by Kingofdapirates1

The party was pumping and the alcohol was pouring. The house party had started out small but now more than 200 filled the halls and rooms dancing, making out, and just trying to have a really good time. The room was filled with some hot men and women, but there was one blonde that stood out from the rest. Olivia was a 19 year old sophomore attending Zaire City College.

She was had come to this Sorority party with a date and was getting annoyed as she moved through the house unable to locate him. She had no interest of joining a sorority thinking most of them were dumb stupid sluts but she did admit they knew how to throw good parties. Every hall she walked down people would stop to give a second glance at the girl. She was hot and she wanted people to know it. Her well fit 5’10 frame gave her a looks that killed. She had huge tits that bulged from her chest that somehow stood nicely on her chest, her red tank top showing off a nice deep cleavage line. Her legs were long and very tan from her time sunbathing, and that led to a hot strong ass that was barley contained by the blue skinny jeans she had chosen for the night. Her flip flops felt nice on her feet from the heat of the house and the outside. Her long dirty blonde hair went pass her shoulders and down her back swaying as she searched the house. Her bright green eye’s scanning the rooms.

‘Where the fuck did he go?’ she pondered ignoring glances and having to push back some people who moved on to her. She had gotten a date for this house thing as she needed a guy to get in and she was interested in a good lay afterward. Her friends had told her that this guy Blake could go for a long time and was a really good lay. She had been on the hunt for some nice action for a while as she had been trying to find someone out there who could give her a real ride; something nobody had accomplished as of now. She was vixen and loved getting freaky in bed. She loved cum on her body from the men she took and after a small break in sex she was ready to get back on the dick. She finally made her way into the kitchen that was packed with people. She wasn’t worried about the dumb guy finding someone else. The minute she had offered to take him he had accepted looking at her body. When it came to wanting attention Olivia did not have to work hard. But something caught her gaze and made her stop smiling.

She saw her date with his back on the fridge caught between the arms of another chick. Olivia did not like that at all. She wasn’t fond of many other girls in general and especially one’s that seemed willing to move in on what was her prey. She began to move toward the pair still only about to see him and the other girl’s arms as the crowed kept their bodies unseen. Olivia pushed the last few out of the way and came about 3 feet behind the girl, Blake hadn’t even noticed. The girl had her arms on each side of him and was leaning forward obviously getting the guy to look down her shirt. Olivia noticed the similar long dirty blonde hair that draped down her back and even had to stop to start at the ass that was now in front of her. She instantly began to compare it to her own as she hadn’t seen such a close match in what seemed like forever.

‘Fuck her body looks like mine’ was her thought. The girl was wearing flats but that did not stop her legs from looking like long firm poles. Olivia couldn’t see the other girls face but could tell the other blonde had begun to get closer to the man clearly showing she was going to take him tonight. Olivia decided to make her presence known.

“Hey Blake you ready to get going? I’m getting bored of this.” Blake’s head shot up away from the other girl.

“Woh hey Olivia uhh, yeah” His erection was not something he wanted to show off so he remained covered by the girl but at the sound of Olivia’s voice the other blonde had turned around. Light blue eyes met light green eyes as the girls eye’s locked. They did a look down each other’s bodies and it was apparent to Olivia that this girl had a perfect body just like hers. The two blondes had their hair similar and their skin tan was the same. Their bodies could have been placed in a mirror and mistaken for the other. Their faces had a few differences making them not appear like twins, mainly their eyes but they both spotted a hot pair of pink full lips. Olivia noticed that the girl was wearing a white loose t-shirt that hung off one of her shoulders.

“Who is this girl Blake? I thought you said you came here alone.” The girl asked her eye’s not leaving Olivia.

“This is Olivia, Lucy. Uhh, I forgot I came here with her”. Olivia’s eye’s narrowed at this as Lucy gave a small smile about what Blake had said.

“Well I am here to remind you” Olivia quickly responded as she pushed pass the other blonde. “You already promised me a good time tonight”, Olivia hand took Blake’s arm and she began to drag him away from the other girl when Lucy recovered from the light push and jumped right in front of them.

“Hold one second girl. He may have said that to you earlier tonight but you lost your chance. He now has plans tonight with me so he’s not going anywhere.” Lucy had taken a straight up stance her arms folded underneath her huge tits.

Olivia started back hard. “Like I just said, he is coming with me for a better time than you could give him” She said again trying to move around Lucy.

Lucy didn’t budge. “I highly doubt that.” Was her only response as the blondes faced off both after the same prize of a cum filled and orgasm driven night. “Uhh ladies I think you both could be great” was Blake’s only input sounding quite dumb. He had no idea what he had started but his mind was having vivid fantasies of getting both blondes tonight at some point.

Olivia turned around and gave him a big smile. “Come with me babe I will take you back to my place and give you a wild ride”. Blake simply nodded and began to move forward when Lucy spoke up.

“Or baby you could stay here with me and I will show you the best fuck of your life.” Blake stopped looked at Lucy nodded and began to move toward her.

Olivia growled “Anywhere he goes I am going!” She demanded firmly putting Lucy into a difficult position. She had no idea who this Olivia chick was but she was really getting in her way.

“Come here Blake” Lucy purred “I will show you my bedroom up stairs. Leave the slut behind”.

Olivia gaped for a second that the bitch was going to take this little argument to the next level. “Fuck you slut I told you I am taking him tonight, you can have my sloppy seconds!”.

Now Lucy looked angry. “Fine bitch have it your way, lets go up to my room with Blake and I will show you how I can satisfy him better!” The challenge was now in the open. Olivia knew there was no backing down now

“I am not good with sharing whore” Olivia breathed at Lucy with a lot of threat.

“Neither am I”, Lucy responded with an equal amount of anger.

Olivia nodded to her accepting the challenge “Lead the way.” With that both blondes gripped an arm of Blake who had a huge grin on his face as Lucy led them up the stairs and down a long hall. Her name was on the farthest and biggest door. Olivia realized she had picked a fight with someone who had a lot of power and was in the sorority of the house. But that didn’t stop her from entering as Lucy unlocked the door and allowed Black and Olivia to go in followed by her. Both girls wanting to prove and win the fuck they both desperately wanted. Little did the girls know, but Blake would not be the only person they would fuck that night. Their pussies dripping, their tits sweaty, and their mouths wet; these girls would get more than they bargained for with each other.

The house was still loud with noise as the party raged, but on the second floor in the president suite two women had begun a competition for a fuck. Lucy and Olivia had sat Blake down on the king sized bed in the middle of room and now both wondered what was next. Olivia scanned the room noticing only a bed, desk, and closet. She looked at the posters on the walls noticing some of her favorite bands, and on the desk some of her style of makeup. ‘This is starting to get weird’ she thought but pushed it out of her head as she remembered why she was here.

Lucy spoke up first while pointing to her desk chair behind her. “You can sit there while I go first”.

Olivia shook her head. “I don’t think so bitch you can wait till I am done then you can hop on. But I plan to go for a while so get comfortable”. She turned to Blake. “Want me to lose a bit of clothing for you baby”? She seductively purred as she gripped the bottom of her shirt and made a little motion that she was going to remove it.

Lucy was having none of it. She jumped right in front of Olivia blocking her from Blake’s view. “Hey boy come play with me, take off what you want” Blake smile and reached for her when Lucy was roughly pushed from behind.

“Get out of my way!” Olivia growled.

Lucy turned around to face her. “I am tired of you butting into my business you shank.” Olivia moved right into Lucy who stood her ground. Their tits crushed covered by their tops and bras. Their foreheads met and an intense standoff occurred as the girls waited for a full on fight to start. They could both feel the heavy breasts of the other push into them. They each were a nice full D-cup that made men swoon, their toned tummies touched as well.

“Make a move bitch.” Lucy whispered her breath hitting Olivia’s pink lips. “We could settle this tooth and claw.” She continued giving a little extra force to her head that Olivia returned.

“Let’s go then” Olivia whispered back as she unsheathed her claws ready to tear into her rival.

Blake’s voice snapped them out “Girls hold on. Let’s talk this out.” He had seen the stance and though he would definitely enjoy a good catfight, he was worried that they might go a little too intense and cause a scene. “So we need to decide who goes first? How about I decide? You two have a little strip off and I will choose who is sexier at losing her clothes. Winner goes first, loser has to wait.” He finished his statement looking at both girls.

Olivia and Lucy had not broken their standoff but turned their heads to listen and respond.

“Sounds like a great idea babe” Olivia said as she smiled pulling back her tits and separating the girls.

“Yeah I would love to strip for you”. Lucy responded as she too smiled for a second but another frown came quickly. “But who goes first for that?” Blake smiled “You both go at the same time. Obviously the one who gets my attention more will probably win. As for rules of this little strip off: #1 as much as I hate to say it no touching me. That is for the winner. #2 No touching each other; keep it clean girls. #3 After 5 minutes you have to stop so hopefully you can get off what you need off by then. Sound good?”.

Lucy stared hard at the two people in her room. She wasn’t fond of having some boy think he was so high and mighty having the two girls go for him but this was slowly becoming less about getting a fuck and more about just beating the bitchy other blonde. Olivia was having similar thoughts.

“Fine!” They said simultaneously giving each other another hard stare. Blake brought out a small iPod and picked a sexy song while starting a timer. “Alright girls time starts….now let’s see what you got.”

Instantly the girls found the beat and began to dance. They shook their hot bubble asses in jeans and swayed their giant tits back and forth. Their dirty blonde hair danced behind them. They moved like two strippers each to the music rubbing their own bodies and Blake couldn’t help but wish the girls had a pole to share. Olivia’s green eyes pierced Lucy’s blue as both girls removed their tops facing each other and showing their huge boobs covered by their skanky bras. Olivia’s was a bright pink that made her look nice and girly but still emphases her assets. Lucy’s was white a bit more exotic that made them pop out just as much. The girls then without stopping removed their bras in a fluid motion both wanting this game over and the fuck to begin. Blake watched intently as they squeezed their boobs at him. He moaned at the sight. He couldn’t tell who’s were nicer and the girls seemed to get annoyed that they couldn’t win his attention from the other. The girls then faced each other and their hot pink nipples came into view. The girl’s giant breasts were nearly identical in size and firmness.

They began to taunt each other while still dancing. “Nice fake tits whore. Daddy buy them for you?” Olivia snarled annoyed that the other blonde huge boobs matched her at least by sight.

“They are all real. Unlike your fake bags of shit” Lucy commented back. The stripping stopped suddenly as Olivia got right back into the face of Lucy. This time no clothes stopped their tits from meeting directly head to head as their nipples push into each other. Their hot tanned skin met on their stomachs, there lower bodies still hidden by the jeans.

“Careful bitch or I will smother you with my babies” Olivia growled their lips less than 3 centimeters away.

“My own girls would break yours”. Lucy growled back moving forward more so the lips were as close as they could be without touching. Their sexual rivalry undertone was beginning to come forward as the girls began to understand that both of them wanted to beat each other as much or maybe even more than get the fuck from the guy.

Blake attempted to intervene between the girls “Hey girls we said no touching.” But Lucy and Olivia were no longer listening. They did however remember what they were doing and unzipped their pants wiggling out of them out of them, but keeping their upper bodies locked. Their nipples ground into each other as their tits jiggled from the movements. . Their hot asses came into display wearing two sexy thongs. Olivia’s was a small pink string thong that had matched her bra. With a little flower on the back end were the strings connected. It covered a bit of the top of her buns but ended much higher and sunk into her crack. The front was low and small but hid her pussy. Lucy’s was red contrasting her white bra. It had a similar design to Olivia’s but had no flower. The front looked silky and gave a small initiation to her pussy much like Olivia’s. They now stood naked but their thongs their boobs still mushroomed together.

Suddenly Olivia turned and gave a straight leg lean over to give Blake the best view yet. Lucy not to be out done duplicated the move and from the angle of Blake the two girls looked like copies except from their different colored thongs. Their long legs and asses looked perfect and he was speechless. He was now hard and poking through his pants as the music stopped and the girls turned around now waiting for the decision. They stood dangerously close to one another. Lucy couldn’t help but glance at Olivia’s ass and tits. ‘Holy fuck we could be twins.’ The thought angered her but also made her curious. She wondered what this girl could do in bed, especially if her sexual hunger was insatiable like herself.

Blake was speechless. His eye’s darted back from the equal D-cups, he was sad he did not get to see the tight pussies that had not yet been revealed. He wanted to see the asses again but it seemed the girls were ready for an answer. “It is a tie” He finally said after about 30 seconds.

“WHAT!” The girls yelled. Their pussies were starting to get wet and they wanted to start fucking. “Your bodies are fucking equal and your moves both got me hard. And you both broke the rules getting into each other’s faces so I guess you both lose. This means we go to a tie breaker.” The girls stared mean but curious.

“How good do you think you are at giving BJs?” He asked with a big grin.

Lucy piped up first “I know I am amazing. I can take all of you in my mouth and hum you off nice and good”.

Olivia sneered “I bet I am better taking all of you in and swallowing your load”. The girls turned to face each other again. “FUCK YOU SLUT. I bet I can work my lips and tongue way better than yours”.

“NOT IN YOUR DREAMS WHORE”. My mouth can do anything you can do and more.” Blake smiled realizing how easy it was to get the girls riled up. ‘I can get them to do anything as long as they compete. This is going to get interesting’. He stood up and motioned to the girls. ‘Come on girls’ winner gets the first and best load.”

The girls separated and moved to him dropping to their knees less than a foot apart. Blake dropped his pants revealing the nice cock. The girls smiled up at him.

“Shoot your load right on me Blake” Lucy begged, she grinned as she and Olivia took one hand each on his cock. Olivia said nothing but began to lick and tease the flesh keeping her green eyes on Blake. Lucy followed and girls each worked their side of the cock trying to keep away from the spit covered side of the other. For over a minute each girl would wait for the other to finish before going back to her side to give hard licks. It was an awkward blowjob and one Olivia realized would go nowhere. She finally swallowed her pride and decided to use her whole mouth on the dick tasting herself and Lucy’s spit. She took a good amount in and slowly while sucking pulled her mouth off with a small pop. Blake groaned. Lucy watched annoyed knowing that she would have to start making some boulder moves. She also descended on the cock and gave it a hard complete suck. When she finished she saw Olivia go in for another suck when she descended as well. She began to lick as much as she could to stop Olivia from going very deep with it. Olivia gave her a harsh look as now all bets were off and tongues began a war on Blake’s dick.

They began to speed up as each girl would try to clean the spit left by her enemy. They used their tongues to push each other off for seconds trying to keep control of the manhood. Lucy moved to the head and began to work it hard as Olivia matched her yet again. They kissed the top of the head hard and Blake seeing his chance moved his dick away quickly causing the blonde’s lips to meet. The kiss lasted for barely a second and the girls broke it angrier than ever.

“Keep your filthy mouth away from me skank.”

Olivia whispered under her breath. “You kissed me you fucking cunt.” Lucy whispered back before they went back to sucking the dick annoyed with each other and Blake. Blake had begun to squirm from the intense pleasure he was receiving as the girls started rubbing and licking harder and harder. He looked down to make eye contact with both Lucy’s blue eyes and Olivia’s green. He also saw their huge tits hanging off them and watching some spit get on them. Their asses were a bit harder to see but he could imagine how they looked in the thongs. The girls knew that the end could be soon and stepped up their attacks to claim the cum as their prize. They had started shoving each other and both girls had placed one hand in each other’s dirty long blonde hair to control their rivals timing. Lucy groaned as she felt some pre cum escaping. She swung her body and tits into Olivia causing the other girl to fall and scream. She immediately capitalized and got her tits around Blake’s wet dick and began to titfuck him. Blake groaned louder than ever.

“Cum baby right now!” Lucy demanded but was cut off as Olivia came back slamming her own tits right into the mix. A small titfight began as each girl tried to control the battle. Blake’s dick was caught between the breasts from Lucy’s left tit and Olivia’s right. The hot mountains of tits were too much for Blake who began to cum. “O SHIT!” he groaned. The girls broke off their fight and descended on the head determined to get the cum in and on herself. But with both girls holding the hair of the other neither girl was able to get her mouth around the dick and the explosion sent cum mostly on their tits. Lucy moaned deeply happy as she felt she had gotten the most cum and did a better job. Olivia gave hot pants as they tag teamed cleaning up his dick both thinking they had won. When the process was over the now cum covered tits, thong wearing women stood up and gave each other a hard look completely ignoring Blake.

“Man girl you give some pretty pathetic BJs, you are lucky I was here to pick up your slack”, Olivia taunted shaking her huge cum covered tits at Lucy.

Lucy laughed “Bitch you and I both know I had gotten him all the way up. You should be grateful you got to see a real woman do a BJ.” Olivia looked pissed and for the third time the girls got into each other’s faces. Their cum and spit covered tits met as they pressed into each other.

“I am more of a woman then you will ever be dicksucker!” Olivia had pushed in so hard their pink lips had touched and spit swapped leaving strands between their mouths.

“NO fucking way you fucking slutty whore”. Lucy pushed harder as well as their words made their lips roughly brush. Lucy grasped Olivia’s hot toned ass to pull her closer. Olivia returned the favor; her green eye’s not leaving Lucy’s blue. They felt and kneaded the toned muscle. “Weak ass”, “Pussy butt”, was some of the taunts they exchanged. Their thong covered pussies met and gave a hard rub each girl feeling the heat form the other. “Let’s ask who is better” Olivia put out as she remembered Blake was still on the bed.

They turned “WHICH OF US W….WHAT THE FUCK”. Blake had passed out after his orgasm and was asleep on the bed. After a moment of confusion from both women their eye’s met again and anger towards him was transferred to the other blonde. Their frustration with each other had reached a breaking point.

“LOOK WHAT YOU FUCKING DID!!!” Lucy screamed her body screaming that she would not receive her fuck.

“THAT WAS YOU SLUT! IF YOU HAD JUST BACKED OFF NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!” Olivia screamed right back. Thankfully the music of the party drowned out their voices so even there screams didn’t reach the lower floors. They pushed each other away and began to circle each other.

“I think we both know what is about to go down, he will wake up soon and only one of us is going to be here ready to satisfy him.” Lucy growled her body getting tense for the upcoming real showdown.

“You are right bitch; this is how we should have settled this from the beginning.” Olivia had stopped to stretch. The girls prepared for their upcoming fight dressed only in their tiny thongs, both a bit unsure how this was going to end, but they knew this was the only way they could settle it. For Olivia; the bitch Lucy had moved in on something that was rightfully hers that she had brought. For Lucy; the whore Olivia had lost her right and the fuck had been fair game in which she had gotten first. They didn’t understand how they had let this battle get so out of hand that they were about to wrestle in the near nude to determine who was better. Lucy began to reach for her clothes when Olivia said

“Stop. We are settling this like we are right now so I can throw your thong covered ass out of your own room.” Lucy did stop and slowly moved back.

“Fine by me. If you want the embarrassment of getting your ass kicked and running home in your thong; I will be happy to do that to you.” It did not sound good to either girl to have to put their reputation on the line but the stakes were going to keep getting raised. Lucy continued though not wanting to seem like a pussy for trying to get her clothes.

“How about the loser cut’s her hair, I don’t like the idea of another Blondie walking around looking like me.” Olivia looked shocked for a second, she loved her hair and did not want to lose it but she would not back down now.

“Fine” she finally admitted knowing now that Lucy had seen the similarities to their bodies as much as her.

“How do we know who wins?” Lucy asked moving closer to Olivia. Their huge tits closer to smashing into their matching rivals. Their toned hot asses ready to be slapped and clawed.

“Pin?” Olivia responded well aware that Lucy was moving closer she held her ground.

“Too easy” Lucy responded still slowly taking each step her dirty blonde hair behind her. Olivia’s eye’s narrowed watching her predator move towards her, her muscles getting tense

“How about complete surrender?” Olivia put out; a true test to the will of each woman for who wanted it more.

“Perfect” Lucy responded less than two feet away she stopped so their bodies could feel the heat coming off the other girl. Olivia looked up and down the other blonde with her green eyes and she couldn’t help but wonder how in the world their bodies could be so similar. It was like fate she would find a perfect rival, who would fight her at college, but this girl was too close to her in the physical department and she couldn’t stand it. But she could put this whole thing behind herself if she could kick Lucy’s ass, take a fuck, and walk out victories. But that all hung on the balance that she could break this blonde copy-cat. The talking had stopped for now as the girls bodies were ready to go. The women were ready to put everything on the line against their eager foe. But both had small secret that their minds couldn’t ignore. During the short threesome the girls had each developed a big wet spot in their thongs. Lucy’s red thong hid it a bit better than Olivia’s pink but neither girl would admit that it wasn’t Blake who had gotten them wet. It was the fight; the undertone sexual struggle between the blondes that had gotten them to this point. An undertone that would slowly begin to control their fight as the next part of the battle began.


The music was blasting as the party had reached another level of crazy. People were losing clothes as promises of sex began to appear. But for two people the beat of the music was not used for dancing, instead they used it as a time to scream in pain as they attempted to beat the shit out of each other.

Lucy and Olivia had begun a near nude boxing match in Lucy’s room; the two hot blondes had pushed each other to the limit and now had their hands full of each other. Their hot near nude bodies in a sexy battle as they swung punch after punch nailing each other in the gut and breasts. There was no talk or taunting now, all that came was the grunts and groans of pain as hits connected and curses when they missed.

They had been evenly trading blows until Lucy got several good hits on Olivia’s stomach and the pain was taking its toll on her. She was still returning hits and got a few good shots but she was forced to back off as Lucy advanced again. Their heavy breath caused their nice tits to rise and fall as Lucy approached the still heavily breathing Olivia. Olivia swung her long leg out trying to hit Lucy’s knee but the blue eyed girl dodged it by jumping to the right and swung a hard punch into Olivia’s left tit.

“UGGGHHH” Olivia groaned falling back till her back hit the wall on the right side of the room. She looked up to see Lucy begin to come at her once again in a boxing stance. Olivia swung a quick hook right up, once again dodged by Lucy by her quick sidestep and another punch into Olivia’s left tit. “FUCKK!!”’ Olivia screamed as she began to slump on the wall. Lucy gripped Olivia’s hair and made her look up before slapping her right on the cheek. Olivia fell to her side stunned as Lucy backed off admiring her work. She felt enraged, powerful and every time she hit Olivia it made her feel alive even though she knew that sounded somewhat crazy.

Olivia rose to her feet tenderly rubbing her boobs watching Lucy carefully. She knew she had been to careless and had to be quicker and smarter to stop the chick. Lucy began to move forward for another power punch when Olivia kicked again but this time instead of swinging her leg she sent it straight at Lucy who could not jump back far enough. The foot connected with Lucy’s tummy and she fell back to a knee groaning. Olivia advanced swing a punch down knocking Lucy hard to the ground. Olivia looked to jump on top of her but had to retreat to rest her tired body needing more time to regroup.

Lucy slowly rose to her feet. “Have some fight in you I see” Lucy commented.

“Yeah looks like both of us can give and take pretty well” Olivia responded a bit confused they would complement each other at this moment but thought it was all a trick to let themselves rest and maybe a way to get one of them to lower her guard. Suddenly Lucy rushed but Olivia was ready and as their bodies smashed into each other the only thing they could grab was the long dirty blonde hair of each other. The girls had gripped each other’s hair and begun a tense tug of war around the room. Their bodies away from each other but their skulls bumping as they gripped the straight hair, their bodies still only covered in their tiny fuckable thongs that were becoming drenched in sweat. Lucy groaned as her body gave a push and she succeeded in pushing back Olivia slamming her back and ass into the door of the room.

“SHIT” Olivia howled as she her now straight body met Lucy’s’. Lucy brought up her bare tits to pin the girl back but Olivia succeeded in rolling their bodies slamming Lucy right where she had been pinned a second earlier. She smashed her tits right into Lucy’s pair flattening both their tits. They groaned in unison from the pressure as they paused a bit catching their breath.

“Your nipples are hard bitch, what’s the matter haven’t had them touched by anyone in a while?” Olivia sneered.

“Fuck you cunt yours are hard as well, mine just get hard knowing they are breaking your fake bags”, Lucy snarled right back into the face of Olivia. They pushed their heads together snarling into each other’s mouths. Suddenly Lucy gave a hard shove with her tits throwing Olivia back losing her balance. She tried to regain her footing but Lucy jumped on her bringing the nearly nude woman to the ground. Lucy had the top for a bit punching Olivia’s tits and slapping her pretty face. Olivia screamed out and rolled their bodies returning the favor giving Lucy a hard slap that left the blue eyed girl stunned. Olivia had a moment as she looked into the mirror on the closet wall, she realized that she could not tell where her body ended and Lucy’s began and that gave her a sick thrill like she was fighting a cheap clone.

Lucy rolled their bodies again getting in a few more slaps as Olivia clawed her toned back. They rolled around the room hitting the walls, bed where the asleep Blake lay, and desk. Their pink and red thongs covering their asses and pussies sticking out behind them showing their toned but nice bubble butts. The room of the fight was beginning to get hot as more sweat broke on the woman’s bodies. Olivia got her feet up onto the shoulders of Lucy and with a powerful double kick knocked the other girl away. Instead of jumping right into each other again they simply glared trying to judge and look for potential weakness in their enemy’s defense.

“You could just give up and nothing else has to happen” Lucy panted watching Olivia rub her own tits gently. She had a small voice in the back of her head wondering if her boobs were bigger and stronger than this other blonde’s formidable rack. She wanted to find some difference between their bodies and she was willing to do whatever it took. Olivia had been focused on her own body to really worry about much else. She was sore no doubt and really didn’t want to get back into another fist fight with this other girl. It could turn brutal and that was something she was willing to do but not going to actively pursue. Never the less Olivia finished her rubbing and began to walk towards Lucy. Not to be outdone Lucy walked up right as well, they stopped with their tits only an inch apart.

“Cheap copy” Lucy breathed staring into Olivia’s green eyes.

“Fake look-alike.” Olivia growled back locked into Lucy’s blue. Lucy glanced down and back up gave a smile to Olivia.

“At least my tits look way better than yours.” Lucy commented smiling as Olivia’s eyes widened with shock at the insult.

“Your tits are nothing on mine. My babies are better than yours along with everything else I have.” Olivia couldn’t stop the malice and pride from her voice defending her body. Olivia pushed her tits into Lucy’s pair, they felt their nipples go directly into the other and their areola rub. Olivia had intended to break the push off quickly but Lucy pushed back hard and a contest of breast and leg strength began. Their huge tits bulged out to their sides as they pushed each other around using their boobs as their only weapons. Lucy and Olivia’s nipples were hard and pointy as they used them to drill into the others tit flesh. Olivia was amazed and slightly worried how hard and sensitive her nipples felt when rubbing Lucy’s. There was no denying she was getting horny, her body had been ready to fuck and now instead it was wrestling a almost nude woman for control. She was confused but continued to smash her tits into Lucy’s earning grunts while she grunted from her own bags getting hammered.

Olivia had already decided she was going to do whatever it took to bring the bitchy Lucy to her knees and it seemed, judging from Lucy’s hard nipples and the way they were grinding their massive boobs against one another, a new path of fighting was going to open. Even with all their strength of their toned legs and asses neither girl could use her tits to slam the other girl back. Finally they separated to cool off as the sweat was making it to slippery to keep their tits connected. Lucy quickly tried to get back in the fight though now swinging her big sweat tits directly at Olivia’s. Olivia met the challenge and swung back causing loud slaps as the girls slapped their tits together side to side. Every hit got worse and worse as their hands went behind their heads in a silent mutual agreement this was for their tits only. Back and forth the swinging continued until Lucy couldn’t take it anymore and broke away; groaning after a particularly strong hit. Olivia was happy that she had held out longer but she too groaned and began to try to sooth her tits from the pain. Olivia looked up to see Lucy rubbing her own nipples.

“Looks like your tits couldn’t hang with mine.” Olivia laughed as she too now feeling her nipples, unintentionally sending spikes of heat to her pussy.

“Fuck you slut.” Lucy said back annoyed she had pulled away first but she was determined not to get any long lasting bruises on her girls and she felt a few more consecutive hits might have done the trick. She looked over at Olivia looking for some way to taunt the other girl. That is when she noticed a very wet spot on the pink little thong.

“Nice pussy leak dyke, are you so horny that you want to fuck me now?” Lucy gave a taunting smile as Olivia face turned a bit red.

“Shut up whore I felt how hard your nipples were getting just as heated and hard while rubbing your disgusting tits into mine.” They scowled at each other as the music became louder than ever. Lucy began to eye Olivia in a different view, she still considered the green eyed girl a bitch but she would admit to herself an attractive bitch. Lucy had done some lesbian stuff before but usually just for fun and there was never much attraction between her and the other girl but Olivia was getting her body warm in ways she couldn’t control. She began to think the tit wrestling was the start of something else more dirtily that they would do to beat each other.

Suddenly Olivia ran right at Lucy stopping face to face their tits just touching. She took a finger and pushed right onto the wet spot of Lucy’s red thong.

“Looks like I’m not the only wet one” She hissed running her finger harder down the spot. Lucy moaned lightly and put her own finger on Olivia’s cunt.

“You are wetter than I am.” Lucy hissed right back as the girls kept their pressure on the lower lips of the other blonde. For almost a minute the girls used a single finger rubbing up and down the now obvious wet spot on the pink and red thongs. Little gasps escaped their lips as one of them would hit a sensitive spot, when Lucy grasped the back of Olivia’s head and pulled her into a kiss. But this wasn’t a loving kiss; it was aggressive and Olivia was not going to back down an inch and kissed back just as hard. Their pink lips began to blend and their wet tongues rubbed against each other hidden from view. Another minute of this make out went on when Olivia pushed the other blonde away, now both girls were panting but not from exhaustion.

“What are you playing at you fucking lesbo?” Olivia asked feeling her body get hornier by the second.

“Don’t lie slut you were just as into it as me. There is more than one way to defeat a rival. We both want to see who is better at sex and who can last longer, so I am just going to fuck you until you can’t walk. If we keep beating the shit out of each other neither of us will be very appealing by the nights end.” Lucy finished and took the two side strings of her thong and pushed the tiny red cloth down her legs becoming nude for the first time.

Olivia watched hungrily as the pink slit of her enemy was shown already dripping. ‘I can’t back down now and I won’t lose to this cunt. I can fuck better than her and I can prove I am the better of us’ Olivia mentally told herself.

“Fine bitch let’s do it. I am going to make you scream and throw your nude and fucked ass out of this room.” She knew this sounded crazy but she was willing to do anything to keep fighting Lucy and if that meant getting nude and fucking her than that was okay. Olivia took her straps and slowly peeled her thong away revealing her smooth pink cunt same as Lucy’s. They eyed each other admiring the body of the rival and desperately wondering how they could stack up to each other. Lucy felt bold and laid down on her back a few feet away.

“How bought you come climb on top of me and we can make out a bit more and get our juices flowing.” It wasn’t a question but a demand and one Olivia had no problem doing. She got down on her knees and hands and crawled over to Lucy and on top of her putting her body in-between Lucy’s long strong legs that wrapped around her locking Olivia into place.

“I am going to fuck you raw.” Was Olivia’s last threat before she began,

“Both of us are cumming tonight but one of us will be forced and the other will be through victory.” Lucy responded as the girls closed the distance between their lips and begun to swap spit on the ground. Now both girls began to really feel the erotic signals from their body as their huge tits rubbed sweaty against the other pair and their nude cunts only a few inches from touching as they began to compete sexually pushing their bodies to a new level of both arousal and competitiveness. Lucy and Olivia made out for over 10 minutes on the ground letting every inch of their bodies get more and more acquainted. They rolled a few times giving each other time on top to use her hands and feel the amazing body of the other.

Both girls focused on the hot tight ass of the enemy, rubbing and grabbing the firm flesh and running fingers up and down the crack. Olivia was moaning as erotic sensations filled her body. She had never had another person be attached to her so long while kissing. Every body movement she made was matched by Lucy by the close counterpart. Their massive tits would line up for a second before slipping off and to the side of each other whenever the girls readjusted. Lucy’s hands began to rub the toned stomach of Olivia drawing ever nearer to the now wet pussy of Olivia. Olivia’s right hand matched Lucy’s but she used her free left to grab Lucy’ hair and pull her back separating their spit covered mouths and cheeks. Lucy’s blue eyes stared right into Olivia’s green watching for signs of weakness as their hands and fingers finally touched their enemy’s cunt.

Lucy hissed at the touch, “I will show you why your body is the weaker of us and why you don’t deserve to be fucked by a man tonight.” Lucy growled as she began to enter the folds of Olivia’s labia.

Olivia gave a small moan, “Fuck you slut, I will make you beg for more sex as I dominate you and make you pay for trying to get in my way. Only one of us is getting a dick tonight and the other will suffer the victor’s wrath”. Olivia finished as the girls whispered their last dirty threats to each other until the buildup was too much and they stopped teasing. Their fingers went right outside of the enemy’s pink wet pussy and without any hesitation they dove in with their fingers they began to pump each other hard. The girls rolled around and for a few minutes if you could not see their faces no one could tell them apart. Their right hands were glued to the soaking cunts getting covered in cum but their left hands were free and they used those to smack each other’s asses hard trying to leave a good handprint.

Lucy suddenly freed her right hand and using both pushed Olivia off her and to her side. She wanted a more equal battle and as quickly as the girls separated they were on their knees and got right back into each other. They now used their left hands to pump and their right hands rubbed the cum that now covered them onto the others girls tits.

“Dirty cunt”, Olivia whispered but before she could get the rest out Lucy smacked their lips together in a sealing spit swapping kiss. The pleasure was building for Lucy as they pumped each other for another 10 minutes. More and more sweat was breaking on her body as an orgasm was approaching. She could feel the wetness in Olivia but was unsure if she was as close as her. Nevertheless their hot clits had now unfolded and the girls began to use their thumbs to flick them while keeping a constant pressure on the twats. Olivia broke the kiss and gave a deep moan as the pleasure began to take a heavy toll. Lucy had found her g-spot and every time the blue eyed girl hit that point Olivia screamed a little louder. Lucy felt the Olivia react to that spot and gave a huge rub right in the same spot while putting her thumb directly over Olivia’s clit.

“FUCKKKKKK” Olivia screamed as the orgasm began to overtake her. Lucy yelled in victory for only a second when the now cumming Olivia pinched Lucy’s clit. That final little shock sent the other girl over the edge as cum poured out of each of their pussies and onto their opponent’s hands. They pushed each other away and fell to their backs trying to ride out and reduce the pleasure in their bodies. ‘What did that slut do to me?’ Olivia thought, realizing this bitch had just brought her to her first masturbation orgasm. She knew she had gone off first but wasn’t going to let that stop her from winning this match. She looked up to see Lucy was still breathing heavily on the ground with her hand over her head. ‘At least I gave it as hard as I got it’ was another thought as Olivia considered mounting the other blonde but something stopped her in an instant.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Even over the music the loud sound of the door begin hammered cause Lucy to sit up immediately. She quickly took in the situation seeing Olivia a few feet away from her looking to continue their little fuck off, someone was at the door, and another shock Blake was starting to awaken. Lucy jumped up quickly and ran towards the closet grasping Olivia’s arm on the way basically dragging her with her. She also grabbed their clothes off the ground taking them with her. Olivia took a second to realize what was happening but caught up quickly when she saw Blake waking. There would be too many questions and it could hurt both their reputations if this got out. As the knocking got louder and louder Blake awoke and climbed of the bed looking dazed. The girls squeezed in next to each other tightly and closed the door but left a small crack, they now were realizing how close their bodies were together neither could help give small squeezes on the ass of her rival as they watch from the crack in the door. Blake dressed quickly and made his way to the door unlocking it allowing the other people to enter.

There were two guys that neither girl recognized but both thought were pretty hot, highly better than Blake.

“What the fuck Blake we have been looking for you forever.” The first guy said looking around the room.

“Yeah dude you’re lucky some chick saw you go in here or we never would have found you.” The second guy finished.

“Sorry Mitch, sorry Aaron I was just here with some chicks.” Blake responded looking around.

“Uhh yeah… and where are they?” Mitch asked looking around again when his eyes caught the sight of blonde hair in the small crack. Aaron had seen it to but both seemed to play it off quickly. Blake hadn’t seen it and was now more confused,

“I swear guys there were two of them!”

“Yeah sure buddy let’s get you home now”, Mitch took Blake around the shoulder and led him out of the room, but Aaron lingered. He took out a pen and paper from his pocket; scribbled something down real quick and left the room after his buddies. Lucy and Olivia burst out of the room’s closet, their arms wrapped around each other and their tongues sticking out of their mouths like two pink swords slashing every part of the others face they could. They stumbled their way over to the bed reaching its edge completely still wrapped up in each other’s arms. They separated their wet tongues,

“Guess neither of us are getting that dick tonight.” Lucy breathed.

“Yeah but who needs him? I am sure we will give each other enough. Let’s fuck this out and find out who the real woman here is and who is just a fucking fake.” Olivia finished by falling to her side on the bed bringing Lucy down with her till they were both laid out and making out side by side on the nicely sized bed. Immediately Lucy rose her right leg straight up and threw it over Olivia showing a clear intention to mount the other girl. Olivia couldn’t get her leg up in time and groaned as she felt Lucy roll her onto her back and mount her. Their tits and pussies lined up for conflict and without a moment of hesitation they began to fuck each other as hard as possible. Over and over their now wet pussies met and separated leaving their cum on the red under lips of the other girl. They wouldn’t kiss anymore but Lucy would occasionally spit into the mouth of Olivia who opened right up for it. They continued to rub their pink cunts over and over as their nice clits emerged from their hoods and touched. Olivia hissed and Lucy moaned as they brought them back into battle and began pressing their clits directly into each other. Lucy used her arms to push herself nearly separating their tits and giving both girls a chance to stare down and watch the small clit red clits flick on each other. Sweat was dripping off of Lucy onto Olivia as their screams, moans and cries began to get louder as an impending orgasm was coming fast. Lucy brought her clit right on the head of Olivia pushing them harder than ever, a powerful scream filled the room luckily right at the highest blast of the music downstairs.

Lucy’s wet hands slipped out from under her and crashed their meaty tits together. Cum was pouring out of each girl wetting their thighs as they screamed and shook on the bed. Lucy couldn’t get her body to stop cumming while Olivia came just as hard. The blondes bodies meshed and merged as pleasure finally ended. Lucy rolled off and they laid there listening to the party and sounds of groans coming from the next room. ‘Well I guess everyone is getting some tonight’ Lucy thought as she wondered which sister was having such a good time while she; the president was battling a slut. Olivia groaned as the intensity wore down ‘well at least this is a pretty good fuck but I need to get creative if I want to beat this chick.’

Olivia looked up at the still resting Lucy and grinned. “Hey bitch that was pretty nice but we should get a bit more creative if we want to finish this before this morning. I have a feeling we could both go awhile… so you got any double headed dildos here?”

Lucy looked up a bit surprised, she thought they would just go into missionary over and over but this seemed like a better way to fight. “I might have one or two that were gag gifts… what do you have in mind?” Lucy had moved away from Olivia and now rested her legs off to the side with her back to the other girl. She was fixing her hair. Olivia started at the nice back of Lucy and felt herself ready to fuck again.

“Well if you happen to have two I say we go ass to ass and pussy to pussy with two dildos dug nice and deep into each other.” Olivia had crawled to the front of the bed and waited for Lucy to tell her where the rubber was. Lucy turned herself to face Olivia and smiled,

“You think your ass or pussy can hold a dildo better than mine? I’ll totally fuck you over bitch. What you are looking for is under the bed right by your feet.” Olivia hopped off the bed and looked under seeing a few things but mostly a red velvet box that she knew immediately was what she wanted. She gripped the box and put it on the bed opening it softly. She grinned seeing the box was full of vibrators and dildos, but the main thing that caught her eye was the two double headed dildos. They were both black and of different lengths, one was a foot long and the other was only 8 inches, but both were flexible and Olivia took both before pushing the box off the edge letting it smash to the ground.

Lucy turned angrily “What the fuck whore, don’t mess with my stuff!” as she began to walk toward Olivia.

“Just getting you angry slut, let’s crawl on the bed and finish this!” Lucy smiled as she watched Olivia crawl onto the bed dildos in hand. Olivia crawled a few feet and began to shake her hot bubble butt and pussy into Lucy’s face. Before Lucy jumped down though she bent down and grabbed a small bottle of lube that had fallen on the ground from the box. Olivia had turned her head wondering what was taking so long and did feel a small sense of relief; the lube would make it more pleasurable and make it harder for the girls to control the weapons.

Olivia moaned and demanded “Alright bitch lets rub some on each dildo and put them in, the longer one for the pussy and the other right into our asses!”

“You want your ass fucked so bad let’s go!” Lucy growled as they watched each other rub lube onto the rubber dicks. Finally they turned and inserted the first dildo into their pussies that they took slow and easy and groaned realizing they would have a good amount in them when they pushed close. Next was the ass and they felt their big round cheeks touch as the dildo slid in causing a powerful groan that sounded far, long and loud. They both wiggled and tested their strength and holds on the material as they prepared.

“We go like this till it’s over, winner can take control of the dildos and fuck her opponent to the end. You game?” Olivia asked feeling their pussy lips touch as they took every bit of both dildos into them.

“UHHH Yes lets fuck to the end!” They pulled back a bit and began to slam their hot bubble asses into each other driving the dildos in and out. Their vaginal muscles clenching the shaft as each tried to push more and more of the dildo into her rival’s pussy. Their asses were at a standstill that brought a terrible constant pleasure that continued to build and build. They had put their faces down as only their asses were in the air doing battle, cum dripped off of the rubber when it appeared as the panting grew in the room. Olivia realized she was getting the fuck she had wanted and so much more.

She was enjoying this fight but knew she was beginning to feel the fucking too much. Lucy was slamming her g-spot over and over and her grip on the ass rubber was lessening. ‘No I can’t lose I have to win for myself, I won’t lose!’ Olivia groaned as she gave a big last effort and slammed her ass as hard as she could into Lucy’s causing a scream but it wasn’t enough to get Lucy over the edge.

Olivia’s grip finally lessened to an extent that Lucy took complete control. “OHH MY GODDD STOOOOPPP!!!” Olivia screamed at the top of her lungs, her face still down. Lucy groaned in victory as she pushed her hands up and using her powerful pussy and ass gripped both dildos and began to ram into Olivia. Lucy began to laugh as she began to twist the dildos and do as many tricks as she could to bring Olivia to the end. Olivia’s green eyes closed as the edge of her sexual reserve was nearing and before she could escape the end hit. Lucy was also screaming, she had been so close to the end of her ability to keep herself up and allowed Olivia to take over, but she had felt Olivia begin to give. Lucy forced herself into Olivia hard for just a few seconds and then delivered one powerful ass slam. She could tell Olivia had lost her power. Now she had to ride the girl down. Olivia groaned again as the wall was hit and broken. The most powerful orgasm took over as she began to shake, she suddenly felt the dildos leave her and herself pushed to her side and turned over where Lucy mounted her once again. The blue eyed girl simply brought their clits together and kissed Olivia hard while they traded their cum and spit. Lucy began to cum but had been able to bring the pleasure down enough so the orgasm did not render her helpless like Olivia underneath her. Lucy broke the kiss and whispered into Olivia’s ear. “You lose bitch” Olivia screamed again as she came even harder, cum entering Lucy’s pussy and Lucy returned the favor causing an almost puddle underneath them. Olivia’s green eyes opened to stare into Lucy’s blue one last time as she finally passed out from the intense pleasure as the music died down and both the sexfight and party ended.

Olivia eyes opened as she finally awoke after her blissful sleep. It took a second but something felt wrong, she wasn’t home in her warm bed and in a flash the night before came flooding back to her. She groaned as she looked up seeing each of her hands tied to the bed. She looked at what appeared to be rope but groaned louder seeing it was her and Lucy’s now torn thongs from the night before that trapped her hands. "She must have torn them to stop me from having anything" Olivia said out loud. Her feet were tied as well with the bras and she was completely nude laying face up in the bed. ‘Fuck how could I let this happen’ she looked around the room but did not see her rival blonde anywhere. The house was very quiet and she didn’t know exactly how long she had been out. She began to struggle hoping to loosen the bonds and escape, but it was too late at that moment Lucy walked in the door shutting it behind her. She was wearing small black workout shorts and a white tank top. She noticed the Olivia had awoken.

“Hmm so you are awake now…good let’s get started.” Olivia stopped struggling coming to realization that Lucy had made the bonds well enough that they would not come loose.

“What are you going to do to me?” Olivia had to ask and she couldn’t help that some fear entered her voice.

“Don’t you remember what we swore to each other? First I am going to shave you bald and then make you run home naked while videotaping you. You will never be able to show your face in this school and maybe even the city again.” Lucy said very casually. Olivia was silent. She was now scared, her hair was a sense of pride to her and without it she would lose a lot of self-respect and confidence. The video would go public and she would never be able to show her face in the school again without the full embarrassment, and who would hire her, these thoughts ran through her head over and over as she could do nothing but lay on the bed. Frustration at herself and anger at Lucy began to take over as she began to struggle again.

“Just stop slut. You chose to mess with the wrong girl and though I will admit what we did last night was interesting and you had me worried for a bit but I was able to hold on just a bit longer. Now you will pay the price.” Lucy took out a big set of clippers used for shaving heads and began to make her way to Olivia. Olivia could hear the buzz and she once again stopped struggling as she closed her eyes. Some tears of frustration began to come from her green eyes as she now realized this could change her life forever. The buzzing got closer and closer till it was an inch from Olivia’s ear when it stopped. Olivia kept her eyes closed cursing Lucy in her mind at the games the blonde was playing, when Lucy’s voice appeared.

“Or I have another proposition for you Olivia.” She opened her green eyes to stare into Lucy’s blue as Lucy jumped up and mounted the nude Olivia. Lucy’s hair was in a ponytail so it made them a bit easier to tell apart without looking at their faces. “I will let you keep your pretty hair and give you some clothes to walk home in if you accept.” Lucy said. Olivia eyes were wide staring at Lucy. At this rate she would do almost anything but the look on Lucy’s face did not make her feel better. She had no idea what was going to come next.

“Are you interested in hearing it?” Lucy asked. Olivia gave her a death glare but nodded her head. Lucy smiled “Ok Olivia I want you to rush and join my Sorority next week at recruitment.” Olivia mouth opened a bit as she stared at the other blonde.

“What?”, was the only thing she could say.

“You heard me Olivia. I want you to rush and you will join if you are asked. As president and a junior I have met some interesting girls over the last year and even when I was just a normal member, but you seem to be the most interesting of all. I want to keep an eye on you and though you and I might have to work on our relationship after tonight, I think we could become the best of friends.” Lucy gave her a small smile. Olivia was having a bunch of thoughts run through her head. She knew that the sorority girl must have more plans on what to do with her but she couldn’t think much with what was at stake.

“What is your answer?” Lucy asked one final time staring hard at Olivia. Olivia took a deep breath and staring right into the eyes of the woman she had just spent the night fucking and fighting and nodded.

“I will do it”, Olivia finally said after a whole minute of their intense stare down. Lucy gave a bright smile. “Excellent... Let’s seal this promise then”. Lucy leaned down and lip locked the other girl. It was a short kiss but the girls could still feel the emotions and feelings of last night in the lips of the other blonde. “Just in case though.” Lucy jumped off and took her phone. She snapped a photo of Olivia.

Olivia looked angry and horrified “That was not part of our deal!”, Lucy simply waved her off,

“I need something to hold you too, but don’t worry I would never betray a sister.” Olivia was not happy but she simply nodded. Lucy finally untied her and handed her some skimpy workout clothes. They faced each other once again. Olivia had a thought of just tackling and beginning another fight but she knew Lucy and her would wake the house now.

“Our first recruitment work shop is tomorrow.” Lucy said as Olivia began to make her way to the door.

“Don’t worry I will be there.” Olivia looked back at Lucy one last time as she opened the door and left the room, Lucy’s blue eyes burning into her every step of the way. As Olivia left the house she was amazed at how much had happened in such a short time. She knew she had not seen the last of this house or of Lucy because of her promise, but what she couldn’t guess was that sexfighting would become just as big of a part of her new sorority lifestyle and that this little match with Lucy had set herself and the president on a path to face both of their true sex rivals in the near future.

The End