By HGHunt

Wham! That glorious jolt of sexual lust and energy rolled in two waves through her body, coursing from her damp pussy outward in all directions. By the time the second wave ebbed her cat-like instincts took over. While a snarling expression formed on her pretty face she dropped her empty glass to the floor and quickly exploded across the small gap between them and mounted Lisa, her knees on either side of Lisa’s red-thong-adorned hips. Her purple bra didn’t cover much of her bulging tits as they engulfed Lisa’s face. “Here bitch! Get a taste of these mamas. No time like the present to start showing you who’s the boss.” Luanne wiggled her tits back and forth across Lisa’s face.

Lisa had been caught by surprise. Luanne’s rapid escalation had not been anticipated. Lisa had somehow assumed that a long slow teasing exploration of each other’s arousal and sexuality would lead them to plenty of hot and heavy wickedness, but she was definitely caught off guard by Luanne’s leopard-like attack. Whether it would serve her well or not was yet to be seen, but Lisa’s sense of fair play kept her indignant attitude in check for now and she allowed Luanne the moment of advantage without fighting back. She reached around Luanne’s torso and grabbed a firm round ass cheek in each hand. She managed to blurt out a retort of syrupy sarcasm. “So this is the ass that thinks it’s got the muscle to out-fuck me? She IS pretty firm, but it’s no match for mine! Now put that tit in my mouth. I want to bite it!”

In an arena that was so sexually charged and so competitively motivated, Luanne accepted the dare.

She reached behind her back and unhooked the purple bra and let it slide off. She took the ends and wrapped the bra around Lisa’s neck and pulled her head into her big right breast. “OK girl. Suck my big nipple. Prove you’re not just a talker!”

From Luanne’s perspective Lisa’s instant lip lock on her nipple was a reward for having taken the initiative away from Lisa, and another (figuratively) notch in the bed post of her advantage over Lisa. But from Lisa’s mind’s-eye the chance to give some oral stimulation to Luanne’s hefty boob was step one in what she knew would be a grueling battle of wits and sexual response. Anything she could do now to stimulate Luanne was just placing her another step closer to final victory. She knew this was like the first batter in a nine inning ball game.

Lisa opened wide and absorbed as much tit-flesh inside her mouth as she could, many cubic inches flooded her oral cavity and pushed deeply so that Luanne’s pulsing nipple poked at Lisa’s tonsils. “Atta girl; suck it all in there if you can.” Luanne watched about half of her mature breast disappear inside Lisa’s gaping mouth. Lisa’s oral abilities were now being put to the test right away. With her mouth as achingly stretched as she could make it she inhaled deeply, forcing even more of Luanne’s breast into her cave. Then slowly she pulled her head back and let her teeth rake across the acres and acres of Luanne’s tit-flesh. The scraping teeth left a trail of ecstasy down the hefty cone, culminating in a firm grip on Luanne’s bulging nipple. With careful attention to pressure, Lisa pinched her nip firmly between her teeth and pulled backwards, distending the nipple, unleashing nerve-spasms that flashed into Luanne’s head a 50/50 mixture of pain and pleasure, just the right amount of each to focus Luanne’s thoughts singly on the sensations pulsing out of her nipple. Again and again Lisa repeated her full mouth, raking teeth, nipple-biting routine, being sure to bounce from right to left every so often, relishing in the acceptance Luanne obliged her with, and gauging her success by the degree to which those pert nipples grew stiffer and thicker with each bite.

Luanne’s chest heaved in jerky spasms of breath as Lisa inhaled gobs of her tit flesh into her mouth. Luanne dropped the bra and ran her fingers through the back of Lisa’s hair and pulled her gorgeous face tight to her chest, her D-cup right breast ramming deep inside Lisa’s mouth. Luanne let her head fall backwards a bit to relish the tactile sensations created by Lisa’s succulent tit play. Lisa didn’t debate whether to continue her nipple-tonguing for more than a microsecond. Lisa’s hands shot up from Luanne’s ass and grabbed her blonde locks and pulled her upper body back and down, bending her painfully backwards and causing her to tumble to the floor as she lost her balance and superior position. Lisa, no stranger to sex battles, recognized the inevitable ebb and flow of motivations and actions between supplications, giving and receiving sexual stimulation, physical dominance, and lust. The time was NOW for her to force Luanne into a more submissive role. It wasn’t easy but in a few moments of struggle, she had Luanne pinned beneath her on the carpet.

Their bodies lay together head to toe, arms outstretched and still wriggling for control, Lisa’s grip on Luanne’s wrists made it possible for Lisa to establish her smug superiority persona. “Those were nice tits bitch. How do they like it getting crushed by my big boobs?” She wiggled her upper torso firmly downward into Luanne’s naked breasts, emphasizing her top position.

Lisa purred, “Say what you want cunt. My tits are better than yours just like everything else I’ve got is better than anything you’ve got.” Luanne managed her own tit-wiggling moment and arched her back so as to thrust her boobs straight into Lisa’s flimsily enclosed tits. “If you’ve got any guts at all you’ll get out of that bra and those panties so there won’t be any excuses later.”

“I agree with you on one thing. I don’t want any excuses either. The only way to settle this is naked.” Lisa released her hold on Luanne’s wrist, confident in having set the tone of superiority and anxious for many reasons to remove every stitch of clothing, no matter how sexy it had been adorning her body. Gleefully in the next 45 seconds the two were out of their negligee, purple and red, tossed in piles in the corner, and they faced each other absolutely naked, no jewelry and not much makeup either; just Luanne and Lisa, enemies and yet partners in lust, ready to tear into each other with all the sexual energy and experience and creativity that they could muster.

A natural pause silenced the two as they gazed at each other across the 6 foot gap. Each woman had seen the other naked before, but this time there was a very different edge to the keen looks they gave each other. What they saw not only stirred their own two-edged emotions, but although unshared, the vision would have excited any aficionado of the female form.

Lisa, at age 58 retained the alluring form of a younger woman. Her breasts, full and voluptuous, bore faint tan lines from the low cut shirts and swim suit tops she wore. Unafraid to allow visible cleavage, she showed only an inch or two of pale skin between her tanned breast skin and her pinkish areola, from which burst forth a tight bolt of a nipple, hard, slightly darker than the 3-inch pinkness that surrounded it. A very minimal and modest paunch was just barely enough to convince anyone who ogled her that she wasn’t 22 anymore. Her hips flared out nicely and confirmed her hourglass figure was firmly planted in the sexually alluring category. Her legs, though short, were shapely and tanned; no jiggly fat, no bulging veins or clumps, just smooth soft skin, actually even sexier without the hose. Her arms were firm too. Muscles didn’t bulge but managed to betray their presence as she angled her arms out and then in with her hands on her hips. Her tightly bunched derriere muscles gave definition to her butt, a cute little dimple on either cheek. Her face glowed with a full perfect set of teeth above her Pocahontas jaw line and beneath her lush cheeks and pleasant nose. Her dark brunette hair hung not quite to her eyebrows in the front, but longer to the sides and back, falling just beyond shoulder length; full and thick. The sexy shade of hair was mirrored at the intersection of her legs and crotch. Lisa’s curvy legs met her torso with a visual announcement of her uniform coloring. Tanned legs gave way to un-tanned skin, only to be abruptly dominated by a thick curly mass of dark brown hair, smothering her crotch in a tight triangle of tantalizing sexual protection. The curls flared outwards towards Luanne, as if they had been combed forward. But in reality they sensed the threat of a rival nearby and were primed for battle. Betraying the arousal that was permeating her neurons, Lisa’s lower hairs, especially the ones tightly coiled around either side of her plump labia, absorbed droplets of seeping moisture: moisture that was flowing downwards from both gravity and the continued lubricating production of her pussy’s inner gauntlet.

Swiveling 180° an invisible spectator would have seen both an opposite and some symmetry. The hair coloration was distinctly different, but the sexually alluring qualities mirrored those found in Lisa. Luanne, was an inch taller, with slightly shorter, almost page boy blond locks. The Scandinavian ancestry clearly showed up in Luanne’s hair color, even though she had skin tones just as sun-darkened as Lisa. Her arms were longer, and though defined, exhibited just a slight hint of looseness under her triceps. Her shoulders were broader than Lisa’s and they pleasantly flowed southwards towards Luanne’s hefty 38-D boobs. The symmetry between her tits and Lisa’s was amazing. Both were full, round, tanned (except for the whiteness below her tan lines) and proudly protruding. They wouldn’t pass the “pencil test” of a smaller-breasted younger woman, but neither would they give an impression of sagging, so much like Lisa’s. Her areola and nipples could have been carbon copies of Lisa’s were it not for a slightly less visible line between her surrounding skin and her pale pink circle of color. Her nipples both stood at attention, like honor guards at a castle. Her tummy and hips seemed, ever so slightly to surround more acreage than Lisa, but with her extra height, the total effect remained perfectly seductive and curvy. Her legs while not long carried about an extra inch compared to Lisa’s and the conjunction of her legs and torso might have been an inch or two further from the floor as well. With all the similarities, there remained one stark difference. Luanne’s pubic hair glowed golden blonde. She sported a thick shock of hair in a V-shape, thick especially for a blonde. Her curly pubes didn’t radiate across quite as much skin as Lisa’s, nor did they bunch together so tightly, but that was only in comparison to Lisa’s rich forest of dark hair. Luanne was proud of her sexual equipment and VERY prone to admiring her own blonde pussy-protecting carpet. In fact she HAD used a comb earlier to tease the most fullness and gloss out of her feminine fur. Her hair grew thickest in tight curls right at the apex of her slit, completely surrounding her enclosed clit folds and her labia, all the way down to her perineum and ass hole. So even though she likely had a several dozen fewer hairs overall, she sported just as much hairy protection in the areas closest to her feminine assets. Like Lisa those hairs at the edge of her labia were being asked to absorb droplets of moisture that were descending from a wickedly productive gland deep inside her cunt; a cunt that recognized its goal; dominance!

To be continued