WIFE vs. MISTRESS - PART 3 - The Rematch
By JB57


Jannette returned to her hotel room a little after midnight on Friday night. She had been out with some of her business contacts at a night club in downtown Los Angeles. Usually she would have brought someone – a man or a woman – back with her to spend the night. However, she was not in the mood right now for sexual companionship. She had been a little off ever since her battle with Deanna Ralston, her boss Robert’s wife, and she was looking forward to going to bed and pleasuring herself to a fantasy of her body breaking and beating Deanna’s gorgeous body, wet sex to sex, tit to tit. For the past two weeks, her memories of her erotic battle with the blonde wife had preyed on her mind, filling her with incredible lust and unbelievable anger. She knew that the only way she would regain her full sexual confidence was if she fucked the blonde whore into the ground. Until she did that, every other sexual encounter could only be a distraction. Even worse, she knew that any other sexual encounter would be unsatisfying. Her battle with Deanna had brought her the kind of incredible sexual pleasure that only a fuckfight for absolute domination could generate. Any other kind of sex would pale in comparison.

Originally, Jannette and Deanna had planned to meet for their rematch just a week after their initial encounter, but circumstances got in the way. The sudden death of Robert’s former business partner took Robert and Deanna out of town that weekend to attend the funeral. The following week, business meant that Jannette had to leave the city for Los Angeles. She had now been in LA for almost two weeks negotiating an important deal, but things were wrapping up and she was looking forward to returning home to New York that weekend.

Jannette stripped off her business jacket and miniskirt, then slipped out of her tight white blouse. She was braless and her round, thick breasts jiggled delectably as she wriggled out of her tiny green thong. She entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. As she waited for the water to warm, she admired her naked perfection in the full-length mirror. She cupped her heavy, thick tits then ran her hands down her smooth pubes and caressed her clean-shaven, thick-lipped pussy. She placed her index finger over her hot, wet slit and smiled as she felt her massive clit swell in anticipation, just a little. The water was ready. Jannette entered the shower stall and enjoyed the wet heat on her naked flesh. She ran her hands over her thick, bulging tits, down her flat, rippling belly. She cupped her bare cunt, running her finger over her burning slit once again. She slipped her digit deep into her hot twat, teasing her clit. Jannette smiled, sighing with pleasure, her mind going back to the incredibly delicious sensation of her swollen, throbbing clit rubbing and grinding on Deanna’s rock-hard clit. She imagined herself locked tongue to tongue with Deanna, sucking on the other woman’s tongue, swallowing back her spit, sharing growls of hate and hot breath. With a shuddering sigh, Jannette stopped herself from masturbating, deciding to save the pleasure until she could get into bed. She enjoyed the building anticipation. Jannette dried off, wrapped her wet hair in a towel, then pulled on a short, sheer robe she had brought with her from home. She slept in the nude, but she liked having some of her personal items around her when she went on the road.

Jannette walked over to the hotel room desk, which was facing out towards a spectacular, 30th floor view of the city skyline. She turned on her laptop, deciding to check her email and a few stocks before she retired for the night. As soon as she turned on the computer, she received notification of new messages in her inbox. One immediately caught her attention. “Call me when you get in, cunt” was all it said. The sender line indicated it was from Deanna. The message had been sent while Jannette was in the shower.

Jannette’s heart began pounding with excitement and anticipation. Her pussy immediately grew wet and hot. She stood up and went to the bathroom. She unwrapped her hair, then used the blow dryer and her brush to dry and style her dark mane. If she was going to speak to Deanna face to face, then she was going to look her best. She applied a little subtle makeup. She returned to the desk. Ready, she made the call.

The computer call chimed only twice before it was picked up. There was Deanna, filling the screen in all of her beautiful blonde glory. It was almost 5AM where she was, but the woman looked completely awake and rested. She was wearing a sheer nightgown that concealed almost nothing. Spaghetti straps curved around her neck and reached down to pull the transparent material tight against her bulging, golden tits, their sharp brown nipples stretching the thin cloth. Deanna’s tits swelled into Jannette’s computer screen, delicious golden orbs and deep, wet cleavage. On the small personal view window, Jannette could see that her own magnificent rack was, similarly, filling Deanna’s screen.

“What do you want, you fucking twat?” Jannette began, sneering viciously. “Some of us have actual work to do, unlike a cunteating trophy wife like you.”

“Ah, talking tough already, hm?” Deanna replied with a spiteful grin. “You’re a low-class whore, Jannette. You do your best work flat on your back.”

“Better work than you, fucker,” Jannette shot back.

Deanna grinned. “We could spend all night trading insults, Jannette, but I want to go back to bed and fuck Robert’s brains out. I just called to set the time and place for our rematch.”

“My place,” Jannette responded immediately. “As for the time, let’s do it next Friday. After I break you, I plan to fuck you raw and I’m going to take my time doing it.”

“Next week Friday is fine,” Deanna said, her blue eyes glinting viciously. “Robert will be out of town, so I’ll have some time to kill anyway. And don’t worry, whore,” she continued, “when my pussy is done with your cunt, you won’t be able to sit for a month.”

“I’m going to ride you like a horse, you little cunt,” Jannette shot back. She decided to move the conversation along. “Are you planning to tell Robert about our little rendezvous?,” Jannette asked sarcastically. "He may want to try to set up more cameras." While the women had not discussed it, both were certain that Robert must have been the one to record their last battle.

“No,” Deanna replied. "Robert only needs to know when I come out on top. But I am going to take some pictures of what I do to you. For posterity.” She smiled viciously. Jannette smiled back with equal venom.

“Send me the directions to your place, bitch,” Deanna continued. “Let’s meet there at 7 PM.”

“Agreed,” Jannette replied. “I’m going to have you screaming like the slut you are by the time we’re done.”

Deanna smiled slyly. “One other thing, bitch,” the blonde said.

“What?” Jannette asked.

Deanna suddenly leaned back out of the frame of the screen. For a moment, the screen blurred, as though the computer was being moved. Then the picture came back into focus. Jannette barely contained a gasp. She was staring directly into Deanna’s dripping wet, bare naked cunt. The tight, hot pink hole was unspeakably beautiful and arousing. The thick pussy lips were slick and wet and, as she watched, Deanna’s fingers spread her vaginal lips and gave Jannette a clear view of her intricate pink labia and swelling clit.

“Do you like what you see, Jannette?” the blonde murmured over the line. “Get a good look. This is going to suck your baby girl twat inside out and crush your clit into mash.”

Jannette immediately took the computer from the desk and walked to the bed. She threw herself on the bed and spread her legs wide, bracing her back against the headrest. She pulled her robe open and aimed the camera directly into her succulent twat. She spread her juiced up pussy lips and teased her swelling clit free.

“Get a good look at this, Deanna,” Jannette growled. “See what a real woman’s cunt looks like.” She stroked herself gently, shuddering as her fingers ran over her growing clit. She could see Deanna’s fingers caressing her clit thousands of miles away.

“Let me see you, girl,” Deanna snarled. Jannette pushed the computer back, positioning it so that Deanna could see her entire body extending away from the screen. Jannette glared at Deanna from over her succulent tits, which rolled just off to either side. Deanna mirrored the position.

Thousands of miles apart, the two erotic rivals masturbated slowly, sensuously, all the while glaring hatefully at each other over their heaving, naked tits, and wet, hot cunts. The women’s eyes locked as they met each other in the unspoken challenge of seeing which of them would go off first.

Their fingers moved in and out of their succulent, juiced up twats, teasing and caressing thick labia, stroking and rubbing at enflamed clits. The tension built and built. The women’s moans and groans fed their mutual lust. Both women bit their lips, clenched their teeth, as they struggled to control the raging fires inside of themselves. Their mutual lust and pleasure grew uncontrollably. Jannette took her own tit in her mouth and licked and sucked at the rock hard nipple, moaning as unbearable pleasure arced through her. Deanna met the challenge, sucking hard at her own tit. The women’s eyes never wavered as they worked their dripping twats, as they drove each other into a frenzy of lust.

For more than 30 minutes the masturbation battle went on. Both women trembled and gasped. Their swollen pussies were red and hot and thick. Juice flowed from their cunts in a torrential downpour, down their inner thighs and into their ass cracks, creating a wet spot on their respective beds. Their engorged tits seemed to be as hard as rocks as the sensitive tissue swelled with blood and heat. Their nipples jutting more than an inch from their areola, hard as rock and pulsing with heat and electricity.

Jannette knew she could not take much more. She felt herself on the verge of a powerful orgasm. Her body shuddered, she could feel her pussy going tight, she could see it in the corner of the screen in front of her, her own cunt beginning to contract, the labia quivering with tension. She suddenly realized that she was staring at Deanna’s twat; the blonde was on the edge of orgasm too! If only Jannette could hold out just seconds more…

“OH FUCK!!,” Deanna shrieked. Her pussy convulsed, squirting out hot cum, splattering the computer screen thousands of miles away.

“OH GOD, YES!!,” Jannette screamed. She let herself go. She felt her cunt gushing; she saw her computer get wet with ejaculate. She had won! Only by an instant, but still, it was victory!

Jannette smiled smugly at Deanna as both women continued rubbing themselves, coaxing a wave of delicious orgasms out of their dripping cunts. Their eyes remained locked even as the remaining pleasure flushed through their lush bodies. When their multi-orgasmic writhing finally stopped, Jannette reached out and picked up the computer. She held the screen close to her gorgeous face as she blew Deanna a kiss. Deanna picked up her computer and moved it until her beautiful face filled the screen. The two women glared into each other, their sense of mutual hate and intimacy almost as great as if they had been together in the flesh.

“That’s what’s going to happen next week, too, fucker,” Jannette breathed. “You’re going to be squirting your little cunt off and I’m going to be sucking it all up with my cunt and feeding it back to you.”

“Enjoy it while you can, bitch,” Deanna shot back. “When we’re together in the flesh, I guarantee I’m going to grind your pussy and your weak little clit into hamburger.”

“Fuck you, Deanna,” Jannette smirked. Before the blonde could reply, Jannette broke the connection.

Smiling contentedly, the beautiful brunette sprawled on the bed. She put her computer on the floor beside the bed and used the controls on the night stand to turn off the room lights. Her body was still hot and wet from the masturbation battle. She stripped off her gown and threw it aside. She kicked back the sheets. Completely nude, she inserted her fingers deep inside her twat. She pulled one of her heavy, luscious tits to her mouth and began to lick and suck, even as she stroked her still-hard clit. She thought of Deanna. She was certain that thousands of miles away, Deanna was doing exactly the same thing, thinking of her. Jannette was right.

The two women masturbated for more than another hour, their thoughts focused on the other, their hands bringing enormous pleasure to their arching, writhing, bucking bodies. Jannette passed out in bliss, a smile on her gorgeous face. Deanna sank into a pleasant sleep, sprawled out on the guestroom bed. That was how Robert found her an hour later.

End of Prologue - To be continued