By HGHunt

Lisa’s eyebrows narrowed as she glared at her enemy. The bitterness of her feelings towards Luanne were boundless and without constraint. Any woman who would flirt with her husband, blatantly inserting herself between Lisa and Steve, a woman who clearly had designs on Steve’s cock, and whose pussy moistened at the thought of squeezing his dick tightly, was beneath her contempt and deserving of every scintilla of hatred she could muster. The sexual aura that Luanne projected was not on Lisa’s mind. Her wonderful and shapely breasts weren’t viewed as objects to worship. Her alluring pubic mound seemed not at all a monument to feminine sexuality, even though it was, but instead Lisa recognized those features, and every other physical nuance of Luanne’s body, only as opportunities for her to prevail with her own weaponry. Lisa was eminently proud of her body and she was committed to its use in a complete takeover of Luanne. “You are one skanky slut and I can’t wait to show you a thing or two about being a real woman.”

Before she could go on Luanne interrupted with her own taunt. “You got lucky the other time. There isn’t anybody here to protect your sorry ass now bitch! When I’m through with you, I’m gonna take your man and you’ll be happy about it because you’ll be so dried up and shriveled you won’t be able to have sex for at least a hundred years!” Her body shivered in excitement and trepidation as she spat out those threats. The 60-year-old needed only seconds to gather in all she wanted to know about Lisa’s body, two years her younger. It was sexy as hell, but it would be no match for her own lush body. Her confidence had never been low, but upon seeing Lisa’s naked form right there in front of her, challenging in its pose, she felt a magnificent flush of power. She just plain KNEW she would be able to press her height and weight advantage, however small, and her smoldering hatred into a monumentally rewarding victory over her wicked enemy.



Back and forth the taunts flew as the women could no longer maintain the shroud of civility that had hung over them to now. In half a second the two were together, arms flung around each other and torsos pulled close. They propelled their mouths together in a mashing kiss. The momentum of their collision was far more psychological than physiological, but with the recent activity on the love seat fading from their memories already, it was as if the fight were only now beginning. With mouths plastered together grunts and moans replaced epithets, but there wasn’t really much need for verbal communication anyway. Their bodies were practically shouting with messages.

Luanne’s hands vigorously explored Lisa’s backside, grabbing, pulling, pinching, squeezing, and probing Lisa’s lush ass. Lisa countered just as dynamically, her strong fingers snaking into the crevice of Luanne’s butt, pulling her round flesh away from the crack and exposing Luanne’s puckered hole to the warm air. Her fingernails raked across Luanne’s ass, just hard enough to leave streaks of white. She pulled tight towards her own hips, measuring the warmth emanating from Luanne’s bushy crotch, assured that her own carpeted mound was signaling its superiority. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Their mouths became a snarling dueling maelstrom of tongues, teeth, saliva, and lips. Taking turns sucking on each other’s tongues as though they were trying to pull them out by the roots, no kinky quarter was given and none expected. Lisa had to flinch at the depraved intensity of Luanne’s tongue sucking power; “Damn!” The bite was expected and she made sure she returned the favor moments later and then she extended her tongue to its fullest length, almost finding Luanne’s tonsils deep in her throat. Twirling her tongue-tip down there gave her a thrust of lusty power.

Luanne didn’t swoon. She did retaliate. Pulling her face away from Lisa, she grabbed Lisa by the back of the head and snarled in her face, “Fuck you! I mean it. I’m gonna fuck YOU!”

“Fine with me bitch!” Lisa knew why they were here. “You give me your best shot and I’ll turn your pussy inside OUT!” She yelled at Luanne her contempt, even as Luanne pushed her on the bed and leapt atop her. Snarling, cursing, contemptible threats, angry grunts, and wicked epithets filled the room as they hastily oriented their drooling cunts into accommodating positions. Lisa, underneath, scooted her hips towards the middle of the bed allowing Luanne to position her pulsing pussy precariously athwart Lisa’s darkly matted pile of fur. As Luanne slid into position, throwing her right leg outside Lisa’s hips for a one-legged squat, Lisa pounded her mound upward, stabbing Luanne’s blonde pussy with a thousand brown bristles, punctuated with a bullseye attack on Luanne’s clit with her own swollen pleasure pod.

Their bodies lurched together in a roiling maelstrom of lust and fury. Other body parts tangled with each other, skin raked across skin, from one end of the bed to the other, but neither woman seemed to recognize any of the peripheral contact. Both were laser-focused on the coming of their wet cunts and furry crotches. Luanne’s initial dominant position allowed her plenty of flexibility to attack Lisa’s swollen clit with her own thick pulsing flap of pleasure flesh. Its pink head darted between Lisa’s lips, absorbing the potent and aromatic sheen of oozing liquid, like a finger dipped in fresh honey, which she then used to slither across Lisa’s northern prominence, smearing her own slime into a foamy lather that lubricated their sizzling friction ever-so-perfectly.

Ten times, twenty times, thirty times, then a hundred; their crotches thrust and wrestled with lightning speed. But to Lisa, and Luanne as well, the sensations were so dazzlingly intense, so full of powerful emotions that time seemed to slow down’ as if Einstein’s insights of the last century were being verified by the intense gravitational tug between these two women. Those hundred humps happened in less than a minute but Lisa’s sense of time was so sensuously intense that it seemed almost like time stood still. With Luanne’s body boring down into her, her vagina twirling in pleasure with every thrust, her thighs opening wider and wider to try to gather Luanne’s hated clit into her orifice, she willed her pussy lips to “become” her mouth and its succulent oral skill, mimicking her beloved fellatio. Using her thickly forested lips like teeth, she clamped onto the upper slit portion of Luanne’s blonde cunt hair and through her wickedly effective hip rotations and gyrations managed to snag Luanne’s clit between her plump labia, swallowing it as deeply as she could, and by managing to time her movements in sync with Luanne began to squeeze the hated clit between her powerful labia lips. The juicy nectar flowed like warm grease from deep inside, heating Luanne’s pulsing bud towards blast furnace temperatures.

Luanne never let up her vicious taunts. “Oooooooooooooooooooooo. You really are a slut, aren’t you! You are LOVING the way my clit fucks your slimy slit. Get used to it bitch, cause this is the way it’s gonna be for a loooooong loooooooong time!”

“You may be right about that, you slimy whore, but I’ll be going LONG after you are dried up like a year-old bird’s nest.”

The words spewed out automatically, their lizard brains taking control of their words, while their frontal lobes focused on the pleasure battle, ignoring everything but the contest between their sexual organs.

Luanne pushed her clit deep into Lisa, her erect pod feeling more and more like a masculine penis as it impaled Lisa’s vagina to gynecological depths. She shivered as she felt Lisa’s juicy acceptance. She growled as she felt her light hairs become entangled with Lisa’s darker curls. Their snatches were firmly plastered together, but even with the slippery perfection of their coinciding parts, they each felt the intense need to maintain this locked up position. Slowly their gyrations slowed to the tiniest slivers of movement. Maintaining just enough persuasive little throbs, Luanne ached for her clit to grow bigger, thicker, longer, hoping she could impale Lisa’s vagina so deeply that she would split apart. Lisa, teeth gritted for emphasis implored her pussy lips to pinch Luanne’s clit right off at the base. While neither of these was biologically possible that didn’t keep either of them from urging their pussies to follow their will. What was biologically possible was each woman’s Achilles’ heel; arousal. The fever pitch of their fucking and the hot lusty words they continued to bellow caused both women to lurch towards release. Like warring armies of snakes, Lisa’s brown pubic coils snared Luanne’s blonde threads and Luanne’s returned the favor pulling their parts even tighter together, trapping Luanne’s clit firmly between Lisa’s beaver-trap labia. “Come on wimp! Move that fucking clit of yours or else I’ll pinch it off.” Lisa taunted Luanne, who didn’t even concern herself with the rising tide of arousal that began to wash through her. She tried to reenergize her deep thrusting motions, but with her hair so tightly tangled with Lisa, and Lisa’s labia feeling so like warm apple butter to her clit, she only managed a few jerky thrusts before she exploded violently into an orgasm of proportions she’d only dreamed about. Screaming her agony and joy she accepted the pleasure as her reward for finally putting Lisa in her place.

To be continued