Several weeks had passed since the torturous garter belt catfight between Melissa and Kiko. Kiko had moved on to her own territory for the company and was grateful for the lessons Melissa taught her. Melissa was still recovering from the cunt pulling between her and Kiko, although she still got a warm feeling deep in her hither regions remembering Helena's accommodating cousins. She was sure she would see them again, she thought with a typical Melissa wry smile. Her right facial cheek creased just a little when she smiled, making her stunning good looks ease and warm, as it spread across her face. "Mmmmmm...." she thought, as she remembered the volcanic eruptions deep in her ass as Kiko pulled her cunt lips, she could not remember ever cumming harder than when she was getting fucked in the ass and having her cunt lips pulled by the hot Japanese sex goddess. "We must do that again...." she thought to herself.

Melissa had some vacation time coming so she thought she might take it up in the mountains of Colorado. There was a mud bath spa there, and it catered to the well financed. It was known for its privacy, discreetness and lush accommodations. She thought she might ring up Helena to see if she would like to make a girls long weekend out of it. She rang up Helena at the office. Helena answered the phone "Hello Melissa, how are you feeling?" she asked. "I feel pretty well, thank you for asking Helena, I could use a little vacation time, do you have any time off, I thought we might go the Colorado mountains and make a spa weekend". "Hmmmm... that sounds wonderful, let me check, hold on", she replied. "I do!" Helena almost exclaimed, "This is a holiday weekend, so I am in the office only 4 days, I could take a day or two and we could go for three or four days."

"That would be great, I could use a soothing mud bath, if you know what I mean", Melissa quipped. "Uhhhhh..." Helena exhaled " I have never seen a catfight so hot in all my life watching you two pulling each others cunts while my cousins fucked you in your asses, I gushed just watching."

"I took it all you know" Melissa said. "Ohhhh.. ugghh.. you are going to make me wet if you keep talking like that," Helena said.

"Well, nice girls need it too Helena," Melissa remarked, "don't you think so?"

"Yessss, Melissa, nice girls need it too. What I need is that cool soothing mud layering my pussy and easing back into it." Melissa casually said. "My little pussy is sore."

"You almost made me just cum Melissa" Helena huskily breathed, "We will work out the details for our vacation and then we both can ease our little pink pussies into the soothing mud."

"Now I'm hot." Melissa said. Helena laughed and they made arrangements for the vacation together.

Helena decided to drive so Melissa could relax on the way up. Helena had a beautiful brown tan and lily white tan lines under her bikini lines. Her flowing blonde hair blew gracefully in the wind as she drove and her strong, tan legs drank in the warm mountain sun. Melissa lay back as Helena drove, letting her beautiful brown hair blow in the wind as they took the mountain road. With her hiking shorts and boots with white socks, she was a vision of loveliness stretched back in the passenger seat as Helena eased them up into the mountain. More than one car almost drove off the road as they drove past the stunning beauties on the way down the mountain. These two women together, both with graceful legs, Helena tanned and taut from her gardening, Melissa's legs and body strong from her workouts, riding with the top down in Helena's gold Mercedes Benz. They were the elite, financially secure, beautiful, single, strong young women men dream about. If they only know how available they were. The talk was easy and natural as they drove, Melissa stretching out her arms overhead and taking in the mountain air and Helena drinking in the warmth of the sun. They had not a care in the world as they pulled into the Mountain Spa Resort.

Their first night in the spa passed quickly, each with her own room, complete with marble floor, triple size tub and surround shower, plush carpeting and leather seating with panoramic windows with breathtaking mountain views. After dinner, they sat outside enjoying the cool mountain air on the rocking chairs on the porch. "Ahhhh.... this is just what I needed." Melissa said to Helena. "I am really relaxing in this night air, it is so relaxing"

"Me too Melissa," Helena replied "I feel so relaxed."

"Well, you did seem a little tense Helena." Melissa said.

"What do you mean?" Helena replied, "I can feel the tension easing."

It was then Helena noticed Melissa nodding at her firm, ripe breasts, whose nipples had taken the opportunity to stand up and become hard pink rivets in the cool night air, sticking out from her silk camisole.

"Ugh, I am a little tense at that it seems." Helena joked. Both girls laughed out loud and took in the night sky together, talked a little more, then turned in for the night to their respective rooms.

The mud bath was just what the doctor ordered, when Melissa and Helena eased into the private mud bath room the next morning. The cool soothing mud seeping into every nook and cranny of their pussies and assholes and submerging themselves into the comforting mix. The female attendants rolled the mud up over their shoulders and necks, leaving just their heads above the bath. The girls had to laugh at the silliness of it all, but it was quite soothing in all the right places.

"Would you like anything else for the evening?" Melissa's auburn haired, green eyed 19 year old attendant asked provocatively.

"No, I'll take it from here" Melissa replied. The auburn delight turned and walked out, Melissa noticing her pert, shapely ass and firm breasts as she turned.

The mud bath got a little warmer. Helena's attendant, a red haired dream with blue eyes knelt down to the pool, her knees at eye level to Helena.

"Is there" she hesitated, "Anything else I can do for you?" she asked, her short covered thighs slightly parting as she spoke, while the 20 year old bobbed on her heels.

"No thank you, that will be all" Helena answered. The red headed dream got up and quietly left the mud bath room, leaving Melissa and Helena alone as they soaked. Helena felt a warm surge go through her as the girl left the room. "I do love the accommodations and amenities here." Helena smiled, "And it is so convenient having our personal valets in the room right between us."

"I agree, Helena." Melissa replied, "It is beautiful."

Easing up out of the mud bath, both women felt refreshed and energetic. They rinsed off and decided to go hiking. As they returned to their rooms, to gather a backpack, each heard a commotion coming from the room between theirs. There were sounds of glass breaking and several loud thuds. Helena called Melissa on the phone, "Do you hear that?" she asked.

"Yes, I do" Melissa answered, "What is it?"

 " I think it is coming from our valets room." Helena replied, "It sounded like a hurricane!"

"It stopped now." Melissa said.

"I am going to check it out anyway." Helena responded.

"I'll check too" Melissa responded.

As they opened up their adjoining doors to their valets rooms, they found the girls stark naked on the carpet in the doggy style position, both facing the opposite way. They each had two fingers up the other girl's asshole and were biting each other on the ass cheek as they grunted like dogs in heat. Rebecca, the auburn haired beauty, was grunting and biting Melonie's left ass cheek as she furiously pumped her asshole with her fingers. Melonie was jamming her middle and index finger up Rebecca's ass as she bit on her left ass cheek as well, both girls hair flying as they moved.

"Cunt!" Rebecca cried as she fucked Melonie harder.

"Fuck you slut!" the red headed Melonie shouted back.

"Fuck whore you are a bitch Melonie!" Rebecca spat out.

"Oh, then why do you like this?" Melonie said, as she took her fingers out of Rebecca's asshole and replaced them with her thumb and jammed two fingers into her pussy. "A fuck slut like you would like that!" Melonie said.

Rebecca fucked Melonie's ass harder, jamming her fingers deeper and reached back to pull Melonie's red hair. "Dogs like you like their hair pulled, don't they you whore?" Rebecca said as she tugged at the red mane.

Helena and Melissa were aghast, they just stood there with their mouths wide open, and eyes wide as Rebecca pulled Melonie's lush red hair while finger fucking her asshole, and Melonie jamming her thumb up Rebecca's tiny asshole while finger fucking her cunt. The battling beauties were oblivious to the girls as they pumped each other doggy style and fucked hard into each others ass and pussy.

"Oh, fuck you Rebecca!" Melonie said as she spun knocking her hand out of her hair. Crawling away and pulling her asshole away from Rebecca's probing fingers, they made a puckered popping sound as they came out of the red haired cunts asshole.

Swinging around behind Rebecca, Melonie grabbed her thick auburn locks and jammed two fingers up Rebecca's asshole again, pulling her hair back.

"Ungghhhh!! you fucking cunt!" Rebecca grunted, as Melonie began pumping her asshole as Rebecca took it doggy style. Yanking her auburn locks and banging her asshole relentlessly, Rebecca began to go weak.

"You like getting fucked in the ass, don't you, you Alabama cunt!?"

"I would rather be an Alabama cunt getting assfucked than a Georgia skank who can't do it right!" Rebecca shot back.

Rebecca kicked back with her left leg, catching Melonie in the left boob and chest and knocked her flat onto her back. Rebecca spun in a flash and jumped onto the Georgia alum, pressing flat belly to flat belly. Both girls were in a full sweat. Melonie's rose nipples hardened from the combat and Rebecca's brown nipples at full attention. Their tits sweating, they dripped sweat into each others nipples.

"You Georgia girls never could fuck right!" Rebecca said as she shot a finger up Melonie's cunt. "Alabama girls suck better and fuck better!" Rebecca said as she pulled Melonie's hair back while fingering the red haired cunt of her foe.

"I don't think so, you Alabama town fuck!" Melonie shot back. "Georgia girls suck the best and fuck even better!"

Melonie reached up and grabbed Rebecca by the hair now, and shot two fingers into her pussy. The girls sweated and fucked belly to belly and tit to tit as they pulled each others hair and jammed fingers into Alabama and Georgia cunt. The auburn cunt hairs of Rebecca were wet and matted as her first orgasm hit, she involuntarily humped Melonie's fingers as she came in a splash.

"You hump like a pig in heat, you fuck cunt Rebecca!" Melonie said.

Rebecca was powerless as wave after wave hit her and she squeezed her ass cheeks together to push the fingers deeper into her fuck hole.

" Georgia cow cunt!" Rebecca blurted out as she came again, her back arching.

Melonie reached up and sucked in her brown sweet nipple, just as Rebecca put another finger into her cunt. The red haired cunt was slimed with sweat and the pussy hair matted down. As her orgasm rolled over her with Rebecca's tit in her mouth, Melonie felt white hot heat wash over her body with her first girl cum spurt.

"Suck my tit nipple harder you Georgia cow!" Rebecca demanded as she drove her fingers deeper into Melonie's red haired cunt. "You fuck like a bitch, you Georgia cunt!" Rebecca said again.

Melonie was in wave after wave of orgasm now, sucking Rebecca's tit and having her pussy fucked while she finger fucked Rebecca. Her ass coming off the floor to meet the thrusts of Rebecca's fingers, she moaned into the soft white tit meat as she left her girl juice on the floor.

Rebecca lost balance and fell off to the side, causing both girls to lose the grip in the other's hole. Laying side by side, they latched onto each other's hair and Melonie rolled quickly on top of Rebecca.

With her hands deep in Rebecca's auburn locks, Melonie mounted Rebecca pussy to pussy.

"Now an Alabama fuck hole is going to get Georgia Peach juice!" Melonie said as she slid her pink slit into Rebecca's and clit jammed against clit.

"Aaaaghhhh...!" Rebecca let out as she dug her nails deeper into Melonies hair.

"Cunt hole, you fuck me and feel what a real Alabama Crimson Tide is!". Rebecca's auburn haired pussy lips opened and Melonie's red haired cunt opened as well, pink slits mashed and squished together as pink clit invaded pink clit. The girls fucked each other, Melonie pumping her Georgia juice into Rebecca's open Alabama cunt hole.

"Oh fuck, I feel your cum in me you Georgia cunt!" Rebecca cried, their nipples sweaty and grinding together. Rebecca pulled Melonie's hair harder and tightened her ass and thrust her clit and pussy hard against Melonie's cunt lips and shot her own cum back.

"You Alabama slut fuck!" Melonie cried out. "Your hole just shot into my hole!"

The girls ground their clits and cunts together, exchanging cunt juice into each other's hole time after time as their sweaty tits slid back and forth, their cunt hairs matted in sweat and Alabama Crimson Tide juice and Georgia Peach nectar. Their cunt holes opened to each other from the grinding, hot, sweaty sex, as they fucked liked dogs until their hot cunts melded and became sealed. Collapsing onto Rebecca, their tits mashed together, forcing their nipples to press into each other, their cunts sealed, the girls French kissed and humped each other, pouring juice into each other's pussy.

Neither could take any more, they eased their humping and lay on each other, feeling the perfect tits of the girl pressed against her.

"Your Alabama cunt hole takes Georgia nectar good!" Melonie said.

"Your wide open cunt hole drinks in Crimson Tide juice well too!" Rebecca replied.

Exhausted, they drifted off to sleep, occasionally humping the other girl's cunt while they slept, not even knowing it.

Helena and Melissa were stunned, intoxicated by the sheer sexual heat, breathless and turned on all at the same time. The hot young coeds were oblivious to the women watching them, and did not even notice as Melissa and Helena had taken up a chair on either side of the room as the girls fought and fingered themselves to orgasm.

Helena said to Melissa, as both cum drenched women's panties stuck to their wet pussies as they walked into their rooms, "I will see you tomorrow." They each locked the door to her room, showered and went to bed.

The End