By HGHunt

“Let’s not waste any time. Get changed. Quick.” Luanne, sensing she had entered the domain of Lisa, felt the need to subvert whatever home field advantage Lisa may have owned so she aimed to dictate to Lisa.

“What’s your hurry furry? We’ve got hours. Why don’t we have a drink? I’ve got a bottle of wine in the fridge.” She added, “And two glasses.”

“I’ll take that drink, AFTER we get into the outfits.”

“Fine! Do you want to use the bathroom to change?”

“Hell no! Let’s do it right here. We can watch each other.” Her sly grin gave evidence of the attitude that Lisa was only too happy to appreciate. She WANTED Luanne to be eager, sexy, and aggressive. So far, Luanne was not disappointing in the least.

Neither was “in the dark” about the other woman’s body. Over the course of their nursing tenure at the same hospital there had been numerous times that sharing changing rooms and workout areas had provided opportunities for each to lay eyes on the other’s body. Lisa knew that Luanne was a “real” blonde, the hair above her crotch matching perfectly the flaxen shade of her tresses, clear evidence of her Scandinavian heritage, and the cause of her “furry” comment. Likewise, Luanne was aware that Lisa sported a thick dark patch of pubic hair, mirroring the brunette coif on her head.

But this was the first time that the stares were blatant, lethal, and expected. As the two discarded their professional attire and began to embellish their bodies with the brand new lingerie, the tension built wonderfully while they drank in the sight of their enemy’s body. Lisa strained to keep her belly taut and her chest puffed out, eager to present her body in the sexiest light possible. Her D-cup breasts were an awesome sight and she sneered viciously at Luanne as she let them spring free from her “usual” bra. The favor was returned as Luanne pinched her arms together, creating a plentiful cleavage for Lisa’s gaze. Luanne’s tits were very close in size to Lisa’s plump; firm (for her age) breasts, which sported well-defined pink areolas surrounding her pepped-up nipples. The tags on their bras gave away their similarity: 38-D.

Three or four minutes were all it took for both women to have transformed from “business-proper” dresses into “whore-proud” lingerie queens. The standard hotel room seemed to take on a whole new aura, like that of a brothel, as the women smoothed their purple and red outfits. The dim lighting mixed with a surge of pheromone-laced aromas and splendidly sexy bed-wear was enough to convince Luanne and Lisa that they were now enveloped in a smothering cocoon of sexuality. The air-conditioning had been on low as they entered the room, but Lisa had flicked the AC control off, and the room began to slowly heat up, adding to the percolating atmosphere generated by the libido-driven thermostats of the women.

The love seat sat at slight angle from the corner of the room and its plushness drew their attention as Lisa handed Luanne the glass of wine. She quickly poured her own glass and joined Luanne on the soft, brown, leather-covered furniture. Luanne had curled her legs up on the cushion and beckoned Lisa with a nod and a raised-eyebrow glance. Waiting for Lisa to sit beside her Luanne murmured a soft compliment, “Mmmm. You do look nice in red; good enough to gobble up.”

“Well, thanks. I think purple flatters you pretty nicely too. The bra really makes your tits bulge. A darling cleavage; a whole lot nicer looking than the last time I laid eyes on ‘em.”

That dig at Luanne was smothered in saccharin sweetness, the tone of her voice coolly pleasant.

“A toast,” Luanne proposed, “to the fortune that brought us here tonight.” She held up her glass and Lisa followed suit. The wine rolled in the glasses as they tinkled together. “Cheers,” they intoned, both very much grateful for that fortune that allowed them this private time and place to tackle their long-standing grievances with each other.

First one glass and then another were shared as the two sized each other up. Their banter was soft and low-key, but venom-laced barbs got interjected with regularity from both ends of the seat. Lisa was the first to advance their interplay to physical touch. She pulled her knees up onto the seat and angled her toes towards Luanne’s nylon-sheathed right leg. Sliding her toes down from mid-thigh to knee, she glanced at Luanne’s face to catch the unmistakable conversion from soft satisfaction to reptilian repulsion. The shiver that swathed Luanne’s body from the sexy touch gave away the other emotion that clearly was going to have to fight for dominance with repulsion tonight: lust!

To be continued