CATS AND CLAWS: The Cat vs. The Panther - by JB57

Jennifer Martin smiled and stretched luxuriously, enjoying the play of the steaming hot water on her voluptuous body. She arched her back and tucked her stomach, causing her round, thick tits to emerge from the soapy water like two small, sensuous islands of meat, the long, stiff nipples like little brown lighthouses. She stretched her long, tan, beautifully muscled legs, pointing her toes towards the far wall of the extravagant bathroom in which she lounged, luxuriating in the pleasure of a hot bath. Her golden blonde hair was tied in a neat knot at the nape of her neck.

Jennifer had just woken from an enticing erotic dream, something that had made her very excited and horny, but which was now subsiding into the recesses of her mind. She tried to hold onto what the dream was about, but it faded away like a morning mist, leaving her only with feelings of intense arousal.

“Oh well,” Jennifer murmured to herself. She looked across the bathroom to where, on the far wall, a massive flatscreen TV displayed a vivid image of porn. She had been watching this before nodding off to sleep. Undoubtedly, it affected her dreams.

A familiar purr sounded beside her head and a tiny pink tongue began roughly licking her earlobe.

Jenn smiled and turned to see Mr. Puss, her beautiful black cat, still proudly wearing the diamond necklace that she had stolen the night before.

“Well hello, Mr. Puss. Do you like the frosting mommy stole for you last night?”

The sleek black cat continued to purr and gave a little meow in response.

“Oh... you're always so understanding of my little weakness. Mommy loves you so much”. Jenn smiled and rubbed noses with the cat. No matter how hard or busy her day, Mr. Puss was always there for her.

Jennifer was the heiress to a billion dollar shipping empire by day and an accomplished cat burglar by night. She obviously didn't need to steal for money – rather, it was the adventure she craved and, especially, the intense sexual thrill she got from pulling off a job successfully. Like a gambling addiction, Jenn had developed a dependency on the rush that came from behaving badly.

“Ooo, I wonder if I made the afternoon news?” Jenn said to the cat, as she noticed it was time for the TV news. Sudsy fingers punched a few buttons on the built-in tub remote and the local broadcast began to blare into the large and spacious bathroom.

“In other news, police are still investigating a series of break-ins at some of Starcity's most luxurious homes,” the gorgeous blonde announcer reported. “Details are still forthcoming, but the MO fits that of the master female criminal known only as 'the Cat'.”

Jenn smiled wider and sank deeper into her marble tub again. A pulse of pure erotic pleasure coursed through her voluptuous body.
“You hear that, Mr. Puss? Mommy is famous. Mommy can't be beaten. Mommy is amazing!” Jennifer shouted at the top of her lungs. She smiled, throwing back her arms, spraying the room with soapy water.

Mr. Puss continued to purr his support and began licking his paw.

The news anchor continued. “It appears that the Cat chose to break into two wealthy homes last night. Police are investigating the possibility that she has an accomplice.”


Jenn sat up with a splash, her massive naked tits springing to life. Mr. Puss hissed and darted from the room.

The livid blonde whipped a bottle of shampoo against the wall and shouted at the television, “What do you mean I hit two homes last night?! What the hell is going on here?!”

The newscast continued to give an account of the two stolen items: the diamond necklace, currently being worn by Mr. Puss, and a rare Egyptian mummified egg – both from private collections.

“And who steals some stupid egg?” Jenn shouted as she stared at the TV in disbelief.

The buxom blonde killed the TV and pondered the new information. She slowly sank back into the frothing tub water, mumbling to herself.

“How incredibly rude,” she fumed. “I can't be imitated. I'm the Cat, dammit!”

Jenn began massaging her amazing breasts and playing with her erect nipples.

“Some other bitch thinks she can masquerade as me? Well, that cunt better have another think coming!”

Jenn gripped the sides of her marble tub and expertly, gracefully, effortlessly pulled herself into a perfect hand stand. A moment later she flipped and landed on all fours on the floor in a feline pose.

Jenn pulled herself to her full height and stood with her hands on her meaty hips while examining the naked reflection of perfection in the partially steamed mirror. She saw a woman of incredible beauty – thick, round, spectacular tits topped a powerfully muscled and voluptuously curved body. Her abdomen was taut and toned, centered by a thin, narrow navel. Her hips were wide and inviting and swept gracefully into a powerful, high round ass behind and smooth, thick thighs and strong, sleek calves beneath. Even her feet were perfect. Her face was gorgeous. Her blue eyes blazed with vitality and her thick blonde hair was cut short so that it just covered her neck.

“That other chick has nothing on me,” Jenn assured herself as she admired her luscious body. Jenn flexed her torso and watched as her huge tits seemed to nod in agreement. The beautiful blonde smiled at her reflection. If there was another cat burglar in town, if there was another woman out there imitating her, Jenn swore she would find the bitch and destroy her, in every way one woman could destroy another. A powerful sexual thrill radiated through her perfect body and she smiled wider.

Jenn was still a little miffed when she pulled up to the huge Johnson estate that evening. Her expensive European sports car roared to a stop in the mansion’s crescent-shaped driveway. The door was opened by a tiny mouse of a valet. He could not hide the smile on his face as the long legged, busty blonde bombshell slid from the driver’s seat. Jenn was wearing a cream-colored dress, with a plunging neckline, barely-there spaghetti straps that left most of her shoulders and upper part of her chest naked, and a slit that went all the way up her thigh. The parts of the dress that actually covered her body fit her like a skintight sheath.

Jenn was carrying a short, expensive coat in case it got cool later and a small purse. She pulled a $50 tip from her purse and handed it to the valet, while giving him generous view of her deep, thick cleavage and her long, tanned legs. .

“You'll take good care of my baby, won't you?” she purred at the young man. “She's expensive.”

Completely flustered by the gorgeous woman in front of him, the young man managed to nod his head.

Jenn smiled. “Good.” She quickly strode toward the mansion, her meaty hips seeming to wave goodbye, her powerful ass rippling beneath her tight dress.

The usual flock of socialites gathered around Jennifer as she was announced. She made small talk for an hour or so before finally managing to excuse herself and break away from the small crowd of men she managed to attract.

The mansion was packed with Starcity's super elite. Jenn frowned to herself as she pushed her way through the crowd. She knew she was going to have to come back later tonight if she wanted to steal something. Jenn worked her way across the massive room until she was standing before the family display cases.

The usual assortment of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones were on display. Jenn began speculating on what would look good on her in the tub. Suddenly, a sensation began to pulse in her nipples. Her girls were growing hard and angry under the thin but expensive material that was draped over them. It wasn't a new sensation for the fabulously busty blonde. Every once in a while, two Alpha females find themselves in close proximity and begin unconsciously emitting a pheromone which signals their presence and their status. Once the females are aware of each another, the universe stops and holds its breath until a top Alpha emerges.

Out of the corner of her eye, Jenn saw a huge pair of breasts come to a stop beside her. The way the fabric on the front the other woman's dress was pitched like a tent told her that this was the other Alpha in question.

As casually as she could, Jenn slowly turned her head and took in the other woman. A pair of gorgeous green eyes turned and stared into Jenn’s own amazing blues. A raven haired ying had emerged to challenge the platinum blonde yang.

The two women allowed their eyes to drift up and down all the dangerous curves they had on display that evening. The black-haired woman was wearing a “little black dress.” Her display of cleavage and her muscular, tanned legs were every bit as impressive as Jenn’s. With a look of mutual lust and understanding, the buxom bitches rotated themselves and brought their fleshy weapons to bear. They placed their hands on their wide, womanly hips and confronted each other, while noting that their massive tits rested only a hair's breadth apart. As the gorgeous women glared into each other’s eyes, they sensed their enraged nipples desperately trying to tear through their cloth prisons to challenge the opposing pair.

The loud, crowded room was oblivious to the epic sexual showdown happening in the darkened corner.

For more than a minute, the women glared into each other, their powerful bodies aligning, their sexual power and arousal growing. Finally, the mysterious brunette broke the silence between them.

“You must be the Jenn everyone's been comparing me to all night.”

Jenn stiffened a little and scowled at the snotty bitch in-front of her.

“And you must be an absolute nobody trying to boob her way into a social circle that's clearly out of her league.”

The brunette was unfazed by the blonde's verbal assault. She just gave Jenn a little smirk.

“Yeah, everyone says you're super bitchy. Looks like they were totally right, too.”

Jenn set her jaw and continued to scowl at the other woman. She was not used to being put in her place. The brunette smiled and continued.

“Is that how you got into this little elitist club, hon? Did you just boob your way in?”

The blonde felt her beautiful face start to get hot. Jenn’s nipples began to throb even harder. It was all she could do to not tear open her dress and 'out-boob' the snotty brunette right there and then.

“That's right, hon,” Jenn replied. “They took one look at me and my girls and rolled out the red carpet. But looking at what you bring to the party, I'm still wondering how the hell you got in here.”

The brunette’s frown deepened. Her gorgeous green eyes narrowed as she studied the blonde's massive rack and mentally compared it to her own.

“Why don't you come find me later, Jenn?” the brunette said quietly. “We can have a much deeper, longer conversation in private.”
She paused for a moment and glanced around a little before continuing, “I bet our girls would love to chat as well.” The brunette’s eyes bore into Jenn’s blue gaze. Both women felt their nipples swell, their thick tits grow even harder.

Both women were rewarded with their nipples finally growing large enough to span the tiny distance separating them and to make contact through their gowns. The resulting sensation sent a pulse of pure pleasure through both women and put a smile on their faces. Jenn’s blue eyes blazed with heat as she stared deeply into the gorgeous green eyes of her new rival. The women saw the mutual hate and lust that sent a powerful erotic thrill coursing through their luscious bodies.

“What's your name, sweetheart?” Jenn purred, her voice throaty.

“I'm Britney Johnson, you blonde-haired bimbo,” the brunette whispered hoarsely. “Welcome to my uncle's estate.”

With that, the brunette dragged her stiff nipples across the blonde's nips, sending another aching burst of pleasure through both women’s throbbing tits. Jenn and Britney both gasped at the sensual contact. Then, with a final shared glare, Britney turned on her heel and disappeared into the crowd.

Jenn watched as Britney retreated; her nipples gradually relaxed, signaling that her rival was no longer in the immediate area. She wondered if Britney was at the Johnson’s mansion for a visit or if she was actually staying at the mansion.

The buxom blonde had already decided that the Cat would be calling on the Johnsons that night; now, with the potential of a titanic titfight (and maybe much, much more!) tossed in the mix, the possibilities were enough to make her crotch dampen with excitement! Jennifer was glad she was wearing a thong, or else sex juice might be trickling down the inside of her bare, luscious thighs.

The evening wore on. Jenn continued going through the social motions. Every half hour or so, she would catch a glimpse of Britney across the room. Both women were constantly surrounded by at least a half dozen men, making it impossible for them to 'chat' further. As the hour grew late, the crowd finally began to dissipate. Jenn found herself getting more excited in anticipation of her “conversation” with Britney.

Around 2:30 am, Jenn finally spied Britney at the coat check. The blonde approached her brunette rival from behind. Britney’s buzzing nipples alerted her to Jenn's proximity and she turned with a little frown on her beautiful face.

“Running off before we can have a little chat, Britney?” Jenn murmured, leaning in close to her foe. “Or does chatting with me scare the hell out of you?”

A little smile crossed the brunette's lips before she answered.

“No, Jenn. I am really looking forward to having a long, drawn out conversation with you. But not tonight. I've still got some things to do before tomorrow and I'm running out of time.”

The blonde stuck out her lower lip and made a pouty face. “Aw... but we have so much to talk about”.

“Yes we do”, smiled the brunette. “And we will talk. I guarantee it. We’ll talk long and very, very hard. But later.”

Britney made a kissy face at Jenn and quickly strode out the door – leaving behind a very disappointed looking blonde.

“Humph. She was just scared to go boob-to-boob with me,” Jenn muttered as she signaled for her own coat to be brought.

At 3:30 AM that morning, Jenn glided past the main gate of the huge Johnson estate in a jet black, electric sports car that had been designed for stealth. The party appeared to be over. Most of the manor was dark and there was no activity, except for one or two security guards making regular patrols around the grounds. There were a few lights on in the house, but the upper stories and the central ballroom, where she had seen the jewels, were dark.

Jenn continued on, driving along the estate wall before pulling down a service road and parking her car a short distance away from the high stone fence surrounding the property. Silently, Jenn stepped out of her vehicle and removed her black trench coat. She was wearing a black, skin tight, nylon leotard which covered her gorgeous body. The catsuit zipped up in front and she had the zipper pulled low on her chest, exposing considerable lush cleavage. Over her head, she wore a cowl that completely covered her face and head, leaving room only for her eyes, mouth, chin and the tip of her nose. Her hair was tied into a tight bun at the nape of her neck. The material was durable enough so that it didn't tear easily but stretchy enough to allow her to move with absolute freedom and silence.

The blonde applied a generous amount of her favorite lipstick for good luck. She leaped to the top of the stone wall. From her vantage point, she noted all of the visible motion activated lights on the property. With a final smirk, she silently dropped onto the Johnson property.

In full stealth mode, Jenn darted across the grounds to the side of the large, stone building. What appeared to be a bathroom window on the 3rd floor was her best chance for gaining entrance to the manor house.

Using advanced parkour techniques, the Cat scaled the side of the building. She leaped and grabbed hold of the bathroom windowsill. With a little grunt, she pulled herself up to the window and silently slid it open. She smiled to herself, wondering why no one ever bothered to alarm or even lock the 3rd floor bathroom window. Jenn moved to the bathroom door and pressed her covered ear to it. Hearing nothing, she quickly opened the door to avoid any squeaking from the hinges.

Silently, the Cat made her way down through the house and into the main entrance way. She paused for a moment, then melted into the shadows as a security guard shone his light in through the huge foyer. Not detecting anything amiss, the guard continued on his rounds.

Smiling to herself, Jenn slinked across the large entrance way and opened the door to the display room using a specially crafted skeleton key she had acquired for this job. Silently closing the door behind her, she made her way across the darkened room to the display case containing the Johnson family jewels, against the far wall.

Two steps in however, Jenn froze. A familiar buzzing in her nipples alerted her to the presence of another in the room. The buxom blonde arched her back, placed her hands on her hips and faced a dark corner roughly 10 meters in-front of her.

“I know you're there,” Jenn whispered into the dark. “Come out and let me see you.”

After a moment, a woman slowly stepped from out of the shadows. It was like looking in a mirror. Like the Cat, this woman was wearing a full, skintight black body suit and a cowl that hid most of her face. There was no hiding that this woman’s body was incredible, easily rivaling Jenn’s voluptuousness. Her body was, like Jenn’s, a perfect combination of athletic muscularity and raw feminine curvaceousness. Even her beautiful breasts equaled Jenn’s prodigious chest. Like Jenn, the woman had the zipper on her suit pulled low on her chest, exposing a healthy amount of cleavage. The woman matched Jenn's pose and slowly walked toward her. Jenn slowly advanced as well.

Both women’s large, angry nipples become fully erect as the distance between them closed. The hardening shafts easily tented the black body suits, making the women’s nipples fully visible in the dim light. The women slowly, silently circled one another in the dark with only the light from the moon and distant street lamps shining through the large bay window.

The mysterious woman spoke first. “You must be the Cat,” she purred, her voice a low, throaty growl.

“I am. And what do I call you?”

“You may call me...the Panther.”

Jenn gave a low snort.

“Not big on originality, are you? You even copied my costume.”

The Panther gave a low chuckle.

“Are you sure you didn't copy me? I'm not new to the game you know.”

The women stopped circling and paused for a moment in the darkness. Jenn could feel the sexual power, the tension, building between them. This woman was another Alpha, like her. Even more, she was an Alpha intruding into Jenn’s territory. Both women understood that they had to work out which of them was dominant and whose territory this was and they had to do it now. After what seemed like an eternity, each beauty took a half step toward the other. The tips of their nipples came into delicious contact.

The women could feel each other smiling in the darkness as their bodies flooded with mutual sexual energy and excitement. Even through their body suits, they could feel each other’s throbbing nipples and sexual power. For long minutes, the women stood in a mirrored pose as their long nipples explored and challenged one another. With expert precision, they slowly met tip to tip in an attempt to bend and pin the other woman's nips to her breasts. Neither woman's thick, rubbery nips gave any ground to their opponent’s beautiful shafts, however.

The women began to breathe more heavily as their excitement increased. The intimate contact flooded the rival women’s delicious bodies with sexual hormones. Their hearts pounded as their bodies grew more and more aroused. Their pussies became wet and hot and tight. After several erotic minutes exploring the other’s thick, throbbing nipples through their nylon clothing, the Panther finally broke the silence.

“You've got a nice pair of tits, Cat. They're almost as amazing as my own,” the Panther breathed, her voice catching with the excitement of her growing desire.

“You're no slouch in the titty department either, little kitty,” Jenn replied. "But my girls have no equal.” Jenn’s voice, too, was choked with excitement.

The Panther smiled and licked her lips in the darkness.

“Oh, I think my girls would disagree. Perhaps it's time for some serious girl talk?”

The Cat nodded and licked her own lips.

“Yes. I think the girls need to discuss whose turf this is. There's only room for one big boob thief in this town.”

“I couldn't agree more,” purred the Panther. She held up her gloved hands and spread her fingers. The Cat took the cue and interlocked her fingers with those of her rival. The feline femme fatales raised their locked hands above their heads and slowly, slowly leaned into one another. Their rock solid nipples jabbed painfully into the taut, hot breast flesh that now engulfed them. Their cat suits stretched to their fullest as their bountiful bosoms mushroomed out from between their firm torsos. Their titflesh spilled out from the front of their skintight suits, sensuous bare flesh rubbing and mashing into sensuous bare flesh. Jenn felt the Panther’s hot, sweet breath on her face as she strained to overcome her rival. The women’s equally massive tits flattened against each other until they formed four meaty pads of succulent flesh that refused to yield any further. Their nipples crushed and throbbed painfully, deliciously deep within their mashed tits. The women groaned as a combination of pain and intense pleasure rippled from their crushed, struggling tits to the rest of their bodies.

The women grunted with exertion as they quietly pushed into one another, their incredible bodies straining. Jenn had rarely encountered another woman as physically powerful as she was. Part of her secretly thrilled to the realization that this incredible bitch seemed to be her equal in every way. But another part of her was driven into a red-hot rage by this same realization. Grunting and gasping, continuing to keep the focus of their battle on their bulging, throbbing tits, the two feline burglars staggered quietly around the large room, each intent on proving herself and her breasts superior to the other woman’s. The silent erotic confrontation went on for many minutes, the only sounds the occasional moans or gasps from the struggling women, the sound of nylon whispering on nylon, and the scuffing of feet on carpet as the women sought to find better footing. The Cat and the Panther found themselves growing damp with sweat. Their sweaty tits mashed and both women moaned deeper at the sensual contact of bare flesh to flesh as the titflesh overflowed from their suits.

Suddenly, the battling bitches heard the sound of an approaching security guard. The women pushed away from one another, each disappearing into a darkened corner of the room. The guard shone his light in the window for a moment, before continuing on his rounds.

With the room now mostly dark again, the Cat began stalking her prey. She moved silently, crouched over with her claws extended, scanning for signs of her rival.

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty…,” Jenn whispered into the darkness.

The sound of feet moving on carpet, coming up behind her, drew the Cat's attention. Jenn spun around but was a little too slow. The Panther came crashing into her. The women fell to the floor, quickly tangling together on the carpeted surface as they rolled around, each trying to gain and hold the top position. The titfighters muffled their grunts and groans as best they could. Their enraged tits stabbed and smacked into each other, their long, strong bodies writhed and strained, muscle to muscle, as each woman fought to dominate the other.

Jenn managed to score the top position for a moment and gave a triumphant “Ha!” Moments later however, the Panther managed to flip the Cat over her head and into the wall with a loud thud. The women instantly froze and listened. After several moments, they heard nothing. They reached for each other and quietly, viciously, their delicious battle continued.

On their knees with their fingers interlocked once more, the women began bashing their boobs together in earnest. Soon they achieved a rhythmic, savage mammary mashing beat. As meat met meat, a loud clapping sound joined the grunts and groans being forced from the two increasingly aroused combatants. For a full two minutes, the buxom women slammed their fleshy weapons into each other with reckless abandon. As the women became more passionate, more enraged and aroused, the slaps grew louder and the grunts began to turn to sharp screams of rage, effort and desire. The noises began to echo off the walls of the large trophy room.

The noise attracted another guard. The women barely had time to push each other away and meld into the darkness before the guard shone his light into the room. This time, the man scanned the room from the doorway, looking for any indication that the sounds he dimly heard might be coming from this room.

Crouched behind a couch, Jenn panted softly in the darkness and cupped her throbbing breasts. She shuddered as she caressed her rock-hard nipples. The material of her catsuit was beginning to fray and distend. It was not designed for fighting, just for comfort and maneuverability. Her magnificent tits were on the verge of falling out of the suit’s meager restraint. Even more, she was naked under her suit and the constant sexual friction between her body and that of her rival was proving to be fantastically stimulating. Her crotch was wet with lubrication and her clit was starting to pulse with need. Jenn smiled, unable to contain her excitement. She knew how this battle had to be decided. Tit to tit would not be enough.

The security guard finally seemed satisfied that nothing was amiss in the ballroom. He left to continue his rounds.

“Do you give up?” the Cat whispered into the darkness.

“Funny, I was just about to ask you the same question,” the Panther replied, her disembodied voice coming out of the shadows.

“Come on then. Let's finish this!” Jenn snarled. The Cat moved into the dim light spilling from the bay window and jutted out her proud chest, waiting for the Panther to answer her challenge. A moment later, the other woman appeared. The Panther’s catsuit was giving way in front. As Jenn watched, the other woman reached up and unzipped the front of the suit, opening the rest of the chest area of the suit. The Panther then pulled the suit wider, letting her magnificent tits bounce free, reflecting the light from the window. Jenn smiled, her grin lit by excitement and raw lust. She unzipped her own top, freeing her massive boobs. The thick, round orbs jiggled deliciously as they bounced in the open air. With a mutual groan, the rivals threw themselves into each other’s arms, mashing their massive tits together once again. For the first time, bare nipple met bare nipple and the women stifled cries of sheer erotic joy.

“You're starting to soften up, Panther,” Jenn panted at her enemy, as she rotated her naked tits hard against the other woman’s boobs. “You're not as firm as you were when we started. I feel those soft little bags getting weak.”

“Oh, you're one to talk, Cat,” the Panther gasped in reply. “I'm practically spreading your saggy little tits flat at this point.” The other woman worked her tits up and down against Jenn’s thick, solid pair, desperately trying to grind her opponent down. The women’s nipples stabbed and grated on each other, finally twisting together and locking, sending spasms of delight through the battling women.

“We'll see who spreads who flat, you dumb bitch!” the Cat snapped.

“Oh, name calling are we now?” the Panther snarled. “Fine, cunt, let’s see how much you've got left in the tank!”

The women tightened their powerful arms around each other’s backs and began a crushing bear hug. The Cat and the Panther wrapped their bodies together. Muscular legs laced tight, pulling their bellies into solid contact. Their crotches pressed hard. The gorgeous women soon began to grunt and gasp for air as they attempted to squeeze the life from one another.

The incredibly sexy vixens continued their sensual struggle, their bodies grinding and undulating against each other with increasing force and passion. Their crotches rubbed smoothly, the nylon whispering in the dark. They pressed their covered foreheads together and attempted to push one another back as their chest bursting hug continued and even intensified, each woman determined to physically overpower the other. The thick pads of their succulent titflesh squashed and fused, incredibly dense breasts straining against each other, resisting the titanic compression, taking on the form of meaty balloons that seemed on the verge of bursting. For long minutes the women worked against each other, neither able to gain a discernible advantage. Their bodies grew wet with sweat, their ragged pants filled the air. Still, they continued to writhe and grind, naked tits almost melting into one sensual, fleshy mass beneath the intense pressure and the sexual stimulation. Their rock hard nipples pulsed and throbbed, trapped and fused into one within the women’s titflesh.

Jenn and the Panther began to see stars as they moaned and trembled, getting closer and closer to crushing each other into unconsciousness. Finally, the women could not take it any longer. Gasping, they pushed each other away and staggered back, their bare breasts jiggling in the dim light, their chests heaving as they struggled to recover.

“Fucker,” Jenn gasped at her foe, her body on fire with need, her ribs aching from the mutual bear hug. She wanted desperately to defeat this woman and humiliate her, but she was barely able to stand.

“Cuntlicker,” the other woman shot back. The Panther also seemed unsteady on her feet. She leaned over, placing her hands on her knees, gasping for breath. Her mammoth breasts hung down, quivering with her pants, but still firm and round. Suddenly, the Panther dropped to her knees on the rug. For a moment, Jenn thought the other woman had passed out and she had won. But the Panther sat back on her ass and spread her legs. Even in the dark, Jenn could see her rival caressing her crotch. Jenn thought she could make out the woman’s deeply creased vaginal slit under the skin tight garment.

“We’ve tested each other tit to tit,” the Panther purred “Let’s see what you’ve got between your legs, bitch. This is where the real power is.”

Jenn’s dizziness intensified. It took her a moment to realize that what she was feeling was a spike of incredible lust. Her hot cunt, already sopping wet, suddenly lubricated powerfully, soaking the catsuit between her legs. She lowered her hand to her twat and gently stroked her throbbing clit through the wet material. She could feel it clearly through the cloth, its rock-hard, marble-sized head, pulsing with hunger. She swallowed deeply, licked her dry lips, then dropped to her knees and began to crawl towards the Panther in the dark. When she was close, she pushed back to sit on her ass and spread her legs wide.

“Then let’s see who has got the power, bitch.” Jenn tried to snarl, but her voice caught as a wave of intense sexual excitement washed over her. She stroked her throbbing clit, mirroring the Panther’s eager efforts to stimulate and harden her own clit. The two sex warriors readied themselves for intimate, clit to clit combat. Jenn wished there were a way to unzip her catsuit all the way down to her crotch.

The women moved towards each other, left legs slipping over rights, their nylon-based catsuits sliding like silk. The Cat and the Panther pressed their soaking wet cunts hard together, bracing their bodies with their hands as they rammed their rock-hard clits directly into each other. The women threw back their heads and moaned uncontrollably, neither woman even trying to conceal the sounds of their shared sexual violation. They bucked hard, keeping their clits locked against each other, grinding furiously. Their naked tits jiggled enticingly with each hard thrust. Even through the cloth of two catsuits, the women felt the excruciating pleasure of their clits grating and grinding, jousting savagely. The smooth nylon of the garments added a slick friction to the mutual sexual assault. Their crotches grew sopping wet as their ravenously hungry cunts lubricated over and over. The Cat and the Panther wrapped their legs around each other’s hips, locking each other in place. They lifted their asses off the ground as they rammed and rubbed and crushed their sexhorns into each other, both women straining to drive the other over the edge, to fuck the other into submission, to prove to both of them who had the greater control, the stronger cunt, to show which of them was the superior woman.

The women humped and pumped each other viciously, leaning back to allow the greatest pressure between their warring cunts. Their moans and groans of pleasure soon became unfiltered cries and screams of pure sexual joy. Their tits bounced exuberantly, their asses rippled with effort, their hips rocked and thrust, driving their clits together, keeping them in constant, ecstatic contact. They fucked rhythmically, savagely. Jenn could hardly believe what she was doing, but it felt far, far too good to stop. Vaguely, in the back of her mind, she knew that they were making too much noise. But the mutual fucking they were giving to each other was too delicious, their shared need to fuck each other was too great, for either woman to care.

Suddenly, the bucking, heaving, moaning women were enveloped in a powerful beam of light!

“Hey you two! What are you doing in there?” cried the security guard from outside the window. The guard called for backup even as the Cat and the Panther pushed away from each other, rolling to their feet, somewhat unsteadily.

“This... isn't... over... bitch,” the Cat gasped, her body vibrating with unreleased sexual tension.

“Any... time... any... where... cunt,” came the weak reply.

The two women now fumbled around trying to orient themselves, even as the sound of running, approaching footsteps echoed in the house and the lights began to turn on in the mansion. Jenn had worked out her escape route, but she could not get her bearings. Her mind was too sex-addled to figure out where was the window that she had chosen as her exit and she had not had time to open the window’s lock, anyway. She knew she needed to improvise and give herself some time to come down from the sexual high.

The door to the trophy room burst open, framing a large security guard standing with a flashlight held as a weapon. He was no match for the pair of buxom raiders, however, as the two voluptuous women basically ran him over. Sprinting into the deep, still-dark areas of the mansion, the Cat and the Panther separated. Alarms were blaring in and outside of the home .Jenn became desperate to find a way out. The Cat escaped into the lower floors of the house, where she found herself in a laundry room. She managed to jimmy open a small window. Since the alarms had already been tripped, she didn't bother with anything fancy.

After waiting for a security guard to run past, the Cat skillfully dived through the window and sprinted for the hedge across the yard. The sound of dogs barking in the distance spurred her on as she leapt to the stone fence. She pulled herself over the top of the wall and jumped down to freedom.

Jenn quickly made her way through the shadows to where she hid her electric car. The sound of the barking dogs was getting ever closer.

Noiselessly, Jenn’s electric sports car quickly sped away and into the night. Jenn breathed a sigh of relief, but her body was still vibrating with unrelieved sexual tension. The fucking she and her rival had administered to each other had been incredible, made doubly good by the risks of doing what they were doing where they were doing it. To not reach the peak of pleasure angered and frustrated her. Once she was safe, she fully intended to spend a lot of time tonight relieving that unrelieved pressure. She wondered what had happened to the Panther. The bitch was good. Even more, the bitch was a fantastic fuck. Jenn hated the other woman, but she desperately wanted her too. She wanted to break the bitch, to control and master her, to match her cunt and tits with the whore and prove which of them was really the better woman. If that meant hours and hours of sheer sexual ecstasy – well, that was just a delicious bonus.

Jenn smiled as she sped down the highway back into the city. She was sure that she had not seen the last of her sexy rival. She looked forward to their next meeting.

To be continued:

Cats and Claws, Part II:

Jenn wrapped her trench coat tightly around her. She managed a weak smile to the front desk attendant as she strode through the lobby of her expensive downtown loft. It was almost 5am and many of the social elite were stumbling in from a night of debauchery Jenn hoped the attendant thought she was just one of the crowd and did not look too closely at the black tights she was wearing. But, even if he noticed, she reasoned that he would assume she was out performing some debauchery of her own. When she thought about the hot sex that had finished her night, the perception was not really wrong.

Jenn took her private elevator up to her penthouse apartment. Finally, safe at home, she collapsed on her overstuffed couch. Mr. Puss appeared and began licking his Mommy's face.

“Mr. Puss…,” Jenn whispered, “you'll never guess what happened to me tonight.” The cat gave her a curious stare, then wandered off to do its cat things. Jenn remained on the couch, going over the experience in the Johnson mansion in her mind. She especially focused on the sensations of her battle with the Panther, the intense feeling of her clit grinding at the other woman’s clit through two layers of clothing. God, how good it would feel without anything between them. She shuddered with lust at the thought.

Jenn relaxed back in the couch and began to stroke her pussy through the catsuit. The outfit was ruined. She unzipped the suit as far down as it would go, all the way down her belly, exposing her navel. She slipped her hand into the suit and down to her vulva. She began stroking and teasing the hot, wet flesh, the tantalizing fuck slit, which continued to boil with heat. She shuddered as she gently thumbed her swollen clit. She closed her eyes and imagined the Panther, the feel of the other woman’s body and the exquisite pleasure of grinding her rock-like clit on the other woman’s equally hard, hot, wet nub. Jenn moaned with pleasure. She threw back her head, bit her lower lip, and gasped with sexual joy as her hand worked her aching clit and her sopping wet cunt.

She was just starting to get fully into her masturbation when she was interrupted by a beep from her private elevator camera.

“Who the hell is ringing me at 5 in the morning??” Jenn snapped. The beep sounded again. Reluctantly, she pulled her hand out of her cunt and picked up her android tablet. Jenn’s elevator cam revealed a familiar brunette wearing a large trench coat. Britney spoke into the elevator mike..

“Jenn? It's me, Britney. I'm sorry for the early call, but I have to speak with you immediately.”

The blonde pressed a button on her computer to reply.

“It's a little early don't you think? I'm not in the mood to finish that discussion we started earlier.”

The brunette paused for a moment before speaking into the mike again.

“Can I please just come up? It's important."

“Fine,” came the curt reply.

Jenn stood up from the couch and wrapped her trench coat around her catsuit again. If Britney wanted to match tits with her right now, Jenn was not sure her body could stand up to the challenge. More importantly, she was too distracted by her encounter with the Panther to have the same desire for the confrontation with Britney. But, then again, maybe titfighting, beating, then fucking Britney would be a good way to take off that edge.

The private elevator doors opened and Britney stepped into Jenn's penthouse. The blonde approached her brunette visitor, ignoring the sensation in her nipples as they once again begin to tingle and stiffen.

“Well, what do you want?” Jenn asked in a tired and impatient voice.

Britney did not say anything. Instead, she took a good look at Jenn and the black stockings and gloves protruding from beneath Jenn’s trenchcoat.

“What the hell are you looking at? What do you...,”Jenn trailed off as she saw the dark nylon covering the brunette's hands and feet.

Britney locked eyes with Jenn. “I knew it. I knew it was you.” Slowly, the gorgeous brunette untied her trench coat and pulled it open, before letting it fall to the floor. The Panther now stood in the Cat's abode. The other woman’s magnificent breasts filled the gaping crevasse of her unzipped collar. Her skintight outfit looked bedraggled.

Jenn nodded slowly. Her own body had come alive. Her tits were throbbing, her pussy was hot, hot. Slowly, she let her own coat fall to the floor, revealing her own skintight catsuit, unzipped to the navel and wet with sweat and other juices.

“You bitch.” Jenn breathed. “I should have known it was you. You’re a real cunt to rob your own uncle.”

“You don’t know anything, whore,” Britney snapped. “But that doesn’t matter. I’m here to settle with you, to finish what we started. Are you woman enough to take me on?”

“You can bet your pussy I’m more woman that you could ever handle,” Jenn breathed.

“Let’s find out,” Britney hissed, her eyes bright with lust and anger.

The women slowly circled one another in the brightly lit living room, their lush, golden breasts now on full display, their voluptuous bodies outlined in exquisite detail by the thin black suits. The women moved gracefully, silently, matching the skill and focus of their namesakes.

Without another word, the women threw themselves at each other once again. Their massive breasts mashed and spread, their arms twined around sleek, powerful bodies. But the women took a more savage approach to their contest. No longer required to be silent or restrained, Jenn and Britney shrieked and yelled at one another as they stumbled around the room, their hands buried in each other’s thick, short hair, their powerful bodies straining and twisting. They pulled each other from one side of the room to the other, before falling in a furious catball onto the expensive Persian rug in the foyer of Jenn’s beautiful apartment. Limbs twined, biting and clawing at each other, pulling viciously at each other’s hair, the women churned from one side of the foyer to the other, screaming and snarling.

“You fuck, you filthy fucking cunt!” Jenn shrieked, her head a mass of agony as they other woman tried to extract her hair by its roots. Jenn clawed and tore at Britney’s catsuit, which ripped away easily, weakened by the sweat and savagery of their struggle.

“Fucking filthy twat!” Britney screamed back. She shoved her massive tits hard into Jenn’s bulbous chest. Both women were now topless, their catsuits lying in shreds around them. As they continued to roll, curse and scream at each other, they continued to ravage the other woman’s outfit. After twenty minutes of savage, exhausting battle, both women had succeeded in stripping each other completely naked. Their desire to dominate and destroy each other refused to abate.

Nude, lying side by side, each with one hand in her opponent's hair and one firmly grasping her opponent's breast, the sexual warriors lay in a sullen stalemate once more, their wet bodies sprawled over the length of the Persian rug. Their inner thighs were wet with pussy juice which continued to trickle down to the expensive carpeting.

The women lay tangled together, panting and glaring at each other in silent rage, neither able to gain an advantage, both too tired to continue, but neither willing to surrender.

Finally, the Cat broke the silent barrier.

“Ok, look Britney, I want to settle this as much as you do – but I'm not willing to trash my place to do it. I'm already going to have to steam these carpets to get the sweat stains out!”

“Fine,”panted the Panther. Slowly, both women released their death grips and sat up to face one another. Their eyes took in the other woman’s naked perfection, their wet, bare cunts and heavy, round tits. Britney and Jenn locked eyes again and smiled at each other, their minds going to the same place.

“I'm not leaving until this is resolved though. I want this territory for myself,” Britney purred, licking her lips and arching her back, presenting her perfect tits and their hard nipples to Jenn in challenge.

“That’s not going to happen, baby,” Jenn smiled back, her voice deep and throaty. She shifted her position so that she could spread her legs. The Panther smiled hungrily as she gazed down into the Cat’s wet, bare fuckslit.

“So, how do you suggest we resolve our little dilemma?” Britney smiled, looking deep into Jenn’s eyes.

“Well,” Jenn smiled back, getting up on her knees on the rug, “we’ve tried punishing each other. But I think we hit on the right idea at the end in the Johnson mansion.”

“I agree,” Britney said, getting up on her knees too, to face Jenn. The buxom women pointed their massive, jiggling tits at each other. “Do you think you can outsex me, blondie?” she asked, her voice a low, sensual growl.

“I think that my pussy is going to eat your juicy little cunt alive, baby,” Jenn smiled back. Her eyes were glowing with lust. The idea that the delicious sex she had been unable to finish was now within her grasp excited her in ways that set her heart pounding. She ached with anticipation.

The Panther gave a little snort. “I'll outlast you without breaking a sweat, honey.”

Both women began fingering themselves and massaging their tits.

“Let's take a shower, shall we?” Jenn suggested, her beautiful face shining with heat.

The Cat slowly licked her lips as she took the Panther by the hand. The two naked beauties walked across the apartment and entered Jenn’s spacious bedroom. Jenn led her rival into her massive en suite and into the giant shower stall. The two gorgeous women were soon lathering each other up, running their hands over every inch of the other beauty’s succulent flesh. They softly stroked one another as the hot water cascaded down their dangerous curves. They ran their hands over taut, slippery tits; they squeezed and nibbled and sucked at burning nipples. Jenn eagerly inserted two fingers into Britney’s wet, hot snatch and stroked the brunette’s swelling clit. Britney sighed in delight and playfully shoved two fingers up Jenn’s tight asshole, before thumbing the blonde’s clit. The women kissed passionately as they shampooed each other's hair. Gently, they used their enormous boobs to scrub each other down, eagerly slipping and sliding their massive tits over and around each other. The women grew more and more aroused with every passing moment.

Jenn pulled Britney back from their tongue twisting kiss by the hair. She looked deep into her rival’s beautiful green eyes. “Oh baby,” Jenn moaned, “I’m going to fuck your brains out. I’m going to suck every drop of cum out of your twat and into my cunt.”

“You blonde bitch,” Britney moaned back, “My pussy is going to eat you alive. Enough foreplay. Let’s go fuck.”

Jenn smiled. She turned off the shower. The women left the shower stall together and then delighted in drying each other off, exploring each other’s tits and hidden womanly crevasses with the soft, thick towels as they played with each other. The women smiled at each other archly as they saw how wet both of their pussies were.

Now squeaky clean, the busty rivals collapsed into bed together. Jenn and Britney fell into each other’s arms and began kissing passionately, their tongues twisting in their inosculated mouths, their hands deep in each other’s hair. Their magnificent nude bodies writhed against each other. But after a few minutes more of passionate kissing, the two exhausted, naked vixens found their incredible bodies had reached some kind of limit. The excitement and pressure of the day seemed to catch up to them at the same time. Despite their raw desire, despite their shared anticipation of the sexual encounter they had begun but not yet finished, they found themselves overcome by a wave of exhaustion. Plastered together, Jenn and Britney drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

Shortly after noon, Jenn's eyes opened to find a naked, buxom Britney bringing her breakfast in bed. Their shared animosity was seemingly now gone. The two naked women smiled at each other, both enjoying the building anticipation of the hot, hard, hungry sex they knew they would eventually have. For now, the women enjoyed one another's company. Through the magic of room-service, the two cat burglars downed a hearty breakfast of eggs, toast, sausage and waffles together. With breakfast over, the women got back to business.

“Well, baby,” Jenn smiled. She stretched out on the bed, her body mirroring Britney’s naked form. “Time to take up where we left off last night. Do you remember where we were?”

“Yes,” Britney smiled back. “I was just about to start sucking your cunt out from the inside with my gorgeous pussy. I think shortly after that, you were going to surrender and turn this territory over to me.”

“Hm,” Jenn grinned. “I remember it differently. I was just about to fuck you senseless and kick you out of my hunting ground on your naked ass.”

“Well, we seem to have a disagreement, Jenn,” Britney murmured, stretching her voluptuous body and tensing her muscles. “How do you propose we resolve it?”

“Why don’t we talk shop in my tub?” Jenn suggested. “It’s a nice warm place to have a good, hard… conversation.”

Smiling, the naked beauties climbed off the bed and made their way to Jenn’s bathroom. Jenn filled her giant soaking tub with warm water, then slowly climbed in and settled in the warmth. Her massive golden orbs floated on the water, meaty islands. Britney climbed into the tub from the other side. The buxom beauties sat scissored end to end in the frothing water. Their aching, burning cunts pressed tight to each other, slit to slit, fat, juicy pussy lips crushed and mashed to fat, juicy cuntlips. The women smiled at each other feverishly, their blood boiling with desire. What they had both wanted from the moment they met was finally going to happen. They began to moan softly as their vulvas started to undulate against each other.

The Cat licked her lips and looked at the Panther with lust gleaming in her eyes. “So, since neither of us is going to move away and since we can't risk running into each other on the job, I suggest we split the town in two. Right down main street.” Jenn quivered as she felt her labia flattening and sucking to Britney’s soft, hot labia. They were both pushing, forcing each other open. She could sense Britney’s swollen, boiling clit reaching for her own sexnub.

Britney returned the lustful look and countered. “But the eastern half of the city is mighty slim pickings compared to the West. Who gets what side?”

Jenn grinned ear to ear. “That's what we're about to find out, baby,” she purred. “First one to orgasm has to take the east!”

Britney smiled back. “Mmmm I like it! And no cuts and bruises this way either!”

The women licked their lips and moaned loudly as they finally got down to the business of fucking the other into submission. Their vulvas mashed into and against one another under the frothing waters of Jenn's turbo tub. The women thrust slow and hard, their thick-lipped pussies slowly and steadily pushing into each other, their slick labia sliding and locking and melting into one, the feelings of their meaty cunts mating sending both women into moans of exquisite pleasure. Their meaty twats folded and sucked into one mass of pure erotic sensation.

“Mmmmmmm,” Jenn groaned, straining to keep her eyes open as incredible pleasure arced through her slowly, powerfully undulating body. “God, oh god, that feels so good, baby….” the blonde gasped, her perfect body quivering with tension.

“Yes, yes, oh god, yessssss…finally,” Britney moaned, her hips and ass moving in rhythm with Jenn’s penetrating thrusts, her massive tits rocking gently in the hot water of the tub. The brunette threw back her head and groaned in ecstasy.

Harder and harder, Britney and Jenn fucked, working each other up the pleasure curve. Their juicy, succulent cunt meat sealed and sucked into one hot mass. Their pink inner vulvas spread and flattened to each other. Their rock-hard, pulsing clits found each other. They ground and rubbed on each other relentlessly, sending wave after wave of unbearable pleasure arcing through the beautiful women’s slowly rippling bodies. Jenn and Britney’s moans of erotic ecstasy grew louder and sharper, harmonizing as they rode each other into orgasmic bliss.

The women braced their backs against the opposite sides of the tub and drove their pussies as deep and hard into each other as they could go. Their grinding clits received the full weight of the women’s bodies and strength as they fucked powerfully. The water in the tub sloshed, coming close to splashing over the sides, as the waves caused by the rivals’ rhythmic pumping and grinding raced around the tub.

“Yes, fuck, fuck, yess!!” Jenn screamed. Her body was trembling with suppressed sexual tension, every erogenous zone in her body was on fire with sensation. She reached out with her hands; Britney grasped them. Their fingers intertwined, palms pressed flat, the two bucking, grinding women screamed at each other as they each struggled to hold back the incredibly powerful orgasms boiling in their womanly bodies.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck, you cunt…” Britney moaned. Her body was aching with need, her muscles were quivering with sexual tension. Her pussy squeezed and squeezed Jenn’s thick, juicy meat and felt the delicious answering pressure in reply.

“God, oh god, you slut…,” Jenn cried out. She struggled desperately to keep the orgasm building in her core from exploding. The pleasure was unbearable, but she had to win this sexual struggle, she had to!

“Come to me, fucker,” Britney sobbed. She untwined her hands from Jenn’s and reached for her blonde rival. Eagerly, the two gorgeous women wrapped their arms around each other’s back, pulling each other into a nipple to nipple, tit mashing bearhug. They locked together in a passionate, tongue-scouring kiss. Their muscular bellies rippled against each other, their cunts wrestled and sucked at each other furiously. Their throbbing clits fused into one in a spasm of pure erotic heat, their fuckmeat slotted together and squeezed, powerful vaginas closing on each other. Pleasure flowed through their muscles, their flesh, filling them to overflowing and their beautiful bodies writhed in each other’s arms, shuddering with sexual power and tension.

Shrieking in shared orgasmic ecstasy, Jenn and Britney exploded into each other. Their bodies went as stiff as boards as their bellies pumped, skin flat to skin, copious amounts of hot cum flowing from each woman into the other, mixing into a steaming froth inside their locked bodies. The women threw back their heads and screamed in mutual pleasure, their bodies shuddering in passion, erotic sensations joining them together.

For almost five minutes, the two beautiful cat burglars rode each other into orgasmic bliss. They clawed at each other’s slick backs and pulled on the other’s rippling ass as they fucked each other to the end. Finally, they fell back, their tits shaking as they floated on the surface of the hot, steaming water.

“God, oh god, that was incredible,” Britney finally said, panting furiously.

“Yeah,” Jenn agreed, her blue eyes already growing feverish with desire. She could not remember the last time she had been fucked so deliciously. “But no one won that one. We went off at the same time.”

Britney sighed and settled back in the hot water. Her cunt was still locked and fused, deep and hot, with Jenn’s amazing pussy. Britney squeezed; Jenn immediately squeezed back. The women smiled at each other.

Britney put her bare foot on the opposite rim of the tub, next to Jenn’s head. Jenn smiled as she took the foot and sucked the other woman’s toes.

“Best two out of three?” Britney asked, sitting forward to reach for Jenn. Jenn smiled and reached for her rival. She shuddered with pleasure as her massive tits mated, once more, with Britney’s matching rack. The women’s tongues teased each other, before slipping into hot, wet mouths and tangling into sensuous, spit-slicked knots. When they finally broke the kiss, Jenn and Britney were panting with shared lust, both women intent on fucking once more. Settling back, the blonde and brunette began grinding. Their muscular cunts worked deep and hard into each other, their swollen clits sinking and pulsing deep into enemy cuntmeat before sliding together to throb and pulse directly against each other.

The women began to pick up the pace, smiling at each other, their eyes bright with lust, their bodies quivering with tension and effort. They fucked and fucked, their grunts and moans growing to cries and screams, their curses turning to sobs of pleasure. At the moment of absolute ecstasy, they threw their arms around each other, locked their mouths tight, and screamed down each other’s throats as their bodies shook in unbearable pleasure.

Panting, gasping in the aftermath, the women held each other tight as waves of erotic delight slowly rippled through their perfect bodies, finally abating.

“Fuck, oh fuck,” Jenn groaned, pressed cheek to cheek with her sexual rival. “God, that’s so fucking good…”

“Uhhhh, yes oh yes,” Britney moaned. The women pulled their heads from each other’s shoulders and rested nose to nose, forehead to forehead, and smiled into each other’s yes.

“Tie breaker?” Britney purred.

“You know it, baby,” Jenn grinned. ”I’m going to fuck you until you scream like a cheap whore.”

“Not before I suck your little pussy dry, baby,” Britney smiled back.

The women leaned back in the tub, braced their backs, spread their legs, and lined up their hungry twats. Then, smiling feverishly at each other in anticipation, they thrust into each other with all their power. Their pink labia spread and flattened into fleshy grips, their fuckholes sucked together, their powerful, meaty twats locked on each other, vaginal lips closing and sealing their bodies into one. Their rock-hard clits rubbed and ground. The voluptuous beauties wrapped their thighs around each other’s bodies, slotted together like scissors, and pumped furiously, their hips and asses working their cunts as hard and deep into each other as they could go. Waves of pure pleasure washed over the sexual warriors as their bodies writhed and bucked, driving each other insane with lust. Britney and Jenn’s moans and screams of pleasure rose higher and higher as they fucked each other to another devastating orgasm. The water in the tub sloshed over the sides, splashing the bathroom floor. The women’s bodies trembled in orgasmic ecstasy, both women using all their willpower to keep from exploding, each determined to outlast the other and win their duel.

“Give, give you fuck,” Jenn gasped at her rival, even as she arched her back and drove her clit against Britney’s clit with all her strength.

“Come, whore, come for me…” Britney moaned back, throwing back her head and biting her lip as she struggled to hold back the orgasm pulsing in her core.

Both women reached for one of the other woman’s bouncing tits. They seized and squeezed the dense flesh, before squeezing the other beauty’s nipple as hard as they could. The intense spike of pain and pleasure was too much. With mutual shrieks of ecstasy, Britney and Jenn erupted again, their locked pussies exchanging shot after shot of hot cum as their beautiful bodies convulsed in multi-orgasmic pleasure. They arched their backs, their massive chests lifted out of the water, their bodies bowed as they rammed their swollen, interlocked pussies together as hard as they could.

It was some time before they could speak. They lay in the cooling water of the tub, gasping, their pussies interlocked beneath the surface, their legs intertwined.

“Another tie,” Jenn finally panted. “God, you’re a good fuck.”

“So are you, baby,” Britney replied, smiling weakly. “But I’ve got a lot more cum in my tank and I’m ready to go at you all day.”

“Mmm,” Jenn smiled, shifting in the water, pulling herself back. “I can ride you all day too, but I want to sort out which of us gets what parts of town. When we know that, we can settle down and just fuck each other’s brains out.” Jenn’s eyes lit up. “I’ve got an idea,” she said. She pulled herself up to sit on the edge of the tub, then swung her legs over and stood up, reaching for one of her plush towels.

“Where are you going?” Britney asked. She leaned over the edge of the tub, her arms hanging over the rim, her gorgeous tits pressed into the side.

“Come with me,” Jenn said as she dried off. “I’ve got an idea about how to settle this. Oh, and be careful – the floor is wet and a bit slippery.”

Britney stood up naked in the tub and stepped over the rim onto the bathroom floor. Jenn pulled a thick towel off the rack to hand to Britney but then could not resist running the towel over the brunette’s luscious body. Britney smiled and raised her arms, allowing Jenn to wipe and stroke at every inch of her voluptuous perfection. Jenn lingered on the other woman’s gorgeous tits, pressing and massaging the thick meat, running the towel over and around Britney’s luscious orbs, before sliding it down Britney’s smooth stomach to concentrate on drying off her naked pussy and her inner thighs. When Brit was dry, Jenn took the brunette by the hand and led her into the neighboring bedroom. She led the other woman to the rumpled bed, turned Brit around, and slowly pulled the other naked beauty into her own nude body.

The women smiled at each other as their naked flesh melted into one. Heavy tits mated, sleek bellies pressed tight. Each woman shoved her thigh into the other’s slick, bare pussy. The women’s tongues played, before they sank together into a deep, passionate kiss. Their eager hands roamed over naked bodies, sliding down muscled backs to grip hard, rounded asses. Jenn pushed harder and the women tipped over onto the bed. Their legs immediately wrapped together. Jenn landed on top, but Brit soon rolled their bodies, never breaking the kiss. The women writhed eagerly in each other’s arms. For a time, Brit and Jenn enjoyed kissing passionately, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths, wrapping together and pulling apart, pushing and sliding sensually inside their sealed mouths, running over teeth and gums. Their bodies rubbed and wriggled, luscious flesh sliding on flesh, heavy tits rolling and mashing, powerful legs rubbing and twining. Their eager hands explored round asses and smooth shoulders and backs. As their bodies moved against each other, their mutual desire grew hotter and hotter. The women began pulling the other’s hair. Brit humped down on Jenn, rubbing their crotches together as the heat and tension in her groin grew unbearably. Jenn thrust up to meet her and the women sighed in unison as the upper lips of their wet cunts caressed, as their pulsing clits gently teased each other.
Before they could get into a full body, writhing, grinding fuck, Jenn pulled Brit’s face back from her’s by the brunette’s hair, breaking their deep kiss.

“Wait,” Jenn gasped. “I want to get something.”

Reluctantly, Brit rolled off of the other woman and onto her side. She braced her head on her hand, her other hand resting on her curved hip, as she watched Jenn slide off the bed and go into her closet. The blonde rummaged around for a moment then came back with a large cardboard box. Jenn put the box on the bed, opened it, and pulled out a massive, two-headed dildo, at least 16 inches long and two and half inches in diameter.

“This way, there can be no argument between us as to who wins,” Jenn said with a lusty smile, holding up the enormous double-ended dildo. “Whoever gets control of this and reams out the other is the winner. First orgasm loses.”

Britney's eyes lit up. “You dirty, dirty girl! I knew I liked you for some reason.”

With that, Britney rolled onto her back and spread her lush legs wide, holding them high in the air, as she presented her tight, dripping cunt to the blonde. With a wicked grin, Jenn inserted the dildo into the brunette beauty’s juicy pink fuckslit, pushing hard to slide the massive shaft up the other woman’s tight, hot hole. Britney moaned, biting her lower lip, her eyes fluttering in ecstasy, as the dildo penetrated, sliding into the thick meat of her vagina, pushing deep into her, spreading her vaginal walls down to the core. She lubricated powerfully, squirting cunt juice on the skin of the dildo, increasing the wet suction as her pussy gripped the invading tool. Grinning, Jenn shoved the massive sex weapon a full eight inches up into Britney’s voracious cunt. Then Jenn eagerly mirrored her rival’s pose, lying flat on her back, her legs spread wide, her arms bracing her body. She shoved herself onto the monstrous rubber dick protruding from Britney’s twat. Britney tightened her vagina, holding the rod in place, allowing Jenn to slowly, tortuously, impale herself on the thick probe. Sliding forward, the blonde’s vagina engulfed the free end of the dildo. Jenn used her deep vaginal muscles to help pull her body down the length of the hard rubber sextoy, gripping then releasing as she sheathed the instrument in her cunt. Jenn groaned in unbearable pleasure as the hard rubber shaft split her in two, filling her insides to the breaking point. It thrust into the depths of her body. With a hard mutual thrust, Jenn and Britney closed the final space between them. The women sighed in delight as their vaginal lips touched and kissed. The women thrust harder, then moaned in shared pleasure as their juicy cuntlips mashed hard, forming a juicy, succulent seal. Their swollen clits crushed together, sending shocks of electric pleasure racing through their bodies. The shaft completely vanished, shared equally between the sex warriors’ steaming hot twats.

Jenn and Britney smiled lustfully at each other. Their powerful vaginas clamped down on the dildo. The two naked warriors began a terrible tug of war. The embers of their jealously and rivalry fanned back to life as they struggled.

“I’m going to ride you down, baby,” Jenn gasped, her body trembling as she moved with Britney’s thrusting, grinding hips and ass. “I’m going to make you scream like a slut.”

“Fuck you, whore,” Britney moaned in reply. “I’m going to shove this thing out through your ass. I’m going to make you beg me to keep going!”

The women grunted as their pussies wrestled for control of the massive shaft. Each woman strained to dominate the other, to prove, unequivocally, that her cunt was, literally, stronger than that of her rival. Their entire bodies strained, their hips and asses holding each other in trembling stalemate as their bodies competed with each other at the most primal level, their powerful, toned abdomens rippling as their internal muscles worked the shaft. Their massive, golden tits jiggled delectably, quivering like jelly molds as the women’s genitalia met on the field of battle. Soon realizing that their pussies were too equal in strength, both combatants changed their tactics. They began to jerk and thrash from side to side and back and forth, using the power of their hips, ass and torsos to try to work the dildo deeper and harder into the other woman. Their strategies were the same: to exhaust the other woman by both physically tiring her out and forcing so much pleasure on her that she would orgasm in defeat.

The women pulled each other around the bed, their grunts and gasps a mixture of effort and raw sexual pleasure. Their powerful bodies churned the massive dildo inside of the other, causing both women to feel the constant intoxicating pleasure of a hard cock rubbing and sliding over every erogenous zone inside of their twats as it filled them to the brim, working every sensitive nerve in the entire length of their vaginal canals. Their rock-hard clits continued to grind constantly. Britney and Jenn both felt like their insides were turning into a sexual mush, heat and pleasure radiating through their deepest cores. Their moans and cries of pleasure grew ever more intense.

Britney felt her vaginal grip on the demented tool of pleasure begin to weaken as it slowly slid in and out of her. Jenn pulled back just enough to draw the dildo out of Britney’s cunt, then drove forward, ramming her pulsing clit into Britney’s clit, even as she reamed the brunette’s cunt with the shaft. Biting her lip, Britney redoubled her efforts and managed to bring the dildo to a stop. Britney focused on the ceiling fan above them, desperately trying to slow the wave of pleasure building within her. Loosening her grip on the dildo just a bit, Britney slid up the shaft just an inch, then clamped down hard and used all the strength of her ass and hips to drive the rod hard and deep, a full nine inches, into Jenn’s distended cunt.

Jenn moaned with unbelievable pleasure as she felt the dildo slowly slide in and then even deeper into her. She dug her claws into her memory-foam mattress and clenched her jaw. She somehow managed to summon enough strength to stop the double-headed device, but the sheer pleasure building her core threatened to explode at any moment. She did not know how much longer she could hold out.

The women dragged each other back and forth on the mattress, their powerful bodies locked in all-out sexual warfare. Their bodies were dripping with sweat, their thighs were soaked with cunt juice. Flat on their backs, their long, perfect bodies undulated like two sinuous snakes, interlocked and intertwined, rolling and twisting as they attacked each other with all their power.

Jenn used Britney’s technique, loosening her grip on the dildo just enough to slide up the shaft an inch, then clamping down and using all the power of her hips and ass to ram the rubber cock like a sexual knife into Britney’s insides. Jenn felt the dildo move within her opponent. Britney shrieked as Jenn began slowly, powerfully, penetrating the brunette with their shared instrument of sexual destruction.

Britney found herself losing control. The sheer pleasure of working the massive cock with her inner muscles, the constant stimulation from the dildo and her clit to clit grinding with Jenn, were driving her crazy with lust. With each thrust and pull, Britney got closer to going over the edge. Jenn continued her assault, desperately trying to pump her way to victory before she went over the edge herself.

The dildo was now slick with sexual juices, and easily slid in and out of both pussies, despite their mutual tightness. A loud moan from Jenn alerted Britney to the fact that the battle wasn’t decided yet. She fought back, struggling to ignore the overwhelming pleasure wracking every inch of her luscious body. For every time that Jenn pulled back, looking to thrust, Britney pushed, driving the dildo deep into the blonde’s cunt. Both women concentrated on clamping on the shaft and shoving it deep and hard into the other. They slid back and forth on the sex-slimed instrument, mashing clits and then pulling apart only to drive together again. The women sat up and grasped each other’s thigh, using each other as leverage as their sexual struggle came down to the wire. Both women screamed and moaned with every thrust as each naked nymph struggled to outlast the other.

Pumping hard, slamming aching clits together furiously, Jenn and Britney fucked and fucked. Their incredible bodies fought to the bitter end for control of the dildo, each woman struggling to ream out the other. They screamed and growled and cursed at each other. Their magnificent bodies vibrated with sexual tension, their gorgeous breasts bounced enthusiastically. Jenn felt herself on the edge of cumming. Desperately, she reached out and seized one of Britney’s bouncing tits. She squeezed the brunette’s nipple savagely.

It was just enough. “God, God, oh my GODDDD!!” Britney shrieked as she came with a gush, spraying her blonde rival with her sexual juices, cumming in an orgasm of mind-blowing intensity. A few beleaguered thrusts later, Jenn answered back, spraying her sex all over the brunette.

“Fuck, oh FUCK, YESSS!” Jenn screamed as she fell back onto the bed and bucked hard, her entire body convulsing in ecstasy. Britney fell on her back as well and writhed uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm rippled through her voluptuous body. The women sprayed each other four more times in quick succession as they inflicted multi-orgasmic climaxes on each other.

Finally, the pure pleasure abated. The two dripping wet warriors lay panting on the bed, still connected via dildo, their hungry cunts locked around the slick shaft, still pressed together clit to clit. After a few minutes, Jenn stirred. She used her vaginal muscles to slowly release the dildo, sliding herself down and off of the monstrous dick. Once she was free of the cock, she pulled it out of Britney’s dripping pussy, extracting the wet, slippery, tightly wedged rod with a certain amount of difficulty. The brunette did not resist. Jenn threw the fake penis into the corner of the room, then sprawled beside her defeated rival.

An extremely discouraged looking Britney stared at the wall in anger as she lay naked and exposed on Jenn's bed. The brunette’s majestic breasts heaved as she panted, their nipples still rock-hard. Jenn smiled and slowly pulled herself on top of the brunette beauty, sighing with pleasure as her tits mashed on Britney’s tits, as their hard bellies fit together perfectly, navel aligning deliciously to navel. Jenn twined one of her legs around Britney’s leg and wriggled delightedly on top of the other woman’s wet, hot body, basking in the joy of her sexual victory.

“Don't be mad, OK?” Jenn purred into Britney’s ear. She licked at the brunette’s ear lobe. “Another few thrusts and you would have had me. I had to get inventive there.”

The Panther continued to stare at the wall and ignore the naked buxom blonde on top of her.

“OK fine. Be mad. It's your right and I won't take it away from you,” Jenn sighed.

The blonde gently nuzzled the neck of the defeated brunette and playfully nibbled her ear. Jenn wriggled, delighting in the feel of her thick tits mashing and rolling on Britney’s equally dense titflesh.

“I can't believe I lost”, Britney mumbled, the anger in her voice clear to hear.

Jenn sat up, her legs straddling Britney’s hips, her wet pussy resting on Britney’s bare cunt. She reached down and gently began massaging and caressing Britney’s massive boobs.

“Yes you did. You lost, fair and square.” Jenn paused for a moment before continuing “But let's do this. Let's say these contests between us only decide the areas of town for the next month. When the month is up, we get together again like this to decide who works where for the next month.”

Britney's expression softened a little and she turned to look at Jenn with a slight smile.

“Deal,” the brunette smiled.

“Good,” Jenn smiled back. “Now, why don’t we seal the deal with a good, hard fuck? I think you may still have a little cum left in that pussy and I plan to milk you to the last drop.”

Britney looped her arms over Jenn’s neck and pulled the blonde down to her. Both women shuddered and smiled as their tits eclipsed each other. “I’m a lot more than you can handle, baby,” Britney replied. “Getting me off first isn’t the same as outlasting me. I’m going to fuck you raw.”

The women kissed deeply, moaning in their throats as their raw lust grew, as their incredible bodies wriggled and writhed on each other.

Jenn broke the kiss with a gasp. “Come on, let’s scissor,” she panted. Britney smiled.

Jenn sat up, pulling herself off of the vixen beneath her, and sat back, opening her cum-splattered legs. She reached down and spread her wet pussy lips wider, teasing out her engorged clit. Britney could see that Jenn’s usually tight fuckhole was slightly distended, the result of the expansion forced on it by the monstrous dildo. Britney sat up to face her rival. She reached between her legs and pulled apart her juicy cuntlips, grinning as she felt the elasticity in her twat had not yet returned to normal. Both women understood that a cunt-lock now would afford them a level of mutual violation that they had not experienced with each other before.

Jenn and Britney closed the distance between their lush bodies, their hungry, juiced up twats coming together with a thick slap. The blonde and brunette threw back their heads to moan in indescribable joy. Then, eyes locked, smiling at each other with animalistic lust, the two powerful women braced their bodies with their hands and used all the strength in their asses, hips and bellies to drive their cunts together. Their fuckmeat spread and merged, labia flattening to labia, releasing a torrent of lubricating juices. The women’s pussies mated with a thick, wet, sucking sound as they both contracted their deep inner vaginal muscles and sucked each other in as hard and deep as they could. The women’s moans of pure sexual pleasure grew harder and louder as the raw ecstasy seared their bodies, radiating out from their interlocked genitals in waves of erotic bliss. Their engorged clits crushed together, melting into one nerve of unbearable sensation. The clitoral rings surrounded their vaginas throbbed with heat and pleasure, filling their bodies with sexual tension.

“God, oh god,” Britney gasped into Jenn’s beautiful face. The women rested nose to nose, their heavy tits crushed tight, nipple sealed to nipple, their bodies locked, flesh melting into flesh.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck, yes,” Jenn moaned back, barely able to keep her eyes open as the raw sensations engulfed her, body and mind.

“Let’s make this last, baby,” Britney moaned. “Let’s keep this going for as long as we can…”

“Yes, yes,” Jenn gasped. “Don’t stop, don’t stop baby…”

Jenn drove her tongue deep into Britney’s mouth and filled her hands with the brunette’s gorgeous ass cheeks, pulling her in even more deeply. Britney kissed back and reciprocated the grip, sliding her fingers around Jenn’s slick anus before penetrating and teasing the blonde’s orifice. The women wrapped their legs around each other’s hips, they pulled each other in tight, tits and bellies crushing sensuously. Slowly, carefully, their magnificent bodies undulated against each other, erogenous flesh mating to erogenous flesh. Their pussies sucked and pulled at each other, forming one long, sex slimed vaginal canal, creating a sensation of complete merging between the women’s steaming hot genitals. Their clits fused into one, the elaborate network of nerves surrounding their cunts radiating waves of unbearable heat and pleasure that had the women feeling like their bodies were melting together.

Locked together in erotic bliss, Jenn and Britney fucked each other senseless, buried cunt deep inside of each other, squeezing and rubbing and grinding clits. Day turned to night then day again as they explored each other’s bodies, and they used and violated and pleasured each other in every intimate way they could imagine, driving each other insane with lust and ecstasy. For more than two days, the rival cat burglars fucked, sealing their bargain. They milked every drop of cum out of the other’s pussy. When Britney finally left Jenn’s apartment, she was almost too sore to walk; her beautiful tits were painful to the touch. But she could not help smiling. The end of the month, and her next opportunity to dominate Jenn’s luscious body, could not come fast enough.

The End