As Kiko awoke and stretched out her flawless 5'9" frame, she stretched her hands and arms above her head, causing her ample 38" bosom to rise like a wave beneath her perfectly formed 3/4 inch nipples. She reached down to feel her pussy, sticky with girl cum from the night before and just as smooth and hairless as always. She rolled to her side to stretch her back, making her rounded ass cheek go soft and supple as she stretched out her toes and back. Reaching around to feel her ass cheek, Kiko smiled broadly, manicured nails gliding over her swelling ass, jet black hair shining in the morning sun, and gave her ass a good rake with her nails, sending shivers down her spine. She rolled onto her back again, and lay there in all her glory, jet black hair shining, angling down to her full breasts and pert nipples, flat stomach and hour glass hips framing a delectable, puffy hairless pussy and erect clit between swollen pussy lips down her long legs to her manicured toes. Every inch of this Japanese goddess's 38"26"36" inch frame was a feast. At 29 years of age Kiko was packed into her 135 lb frame, and was a delicious work of art.

Helena lay asleep, her rigid pink nipples still hard from her dreams of the night before. With her blond hair melting into the silk sheets, she opened her deep blue eyes to find Kiko smiling beside her. Helena brought her tanned thighs together and rubbed them emitting an "Ooooooh" groan as she rubbed them together, causing her swollen, pink slit to rub itself as she shimmied her thighs and pussy lips remembering having her pussy fisted by Melissa and sucking on Kiko's asshole.

"Ghhhuuuh" Helena let out as she felt her clean shaven pussy lips rub. Kiko reached down and fingered Helena's cunt with two fingers on her left hand, while sucking her perfect 36" inch breast nipple, pink and rigid into her mouth. "You like finger fuck you cunt hole. hmmmm Helena?" Kiko said. As Kiko sucked her tit and fingerfucked the spread eagled now blonde fuck hole, Melissa awoke to the groans.

Melissa rolled over to hear Helena grunting "ungaww, oh fuck, my cunt, my cunt, please fuck me Kiko, please". Kiko flicked Helena's hard pink nipple with her tongue, pushed her fingers deep into the wet pink gap and said as Helena began creaming onto her "You cum good now creamy pink fuck hole" and she went back to massaging Helena's nipple with her tongue as Helena grunted "uhhghh, my cunt's on fire, unghhh!" Kiko jammed her fingers deeper and Helena's cum shot out of her hole. Kiko took her two fingers out of Helena's pulsating pink slit and the cum
squirted onto Melissa's strong, sculpted thighs as she had risen to sit on her heels watching Kiko fuck Helena. "Ohhunnnnggh, my cunt!" Helena cried as she squirted all over Melissa. "You hole fuck me good Kiko" Helena said as she came back down to earth. "Kiko fuck pink hole good, yes Helena?" Kiko asked, "Yes Kiko, you fuck pink hole good".

Kiko smiled at Melissa looking for her approval as her breast swung like pendulums toward Melissa, her long black nipples erect with excitement. Melissa took in the scene before her, knowing Kiko had to have her approval to get her own clients for the pharmaceutical company. Kiko was the trainee and had to do what Melissa asked in order to move on. Melissa's strong legs were underneath her slim hips and pointed hip bones. Her taught, creamy butt rubbing against her heels as her long brown hair cascaded around her shoulders onto her breasts. The hair tickled her full, brown Hershey tipped 36" inch breasts, causing her nipples to harden and poke out. Her muscled, flat stomach led to her wet, moist cunt with her pussy lips still wet from the scene before her, framed with a neatly trimmed rectangle patch over her light brown lipped hole.

Melissa's light brown eyes were just a shade darker than her pussy hair and she flashed her eyes at Kiko. "You are good at fucking, how good are you at fighting and fucking Kiko?" Melissa asked. Kiko looked puzzled, but wanting to please laid her head back onto Helena's stomach
and spread her legs for Melissa. Melissa smiled, and inserted two fingers into Kiko's pussy, and said "It is not going to be that easy Kiko!' "You will learn pain and pleasure and we will see how well you do then!" Melissa withdrew her fingers from Kiko's hot cunt and licked them.

Melissa stood up, showing off her perfect pussy mound and full brown pussy lips, walking around the girls on the floor with her hands on her hips. She was flowing with her nipples hard like pebbles, her ass swaying and her smiling beaming. She looked at Helena and asked, "Aren't your cousins coming to town today?" Helena replied, "Yes they are, they will be here about 2 o'clock." "They like girls don't they, hot, full breasted, horny girls who like to fuck?" Helena smiled and said, "Of course" wondering what this brown haired goddess had in mind. "I think that we will
need them for Kiko's final exam." Helena smiled, not knowing what to expect, but knowing Melissa's smile and sensual body and joy of pain and pleasure, she could hardly wait.

The girls all showered and had lunch together. Idle chit chat and warm, hot food inspired their friendship and interest for the coming afternoon. Kiko was happy, but unsure of what to expect. Helena and Melissa had been talking about Helena's cousins coming in at 2pm, but her English was not good enough to understand everything. It was something about her and Melissa, was all she could figure out.

When Helena's cousins arrived, Helena took them inside the bedroom to explain what was happening, closing the door behind them. Melissa went to Kiko and said, "Kiko, I am going to fuck your cunt hole hard and hurt you in a way you have never hurt before." Melissa continued, "you must try to do the same." "Kiko try to fuck you hard Melissa, your hole fuck hard like Kiko hole." Melissa smiled at Kiko, walked up
to her and slapped her across the face. Kiko was stunned and hung her head, thinking she had done something wrong. Melissa let her think that. "Get undressed Kiko!" Melissa ordered. Kiko took off her clothes as Melissa watched her, noticing Melissa getting wet. Kiko realized this was part of her training test.

Standing naked before Melissa, Kiko smiled, tits full and nipples erect, clit hard and long sculpted legs at attention. Melissa began undressing and was soon tit to tit with Kiko, her hard brown nipples pushing back Kiko's black erect nipples. Melissa and Kiko then put on stockings and garter belts, Melissa's pink and Kiko's white. Melissa attached her belt to Kiko's stockings and Kiko attached hers to Melissa's.

They were now pussy to pussy, tit to tit, stomach to stomach for a garter belt catfight. Melissa began by reaching down and scooping up Kiko's left breast, pushing it together and smooshing the flesh between her hands, making the shape almost flat. She licked Kiko's hard, black nipple. Kiko threw her head back and let out a "ooooohhhh" as Melissa licked. She then stood up and pinched her right nipple hard. Kiko gasped and tears filled her eyes. Melissa smiled as she pinched harder. Kiko, tears in her eyes, reached out for Melissa's cunt. Dragging her manicured nails across the manicured bush and cunt flesh, Melissa stiffened and Kiko heard "Aaagghh, oh you fucking cunt!" as Kike dug her nails in deeper. Releasing her nipple, Melissa pulled Kiko close, belly to belly. Kiko clawed Melissa's cunt, the brown lips swelling and beginning to open up. Melissa was crying now too, as she reached around for Kiko's firm high ass checks, spread them, and drove a finger into her asshole. "Unglaaaunghhh" Kiki moaned as her asshole was invaded. Melissa stroked the soft inner part of Kiko's ass, then rammed her finger deep into the hole. "Oh fuck, you are fingering my asshole...unnggg!" Kiko exclaimed while clawing deeper into Melissa's cunt.

The two girls stood there, Melissa fucking Kiko's ass and scratching her asshole and ass cheeks and Kiko digging her claws into Melissa's
soft brown lipped cunt. "Fucking bitch cunt!" Melissa cried, pushing her fingers deeper into Kiko's ass. "Me fuck you hard and good you open cunt slut!" Kiko blurted out. With that, she put her thumb on Melissa's clit, just as Melissa fingered her clit with her other hand. Both girls now grinded the other girls clit, attached by garters with no where to go. Melissa bent down and bit Kiko's right nipple causing a stream of tears to come down Kiko's face. Kiko then bit Melissa's nipple, being sure to suck it hard too, as Melissa began to cry. Both girls now took turns biting
each others breasts, Kiko's 36" full Japanese tits, her long nipples easy targets for Melissa to bite and suck and Melissa's brown tipped rockets that Kiko bit and sucked while clawing the other girls pussy.

"Cunt!" Melissa called Kiko as Kiko bit her nipple while Melissa ground her clit. "Whore slut!" Kiko bit again then rose up while grinding Melissa's clit hard with her thumb. "Sloppy cunt!" Kiko said. "We will settle this Kiko!" Melissa said, a smile on her face. As they mauled the others girl's cunt and took turns biting each others breasts, Helena came out with a bottle of oil, and poured it onto both girls backs, causing it to run between their ass cracks into their assholes. When they were oiled up, Helena left to go to the bedroom with her cousins again. "You like me
fucking your cunt?" Melissa asked. "You like fucking you cunt hole you?" Kiko rubbed Melissa's clit harder, making Melissa grunt like a pig as her ass shot back. Kiko stood her up by grabbing her pussy lips and pulling them up. Melissa followed and now both were face to face, tit to tit and pussy to pussy again.

Melissa reached down with both hands and grabbed Kiko's smooth cunt lips and spread them. Kiko grunted and reached down and grabbed Melissa's cunt lips and spread them too. Now both girls, Melissa in pink and Kiko in white, stretched the other girl's pussy out by her pussy
lips. "You fuck cunt you!" Melissa cried as her lips were pulled apart exposing her inner lips, clit and wet hole. "Pussy slut!" Kiko said while Melissa spread her open, revealing a hard clit and wet tunnel. The girls stretched the other girls pussy out, and tugged, both crying and cussing while they did. Helena's two cousins came out. Joe walked behind Melissa and Michael behind Kiko, their cocks at full erection from the catfight before them.

"Now we see who likes pain and fucking Kiko" Melissa said. With a nod at her cousins, both men grabbed the girl in front of them and put their cock up the girls asses and began fucking them. As Kiko felt the ass in her cock, she pulled Melissa's cunt further apart. Melissa felt the hard
shaft drive inside her and she pulled Kiko's cunt sideways. "Fuck cunt!" Kiko said. "Filthy slut!" Melissa cried out. Both girls were now being ass fucked while pulling and clawing at each other's pussy. Pulling Kiko's lips out from her hole again and again Melissa said, "Take that assfuck you cunt you!" "Your asshole filled with cock you cunt!" Kiko said as she yanked and twisted Melissa's cunt lips in all directions.

Grunting and cussing and fucking with their assholes, the two whores sunk to their knees, never letting go of the other girl's cunt lips on the way down. Resting their heads on each other's shoulder, their ass holes were being fucked mercilessly by Joe and Mike. "Oh fuck, your cock is hard deep in my ass!" Melissa exclaimed. "Fuck my asshole deep Joe!" Melissa demanded as she spread Kiko's cunt open and grabbed her clit.

Twisting Kiko's clit now and fucking with her ass hole, Melissa was going to cum. Kiko let out a shudder, pushed open Melissa's cunt with her left hand and clawed her clit and inner lips with her right while her asshole was pumped. "Fuck cunt you Melissa!" as Kiko raked Melissa's cunt and clit, feeling Melissa rape her cunt hole and maul her clit. Their tits hanging down the girls twisted and mauled each other's cunt while getting fucked in the ass. Grunts and cum began coming from both men as they pumped the girls' perfect assholes, watching them clit fight and torture each other. The girls rose to their height on their knees coming face to face, claws buried in the others girl's pussy. Kiko spit in Melissa's face and Melissa did the same to Kiko, both their assholes still being ravaged while twisting each other's clit and pussy lips. They exchanged spitting in each other's face and pulled pussy lips out then twisted each other's clit hard.

The men could take no more as the tight assholes milked their cocks clean, each girl arching her back to get the most cum in her asshole. Spitting in each other's face as they took the loads up their asshole Melissa looked into Kiko's eyes and said, "You nasty cum bucket for fucking!" and twisted her clit sideways. Kiko cried out then looked Melissa in the eye saying, "You filthy cum slut for cock!" "Your ass is a bucket for cum Kiko!" Melissa said, as Kiko arched her back, draining the cock and balls of Mike as he fucked her asshole. "Your asshole filled with cum, you fuck hole for cum Melissa!" Kiko said, pulling her brown pussy lips out then twisting Melissa's clit.

Both girls now twisted the others clit hard and screamed out, Melissa, draining Joe's cock and balls into her asshole, "Fuck you!" "Cock Fucker you!" Melissa cried out between her screams of pain and pleasure. "Your asshole for cock!" Kiko screamed out, feeling her cunt on fire and clit burning hot. Melissa and Kiko continued to fuck each other, Joe's cum drained into Melissa's asshole and Mike's cum swallowed by Kiko's asshole. The girls asses were so tight and warm and perfect, the men hated to come out of them. As they did, Melissa and Kiko remained on their knees, claws twisting each other's clit and tits pressed together with cum dripping out of their assholes. Melissa bent down and bit Kiko on the neck, twisting her fuck hole. Kiko bit Melissa on the neck keeping up her attack on Melissa's cunt.

As the girls bit into each others neck, clawing each others cunt and clit, they came together in spasms and mauled each other with each spurt of girl cum. Their cunts now ravaged, they fell onto their sides and slowly began to release the other girl's cunt. Rubbing the others girl's pussy and tits now, the cum dripped from their assholes as they slid a knee into each other's pussy. They open mouth kissed, spit drooling down, pulling each other's nipples and tits, while cumming on each other's knees. "You two are total fuck sluts!" Helena said. "Do you like cock in your ass
Melissa?" Helena asked. "I love cock in my asshole!" Melissa replied, especially when my pussy is being ground. "Is your asshole happy Kiko?" Helena asked. "Mmmmm, yes Helena, Kiko said, "I love cum in my asshole."

Asses dripping cum, clits and pussies sore, tits twisted and tortured and bite marks on their necks, the girls drifted off to sleep with their knees in each other's pussy. Helena had seen something she had never seen before and her sweet, tanned pink cunt hole was dripping for cum. Her cousins looked up surprised as Helena approached them stark naked.

The End