(by GARY)

The Morning After

The next day, the women slept late. By the end of the previous nights sex-fight it was nearly dawn and both combatants were exhausted. Janine awoke first, at around 2:00pm, stretching her aching limbs, and rubbing her tender nipples. She carefully felt her sore scalp where the sleeping bitch in the adjacent room had grabbed her hair. She felt her pussy, still wet and deliciously sticky from their erotic combat, tentatively she felt every crevice and muscle of her long slender body. Surprisingly, apart from a couple of bruises and a red welt on her ass cheek the athletic dancer had come through the lust filled ordeal in good condition.

She knew that her dark haired rival would also be in a similar condition. She remembered the previous night, beating the brunette’s pussy with her own blonde snatch on the beach. She remembered the wonderful feeling of her defeated rival's face pushed against her pussy, her hot tongue snaking into her love hole. Unconsciously she touched her pussy feeling her clitoris hardening, a wave of pleasure sweeping through her body.

She remembered her orgasm, how it swept through her body totally exhausting her. She remembered the feel of the cool grass on her breasts. Then she remembered being pushed harder into the ground, the brunette mounting her from behind and fucking her tight ass-hole with Janine’s own dildo. Her anger at the brunette returned and, unable to lie still in her bed any longer, Janine got up.

She wandered naked out into the lounge, her career as a stripper having removed any inhibitions about her body, and Deborah had already had a close up view of her assets. On the table was a note from Sung Li. She had gone to work and thanked them for their hospitality. Janine peered into the adjacent bedroom observing the sleeping form of the dark haired bitch who had taken her from behind. Deborah was sleeping soundly.

As she opened the freezer to get some ice a devilish smile crept over Janine’s luscious red lips. She carefully removed all the ice from the freezer and put it into a bucket of water. She waited until the ice started to melt, forming a freezing cold slurry. She rubbed her cold hands on her warm breasts, her nipples standing instantly to attention. Carefully, she crept into Deborah’s bedroom.

With a scream Deborah awoke to the freezing slush hitting her exposed skin, her nipples and body sitting bolt upright. “Aoowwww you fucking slut!” Deborah screamed as she jumped up off the bed and lunged at the laughing blonde standing in her doorway, tackling her and sending them both rolling into the lounge. The shock of the cold water enraged Deborah. She attacked Janine with a fury that both surprised and excited Janine.

The gorgeous vixens grappled on the floor of their chalet’s lounge, tearing at each other’s hair and rolling around, knocking the coffee table over and sending the welcome fruit basket flying. Their long supple legs entwining and squeezing, trying to dominate, trying to arouse, trying to make the other submit.

“You fucking slut!” Deborah roared “How many times do I have to fuck your tight ass before you admit I’m the better woman?”

“Fuck you, bitch!” Janine spat back. “You can’t beat me fair and square and you know it!”

Laying side by side, the vixens grabbed each others' hair pulling their faces together and pressing their fire engine red lips against each other, their powerful tongues snaking out stabbing into their opponent's wet mouth. They held the kiss, tongue wrestling until, short of breath, they broke off rolling apart.

The nude warriors got to their feet, panting from their brief struggle. Janine sexily ran her hand down her thigh. Deborah’s wet pussy had left a shiny wet trail.

“Still can't get enough of me, huh?” Janine purred at Deborah.

“Pity you're not woman enough to satisfy me, slut.” Deborah snarled back.

“I’ll give you all the satisfaction you can handle, and more bitch!” Janine shot back as she advanced on Deborah.

“Let’s finish this, slut!” Deborah roared as the two women came together in a tight bear-hug. Grunting, their faces inches apart, they stumbled about the room. They were locked in this tense entanglement when Sung Li and another young maid came through the door. Shocked, Sung Li and the maid watched the two embracing femmes move around the room grunting, hissing and occasionally moaning as sensitive nipples were pushed against each other and wet pussys humped against firm thighs. For a while Janine and Deborah continued their erotic dance, not noticing their unwanted spectators for several minutes. When they did, they quickly separated, struggling to catch their breath.

“I was just showing Deborah some new dance moves,” Janine panted, “but I’m afraid she needs a lot of work.”

Deborah sneered at Janine, “I hate to disagree, honey, but I think your timing is way off.”

Sung Li and the maid couldn’t help staring at the nude forms before them, their exquisite bodies glistened with sweat from their erotic maneuvers, and their well toned muscles stood out. In particular, their attention was drawn to each woman’s aroused genitals. Sung Li eventually got around to introducing her companion, Akira, a Thai woman the same age as her who was a new maid at the resort. Sung Li had been assigned to introduce her to her new job and show her around the resort for the first few days. Both Sung Li and Akira noticed the tension between the two naked femmes in front of them.

After an uncomfortable silence, Janine and Deborah retired to their rooms to change and shower. Akira and Sung Li went about cleaning up the coffee table and fruit basket, and tidying up the chalet. Akira was almost identical to Sung Li, her shoulder length hair was only marginally shorter, her pert breasts were not quite as rounded as Sung Li’s but were just as big. As the two bikini clad maids worked, they casually chatted about life. Akira had met a guy at the local disco and she told Sung Li that he had been the best she had had in a long time.

As they came closer together, putting the discarded fruit back into the bowl, Akira whispered to Sung Li. “What has happened with the two girls? They seem quite upset with each other, and did you see that dancing?”

Sung Li grinned, “I saw them last night at the disco. They were both trying to bed Salvador, the Dance Instructor, but he is taken. He’s mine!” Akira was engrossed in the story. She listened intently as Sung Li described how she had watched the two girls compete on the dance floor for him. “It was really erotic, the way they were teasing Salvador. Salvador knew I was there though he was just teasing them.” Sung Li continued.

“Really?” Akira said, totally engrossed in Sung Li’s story. “What happened?”

“Oh, Salvador had to dance at another disco, so he left. I wanted to see what would happen between the two girls so I stayed to watch, I thought they might have a fight or something. In the end they saw me. So I ended up having drinks with them.”

Akira by now was seated on the coffee table, her attention totally on Sung Li and her story.

“It was late and they offered to let me stay with them, so I did,” Sung Li continued as she finished tidying up the fruit arrangement.

“What about Salvador?” Akira asked, “Oh I think he can manage one night without my company.” Sung Li put her hands on her hips, sexily swaying from side to side, “He’ll just be a little hungrier tonight!” She laughed.

“So, tell me about this guy you met.” Sung Li started, but was cut short by the return of the two American women, each outfitted in tight thong bikinis ready for another days glorious sunshine.

“Would you like a massage now?” Sung Li asked the two women. Deborah jumped at the chance, “Oh, that would be wonderful!” she cooed, “I’m a bit stiff from last nights thrusting,” she purred at Janine, “…on the dance floor.” Janine smiled back, not willing to show the slightest bit of aggravation, “I think I’ll go for a walk. Last night didn’t really get my blood pumping enough.” Janine casually strode out of the chalet and made her way down to the beach.

Deborah and Sung Li made their way to the deck and Deborah proceeded to lay down on the towel that Sung Li had laid out for her. Akira, without a body to rub her hands on, bade her farewell. She told Sung Li she would see her at lunch and walked off down the path to the resort.

She made her way to the far end of the resort, where she had a room. Akira was from the mainland and the resort had given her one of the less desirable rooms to stay in while she found permanent accommodation on the Island. She carefully opened the door, casting her eyes around the darkened room. The curtains were still pulled from the night before. She slowly wandered into the bedroom, grinning up at her from the bed was the naked form of Salvador, his thick penis stiffening at the entrance of the bikini clad maid.

“Mmmm,” Akira purred, “I like a man who’s always ready for action.” Akira stripped off her bikini and sexily strode over to the naked Salvador, pushing him flat on the bed. Her naked body towered over him as she eyed his muscle toned body. With slow deliberate movements Akira straddled Salvador’s waist, her pussy rubbing against his hot shaft. Salvador gasped at the sensation, relishing the warm wet feeling. He thrust up towards her womanhood.

Akira laughed, but despite Salvador’s frantic attempts to plunge his angry member into her, she managed to avoid being impaled. Salvador looked up at her, a puzzled expression on his face. “I met your girlfriend today.” Akira said, her expression changing to a more serious one.

Salvador looked puzzled, “Honey, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Akira slapped him hard across the face. “Don’t mock me fool. I don’t need your pity or your devotion, I only wanted this.” Akira reached down and grasped Salvador’s rod in a strong grip. Salvador looked on helpless. “Men are in short supply around this resort, so let's look on this as a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Akira continued with a no nonsense tone in her voice. Salvador could only nod, his staff still in the hands of the gorgeous maid still sitting atop him. Akira held her grip until she was sure Salvador got the message and then released his withering tool.

“Now don’t go all shy,” Akira began to softly stroke his timid member back to life.

Sung Li rubbed oil into the tanned brunette beneath her, slowly spreading the oil over Deborah’s back and down her toned legs. Then starting from her shoulders she proceeded to rub and flex Deborah’s tense muscles. Deborah was enjoying it immensely, moaning ever so softly with every flex of Sung Li’s strong fingers. “Sung Li, that feels great.”

“You are very tense, I think you and Janine are upset with each other.” Sung Li casually said as she pressed her fingers harder into Deborah’s strong back muscles.

“Oh, she just can't take the competition. We had an argument over a guy we met at the disco. She just can’t take a real woman standing up to her.” Deborah had decided she might as well tell Sung Li the problem, and she continued. “She had the nerve to tell me she could out dance me!” Sung Li listened intently intrigued by the antics of these two women, fighting over her man.

Sung Li moved down to Deborah’s thighs as Deborah continued her tirade of abuse at her roommate. Sung Li remembered the compromising position she found the two amazons in when she entered. She felt her nipples harden and her hands unconsciously brushed against Deborah’s tight bikini bottoms. Her bikini felt warm and inviting. She thought about what it would be like to see the two gorgeous women fight nude again.

Deborah continued talking about Janine and how much she would like to settle the score between them. Sung Li, meanwhile, could not get the images of the two femmes entwined out of her mind. Her nipples were now clearly showing through her bikini.

“Deborah, would you like to have a private dance with Janine where no one would disturb you? You know, so you could settle the score?” Sung Li asked out of the blue. Deborah was stunned. She had been rambling on about the blonde more than she realized. For a few moments she said nothing, then deciding she had nothing to lose, “Actually, Sung Li, there is nothing I would like better than to beat that blonde's ass on the dance floor.”

“I could arrange it for you.” Sung Li replied innocently.

“How, where? This place has people everywhere!” Deborah replied.

“Lust Island isn’t being used. I could take you over there tonight.”

Deborah thought about it, she was unsure about Sung Li’s motives, but the chance to beat the blonde and have her way with her for a full night was irresistible.

“Ok, arrange it Sung Li, Janine won’t refuse.”

“There is one condition,” Sung Li said softly, as Deborah rolled over onto her back, her eyes immediately noticing Sung Li’s hard nipples poking through the thin bikini fabric. “I want to watch.” Sung Li said as she licked her lips. Deborah started to say something about it being a private affair but Sung Li put her fingers to her lips, silencing the tall brunette. “I won't interfere, you won't even know I’m there.” Sung Li continued. “Besides, you need a witness to say who won, right?”

Deborah knew she didn’t need a witness, a winner would be clear, but she needed Sung Li’s help in order to arrange it and she put up no further argument.

Sung Li went off to make the arrangements. She would need Akira’s help, but she knew the saucy maid would love the idea of being spectators to the erotic battle Janine and Deborah would wage against each other. She thought about the maid and how attractive she looked in her bikini, and how she would look out of her bikini. Sung Li was making herself very horny, and she could hardly wait for the night festivities to begin.

She made her way to Akira’s small room at the other end of the resort. Carefully avoiding the main pathways for fear that her superiors would see her and ask her what she was doing at the wrong end of the resort, she cut through the light forest and made her way around the edge of Akira’s room. Her plan was to tap on the window and get Akira to let her in through it. As she peered through the bathroom window, she could just see Akira sitting nude on the bed. She could make out her pert boobs but the window had a peculiar glass pattern that obscured her vision and she could not make out if anyone else was in the room.

Curious, she wandered around to the back door and, finding it unlocked, she crept in. From the bedroom came the sounds of foreplay. Sung Li crept closer, the darkened lounge making it hard to see her. She was sure they were too busy to notice. The erotic noises coming from the bedroom and the images of Deborah and Janine locked in combat kept her nipples rock hard and her pussy in a constantly aroused state. She knew she shouldn’t be here, but the thought of seeing her saucy companion fucking someone had her blood pumping.

Peering around the corner, she saw Akira stroking a thick penis, a penis that she knew well. In shock she turned to leave, but she tripped on Akira’s bikini top. She fell forward, grasping for the wall finding only the light switch. Sung Li stood in the doorway, the light from the lounge illuminating her bikini clad body.

Akira and Salvador looked up at her, Akira still holding the dancers hard member in her hand. Salvador tried to get up but Akira pushed him back down with a hard slap to the face.

“Stay where you are, this is between Sung Li and me.” Akira said with surprising calmness.

“Get off my man!” Sung Li raged at Akira as she ran into the bedroom.

“Why don’t you come take him?” Akira purred, as she licked her lips in anticipation. Sung Li dove onto Akira, both girls grabbing fistfuls of each other’s hair as they grappled atop a surprised Salvador.

“You skanky bitch, do you think you can take my man?”

“He’s mine now, bitch!” Akira screamed as the fighting cats struggled to their knees straddling an alarmed Salvador. The women pulled each other’s hair, shrieking in agony as they pulled harder and harder. Akira suddenly released her left hand and slammed a fist into Sung Li’s exposed stomach, winding the sexy maid.

Sung Li released her hold on Akira’s hair clutching at her stomach. Akira then grabbed her by the hair and pushed her off the bed. Her tight bum sticking up as she fell off the bed, Akira grabbed her bikini bottoms and ripped them off. Akira then returned to Salvador. His thick penis sitting between her thighs as she watched Sung Li struggle to her feet.

“You’ll pay for that, bitch!” Sung Li hissed, as she removed the rest of her bikini, glaring down at Akira and the penis of her lover.

“You think that whore pussy can keep my man?” Sung Li said, as she slowly walked towards the bed. Akira, never taking her eyes off Sung Li, grabbed the throbbing penis and pushed it against her pussy. Salvador moaned, clearly enjoying the sensation, but he was clearly nervous at having the battling cats fighting on him. Their screams would attract attention and if he was caught in Akira’s room he would be fired for sure. Still, while Akira had his staff in her hands, he wasn’t about to argue.

“Why don’t you try and take it?” Akira purred. She was enjoying the struggle and was highly aroused. Beneath her was a hard-bodied male whose thick member pulsed in her hand and between her thighs, before her was a hot maid who was every bit the sexual vixen that she was.

“Well,” Akira said, “Let's fuck for him.” Sung Li crawled onto the bed and straddled Salvador’s chest. Akira straddled his thighs so that they faced each other. Slowly, they moved closer so that only Salvador’s thick member separated them. Their pert breasts roughly rubbing together, thick hard nipples jutted into each other as the girls' continued to glare at each other.

Akira thrust forward into Salvador’s penis. “Get off it!” Sung Li yelled, also thrusting forward, pushing Akira back and impaling herself on Salvador’s huge member. She moaned at the exquisite sensations that ripped though her body. Akira grabbed Sung Li’s hair pulling her face to hers, kissing her hard on the lips. Sung Li, surprised by this, kissed her back, their wet tongues entwining and struggling to dominate the other. Akira pushed forward, forcing Sung Li off the glistening penis between them. Akira thrust forward harder pushing herself onto Salvador’s hard rod, screaming as it bore into her.

Both girls struggled back and forth, Salvador the only one getting any real satisfaction. Eventually, as the combatants tired, unable to force the other back, they ground into each other, riding up and down either side of Salvador’s shaft as each attempted to push the other over the edge. Hot tongues flicked out, breasts rubbed and crushed together as the two maids fucked and moaned together, their orgasms building.

Salvador, unable to control the pace of the stimulation, could feel his meat volcano building. He was moaning and unable to hold back any longer. He erupted between the two women, his hot cum spraying over the sweaty stomachs of the two battling femmes. Almost instantly his rod withered. The two women attacked each other with vigor once more, slapping breasts and tearing at each others hair. This time, Sung Li grabbed Akira’s right tit and scratched red welts across it.

Akira screamed, clutching her hurt breast, as Sung Li continued her assault, slapping her hard across the face and pushing off the bed. Akira got to her feet, rubbing her hurt boob and wiping Salvador’s cum off her stomach. Sung Li watched, sitting atop Salvador. “Not so tough now are we?” she spat at Akira.

Akira rushed at Sung Li, diving on top of her with such force that it threw them both off the bed. Salvador sprang out of bed and grabbed his clothes. He quickly dressed, the screaming vixens still rolling around the bedroom floor. Nervous that he would be seen he rushed out the back door and made his escape. The two maids rolled about the floor, both grunting and moaning as their aroused bodies pressed against each other. The two maids rolled apart and got to their feet. Akira lashed out and slapped Sung Li hard in the face, the young maid reeled back from the impact. Akira then kneed her in the stomach winding her again. Akira pushed her to the floor and then jumped atop her pressing her flat, she wrapped her arm around Sung Li’s throat pulling her head back and choking her. Sung Li struggled to get free, her air supply cut off, she lashed back with her elbow, hitting Akira’s sore boob. Akira screamed but would not release her hold. Sung Li tried twice more, eventually breaking Akira’s hold.

The women circled each other and then charged together, locking their hands in a test of strength. Each women tried to kick the other in her most sensitive area, they staggered about, legs lashing out alternately, before Sung Li made contact with Akira’s wet pussy, the blow shattering Akira and sending her screaming to her knees, clutching at her aching pussy. Sung Li moved around behind her and then pounced on her, pushing her flat to the ground. She applied the same choking hold to Akira’s throat. Akira squirmed beneath her, Sung Li relishing the feeling of having the sexy maid pressed close beneath. Akira could feel Sung Li’s hot tits press into her back, she struggled to break free but Sung Li had trapped her arms and the pain in her pussy had weakened her. She started to lose consciousness. She looked out towards the lounge, bare feet were walking towards her.

Sung Li was suddenly pulled from her, Akira groggily looked around to see Janine, who was sitting atop a seething Sung Li. The blonde woman straddled the smaller maid and held her arms as she continued to struggle. “Sung Li, its me, Janine, calm down.” Sung Li continued to struggle, but realizing the bigger woman was not going to let her up, eventually stopped. “Get off me!” she yelled. Janine got off her and sat next to her on the bed.

Sung Li glared at her, “You and Deborah have a date on Lust Island tonight.” she suddenly spat. “Deborah says she wants to finish you there.” she said with a sneer.

“When Akira gets up you tell her I want her to be there, too.” With that said, Sung Li got up and grabbed Akira’s bikini, her own was too ripped to wear, she got dressed and stormed out. Janine helped Akira up, almost dragging her onto the bed. She went to the bathroom and got a towel, wetting it under the cold tap, she returned to the groggy Akira, gently wetting her forehead. Akira came around, staring up at her. “Thank-you, Janine, that bitch got lucky. I will get her next time.”

“Take it easy Akira, what happened between you two?” Janine inquired as she dabbed the damp towel on Akira.

“We appear to have the same lover, and Sung Li can’t handle it. I could have shared him with her, but now I just want to destroy her.” Akira trailed off.

“Well, it looks like you’ll get your chance. Deborah and I are going to settle our score tonight on Lust Island, you and Sung Li can do the same.”

Akira fondled her sore breast as Janine watched her. Slowly Janine reached out, touching her sore breast with her wet towel. Akira looked up at her. Janine rubbed the sore breast, softly, the cool towel soothing Akira. Unconsciously she reached down, softly rubbing her still aroused pussy. The pain of Sung Li’s kick had all but gone, she felt horny and couldn’t believe Sung Li and Salvador had both been unable to satisfy her. She looked up at the blonde sitting next to her.

Janine was watching Akira, her eyes taking in the gorgeous maid lying beside her. Slowly, she leaned down, kissing her softly on the lips. Akira responded, tentatively at first, but soon they kissed passionately, both women unsatisfied from their previous encounters, they were soon exploring each other’s body. Akira wasting no time removing Janine’s flimsy bikini, her strong hands massaging the strong blonde's firm breasts.

The women pressed their gorgeous bodies together, moaning at the erotic contact. Janine moved atop Akira, rubbing her own large breasts against Akira’s smaller pointy ones. Their nipples rubbing against each other sending waves of pleasure through their firm bodies. Pressing harder into each other now, their aroused sex organs came into contact. Akira looked into Janine’s eyes, her expression pleading with Janine to fuck her hard. Janine kissed her hard, her pelvis pressing into Akira’s and her enlarged labia coming into contact with Akira’s, their clitoris’s hardening and caressing each other as the femmes rubbed against each other harder and faster. They moaned together, grunting with passion, both eager to climax together. Akira came first, screaming like it was her first orgasm. Janine yelled “Fuck me harder!” and Akira thrust up, her hard clit pushing Janine’s over the edge and they both shook as wave after wave swept over them.

“Ohhhh, you hot slut!” Janine purred, her lust satisfied for the time being. Akira licked Janine’s breast, suckling on her nipples.

“Mmmm, you’re a hot bitch, too.” Their love making had been quick, terse even, but it had satisfied their needs and the women
sought comfort in each others arms. The women rested, waiting for the evening to come. Both were thinking about their adversaries, both were looking forward to the upcoming sex war.

Eventually, evening came. Janine and Akira walked down the path to Janine’s chalet. When they got there Deborah and Sung Li were sitting on the deck waiting for them. Sung Li was wearing some denim cut-off’s and a bikini top. Deborah was wearing her same bikini. Janine and Akira were both wearing bikinis, the hot summer air made anything else uncomfortable, besides, all four women knew anything other than their birthday suits would be extraneous to their needs.

The four women said nothing, merely exchanging glares and made their way to the small motor boat on the beach. Sung Li sat in the back and steered them out into dark water toward Lust Island. Akira sat in the front staring back at her Asian rival. Janine and Deborah sat in the middle, occasionally their bare legs would touch as the boat rocked about on the way to the Island, both women quickly moving their legs away as if any contact would pre-empt the upcoming war.

The boat came close to the shore, Sung Li did not slow and the boat roughly slammed into the sandy beach, the impact sending Deborah and Janine flying into the front of the boat and Akira fell over into the shallow water. Akira emerged from her quick dip dripping water and fuming at Sung Li.

“You drive like you fuck, bitch!” she raged at her. “You just can’t find the spot!”

Sung Li jumped off the boat, the Asian femmes squaring off in the shallow water, “Come on cow, let’s go now.”

Janine and Deborah intervened, each taking one of the feisty women and persuading them to take it off the beach where someone might see them and stop the fight. The small Island had two chalets. The women took what little belongings they had and put them in their respective chalet. Deborah and Janine took the first one, which had a small dance arena in front of it. They walked into the king-sized bedroom, glaring at each other from either side of the bed.

“I’ve been waiting for you, slut.” Deborah said, “All afternoon my pussy has ached to feel your hot tongue lick it.” She purred as she slowly removed her bikini top. She rubbed her hard nipples, groping her firm breasts and running her left hand slowly down her torso, pushing it into her bikini bottom, letting out a soft moan as she rubbed her now wet pussy.

Janine watched aroused by the sexy display, “I agree with you on everything, you gorgeous bitch, but its going to be your tongue and its going to be in this pussy.” she said as she threw off her bikini bottom, hitting Deborah in the face with them. Then she removed her top, rubbing her moist pussy with it and threw that at Deborah as well.

Deborah caught her top and rubbed her own pussy with it and then threw it onto the floor.

“Shall we dance?” Deborah purred as she took Janine’s hand and the two women walked out naked onto the dance floor.

Akira and Sung Li were glaring at each other. Sung Li was naked, her breasts rising and falling as she watched Akira slowly move her stuff into the room. Akira knew Sung Li was waiting for her and she deliberately took her time undressing. Casually flicking her bikini top towards the fuming Sung Li, as she played with her pert boobs.

“Hurry up, you useless bitch!” Sung Li angrily snapped at Akira.

“What’s the rush?” Akira purred, “Or are you really that keen to have my pussy jammed in your mouth?”

Sung Li rubbed her hot snatch. She had been horny all day and after their first fight had been interrupted she could think of nothing but Akira’s naked body pressed beneath hers. She watched the sexy maid discard her clothing and pull back the bedcovers exposing the smooth black satin sheets. “What are you doing?” Sung Li demanded.

“Our fight is over who we go to bed with, so lets settle this in bed. My pussy, my tits, my body against yours.” Akira sexily crawled onto the bed and spread herself before Sung Li, tapping the sheets and goading Sung Li to join her. Sung Li sneered down at her, “That whore pussy will not stop mine, slut!”

Sung Li walked slowly to the bed, glaring at the naked maid prostrate before her. Then, like a sex starved cat, she crawled up the bed until she was laying next to Akira, the two facing each other, neither sure of the first move. Outside, tango music was starting.

Janine and Deborah were at either side of the mini dance arena, “Let’s dance!” Janine shouted. The naked femmes moved toward the centre of the dance floor and stood, legs slightly spread, sizing up each other’s voluptuous body. As they came together they took up dance postures, each placing one hand in the other, and the other arm around the other's waist. With a sudden pull the girl’s bodies smacked together and they began to tango. First Janine led, spinning Deborah around and then pulling her close again. As they danced from one side of the stage to the other, the glistening bodies moved in perfect cohesion.

At each turn, a contest would ensue, first Janine forced Deborah to dip. Their pelvic bones coming into contact as Deborah ached backwards, her pelvis thrusting up to meet Janine’s as she bore down onto her. At the next turn Deborah returned the favor, holding Janine down in the dip for as long as she could and all the while pushing into her pussy with her own. With each twirl the girls spun back together, their breasts slamming into each other as their bodies resumed the intimate embrace.

Both girls were glistening with sweat, their hands struggling to maintain their grip as they dipped and twirled. The dance continued faster and faster, dip, thrust, twirl, embrace, pressing their gorgeous bodies together. The women were becoming more and more aroused, their bodies slippery with sweat and the air filled with wild growls and moans as each woman tried to push the other into the sexual oblivion that an orgasm would produce.

The tango eventually came to an end and the relief was obvious on the faces of the two women. A slow waltz started. Each woman pulled the other close, their hard nipples poking into the other's breast flesh. Janine leaned close to Deborah and whispered in her ear. “Why don’t you give up now, you know you want to eat my pussy?” with that said she plunged her tongue into Deborah’s ear.

Deborah, infuriated by this, drew back and thrust her leg between Janine’s. Janine groaned at the erotic thrust and she felt a shiver race up her spine. Deborah drew her close again. “You like that, slut? As soon as you admit I'm the better woman I'll make that pussy of yours tremble like never before.”

“Fuck you!” Janine snarled, and with that both girls locked lips and kissed hard. Their tongues writhing in each other's mouth. Each woman trying to force her tongue further and further into the mouth of the other. The waltz abandoned and they grabbed each other in a torrid bear hug, whilst maintaining their kiss. Exhausted and out of breath they broke apart.

“That the best you got, bitch?” Janine spat at Deborah.

“Come find out, whore!” Deborah roared back. The girls circled each other before locking hands in a test of strength. Every fiber of the women’s bodies ached as they pushed at each other, trying to make their rival fall. The struggle continued first Janine gaining the advantage and then Deborah. As the battle swayed back and forth, sweat dripped on the floor surrounding the two battling femmes. Janine lost her footing and fell to one knee. Deborah pressed her advantage and drove down on Janine. But Janine pulled away and the two ladies toppled to the floor. Clutching at each other's hair they rolled around the dance floor.

“Give up you weak slut!” Janine screamed. “Never, bitch, you're too fat and slow to beat me!” Deborah screamed back.

Janine released one hand and slapped Deborah’s left tit, eliciting a squeal from the brunette Amazon. Deborah grabbed Janine’s hair and shook Janine’s head from side to side. Janine flailed with her left hand, sometimes punching Deborah’s tit hard and sometimes missing altogether. The horny sluts rolled about the stage, each trying to get on top of the other, punching and clawing at each other’s gorgeous globes as the battle continued.

The girls went at it for 20minutes or more before, exhausted, they rolled apart. On their knees now, they faced each other on the soft tiled floor. Deborah reached down and sexily ran her finger down her wet slit, and growled at Janine, slowly she withdrew her finger and licked it. “Come get some, slut.” she purred at Janine.

Deborah’s erotic display sent a shiver up Janine’s spine. She wanted to teach the dark haired bitch a lesson and then fuck her till her pussy could take no more and Deborah was a sobbing wreck. Janine touched her pussy, feeling the hot wetness on her hand. “I’d get used to the taste of that if I were you, bitch.”

Janine stood, she sexily walked towards Deborah, who stood and faced her. When Janine closed to within a few meters, she stopped, “Lets finish this, Bitch. The way we started.” She strode over to the music box, Dirty Dancing music came though the speakers.

Deborah and Janine, faced each other. Deborah moved first, slowly she moved her legs apart, and ran her hand down to her pussy. “Come on, slut, I know you want it, now come and see if you can take it.”

Janine sneered at her and strode forward, only spreading her legs at the last moment and roughly ramming her wet pussy against Deborah’s. Both girls breathing quickened and for a moment were unsure of how to proceed, neither having ever competed in such a way before. The girls grabbed at each other’s buttocks and pulled them into each other so that their pussies rammed together. Once, twice, three times… each time eliciting moans of passion and snarls of anger. The women stared into each other’s eyes watching for a sign of weakness. When none came, enraged, they ground their pussy into each other even harder, grunting with effort. As the battle continued, silent screams could be seen on the faces of the battling women.

“Give in you cunt!” Janine screamed at Deborah.

“No, I'm better than you, tramp!” Frustrated and aroused more than ever before in their sex filled lives. They squeezed their thighs against each other, their pussies gushing wetness, nipples pressed together. Buttocks were mauled and squeezed, scratched and clawed as the women fought to hold off their impending orgasms and to reduce their opponent to tears.

Frustrated and alarmed that her orgasm was almost upon her, Deborah grabbed Janine by the hair and pulled her lips to hers. Tongues flicked outwards and then they kissed hard, Janine returning the kiss and grabbing a hold of Deborah’s hair. Sensing an approaching end and unable to hold off their imminent orgasms, the women thrust into each other, humping each other's thighs and grinding their aroused vaginas into each other as hard as they could.

Deborah shuddered and screamed as an orgasm took hold of her. Janine hissed, “Ha, cum you dirty slut!”

Deborah screamed “Fuck you!” and thrust one last time into Janine, her hard clitoris rubbing against Janine’s already inflamed clit. Janine, moaned. “No... noooo!”

Deborah’s legs buckled and she fell to the floor. Her hands still entwined in Janine’s hair she pulled her on top of her. The impact pushed Janine over the edge and the girls convulsed on the floor, unable to control their bodies anymore as orgasms ripped through them. The women wrestled on the floor, with Deborah eventually gaining topmost position. She ground her pussy into Janine’s as Janine bucked and tried to bridge but she couldn’t move the sexy brunette from her position. Another orgasm ripped through Janine and she screamed.

Deborah had a smug look of victory on her face and she ground even harder. “Tell me, slut, who is better?” she hissed.

Janine bucked even harder. “No, noooo!” Tears streamed from her eyes as she sobbed thrusting into Deborah, who was suddenly shaken by yet another devastating orgasm. Deborah, exhausted, collapsed on top of Janine as another orgasm took hold of her. Janine rolled her over and continued to grind into her as Deborah sobbed her defeat.

For nearly half an hour they lay on the cool tiles, eventually Janine got to her feet. She stood over her beaten rival. Deborah started to get up, as she got to her knees, Janine grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face hard into her hot pussy. Deborah struggled against the suffocating wetness, trying to breathe and trying to push the wet cunt in her face away. Janine held her there for awhile, enjoying the strangely erotic feel of the struggling brunette woman’s face pressed against her blonde womanhood.

Releasing her, she pulled her up by the hair. Janine pushed into Deborah and the familiar feeling of the brunette's hot pussy against her own returned. A shudder rippled through the women and they glared into each other’s eyes, then they kissed hard.

“Slut!” Deborah hissed.

“Maybe,” Janine purred. “But I beat you tonight, bitch!” She reached down and plunged a finger into Deborah’s hot love hole. Deborah moaned as Janine expertly maneuvered her finger, slowly withdrawing it and running it across Deborah’s lips wetting them with cum. “We can do this the hard way or …” Janine trailed off.

Deborah’s tongue snaked out of her mouth and she sucked the remaining cum from Janine’s finger. “Let's fuck.” she purred. The women walked hand in hand to the master bedroom. Deborah was pushed roughly onto the bed, lying with her legs spread and slowly fingering her aroused pussy.

“Well, claim your prize, bitch.” she purred at Janine who was strapping on a familiar black dildo. Janine slowly walked towards Deborah, who was unable to take her eyes off it.

“I hope your tight little pussy can handle me honey…..” she said as she prowled like a hungry cat over to the vulnerable brunette lying spread eagled on the bed. Deborah’s screams and Janine’s moans and growls merged with those coming from chalet number 2.

Sung Li made the fist move, slapping Akira’s breast and pulling her nipples. Akira responded by punching Sung Li in the nose sending her reeling back across the huge bed. Then she kicked out, catching Sung Li in the midriff and winding her. Akira, seeing her wounded rival struggling, jumped atop her, clutching at her throat and squeezing as hard as could. Sung Li bucked beneath her, desperately trying to get some breath.

Akira could feel her hot pussy rubbing on Sung Li’s stomach, the bucking femme beneath desperately struggling to break free, pulling at Akira’s strong arms. Akira could feel her arousal building, the power she had over her rival was turning her on incredibly, feeling Sung Li writhe beneath her, combined with the stimulation her hot snatch was getting, was arousing her more than she could have imagined.

Sung Li could feel herself weakening, her head was pounding and Akira’s iron grip was impossible to break. She couldn’t believe she could have lost so soon. She could see Akira’s cruel smile above her and she could feel her hot juices on her stomach. The dirty slut was enjoying humping her. She changed her tactic, reaching down she grabbed Akira’s pussy hair, giving them a sharp tug, then pulling long and hard until she heard Akira’s enraged scream and she rolled off her clutching at her wounded pussy.

Sung Li lay on her back rubbing her neck, getting her breath back while Akira thrashed around on the bed beside her rubbing her genitals and screaming at Sung Li. “You fucking bitch, I will rip your pussy bald!”

Both girls panting got to their knees, tears on their cheeks as they stared at each other. They slowly circled around the king sized bed. Akira, grabbing a pillow, threw it at Sung Li who batted it away in time to see Akira dive at her. The naked maids rolled across the bed, their hands locked in each other's hair, pulling and shaking their rival for all they were worth. Akira reached down quickly and grabbed Sung Li’s pussy hair pulling it up with a vicious tug. Now it was Sung Li who screamed. She punched Akira in the breast again and as Akira reeled back, Sung Li fell backwards, kicking both legs out into Akira’s chest.

Akira slumped in a heap on the bed, the blow had winded her and almost knocked her out cold. Sung Li was breathing hard, rubbing her sore pussy. Akira had still barely moved, she slowly looked up at Sung Li. Sung Li had recovered and dived on her,
clutching at Akira’s throat. Akira tried to buck her off but could not, desperately she bucked and thrust as tears streamed down her face. She started to pass out, but Sung Li released her grip and slapped her hard in the face.

Akira moaned, she stared at Sung Li sitting on her chest, curiously Sung Li moved down her waist. Akira watched not moving, too weak to mount an assault. Sung Li never took her eyes off Akira. Akira felt Sung Li’s hot pussy push into hers, she bucked trying to push the gorgeous Thai maid off her, but Sung Li stayed atop her, letting out a slight moan as their two love organs pressed harder together.

“Akira, I have beaten you give up.” Sung Li hissed through clenched teeth. Akira tried to buck her off, desperately thrashing, back and forth, her arms flailing about trying to slap and punch Sung Li, but she was too weak to hit her with any effect and her efforts only exhausted her more. Sung Li ground into Akira’s pussy, resuming her strangling hold on Akira. She once more cut off her air supply. As Akira thrashed beneath her, Sung Li felt her orgasm building as her pussy kissed and rubbed against her struggling rival. She felt Akira convulse as her orgasm ripped through her, and then Akira passed out, her hot cum gushing out into Sung Li’s hot snatch.

Sung Li moaned as she felt her own orgasm build and then her body shook as it tore through her. She collapsed atop her sexy fellow maid, kissing her unconscious rival on the lips. She lay atop her waiting for her to wake up so she could order her to satisfy her one more time.

Deborah was screaming in the chalet next door. Janine’s sexy blonde body was pressed atop hers. Their breasts crushed together in blissful agony and the huge black dildo was thrusting inside her. Janine kissed her hard, their tongues entwining and twisting against their wet opposite. Another orgasm ripped through her, she screamed and bucked, clawing at the blonde's hard buttocks. She couldn’t take anymore, but Janine, not having had the pleasure of the dildo, wanted more. Deborah, exhausted from the blonde's ravishing slipped into a blissful sleep. Janine tried to awaken her, sitting atop her face and rubbing her wet pussy over her. But, Deborah was exhausted.

Janine watched her defeated rival's beautiful chest rise and fall. She had been a worthy opponent and Janine knew she had only just won. She lay chest to chest feeling Deborah’s nipples press against hers and remembered how Akira’s hard nipples had jutted into her breasts. She wondered who had won the sex war from next door. She felt her hot pussy and wished she had not fucked Deborah to exhaustion. She wanted to feel a hot tongue on her clitoris. She got up, and wandered outside. She could see the dim light on in the chalet not far from hers. Janine glanced back at the sleeping brunette, her naked body glistening with sweat. Janine sighed, the battle with Deborah had been won and the hot sex with her had been exhilarating. She wandered out to the cool night.

Sung Li emerged from her chalet, her nude form leaning in the doorway. She saw Janine staring at her as she played with her still wet pussy. Janine blew her a kiss. Sung Li walked over to Janine, sexily meandering across the dance floor and up the small steps until she was face to face with the gorgeous blonde. Looking past her she saw the unconscious form of Deborah.

“I hoped you would win.” Janine said as she eyed the beautiful maid. “And I you.” Sung Li responded.

“Can you fuck as good as Akira?” Janine said. Sung Li embraced her, kissing her hard on the lips. “Try me,” she said, the two women walking back into the bedroom. Seconds later the naked form of Deborah staggered out of the bedroom collapsing onto the sofa, as sounds of wild passion erupted from whence she came.