(by Anonymous

The first thing you will notice is that the title has the word 'for' instead of the word 'over.' Brad Wexford considers himself to be among the luckier guys in the world. There are two beautiful women in his life. Jill Forde and Nicole Webster not only were part of his life, but willingly shared him with one another. Early in their relationships with Brad each woman discovered he was seeing someone else, and rather than be in a position of catfighting over him they decided they would both be part of his life.

Physically the two women were as different as night and day. Jill, age 24, is fair-skinned, and has long wavy chestnut colored hair. Nicole at age 25 has a dark complexion, and has shoulder length straight black hair. Both women have great bodies with large breasts and beautifully shaped legs. Physically, at 5'6" they were evenly matched. Brad, who was a few years older than both women, had a large house in the suburbs which he shared with the two of them. Early in his relationship with the two beauties he decided he couldn't make a choice, and was happy when both women moved in with him.

One of the things the girls learned shortly after they moved in with Brad was how much they enjoyed having new sexual experiences. They only had one rule concerning their sexual relationship with Brad. If either one of the women was away whoever was still at the house could enjoy sexual encounters with him. However, if both of them were home than Brad had to make love to both of them or neither of them. This is how they chose to share him. They had no clue how much their lives were going to change. Brad was away overnight on business when Jill and Nicole began to realize how much fun it was to take each other on sexually. They had shared several bottles of wine, and gradually lost their inhibitions. Wearing nothing except thongs they moved close together on the couch, and began exploring each other's bodies with their hands. They dared one another to go further and further until they were at a point of no return. They started to kiss like two teenagers are a date. They ended up going to bed together, and having hours of passionate sex.

One thing the two women had in common was their love for Brad. Hoping he would understand they decided to tell him of their mutual sexual attraction when he arrived home. Rather than being angry he was pleasantly surprised when they told him about their sexual encounter. This opened up a Pandora's box of opportunities for all three of them. At this point he did not feel an obligation to constantly satisfy both of them sexually because they had each other, and were not as concerned about sharing Brad equally. On a number of occasions he had sex with both of them, and then watched the two women as they got each other off.

Brad had a fantasy about the two women, but didn't know how to communicate his idea to them. He wanted to watch the two of them compete sexually with each other. He knew Jill and Nicole loved him enough to do anything for him, but he wasn't sure they would accept this type of role. After thinking about it for a while he came up with an idea. He went on the Internet and searched until he found the items he wanted. He purchased two DVDs, and sat down with Jill and Nicole on a Friday night to play them. He hoped the DVDs would give the two women an idea of what he wanted.

The first DVD had as its storyline two beautiful women who became very angry with each other. It seems they showed up at a party in their apartment building wearing identical outfits. Each became extremely angry when she realized the other was dressed just like her. Each tried to get the other to go back to her apartment and get changed. Neither one would give in to the other's request. After arguing for awhile they decided to settle it away from the other partygoers.

When the two of them reached one woman's apartment they started to argue again as soon as they were inside. Both women had long dark hair, and looked gorgeous in their short black dresses. Each threatened to rip the other's dress off if she wouldn't change to a different outfit. That's all it took as they first pushed and then slapped each other. They locked their hands in each other's hair, and yanked one another around the room. Then each one made good on her threat, and they started to rip and tear at one another's dresses. It didn't take long before both dresses were in shreds, and the two women were left with just stockings and high-heeled shoes.

They took each other down to the floor, and started to roll back and forth. Gasps and angry sounds were coming from both women. As time went by the mood of the fight seemed to change. Having their legs entwined, and their breasts mashed together caused each woman to look at the other in a different light. Instead of fighting they were becoming aroused. Their catfight turned into a sexfight, and each one assured the other she would lose. They agreed that the loser had to suck the winner's pussy, and the loser could not go back to the party. They again started to roll back and forth as each wanted to be on top to be in control. They were pushing their thighs into each other's pussy, and starting to grind into one another. They began to passionately kiss, and started to tongue fight. Each woman slid
one hand down, found the other's pussy, and started to stroke. There were sounds of pure lust and passion coming from both women.

In a few minutes it was all over as one of the women reached a squealing moaning orgasm. Even though she lost she kept stroking the other woman until finally she went over the top, and went off with loud sounds of pleasure coming from her lips. As promised the loser sucked the winner's pussy, and the DVD ended with both women promising they would meet again.

Brad looked over at Jill and Nicole, and asked what they thought of the DVD. They were excited by it, and both said it was hot and sexy. Brad removed the first DVD and placed the second one in the player. This DVD had no particular storyline. It started with two shapely blondes facing each other on their knees on a large bed. Each one claimed she was better at sex fighting than her rival. This was their showdown, and each would do whatever it took to win.

They began by squeezing each other's breasts, and then did some nipple pulling. Next they started banging their breasts together, and for almost five minutes continued their tit fight. Then they put their arms around one another, and mashed their breasts together in a mutual bear hug. Both women were now gasping from the sensations. They brought their open mouths together, and started kissing. They had a long tongue fight then licked each other's lips. Each claimed she was the better kisser, and kissing duel went on for almost 10 minutes.

When they stopped kissing they agreed to settle things once and for all with a pussy fight. They sat back, spread their legs open, and were quickly in a scissors position. When their pussies came together both women made sounds of pleasure. They started grinding slowly into each other, but the speed quickly increased. It was apparent from the sounds they made that their pussy fight was not going to last much longer. They rose up from a position of leaning on their hands, and came together in an upright position. While still thrusting their pussies into each other they locked their bodies together, and started to kiss. Then one of the blondes cried out in ecstasy at she started to go off. As the sensations ran through her body her passionate reaction pushed the other blonde past the point of no return, and she squealed loudly as she too went off. As both women lay back with their eyes closed that ended the second DVD.

Watching the DVDs had aroused all three of them. Brad took them into his bedroom, and had passionate sex with both Jill and Nicole. Then he watched while the two women took each other in a 69 position. When they had finished Jill asked Brad, "Did you show us those DVDs because you want to watch us compete with each other sexually?"

Brad smiled and nodded his head saying, "I have to tell the truth. It's been a fantasy of mine not just to watch you have sex together, but to take each other on competitively. You don't have to catfight like the two in the first DVD, but a little friendly sexual competition would really turn me on."

The two women looked at one another for a few moments, and then Nicole spoke, "You know we like to make you happy, but I think this is something Jill and I would have to think about and talk about. Give us a little time to decide."

Brad agreed, and the two women went to their respective bedrooms. Normally the two women would be sleeping together if they weren't with Brad, but they each wanted a little time alone to think about Brad's fantasy. An hour later Jill opened the door to Nicole's bedroom, saw that she still had a light on, and walked in. They had thought about it separately, and were now going to talk. Jill lay down on the bed next to Nicole, and they started to speak. They agreed that the sex fights on both DVDs had excited both of them. After talking they were both willing to consent to what Brad wanted as long as it didn't affect their relationship with one another. Nicole said, "I don't think we should do them too often. That way it will be a novelty, and no one will get tired of them."

Jill and Nicole were still wearing what they had on while watching the DVDs. They were short, long sleeved transparent jackets that were not fastened in the front. Jill's was black while Nicole's was red, and they both looked very sexy in them. They were getting turned on again just by talking about sexual competition they watched on the DVDs. Knowing they were going to do the same thing aroused both women. Nicole, thinking out loud, said, "I know you and I can really turn each other on, and we always have great sex. I wonder what it will be like when we compete?"

Jill replied, "I don't know. Maybe we should find out right now."

Nicole looked over at Jill, and saw lust and desire in her eyes. She knew she felt the same way, and shared the same feelings as Jill. Nicole opened her little jacket as wide as it would go, and invited Jill to mount her. Jill straddled Nicole, and gently sat on her. She reached down, and started to play with Nicole's breasts. Nicole reached up under Jill's jacket to grab hers, and in a few moments the two women were grasping and pulling each other's breasts. Rather than being rough the two were slowly and sensually squeezing each other. When they started to pinch and pull each other's nipples gasps could be heard coming from both of them.

Nicole stuck out her tongue, and challenged Jill to come down and try to out kiss her. Jill took the challenge, and brought her body down on top of Nicole's. They wrapped their arms tightly around one another, and started their kissing fight. They locked their open mouths together, and Jill slid her tongue into Nicole's mouth. When they stopped their kissing for a moment Nicole murmured, "Lover, you can't beat me unless you can out kiss me. Let's have a tongue sucking contest."

Jill replied, "Baby, I'll have any kind of a contest you want. I can out kiss you, out suck you, and out fuck you.

Nicole slid her tongue out, and Jill's head could be seen bobbing up and down as she sucked it. Then it was Nicole's turn to do the same to Jill's tongue. It then turned into a tongue duel as they stabbed each other's tongue with their own time after time. By now the two had their legs thoroughly entwined, and they were grinding their thighs into each other's pussy. Their gasps had turned to sighs and moans of pleasure. Each promised the other she would get her off first.

Nicole rolled Jill over so they were laying side-by-side. Almost as if they were on the same wavelength both reached down with one hand to find the other's pussy. They stroked each other for awhile, and then used two fingers to penetrate one another. Both women cried out softly when their pussies were penetrated. Jill pulled her mouth away from Nicole's, and told her, "Honey, I'm going to find your clit, and when I do you're going to explode all over my hand."

Nicole breathlessly answered, "Not if I find yours first."

Loud cries of pleasure came as both women found their targets. In wild abandon they fastened their open mouths together as they fingered each other's clit. Wave after wave of pleasure ran through Jill as she reached an intense organism. Nicole was right behind her, and they loudly moaned into each other's open mouth. Their bodies shivered as the pleasurable sensations engulfed them. When it was over they held each other tightly, and softly and tenderly kissed. They looked deeply into one another's eyes to try to read each other's thoughts. Finally Jill spoke, "I know you won, but that was incredible. You drove me wild when you played with my clit. I think we just answered a lot of questions about competing with each other."

Nicole answered, "I know. You did the same thing to me. Just think, a few weeks ago we were on the couch together daring one another to go further, and now we've gone as far as we could ever dream. I don't think we'll have any problems making Brad's fantasy come true."

They spoke for a few more minutes, and then went to sleep in each other's arms. They slept late Saturday morning, and had a quick breakfast before they headed for the shower. They were in no hurry as Brad was working until early in the afternoon. They shared their shower the way they usually did which meant soaping each other up until they were covered with white lather. Then they grabbed each other, and rubbed their slippery bodies together. They enjoyed sliding from side to side because it always felt erotic, and they topped it off with tender kisses. They got out of the shower and spent a few minutes drying off. Both of them were brushing their hair when Nicole turned to face Jill, and said, "I want to tell you about the dream I had last night. It was the most erotic dream I've ever had, and you
were very naughty in it. We were competing sexually just like you and I did last night. But there was one big difference. Each of us had a clit that was 2 or 3 inches long, and we were fighting with them. It was wild! They were wrapped up together, and we were sliding them back and forth trying to get each other off. Then we tried to penetrate each other's pussy with them, and...."

Nicole didn't get any further because Jill interrupted her saying, "Stop! You're getting me hot and horny all over again just talking about it. If you are going to dream something like that why not give us really long nipples too. We could do the same thing with really long nipples you had us doing with our long clits."

The two beauties looked at one another, and were imagining what both of them had just described. Jill pulled Nicole close to her, and the two of them started to kiss. In a few seconds the towels which had been wrapped around them were on the floor. Jill pulled Nicole over to the bed saying, "This is your fault. If you hadn't been talking about your dream we wouldn't be all over one another. Now, since I lost last night, I want a rematch."

They climbed on the bed, and faced each other on their knees. They brought their open mouths together, and started to deep kiss. They probed with their tongues trying to get each other even more aroused through kissing. Jill challenged Nicole to a nipple fight, and the two started banging their nipples together. Then they rubbed them from side to side bending each other's nipples in the process. Not being satisfied with banging or rubbing their nipples together Jill lowered her head, and took one of Nicole's nipples in her mouth and began to suck it. When she fastened her teeth, and started to pull Nicole grabbed Jill by the hair to pull her away. She quickly got even by doing the same thing to Jill, and they took turns biting each other's nipples for awhile. They took their duel to another level as they started a full tit fight. Banging them together caused both women to moan loudly. Then they put their arms around one another so they were tightly squeezed together. They were now cheek to cheek, and whispering in each other's ear. Both women were guaranteeing victory when Nicole dared Jill to pussy fight her.

Jill wanted the same thing so they quickly sat back, overlapped their legs, and got into a scissors position. When their wet pussies came together both women gasped at the sensation. Before engaging in their pussy fight they came together in an upright position, put their arms around each other, and were once again cheek to cheek. They licked and kissed each other's ear. Jill spoke first saying, "Your fantasy dream about having a long clit isn't going to help you now. Even if we did have long clits I would have wrapped mine around yours, and made you explode. My pussy is better."

Nicole quickly replied, "I don't need a 2 or 3 inch clit to get in your pussy. I'll make you so hot and wet with my pussy you'll let me in. When our pussy lips kiss you're going to lose control."

They spent a few minutes talking dirty to one another, and each claimed she would out fuck the other. They stopped whispering in each other's ear, and moved their heads around to the front so they were face to face. Both women looked deeply into one another's eyes, and they brought their open mouths together in one last lip lock before beginning to fuck each other. Then each woman leaned back on her hands, and they started grinding their pussies together. For reasons known only to the two women they would thrust for a time, and then just press their pussies together and not move. Jill spoke, and said, "You are so wet. This time I get you first."

Nicole answered, "You are the one who is gushing. Now I'm going to use my pussy lips to force you open, and get into you. When you cum for me I'll have your pussy juice all over me."

The two of them went back and forth with each claiming to have the stronger pussy lips. They knew the only way to settle it would be through actions and not words. With their pussies locked together the two women started grinding even harder. The short little thrusts they were taking were getting each so aroused they knew they were losing control. Both were gasping, and making sounds of pure pleasure as they got closer to erupting. As sensations began to run through their bodies both Nicole and Jill leaned back on their hands so they could push into each other as hard as possible. They pushed with such force that both bodies actually came up off the bed, and for a few moments only their hands and their feet were on the bed. It was as if each was trying to force her pussy deep into that of her rival.

However, as each one cried out in pleasure, the law of gravity took over, and they collapsed on the bed. Love juice flowed from one pussy to another as they were still locked together. Their mutual lust had produced neither a winner or a loser, but they couldn't continue any longer because their fight and orgasms had drained all the energy from both of them. After almost five minutes Nicole and Jill propped themselves up on their elbows, and looked at each other without saying anything. Nicole moved to a position next to Jill, and the two faced one another still silent. Jill finally spoke, "My God! That was amazing. It was good that we ended something that fantastic without a loser. If we're like this in front of Brad he'll go out of his mind."

Nicole agreed, and both women knew they were evenly matched sexually. They` talked for almost an hour before they got dressed. They walked into the living room, and sat on the couch while waiting for Brad. They looked similar in short denim skirts and light-colored tank tops. They reminisced about the first time they became erotically involved together. Each teased the other about who was the aggressor, and who seduced who. It didn't take much talk about their first sexual encounter to get both of them turned on.

They moved together and started to kiss and caress one another. Jill reached under Nicole's tank top, and started to squeeze one of her breasts. Nicole responded by sliding one hand up Jill's skirt, and rubbing her pussy. Both were getting very aroused when they stopped just as quickly as they started. They heard Brad's car pulling up, and after promising each other to continue their encounter later they moved to the door to greet him. When he came in both women greeted him with a kiss, and steered him over to the couch.

With Brad seated between them Jill spoke first. She said excitedly, "We want you to know that we have decided to make your fantasy come true. However, there are a few things we've thought of to make it a little more exciting. First, we don't think we should do it too often. That way no one will get tired of the same thing time after time. We are pleased when you have sex with both of us, but after we compete sexually we think you should find a way to make sex with us last longer. Under normal circumstances you would never need something like Viagra, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to consider it."

Nicole chimed in, "After talking it over we decided to add a little spice when Jill and I compete. Doing it naked or topless with a miniskirt would be fun, but a little variety might turn us all on even more. We could dress up as nurses, cheerleaders, sexy French maids, schoolgirls, strippers or any number of other costumes you choose. Tell us what you would like to see, and we'll do it for you. Jill and I are open to any suggestions you may have. Just let us know what you want."

Brad was extremely pleased at what he just heard, and he told both women how happy he was. He felt like he had died and gone to heaven. The only question was how many stops he would make along the way.

The End