By SonnyFtM

After being together for two, dreamy orgasmic years, totally committed only to each other in our love life, it broke my heart to find out that my girlfriend, Grace, had started occasionally meeting and was being screwed by a woman-stealing bitch named Faye.

Though I loved Grace with all my heart, I knew she was a subordinate at heart and that she was irresistibly attracted to dominant personalities like Faye.

So I didn’t blame my lovely, adorable Grace at all, but the bitch Faye, who was a best friend of ours, should have known better to cheat like that. She had transgressed all boundaries of friendship by seducing and fucking the love of my life behind my back.

This simply had to stop! Totally pissed and boiling with anger, I phoned Faye and challenged the treacherous slut to come over for a sexfight, the loser having to abandon any further relationship with Grace!

Yes, it was going to be a gamble, I realized, but things just couldn’t go on as they were. More over, I was quite confident that I could beat the fucking whore at a sexfight – having an 11-2 record against some pretty, hot raunchy competition. I was pretty good at controlling and delaying my orgasm, and in my imagination was already seeing her shuddering, quivering and crying in wet defeat.

Before taking a shower to get ready, I quickly slid two fingers into my steamy twat and worked my tight hole fiercely, while my thumb strummed my tautly excited clit like the string of an acoustic guitar and soon my release gushed over my fingers, my own groans and moans rising to a crescendo as I peaked.

An hour later, Faye arrived at my front door, beaming with confidence, cockily bragging: “I’m so gonna fuck and destroy that famed pussy of yours and then the beautiful Grace will be mine and mine alone!”

Angrily, I snarled retorting: “Fuck you, Faye! We’ll see soon enough who emerges victoriously and who is the big time loser!”

We moved into the sitting room where I gestured to the couch as the field of battle. Teasingly stripping, and pursing her shiny lips and blowing kisses at me, trying to make me horny, the voluptuous bitch seductively ran her fingers over her nude body cupping her size 36D tits, fingers working her hardening nipples before sliding over her flat belly, over her trimmed bush to the shaved crack between her legs.

Grinning seductively, looking me challengingly in the eye, Faye teased herself between her legs for a few moments provocatively rolling her hips and humping her fingers giving exaggerated moans and groans of sexual delight before eventually bringing her glistening fingers to her mouth, closing her eyes, sucking and licking them off deliberately pretentious, then mockingly saying, with rolling eyes: “Ooooh, I taste so deliciously good. No wonder, Grace, loves my pussy more!”

“Gawd! You are such a slut and whore, Faye!” I growled.

Seating herself naked on the couch, throwing her arms over the back, her tits jutting out challengingly, her nipples pointing towards me, then spreading her legs wide, lewdly displaying the already puffy, slick lips of her cunt she grinned tauntingly and said: “Now, let’s see what you have? I’ve always been curious what your naked cunt looks like under your panties.”

Quickly I unbuttoned my shirt, and slipped out of my jeans and pushed down my panties to the floor. I noticed that they already had a little wet stain of excitement, and hoped the slut wouldn’t see it.

As I stood with my hands on my hips, thrusting out my mons and vulva at face level in her direction, glaring at my rival, she grinned, looking me up and down appraisingly, finally whistling then frowning, and said, her voice thick with venomous sarcasm: “Look at you, not a woman, but a fucking cunt! You’re so un-sexy!”

Then running her hands over her smooth curvy body like a trained porn star, she smiled sarcastically and continued: “No wonder Grace started sleeping with me! Look at me, all woman, beautiful and desirable!”

“Shut up, you conceited cunt!” I snapped in rage and gave her a vicious right hand slap to her face, sending her sprawling back on the couch, her eyes suddenly tearful and wide with shock, clutching her quickly reddening face. Then putting my left leg on the couch, I spread my thick pussy lips to expose my big, hardening clit rising from its hood, glistening and starting to stiffen!

Continuing I growled: “Slut! I promise by the end of today you’ll be licking my clit, tonguing my juicy hole and respecting it like it deserves after I’ve given you the fucking of your life!”

Suddenly Faye yanked me down by my arm, surprised by this, I lost my balance and landed next to Faye on the couch. She moved her right leg over my upper body, trapping it underneath, but instinctively my left hand dove into her wet crotch driving my fingers deftly into her smooth, slick slit, starting to pump her vigorously and I felt a surge of satisfaction as I heard her yelp and start to moan and groan.

However, my advantage was short-lived as Faye shrieked: “You whore! How do you like that yourself?” She leaned over and started aggressively fingering my own wet gash, and as her fingers touched my aroused clit I shivered and moaned as my head fell back!

Gripping each other’s nether region feverishly, we pumped into each other’s pussy! I felt my massive sex organ swell with unbearable lust, until it felt like it was becoming impossibly large, and was going to burst! However, I was encouraged to feel my hated rival’s clit, though miniscule compared to my giant one, also harden and stand out rigidly! Both our clits now protruding from our cunts like glistening pearls, mine like an acorn and Faye’s like a pea, they were the most precious, delicately divine parts of our bodies. The pace of our finger grinding quickened as we both tried to finish the other off with rapid finger thrusts and flicking.

We both moaned and screamed and fucked wildly as we each began to cum. We held each other as we ejaculated simultaneously. I felt Faye’s firm D-cup globes heave against my just as firm C-cup breasts; her belly trembled under my forearm; her clit throbbed under my thumb, as mine was throbbing beneath hers.

Hot fluids gushed out of our quivering pussies, spilling over the couch onto the carpet like a waterfall of cum. Both of us collapsed and panted in exhaustion. We appeared more equally matched than I’d thought – at least for now.

I knew it was time to reveal my secret weapon – something that could turn the tide of this battle. “I have a proposal for you, you slutty tramp!” I murmured.

“Mmm? You know I’m more than ready for anything, whatever it is, you are going down!” Faye replied confidently.

“Oh yeah?” I chuckled and leaned over to open a case on the armrest of the couch, and revealed my challenge.

“Think you can out fuck me with this, whore?” I growled sensuously, as I held the weapon in my hands. It was a thick double-headed dildo, at least sixteen inches long. I smiled as I saw Faye’s eyes widen as she took in its girth. The weapon was thicker than any cock that she had probably ever had.

“Think you can still make me cum with this buried deep in your tight, juicy cunt?” I taunted.

“I can make you cum like a whore no matter what the situation is, Slut!” Faye snarled back, not about to back down from a challenge. The brunette slithered side-ways on her ass and spread her long legs wide.

“You’re either very brave or very stupid, Faye” I remarked.

“Gawd… it’s so big!” Faye mumbled in awe as she brought the head of the inorganic cock to her cunt lips. She smeared her fluids over it before she tried to force it in. She managed to force its head in, but couldn’t get it in deeper. Weakly, she whispered, “Oh my fuck… it’s too big!”

“Oh no, it isn’t!” I grinned evilly as I reached forward, and gripping it tightly with my hand I thrust forward powerfully, driving the dildo deep into her pussy. Despite the fact that she had expected it, the brunette let out a wail of sexual agony at the penetration. Her gasps of shock and pain were slowly replaced with pants of pleasure as the slut discovered the pleasure of being stuffed by such an inhumanly massive toy.

With that, I smiled confidently and brought the massive dildo to my own cunt. I kept my eyes locked on Faye’s as I traced the head of the dildo on my wet, glistening lips – lubricating it. Spreading my cunt with my free hand, I slowly brought the artificial cock in. Clenching my teeth, I hissed, and then violently plunged the cock into my hole. It seemed as if my pussy resisted for a moment, stopping the penetration of the cock.

Then, abruptly, the dildo seemingly broke through my natural defenses, and swiftly sank deep into my wet depths, causing me to also moan in pleasure.

The entering of the dildo made a delicious slurping sound as I drove nearly half of the dildo into myself. My lower pelvis was slightly bulging from the entry of such a massive object, and I could feel its pressure and friction on my swollen clit from below.

Leaning back, I smirked at my rival: “Ready to get fucked out of your mind?”

We both leaned back to position ourselves better for the fucking. Chuckling in excitement and lusty expectation, I gripped the dildo tightly with my vaginal muscles, and plunged the dildo deeper into Faye’s pussy, starting our dildo war.

“Oh! So… Ahhh… Good!” Faye gasped as she humped the dildo. I enjoyed thrusting the cock into her impaled cunt again and again, and knew it was causing extreme pleasure to the bitch. I was gripping the dildo so tightly with my cunt, that I was fucking her literally like a man.

Not giving up, Faye, retaliated by gripping the cock with all her strength, and squealed in delight as she felt the cock move into my cunt, while it was suddenly my turn to moan in pleasure and surprise. I was surprised at the strength of the brunette’s cunt muscles. Despite my greater expertise with this weapon, the bitch was fighting back. We grunted as we humped each other slowly, our cunts gripping the dildo as hard as we could.

Our ample lubrication caused our snatches to slide forward as we pumped, effectively forcing the dildo slowly but surely deeper into our own pussies. Both of us hissed and moaned as we felt the dildo forced so deeply into us that our clits almost touched.

This was not the easy victory I had been hoping for. How can she be my equal in a double-headed dildo duel? I pondered, frustrated at the state of our battle. “I will still beat this fucking bitch; she is after all, just an amateur compared to me!” I reassured myself mentally.

Only a few connecting inches remained outside of our fluid-flowing cunts as the dildo sank deeper into both our holes. Finally, our vulvas smashed and flattened into each other, and we hissed venomously at each other. Both of us grunted in effort as each of us tried to take control of the dildo.

“Cum for me, BITCH!” I whispered seductively, trying to fuck with Faye’s mind, then I clamped down onto the dildo tightly again with my powerful vaginal and ass muscles and plunged it deeper into Faye’s cunt. She was taken by surprise by my aggressiveness and most of the massive dildo slid deep into her pussy before she could gather herself to stop my further invasion.

“Ahh! Gasp! You bitch… you BITCH!” Faye groaned. Half of the mammoth dildo was buried in her slutty pussy.

“Take it, you slut!” I let out an animalistic growl as I attempted to force the dildo in even deeper. Faye gasped at my expert assault and I grunted in satisfaction as I felt the artificial cock slide even deeper into my opponent’s drooling cunt.

“Fuck you!” Faye howled. In a surprise burst of strength, she managed to force the dildo back, sliding most of the massive weapon out of her cunt. I hissed in frustration as I realized that the brunette was not succumbing to my deadly assault. The brunette clenched the dildo firmly with her vagina and attacked my twat back with a powerful thrust. Now it was my turn for my eyes to open wide in surprise as I felt my pump was met with equal force that resulted in a large portion of the dildo being forced into my own cunt. Faye was matching me pump for pump, stroke for stroke.

We both now pushed with our cervixes, each trying to force the dildo past the other’s cervix for the ultimate violation. Looking down I was mesmerized by the sight of the large flesh colored dildo pumping in and out of my rival’s perfect twat. Faye’s massive, firm globes bounced delightfully as we pumped against each other. Moans of pleasure began to fill the air as we both approached our impending orgasms.

I could not believe that the two of us were so closely matched. I should be dominating Faye, who was merely an amateur compared to me! Yet here we were, matching each other stroke for stroke, our pussylips fat, wet and swollen slapping together, our clits slashing across each other with each pounding thrust, our asses raised off the couch clenching tightly, two mighty predators locked in a fight to the finish.

“Gawd, I hate you!” I moaned as I felt the tip of the dildo rake my g-spot deliciously, sending an electric bolt of pleasure deep into the center of my belly, past my sexual defenses.

“I hate you more!” Faye responded lustfully.

Suddenly, we both erupted in a massive mutual orgasm! Our juices splattered each other’s pussy drenching our thighs and dripping into our ass cracks! It just made us thrust even harder, the full 16 inches of thick dildo disappeared into our combined cunt holes! We pressed together as spasm after spasm passed between us as we quaked and shivered together in angry, painful sexual thrusts!

We continued to torture each other, the pace of our duel slowing slightly as we each attempted to recuperate.

“I’ve got you now, slut! It’s only a matter of time before I steal your woman from you!” Faye taunted.

“Fuck you, cunt!” I responded.

Desperate for a clear advantage, I moved my right hand onto Faye’s glistening thighs, which was drenched in our combined juices and sweat from effort, and softly stroked my opponent’s body. I was rewarded with a soft sensual groan of delight from my brunette rival. Grinning nastily, I traced my finger up to the brunette’s ass crack, stroking the slick skin between Faye’s cunt and asshole lightly.

“Don’t you dare!” Faye gasped, realizing what I was trying to do, “that place is off limits!”

I laughed maliciously, and in one swift motion, plunged my middle finger deep into Faye’s asshole, which was already soaked with our combined juices dripping down from above. I squealed in delight as I witnessed the effects of my dirty attack. The brunette let out a banshee’s wail, and in surprise, shock and disgust, she completely forgot about the sex duel. I was quick to seize my advantage.

“Dirty! Bitch! Dyke!” Faye cried out in disgust and arousal.

“Shut up and cum, SLUT!” I demanded cruelly and mockingly. Gripping the dildo tightly with my strong cunt muscles, I fucked Faye’s cunt wildly with the massive dildo. I took special care to aim directly for my rival’s g-spot, forcing the head of the dildo squarely against it. Years of practice with one of my favorite sex toys finally paid off, as I successfully scored hit after hit on Faye’s vulnerable g-spot, resulting in devastating effects.

Faye’s body started trembling uncontrollably, as I drove her over the edge. The screaming brunette’s body jerked wildly as it came against the massive dildo. Faye’s ass muscles tightened around my finger, and I withdrew it. I knew I had the advantage now, and I was wise enough use it to maximum effect.

Gripping Faye’s leg tightly with my hands; I rolled us over onto our stomachs and, holding her by her ankle, I continued to penetrate my opponent, our cunts now locked tightly together. Our butts ground together, at times lifting up high as we aimed the dildo at each other’s vulnerable g-spot. I delivered stinging slaps to her ass, spanking my rival until her ass was pink. Faye slapped back as she gripped my ankle with all her strength and speared my g-spot again and again. My eyes rolled with unwanted pleasure as I shifted to change the angle of attack and began to torment Faye’s g-spot!

“Payback’s a bitch!” I thought.

Faye began to groan, she mumbled something unintelligible as I fucked her deep and hard. I soon discovered that my hated rival loved being fucked in this position. She gripped my leg between her legs and pulled her cunt into mine even tighter, sealing our cunt-holes together, all 16 inches of the dildo seemingly lost deep inside our combined holes! We were both painfully yet deliciously impaled, pressed hard against each other cunt to cunt, overstuffed with this massive artificial cock.

Faye reached back with her right hand and pushed her index finger into my vulnerable asshole. The effect was immediate as I felt myself edging closer to orgasm. I couldn’t let this bitch take the advantage so I pushed my index finger into her asshole.

“Fuck! … No, no, noooo! ” Faye moaned and wailed in despair as I now rammed the dildo unresistingly in and out of her again and again.

“Gawd, you love being fucked like this, don’t you, bitch?” I taunted. Faye’s only response was a soft moan of frustrated delight. I reached out with my left hand and grabbed a handful of her silky mane, and pulled. Faye’s head tilted up painfully, her upper body lifted off the sheets to accommodate the hair pulling. “Fuck yeah!” I cried out in excitement as I pounded the juices out of Faye’s cunt. “Cum for me … slut!”

Faye’s ragged breathing was like music to my ears. It encouraged me to pump harder and faster. During my victorious amusement in fucking the bitch like a street slut, I nearly forgot about the sensual pressure building inside my own snatch, and I realized I was beginning to pant too. It took me great discipline to snap out of my erotic trance, and focus on fucking my enemy out of her mind.

Pulling onto the brunette’s mane even harder, I reached out with my other hand and cupped her right breast. Letting go of the moaning slut’s hair, I traced my left hand down her soft, flat belly to her heated cunt. Faye’s swollen clit protruded from her pussy proudly, exposing itself perfectly for my attack. I wasted no time stroking it, while I continued to pump the dildo furiously into the brunette’s dripping sexhole.

“Aw, no … NO! … Ohhh… Ohhh… No, no … NO!” Faye moaned in despair as the inevitable slowly approached. The brunette was shaking intensely, as her spasms were no longer controllable. Faye’s perfect face contorted as she let out an anguished moan. “Fuck! Oh noooo! Oh gawd!” Faye cried out as she tried to pull away from my aggressive fucking. “I can’t take it anymore! (Gasp)… Please … Nooooooooo… Aw SHIT … how can this beeeeeee…”

Spit dripped down the side of her glossy lips as her cunt ruptured treacherously, discharging tidal waves of girl cum. Gleefully and sadistically I continued fucking my rival as she came, forcing the final moans of pleasure out of my defeated and destroyed rival. A powerful series of shuddering orgasms rocked her body.

Consumed by the emotional orgasm of victory, I drew on the power of my hatred. Mounting my orgasming foe triumphantly, I lost all control of my body and began mercilessly pounding the dildo into my rival’s quivering pussy, forcing moans after moans of pain and pleasure from my rival. I mercilessly raped Faye, causing the brunette’s cunt to explode in chains of devastating orgasms. Suddenly I felt the dildo penetrate the bitch’s cervix, forcing its way painfully deep into her womb … and she screamed and passed out.

“Ohhhh… Ohhh… Ohh! Ohh my! Ohh!” I moaned as I felt myself cumming also. Finally I lost my grip on the massive dildo, and grinned majestically as I too shuddered and quivered, collapsing on top of my rival, completely drained. With a distinctive pop, I eventually dislodged myself from the massive dildo. Sexual fluids that were dammed up by the plastic cock spewed out from my victorious cunt. Weakly, but ecstatic I sat myself on top of my defeated and destroyed rival, who lay in a semi-comatose state, gasping feebly for air. The dildo had been driven past the brunette’s cervix and deep into her womb, and only a few inches could be seen outside of Faye’s snatch. The brunette’s belly was bulging from both the dildo and the excessive amount of dammed up cum unable to get out.

I had won the battle, and it was time to finish the war. Faye gasped and moaned as I yanked the dildo out of her beaten twat. It took a lot of strength, and some time to finally dislodge the embedded dildo from her pussy. I was amazed that Faye was still conscious - almost the entire dildo was deeply buried in her pussy. A stream of cum, which had been dammed up by the massive dildo, shot out from her cunt. I grinned at noticing that the once cocky bitch had ejaculated nearly three times the amount I had.

Tauntingly I brought the bitch’s side of the dildo to my mouth, and mockingly licked the brunette’s still warm cum off its tip before discarding it.

“You fucking cheating bitch … you’ve lost!” I finally whispered “And now you’re gonna pay the price!” Flipping her trembling body over and forcing her over onto her shoulders on the floor with her ass raised high and exposed into the air, I quickly strapped on my largest and thickest strap on cock.

“No, please don’t … you’ve won! Please … I surrender …” Faye whimpered and begged tearfully as I traced the tip threateningly around the brown little puckered hole of her ass, realizing I wasn’t finished with her.

Ignoring her, I rammed the hard rubber dick past her sphincter, and pushed it deep into her anus, stretching it wider than it’s probably ever been stretched before, her painful whimpers and screaming beautiful to my ears.

After while I flipped her over into doggy style onto all fours. Grabbing her hair like the reins of a horse, pulling her head up and back, I fiercely fucked the bitch … slamming my hips back and forth frenziedly like a piston … violating her tight ass, punctuating each thrust with alternate shouts of “Bitch! Grace is mine! And only mine now! Get it, whore?”

Eventually growing tired of hammering my defeated enemy, I unhooked my strap on harness, and lay back on the floor, turning her over and pulling her tearstained face into my aching crotch, spreading my cunt lips to expose my majestic clit, commanding: “Now Faye … it’s time to give me the blowjob I deserve for beating your skanky ass …”

Sobbing and tearful, Faye reluctantly traced her tongue up my oozing gash, and then wrapped her lips around my victorious member, her tongue circling it … as I closed my eyes and erotically imagined my throbbing clit was a huge erect cock, at least 9 inches long … soon I started quivering and shuddering … shooting load after load into the loser’s mouth … victory was indeed sweet!

The End