(by GARY)

It was a humid afternoon in the Thailand sun. Deborah lounged on the deck of the Reef chaser as it churned its way to Koh Sahphi where she and the rest of the passengers would be spending a 2 week vacation. Koh Sahphi was a lesser known resort Island off the Thailand coast. It’s crystal clear waters and white sand beaches attracted tourists from around the world.

The lanky brunette lay outstretched in her black thong bikini, her muscular legs and tanned torso glistening in the hot afternoon sun. A former model turned dancer she was the envy of all the male passengers and crew. As she casually glanced about the deck, she caught the stares of several of the male passengers.

Seductively she rolled onto her front, and casually loosened her bikini strings so the sun would have an uninterrupted view of her back. She smiled the smile of a satisfied cat who had all the attention she wanted and more. The males, for their part, were putting newspapers over their crotches or readjusting themselves as they received stares of their own from their respective partners and wives.

The gorgeous brunette closed her eyes and dozed, she had been having a wonderful time aboard the Reef chaser, but to her bemusement there was not one single male onboard. It had been 3 blissful days of sun and surf, but now she was looking forward to reaching Koh Sahphi and, hopefully, some male companionship. To put it less bluntly, Deborah was horny.

The sun abruptly seemed to stop, Deborah looked up slowly at the silhouetted figure that was blocking her sun.

Janine stood, 5'6" tall and had breasts to die for. The athletic blonde was also a dancer, although from a different walk of life. Janine was a stripper from one of New York's most prestigious clubs. Deborah, on the other hand, was from an artistic dance company.

They had met the first day and had hit it off reasonably well. They had actually developed quite a friendship over the last few days, although both women sensed an underlying tension.

“Hi Blondee,” Deborah smiled up at Janine. Janine smiled back and proceeded to lay down beside her on the adjacent deck lounger.

“I’m glad you’re here, I think some of those guys wives are about to throw me overboard, along with their pot-bellied husbands.”

“You and me both girl, I barely got out of the pool with my bikini on.”

“Well, we don’t have to wait much longer” Janine continued, “We'll be at the mainland in an hour or so. I’ve been meaning to ask you, have you made any plans about where you're staying when we get there?”

Deborah hadn’t and the two girls made plans to check into a local resort together and get a two bed-room apartment.

Janine picked up a book and casually flicked through it. Deborah watched her out the corner of her eye. She glanced over the blonde’s full chest, paying close attention to her erect nipples and then slowly worked her way down her slender body to her red thong. She felt aroused by this sensuous creature beside her, and was comforted by the fact that, even though she had not found a man yet, there was still a possibility of having an equally good time with the athletic dancer beside her.

Snapping back to reality she realized she was staring too hard. Deborah retied her bikini strings and slowly got up, pausing ever so slightly to give Janine an eyeful of her cleavage as she arose. “I’m off to the pool for a quick dip, see you before we dock Ok?”

“Great, I’ll come to your room,” Janine replied. She watched Deborah’s sexy form sashay down the deck. Her firm glute muscles evident through her tight bikini as she strode purposefully toward the pool. Janine adjusted her bikini bottom and felt a tingle of arousal as she watched Deborah’s sexy form disappear around the corner.

The girls returned to their rooms to change. Deborah into a short black skirt and t-shirt and Janine into some denim cut-off’s and a crop-top. Deborah was in the final stages of packing, as Janine knocked, “Come in its open.”

Janine stepped from the narrow corridor into Deborah’s room and flopped down onto the bed. “Wow, this humidity really takes it out of you.”

“Well I hope you have enough left to party tonight, girl.”, Deborah replied as she put her lacy underwear into her suit case.

“Looks like someone is on the prowl tonight.” Janine grinned.

“You bet, I think we should check into the resort, unpack, take a nap and then maybe snooze until we're ready to go out.”

“Sounds good, I hear there is a disco, maybe we should check it out?”

“Great!" Deborah replied, as the shipboard announcement droned through the speakers. Janine and Deborah grabbed their suit cases and headed out into the corridor. Unfortunately for them the corridor was already packed with passengers. They made their way along the corridor until they could go no further.

The two dancers placed their bags in front of them and stood facing each other casually chatting about the trip so far. As the ship approached the dock the passengers swayed back and forth as the engines struggled to slow the ship. Several times the two girls were pressed close. Each time their breasts pressed close, and rubbed against each other. Both girls, their nipples aroused and excited the by the close contact, looked away. Neither wanted the other to know of her secret desires, at least not yet.

Eventually the ship stopped with a sudden halt, thrusting the unsuspecting passengers forward. Deborah was flung into Janine who toppled over her suitcase and landed spread eagle with Deborah falling on top of her. Both girls floundered around trying to get up, but only worsened their situation as they struggled to disentangle their slender limbs.

Deborah could feel Janine’s hard nipples stabbing at her breasts as she tried to free herself, and Janine, for her part, could feel Deborah’s hot crotch pressed against her thigh. Eventually, a friendly passenger pulled Deborah free, providing Janine with a close up view of Deborah’s panties as she stood over her. Deborah hurriedly pulled her skirt down and then reached down to pull Janine to her feet. Slightly flustered, and more that a little aroused by the intimate contact, the girls followed the rest of the passengers off the ship and caught a taxi to the resort.

The romantic resort was situated right on the coast, just a short taxi ride from the boat dock. It had an enticing feel about it with its exotic palm-thatched chalets and magnificent pool. Bikini clad servants wandered the lawns offering drinks to the guests lounging beside the pool. Masseuses slowly kneaded the jaded guest’s tense muscles back to life. Lush green lawns and tall palm trees grew right down to the white sandy beach.

“Wow,” Janine said. “This place looks wonderful!”

“Yeah, but something is missing.” Deborah replied.

“What’s that?”

“I don’t see any single men, come to think of it I only see couples.” Deborah replied.

“For God sakes Deborah, we haven’t even checked in. Don’t write it off yet. Besides, we still have the disco tonight.”

The girls checked in. But were disappointed when all they had left was a double and a single bedroom.

“We’ll take turns” Janine said. “You can have the first night in the double.”

“Well, ok if you insist.” Deborah smiled. “But what about you, if you meet someone at the disco?”

Janine, slightly miffed that Deborah had agreed to it without even offering to let her have the first night, replied with noticeable spite, “What do you mean if….? Don’t worry Honey I’ll take care of myself, besides, there's another disco tomorrow night.”

The girl’s chalet was right on the beach. Both women changed back into their thong bikinis and sauntered out on to the deck. After half an hour in the blazing sun, Janine called for room service and five minutes later, Sung Li, a scantily clad Thai girl arrived with a sumptuous feast of fresh fruits and delicious cocktails for them.

Sung Li was a rather tall girl with bigger than average breasts for a Thai girl. Her bikini clearly was a size too small. As she sexily climbed the steps to the girls' deck her firm breasts rose and fell in rhythm with each step. Both of the girls watched this nymph as she approached taking in the view of her various assets.

She placed the drinks and fruit in front of them and asked if she could offer anyone a massage. Janine accepted immediately. Sung Li proceeded to knead Janine’s shoulders and back muscles. Janine moaned her approval as Sung Li worked her fingers into every muscle in Janine’s back.

Deborah watched, glancing from Janine and Sung Li to the ocean and back again. “Sung Li, what is the Island in front of us?”

“Oh that is Lust Island.” Sung Li giggled.

“Lust Island?” Janine and Deborah replied simultaneously.

“Yes… Honeymoon Island.. You know?”

“Oh..." they both said sounding decidedly disappointed.

“So where are all the single men Sung Li?” Deborah replied sounding a little hopeful.

“Oh, there’s not many single men here. Honeymoon special, this month. Lots of couples, not many singles.”

Deborah and Janine glanced at each other, their expressions revealing their thoughts. Sung Li saw the disappointment in their faces. “You never know, maybe some at disco?”

That night both of the girls pulled out all the stops, wearing the shortest of skirts and the highest of heels, lips colored red like fire, busts were squeezed and bras pushed to the limit as the two vixens made the most of every appealing asset they possessed. Janine wore a short black dress that accentuated her toned thighs and clung to her figure leaving little to the imagination. Deborah for her part wore a white skirt and matching cut-off blouse that revealed her shapely tanned stomach and accentuated her full bosom.

Both girls traded praising comments as they watched each other dress, finding it hard not to stare. Each girl tried to outdo the other in an unspoken competition. They finished dressing and headed off along the path to the all night disco at the far end of the resort. They could hear the dull thud of the bass and wondered what awaited them. The dim lights and smoky atmosphere greeted them as they entered the disco. Heads turned as the two amazons entered, casually looking about and then walking stride for stride to the bar. They planned to have a quick drink to wet their lips before they hit the floor.

The disco was near full, the girls ordered and causally checked out who was who in the place. Deborah sighed, “They’re all couples, Have you seen anyone interesting?”

“Nope, not one, unless you want a threesome. Its full of couples slow dancing.”

The girls had their drink and then another, the barmen kept them occupied with the odd joke. But neither of the girls were in the mood to take home the sloth behind the bar. Eventually, frustrated, they decided to show the crowd a thing or two about dancing and headed for the floor. At first, they started slowly, a slow rhythm, dancing around the crowd hoping to bump into Mr. Stud, as Deborah called him. Frustrated at the lack of male talent, Janine and Deborah began to dance with each other, shaking their buxom breasts and grinding their buttocks together whenever they came back to back.

Gyrating their sexy hips from side to side they were doing their best to turn each other on. It was working too, both girls getting more and more aroused by the other. The girls were pressed back to back, grinding their tight buns together when a single Latin American male caught Deborah’s attention. Salvador, the club's dance instructor had just entered the room.

“Wow!” Janine said having just spotted him. “He’s cute!”

“Sorry, Blondee, but I spotted him first!” Deborah purred, and with that side stepped. Janine, off balance, fell backwards and landed painfully on her butt. The crowd laughed at her misfortune. Deborah strutted straight up to Salvador, thrusting out her pert tits, and sexily moving her hips from side to side, every bit the sexual predator.

Janine picked herself up off the floor, brushing the dust off her tight ass and fuming that the dark haired bitch had made a fool of her. She glared at Deborah and Salvador who were by now entangled in a fast waltz. She sat at the bar, angry at herself that she hadn’t seen him first, and angrier still that Deborah had. Sharing a room with Deborah had seemed like a good idea at first, but now she felt nothing but rage toward her sexy roommate. If this bitch thinks she can have him without so much as a by your leave she was seriously mistaken.

Janine sat at the bar watching the Brunette and the Latin dancer grind their bodies into each. She felt a shiver of arousal as Deborah twisted and turned shaking her tight buns and rubbing her large breasts against him at every opportunity. Janine wasn’t sure what was turning her on more, the thought of spending a night with the Latin hunk or the thought of kicking Deborah’s cute ass.

Deborah was clearly enjoying the attentions of the younger male as he matched her every twist and turn. Eventually they returned to the bar. Janine, clearly fuming about the turn of events, greeted them with an icy stare. Deborah went bouncing up to her, only too eager to introduce her new, soon to be conquest, Latin friend. “Hey, why the long face?, this is Salvador.”

Janine ignored Deborah’s obvious attempts to show off, turning instead to Salvador and giving him a hug, making sure he got a good feel of her hard nipples pressing into his chest, all the while smiling at Deborah who was unimpressed to say the least.

“Hi Salvador, I’m Janine pleased to meet you.”

Salvador grinned, kissing her on the cheek. “I’m honored” he replied, "to have the company of such exquisite ladies.”

“Poor little Janine can’t find a man… “ Deborah jibed.

That did it, Janine glared at Deborah and then grabbed Salvador’s hand. “Come on handsome, I’ll show you what a real dancer can do.”

Deborah started to say something but Janine roughly pushed into her, forcing her to sit on a barstool as she and Salvador headed into the crowd, but not so far that Deborah couldn’t see them. Janine knew Deborah would be watching them like a hawk.

The tango started playing and Janine and Salvador took center stage wowing the crowd with stunning twirls and spine bending dips. Salvador was clearly enjoying having a partner who knew how to dance, let alone one with the glorious curves that Janine possessed. When the tango finished the crowd cheered. A slow waltz started and Janine pulled Salvador close, she could feel his member pressing into her pelvis and she smiled a sexy smile. “My, my, what a big boy.” she said as she smiled into Salvador’s eyes. The two dancers laughed together as they slowly toured the dance floor, flirting with each other.

Deborah, meanwhile, was at the bar, quietly fuming, "the blonde tramp better not get any ideas about taking her man home or she would show her a thing or two." She glared at Janine. Janine, catching her stare, blew her a kiss, knowing it would infuriate her even more, but not caring. She liked Salvador and had decided he was worth a little bitchy-ness from her temporary roommate. Besides, it felt good knowing she had got one over the little tramp.

The music stopped and the band took a break. Janine and Salvador returned to the bar. Janine, aroused by her intimate dance with Salvador, sported fully erect nipples that clearly stood out through her tight fitting black dress. Deborah pretended not to be miffed by the whole affair, but positioned herself between Janine and Salvador at the bar.

“You dance very well Salvador. A dancer like you could make even the most awkward dancer look good.” she commented as she gave Janine an icy sneer. Janine returned the stare, glaring at her equally proportioned rival.

“Well, that dance got me all excited!” she exclaimed as she gave Salvador a wink. “I think Ill just go and freshen up.” Deborah said she needed to freshen up herself and both ladies started for the toilets. As Janine and Deborah turned to go they bumped awkwardly together. They moved left and then right, and finally came chest to chest, eliciting a grunt from both as they awkwardly bumped together. The women glared at each other, neither wanting to back down.

“Do you need a dancing lesson, Honey”, Deborah spat at Janine.

“I don’t think I’m the one that needs the lesson?" Janine spat back as the girls glared at each other. Salvador intervened, noticing the tension and stepped aside. Janine pushed past and Deborah thrust her chest into Janine’s as she did so. Their full breasts rubbed against each other as they slid past. Deborah stalked after Janine as the girls strode to the Ladies Room. Each eager to get back to Salvador before the other.

Janine headed straight for the first stall and locked the door behind her. Deborah took the one next to her. The girls, both quietly fuming, exited the stalls almost on cue, sharing the single basin front of the mirror.

“Janine, I hope you're not staying because you feel obligated to or anything? I’m sure Salvador will see me home.”

“No no, I wouldn’t dream of leaving you here, besides, Salvador said he wants, at least, another close dance with me… and I'd hate to leave him… unsatisfied.”

The spite in their voices was clear, and as they both rushed for the narrow doorway, another collision occurred.

“You really do need to control your feet more, Deborah.”

“Oh please, like you can out dance me, bimbo.” The girls were toe to toe and pushing into each other. As their argument developed. “Well, why don’t we find out then bitch?” Janine continued.

“Ha, I’d love too, but I have other plans for tonight. I want a little fun that will last longer than the five minutes it’ll take to wipe you off the dance floor.”

“Well, we’ll see about that!” Janine retorted. This time Deborah pushed into Janine catching her off balance, and pushed her against the wall. “Bitch!” Janine hissed.

The sexy blonde followed the tall brunette closely, watching her shapely ass as it sexily made its way to the bar. Salvador, however, was nowhere insight. The girls ordered another round of drinks, leaning on the bar, glaring at each other, their hard nipples pointing menacing at each others. They were about to start into each other again when Sung Li arrived from behind them. “Hi girls, how’s your night going?”

“Just great,” Deborah sighed. “There was only one decent man here and Janine scared him off.”

“Its all right Sung Li, Deborah’s dancing is a little off and she’s finding it a little hard to deal with.”

“Girls, girls, don’t worry, there are plenty more discos. You will get your piece of ass, don’t worry.”

Deborah and Janine continued antagonizing each other well into the night, but Sung Li, seemingly oblivious to it all, would somehow come between the angry femmes, unwittingly stopping a cat-fight from commencing. Sung Li, for the most part, appeared not to notice the tension between the women and by 1:00am all three were feeling the effects of the fruit cocktails the barmen had been supplying them with. Sung Li, said she had to go, as the last bus would be leaving soon.

“No, don’t go, Sung, stay with us!” Janine exclaimed, not wanting to spend a night alone with the Brunette bitch. “We have a double bed. You can stay with us.” Janine continued.

“You sure?” Sung Li replied. “I would be very grateful.” Deborah glared at Janine, knowing that the small double would make for an uncomfortable nights sleep, but she couldn’t turn down the happy little maid.

At around 3:00am the girls made their way to the chalet on the beach. Their high heels echoing into the night as the trio wandered along the path. As they entered the room, Deborah made her way to the bedroom. “Come with me Sung Li, I’ll show you where you are sleeping.”

Janine waved good night to Sung Li. “Oh Deborah, I won't forget that dance lesson I promised you. See me whenever you feel up to it.”

Deborah ignored the remark and slammed the bedroom door. She wanted to take that bitch down right now. Just the thought of pulling on the blonde’s nipples until she screamed out her surrender had her blood pumping. Janine undressed, still pissed with the brunette, but content in the knowledge that she wouldn’t have the best of sleep.

Janine stripped naked and dove onto the bed. She lay atop the cool sheets and thought about the night. She remembered the feel of Deborah’s chest pushed against hers and her hot breath against her face. She would get that bitch, she imagined what would have happened if Sung Li hadn’t stayed the night. She drifted off into a dream filled sleep.

Deborah, meanwhile, was still trying to get to sleep. Sung Li wasn’t very big but she had rudely taken up a lot of the bed. Deborah was accustomed to sleeping in the nude, but she didn’t feel like she could, not knowing Sung Li very well. The high humidity and extra body heat, combined with the unfamiliar feel of a T-shirt and panties was making it hard for her to get cool, but more than anything she was still fuming at the blonde bitch in the room next door. Try as she might she could not get her out of her mind. She kept thinking how good it felt to be atop her in the corridor of the boat and to feel her squirming helplessly trying to get up.

Eventually Deborah had enough. She got up to get some water. Sung Li remained asleep and had begun to snore softly. Deborah quietly made her way out into the combined lounge kitchen and poured herself a drink of water. She was sipping it, relishing the cool sensation as it made its way down her throat. As she looked about the dimly lit room, lighted only by external beach lamps, she noticed Janine’s door was ajar. At first she ignored it, but eventually her curiosity of what the blonde looked like in her sleep got the better of her.

She carefully made her way to the door, stopping with each step and listening intently for any noise that would tell her that the blonde seductress was awake. As she approached the door she could hear the soft breath of Janine as she slept. She peered through the slightly open door. The blonde was on her back, nude for all the world to see. Light from the external lamps, illuminated the supple blondes naked form. Janine had one leg outstretched and the other hung over the side of the bed. Her pert boobs sat upright on her tanned chest and her erect nipples cast tiny shadows over the lower half of her breasts. The blonde dreamed on unaware of her watcher.

As the brunette watched the dreaming blonde, she was mesmerized by the rise and fall of her pert breasts. Aroused, she reached down and touched her closely trimmed pussy. She stared taking note of the blonde's every contour, her nipples erect and pussy getting ever aroused with every minute she stayed. The blonde moaned, and began to talk in her sleep. She occasionally thrust her hips upwards a small distance. Just a subtle lifting of the hips, but it aroused the brunette even more. Then, for the first time, she heard the blonde give a soft moan. Stunned, she watched on as the blonde moved a hand down to her pubes and softly caressed her pussy. “Suck me bitch.” she heard Janine whisper. Deborah couldn’t believe it, worried the blonde would wake at any moment she started to withdraw. Then she heard her speak again. “Harder Deborah,…” the voice trailed off, but Deborah had heard enough.

Incensed the blonde could even think she would suck her pussy after the nights events, she fumed clenching her fists and wanting to storm into the blondes room and take her on right then and there. She placed the glass down on the bench. Slowly she removed her wet panties and T-shirt. She ran her fingers through her long hair and imagined what it would feel like to do the same to the blonde only on a far more violent scale.

She checked on Sung Li, she was still sleeping snoring even louder. She crept into Janine’s room, her naked form towering over the sleeping blonde, who had resumed her outstretched position. Deborah could smell the blonde’s sex, and she could see Janine’s wet pussy glistening in the soft light. “Ok’, she said to herself. “Sleep times over blondee, no more fantasies tonight.”

Deborah crept up to the bed, she bent over the blonde and reached down to her pussy. In one quick motion she grabbed Janine’s pussy and dove atop the blonde. Using her other hand to cover the blondes mouth. Janine woke up just as Deborah bore down on her. She started to scream but only a muffle came out as Deborah’s hand stifled her outrage. The girls stared into each other’s eyes. In an unspoken agreement Deborah removed her hand from Janine’s mouth.

“Get off me!” Janine hissed, attempting to buck Deborah off. Deborah gave a hard tug on Janine’s pubes. “Owww you bitch!”

“Shhhh now lets not try that again, Janine. Unless you want a bald pussy.” Deborah hissed into Janine’s face.

“What do you want you fucking Lesbo?” Janine spat back, unable to move with Deborah’s naked form pressed onto her own and her sensitive pussy in the brunette's strong grasp.

“Oh, lets not pretend, I heard you dreaming about me. Only that’s all it is bimbo, a dream. You’re the one who will be eating pussy.”

“You're real tough, sneaking in when I’m asleep. What’s the matter, scared you can’t handle a real fight?”

“I just didn’t want you screaming for help slut.” Deborah released her grip on Janine’s pubes. “There, you can stop sniveling now.” For a moment the two women stared into each others eyes, sweat trickled down their interlocked thighs and their foreheads glistened in the soft light. Janine bucked upwards, and used her outstretched leg to push off the floor. Deborah tried to stop her but was off balance with one arm trapped between their bodies. Janine soon reversed the positions.

Janine stared down at Deborah, “How do like the feeling of my hard tits bitch?”

The woman’s bodies pressed together as they struggled to gain the topmost position. Hard nipples pressed against bare breast, long supple legs entwined and strained against each other. Deborah’s arm was still trapped between their bodies. She grabbed at Janine’s vulnerable pussy, sharply tugging on her blonde pubes. Janine raised herself up, slapping Deborah’s hand away. It was enough for Deborah to free her arm. Janine slammed herself hard into Deborah, with a loud smack as four breasts collided in sweaty combat. Their wet mounds grinding into each other as the angry femmes, aroused by the intimate combat, tried to dominate each other.

Deborah turned her head violently sideways, catching Janine in the nose with her forehead. Janine was stunned with her eyes watering. Deborah thrust up again and managed to roll Janine to the side.

“Fucking dirty bitch!" Janine hissed as she released her hand lock and grabbed the brunette's long hair, viciously pulling it. Deborah responded in kind, and the tough women rolled around the bed, tearing at each other’s hair. Deborah again managed to roll on top, just as stirrings from the room next door, stopped the erotic struggle in its tracks. Panting, they listened. Sung Li was waking up. She had heard noises from the room next door and got out of bed.

“Get off me slut!” Janine hissed, not wanting to be seen in their compromising position. Deborah released her hold on Janine’s hair and slithered down the bed. She was stopped by a sharp tug on her own hair.

Sung Li knocked at Janine’s door. Deborah attempted to move further down the bed, but was stopped by a vicious tug on her hair by Janine. Janine quickly pulled the covers over her and Deborah’s naked forms whilst maintaining her hold on Deborah’s hair.

“Uh, its all right Sung, I was having a dream, did I wake you?”

Janine pulled Deborah’s face into her pussy. Deborah grunted and struggled to free herself from the wet pussy covering her face, whilst trying not to arouse suspicion from Sung Li who was still at the door.

Sung Li, asked where Deborah was. “Oh, she said she was going to catch some air, she couldn’t sleep.” Janine cooed, all the while grinding her pussy into the hapless Deborah’s sexy face.

Sung Li, satisfied everything was ok, made her exit and retired to the bedroom. At once Deborah flew out from under the covers, her face covered in Janine’s juices. The women grappled with each other, eventually coming to rest face to face, their hands locked in each others hair. Deborah on top, her face glistening with Janine’s cum and fuming from her ordeal, she hissed at Janine. “I hope you enjoyed that, stripper, because it’s your turn now!”

“Fuck you, bitch!” Janine spat back. Simultaneously the girls pulled their mouths to one another and kissed hard, their tongues wrestling and struggling to dominate the other. Eventually, they parted panting and out of breath. “We can’t settle this here” Janine spoke. “We will wake Sung Li.”

“You're not getting out of this so easy slut,” Deborah returned “Let's go to the beach.”

“Good, the waves will cover the sounds of your screams bitch.” Janine harshly whispered. The woman glared at each other, sweat trickling down their faces. Deborah sat up, her pussy resting against Janine’s. She gave a quick thrust, Janine responded in kind.

“You think that weak cunt will beat my hot cunt, bimbo?” Deborah snorted. “My pussy will grind yours dry you fucking dyke!” Janine growled back.

Warm juices flowed between the Amazon's mounds as they savored the break in combat. “Anytime you're ready bitch!” Janine sneered up at Deborah. Deborah reluctantly got up, enjoying sitting on the hot blonde beneath her. Deborah crept out of the room, checking to see if there were any couples on the lamp-lit beach. Carefully she made her way down the steps, and out onto the cool sand. The girls' chalet was obscured by two large palm trees, and the chances of a passerby seeing the naked combatants at 4:00am was remote. Even so, Deborah did not want to be interrupted, dominating that blonde slut was the only thing on her mind.

Deborah arrived at the beach, she turned expecting to see the naked blonde behind her, but Janine wasn’t there? That cowardly slut she thought. Where the fuck is she? The cool night air had turned Deborah’s nipples hard as rocks and her wet pussy ached to feel the hot blonde's quim against her own. She paced back and forth, about to go back to the chalet. She looked up to see the blonde walking toward her with something in her hand. As Janine approached Deborah could see she had a large strap on Dildo.

“Just what the fuck do you think you are you going to do with that?”

Janine placed the glistening black dildo on the base of a palm tree that grew out over the beach like an enormous erection.

“This is for when I beat you, afterwards I’m going to fuck that weak pussy of yours until you scream.”

“You’ll regret bringing that slut, your ass is mine.” Deborah motioned Janine forward. The women’s tanned bodies, reflected the soft light. Hard nipples cast small shadows over their voluptuous breasts and their pubic mounds stood out like dark triangles pointing to the chosen land.

Janine charged at Deborah, diving into her. Deborah was taken by surprise and the two women crashed to the sand. Deborah grabbing hold of Janine’s hair and shaking her head for all she was worth. Janine was in agony from the vicious assault and she screamed insults at Deborah. She flailed her arms, trying to punch the dark haired Amazon wherever it would hurt.

Failing to connect with most of her blows, Janine changed tactics and grabbed the brunette's orbs, squeezing and pulling with all her strength. It was Deborah’s turn to scream now, releasing Janine’s hair, she grabbed Janine’s wrists pulling her hands away from her aching orbs. The battling femmes struggled to their feet, their arms held high above their heads in a test of strength.

Growling and spitting insults at each other, each woman tried to force the other to her knees. Muscles stood out on their thighs, calf muscles bulged as the two vixens struggled against each other in the soft white sand. Tiring from the arduous battle, each woman tried to twist the other and throw her off balance. With each turn the girls moved further down the beach, closer to the small waves that rolled onto the white sand beach.

Deborah was tiring, and Janine forced her back even further. Knee high waves were now pushing at the girls, making it harder to maintain their balance. Sensing that Deborah was flagging Janine twisted again, throwing Deborah off balance and sending her flying towards the shore. Deborah tripped and fell in the shallow water. The salty water stinging her scratched boobs, she got up fast, turning to face the approaching blonde Amazon.

“Ha, you weak slut!” Janine scoffed, “You're getting fat in your old age.”

Deborah cocked her right arm back and charged Janine, slamming her fist into the gut of the over-confident blonde. The blow sat Janine back on her firm ass, as a larger than usual wave washed over her. She quickly got to her feet, slightly winded. Both girls, now wet and washed of sand, stood panting catching their breath.

Deborah moved first, slapping the blonde's left tit and getting a piercing squeal for her efforts. Janine returned the favor, with hard slaps to the brunette’s tender orbs. Fearing her sore tits would not hold up to a tit-fight, Deborah embraced Janine in a tight bear-hug, the sexy vixens' breasts mashing together and their erect nipples pushing into the other's soft flesh. The women staggered about in the shallow water, each trying to crush the other.

“How do my hard tits feels bitch?” Janine challenged the dark haired raven. “Save your strength bimbo!” Deborah snorted, and with that grabbed the blonde's tight buns and clawed at them with her sharp nails. Janine screamed, her first instinct to push away, but Deborah pressed her advantage, clawing harder at Janine’s buns and pulling them hard toward her, at the same time she ground her pussy into the blonde's.

Janine moaned at the unexpected arousal, and instinctively bucked against the brunette. Deborah enjoyed the look of astonishment on the blonde's face, making the most of her advantage by grinding into the blonde's wet pussy. Janine knew she was in trouble, she could feel her clitoris hardening and the brunette's pussy was hot and wet against her own. Her orgasm building, she struggled to break free of the intimate hug. She stomped hard on her rival's foot. Deborah, enjoying humping the blonde's pussy, was shocked, screaming her surprise and releasing her bear-hug.

Janine quickly cocked her arm back sending a powerful blow to Deborah’s vulnerable stomach. Winded, the brunette clutched her stomach. Janine grabbed her hair and pulled her forward bringing her knee up at the same time. The knee to head sent Deborah flying backwards, she landed on her back dazed, small waves washed over her as she groggily tried to get up. But it was too late, Janine was on her in a flash. She sat down on Deborah’s wet cunt, grinding her wet snatch into Deborah's.

Deborah squealed as the blonde humped her snatch. She tried to buck Janine off, but that only increased her arousal. Janine sat atop her like a rodeo rider, moaning at the exotic sensations Deborah’s desperate motions were producing. Deborah was moaning too, her pussy was slick with their combined juices and she could feel her orgasm approaching fast. She tried to sit up, but Janine slapped her hard in the face.

“How does it feel bitch?” Janine snarled at Deborah, who bucked beneath her, moaning and no longer able to control herself. Deborah felt her first orgasm rip through her body. She bucked and screamed, but Janine wouldn’t stop, grinding harder in Deborah’s now over sensitive pussy. “Who’s the better woman?” Janine hissed.

Deborah, silent aside from the moans, tried to break free, but couldn’t. In blissful agony now, tears streamed down her face as she sobbed out her surrender. Janine, her own orgasm now ripping through her body, bucked and twisted atop her sobbing rival and shook with sheer delight as her orgasm racked her supple body.

\Janine wearily got to her feet. She grabbed Deborah by her hair and dragged her to her feet. Deborah, partially recovered, stood facing her blonde victor. Janine kissed her hard on the lips. Deborah responded, their tongues twisting and wrestling once
more in competition.

"Mmmm, you have a strong tongue.” Janine purred.

Deborah, reading Janine’s mind, spat back “Fuck you!”

With one hand Janine grabbed Deborah’s hair pulling her face to hers, and with the other she plunged two fingers deeply into the raven haired beauty's sensitive wet snatch. Deborah gasped, unable to move.

“I won, bitch!” Janine snarled, “or do I have beat you again tonight?”

Deborah, knowing she was beaten tonight, kissed Janine on the lips, softly at first but as passion took over a long wet kiss developed, the fighting femmes pressed their bodies together.

“Very good,” Janine mused and led Deborah by the hair back up the beach, collecting her shiny black love tool on the way. Janine led Deborah down the beach, past the chalet to where the white sand met the closely cropped grass of the resort lawn. Here she roughly pushed Deborah to her knees. Casting her dildo to one side she lay down in front of Deborah, who continued to kneel, looking down at her gloating victor.

“Let's put that strong tongue of yours to work.” Janine purred as she spread her legs exposing her blonde pussy to the luscious brunette. Deborah tentatively bent forward, her tongue flicking out, tasting the blonde's wet snatch. Janine moaned, her hands reaching down and grabbing Deborah’s hair and pulling her face hard into her throbbing pussy.

Deborah, her air supply limited, tried to pull away, emitting plaintive gasps as she struggled to catch her breath. Janine bucked and moaned as waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Warm juices covered Deborah’s face as she licked and sucked at Janine’s wet cunt. For what seemed like an eternity to Deborah, Janine ground her pussy into her face, her hot juices running down her chin until at last, with her hips thrusting uncontrollably, her hard clit quivering before Deborah as she sucked it for one final time.

Janine screamed, her whole body shook as her orgasm ripped through her, wave after wave of aching pleasure, her bucking slowly subsiding as the last wave tore through the blonde’s body.

Both girls lay panting on the cool dew soaked grass, Janine from pleasure and Deborah from lack of breath. Deborah was fuming, she couldn’t believe she had been forced to eat the blonde sluts snatch. The blonde, still exhausted from her love making, rolled onto her front, allowing the cool grass to caress her sensitive tits.

Deborah, seeing her opportunity, quietly fastened the strap-on Dildo. Janine, lying in ecstasy with her back to Deborah, was completely unaware of her impending peril. A wry smile crept over Deborah’s face. "If she wants a fuck, I’ll give her a fuck," she thought to herself. Deborah slapped Janine hard on the right buttock cheek, the sizzling blow leaving an angry red welt on the blonde Amazon.

Janine screamed in surprise, “Ooooh, you fucking cow, you haven’t learned your lesson have you?” She got to her knees before Deborah mounted her from behind. Plunging the black dildo into the blonde's tight asshole, Janine screamed again and struggled to free herself. But Deborah held her tight, the dildo plunging further into her tight ass. Deborah pulled Janine’s head back by the hair and fucked her hard and fast. Janine, sobbing and exhausted by her sexploits, was powerless to stop the raven haired seductress from continuing her attack.

Deborah rode Janine like a cowboy of old, rocking back and forth in a well worn saddle. Her strong thighs gripping Janine’s muscular form, Deborah could feel her own orgasm building as she rode faster and faster. The black love tool pressed into her hard mound arousing her even further. At last she bucked and moaned as her orgasm pulsed through her, pushing Janine flat onto the wet grass. Deborah lay on top of Janine, enjoying her orgasm, panting and taunting the sobbing Janine. “You have a tight ass slut, I think I'll do you again.”

She was about to start again when activity from the resort caught her attention. Somebody must have heard the slut's screams. She unfastened the dildo, leaving it sticking out of Janine’s tight ass. Rolling Janine over she straddled her.

“Here bitch,” she teased Janine, and then ground her pussy into Janine’s face. “Get a taste of tomorrow.” That said, she turned and ran down the beach to the chalet. Deborah crept back to her room, a snoring Sung Li greeted her arrival, frustrated that she couldn’t have fucked the blonde one more time. Her pussy throbbed and longed to thrust against the blonde's, on her face she could still smell the sex of the blonde vixen. She lay awake listening for the blondes return.

Janine could taste the brunette's sex on her lips, her ass hurt from the unwelcome intrusion of her own dildo. She stood up, pulling the 9 inch dildo out of her ass with a grunt. "Aoowww!" she would pay for this she growled. Janine walked slowly down the beach, ignoring the noises from the resort. She staggered up the steps to her chalet and crept into her bedroom.

“You will pay bitch” she whispered through the thin walls. No response came but Janine knew her rival had heard. She quickly fell asleep, dreaming of their next encounter.

To be continued