Melissa arrived home after the best Saturday she could remember. While her perfectly formed lush breasts were sore and her nipples twisted, she still managed to get herself off in the shower remembering Helena's white skin and perfect pink nipples she was sucking and chewing on just a little while ago. As Melissa rammed two fingers into her own pussy, she bent forward and her knees bent as the cum dribbled down her legs onto her toes. She came hard and fast, and rubbed the juice on her nipples as she left the shower. It was a beautiful day, and she was going
rest and plan her next adventure with Helena.

Helena rolled over on the floor, finding a sweet note from Melissa "Thanks for the dirty party, talk to you soon!", and smiled as she read it. Helena was still on the carpeted floor, nude and covered in cum. She stretched her perfect frame, causing her bright pink nipples to stand up and her breasts to become fuller. She reached down and sucked one of her nipples into her mouth and sucked her tit while beginning to finger herself.

Slipping her index finger into her cunt, she began pumping her perfect, pink slit and it became wet and easy to finger. She licked her nipple and
swirled her tongue around the tip, she remembered when Melissa called her a "dirty fuck hole", bit her own nipple and jammed her finger deep inside herself as she came in gushes on the carpet. She fell back asleep and awoke an hour later in a blissful frame of mind. She got up and in her bare feet and bouncy frame, made her way to the shower and cleaned up. She sat down to breakfast with desires on Melissa again.

Melissa met Helena at her office at the next appointment, and they were glad to see each other. Both their tits had healed from the scratches and bites and the warm sensation of hot sex lingered in both their bodies. After discussing some business, Melissa said to Helena, "I am assigned a new trainee next week, can I bring her by to meet you, she will be an associate with her own clients, but needs training."

"Sure" Helena replied, " I would love to meet her". "I am afraid she does not speak much English, she is Japanese and very nice, but she is still learning American English and our ways" Melissa said with a warm smile. "That sounds interesting" Helena smiled back, licking her lips and tossing her pink scarf around her neck. "I am sure I can help you train her". "I knew I could count on you." Melissa said, while smoothing her yellow blouse and turning. As she turned, she brushed Helena's left breast with her elbow, "Oh my!, I am sorry about that!"

Melissa smirked. "You slut you," Helena whispered in a husky tone, "now I have to go in the bathroom and play with my clit 'til I cum." Melissa almost fell off her heels, but gathered herself, gave Helena a wry smile over her left shoulder, and sashayed away, giving Helena a perfect view of her cream white knit clinging skirt hugging her perfect ass as she walked away.

Helena went into the back office, into the employees bathroom, and locked the door. She lifted her white skirt while pinching her nipples through her pink silk blouse and licking her ruby red lips while watching herself in the mirror. Her breath coming in huffs, she flicked her clit and finger fucked herself standing over the toilet until she came in her panties. She gazed at her long blonde hair, rose cheeks, haunting eyes and became aroused again. Licking her fingers, she gave her nipples one last, hard pinch and came again. She gasped as though she was relived. She popped in several breath mints, arranged her clothes, flushed the toilet and went back to work.

Melissa made it to her car, while on the cell phone to her office. She confirmed the appointment for the trainee with Helena's company and sat down in the drivers seat of her luxury Mercedes, gold colored with tan leather seats. Being the top sales associate has its perks. She was parked in the underground garage, near the elevators. Most people parked for the day, and there was not much coming and going of people. As she slid her skirt up around her waist, revealing white lacey t-back panties, she reached into the front of her panties to tug her own pussy lips. She could still feel Helena's stiff pink nipple on her elbow as she rubbed her clit. Brown hair tossed back and eyes slightly open, she spread her pussy lips open with her index and middle finger and finger fucked herself with her other hand. Pumping her cunt hole relentlessly, she came in gushes all over the tan leather seat and rubbed her chocolate Hershey nipples for good measure in the afterglow. She unbuttoned her yellow silk blouse, slid her perfect ass forward and lifted her full, savory tit to her mouth. She sucked in her pointy nipple, rolling her tongue around it remembering Helena's perfect, hard pink nipples. She bit her nipple and came again sucking herself off, she was thinking how Helena had called her an "Assfuck girl", which made her cum harder. Gathering herself, she drove to the gym to freshen up and work out, then back to work.

Kiko was a bit nervous her first day on the job. She was 5'9" tall and born and raised in Japan. Being Japanese, she had no familiarity with American customs and was relying on her trainer, Melissa, to educate her. It was a Monday, and Melissa walked in. Kiko immediately saw her beauty and how stylishly she dressed. Melissa was wearing black heels, a pink silk skirt to her knees with a white blouse that accented her breasts. Kiko was glad she had spent the extra money on her wardrobe. She was wearing flat black shoes, a long black skirt with lace down the side and a shimmering green top, with a necklace of silver. When Melissa saw her, she smiled and knew they would be a good match. Kiko had shoulder length shiny, straight black hair, deep, dark eyes, a cute nose and full lips matching her pert breasts that stood firm and straight and a beautiful figure.

"Hello Kiko, I am Melissa, I will be your trainer." she said while extending her hand. Kiko had heard of handshakes as a first touch and knew it was important as an American custom, so she extended her hand, revealing perfectly manicure nails, matching her green blouse and shook
Melissa's hand firmly. As she did, her breasts jiggled and Melissa took notice. Kiko said "Yes, I am Kiko, I make very happy to meet you."

Melissa smiled and showed Kiko around the office. She explained to Kiko that some clients have special needs, and in order to close the sale, you must meet those needs. Kiko said she understood, or as she put it "Kiko do hard things to make good sales." Melissa could see this working out very well.

When Melissa and Kiko pulled up to Helena's house, they were both dressed professionally. Kiko wore black flats, and a yellow skirt with pink flowers along with a pink top and a small slit on the right side, accenting her long legs. Her jet black hair shined in the morning sunlight and her pink nails complimented her bright, happy smile. Melissa's flowing brown hair was breath taking, to match her yellow skirt with white flowers and a white silk top. Melissa was wearing white pumps, with two inch heels. They were brand new and made her the same height as Kiko.

When Helena answered the door, she wore a smile, a loose fitting yellow silk top and brown skirt. She was barefoot, and invited both girls in. Sitting down to discuss business, Melissa did most of the talking, with Kiko listening and following her lead. Once in a while, Melissa would ask Kiko if she understood and Kiko would reply "Yes" nodding and smiling. As Helena crossed her legs, she accidentally brushed her bare foot against Kiko's smooth leg, which was exposed under the table to her upper thigh. Helena looked sheepishly at Kiko and Melissa, and when Melissa patted Kiko on the thigh at the same time, Kiko said "Me understand, I like, maybe you like Kiko too?"

With that, the three girls wrapped up their business and retired to Helena's sunken living room and white leather couch. "Kiko" Melissa
said, "I think our client, Helena, would be interested in your fashion sense. Can you show her your blouse?" Kiko nodded at Melissa, and walked over to Helena.

"Kiko give it to you, it is our custom in Japan that when one admires another's things, it becomes their gift." Kiko stood above Helena who was sitting on the couch and began to unbutton her blouse. The silk slid off her chest, revealing a lime green bra as she handed the blouse to Helena. Kiko's breasts were firm and full and easily 38's as her full, rounded chest proudly displayed itself. Helena stood up, and said, "I must return the favor Kiko." as she undid the buttons of her yellow silk top, removing it and reveling her creamy white skin and pink nipples atop her perfect 36'' breasts, as she handed it to Kiko. "I must also give a gift" Melissa said standing up. Melissa undid the buttons to her white silk top and gave it to Helena and removed her white lace bra, revealing her already hard brown nipples and full bosomed breasts, and handed it to Kiko.

"We must keep the custom." Melissa said. When Kiko saw Melissa's hard, brown nipples, her mouth salivated. She then looked at Helena's hard, pointed pink erect nipples and thought of sucking them. "I must show Melissa and Helena my Kiko's nipples" she said. As she removed her bra, rock hard nipples revealed themselves, 3/4 of and inch long and black areolas. They were hard and pointed and stuck out from her high, firm breasts equally. They stood there, Helena with her pointy pink nipples, Melissa with her rock hard Hershey tipped nipples and Kiko with her elongated black nipples, mouths watering just looking at each others tits and wanting to do something. Kiko felt a trickle in her pussy.

Melissa smiled at Kiko and bent down and sucked Kiko's long, hard left nipple into her mouth. Greedily sucking the 3/4 inch nipple and licking all around it. Melissa engulfed the hard tit of her Japanese trainee. "Kiko suck nipple too" she sputtered with a little spit escaping her mouth she latched on to Helena's pink, erect left nipple with her mouth. The pink nipple became hard in an instant, and Helena leaned over and licked Melissa's left nipple then sucked it into her mouth, chewing it a little before sucking half the breast in along with the nipple. Melissa lost her
breath and bit Kiko's long, hard, black nipple by mistake just a little, only to look up and find Kiko smiling at her and her breasts heaving with deep inhales and exhales. The girls stayed bent over, licking and sucking each others tits, standing there by the sofa. Kiko's nipples rigid in Melissa's mouth, Helena's tit in Kiko's mouth and Melissa tit being sucked by Helena. All the girls were moaning now, as Melissa's slipped out of her skirt and panties. Switching her attention to Helena's right tit, Helena moved over to Kiko's erect, hard right nipple and bit down, causing Kiko to gasp as she moved her full mouth to Melissa's right nipple and sucked it. They sucked each others tits for about 5 minutes when Kiko stood up and made the move toward Helena. After all, Helena was the client and if was Kiko's job, Melissa had told her, to meet her needs. She reach out and stroked Helena's clit hard with her right hand. Melissa also reached over to Helen with her left hand and stroked her asshole while Kiko stroked her clit. Kiko's perfectly manicured pink nails disappeared as she slid two fingers into Helena's sopping wet cunt. Helena's pussy lips spread open to take the finger fuck. Melissa's perfect yellow manicured finger disappeared too as she slip her finger up Helena's asshole.

Both girls began pumping Helena, while still sucking each others tits. "Unnnnnghhh!" Helena let out as she stood up, "Unnnggggg, uh, uh..." Melissa stood up and Kiko followed. Kiko walked forward, putting her full, soft tits in Helena's face, nipples at eye level. "You like suck tits Helena, you suck Kiko tits". Helena opened her mouth and sucked in Kiko's right tit meat, pulling Kiko's left nipple at the same time. Helena bit down on Kiko's right nipple then sucked it all into her mouth along with the firm soft flesh. Melissa had walked behind Helena, while fingering her sweet, pink asshole. Both girls continued to pump Helena while she sucked off Kiko's tits. Melissa reached around and twirled Helena's right nipple while finger fucking her asshole. "Take it deep you bitch" she whispered in Helena's ear. Helena let out a grunt as she arched her perfect ass back to hump Melissa's finger deeper into her asshole as her nipple began to burn white hot from being twirled and twisted by Melissa.

Helena reached back with her right hand and found Melissa's cunt lips and pulled her closer by her lips. Melissa gasped as Helena inserted two fingers into her cunt and began pumping her. Helena found Kiko's cunt hole with her left hand and inserted two fingers into the smooth hairless pussy hole that was soaking wet. Kiko jammed three fingers deep into Helena's cunt and Melissa put two fingers in her asshole and pumped harder as Helena pulled and pumped Melissa's pussy, and fingerfucked Kiko while sucking her tits.

Kiko reached out with her right hand and squeezed Helena's left breast, then pinched her nipple with her manicured nails. Twisting and pulling down on her nipple. Helena felt Melissa slip her tongue into her ear and heard Kiko say, "Helena fuck Kiko cunt hole hard, Kiko fuck Helena hole hard." With that, Kiko made a fist with her small hand and jammed into Helena's sopping wet cunt hole. Helena took it all and mounted Kiko's wrist, writhing and humping both girls like dog in heat. All three girls rammed each others cunts.

Kiko's smooth Japanese cunt hole, Helena's perfect pink slit being abused and Melissa's brown, puffy cunt hole and lips being used. When Melissa rammed her fingers into Helena's asshole one more time and Kiko fist banging her, with her nipples being pulled and tugged, while finger fucking Melissa and Kiko pumping her wet cunt hole, while she sucked Kiko's hard nipples, she exploded. Helena began to shake and sucked Kiko's tits harder to stop from falling. Melissa grabbed Helena around the waist as the orgasms racked her body to stop her from falling.

Helena was now bent at the waist as Melissa held her while orgasm after orgasm racked Helena's body. Girl cum ran down Helena's thighs and legs. Melissa took the opportunity to ram one more finger up Helena's asshole while she came, causing Helena to swoon uncontrollably into her orgasms as her asshole spasmed open and closed around the three fingers fucking her butt hole. Melissa held her up, in a doggy style position while she rubbed off her own pussy on Helena's ass cheek and came on her soft white perfect ass. Kiko's smooth shaved cunt erupted too from
being finger fucked by Helena, revealing a large clit and squirt girl juice into Helena's face. The spasms from Kiko's orgasm made her asshole clench and unclench repeatedly. Helena was in oblivion while her orgasms racked her body. Melissa held her up, using her ass to rub herself off on Helena as Helena let Kiko's nipple slip from her mouth. Helena did not even remember being laid down on her white silk sheets on her bed.

When Helena awoke, she was naked on her white silk sheets on her bed, with Kiko and Melissa naked kneeling at her sides. The were kissing and feeling each others tits and saying things like, "No, mine better, mine harder". Spit was dripping down from their open mouth sloppy kisses, like horny fuck holes who could not get enough. The spit stretched down to Helena's stomach, who swooped it up with her finger and swallowed it.

The girls kept at it, asserting theirs were better. Helena finally figured out they were having some sort of contest, whose nipples and clits were
harder. "Girls, let me help decide this" Helena said. Melissa's perfect hands left Kiko's tits for a moment and caressed Helena's right tit, while Kiko's perfect hands and manicure reached and caressed Helena's her left tit. "You fainted Helena" Melissa said, "but we took care of you."

"Thank you girls" Helena breathed, reaching up and squeezing each of their perfect tit meat, soft and firm. "Maybe I can help you in your contest." "Please Helena, help, Kiko nipples ache so hard." Kiko said, "Mine could use some help too." Melissa smiled. "Okay, continue kissing, but this time only Melissa can pull nipples, for 30 seconds, then Kiko's turn."

Both girls agreed and began their sloppy kisses, with the spit drooling down onto Helena's stomach again. Melissa grabbed Kiko's nipples with each hand and pulled them out. Her nails pinched into the long black nipple and she twisted as she pulled. Kiko's tit flesh elongated and became like a tube as Melissa tortured her nipples and twisted them. "Time" Helena said, 'Now it is Kiko's turn." Kiko tongue kissed Melissa deeply as she grabbed hold of both breasts. She felt the firm, soft flesh and began to twist Melissa's whole tit. Melissa let out a grunt as her breast were mauled and mashed and then felt her nipples being pulled and her breast contorted into a cone shape. "Time" Helena said. "Now both of you suck each others tits for a moment to get ready for the next round."

They took turns sucking each other off, and played with Helena's tits just for fun. "This round, you both pull and pinch each others nipples to see who can get them harder, but I want you to pinch each others clits too, and I may add a surprise too" Both girls agreed again Helena said "Let's see whose got the harder nipples and clit!" Melissa and Kiko kissed again, spit drooling everywhere. "My tit nipple harder than yours" Kiko
breathed into Melissa's mouth, "My nipples are better than yours Kiko" Melissa slobbered into Kiko's mouth. With that, both sluts reached out for the others tits. Grabbing each other by the nipples they began pulling them. Both nipples got hard and the girls started to whimper. Kiko's long black nipples stretched out and Melissa's nipples were being pulled hard by Kiko. They looked at their tits and each other as they exchanged pulls and twists, torturing each others nipples. Melissa reached out for Kiko's clit, pushing aside the soft pussy lips and grabbing hold with their thumb and index finger. Kiko gasped and shuddered as Melissa found her engorged clit and squeezed it just right. Kiko came and squirted onto Melissa's hand and Helena's stomach. Helena rubbed the cum into her cunt. Melissa almost swallowed Kiko's tongue when she felt the Japanese maiden pinch her clit. They both had a hold of each others clit now and were still torturing each others breast.

They broke their kiss and Melissa said "You Japanese cunt!" Kiko came again, "Melissa cunt hole dirty cum!" Kiko blurted out as she pinched Melissa's clit harder. Melissa came in a sloppy messy all over Helena's stomach, mixing her cum with Kiko's and drenching Kiko's hand. Helena reached down and rubbed the girl cum into her cunt and came again while watching the two beauties pull each others nipples into cone shapes, pinching each others clit and kissing and cursing. Both girls started pinching each others clits harder, causing them to sit back on their heels.

Melissa and Kiko cried out as their clits were tortured and pinched by the other girl. Perfect Japanese tits were tortured while flawless American tit flesh was twisted. Kiko called Melissa a "Pussy cunt girl", Melissa responded by called Kiko a "Wet cunt hole fuck cunt!" "Me pinch clit you Melissa pussy hole, Kiko twist cunt hole" With that, Kiko grabbed Melissa's cunt lips with her other hand and twisted the soft cunt flesh while pinching her clit. Melissa dug in, not want to give away an advantage. Melissa grabbed Kiko's clit harder and twisted while she pinched. She pulled Kiko's left tit almost straight by the nipple, both girls crying out loud now. Kiko did the same to Melissa perfect cunt, pinching her
clit with her thumb and index finger and twisting all the while. With both their heads tossed back, both girls had tears streaming down their faces now, but continued to torture each others clits, screaming and crying and calling each other "Cunt!" "Whore!" and "Fuck hole!"

Helena pushed their perfect asses up off their heels and inserted a finger into each warm, tight asshole. Melissa and Kiko groaned as their asses were invaded and Helena fingerfucked their assholes, pumping their assholes with a her fingers, easily sliding in and out of both, each warm and wet with cum. "Fuck my asshole Helena, you cunt bitch! Melissa cried, "Kiko take ass fuck, my asshole hard blonde cunt!" Kiko screamed. She fucked them for 5 minutes, while Melissa and Kiko pinched and twisted each others clits and nipples writhing in agony and ecstasy. With a final tug at Kiko's nipple and hard clit pinch and twist, Kiko's girl cum splattered onto Helena's stomach and Melissa's hand. Melissa came right after her, as Kiko twisted her clit so deliciously, she splattered girl cum on both Kiko and Helena. "Time". Helena said. Both girls had been crying and were sobbing now, as they wiped their faces. "Kiko cunt better, yes Helena" Kiko asked, "My cunt is better, isn't it Helena?" Melissa asked.

"Well that depends on what happens next girls, by the way, who is going to clean me up?" Helena said. With that, both Melissa and Kiko dropped their faces and tongues onto Helena's flat tummy and licked up their girl cum. Both girls kissed, exchanging cum, then gently sucked each others nipples before turning to Helena and exchanging spit with her and dribbling their cum into her mouth. The girls formed a daisy chain, Melissa licking Kiko's smooth Japanese cunt hole, Kiko putting her tongue deep into Helena's slit and Helena lapping at Melissa's wet slit until all came in each others mouth. Kiko squirted again, Melissa drinking all the cum in and sharing it with Kiko as Helena sucked Kiko's tits. The girls fell asleep with their tongues in each others asses, as they were licking and cleaning each other before falling asleep. The three girls on satin sheets, all perfect bodies were dirty sluts soaked in each others cum and happy about it.

When they awoke, Helena made Melissa and Kiko get on their hands and knees doggy style, side by side. Examining each girls asshole, Melissa's was a perfectly rounded ass, with strong but hole cheeks framing a perfect little brown asshole deep in the ravine. Kiko's asshole was higher, as her legs were longer, and her ass scooped perfectly at her back thighs. Her little black asshole was clean and wrinkled. Helena spit in each girls asshole, bringing a purring sound from both girls. On their hands and knees, shoulder to shoulder, Helena had them kiss and milk each others tits. Melissa milked Kiko's left tit and Kiko milked Melissa's right tight. They reached over to pinch nipples, causing their faces to go onto the bed while they milked each others tits and pinched nipples while kissing. Their asses in the air, Helena stuck a finger up Melissa's asshole. She bent over and began licking Kiko's asshole, putting her tongue all the way in while pumping Melissa. Each girl cooed, and Helena then switched, tongue fucking Melissa's asshole deep while easily sliding her finger up Kiko's ass and fucking her. "Fuck Kiko ass hard blonde cunt" Kiko said. Helena stuck two fingers up Kiko's ass and fucked her hard. "Kiko cumming from asshole fuck now!" she screamed and splattered onto the silk sheets. All the while, Melissa was having her ass tongue fucked while Kiko abused her Hershey tits and came in a gush into Helena's face. After her asshole spasms stopped, she turned and licked Helena clean. Kiko smiled over her left shoulder and waited for more.

Melissa pushed Helena down and mounted her missionary style. Pressing their perfect tits together, she lined up their cunts and began rubbing. Pink slit ground against brown lips, as their holes opened up. Melissa reached down and jammed three fingers into Helena's pussy, while Helena bit her ear and said "More you cunt hole, more!" Helena slipped three fingers into Melissa and they pumped each other. Kiko slid over onto her knees above their faces as they fucked each other. She began masturbating above the girls faces. Melissa mad a fist and pushed it into Helena's
hole, Helena's gasp was followed by her ecstasy as she felt her nipple being bitten by Melissa while they fucked each other. Melissa fist fucked Helena's hole and whispered in Helena's ear, "Like that you filthy fuck cunt?" "Yes you fuck whore, fuck my cunt hole with your fist!" Helena pumped Melissa's cunt harder too as Melissa banged her pink slit and bit her pink nipples. Helena came hard on Melissa's fist, as Melissa shot her thick sticky girl cum all over Helena's hand.

They were cheek to cheek and looked up to see Kiko sucking her own, long, black hard nipples and jerking her clit off. Kiko's cunt opened and her spasms started. Her squirt splashed into Helena and Melissa's face, the girls drinking in as much as they could. Kiko's knees got week and her asshole was twitching with orgasms as she lowered her asshole onto Helena's tongue. Helena tongue fucked her asshole, feeling her hole open and close on her tongue with each orgasm. Helena stuck it in deeper, as Melissa lifted up and sucked Kiko's other nipple hard. Kiko fell forward, onto Melissa's back and found her face on Melissa's rounded ass. Spreading Melissa's perfect ass cheeks, she drove her wet tongue deep into Melissa's asshole and tongue her out. Kiko's nipples poked Melissa in the back and her breast squashed against the small of her back, her tit meat flattening out to the sides as she tongued her. Melissa writhed in ecstasy as Helena fucked her cunt and Kiko licked her asshole deep, sticking her tongue deep into her hole and licking from the inside out.

Lying there in a pile, Helena said "There is no loser, only three winners!" The girls laughed together, and removed their fingers from pussies and tongues from assholes. The three of them laid down side by side facing the vaulted ceiling, all their nipples still hard and pointed skyward. With Kiko in the middle, they took turns kissing each other and sucking on Kiko's long, hard nipples. As they slurped on the perfect tits, Melissa and Helena rolled over and draped a sweet thigh each over Kiko's thighs, humping their pussies against her legs. Reaching out with opposite hands, they stroked each others firm perfect asses as they sucked Kiko and humped her legs, while Kiko draped her arms around their shoulders and down their backs, dragging her nails across their shoulders. As Helena humped Kiko's legs and sucked her tits, they both came one more time, sucking the now 1 inch black hard nipples into their mouths as their cream oozed out of their pussies onto Kiko's thighs. They squeezed each others ass cheeks with strong, manicured perfect nails and palms, and the three drifted off to sleep together.

The End