Prologue: Brenda reflects. And an erotic message is sent to the “other side.”

The room went silent for about ten minutes. Four spent women regarded each other, observed each other, scrutinized each other and assessed each other. In a few moments, there was going to be yet another round. But this round promised to be the battle royal.

Ruby and Toni could not see any sign of weakness in Brenda or Mariko. The same was true for the Mariko-Brenda tandem, as they tried to figure out if there was any way that they could take down these bitches, otherwise known as their girlfriends, in short order. There were no telltale signs of fatigue or any kind of weakness in any of them. These were four physically fit women who came to fuck - who loved to fuck. These were four beautiful women who all sensed that, since earlier this evening, their fate had been sealed.

Brenda marveled as she scanned the group. How was it possible for four women to be so incredibly hot and so hot for each other? She sat back, astonished, as she scanned three rumpled, yet still quite beautiful women. She allowed her eyes to roam over six of the most amazing breasts she had ever seen and felt a sense of pride that her own near perfect breasts were hobnobbing in such extraordinary company. The only set of tits that her two beauties had not yet squared off with belonged to the gorgeous redhead right next to her. Would she get a chance to match bodies with Ruby, thereby leaving Mariko free to roll around with Antoinette? She wondered if tonight the circle would become complete.

Brenda then looked lovingly at Antoinette and felt pride over how well she had acquitted herself in this protracted sexual encounter. She felt a tad envious, however, at how well the redhead matched up with Toni and how they fucked with such enthusiasm and raw sexual passion. Yet, despite the fact that she herself wanted to take on sexy Ruby, she was content in knowing that she had more than enough woman between her thighs at the moment. She even felt a twinge of envy that Ruby had become lovers with her amazingly hot Japanese sensei. But Brenda was a mature adult woman with a firm grasp on the real world and very little emotional baggage. She would not allow any of these thoughts going through her mind to bespeak anger or jealousy. She was right where she wanted to be. The delicious cunt that was now between her thighs, softly rubbing against her swollen, opulent pussy, was a cunt that she had wanted between her thighs for many months. Now it was hers for however long this sexy, surreal event was destined to last. She vowed to give Mariko her best - to fuck her until both of their cunts were sore.

Brenda then briefly recalled a number of heated roll around sparring sessions with Mariko that served as a prelude to this moment. She would always end up tapping out or being pinned, which was a frustrating part of her learning experience. But these humbling sessions did have their good points. In the course of rolling around, there was occasional, unavoidable contact between their large, plump tits. She hoped that sensei would not notice how quickly her nipples hardened whenever their tits came together in a crush. But she stopped worrying about it when, after a while she began to notice Mariko’s nipples hardening in response. Mariko was the elegant Japanese woman, steeped in the traditions of decorum. She wouldn’t have said anything. Maybe it was just her mind working overtime, but it seemed to Brenda that once they became aware of what was going on between their breasts - the heat and the arousal - that subsequent sessions were becoming increasingly intimate. It was indeed Mariko who suggested that they spar after hours, in private. All of this led up to the events at the dojo earlier this evening, when Toni reacted to the obvious heat between them.

Returning to the present tense, Brenda looked at all three women lovingly and in awe. She felt truly blessed to be in the naked company of three such astounding beauties, knowing that any second an all out sex fiasco would break out. And even after an astounding number of orgasms, she was amazed by how quickly her sexual drive was returning. It boggled her mind that her cunt still craved the lushness of Mariko’s pussy. She was certain that the other three women felt exactly as she did. How was it possible for her to be so sexually drawn to three women? How was it possible for four women to be so sexually enthralled with each other? Would she and her cherished Antoinette become regular company in Ruby and Mariko’s bed? She playfully entertained the idea that maybe this mysterious bitch Lady Bianca was behind this.

It was a little bit after ten PM and there were those pesky obligations to consider, such as work in the morning. But at this point, none of these four women were willing to postpone or reschedule anything. This business needed to be handled, and handled tonight. Work be damned!

“So how do we decide this? What do we do?” Antoinette asked.
“The only thing that we can do.” Brenda replied.
“We fuck, and we fuck, and then we fuck some more.” Mariko clarified.
“You mean like, a fuck to the finish until one team can’t go on any longer?” a shocked but highly titillated Ruby asked.
“Exactly!” Mariko said, feeling her pussy come alive with desire again.
“Damn, ladies! There’s so much fucking heat here. We could be at this all night long!!!” Toni said, as her breathing deepened. Her pussy was still conjoined with Ruby’s pussy and slow movement was now taking place.
“And your point is?” Brenda asked, sardonically.
Antoinette shook her head and flashed a quick lascivious look at Ruby.
“No point. No point at all. My girl Ruby and I are quite ready to out fuck you two bitches.” Toni drew the line in the sand.

“Well, guess what?” Mariko responded. “My star pupil Brenda and I are juiced and ready too. With our combined skills, you will not be able to out sex us or outlast us.”
“With all due respect, Mariko san, unless you’re teaching cunt to cunt martial arts, your ‘skills’ don’t mean a thing in this arena. As far as I can see, this playing field is level, sensei.” Toni retorted, very cleverly.

An impressed Mariko turned in to Antoinette and they locked eyes. She flashed Toni a quick look that seemed to say, “your time is coming.”

“That doesn’t matter. Level playing field or not, you two bitches are going down.” Brenda reinforced Mariko’s statement. She had turned in to face Ruby.
“Oh, puulleeeze!” Ruby countered, feeling Brenda’s desire for her slowly building. It excited her. To make things even more erotic, she felt Toni’s desire for Mariko building. She didn’t quite know how it would happen, but she sensed that a switch in partners would eventually take place.

The anticipation was slowly building between heated bodies that had yet to engage. But for now….

Antoinette got this round rolling.
“No time limit ladies. The fucking continues until one team can no longer persevere.” Toni clarified the only rule.

“That’s fine by us.” Mariko was agreeable.

But just as they were about to get underway, Antoinette felt compelled to look down at her cunt connection with Ruby. Her brow furled.

“Look at that!” she said to the redhead.
Ruby looked down at her intimate connection with Toni.
“Oohh, I know. It’s really hot isn’t it?” Ruby cooed. Toni giggled in agreement. But that wasn’t her point.
“No. Look close Ruby.”
“I am. I don’t know what you’re seeing that I don’t.”
“Ruby…the oil!”
“What about it?”
“It hasn’t been absorbed. It looks the same as when we first applied it.”
“Is that a problem Toni?”
“Well I really don’t know, but you have to admit that it’s odd.” Toni said.
Brenda and Mariko noticed the same with their pussies.
“Damn! She’s right, Mariko. It looks exactly as it did when we applied it.”
“I have to concede. That’s definitely odd.” Mariko didn’t understand how this could be.
“Does anybody feel sick or anything?” Toni asked.
All three of them stated that they all felt fine.
“Huh. I don’t get it.” Antoinette said, still slightly confused.
“Well, I remember Jill said that this stuff was unlike any other lotion on the market.” Ruby offered in explanation.
“Ahhh…the ‘clinical’ discussion.” Brenda replied with blatant sarcasm. Ruby looked at her, a bit hurt. Brenda then gave her an apologetic full kiss on the lips.

“Well then, can we get on with this? I’m ready to fornicate.” said Toni. Everyone was in agreement. Everyone wanted to fuck. And so it began.

“Ugggh!!!” Ruby groaned loudly, feeling the first salvo of Antoinette’s thick, slick cunt. She went down flat on her back and pulled mightily on Antoinette’s right leg, digging in for the long haul. This was the main event - the sex battle of the night. Toni went down to her back, pulled on the redhead’s leg and met her in full stride.
“Ruby you slut!!! Fuck me!!!” Toni screamed in ecstasy.
“You’re quite a slut yourself, Antoinette. But it’s us against them. Let’s fuck ourselves to the thrill of victory.”
“The only thing you two bitches are gonna know is the agony of defeat.” Brenda retorted.

Mariko and Brenda mimicked them, flopping down onto their backs and enlisting each other’s leg for leverage and maximum intimacy and depth of penetration. They screamed and hurled vituperations at each other as it felt as if their cunts had mated deeper than ever. The air became permeated with womanly fragrances. This, combined with the nearly unbearable sensations happening deep within their locked thighs made all four women feel the deep rooted connection they shared.

“Oh, goddamn!!!” Ruby squealed. Toni smiled inwardly. This freckled cunt was hers.

Almost six hours ago, four women came to understand that this, right here, right now was where they were headed. Each of them now privately wondered if Nirvana could be reached on an
earthly plane through the fusion of lubricated cunts. For each of them, in their minds, this was heaven, bliss, ecstasy, joy, peace, serenity, tranquility and enlightenment.

Yet Mariko still had an enthusiastic opinion to proffer.

“Fuck you lady Bianca!!! If I ever see you, I’m taking you down, woman to woman, you devious slut!!!!” Mariko screamed.


Off on the ethereal plane, somewhere between time eternal and profound thought, June and her dark haired lady rolled around in their state of perpetual pleasure, their voluptuous nude bodies joined together to infinity. Stretched out on their sides, supported by nothing but the mist of clouds, their light as air yet fully fleshed out bodies were locked in endless love. This was a culmination of existence that both women, while still in their earthly corporeal state, had mutually agreed that they wanted. June had found her soul mate and the realization was so profound to her that she eagerly agreed to spend eternal time, whatever meaning or relevance that had anymore, body to body in love with beautiful Lady Bianca.

But at this moment in time, something felt odd, something seemed off. Not in a bad way. Just odd. Bianca, of course, sensed it immediately.

“What’s wrong, my love.” she asked.
“Not wrong. Different.” the crimson haired beauty responded. “Do you feel it?”
Bianca contemplated for a couple of seconds.
“Yes. Yes I do.” she agreed.
June then concentrated and suddenly she and Bianca were sitting upright in a scissor lock, bellies and breasts fused, their full lips close, but not touching.
“You’re getting pretty good at that.” the lady mused.
“I have a great teacher.” June responded, just before sealing her mouth with Bianca’s luscious lips. Their perfect, eternally matched breasts maneuvered against each other and nipples tangled. The intimacy between their thighs became more vigorous. Bianca became so quickly overwhelmed that she had to will June to ease off the gas pedal…

“Hold on June. Tell me what’s on your mind first.”
“Well, like I said, something feels different.”
Bianca knew, but wanted June to express it.
“Tell me what it is, June.”
“It’s hard to say. But it almost feels like there are some external forces in play. It’s like they’re invading our privacy, though not in a malevolent way.”

Bianca nodded, then turned her head to the left and raised her left arm. Then, almost casually, in a sweeping arc motion, she opened up a portal to earth.

“Is that what’s got your attention, my love?” she smiled devilishly at her lover.
“How in the hell do you do that?” a flustered June wanted to know.
“Several millennia of practice, my dear.”

June shook her head in amazement. After all this time, she still could not fully grasp the extent of Bianca’s powers. Turning to her right, June peered into the portal to see what Bianca had exposed. She could not believe what she saw.

“Oh my goodness!” June exclaimed.

Lady Bianca had opened a wormhole into time and to the earthly realm. And before their curious eyes, in a bedroom somewhere on earth, four of the most beautiful women they had ever seen were engaged in passionate sexual activity.

“My goodness, they are really going at it.” a surprised and impressed June said.
"They certainly are" Bianca agreed.
"I mean there's nothing unusual about women fucking, but those four are seriously locked up. Wait a minute. They’re using the lotion, aren’t they?”
"You're absolutely right June. They are.”
“How did they manage to get a hold of it?” June was curious.

“I thought it would be nice to leave something of myself behind. So I placed a small supply of it in a tiny shop.”
“I take it sales have been brisk?”
“June, sales have greatly exceeded expectations.” Bianca said proudly. “We’ll soon be expanding to other outlets. There’s even an infomercial in the works, starring none other than the great A. Penman.”
“Wow! That’s impressive.” June said in awe.
“Yes, A. Penman is an impressive man.” Bianca replied.
“I know. But I meant the whole operation.”
“And, since neither you nor I have any worldly requirements, all proceeds from sales go directly back into product research, development and marketing,. Whatever’s left, and I assume that will be a tidy amount, will go to charitable causes.
“Bianca, have I ever told you how awesome you are?”
“Every fifteen earthly minutes, like clockwork.” Bianca then kissed June, but she could tell that her lover was distracted.
“You’re fascinated by that, aren’t you?”
‘“Well…yes, I am.” June admitted, sheepishly.
“I have to admit, June, I'm quite taken with these four lovely women myself.”
“They really seem to be enjoying the effects of the lotion.” June observed.
“Well it was designed specifically for such intimate encounters between women.”
“Really? I didn’t know that.” the redhead teased.
Bianca shook her head, and then gave June a full tit to tit roll, which caused June’s breasts to react in sheer delight. Then she had a duplicitous thought.
“Look June. They’re all having fun, but it seems like the redhead is longing for the woman next to her.”
“You’re right. And it also seems like the lovely Asian girl and the pretty brunette lying beside her are hot for each other too.” June noticed.

Then Bianca got a look on her face that June had never before seen.
“Wanna have some fun?” the Lady asked, mischievously.

To Be Continued