The Clit Queen

Alyson carefully adjusted the tight-fitting shirt, which barely her breasts before leaving the ladies’ room. As a college student and a sales associate of a local lingerie store, Alyson was a young woman in pursuit of her dreams as a fashion designer. She has always drawn the eyes of both women and men ever since she blossomed in high school. The 5’10redhead was a sight to behold – from her cat-like blue eyes, to her softly tanned legs. Alyson has a sexy face that sends the message of “fuck me”. Her nose and lips were delicate. Her body was slim and toned, like a dancer, and her flaming hair reached the top of her full breasts. Alyson was hot, and she knew it.

After spending some time to carefully fix her hair and makeup, Alyson knew that bitch would have arrived and would be waiting for her, to make her life miserable. Jennifer was Alyson’s co-worker, and the two knew each other from high school. Jennifer was a senior while Alyson was a sophomore. The two only knew each other because they were both immensely popular. They were both the school’s male population’s wet dreams. The 5’11 brunette was incredibly sexy in her own way. Long, light brown hair, which also reached her tits frame her lovely face. The brunette was a quarter Asian, giving her exotic features, which only enhanced her amazing looks. The brunette’s hazel eyes were one of her best features. If you stare at it long enough, you can drown in them. Jennifer’s legs were long and toned. Her tanned body was slim and athletic. She greatly resembled the model Carolina Ardohain. The brunette had that confident smirk which many people would find irresistible.

Ever since she started working here, my life’s been miserable, thought Alyson. The brunette started working as another sales associate about 2 weeks after Alyson started working. The two always had a spark of rivalry ever since high school to be sexier than the other. But ever since the two became co-workers, that spark ignited into an all-out firestorm. Skirts got shorter everyday; shirts became more form fitting; lingerie became sexier day by day.

As soon as Alyson came out of the ladies’ room, the first thing that she noticed was that Jennifer was wearing the same type of pantyhose she was wearing, only in a different color – Jennifer’s being black and Alyson’s white. In fact, Jennifer had an outfit that was quite similar to Alyson’s. Both girls wore shorts shirts that exposed a fair amount of thigh. Jennifer’s was dark green while Alyson’s was red. Instead of a white shirt like Alyson, Jennifer wore a white see-through blouse, which revealed her firm tits. The top of the blouse was unbuttoned and it showed off her tit flesh and the black bra covering her boobs.

It seems like that the brunette also noticed the pantyhose, because the first venomous words that came out of the brunettes gorgeous mouth was: “You skank! Who do you think you are to wear those pantyhose?”

“I’ll wear what I want, bitch!” Alyson countered moving towards the brunette.

Luckily, nobody was at the store at that time, and the two beautiful women decided it was time to settle their difference; time to release their hatred. It took the girls some time to realize that they were dangerously close. They were almost touching nose to nose, tit to tit.

“Spoken like a true slut,” the brunette said with a bitchy smirk, leaning even closer. “I’ve had a problem ever since I saw you back in high school.”

“Yeah? Well I did as well,” the redhead hissed back, moving in even closer. She could feel the brunette’s icy breath on her face. “You’re always trying to prove that you’re sexier. Well I wouldn’t be so proud of that body if I were you. ”

The brunette laughed mockingly. “Trying? I’M sexier than you, you little cunt. But whatever you say.”

The touch of Jennifer’s tits sent a jolt of excitement down the redhead’s spine. First contact has been made. The redhead could feel the firmness of the brunette’s breasts, pressing against her own. Alyson felt her nipples harden at the contact, and felt wetness at her crotch as her erected nipples brushed against Jennifer’s. Even with the layers of cloth separating the angry nipples, the contact between them was still ecstatic.

“I was sexier, I am sexier, and I always will be sexier than you,” whispered the brunette, “If you think otherwise…”

With that, the brunette smirked and turned away from Alyson, pretending to return to her work, but in reality bending over on the counter to show off her lush ass to the angry redhead. Alyson felt ashamed that she lost control of herself, but at the same time never felt better. It was only after she has completely calmed down that the redhead realized how wet she was. Unable to comprehend why she was feeling this way, the redhead just felt even more ashamed of herself.

A couple of hours passed before the two spoke again, and the silence only made matters worst. Thoughts of showing the brunette that she wasn’t all that kept racing through Alyson’s mind. Those thoughts became more and more sexual. Fantasies of humiliating the brunette sexually became more and more frequent. Although Alyson had never been in a sexfight, she knew quite a lot about it. The cheerleaders in their old high school used to sexfight all the time. Girlish moans could be heard coming from the girls change rooms sometimes. While most of the uninformed student dismissed those sounds as practical jokes, Alyson knew. Thanks to her popularity, she had a vast source of information. Many of her friends were cheerleaders, and they would tell Alyson about the sex wars going on right beneath her nose. She had heard rumors about Jennifer being involved in those fights. She had always dismissed them as rumors. Now she wasn’t so sure.

Perhaps she’s thinking about the same thing? Those rumors that Alyson heard also spoke about Jennifer’s sexual prowess. Alyson had always thought those rumors were made up by people trying to suck up to the sexy brunette, but now the chances of those “rumors” being real had just greatly increased. She not sexier than me, she just acts likes it, Alyson thought to herself. The brunette’s body was perfect in every way. Alyson felt a bit jealous as she continued to stare at the brunette. Alyson blushed and looked away when the brunette finally raised her head to meet her glance, as if accepting the redhead’s challenge to commence yet another verbal war.

“Awww… why did you stop staring? I was beginning to appreciate the admiration,” the brunette mocked.

“Shut the fuck up! Like I said before, I wouldn’t be so proud of that body if I was you!” Alyson hated herself for losing control again.

“Hey, at least it’s better than anything you got” the brunette countered with yet another smirk.

“Are you claiming that your body’s better than mine?” The redhead snapped back. Alyson couldn’t help but feel aroused again.

“I know it is,” the brunette moved in closer, almost as close as they were before. “And I’ll prove it.”

“There’s nothing to prove because we both know my body’s obviously superior,” taking the initiative, the redhead pressed her tits against Jennifer’s, and felt that neither of their breasts gave in to the pressure.

“Mmm… you’re one delicious little bitch,” Jennifer growled at the sensation she felt. “You don’t know who you’re messing with.”

The brunette quickly kissed Alyson the cheek before moving away, acting like nothing has happened. Shaking her lovely ass like a supermodel as she walked away. Alyson felt even wetter than she was last time, and angrier. Her white panties were soaked. Never had she experience a mix of different emotions like these ones at once – lust, hate, anger, and excitement all at the same time. The two once again remained silent and continued working. Soon more co-workers came, making confrontation with the brunette impossible for the rest of their shift. Soon the brunette’s shift was over, and Jennifer spared no time leaving the store. Alyson also left as soon as her shift was over, but she was unable to get the events that occurred today out of her head.

The following week, the two rivals continued to out do each other. Tight pants, mini skirts, and sexy lingerie were all on their outfit menus. The two girls will pretend to accidentally bump into each other, but in reality trying to determine the sexiness of each other’s bodies. Alyson found herself comparing herself to the brunette more and more. Insults were traded more and more often, and soon both girls found themselves unable to stand each other’s presence. Challenges were made but none were answered. Both girls would be at the blink of breaking out into an all out catfight, but either one would manage to get a hold of themselves and walk away before that happens.

The rivalry seemed to have reached a stalemate, until Alyson got off work on Thursday night. Images of the sexy brunette were still carved into the redhead’s mind when she reached the doorsteps of her house. Alyson was surprised to find a package on her doormat. Not wasting anytime, the redhead eagerly ripped open the package. Inside was a pair of red pantyhose, with matching red garter belt, panties and bra. This set of sexy lacy lingerie was one of the most expensive and beautiful sets there are on the market. Inside the package was a typed note:

“Think you’re sexy enough to wear this? I dare you.”

It was not signed, but Alyson knew whom this was from. After calling up a few of her high school friends, Alyson learnt that Jennifer was indeed a sexfighter. Rumors had it that the brunette was well known in the sexfighting world for her incredible clit. According to the rumors, Jennifer had beaten most of the girls in their old high school in sexfights. Although Alyson felt that the brunette was overrated, deep down inside, she had a feeling that those rumors were probably true. That would explain her bitchy attitude, thought Alyson. Erasing the thought of her rival being an all powerful sex queen, Alyson focused on preparing herself for the confrontation tomorrow.

Later that night, Alyson picked out her outfit for tomorrow’s confrontation. She finally decided to wear a V-necked shirt which was cut low enough to show off the top of her breasts and the laces of her bra, and a short black mini skirt which will expose her thighs and Jennifer’s gift. Alyson knew that tomorrow’s confrontation with Jennifer will not be able to satisfy both their anger and lust, but she knew she had to make a good impression. She wanted to intimidate the brunette, so that she would gain an advantage when things get dirty…

Dirty… Alyson felt her body twitch with anticipation. Unable to help herself, Alyson removed her nightie and lowered her right hand to her shaven crotch. As her professionally done nails of her right hand trace and explore the lips of her labia, her other hand massaged her left breast and nipple. Her fingers drew circles around her cunt until she felt her own juice flowing down her thigh. Pictures of the brunette in her mind and images of her fucking the bitch made her wetter and wetter. Soon, Alyson inserted her index finger into her pussy, exploring her sensitive vaginal walls. She quickly reached for the most sensitive part of her walls, the upper part of her pussy, right under the uterus. She imagined the brunette fucking her there, while she fingered the brunette at the exact same place. In her fantasy, she saw herself in control, while Jennifer succumbs to her pleasures.

“Ohhh….” Alyson let out a girlish moan as her thumb found her sensitive clit. Her clit was her weapon, and she knew that it would be this clit that would decide the outcome of their confrontations.
Will it be able to defeat Jennifer’s? Alyson asked herself. While she didn’t know if Jennifer had been in any kind of sexual competition, she did know that Jennifer had a huge amount of lovers, even more than Alyson herself. Perhaps Jennifer’s sexual experience will give the brunette the advantage in their up coming sex war? Unable to think of being defeated by the brunette in a clit war, Alyson stopped her masturbation and decided to rest well and not sexually exhaust herself for the showdown with Jennifer tomorrow.

“I’m going to fuck you, you stupid bitch…” Alyson whispered to herself before falling fast asleep.

To be continued