by Catharsis

Part 1 - A Heated Engagement

Dr. James Carrington was quite a catch, the kind of man that could cause a woman to go to extremes to grab hold of him and never let go. Beth Adams had first met Jim when he was going through residency at the hospital where the twenty eight year old brunette worked as a nurse. The doctor was in his early thirties, and his handsome smile and gentlemanly manners won her heart the instant she saw him. Their whirlwind springtime romance had only lasted two months before he popped the question. Beth immediately said "Yes", and agreed to meet with his mother to announce their engagement.

Jim had told Beth about Lois Carrington, his only remaining relative, in a tone that almost sounded like a warning. She was in her late forties, and had been Jim's father's second wife after his first passed away when Jim was only ten. The way Jim told it, Lois was sharp and very discerning, and had given him both a taste for the finer things in life, and the drive to pursue them. To Beth, it sounded like she was a perfectionist and a possible stumbling block to their happy life together. Although Jim had never been married, he had dated before. He made no secret of the fact that he always took his potential fiancées to meet his mother so that she could cast her critical eye upon them. It was a process she called, "giving his girlfriend the once over."

Beth was nervous, and worried that Lois would suss out some lack of etiquette or sufficiently cultured upbringing in her and sink their engagement. She had put on a conservative yet flattering rose colored dress for the occasion, and even went as far as getting her nails done. Jim tried to assuage her fears by reminding her that he loved her dearly and that nothing his mother said could ever change that. That didn't stop Beth from thinking that she was walking into a test for which she was woefully unprepared, though. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as they approached the entrance of the large, ornately architected house that had been Jim's childhood home.

Lois met the pair at the door and welcomed them into the dining room. She gave them both a hug, surprising Beth with her wide, generous smile as much as her strong embrace. They sat down to lunch and began chatting like family. Jim filled his mother in on the latest trials and tribulations of working in a specialty medical field with a limited budget, and she regaled them both with tales of recent parties she'd attended. Quite naturally, Beth's work and interests came up, and she wove the story of her background into the fabric of the conversation. The young brunette was impressed. If she hadn't been looking for indications of Lois putting her through an examination, she would have never known. The trio's talk wandered from topic to topic, yet Beth always found herself handing out private details effortlessly. The woman who could become her mother-in-law was a keen observer, but was an expert at hiding that behind a smooth exterior. Beth's apprehension soon evaporated. All thoughts of Lois Carrington being scary vanished from her mind.

About an hour after they finished eating, Jim's cell phone went off. He took the call, and it became apparent from what Beth overheard that something was wrong with one of his patients. She frowned inwardly. They had picked this particular Saturday to visit Mrs. Carrington because Jim wasn't on call. Still, she had learned what the tone in his voice foretold. Jim was as dedicated to his mission of helping the terminally ill as he was to her, and Beth was alright with that, even if it meant he could be called away at a moment's notice. He closed his cell phone and glanced at Beth and his mother in turn. Lois spoke up first.

"You just do what you have to, okay?"

"I really apologize," Jim said. He looked at his watch. "I should be back before five."

"We're fine," Beth said.

"Good." Jim smiled, but something odd worried at his expression as he faced Beth. "I love you," he said to her, and gave her a quick kiss. Then, he hugged his mother and saw himself out the door.

Wanting to be helpful, Beth began gathering the dirty dishes in preparation for carrying them to the kitchen. Lois did the same, and the two women completed the task of clearing the table in silence. Beth had just returned to the dining room when a voice from behind her made her jump.

"So," Lois snapped, "you think you're worthy of marrying my son?" Her tone sent a chill through Beth like a sudden fall into an ice cold river.

Beth turned, slightly puzzled, and was unnerved at what she saw. Lois Carrington's face was that of a disapproving school teacher after being handed an obviously incorrect answer. It changed her entire appearance. Her permed strawberry blond hair now seemed like a rigid helmet instead of a stylish set of waves upon her head. Her posture, once well mannered and precise, now seemed strict and matronly as it filled out the white dress she wore. Although she stood an inch or two below Beth's height, the woman now appeared to loom like a hawk above its next prey.

Beth tried her best to be polite. "E- excuse me?"

"Don't act deaf," Lois shot back. "I've seen your kind before. Long hair, big boobs and a winning smile. My son is attracted to your type, but he needs more than that."

"What?" Beth's temper was beginning to flare. "What the hell is this all of a sudden?"

Lois stood with her arms folded and stared into Beth's eyes. "It means that I'm not convinced that Jim is making the right decision."

Beth's mind reeled. "Is it because I'm not a doctor like he is? Is it that we've only been dating for a few months?" she blurted. "I'm sorry, but I just don't understand this change in attitude."

"You have a problem with it?"

"Well, yes I do!"

Lois took a step forward. "And what are you going to do about it?"

Beth sized the other woman up. She wasn't threatening her, was she? Beth gulped, hoping to salvage the most of a situation that was spiraling out of control. "Nothing. I came here acting with respect towards you, and now you're treating me like something the cat dragged in." Beth raised herself up to full height and thrust her ample chest out confidently. "Jim and I love each other. We're going to get married this summer, whether you like it or not."

Lois studied her coolly. She uncrossed her arms and paused for a second. "Wrong answer," she said, and drove a hard fist deep into Beth's stomach.

The brunette doubled over, the wind knocked completely out of her, and fell to the floor. The punch had a lot of strength behind it, much more than Beth would have figured the older woman possessed. Her anger boiled. "That's it," Beth thought, "the gloves are off now." She sucked air feebly as she tried to diminish the pain raging in her gut. Lois stepped closer so that she towered above the fallen female.

"Didn't Jim tell you about the 'once over'? This is it, honey, and you're failing it miserably. There's no way that you'll be able to marry Jim if you collapse like a flimsy doll this quickly. It must be those stupid inflated boobs of yours. Full of air like your head- Ngh!" Beth interrupted Lois's last put down with a strong kick. It connected with the back of her knee, shooting it forward and sending the blond sprawling off balance to the hardwood floor.

The two prone women eyed each other warily for a moment. Lois removed her heels and leaned against a chair to help her stand. Beth did the same and the pair rose to their feet some distance apart. Adrenaline pumped through Beth's system as she studied her fiancé's mom for signs of another attack. She had been in fights against other women before, and had no qualms about getting physical if pushed came to shove. Still, getting into it with her fiancé's mom wasn't something she'd had planned for this afternoon.

"What the fuck is your problem?" the brunette said slowly.

Lois seemed to ignore her question. "Not bad. But tell me, is that all you got?"

Beth's temper exploded. "Oh, there's a hell of a lot more where that came from, bitch! You listen to me: I am through with your shit. If you think you're going to stop me from marrying Jim, you've got another thing coming. Do you understand me, Lois?"

The older woman's hand lashed quick as lightning and slapped Beth hard across the face before she could react.

"You will call me Mrs. Carrington. Do you understand me, you little slut?"

Beth spun her head back around, not bothering to fix the hair that had gotten knocked out of place. "I'll call you a stupid whore if I want to!" shouted Beth, and she lunged at the other woman. Her hands dug deep into Lois' hair. Lois retaliated by grabbing a hold of Beth's long hair and tugging painfully. The two women's bodies lurched together, and the dining room filled with the sound of unladylike grunts and groans. Their stocking feet slid about the polished floor as their battle raged back and forth. Beth poured her strength into wrenching her foe to one side, but Lois was stronger than she appeared. Teetering and swaying, the warring females fought face to face, chest to chest, and body to body.

Their hair had become disheveled, and their faces flush. Beth was fully into the fight. Nothing short of heavy machinery could have torn her away from showing this bitch a lesson she wouldn't soon forget. She yanked first to one side and then to the other, doing her best to match Lois' intensity, all the while trying to ignore the intense pain that the other woman seemed extremely capable of dishing out.

After yet another powerful punch thundered into her stomach, Beth closed the distance between her and Lois, seeking to deny her that target. She wrapped her arms fully around Lois and settled the two of them into a clinch. Resting their aching bodies against one another, they felt their chests rise and fall and heard the labored breathing that spoke of how intense the battle had been for each of them. Still full of fury, they planted their feet and began pushing and shoving. Locked together, they danced violently, jerking this way and that as they struggled for control.

"You don't care what Jim will think when I tell him how you've treated me, do you?" Beth spat, ramming her body once again into Lois'.

"Heh. Like you're going to tell him how badly I humiliated you."

"We'll see about that!"

Beth ramped up the pressure, twisting Lois to one side. The shorter woman countered by pulling her further in that direction, sending the brunette off balance. As she righted herself, Beth felt Lois charge, lifting her partially off her feet. She nailed Lois' back several times with a closed hand, but it had no effect. Beth's rear collided with the dining room table, and momentum tilted her upper body onto it. She fought to escape, but Lois had latched on too tightly to her arms. The blond was tough, Beth had to admit that, but if Lois didn't mind scuffing up the furniture, then neither did she.

Beth lifted her legs and wrapped them around Lois' waist as the other woman leaped onto the table, and onto her. Lois was driving Beth's arms further and further down towards a pin, but the brunette was having none of it. She squeezed with her legs and hauled her opponent off to one side, causing Lois to knock over the floral centerpiece. The two remained like that for nearly a minute, with Lois struggling and straining against Beth's tight scissor hold.

"Fuck you, you bitch," snarled Beth. "Give up."

"You're going to be the one giving up, you skank. You're no match for me."

"Wrong. I'm going to kick your ass so badly that you'll never think of causing me and Jim any problems in the future."

"Let's get on with it, then." At this, Lois released her hold on one of Beth's arms and jammed her free hand into Beth's upper leg. Her nails dug in painfully, eliciting a howl from the brunette. Involuntarily, Beth's legs eased their constriction around her foe, and Lois took the opportunity to squirm out from their python-like grip.

Immediately, the women launched themselves at each other, scratching and grappling like wild cats. Their dresses tore and their skin screamed in agony at the vicious attacks. As the two wrestled on the large table, they gradually worked their way from one end to the other. Over and over they rolled in slow motion, each gaining the upper hand only to be toppled several moments later. They continued their ripping and shredding brawl all the way across the length of the dining room until they found themselves at the edge of the table. A nasty, slapping skirmish erupted, with each attempting to send the other tumbling off. They both fell as one, landing on their feet. Lois had a torn section of Beth's dress in her hand, which was still loosely connected to rest of it, and Beth held a similar piece of fabric from Lois' dress.

Panting hard, the two females studied each other. Though both had lost some of their clothing, neither had lost any resolve. Bright red scratches streaked their exposed flesh, and the heat of their close combat showed in their faces and mussed hair.

"Still think you can beat me?" Lois asked.

Beth wasn't having any of her taunting. "I know I can."

"Show me what you got, then."

With a yell to frighten the dead, Beth ran straight at her blond tormentor. The force of the impact sent both staggering into the living room, where they spun around, each trying to get a tight hold of the other. Lois finally knocked Beth's right arm out of the way, and secured a headlock with her own left arm. The brunette groaned, and fought back, yanking a good handful of hair. The pair stomped about the rug for a minute, throwing their weight back and forth in a contest for control. Beth's grip on Lois' short blond locks strengthened, causing the older woman to moan in agony and tilt her head back to ease the pain. Beth tried to stand up, but Lois wrangled her to one side. Beth's stocking feet slipped on the carpet, and Lois' weight above her sent her sprawling.

Lois was unprepared for the sudden shift, and her stranglehold on Beth's neck loosened. It didn't release, however, and she kept it up as best she could once her body landed beside the brunette's. Beth fired fist after fist into Lois' thighs and ribs, and when that seemed futile, she took to clawing at what remained of the blonde's dress. A couple minutes passed. Beth was unable to free herself, but Lois didn't have a strong enough choke to make her submit. Perspiration was beginning to build up on the bodies of the two warring hellcats. Groaning and gasping, the pair fought to break the stalemate with everything they had. They wrestled about the open room, bumping into the sofa and the coffee table. Their muscles ached and their lungs burned, but still they kept at it, writhing in a mass of female fury.

With a great wrench, Beth pulled her head out of Lois' sweaty arms. She rained a torrent of slaps upon her hated foe, connecting with several hits on her face and shoulders. Lois retaliated by kneeing the brunette in the crotch. Beth grunted fell off of her. The pause was short-lived, however. Both women got up on their knees and attacked as quickly as they could. Their bra-covered chests collided, forcing moans from their mouths. Their bodies swayed like trees in a strong March wind as they slugged each other mercilessly and then toppled together onto the floor.

They entwined their legs together and threw their hands around each other in a fierce embrace. Rocking back and forth and letting out tortured groans, they squeezed and crushed one another for some time. Locked body to body, they rolled and tumbled on the soft carpet. Hands groped and tugged at what remained of their clothing. Arms and legs lashed against each other like strong vines.

After several minutes of heated fighting, Beth managed to work her way atop Lois and pin her face down. The blond struggled mightily, but to no avail. The older woman relaxed, and then bucked suddenly in an attempt to throw Beth off. Beth nearly lost her balance, but kept it and sat down on her foe hard in retaliation.

"Owww," Lois whined in pain, "My arm!"

Beth eased up a bit, worried that she'd gone too far. Bruises and scratches she could explain, but breaking her fiancé's mother's arm wasn't something she wanted to have to face Jim with. She leaned down to ask if Lois had had enough, but got an elbow in the face before the first word was out of her mouth. Beth howled, and Lois pushed her off onto the floor.

"Humph," Lois snorted, rising into a sitting position. "You're too soft."

Beth hadn't finished massaging the pain out of her injured nose when she felt Lois pull her onto the blonde's outstretched legs and trap her there. With one hand, Jim's mother held Beth's head down by her hair. With the other, she commenced spanking the brunette again and again through her lace panties. Beth yelped as Lois heaped serving after serving of stinging slaps to her behind.

"That's it, you little tramp. You know you're beaten now. All you have to do is give up, and I'll stop. Do you still want to marry Jim, knowing that you'll have to deal with me?" Beth cried out in agony. "What was that?" Lois teased. "I couldn't quite get that."

Beth growled like a wounded, but still fearsome animal. "Stuff it!" she screamed, and reached up with her left hand and sunk her nails into Lois' left tit. Lois grunted, and increased her force of her blows. Soon, though, the assault on her sensitive bosom was too much to bear. She shoved Beth away and kicked her for good measure. Beth's hand remained latched onto Lois' bra for a brief second longer, and the blonde's breast popped free as its covering was yanked downward.

Both women lay still for a moment. Low moans rumbled in their throats as they tried to catch their breaths. Beth's ample chest heaved up and down and her body was beginning to complain of exhaustion. She searched Lois' features for a sign of weakness. Although she found none, it was obvious that she had put the blond through quite a workout. She wanted more than ever to defeat the woman in front of her. She knew that if she didn't, she'd have to live with the bitch whispering comments to Jim that she wasn't up to snuff for the rest of their marriage.

"Not afraid of attacking another woman's boobs, eh?" Lois remarked snidely. "Question is, can you take it yourself?"

Beth sat up with her legs underneath her, thrust out her chest, and tossed her long brown hair defiantly. "I can take anything you can hand out. I'm not some cream puff who backs down when the fighting gets dirty."

"Okay, then. If you're so proud of those boobs of yours, we'll see how well they stand up against mine." At that, Lois unhooked her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders. Undeterred, and eager to finish things, Beth did the same.

"You have no idea what you're getting yourself into," Beth snarled. She removed her bra and shook her upper body confidently. Her large, C cup breasts wobbled freely for a second before coming to rest. Twin pink nipples tipped each supple orb. She looked at Lois, and was slightly surprised at what she saw. Although Lois was nearly twenty years older than Beth, the blonde's tits were firm and jutted out with minimal sag from her chest. Some surgeon had done work on her, Beth mused. Quite impressive work, too.

Lois sneered. "You're sorely mistaken if you think that those oversized tits are a match for mine. They're far too sensitive to withstand what I've got planned for them."

"Oh, they're more than a match, bitch. You should be worrying about yourself."

"You really think so, you common skank?"

"I fucking know so, you dumb cunt."

Lois smirked. "You'll regret those words."

"Make me."

As if on a signal, the two women resumed their battle. Their hands slammed together and their fingers interlocked. Their arms danced chaotically in the air as they struggled to push each other backward. Grimaces bunched up their faces, exposing how much effort they were pouring into the fight. With a groan, Beth leaned forward, hoping to overwhelm her opponent. Lois stood her ground, and the two female's arms darted out to either side of their bodies. With nothing holding them back, their busts slammed into each other. Beth tried to contain her reaction to the impact, but the intimate touch of her feminine flesh against another woman's made her let out a sigh. Lois groaned, and pushed the brunette back with a strong thrust of her torso. The two glared at each other, taking in the effect of the initial contact between their breasts. Lois felt her nipples harden and rise from her brown areoles, and noticed Beth's do the same.

Without the slightest pause, Lois swung her tits against Beth's. The pairs of orbs collided with an audible slap. Beth exhaled an involuntary "unh", and, furious that Lois showed no sign of being affected, countered with her own attack. The two women's breasts smacked hard and this time, both let out moans.

"Fuck you," spat Lois, her face barely an inch from Beth's.

"Too much for you?"

"In your dreams."

"We'll see about that."

The battling women stood there on their knees face to face, thigh to thigh, and chest to chest, ramming their tits again and again. Faster and faster, and harder and harder the sensual contest spiraled with neither one backing down. Fervent moaning alternated with loud panting in the otherwise quiet living room as the two pairs of breasts slapped and slid. All the while, their owners fought to stifle the pain and erotic sensations arcing through their half naked bodies.

Minutes passed, and the end seemed no nearer than when the titfight began. Nipples stabbed and rubbed roughly against bare flesh. Supple skin smacked and pounded. On and on they went, never lessening the venomous assault upon the other's breasts. Panting gave way to gasping, and constant swinging back and forth evolved into head-on smashing, punctuated occasionally by powerful grinding. Beth's boobs ached, and she felt the urge to stop, but pressed on, eventually detaching her fingers from Lois' and embracing the woman with her arms. Lois did the same, and their grinding war increased in intensity with the addition of a constant, agonizing bear hug.

They stayed like that for almost a minute, but Lois lurched to the side and drove the pair down onto the carpet once again. Instantly, their legs snaked together and the nearly nude women fought body to body, each trying to roll the other beneath her. Higher and higher their battle raged, and louder and louder grew their groans. Suddenly, Beth felt a pain in her groin. Lois had grabbed hold of the back of the brunette's panties and yanked them up into her crotch. Unable to take the terrible agony, Beth thrashed wildly. Lois kept it up, however, and soon Beth began to despair. "It's too much," her brain told her. "No," she answered back, "I can't lose!"

With a final yell, Beth reared back and butted her forehead straight into Lois'. The women's heads met with a hideous crack, and stars filled their visions. Beside themselves with pain, they separated and nursed their injured temples.


The grandfather clock in the hall tick tocked, but Beth could not say for how long it did. Lois was sitting, leaning against the sofa, and Beth sat across the room from her next to a stuffed chair. Neither had spoken a word, but Beth sensed that the two of them had reached some new plateau. Her body wanted rest desperately, but she couldn't relax until she knew what Lois was planning. Where their conflict could go from here was outside her powers of imagination. Nobody had ever challenged Beth so well in a fight before. Her heart pounded in fear that Lois was just saving up strength to attack again. She wasn't sure she could take much more stress upon her body. She held her breath as Lois shifted, and then spoke.

"So, still think you're good enough to marry Jim?"

Beth exhaled. "You bet I do." She was to tired to add any additional catty remark.

"You think you can handle me as your mother in law?"

Lois' eyes examined Beth carefully as the brunette responded.

"Any time you want to continue this is fine with me." Beth's muscles tensed, crying out as they did so.

Lois paused, and then smiled.

Beth sat stunned. As if the wind had brushed aside an evil cloud to uncover the sun, the Lois that Beth had first met at lunchtime returned. Her eyes twinkled sweetly without a hint of malice.

"Then I give you my blessing. I would be happy to see Jim marry such a tough, strong woman as you, Beth Adams."

"Are you... you don't hate me?" Beth stammered.

"No, dear. Not at all. You may not understand it now, but I had both your and Jim's best interests in mind in putting you through this. I sincerely hope you don't harbor any permanent ill will. Not only did you last much, much longer than any other girlfriend Jim's introduced me to, but you never gave in. You have all the fire and spirit that it'll take to make an excellent wife for my son. Congratulations, honey, you passed with flying colors."

Lois stood up, and her legs wobbled as she did so. "Damn, but you gave me a good run for my money." She looked at Beth with honest admiration, and chuckled. Beth found the laughter infectious, and soon joined in. She realized that their relationship had indeed reached a new level, one of mutual respect forged as only two fierce competitors can by pushing each other to the limit.

"Oh, God," Beth sighed when the humor died out. She shook her head. "Mrs. Carrington, what on earth are we going to tell Jim about what we did this afternoon?"

The older woman gave her a knowing smile, and leaned over like a high school gossip. In a voice just above a whisper, she confided, "Tell him every detail. He likes this kind of stuff." Surprise and intrigue widened the seated brunette's eyes.

"Oh, and Beth," Jim's mother added, "you can call me Lois." She reached out her hand, and helped her future daughter in law to her feet. Beth's heart pounded with happiness.

"Now, there are some conditions that I must insist on..." Lois began.

To be continued