(by EAGLE)

The next morning (Sat.), after their sex fight, Lisa and Claudia appeared in Monica’s office a half hour before the 11 a.m. opening. Monica looked up and said, “What can I do for you girls?”

“We’d like you to settle something for us,” was Claudia’s reply.

Monica smiled and said, “Oh, and what would that be?"

“Well,” said Lisa, “We had a fight last night,” and before she could go any further Monica yelled, “YOU WHAT?”

“No, no” interrupted Claudia before Monica could get started, “Not that kind of fight. Another kind of fight.”

“And what would that be?” Monica demanded to know.

“I guess you could call it a sex fight,” Lisa interjected, “that included a bet.”

Monica asked, “So what happened?”

Lisa answered, “Well, we went at it for almost two hours, and there was no winner.”

“I see,” cooed Monica, “And what was the bet?”

Claudia said, “The loser had to suck the winner’s pussy right in front of you, and stay away from you for one month.”

Monica said, “Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. I could see something coming between you two. I just didn’t know what form it would take after you two promised not to catfight. I must say that is a fascinating way to settle your differences as well as an interesting bet. Just what is it you’d like me to do?”

Claudia answered, “We agreed you should decide how to settle it.”

Monica thought for a minute and finally said, “Okay, I’ll do it, but there are two stipulations.

“Oh, and what might they be?” asked Lisa

“First, tomorrow, being Sunday, means we close early at 5 o’clock. You can come to my house at 8 o’clock. It’s a good night to do it since we’re closed on Mondays. Dress sloppy, but bring high heels. The two stipulations are first, you have to do exactly as I say tomorrow night, and secondly, between now and tomorrow night you can talk all you want, but you can’t touch one another. Any problems with that?”

Both ladies answered in unison, “No!”

The two days went fairly quickly, but the surprising thing was how subdued both women were with each other. They only spoke to each other when they had to. Things did liven up a little near the end of the second day. The store wasn’t too busy and the girls had time for a little verbal jousting.

Claudia, while sitting at her desk said to Lisa, “I wonder what Monica has in store for us?”

Lisa answered, "I don’t know, but whatever it is I’m glad we’re doing it in front of her so she can see how much better than you I am.”

Claudia smiled and replied, “Oh, come now sweetie, you couldn’t take me the other night. What makes you think things will be any different tonight?”

“I learned,” said Lisa “what you like and how to use it against you.”

“So what? Do you think I didn’t learn anything about you?” replied Claudia.

Just at that moment Monica came in and told the two to go, as she would lock up. She smiled and said, “I’m looking forward to seeing you both later.”

At 8 p.m. Lisa and Claudia both arrived at Monica’s house within a few moments of each other. Monica poured some wine for all three of them and then announced, “It’s time to get started. One of you go into my bedroom and one of you the guest bedroom. You’ll find bags on each bed. I want you to wear what you find in the bags along with your high heels. Don’t wear anything else under, over, or with whatever you find. Also, put on a fresh coat of lipstick before you come out.”

The women went to get changed. When they came out a few minutes later they were both wearing the same thing. It was a very short, wide gold satin mini skirt which hid absolutely nothing. It didn’t even completely cover their ass, but with the high heels made them look very hot and sexy. The two women just stood and looked at each other without saying anything.

Monica nodded her approval and told them to come to the center of the room, stand back to back and hold hands. Monica looked pretty hot herself. She was wearing a robe that came half way down her thighs and matched the skirts Lisa and Claudia were wearing. It was obvious even though it was tied at the waist she wasn’t wearing anything under it. She walked around both of them a few times, told them how great they looked, and then went first to Claudia. She rubbed up against Claudia hard enough so that her robe slid open. She rubbed her breasts across Claudia’s and then kissed her long and hard. She repeated the same things with Lisa, and then told them to grind their asses together. They lifted their skirts and rubbed their asses together for a minute or two and then Monica told them to stop.

Monica then said, “Foreplay is over ladies. Turn around and face each other." She went over and put a CD in the stereo. She set the volume low and said, “ I want you to dance for each other the same way you do when you dance for me.”

Both women started a slow provocative dance, that after a few minutes became very sensual. They started out with their eyes closed, but as they became more uninhibited they looked at each other. As they moved a little closer together they swayed from side to side, cupped their breasts and licked their lips. They moved closer until their breasts brushed against each other. Then they moved so their breasts rubbed harder and Monica interjected, “Keep your hands down.” Then they swung their breasts against each other more intensely while still moving to the music.

Monica moved closer to them and asked, “Wouldn’t you like to dance with each other the way you dance with me?”

Both women immediately wrapped their arms around each other and pulled hard against one another. They slow danced and both pushed her right leg forward and into one another’s pussy. They each grabbed the other’s ass cheeks with both hands and pulled hard forcing them to grind sensually into each other. They began a rhythmic movement back and forth as if they were slowly fucking each other standing up. All the while this was going on the two women looked at each other and spoke their first words.

Lisa spoke first saying, “I’m glad you like my ass. The way you’re holding and rubbing it must really get you hot?”

Claudia replied, “I love your ass. It’s almost as nice as mine. Squeeze a little more honey.”

The two began to tease each other, starting to kiss and then pulling back. They would touch lips or tongues and when one would lean her head forward to really lock together the other would pull her head back.

This went on for awhile and then Claudia said, “Afraid a little kissing will make you come?”

“No,” Lisa answered, “I just love to kiss you and make you even wetter.” With those words the two started to open mouth kiss very passionately. Then they both stuck their tongues just far enough out to barely touch, and they started to slide their lips back and forth over each other’s tongues as if they were jerking each other off with their mouths.

They slowly sank to their knees and continued their rhythmic body motion and now animal-like kissing. The look in their eyes reflected pure lust. This part, however, did not last too long. First Claudia and then Lisa started to go off. They fell to one side and moaned very loudly, pulling on each other as they reached their first orgasm. By this time Monica was sitting on the couch watching and rubbing her own pussy. The girls did not stay still very long. They got to their knees, sat back on their haunches and looked at each other ready to go again. They reached for one another’s breasts and began squeezing, pulling and lightly pinching each other’s nipples.

Monica watched this for a minute and said, “Stop! You two had a bet the other night and since it was a tie you both won, but you also both lost. Now both of you pay off and suck each other’s pussy here in front of me. A little sixty-nine contest girls.”

The two didn’t hesitate. They looked at each other in anticipation, licked their lips, and moved into position with Lisa on the bottom. Claudia said, “Now we’ll see who’s better.”

Lisa responded, “I’ve been waiting for this. Your pussy is going to melt.” The two women then began to kiss, lick and suck each other’s pussy. The increasingly louder sounds of pleasure indicated the two were driving each other deeper into ecstasy.

After doing this for a few minutes Claudia stopped, turned around, and brought her head over Lisa’s. She passionately kissed her and then whispered in her ear, “I’m going to eat your clitty now lover and make you scream when you come.”

Before she could pull away Lisa grabbed Claudia by the hair and ran her tongue up her neck to her lips. She then answered Claudia by whispering back, “Baby, we’ll see who screams first.”

Claudia then turned back around, and the two spread each other’s pussy lips open a little wider so they could nibble on each other’s clit. They would break for a moment to catch their breath, and all Monica could hear were moans and the words, “Come for me lover,” and “No! You’re coming first.” She couldn’t tell who said what, but there was no question about the next sounds she heard.

Neither Claudia nor Lisa could hold back any longer, and with shrieks of pure pleasure both women erupted into one of the most intense orgasms either of them had ever experienced. Their bodies were shivering from the pulsing feelings, and both women were almost crying from the pleasure. They rolled apart from each other, and lay on their backs without moving.

Monica had never seen anything that wild from the two women before. The sex she’d had with both of them during the past 6 months had been great, but she’d never seen anything that intense from either one of them.

Lisa turned over and said, “Well, sweetie I won that one.”

Claudia quickly responded, “The hell you did. I won!”

They looked at Monica and asked her who she thought won. Monica replied, “I don’t know? It was very close, and I couldn’t tell. But don’t worry ladies, the night’s still young.”

Lisa and Claudia looked at each other, but didn’t really have anything to say. Monica got them all some more wine, and told them to rest for awhile.

After 20 minutes of rest Monica told them to follow her. She led them to the third bedroom, which neither one of them had been in before. Monica said, “I’d question both your abilities to get turned on again after what I just saw you two do a little while ago, but not with this.” The girls looked, and what they saw surprised them both a little. All there was in the room was a small couch and table with lamp. That’s not what surprised them. What did it was on the floor. Monica had covered most of the floor with a piece of clear plastic which she had pinned down around the sides. In the middle were two containers.

Lisa asked, “What’s in the bottles?” although she already had an idea.

Monica answered, “Oil.” She continued, “I thought you two would enjoy a little of what I’ll call sexual wrestling. Let’s see how good you really are?”

Monica said, “Now suppose you two slip out of those sexy little skirts and shoes. Put them on the couch, and then go out, get down on the floor and oil each other up.” The two women looked at each other, smiled, and did what they were told. They got down and started to squirt oil on each other’s body and then rub it to spread it around.

Monica asked, “Have either one of you ever done this before?”

They both answered, “No.”

Monica continued, “Good, you’ll both be starting out even. This’ll be all about sex, but you’ll get a chance to get physical with each other and try to dominate. You don’t need to put oil on each other’s faces. That’ll happen naturally after you start, but get each other’s backs and legs so you’re all covered.

The two continued spreading oil. Then Lisa smiled and moved around behind Claudia. She said, “Here, let me get your back.”

She rubbed oil on Claudia’s back and ass. Then she reached around Claudia with both hands and grabbed her breasts, squeezing and pulling a little. She said gleefully, “Just want to make sure you’re covered up front baby.”

Claudia responded, “Of course, I understand. But fair is fair. Now I get to do your back.” So she moved to Lisa’s back and did exactly the same thing to her, first doing her back, and then massaging her tits. When she moved back around front the two just smiled at each other. By now they were covered from their shoulders to their toes.

Monica said, “Ladies, I do believe you’ve started each other’s engines. Face each other on your knees and do it!”

The two women faced each other and both where unsure of what they wanted to do first. Finally Claudia pushed Lisa and Lisa pushed back and the match was on. They grabbed each other’s arms and tried to throw one another down, but they were both so slippery that didn’t work. So Claudia launched herself at Lisa and grabbed her around the waist to throw her over. Lisa did the same and they fell to the side, rolling over and over on the covered rug. They entwined their legs to try for control. Each was thinking if she could get on top she’d control the other. The only problem was the slippery oil made nothing work.

However, they were getting turned on. Every chance they got one would grab the other’s tits and jiggle or squeeze. For every try at control there were two tries at fingering each other’s pussy or grabbing some ass. At one point they were on all fours with their heads down by each other’s ass. They simultaneously stroked each other’s pussies, which were getting wetter and wetter. Then they drew themselves up while still pussy rubbing, locked together tit to tit, and started kissing. The kissing grew more passionate, and then all of a sudden Lisa tried to throw Claudia down. After some mad scrambling Claudia found herself flat on her back with her legs spread apart. Lisa was also flat on her back-on top of Claudia. In a split second Claudia wrapped her arms around Lisa’s upper body and began to work on her breasts. She was jiggling and squeezing them, all the time taunting Lisa with, “Don’t you love what I’m doing to your beautiful titties lover, playing with them like this?”

Between the oil and Claudia’s hands Lisa was really beginning to lose control. Claudia had her legs clamped around Lisa’s, and Lisa couldn’t get loose. So she did the only thing she could think of and she used her weight on top to push her ass downward into Claudia’s pussy. She replied to Claudia, “And you love my ass baby, so I think you should have it all.”

With that she started to wiggle her slippery ass checks back into Claudia’s wet pussy. Now it was Claudia’s turn to feel so erotic she was going lose it. So she shifted a little to the right, reached down with her right hand and began once again to stroke Lisa’s pussy. They were both starting to moan, and Lisa went off first with Claudia right behind her. As they erupted Lisa squirmed over and tongue kissed Claudia.

Now the two women were rolling back and forth with their legs entwined, humping each other. They were shrieking, moaning and pulling each other’s hair. Monica lost count of how many times they went off because she, too, had gotten so excited watching she lost control and also went off. Lisa and Claudia finally stopped rolling and lay side by side. Claudia whispered, “Still think your clitty can out fuck mine?”

Lisa relied, “Of course darling, let’s do it.” They sat up, turned to face each other, and swung their left leg over the other’s right one. They slid in crotch to crotch and started grinding their wet pussies into each other.

They didn’t go too long before their clits came into contact and they started trying to out fuck one another. Both women closed their eyes, and lay back with each grabbing the other’s leg to use as leverage while they rode each other’s swollen and wet clit. They thrust and wiggled, each trying to drive the other over the edge. They both shrieked as they were close to reaching another intense orgasm when suddenly Monica was next to them and said, “As long as you two are in the right position here is the highlight of the evening.”

She had in her hand a large double headed dildo and held it out to the two of them. She continued, “You’ve shared this with me. Now share it with each other.”

Claudia took it and rolled it around in the oil as Monica went back to the couch. Then she handed it to Lisa who said, “I can’t wait.” They were still sitting close together and Lisa slowly took half of it up her pussy and motioned to Claudia to do the same. Claudia wiggled her half in and smiled at Lisa. She said, “Ready slut?”

Lisa’s response, “I’m always ready for you lover.”

The dildo could no longer be seen as both women slid their pussy lips together and started by kissing one another, sliding their tongues in and out of each other’s mouth. Then they leaned back on their hands and slowly started to fuck each other. Each tried to maintain a grip on her half of the dildo to make the other come first. However, between the oil and their pussy juices neither could gain an advantage. The looks on their faces could only be described as carnal lust. Their eyes were closed and they started to go faster. Claudia squealed and said, “Baby, kiss me when we come.”

She barely got the words out when they both exploded. They brought their bodies together and tried to kiss, but they were moaning and shaking so much they couldn’t keep their mouths together. They were both experiencing feelings so deep the best way to describe them would be the word aftershocks. Then Lisa removed the dildo and they both laid back on the floor gasping for breath and some control over their own body.

Monica, who had gotten so excited watching that she came for the second time, waited for a few minutes and then went over to them. “Ladies,” she said, “it’s all over. You can both get up go to the shower in your bedroom. After you shower use the hair dryers in the bathrooms, and then put on what you find in a box under the bed. Wait in the bedrooms. Before you come out I want to talk to you separately."

It took almost 45 minutes before they could get themselves together and be ready to talk to Monica. Fifteen minutes after that Monica called the two of them out to the living room. Monica still had on her robe, but Lisa and Claudia were now wearing black lace see-through baby dolls that barely came down to their waists. Monica had started a fire in the fireplace and the three of them sat in a little triangle in front of the blaze. Monica said, “I’m not sure where to start? I thought I was experienced, and had seen everything until tonight. You two call what you did Friday night and tonight a sex fight. I don’t know what you did Friday, but tonight what I saw was two sexy women, not fighting, but trying to fuck each other’s brains out in about six different ways. Then I talk to each of you separately, and you both told me practically the same things. The bottom line is you both loved what was going on. You had different ways of saying it, but that’s what it came down to. You’re both very competitive, but each of you thinks the other is incredible. I’ll tell you what I think. It wasn’t a sex fight. When you two lock together you become a love machine. I should be jealous. I feel left out."

Both Claudia and Lisa laughed. Lisa looked at Claudia and said, “What do you think? I don’t think she was left out. She got herself off at least twice. I could hear her, couldn’t you?”

Claudia joined in, “Oh, I agree. But I want to be sure she isn’t left out. Don’t you?” Lisa knew what Claudia meant and they both reached for Monica. Monica half-heartedly tried to defend herself, but they pushed her down on her back, untied her robe, and gleefully started to ravish her. They both kissed Monica, and for a few moments all three tongues mingled.

Claudia said to Lisa, “Let’s go high-low." Lisa nodded and began to trail kisses all the way down to Monica’s pussy, while Claudia tongue kissed Monica and played with her tits.

Monica gasped and said, “Let’s go to my bedroom.” All three of them got up and moved to Monica’s king size bed. Standing for a moment at the foot of the bed the two women made a sandwich out of Monica. Claudia grabbed her from the back and started grinding her body against Monica while Lisa was doing the same thing from the front.

Monica started moaning and they got down on the bed and started where they had left off in the living room. Lisa dove into Monica’s pussy with her mouth while Claudia gave all of her expert attention to Monica’s breasts. In a few minutes Monica erupted and cried out in pleasure. Lisa and Claudia kissed each other, switched positions, and started all over again on Monica.

During the next half-hour the two women drove Monica over the edge again and again. Monica finally lay back totally spent. Claudia looked at Lisa and said, “I don’t believe she feels left out any more.”

Monica fell asleep for about an hour. When she awoke there was no one else in the room with her. She got up and moved down the hallway toward the living room. She peered out from the darkness and saw Lisa and Claudia on their knees in front of the fireplace. They had their arms around each other, their thighs pressed against each other’s pussy, and they were eagerly kissing while they slowly rocked back and forth. Monica shook her head and walked back to the bedroom while saying to herself, “I’m not that much older than those two. Where the hell did they get all that energy?”

Then she went back to bed. When she awoke the next morning Monica looked and found the two women asleep in each other’s arms in the guest bedroom. She then showered, got dressed, and started breakfast for the three of them. She went to the bedroom, slapped each girl on the rump and told them to wake up. “Why didn’t you sleep in my bed?” she asked.

Lisa answered, “We got a little noisy and didn’t want to wake you.”

Monica sarcastically said, “I can’t imagine what you two were doing to make noise? In any case breakfast will be ready in 15 minutes, so get ready.”

When the women joined Monica for breakfast they were back in their jeans and tee shirts. Monica thought they looked like fresh faced kids, all scrubbed and clean. However, she knew better. She told them to chow down, and that she wanted to talk to them after breakfast. When they finished eating they all went and sat down on the couch. Monica said, “I have some good news and some bad news. First the bad news. You’ve each been coming here a couple of nights a week for quite awhile. I love you both, and hope you’ll work for me forever, but you’re both going to stop coming here.”

“Why?” Lisa asked.

Monica continued, “I’m in love with Rick. He’s going to be here as the permanent manager of the motel. We’ve spent a lot of time together, and we’re going to try a full time relationship. I believe we can make it work, and if we don’t it won’t be for a lack of effort. Besides it won’t be a total loss for you both. You seem to have found each other.”

Claudia asked, “So, what’s the good news?”

Monica handed each of them an envelope. They opened them and squealed in delight. Each one found a check for $15,000. Monica explained, “That’s more than I promised you, but the store made much more than I thought we would, and I thought it would be only fair to share the extra money. You two are not only sexy, but talented.”

They hugged and kissed Monica in gratitude. Monica said, “Let’s clean this place up. Rick will be here in a few hours.”

After they cleaned up the women were getting ready to leave. Monica stood in the doorway and asked, “Well, what are you two going to do with the rest of your day off?”

Claudia looked at Lisa and replied, “Oh, we never did come up with a satisfactory answer. We’re going back to Lisa’s place to continue our awful fighting.” And the two giggled all the way to their cars.