By HGHunt

Luanne screwed her pussy down, down, down, forcing her clit into every lush crevice of Lisa’s succulent pussy, her orgasm lurching inelegantly forward, each throbbing jolt making her clit sizzle with excitement inside Lisa. Ebbing slowly away after seemingly long moments of ecstasy, Luanne continued to feel Lisa’s pussy lips magnetically pulling her sensitive clit inexorably and menacingly deep. She shook her head to clear the dusty cobwebs that had just been spun inside her head. Looking down at Lisa she saw the little smirk of pleasure and acknowledgement that told her Lisa was accepting and interpreting the orgasmic flow through her opponent as a welcome event. Now it impinged upon Luanne to do something that would wipe that smirk off of Lisa and keep it off. “Good girl,” she whispered, “I love a good orgasm, especially when it means fucking you silly.”

Luanne’s condescending tone didn’t faze Lisa; she just reformed a snarl on her face and pinched Luanne’s clit tightly between her labia lips, relishing the start it caused on Luanne’s face, however subtle it was. “Whatever, whatever; One stupid orgasm is just the start. I’ll have you whimpering for your mama before I’m even warmed up.”

Luanne’s super engorged clit felt so at home and so comfortable inside Lisa that if the clit had a mind it would have wished nothing more than to take up residence in her lushly feminine slew. But the simultaneous assertion of Lisa’s hips and her own recognition that she needed a change of pace to claim again her sexual dominance ended that possibility. “Pop!” the sound echoed across the room as their organs untangled. Reaching across her body Lisa grabbed the big toy that had been Luanne’s selection downstairs in the boutique. “Get ready creep. You’re gonna wish you never laid eyes on this after I get done banging your stinky twat with this.” Lisa poked Luanne’s big right tit with the bulging black penis-head before swatting her own titties a couple of times. “If you think you’re so fucking hot, you better get your end of this in its proper location ‘cause I aim to fuck you silly.” Even as she spoke, she was rubbing the big wide cock across her still moist labia, peeling them apart, exposing the ripe pink innards that were oh-so-anxious to prove superior to Luanne’s dripping twat.

“You sorry mother fucker, if you can even get that cock inside you you’ll be lucky, but if you do, you’re going to wish you never ever ran into me this afternoon.” She watched now as Lisa twitched her hips, probing gingerly the orifice of contention. The big black head glistened with her juices after several swirly twirls around the perimeter of her cunt. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm. This is going to be good, really good.” Her gash was agape from the ministrations of the cock head, and she was ready. She opened her mouth to let out an “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh,” as the head split her entrance wide, a shuddering convulsion ebbing through her as that wickedly large head slipped past the outer ring of tightness that surrounded her vaginal opening. Once past that taut constricting loop, the rest of the dildo slid efficiently towards the deep recesses of Lisa’s cunt. Proud of her accomplishment (knowing in her head that she had just taken the largest foreign object inside her that she’d ever encountered, considerably bigger than her husband’s adept penis) she smiled at Luanne, eyebrows arched in a questioning glance that said quite clearly “Can you do it this well?”

“I didn’t know if your girly cunt could handle a biggie like that, but now that you managed I’m really glad, ‘cause now it’s really ON! We’ll see whose cunt is the queen.” Luanne gloated with confidence as she aligned her crotch with the loose end of the big black double dildo. Her big tits flopped around as she bounced forward enough to grab the bulging head, settling its vibrations that came from Lisa’s squirming crotch long enough to position the indented tip directly at her pussy opening, then baring her teeth in challenge to Lisa, who accepted and pushed forward as Luanne did the same, the head pulled Luanne’s outer labia inward until the stretchy flesh could take no more and rebounded outward, allowing several inches of big black cock to slide smoothly inward.

Recognizing now that their pussies were at war, they started pushing and shoving. Each mature woman knew how to fuck and each knew the other was highly motivated, but also aware that the power their pussies had over a real man’s cock was going to be tested quite differently tonight, caused them to gauge their motions initially with tentativeness. The link between their pussies was inanimate, so each had to figure out what sort of humping, bucking, thrusting, and twisting motions could be used to transmit their own power through that device into her enemy. All the trash talk about what each would do to the other up to now had really only been bravado. Each believed what she had said 100%, but that didn’t mean that either of them knew exactly how they might make their predictions come true. So it was that for the next five minutes the two women, impaled as deeply as they were, began to fuck their shared toy.

The warm pussy juice flowed and covered that dildo, reflecting the low light of the bedroom lamps. The deep ebony plastic would then disappear inside the women. Lisa humped and hunched forward, her hips recoiling back whenever Luanne pushed against her, but then bulldozing forward to try to force that big black dick-head up against Luanne’s cervix. She squeezed with all her might to try to impale as much of that monster cock inside Luanne’s gaping pussy as she could. It bumped menacingly against her depth gauge, and with the added leverage she thrust it deep inside Luanne, the deep grunt proving how deeply it had submerged. Lisa’s snarling mouth panted “FUCK YOU” over and over again, with each and every thrust. She didn’t need to yell, or even talk loudly. Just a minor whisper was enough to punctuate her thrusts and inform Luanne how lovely it felt to be fucking her cunt this way.

Grunts followed thrusts and thrusts followed grunts as they bore down on each other with their orifice-stuffed pussies. Luanne’s grunts grew slowly louder, ever so slightly revealing a trembling twinge of exasperation at the way things were going. It took Lisa a minute or two to recognize the minute variation in Luanne’s countenance. Arching an eyebrow and tilting her head with an “I know you’re losing it,” look, Lisa wasn’t sure what the “it” was, but she knew it represented at least a modest recoil at the direction of the contest.

The spark of realization ignited a waxing curve of energy in Lisa and she used the recoil of Luanne’s banging thrusts to wickedly ram that ridiculously large phallus HARD into Luanne’s innards. Thump, thump, thump went the ram. Luanne’s push-backs suffered and in a few seconds Lisa was the only one pumping. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty times she plastered the deepest recess of Luanne’s cunt with the round bulbous head of the big black dick. Luanne closed her eyes and convulsed in lurching spasms of a most-fulfilling orgasm. She bit her lip to avoid screaming, her juices flowing around the tubular cock, a new layer of lubrication added to the already aromatic cloud that expanded outward from their engaged crotches. The fullness coefficient she felt was so damn satisfying her pussy was obliged to lurch into a deep welling orgasm.

Spent from their efforts the two crotch-tigers lay back, chests heaving for more oxygen to replenish their starved muscles. Luanne felt a twinge of remorse in having succumbed to Lisa’s withering attack, but yet maintained no real sense of discouragement, plump in the knowledge that marathons aren’t won in the early stages of the contest.

To be continued