’m sensing that you’re starting to get overwhelmed by all of this. Am I right?”
“I’d be lying if I said no.” Ruby tacitly stated.
“I understand that. I truly do.” Toni sympathized.
“Toni, I orchestrated all of this.” Ruby said, as if she had done something wrong. But Antoinette wasn’t having any of it.
“Whoa. Hold on. That’s just not true.” Toni tilted her head toward Mariko and Brenda.
“You see those two? They orchestrated this. Not you.”
Ruby didn’t understand.
“Come on Ruby. You don’t really think that incredible ass fight in the shower happened just out of serendipity, do you?”
“My goodness, Antoinette. You’re quite right. I remember feeling a bit manipulated.” Ruby agreed.
“We were both manipulated. But here’s the thing Ruby. You can’t manipulate someone who doesn’t want to be manipulated.” Toni added obliquely.
“And what exactly do you mean by that?” Ruby asked, sensing what Toni was getting at and feeling her misgivings slip away.
“From the minute that we made eye contact, we both knew that there was heat between us. The first glance that you got of my tits made your nipples poke out against your blouse. Ruby my dear…”
“That’s a song that was written by Thelonious Monk, right? I love that song!” the redhead excitedly interrupted.
“You’re absolutely correct. But let me fucking finish, will you? Damn!!!”
“Oh shut up Toni. I get the idea.” Toni looked at her with a girlish sulk.
Ruby then overwhelmed Toni with a fervent kiss. Toni grunted, but could not fight the feeling. Tits squashed and rolled, piercing nipples met and mated, bellies pressed tight. Ruby slowly fanned the flames. Lady Bianca’s spectacular lotion seemed to work just as well sitting up as it did when they were flat on their backs. Antoinette’s tongue was now swirling with hers. The friction of lust between their thick cunts was increasing exponentially. Now Ruby needed to catch her breath. She broke off the kiss, then pressed her cheek to Toni’s.
“You’re absolutely right Toni. From the minute I saw you, I hoped that we might fuck.”
“The feeling was mutual. Now can we get down to the business of fucking, Ruby.”
“Damn straight! Oh! Wait a second. I have an idea.”
Ruby reached for the now revered black vial on the nightstand and applied one drop of the lotion to the nipple/areola connection between their breasts. The enigmatic lotion then spread out and coated all four nipples and surrounding areola, enhancing the friction of the tiny bumps and ultimately fusing them smoothly and tightly, creating a soft electrostatic cling sensation. It made the tiny hairs on the back of Toni’s neck stand up…it made her tits surge with lechery and her cunt crave the fulfillment that only Ruby’s cunt could provide…

“Oh my fucking word!!!” Antoinette could not believe the intimacy of the connection. Her nipples throbbed with pleasure like she had never before felt. She rolled her tits tightly into Ruby’s, wanting to intensify the pleasure by feeling more of the redhead’s amazing tit flesh. She wished there was a way to fuse every square millimeter of her tits to Ruby’s tits. The redhead battled back tit to tit, causing Toni to let out a cry. The heightened pleasure of the breast fuck only served to exacerbate the labia locked cunt fuck. This was other worldly for both women. Sitting up in a full body embrace, Antoinette and Ruby found their rhythm once again and embarked upon a committed fuck. Two lush cunts that had been coalesced in a heated sexual union for nearly twenty minutes suddenly found new energy. They were on there way to the summit of mount orgasm.

The two intrepid climbers next to them had followed their lead and sat up. They also seemed intent on as much body contact as possible for the final run to mutual, excruciating orgasm.
It then occurred to all four women that this was the perfect opportunity for the final showdown.

“Are you two ready for the final battle?” an overheated Mariko asked.
“We are indeed my love.” Ruby replied.
“But I want you two to do something first.” Ruby patted the bed until she located the vial, then handed it to Brenda, who was hip to hip with her.
“Line up your nipples and apply one drop to each connection.”
Brenda looked at her oddly.
“Trust me. Just DO it.” Ruby said forcefully.
Brenda shrugged and then let one drop of the oil land on each nipple connection, marveling at the accuracy of each drop. Within a matter of seconds her eyes widened and she let out a moan of deep pleasure. She felt her hardened nipples fuse to Mariko’s nubs and it felt like their areola had mated.
“Oh geeze!!!” Brenda said, now in a state of shock over how fully her tits were mated with her sensei’s gorgeous breasts. Both women reacted the same way that Ruby and Toni had, moments earlier. They rolled and crushed their tits fully. Mariko also could not believe the completeness of the breast to breast connection that she now shared with Brenda. She flashed a quick glare of disbelief at Ruby, as though she were some sort of voodoo practitioner. Ruby just grinned.
“Convinced?” the redhead asked, sarcastically.
“Let me tell you something, Ruby…” Mariko said through now stilted breathing.
“If I ever run across this bitch Bianca on the street, I’m taking her down. And I’m gonna strip her and fuck her body to body, the way she needs to be fucked. And then I’m gonna beat the shit out of her.”
“Really?” Brenda asked.
“Nah…maybe I’ll just fuck her.” Mariko summarized.

“I’d like to see that!” Antoinette offered.
The other two wholeheartedly agreed. Ruby then started the familiar countdown.

“Three!” she said.
“Two!” Toni added.
“One!” Brenda said.
“Let the fucking begin…again!” Mariko added.

She wrapped her arms tightly around Brenda, almost squeezing the wind out of her lungs. Brenda then gulped for air. The mating of their mammaries and the sealing of their sucking cunts forced screams of delight out of their heaving chests. Sitting up, fucking face to face in a scissor was deeply thrilling to both women. They were re-energized with new found lust for each other, based on the incredible way in which their bodies seemed to be merging into pure sex. But the sensei and her student knew that they must also fend off the provocative challenge from the two women right next to them who appeared to be fucking as though time had stood still, and they were the only moving entities. Brenda felt a tinge of excitement and mixed emotion as she watched her beloved Antoinette lock in a passionate fuck with beautiful Ruby. She withheld thoughts of wishing it were her because her feelings for Mariko were so intense. She wanted to fuck Mariko. She needed to fuck Mariko. Let Antoinette have her fun.

Ruby then grunted and screamed at Toni.
“Fucking filthy bitch!!! Do it to me!!! Fuck me! Fuck me!!!”
“Quit bitching at me and fuck me back, you slut!!!” Toni screamed.
Brenda knew that she had to crank up the pace. She laid into Mariko, who responded by pounding/forcing her cunt deeper into Brenda’s lubricated meat. Brenda moved quickly and skillfully to bring her clitoris into full contact with Mariko's probing shaft. Mariko screamed out in agonizing pleasure. She matched her pelvic gyrations to Brenda’s, then she took it to another level, forcing her cunt deeper into Brenda.

“You cunt!!! Fuck my cunt!!!” Brenda bellowed.
“Give it back you slut!!! Make us cum together!!!” Mariko howled.

From this point on, it was a frenzied race to the climactic wire. The bed began to speak out in the noises of sex. Four big titted bitches slapped and squashed tits and locked in incrementally faster cunt strokes as orgasms roared up from the depths of their locked womanly loins.

Ruby then put an arm around Brenda’s shoulder urging her to turn, face in. Antoinette understood, then Mariko got the idea. Their faces came together in a sloppy foursome tongue twisting kiss. Soft lips and saliva coated tongues lapped and kissed and sucked. It was the final, necessary impetus ~ the final essential ingredient in this four woman love fest that brought forth waves of cum. Ruby tensed as she felt warm waves of Toni’s sweet cum shoot into her, then Toni shivered as she felt Ruby cum inside her. At the same second, Brenda and Mariko spewed their voluminous juices into each other. The kisses broke off as all four women stayed connected, foreheads to foreheads, attempting to get their breathing under control and to regain their composure. Three or four minutes passed. Brenda then broke rank. She looked across at Antoinette, who seemed to know what was coming.

“Don’t even THINK it!” Toni said, defiantly. She was summarily dismissed.
‘We WON!!!” Brenda exalted.

“The fuck you did!!!” Ruby and Toni chimed in unison.
Mariko just shook her head. As physically drained as she was, she knew this wasn’t over. And that was just fine with her.

To Be Continued