My hair was matted, my body was salty with drying perspiration, and from my crotch to my mid thighs there were splotches of sweet post-coital ejaculate juices. Not that I minded. I believe that Ruby had intended to lick the area clean, but I cancelled that out when I requested, and was cheerfully granted the favor of a refreshing rinse off in the shower.

Of course, the question here then becomes: why shower alone when you can shower with three other women? Why lather up two luscious tits when you can lather up eight luscious tits? Obviously, my requested private rinse down was anything but private. It only took a minute or two before the other three ne’er do wells decided that it was necessary to join me in the shower stall and my alone time quickly turned into a four girl titty mashing giggle fest as eight slick, lathered tits slipped, slapped, sloshed and mashed together over my repeated-and repeatedly ignored-query:

“Are you sure this shower stall was meant to accommodate four people?”

And to answer the obvious question in your minds, dear readers, yes we did! It was difficult, but with a little creative maneuvering, we did indeed somehow manage to bring all eight boobies into a slippery titty mashup. It was slick and wet and sensual and I don’t think my tits will ever be the same. My privacy had been co-opted by three women who seemed intent on fitting in every possible opportunity for sensual pleasure and body contact into whatever time we had left. What’s a demure chica like me to do?

I extricated myself from the mass of bodies and stepped out of the shower to catch my breath, located a towel and dried off. The other three followed, still chortling over the shower fun. Mariko located a bunch of towels and they all luxuriated in the softness and silkiness of post shower skin. She then offered us lotion, but Ruby nixed this idea.

“Why not?” a puzzled Mariko asked.
“Because I have something special. You’ll see.” Ruby replied, mysteriously.
“OK ladies. Who’s up for some scissoring?” I asked. All of them nodded eagerly. Ruby then moved directly to me, eye to eye and nipple to nipple.

“You are mine, bitch!” she declared.
“Really, bitch? Do you think you’re woman enough?” I taunted her right back.
“Oh, I’m woman enough.”
“I guess we’ll see, won’t we?” I said, pushing my tits firmly into those of my redhead nemesis. Ruby pushed back. With our eyes locked, we held our breasts firmly, mashing and rolling them, feeling our nipples duel and thrilling to ourselves over how sensual this flesh connection was. I know I’m being redundant, but whenever I locked tits with Ruby, it was like our boobs were meeting for the first time. If this sultry bitch walked into a crowded room, spotted me and said “Hey you, do you want to match tits and bodies?” I would get naked and on the floor with her in a hot second. I couldn’t wait for what was to come next…the full meeting of our cunts…

Mariko and Brenda, obviously excited by our pre scissor lock taunting, matched their wondrous breasts in challenge. There was little give between their four delicious tits as they rolled and mashed. They were not to be outdone.

“What do you think, Brenda? Are you woman enough to handle me in the ultimate challenge?” Mariko threw down the gauntlet. Brenda’s response was thrilling to hear.

“Respectfully sensei, I may not be your equal on the mat, but cunt to cunt I’m one hell of a woman. Your pussy’s gonna get all it can handle. Come to think of it, more than it can handle.”
“We shall see, dear Brenda.”

Aroused by Brenda’s response, Mariko's eyes seemed to narrow as she smiled deviously at my lady. I loved it! It was the properly chilled, delicious challenge of two women understanding their destiny ~ two women accepting the their mutual desire and the inevitability of the womanly connection to come. It was thrilling to my core.

However, dear reader, I had my own sexual personal challenge to consider. And if I was correct, I was about to become locked in the most intense sex duel of my young life.

So, bearing this in mind dear reader, I’m handing this back over to Mr. Penman in hopes that he’ll do justice to this tome, as I’m going to need all my womanly powers and my total concentration.…


All four beauties eagerly returned to Ruby’s bed. Mariko and Brenda had scissored their legs, as had Ruby and Toni. Ruby wanted to line up alongside Brenda, so that she could help herself to Brenda’s ginormous tits as the mood struck her. Mariko was shoulder to shoulder with Antoinette for the same reason~so that they could exchange titty grabs and timely nipple provocations…

“Ruby. What is this stuff?” a curious Mariko asked when Ruby handed her a small vial.
“I found this in a small, out of the way shop down on Oak Street. I was kind of intrigued by it.”

“What is it? What’s it for?” a puzzled Mariko wanted to know as she scrutinized the small teardrop shaped matte black vial that could not have accommodated much more than two ounces of liquid. On it were two initials printed in an elegant script.
~ LB~

Ruby handed her the small box in which the vial came. It also a had a matte black finish with the same script initials on the front.

“Read what’s on the back of the box.” Ruby suggested.
Mariko turned the box around. The print was small, but legible. She could not believe what she read:
“Researched and developed by Lady Bianca. This pleasant friction lotion contains all natural oils and emollients, designed to enhance your woman to woman experience. Suggested dosage is one (1) drop per person. It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT exceed this amount. May your experience be ultimately pleasurable! L. B.”

Mariko marveled at how so many words could have been fit onto such a small area, yet be quite easy to read.

“Is this for real? Is this stuff, supposedly ‘rich in natural oils and emollients,’ for what it implies?”
Mariko handed the bottle to Brenda.
“Check this out, Brenda.”
Brenda read the back, gasped out loud and then passed it to Antoinette.
“You’re not going to believe this Toni!” she stated in disbelief.
But an on edge Brenda started to feel an anticipatory tingling in her cunt.

“Oh Ruby. This can’t be legit.” Toni expressed doubt. But her body, specifically her swollen labia, felt a morbid curiosity.
“Who is this ‘Lady Bianca?’”
“I have no idea Toni. But I like the way she thinks.”
“This is bull! The stuff can’t POSSIBLY work. What do you want to bet that it’s nothing more than generic baby oil?” Mariko interjected.
“I was skeptical too. But the lovely woman at the shop told me that it’s much more than just ordinary oil, and that it really works. Apparently Lady Bianca designed it specifically for this.” Ruby gestured to her thick, moist cunt, which was two inches away from Toni’s wondrous vulva.

“Oh, and I suppose you weren’t the least bit swayed by some sexy slut of a salesperson? No doubt she had a set of big luscious tits.” Brenda chimed in.

“Let me guess, Ruby. Did she offer to give you a private demonstration?” Mariko asked, a bit upset.

“Well to answer your questions in order, yes, the cute salesgirl did indeed have a great big set of tits. And no. Our discussion was purely clinical. Objective and informative and yes, perhaps a bit sexy. But that’s all there was to it.”

Ruby was only being half truthful. The devastatingly beautiful blonde had a rack that rivaled hers in size and fullness. And during the course of conversation, she had surreptitiously popped one additional blouse button in order to give Ruby a better look at her ample cleavage. Then after several more minutes passed and she became more sure of herself, she took Ruby aside, away from the other customers in the small boutique and spoke to her in hushed tones.

“I’m Jill. I own this place.” The busty blonde said, taking Ruby’s hands and looking her squarely in the eyes. Ruby did not pull away. Her tingling nipples told her that this was a girl “moment.”

“Im Ruby.” The redhead felt strangely comfortable allowing herself to be vulnerable to this woman’s charms.
“Do you always take your customers aside like this, Jill?” The girl blushed a bit. But she was not discouraged.

“Only the ones that I’m incredibly attracted to. And, judging by the way you’ve been checking out my chest, I feel pretty confident that there’s at least a spark of mutual attraction. Am I right?”
“I’d be a bald faced liar if I said no, Jill.”
Every fiber of Ruby’s being said that this was wrong. But it nonetheless thrilled her. Her response had a provocative affect on the blond woman’s breathing.

“Listen Ruby, I’ve always had a major soft spot for beautiful red-headed women. And you are simply the most beautiful red head I’ve ever seen.”

“Well, I hardly think that’s the case, but that’s sweet of you to say.” Ruby demurred.

“So then, what do you say Ruby? That little bottle of fluid that you have in your hand, that you’re still vacillating over whether or not to buy ~ well I’m here to tell you that stuff really works. I can’t abandon my store now, but at some future date, very soon hopefully, could we possibly meet privately?”

“What for?” Ruby teased.

“Stop messing with me girl. You know what for. I want what’s between those sweet thighs. I want to show you just how good that stuff really is…tits to tits, pussy to pussy.”
Jill, not necessarily a shy woman, still could not believe that she was standing in her own place of business asking another woman if she wanted to meet privately to fuck.

“Look, I have to go pay some attention to the other customers. Let me know what you think of my offer.”
“I know where to find you.” Ruby replied, cryptically.
Jill winked and turned to walk off. Then Ruby did something completely spontaneous~something that she regretted doing a split second before and a split second after, but not in the least bit while their lips were in full contact. She reached out for the beautiful blond’s arm and pulled her back into a full mouthed kiss which lasted several long seconds. When it ended, both women stared at each other in disbelief. Jill shook her head slightly, then returned to the other customers. Ruby left twenty dollars on the counter and left with her purchase….

Of course, Ruby didn’t dare reveal all the details of the incident at the boutique. That would have been akin to throwing gasoline into an already spark filled dialogue. She merely offered the other three women a let’s find out option. She held up the small vial between her thumb and forefinger and jiggled it playfully.

“I say there’s only one way to find out, ladies. Is anyone willing to give this concoction a try?”
They all looked semi-skeptical. Ruby then pleaded her case to Antoinette.

“Come on Toni. This is something that we’ve been wanting to do since late this afternoon and it’s finally going to happen. We can’t just do this halfway. We’re facing off, lips to lips in game seven. Shouldn’t we take advantage of every possible opportunity for enhancement ~ for mutual pleasure?”

A totally turned on Antoinette sighed.

“Like I said before. Ruby, you are one devious cunt! And I absolutely love it. OK. Hit me with that special juice.” Toni said, playfully.

Ruby grinned at Toni’s response. Then she removed the tiny tip of the vial, held it at arm’s length and watched in slow motion as one drop meandered down and splatted on to Toni’s waiting pussy. Ruby watched, surprised at how the one drop application spread out on it’s own, over the entire surface of Toni’s thick cunt. Toni gasped in totally unexpected pleasure.

“Oh my!” she moaned. Ruby handed her the vial. Toni wasted no time. She reached out and turned the vial of the mysterious liquid upside down. She watched in total fascination as, with no prompting from her, a single drop of Lady Bianca’s lotion/oil floated through the short distance and came down directly onto Ruby’s lightly freckled cunt lips, then spread out evenly across the labia-terrain as it had done on her pussy. Ruby’s thick cunt lips seemed to take on a soft glow.

Toni took a few seconds to fondly remember the night that she and Brenda had fucked so heatedly with their bodies coated in baby oil (Antoinette’s Big Adventure Part 2, Adventures In Oil). But on that occasion, the oil needed the assistance of their eager hands in order to spread.
This stuff, whatever it was, needed no prompting. It seemed to apply itself! How could this be? And who was this bitch Lady Bianca anyway?

Now intrigued by what she saw, and by the gentle stinging sensations in her cunt, which could only have been caused by this mysterious oil, Antoinette could hardly wait to lock up her slicked cunt with Ruby’s fulsome twat. Whatever was going on down there, Toni’s womanly anatomy felt need for sexual satisfaction such as it had never known before.

“You girls should try this.” Toni suggested, as she handed the enigmatic vial back to Mariko.

“Uhh…maybe not just yet. Let’s see what happens when you to come together.” Mariko responded with skepticism.

“Yeah. We’d like to see how this stuff performs in an actual ‘clinical’ trial.” Brenda said sarcastically, eliciting a hearty laugh from Mariko.

“Toni, I think that you and I should get down to business, despite the skeptics in the room.”
“You got it, Ruby.”

Despite their doubts, Brenda and Mariko nonetheless felt compelled to closely observe the meeting of two luscious cunts that belonged to their girls. At the exact same second, Ruby and Antoinette thrust into each other. Like feet sinking into thick wet muck, the sound of cuntmeat locking to cuntmeat came loudly from the junction of Ruby and Toni. As the two women acclimated their anatomy to each other in this, their first full-frontal-cuntal assault, the lovely sloshing and squishing noises seemed to meld into mutual sounds as they coalesced in an arrhythmic pattern, then became a tonal poem that perfectly described the sensuality of two women locked together at the essence of their womanhood. The crescendo was on both women rather quickly.

A surprised Brenda and Mariko were genuinely thrilled as Toni screamed and fell to her back. Ruby followed suit. They instinctively pulled on each other’s right leg, doggedly determined to fuse their locked cunts even deeper into each other~both noting that their efforts to achieve this deeper union were indeed being enhanced by this magical liquid that coated their cunts and sealed their flesh much more intimately than either of them had anticipated.

“Oh my god, Antoinette!!!” screamed Ruby
“Fuck Fuck Fuck Ruby…Oh Fuck!!!” came Toni’s response.

Their clits had found each other. Even Mariko and Brenda knew this. Each of them understood their ladies well enough to know the nuances of their sexual responses, although there was nothing at all subtle happening between their two beloved women. They were simply fucking each other deeply…woman to woman.

“Holy fuck Ruby!!! What’s in this stuff!!!???” Antoinette cried out. It was a rhetorical question. Toni really didn’t care. All she knew was that she was a few clit strokes away from an orgasm of epic proportions. From flat on her back she addressed the sexy redhead.

“Ruby,can you…?”
“You bet I can. Any second now, Toni.”

Now mesmerized, Brenda and Mariko watched the two locked women writhing like two pythons twisting in battle. The teacher and her student were transfixed as the two fucked each other cunt to cunt to a cursing, screaming, fist pounding, simultaneous orgasm. Moments ago they had moved close in order to see for themselves the lubricated inosculation of their ladies full lipped pussies. Mutually shared female juices notwithstanding, neither one could deny the fact that they were witnessing something incredibly deep and intimate. Neither of them spoke aloud, but they could not help noticing that the two cunts before their eyes had achieved a breathtaking bond. They were both now willing and eager to experiment with the mysterious oil.

“No way they were exaggerating that, Mariko.”
“You’re right Brenda. I’m convinced. What do we have to loose?”
“Let’s do this.” Brenda said as they slid their silky legs into each other and narrowed the gap between their flesh craving pussies. Mariko sent a drop of Lady Bianca’s Friction Lotion speeding to the top of Brenda’s mons pubis and watched in utter amazement as the liquid quickly spread and coated the entire surface of Brenda’s delicious cunt. Her pussy quivered in response. The bottle was quickly wrested from her hand by an impatient Brenda who tapped a single drop and watched excitedly as it made its way to Mariko and luxuriously coated her full outer lips. Brenda thrilled as the silky potion seemed to make Mariko’s elegant cunt shimmer. Mariko moaned in pleasure. She knew then that this was no scam. Ruby had made an interesting discovery. Her pussy craved the thick lushness of Brenda’s cunt in a way too deep for her to understand. She wanted to fuck Brenda’s enticing cunt meat. Brenda was more than willing to oblige. Ruby took the mysterious vial from Brenda and placed it on the night stand, then watched as Mariko and Brenda came together for their highly anticipated sexual coupling.

The reaction was instantaneous and uncontrollable. As she and Toni had done moments ago, they both went flat on their backs and pulled hard on each other’s right leg in an attempt to fuse their hungry cunts fully. Both women could feel the intensified pairing off of their major and minor labia and the tight, thrilling suction created by this. Then each felt the excruciating encounter of their innervated shafts. Brenda’s clit fully mated with Mariko's turgid girl cock. The two shafts wrestled inside an arena of thick, slick folds of woman flesh. Brenda’s head rolled around as if she was possessed. Mariko mumbled incoherently, her eyes stared blankly into the air. Both women became lost in their private thoughts over how something this physically gratifying could actually be real. They began to fuck each other’s cunts with slow, deep rotations that concentrated on keeping the two exquisitely lubricated pussies in full contact. The blissful thoughts in both of their minds seemed shared. Both Brenda and Mariko knew that the meeting and subsequent fuck between their cunts was indeed being enhanced by this mind blowing lotion. Their love for their beautiful girlfriends notwithstanding, neither woman had ever experienced cunt to cunt lovemaking this good. Both women now knew there was something profound occurring. It must have been the lotion.

Right next to them, Ruby and Toni were locked in a relaxed rhythm~their thick lipped cunts joined in a highly sensitive but no big hurry fuck. They had also been enjoying the surprised reactions of their lovers to the lubricated enhancement of their fucking.

“So…” Ruby interrupted.
“Are you girls convinced yet?” She teased.
“Oh damn! Ruby! Where…did you…find this stuff?” Brenda squeezed the words out between her increasingly labored breathing. Ruby chuckled.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” Ruby joked.
“I don’t know who Lady Bianca is, but I definitely want to meet her…If you know what I mean.” Brenda added.
“Me too! I’d like to thank her personally…CUNT TO CUNT!” Mariko emphasized while stroking her cunt into Brenda’s sweet meat. Brenda laughed and then reached out to high five Mariko.
And then, all four women got busy…

The room became quiet except for the labored breathing, the grunts and wet sounds of women fucking. The queen sized bed soon added it’s voice to the farrago of sex noises. All four beauties were now bearing down and fucking for all they were worth. Playtime and tease time were over. All that mattered now was the sex. All that mattered was the fucking.

Ruby and Toni had now worked their luscious labia into a synthesis so deep that they seemed to be in a state of continual ejaculation. Deep inside their cunts, Toni’s clit was locked in a battle with Ruby’s frisky tool, each clit seemingly determined to mate for their entire length. Both women felt an overwhelming pressure emanating from their locked vulva radiating throughout their bodies. And the only possible relief from this nearly unbearable sexual tension was orgasm.

“Oh my fucking god Ruby!!!” Toni screamed. “What the fuck is in this stuff?!!!”
“I don’t know bitch. Just fuck me…fuck me!!!” Ruby asserted.

At this point, nothing mattered to the voluptuous redhead other than the bond between their pussies. All she wanted to do was to fuck Antoinette’s cunt with hers. And so she did. And so they did. But right next to them there was another torrid engagement happening.

Through her own haze of tortuous pelvic jousting, Antoinette noticed the glistening sweat beads that had formed on Mariko and Brenda’s incredible nude bodies. She smiled to herself and then noted a similar sweat formation on her tightened abs. A further elevation of her head revealed that Ruby and Brenda were passionately swapping saliva in a twisting tongue kiss. Humm…Toni contemplated. Cunt to cunt with me and tongue to tongue with my girlfriend. What a devious bitch! Well, she thought, when in Rome…

Mariko was more than happy to accommodate her. They turned slightly into each other, filled their hands with an available tit, squeezed until they caused aroused grunts and locked themselves in a wet kiss. Then matters of womanly recreation became seriously stoked.

To Be Continued