Alyson was dressed to kill. She wore a deep red mini skirt, and a pink tube top. The redhead was wearing her favorite footwear – silver high-heeled sandals. Wearing a silver necklace and a matching silver bracelet, Alyson looked irresistible. Elisha felt she looked rather dull compared to her friend. The brunette wore a green mini skirt, a form fitting v-necked white shirt and black high-heels. She also wore her sexiest bras and panties – black laced ones that Alyson had bought her. Elisha felt that if she ran into Katherine here, she wanted to look her best should they decide to settle things after the party.

The pair took Elisha’s car to Stacey home, which was in the nearby suburb. The girl’s house was a mansion, and the spoiled brat made good use of it. There were probably over one hundred people in this party.

It didn’t take long for Elisha to get separated from Alyson. All eyes were on the redhead when the two made their entrance, and the popular redhead was quickly washed away by a sea of her friends, fans and lovers. Elisha decided to look around to see if the blonde was here, as her pussy was aching to press itself against the blondes. Now that she knew Alyson was safe and sound, she could think of nothing else but the girl next door. The brunette felt slightly disappointed when she was unable to find her rival. Apparently, according to Helena, the blonde was invited, but hasn’t shown up yet.

As Elisha continued her search, she saw a familiar face that still haunts her thoughts every now and then. It was the lovely, exotic face of Jennifer Tamerlane. The lovely brunette was surrounded by her own legion of followers. Dressed in a tight fitting black party dress, all eyes in the room were on her – both males’ and females’.

“Hey Jennifer, Do you have a moment?” Elisha finally asked, after almost five minutes of waiting.

“What is it? I’m busy.” Jennifer replied. Her tone as bitchy as ever.

“I need to talk to you privately.”

“Umm… I’m really busy right now…”

“It’s about Alyson.” Elisha blurted out. Hoping that would get the brunette’s interest.

The effects of Elisha’s last comment were much more than what the cheerleader had expected. Strange emotions overwhelmed the lovely brunette as the cheerleader’s words struck home. Almost weakly, Jennifer stood up and grabbed Elisha’s hand. Dragging the cheerleader with her, the two girls headed out of the living room, away from the staring eyes.

“Alyson… Is she here?” Jennifer finally asked Elisha. Her voice was not that of the clit queen Elisha knew, but almost like the voice of a girl in love. It was as if Jennifer was desperate to see the redhead.

“Yeah she’s here, how did you not notice? But anyways, listen you. Don’t you dare lay a single finger on her, you hear me? ” Elisha threatened the best she can. Unfortunately, the cheerleader’s voice was weak as she was nearly quivering in her boots as she was standing next to the clit queen herself.

Ignoring Elisha’s threats, Jennifer continued coldly. “Do you know where she is?”

“I don’t know, she’s somewhere.” Elisha managed to mutter out.

“I gotta go.” Jennifer breathed. Something seemed to have consumed the brunette’s thoughts as the exotic beauty wandered off into the crowd, in search for Alyson like a desperate lover.

Slightly confused, Elisha could only wish that she didn’t make things worst for her friend.

To be continued