Almost an hour had passed since Elisha talked with Jennifer, and neither the redhead nor her brunette rival had been spotted after that last conversation. Elisha herself had almost completely forgotten about her friend as she tried her best to enjoy herself. After flirting with a handsome lifeguard, dancing with a well-known jock, Elisha thought she was done for the night. Finally the brunette retired herself from flirting and decided to have a couple of drinks before she looked for her red-haired and call it a night.

Still sober, Elisha started chatting with a couple of girls on the cheerleading squad near the bar, and was just beginning to relax herself when she felt someone’s ass rudely bumped into her own. Instinctively, Elisha turned around to confront the stranger, and found herself looking into a pair of familiar green eyes.


“Elisha.” The blonde greeted casually; yet the raw sexual hatred could clearly be heard in her tone of voice.

“Katherine.” Elisha snarled, her blood was beginning to boil at the sight of her rival. Familiar feels of hatred, lust and excitement had awoken inside her.

The blonde was dressed in a tight black party dress, which showed off every part of her curvy body. The bottom of the dress reached the blonde’s mid thigh, giving everyone in the party a very good look of the cheerleader’s toned legs. The top of the dress was cut low, revealing Katherine’s lush, full breasts. Her silky blond locks looked as if they were professionally done. The blonde was literally walking sex.

“I like your dress.” Elisha commented softly.

“Thanks… you look pretty good yourself.” Katherine replied, and then proceeded to greet the girls that were with Elisha. The girls all quickly commented on Katherine’s dress and looks, sucking up to the blonde.

“Oh my god! I love your hair! And that necklace… Wow!” One girl exclaimed.

“That dress is gorgeous!” Another one remarked.

Both Elisha and Katherine continued to force small talk as they tried to keep their sexual tension hidden from the other girls. She couldn’t think of anything other than the blonde, now that they were standing only a couple of feet apart. All her thoughts were focused on fantasizing the different ways she would dominate the blonde’s hot body once she got her hands on Katherine. Elisha could feel a familiar wetness build up inside her crotch. Excitement, anger, lust, hatred, and other feelings overwhelmed her mind.

It wasn’t long before Katherine finally gave in to her own anger, and offered to dance with Elisha. Elisha knew the blonde was using this as an excuse to be alone with her, and she was glad. Dragging Elisha to the dance floor, Katherine quickly pulled the brunette in for a slow dance. Touching breasts to breasts, belly to belly, nose to nose, two girls danced towards the inevitable. Both women knew tonight was the night to settle this; it was only a matter of time before the challenge was issued. All around the two rivals, couples were kissing and dancing to the slow music, cherishing the moment. Katherine and Elisha on the other hand, studied each other in dreadful silence as they too danced to the music, the sexual tension between the two grew with each passing moment.

“We still have to finish what we started today,” Katherine hissed into Elisha’s ear, finally breaking the silence.

“What makes you think I’ll spend my time teaching a dirty whore like you a lesson?” Elisha scowled.

“What’s the matter? Little princess isn’t woman enough to take me on?” Katherine countered, “Or maybe you’re a bit smarter than I give you credit for… you realize that you and your pathetic body has no chance against mine.”

“Fuck you. The slutty body of yours is nothing compared to mine.” Elisha snarled.

“You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? Why don’t we cut all this chit-chat and go settle it somewhere private?” Katherine said, smiling challengingly.

“Fine by me… I’m getting tired of this stupid party anyways.” Elisha replied, accepting the blonde’s challenge. With that, Elisha took Katherine’s hand and led the blonde away from the dance floor, out of the mansion, and towards her car. Elisha felt guilty, knowing that she was ditching Alyson, but she was sure that her friend could easily get a ride off one of her many friends, and would forgive Elisha when she finds out why she ditched her. The girls remained silent as they got into Elisha’s car and began driving away.

“There’s a motel nearby that we can use.” Elisha finally said, as they left the suburb area. “Most of us use it to settle things like these.”

“So you’re admitting that you and your slutty friends like to get all dirty just like me?”

“Oh we get dirty alright… because we need to be very dirty to beat slutty bitches like you.”

“Today in the change room… I got a good look at you and your friends, and I wasn’t impressed,” purred Katherine sexily, in anticipation to what is to come.

“Oh you have no idea who you’re messing with, bitch.” Elisha threatened. The brunette expected the blonde to have a witty comeback, but instead, Katherine remained silent, smiling confidently.

The drive felt like it took forever. By the time Elisha finally got to the motel, her panties were soaked with her cunt juices. The sound of the blonde’s high heels striking the pavement rang inside Elisha’s head as the two sexy she-cats walked down the pavement, towards the hotel. The smell of the blonde’s perfume told the brunette that Katherine wasn’t far behind. Once inside, Elisha quickly rented a couple’s room with a king-size bed for the night, and she motioned the blonde to follow her as they headed towards the arena for their upcoming duel.

Finally, the girls reached their room. Taking in a deep breath, Elisha turned the knob and revealed their arena. There wasn’t anything special about the room; there was the king-size bed, a television, and a desk. The scent of girl juices was overpowering, as both girls’ juices flowed in anticipation to the battle to come. Turning to face her opponent, she saw that Katherine was wasting no time taking off her dress. Katherine seductively let the straps slide of her shoulder. Wriggling her curvy hips and the blonde let her black dress fall to the floor, revealing a dark red bra and matching dark red panties. Elisha realized that from the dark spot on the blonde’s dark red panties, Katherine was just as wet as she was. Kicking her dress away, Katherine waited for Elisha to make the next move.

Katherine looked like a sex goddess. Her heavenly face was framed by silky blonde hair that rested on smooth, tanned shoulders. Erected, nipples poked proudly through the silky bra from lush, full breasts. Sexy, toned legs stood challengingly on the carpeted floor. There was not a single mark of imperfection on her.

“Well are you just going to stand there all day admiring my perfect body or are you going to strip like the whore that you are?” Katherine whispered sexily, as she cupped her large tits with her hands. Her nipples could be clearly seen poking through the silky material of the bra.

As if she was snapping out of a trance, the brunette quickly began to strip. Wriggling her body seductively as she took off her clothing, Elisha knew that this fight was just as much a competition of the mind as it is a contest of bodies. She sexily placed her hands on her hips, letting her boobs stand out proudly, challenging Katherine’s to meet them. The lovely blonde closed in slowly towards Elisha, and Elisha felt the blonde’s hands reach behind her back, and with one swift motion, unhooked her bra. Elisha mirrored her opponent’s actions and dexterously unhooked Katherine’s bra, baring the blonde’s breasts to her own naked pair.

“Before I pound the come out of that brunette pussy of yours, we have to settle… this.” Katherine hissed as she crushed her huge orbs painfully into Elisha’s smaller ones. Their hands locked in a test of strength.

“Ah… yes!” Elisha grunted, wincing from the unexpected pain. Last time the two meet tits to tits, their bodies had been soaped and their breasts were unable to compete in this type of painful competition. Now the girls were pressing their firm breasts together angrily, determined to settle this feud.

“How do you like it, tramp?” whispered the blonde.

“Argh!” Elisha squealed in pain as she felt her opponent’s larger globes crushed her own, their erected nipples digging into each other’s tender breasts. The blonde was stronger than she was, and probably had a few pounds on her. Underneath that soft, shapely body of the blonde were muscles as hard as steel.

A sudden feeling of despair raced through Elisha as she felt herself backed into the desk. Katherine seized her advantage and forced the weaker brunette onto the desk, almost mounting her. Elisha desperately tried to pull the blonde off her, but it was no use, the blonde was too strong. Sexual thoughts have left the brunette’s mind as she entered a world of pain.

Pressing nose to nose, glaring into each other eyes, the two girls continued their painful titfight. Elisha knew that Katherine had the advantage at the moment, and was determined to get out her own disadvantageous position. Katherine forced their breasts together angrily, and watched with delight as her orbs flattened the brunette’s painfully. Elisha wailed in agony, as pain overwhelmed her senses, travelling from her breasts to all the nerve endings in her body. The brunette struggled futilely, waiting for the blonde to give an opening. Out of ideas, Elisha drove her tongue into her rival’s ear, making the blonde shudder in surprise, and effectively, making the blonde lose concentration. With a sudden burst of strength, Elisha managed to push the blonde away from her for a moment, giving her enough time to maneuver away from Katherine. Distancing herself from her rival to recover, Elisha softly rubbed her sore tits, and glared murderously at her rival.

“Oh I’m sorry, did I hurt those weak tits of yours?” mocked Katherine, enjoying her handiwork. The blonde stood with her hands on her shapely hips, challenging the brunette to continue with their fight.

“Fuck you, cunt.” Elisha managed to countered, gathering herself for what was to come.

Her anger far surpassing the pain she felt, adrenaline rushed through Elisha’s body as it prepared itself for what was to come. The brunette’s leg muscles stiffened, and without warning, Elisha charged towards Katherine. The brunette lowered her body into tackling position, as she dashed towards her opponent with blinding speed. The way Katherine was standing didn’t give her enough balance to absorb her opponent’s assault, and the both girls went tumbling onto the carpeted floor. Elisha managed to mount her winded rival for a split second before the blonde recovered herself and began struggling with all her might. Elisha tried to a good hold on Katherine’s arms to pin the blonde, but the blonde had anticipated this, and sent out a furry of rapid blows with her free hands. Frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t pin the blonde, Elisha took her anger out on Katherine’s proud full breasts. The lovely brown-haired cheerleader sunk her nails into Katherine’s tender breast flesh. Katherine squeaked in pain and raked Elisha’s body wildly with her nails like a caged animal.

“You dirty bitch! Let go!” Katherine hissed painfully. Elisha could see tear droplets forming at the edge of the blonde’s lovely cat like eyes.

“What’s the matter? Can’t take it?” Elisha cruelly demanded, as her hatred overwhelmed her. The brunette increased the pressure on the breast mauling.

“OH MY GOD!” Katherine screamed at the effect of Elisha’s mauling, losing her composure for a brief moment. The brunette snarled nastily as she ravaged her opponent’s exposed breasts.

Suddenly, as if the blonde had drawn powerful from some external power source, Katherine sent a series of powerful, solid blows to Elisha’s bodies. A direct blow to the brunette’s cheek managed to send Elisha flying off the tortured blonde.

Before the surprised brunette could recover from the blonde’s desperate attack, Katherine pounced onto Elisha like a predator hungry for its prey. With strength borne out of hatred and anger, the blonde managed to force the struggling brunette down. Their hands locked in a test of strength, and once again, Elisha felt the blonde overpower her, pinning the brunette in a spread-eagle position. Elisha hissed venomously as she felt the blonde ground her body onto hers. Pressing against each other belly to belly, breast to breast, face to face and cunt to cunt, the pair remained dreadfully silent as they struggled. One trying to maintain her dominate position, the other attempting to liberate herself. Only the sound of their girlish grunts could be heard as the two sexy girls struggled.

Elisha could feel the heat radiating off Katherine’s moist pussy as their cunts softly rubbed against each other. An old feeling began to come back, and soon it consumed the two fighting girls. The feeling of the cunt contact managed to re-ignite a spark of lust inside both girls.

“I’m on top, bitch,” Katherine hissed lustfully into her rival’s ear, “face it slut, you can’t win.”

“This is far from over, bitch,” Elisha replied, with that, the brunette pumped her cunt against her rival deliciously, making the surprised blonde squeal in delight. Then she continued, in a challenging tone, “I thought you said you were going to pound the come out of me with that pussy of yours?”

“Mmm… so the princess is a dirty tramp just like me. She wants to pump cunts with me.” Katherine whispered mockingly into Elisha’s ears, her words sending shivers down the brunette’s spine. “Fine by me.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s do this!” Demanded Elisha.

Instead of replying to or dismounting the brunette, the blonde just stared at her pinned rival sexily. A moment of silence passed between the two as the two girls took a few minutes to admire each other’s sexual prowess, to drown in each other’s beauty, to prepare themselves for their final duel. Katherine softly kissed her opponent on the nose, and then removed herself from Elisha. The sexy blonde slowly stood up, then ripped her panties off with a single movement. The blonde slithered onto the bed seductively, and then turned to face her opponent. Spreading her legs wide, the blonde’s full lips smiled a confident smile as she waited for her rival.

Elisha took a deep breath before standing up to take off her soaked panties. Flinging her panties aside, Elisha slowly climbed onto the bed to face her rival. Positioning herself so that she basically mirrored her opponent, Elisha took a good look at the beautiful pussy she must defeat.

Droplets of womanly juices sparkled on the blonde’s pink labia. Katherine’s drooling cunt was like beast, hungrily waiting for its next meal. The blonde smirked as she once again caught Elisha admiring her.

“My… I always knew you liked my body… but not this much,” Katherine taunted.

“I’ll admit it girl, my body just can’t resist weak fat ones like yours.” Elisha hissed angrily, slightly pissed that she had been caught staring.

“Enough. Its time to settle this.” The blonde hissed, plunging her pussy towards Elisha’s.
Elisha felt the blonde’s right leg slide over her left, while her left slid over the blonde’s right. Their labia folds pressed together softly at first, then with increasing pressure. Erected nipples collided, and wasted no time commencing their own private duel. Each little stroke would send tingling pleasure from the hard nubs to nerves all over their bodies. Their impressive ass muscles tightened and pumped their waiting sex towards each other. Both girls were exceptional cheerleaders, and all that cheerleading had toned their bodies to perfection. Elisha met Katherine stroke for stroke, pump for pump. Their drooling pussies ground themselves deliciously against each other, trying to devour its nemesis.

“Mmm… you sexy bitch… fuck me.” Elisha growled sexily.

“You like it don’t you? My hot sex… pumping into yours? Ahhh…” Katherine moaned.

Thighs pried each other apart as the girls spread their legs as wide as they could, allowing for maximum contact. There was no running away now, and Elisha knew that the only way to win was to go all out offensive. Labias ground against one another deliciously, as the two girls continued their frenzied humping. Their soft pants soon became uncontrollable gasps and moans as the rivals let out their sexual hatred. Elisha felt Katherine’s hands grip her ass tightly, and the brunette quickly countered with some ass grabbing of her own. The bed began to creak as the two women increased the pace of their sexual grind. Their tangled legs tightened and their steaming cunts met blow for blow. Katherine’s face drove forward, her lips seeking Elisha’s. The brunette quickly accepted this new challenged and sent her lips forward and locked them tight with Katherine’s. The blonde’s tongue forced its way into the brunette’s mouth, and Elisha tasted the girlish sweetness of Katherine’s saliva. Their locked lips battled for dominance as the erotic war down at their cunts raged on. Katherine’s powerful ass muscle fueled the blonde’s pumping, but each powerful blow was met with one just as powerful from the brunette. Elisha felt the brunette moan into her mouth, only to realize that she too was groaning into her opponent’s mouth. Pulling away to catch their breaths, Elisha saw the blonde smile in pleasure and delight as each of her ass muscle began to overpower the brunette’s. Elisha let out a moan of despair as she realized that her pussy could no long deny the power of Katherine’s pumping, and the brunette’s ass was slowly being forced onto the sheets.

“Give it to me!” Elisha grunted defiantly. The panting blonde’s pumping was now clearly quicker and stronger than the brunette’s.

“Ohhh… take it!” Katherine growled.

As their silky smooth cunts continued to rub erotically against one another, Elisha began to feel something else… something hard. The blonde’s sex horn was rapidly emerging from its resting-place as the pair’s erotic combat entered its final stage. After a few more strokes, Elisha felt Katherine’s clitoris raking into her vulva, exploring the exquisite silkiness of her cunt. The brunette squealed in pleasure as Katherine’s weapon took the pleasure she felt to the next level. Elisha knew that her own sex horn was quickly hardening to meet its rival in the girl’s final duel.

“Ugh… Do you… feel it? Do you feel my hard clit fucking you?” Demanded Katherine cruelly. “This is the clit that fucked… OHHH! The brains… *gasp* out of your former leader!”

Despite the fact that she was doing the fucking, the blonde was receiving just as much pleasure as the brunette. Katherine’s extremely sensitive clit had been attacking Elisha’s less sensitive cunt. Elisha also realized that the blonde’s clit was the one that emerged first, meaning that Katherine was the one that was closer to the inevitable, mind-shattering orgasm. A feeling of hope raced through Elisha, and the brunette began pumping with renewed energy, purposely grinding her ultra-smooth labia against the blonde’s sensitive clit.

“Ugh! You bitch!” Katherine wailed, pulling away for a split second, and thus, making a fatal mistake.

Elisha’s clit had finally reached its full length, and the brunette was eager to send it to meet its weakened rival. As soon as Katherine pulled back for that split second, Elisha plunged forward, driving her clit as deep as she could into her opponent’s cunt. Katherine squealed as she felt Elisha’s clit grind upwards, deliciously licking her labia before raking the bottom of her own clit. The blonde shuddered and moaned against this last assault.

“Your clit is weak, bitch! See how much longer mine is then yours?” Elisha hissed through clenched teeth. The blonde’s clit was fatter, but shorter than her own weapon. Feeling confidant, Elisha continued, “That fat clit of yours can’t make me come.”

“You stupid bitch, do you seriously think I’m fully aroused?” Katherine snarled, and then hissed with pleasure as Elisha’s clit found hers again. “If you want to go clit to clit to settle this… *pant* once and for all, then… ugh! I’m all for it.”

“Ahh… then let’s get this over with!” Elisha screamed.

Elisha felt the blonde’s pumping began to slow down, allowing them to direct their clits directly against each other. Elisha removed her hands from Katherine’s ass to grab the blonde’s silky hair, and draw her opponent in for another tongue war. The brunette felt Katherine mirrored her movements, and in an instant she felt Katherine’s softly caressing her own hair. Their tongues fought hotly to dominate its rival. The two pink probes forcefully drove into each other’s mouth. At the same time, their clits slid erotically against each other. Both girls were ready to bring this intimate fight to its climax.

Finally, the girls stopped their tongue war, as their breathing became too uncontrollable. Locking eyes, the two girls opening moaned into each other’s face, no longer caring that they were showing signs of weaknesses. Katherine’s clit grew in size thrust after thrust, and the brunette realized that the blonde wasn’t bluffing when she told her about not being fully aroused. The blonde’s clit was clearly larger than hers now, and it wrapped itself around the brunette’s clit like a python crushing its prey. Elisha squealed against the blonde’s powerful weapon.

“Do you feel it now… Ohh… my clit? How it’s fucking you?” Katherine growled sexily.

Elisha was unable to respond to that as pleasure overwhelmed her. For the first time since she fought Jennifer, Elisha felt that she had met an opponent that she could not beat. Elisha felt Katherine’s clit slash hers from all directions, each attack sending the brunette closer to defeat. The blonde herself was very close, her cunt juices were flowing just as much as Elisha’s. The brunette was determined that whether she wins or loses, she would go down fighting. With that thought in her mind, Elisha focused herself to attack the blonde one final time, in hopes that she could overwhelm Katherine before the blonde overwhelms her.

“You’re one tough bitch, you know that, you blonde slut? You’re so fucking hot… Argh… but I can barely feel you now… you’re so finished.” Elisha managed to mumble out.

“Then fuck me… *gasp* give me all you got, make me cum with that weak clit of yours.” Katherine moaned, lost in ecstasy.

Closing her eyes, Elisha pulled Katherine in for a kissing duel, and the moaning blonde accepted, despite the fact that both girls needed more breathing room now more than ever. Elisha forced her chest forward to crush her breasts into Katherine’s and at the same time she felt their soft bellies press together, tummy muscle tightening as their bodies prepared themselves for the inevitable. Katherine’s cunt clamp itself onto Elisha’s, as their clits plunged forward to seek its rival for the final duel. The girls moaned uncontrollable into each other’s mouths as their clits met for the one last time. Elisha felt the full length of Katherine’s pink rod rub against hers, slashing against hers from all direction. The brunette’s grip on Katherine’s silky hair tightened as her body got closer and closer to coming. Pulling away from their kissing duel, the moaning girls panted heavily as the looked each other in the eyes. Both girls wanted to be looking into each other’s eye when one of them goes over the edge.

“Fuck! Why won’t you… *Gasp* come, you dirty bitch? Take it, BITCH!” Demanded Katherine, who managed to snap out of her erotic trance for a moment. Elisha felt the blonde’s pumping quickened, the blonde cheerleader’s cunt savagely devouring hers. Elisha plunged her clit forward to meet Katherine’s, which drove towards Elisha with equal force. Katherine grunted in girlish delight as she felt her clit bent Elisha’s defeated clit backwards deliciously.

“Ahhhhhhhh! Fuck you, you blonde tramp, fuck, fuck, bitch, Ohhh… OHHHH!” Elisha howled into Katherine’s face as that one final blow finally overwhelmed her. Indescribable pleasure exploded through every nerve of the brunette as the cheerleader exploded in an immense orgasm. The defeated brunette’s hand helplessly gripped the blonde’s silky mane as Elisha collapsed against her rival, completely exhausted. Katherine held the lovely, trembling brunette as she came, like a lover. Elisha’s head rested on Katherine’s massive breasts as her cunt squirted out warm gooey fem-cum.

Finally, Elisha’s orgasm subsided, and Katherine softly shoved the brunette onto her back. Mounting the brunette, Katherine slowly moved her dripping cunt on top of Elisha’s face. Placing her drooling pussy on Elisha’s face, Katherine ground her wet pussy onto the semi-conscious brunette, snapping Elisha back to reality.

“Finish me… *pant*… make me cum.” Katherine growled cruelly.

Elisha obligingly drove her tongue into Katherine’s waiting sex. Elisha softly stroked Katherine’s thighs with her hands, while she expertly tongued the blonde’s cunt.

“Mmm… yessss… ahhhhhhh…” Katherine hissed as she came all over Elisha’s beautiful face. Hot womanly juices spurted onto the brunette’s cute nose and lips. The blonde slowly, sexily humped Elisha’s face as she rode out her own orgasm.

Finally, her orgasm subsided, and Katherine said. “Now I need some information… information about a certain clit queen…”

To be continued