By HGHunt

As this mutual realization swarmed through their consciousness, Lisa felt another need; desire to promote even further her own insatiability and her own perfection as a lover. “Roll over again Luanne.” Lisa’s use of Luanne’s actual name sounded odd, but necessary. Calling her a whore or slut or cunt right now just seemed overkill after what had transpired.

Luanne smiled as Lisa stretched her body out, giving sore muscles a moment to recondition them, before she positioned her crotch just above Luanne’s face. “Ok Luanne, you know what you want, right?”

“I want to suck your pussy until you cum;” just a smart matter-of-fact response, dead on target.

With that Lisa lowered her cunt as she slowly purred, “And that is EXACTLY what I want too. Now DO IT girl.”

This victory muff-mouth conjunction didn’t last real long. It didn’t need to. The point that it happened is all that mattered to them both; which is not to say there wasn’t a spirited degree of lust involved, but it almost seemed secondary to the real reason for their intercourse. Lisa’s hips hunched down, forcing Luanne’s nose into her still slimy steamy slit. Up and down she rode, her hips rocking forward and backward to the natural feminine cadence she so elegantly possessed. Raising her hips often enough for Luanne to take a breath she still managed to assuage her feminine need for friction and pleasure. Luanne’s tongue danced like before, delving deeply in one moment and then helping to suck Lisa’s clit into ecstatic saturated swirls of pleasure in her mouth. Lisa’s dark cunt-hairs bristled against Luanne’s cheeks and nose and eyes and forehead. Her hole dilated to accept Luanne’s chin and mouth alternately, her inner folds massaging Luanne’s facial features with moist massaging strokes. She used her superbly conditioned pussy to gently stimulate herself with Luanne’s flush face as her living dildo. The rhythm developed in synchronicity between them. The pleasure and lust flowed and flowed, but parallel with Lisa's unblemished lust was her anger at Luanne, while abated at times during their encounter, was now rising to a peak.

As they deftly did their oral-genital dance, the swirling hatred/passion exploded in Lisa. Lisa hated that bitch beneath her cunt and there was no holding back now. She reached down to Luanne's floppy tits and started slapping them... HARD. While her pussy slithered and swirled on Luanne's acquiescent face, her hands were inflicting pain on Luanne's breasts. “Fuck you slut! Fuck you slut! Fuck you slut! Fuck you slut!” She repeated her staccato monosyllabic phrase over and over, timing the words with her cunt thrusts downward onto Luanne's face. Luanne's tits took a beating, slaps were followed by nipple pinches, nipple stretches, and as Lisa's orgiastic thrill approached, and her anger swelled with it, she reached down to Lynn's cunt and began pinching, pulling, and twisting her labia into distorted grotesque shapes, but there was nothing Luanne could do about it. She was beaten and beaten badly and she knew it. Her only thought was to come out of this alive, and that was seeming precarious at the moment because Lisa had pointedly refrained from removing her cunt from Luanne's nose sporadically, and Luanne was losing her breath. She tried to keep her tongue twirling inside Lisa's sticky slew, whimpering her vulnerability as she did.

Luanne's pain as her blonde pubic hairs were now being torn out in small handfuls was matched at the other end by her feeble attempts at trying to take a breath. But Lisa wouldn't allow it! When Luanne finally passed out Lisa yanked out a huge patch of Luanne's blonde patch, raked her nails up and down her pussy lips, and set her hips in an absolute frenzy of swirling intensity. With her adrenaline peaking it didn't take long for Lisa to come now. Her orgasmic bliss was now multiplied by thousands as she relished her dominance over Luanne. “That bitch will never fuck with me or my husband again!” she mused out loud.

And she never did either.

The End