By JB57

Jannette glided across the office towards the executive meeting table. Her magnificent body quivered and was firm in all the right places. She was excited, more excited than she had been in a long time. The first time she had met Deanna, she knew that they would be rivals. Indeed, she knew that she had to make them rivals, just so they could get to this moment. Nothing thrilled her more than conquering another beautiful woman sexually and she was sure that Deanna was going to be her greatest conquest yet. She couldn’t help but wear a predatory smile as she advanced on her rival, her prey.

Jannette had worked and fought her way up the corporate ladder for several years. She was talented and hard working, but she was also a beautiful Alpha Bitch who knew how to use her looks and her sex to her advantage. She occasionally had affairs to advance her career. With her looks, it was always easy to seduce the right men. But, more often, she had used her body to break other rival female competitors. The sexual competition between beautiful corporate women was cutthroat. A number of times during the course of her career, she had reduced other gorgeous women to puddles on the ground after a vicious sexfight. She had fought other women in corporate bathrooms, parking garages, even elevators. Several times, she had met women at her place or theirs. But the outcome was always the same: Jannette defeated and humiliated her competition, using her incredible tits and powerful pussy to full sexual effect. She continued her rapid rise through the ranks.

Jannette’s impending conflict with Deanna was the first time she was about to engage a woman who was not a direct professional competitor. But, in another sense, Deanna was her most direct rival. For the most part, Jannette had avoided sleeping her way to the top. But Robert Rolston, Deanna’s husband, was a great catch and very rich to boot. He could do wonders for Jannette’s career, if she played her cards right. And that meant getting his wife out of the way. Jannette did not necessarily want to marry Robert, but she wanted to continue enjoying the advantages of her relationship with him. Her objective for this evening was clear: she intended to break Deanna. Afterwards, she would get Robert’s wife to agree to an arrangement that benefited Jannette. If Deanna could not handle the idea of her husband fucking his mistress on a regular basis, she would be free to divorce Robert and get out of town.

Jannette slipped into the chair adjacent to Deanna’s and took off her glasses. She smiled sweetly at the blonde, but the women’s eyes locked and the tension continued to build. Jannette leaned forward slightly, giving Deanna a good view of her cleavage. As Deanna watched she could see Jannette’s hard, brown nipples swelling into the fabric of her blouse. Deanna could tell that her own naked nips were making quite an impression on her shirt.

“Well, what would you like to talk about, Deanna?” Jannette smiled.

Deanna smiled back. “There’s no need to be coy, dear,” the blonde purred. “We both know why we’re here. You’re fucking my husband. He’s mine. Either you stop or I’ll make you stop.”

Jannette smiled ferociously. “And how do you propose to do that?”

Deanna grinned like a shark, but her eyes were blazing with rage. “I’m going to kick your ass if you don’t back off.”

“You’re welcome to try, bitch,” Jannette replied coolly. “I think that you’re in for a real surprise if you think you can handle me.” Jannette reached up and undid her bun and shook out her long black hair.

Deanna got to her feet; Jannette got to her feet too, not wanting to be caught at a disadvantage. The two women glared at each other. Then Deanna began removing her jewelry, placing all of it on the table top. Jannette did the same. The whole time, the women’s blue eyes were locked, their mutual rage and primitive savagery growing with every moment. Deanna felt intense heat in her crotch. She could feel her tits swelling with blood and erotic energy. As she watched, before her very eyes, Jannette’s massive tits and inch-long-nipples grew larger and thicker. Both women removed their jackets, casting them aside. Deanna undid the first three buttons of her expensive blouse, exposing her massive cleavage. Jannette’s eyes burned into the other woman’s exposed rack, an expression of pure lust lighting her face.

Hands on their hips, the two magnificent women stepped towards each other, their throbbing nipples only inches apart, their breasts radiating heat. They stared intently, maliciously into each other’s beautiful visage. They were almost nose to nose, leaning forward to get in each other’s face, to glare hatefully into the other’ s eyes.

“I’ve had enough of you, you cunt,” Deanna snarled. “Robert is mine and no two bit slut is going to fuck her way to a better job using my husband.”

“I’m going to fuck Robert as often as I want, you slut,” Jannette snapped back. “You can’t stop me. And I after I’m done with you tonight, you’re going to roll over and get out of my way! He’s mine!”

The women’s cunts were tight with tension and heat. Their tits were on fire. Their beautiful faces were masks of hatred and desire. Deanna snarled with hate. Her pussy was itching, aching with need; her breasts felt like they were going to explode. The sexual rage, the erotic heat that had been building in her for months reached a peak. She needed to lock up with this bitch NOW!

With snarls of mutual hate, Deanna and Jannette leaped at each other, both women burying their hands in the other’s thick mane. Deanna pulled viciously at Jannette’s black locks; Jannette ripped at Deanna’s golden hair. The women screamed and shrieked, holding each other at arms’ length as they leaned away from each other and yanked viciously, trying to inflict as much pain and damage on each other as they could. The marble floor rang with the ragged staccato of the women’s high heels as they staggered around the office. Their groans and gasps of hate and pain echoed in the elegant room. Both women yanked strands of lustrous hair out of their rival’s head as they fought. Both women’s heads burned as they worked on savaging the other.

Suddenly, Deanna felt Jannette’s hands working their way down her head and towards her face and her eyes. With a gasp, she pushed the other woman away, sending Jannette staggering back on her heels. The brunette’s gorgeous face was a mask of hatred mixed with raw sexual need. She smiled viciously at Deanna as she regained her balance. Both women’s faces were shining with sweat and exertion.

Deanna knew the battle was just beginning. She glared at Jannette’s lovely, savage face and was consumed by the need to smash it. In a rage, she lashed out, slapping her husband’s mistress viciously on her cheek, whipping the other woman’s head around. Jannette staggered back, then lashed out in reply, returning the blow. Swearing, cursing, Jannette and Deanna closed on each other and launched a vicious slapfight. They attacked each other in a blind fury, neither woman even trying to protect herself from the other. Instead, they exchanged blow after blow of open-handed slaps. But their exchange of violence did nothing to relieve their mutual hatred or their growing sexual anger. The heat from their reddened faces flushed through their voluptuous, sex-fueled bodies, making their breasts even hotter, increasing the wetness between their luscious thighs until their thongs were soaked. Both women knew that their rivalry could only be satisfied by coming together body to body.

The pace of their slapfight slackened as the sexual fury building in their bodies demanded release. Panting, Deanna and Jannette backed up, glaring at each other, both using the glass table top for support. Deanna suddenly stood up straight, grasped either side of her blouse, and pulled it wide open, buttons flying. Her incredible, braless tits were exposed – meaty, thick and juicy, nipples jutting like spikes, covered in a thin sheen of glistening sweat, her breasts challenged Jannette’s massive boobs. Deanna pulled her blouse off and tossed it aside. She stood topless, her hands on her hips, daring Jannette to reply.

Jannette stared at the incredible tits before her. They were magnificent – thick and round and golden, succulent and firm. She found herself trembling with lust. She reached into her sweat-soaked blouse and lightly brushed her fingers over her rock-hard nipples. She shuddered as a delicious erotic charge raced through her.

Smiling lustfully, Jannette slowly, seductively, unbuttoned then peeled back her soaked blouse and happily tossed it aside. She flexed her back, arching her spine and shoving her massive tits forward, presenting her incredible rack to her enemy. Deanna glared at the gleaming, sweat-dripping globes before her. She licked her lips, her eyes blazing with jealous heat. Jannette’s fantastic tits were every bit the equal of her own. She could not wait to smash those meaty tits flat with her own. Deanna trembled with lust and rage.

The women locked eyes. They smiled at each other, almost sick with lust. What they had both wanted for so long was about to happen. Deanna and Jannette licked their lips, ready to destroy each other. Jannette reached down and pulled off her four inch heels; Deanna kicked off her stilettos as well. The same height, barefoot, the women readied themselves. With a shared snarl, the two gorgeous women threw themselves at each other, their arms wide. Deanna and Jannette screamed in mutual ecstasy as their massive, meaty tits crushed hard and tight, taut flesh squashing and pulsing, thick titmeat fusing and struggling to crush and mash the other flat. Rock hard nipples and pebbled areolae met and fused, sending shockwaves of raw pleasure rippling through the battling vixens, causing both women to gush from their steaming hot cunts.

Deanna wrapped her arms around her enemy’s wasp waist and mashed her tits with all her power into Jannette’s matching rack. The blonde woman was determined to prove that the mistress’ incredible tits, despite appearances, were not the equal of her own. She worked her back, raking and grinding her meat into the other woman’s breasts, all the while squeezing with all her strength. Cheek to sweaty cheek with Jannette, Deanna groaned with indescribable pain and pleasure as she mashed tits with this hated bitch.

Jannette squeezed back just as hard, equally determined to prove to her foe which of them had the stronger tits, the better rack. She moved her breasts up and down, grinding her meat into Deanna’s succulent titflesh, raking her nipples with those of the blonde. Their nipples stabbed and fenced with each other, fused against each other. At some points, it felt like the milk holes on each set of nips latched onto each other and sealed the women’s battling fleshy cylinders together in enraging intimacy.

The battling beauties continued to thrust at each other with their overheated tits. For both, each thrust made them feel like their expanding, engorged tits would explode with sheer pleasure. Their titmeat slid deliciously as the sweaty flesh rubbed and mashed. The women’s taut bellies flattened to each other.

“You fucking cunt, you cunt…” Deanna moaned in her rival’s ear, her sweaty cheek pressed flat to Jannette’s, her face buried in the mistress’ unkempt dark mane.

“Fucking dirty slut…,” Jannette moaned back. She bit at Deanna’s golden hair, which was filling her mouth, trying to tear it from the blonde’s scalp.

Jannette and Deanna clawed at each other’s backs in their passion. The heat from their battling tits grew and grew, threatening to overwhelm their struggling bodies. They staggered around the office, between the executive table and the desk, each trying to break the other. Deanna twined her powerful, bare leg with Jannette’s, causing both to lose their balance. Jannette fell back onto the table, Deanna on top. Screaming with rage, the women squirmed in each other’s arms, wrapping their arms around each other and squeezing even harder, writhing and wriggling as they mashed and rolled their tits together furiously. Their bare legs thrashed, powerfully muscled limbs twining and trembling as they strained against each other. Their short skirts were riding up their bare asses. The women even pressed the soles of their bare feet together as they sought to match and beat every inch of the other.

Jannette arched her back and rocked her hips and rolled Deanna onto her back. Deanna thrashed furiously, enraged to be under her husband’s mistress. Jannette managed to grab Deanna’s arms. Hand to hand, fingers interlaced, she pinned Deanna’s arms above her head. Raising herself up slightly, Jannette rolled her massive tits around and around Deanna’s matching rack, grinding and rubbing and thrusting her succulent titmeat to the blonde’s glorious golden orbs. Deanna worked her back and her torso, rubbing and thrusting back, meeting Jannette’s attack blow for blow. The pleasure continued to build; the women’s moans of joy harmonized.

“Mmmmm, God, fucking God….,” Jannette moaned. She threw back her head, her eyes closed, her gorgeous face a mask of ecstasy as she mashed and ground her tits into those of her lover’s wife. She had rarely felt as powerful as she did now; dominant, in control, her proud sexual weapons locked in a life and death struggle with their magnificent counterparts on those of a woman she despised, a woman whom she needed to prove was her inferior.

Deanna threw back her head, working her torso, enjoying the incredible pleasure, enjoying the other woman’s delicious body. This was what sexfighting was about; meeting woman to woman, sex to sex, and proving which of them was the better woman, the one with the more luscious, powerful erotic weapons and power and stamina. As Jannette’s luscious meat rubbed and fused to her own, she felt like she had died and gone to heaven. But she needed to dominate and control the bitch writhing on top of her. Deanna slipped one of her hands free of Jannette’s grip. She reached up and grabbed the other woman by the back of her head and pulled Jannette’s beautiful, pleasure-wracked face down to her own.

Deanna pulled Jannette into a lustful, passionate kiss. She rammed her open mouth as deep into Jannette’s mouth as she could, driving her tongue into the brunette’s maw and running her pink muscle around and around inside the other woman’s mouth. Jannette moaned with unbearable lust and fully returned the passionate kiss. The women’s tongues scoured the inside of each other’s mouths even as they wrestled and twined into a spitty, trembling knot.

Deanna and Jannette locked limbs and arms around each other. They formed a nearly naked, sweating, passionately moaning knot of voluptuous female flesh, a ball of raging sexual fury, as they rolled back and forth, up and down the glass-topped table. Their stifled moans grew louder and more intense as their struggle to overwhelm and dominate each other grew ever more determined, as their sexual fever built until there was only one way it could be released.

Deanna was on top of Jannette when, gasping, she broke their deep, passionate kiss. She sucked back her spit, threw her head back, and pushed herself off from the brunette beneath her. Jannette did not let her go, but Deanna slapped the beautiful mistress hard and sharp on her lust-crazed face. Jannette released the other woman and Deanna pulled herself off of Jannette. She backed away from the table. Her tits were heaving with her pants, her body was streaked with sweat, her blonde hair was a gorgeous mess. Deanna wiped the spit from her mouth with the back of her hand and glared at the other woman. Her body was trembling with sexual need; her tits were so engorged with pleasure that she felt they were ten times their normal size.

Deanna reached down and unsnapped her skirt. She shimmied the tight garment down her lush thighs and sleek, powerful calves, her tits jiggling deliciously, her hips undulating as she shed the skirt. She stood before Jannette wearing only her soaked red thong. Her swollen camel toe was clearly outlined by the drenched, clinging material.

Jannette slipped off the table top like a cat. Panting, the excitement and fever building in her to the point of explosion, she shimmied out of her tiny skirt, letting it drop to the floor at her perfect feet. She kicked it aside. She was wearing a blue lace thong, which was also soaked and plastered to her vulva.

In unison, the two gorgeous women hooked their thumbs in the straps of their thongs and pulled them down over their flaring hips, down their thighs and let them fall to their feet. They stepped out of the thongs and stood before each other in all of their magnificent naked glory.

Jannette and Deanna examined the other woman, their hungry eyes sweeping over every sweat-slick inch of their rival, looking for any flaw, for any way in which the other woman was their inferior. Fevered eyes roamed over thick, round tits, spiked brown nipples, well-muscled abdomens with deep, narrow navels, wide-curving hips and thick, powerful thighs, sleek, smooth calves and perfect feet. Both women glared spitefully at the other’s thick-lipped, juiced up, dripping cunt. Their sex organs were clean-shaven, smooth and engorged with blood and heat, glistening with arousal. With a shot of rage, both women realized they equaled each other in every way. Jannette hated the idea that her lover’s wife was so close a match to her; Deanna was just as angry and threatened. Maybe Robert’s hesitation in declaring her the better fuck could be justified.

Deanna ran her hands down her smooth belly to frame her succulent twat. “This is how we’re going to decide this, you fucking cunt,” she hissed. She thrust her hips forward, presenting her dripping sexual weapon to her rival.

“That’s only fitting,” Jannette agreed, her gorgeous face lit by a savage, fevered smile. “Robert should get the woman with the better, stronger cunt, don’t you agree, you cock-sucking slut? “

“My pussy is going to eat yours alive, fucker,” Deanna snapped. “I’m going to drain every drop of cum out of that weak, ugly thing.”

“I’m going to leave you sucked dry and shriveled up like the old hag you are, you filthy twat,” Jannette breathed.

The naked goddesses advanced on each other. The scent of fully aroused womanhood filled the air. Their incredible bodies jiggled and quivered enticingly as they moved to meet. The women circled each other, preparing for the ultimate battle.

“How do you want to do this?” Jannette whispered to her luscious foe, her heart pounding with excitement and desire.

“Stand-up fuck,” Deanna replied. “Whoever cums first loses.”

Jannette did not like this. She far preferred a sexfight where the outcome was determined by stamina and sexual voraciousness, not control. She had won many of her fights in the past by outlasting her opponent and she wanted to do that now, where what mattered was not who came first but who came last. But she had miscalculated and given this bitch the opportunity to set the rules. She had assumed that Deanna would prefer the war of attrition as well. Now, she could not object without looking weak.

“Beautiful,” Jannette replied. “After I beat your little girl pussy, I’m going to fuck you raw. You’re never going to cross me again.”

“I’m going to destroy your cunt with mine, whore,” Deanna responded. “I’m going to make sure you can’t fuck for a week. You’re going to think ten times before you ever go after another woman’s man again.”

“Enough talk, cunt,” Jannette snarled. Both women were panting with lust. Their saturated pussies were dripping with juice, swollen with heat and aching with need. Their throbbing clits were threatening to protrude from both sets of insanely aroused genitals. “Let’s fuck.”

With twin snarls of hate and lust, the women came together with their steaming, dripping cunts. Both women gasped as their naked pussylips slapped wetly together, hot genitals fusing to hot genitals, sex-lips to sex-lips. Deanna and Jannette reached around to claw at each other’s naked backs, raising angry red scratches. The women crushed their hot tits against their rival’s chest, steel-hard nipples grating and fusing.

The hard, supple muscles in each woman’s beautiful ass rippled with furious effort as Deanna and Jannette humped each other murderously. Their luscious bodies were now fully joined in sexual combat. Deanna's flat, hard stomach was tight against her rival's equally hard midriff as the women sex fought, their deep, sweat-filled navels sucking to each other. The women growled in desperate arousal as the heat from their joined pussies and swollen, battling tits grew to unbearable proportions, threatening to overwhelm their writhing bodies. The snarls of hatred were now gone as both women gasped and moaned, struggling against each other's hot cunts, fucking each other savagely, sex to sex. They pulled viciously at each other’s hair.

Deanna groaned with indescribable pleasure and desire as she felt her juicy vaginal lips press flat against Jannette’s equally juicy sex-lips with an almost audible hiss. The women realized that their engorged clits were swelling up from their labia. The rivals continued to exchange strong pelvic thrusts, each woman waiting for the devastating moment when clit would meet clit in an all-out fuck, and their rivalry would be finally be completely joined and then decided.

Finally, it came. Deanna’s engorged, thumb-sized clit slid hot and hard, head to head, against Jannette’s equally huge, equally sensitive clit. A shockwave of pure ecstasy radiated from the point of contact and filled both women to the breaking point, almost forcing them both to orgasm on the spot. Their clitoral rings, the ring of sensitive nerves that surrounded the women’s genitals, of which their exposed clit was only the smallest part, erupted with nova-hot heat. Both women stiffened in each other's arms, screaming out involuntarily as their clits joined in electrifying, erotic combat. Wave after wave of incredible pleasure rocked each woman's body as she sobbed uncontrollably, wrapped in the other’s arms. Their pelvic thrusts were now more like spasms as the rivals rode each other to what promised to be the most intense orgasms ever for both combatants.

Jannette and Deanna locked in a lustful, angry kiss. Hot spit flowed between their mouths, their powerful tongues wrapped up and sealed in a juicy embrace. The women moaned and screamed deep in each other’s throats. Tears streamed down their gorgeous faces as they fucked and fucked. The women gripped each other’s rippling ass and continued thrusting, humping, fucking mercilessly. They felt like every nerve in their bodies was on fire, they felt like they had become two woman-sized genitals that were now flowing and fusing into one, pleasure building on pleasure, flesh melting into flesh, clits expanding to fill their gorgeous bodies with unbearable ecstasy.

“Fuck oh fuck, God yesss,” Jannette screamed in her mind. She could not believe how good it felt to lock up with Deanna, she could not believe the raw pleasure suffusing her body. She had never been as aroused in her life.

Deanna was having the same thoughts. Any moment, she was sure she would explode with unbearable ecstasy. Every inch of her luscious body was burning with pleasure, all her sex organs were joined with and flowing into Jannette’s sex. Both women had the sensation that they were devouring each other with pleasure and lust, riding each other to an unbearable, ecstatic conclusion.

The women’s muted grunts and screams grew more intense, their mutual, ass rippling fucking grew ever more frantic. Still, Jannette and Deanna somehow managed to hold on. Deanna concentrated on holding in her pleasure, trying to relax, trying to keep the intense sensations from building into the orgasmic tension that would demand release. Jannette struggled to use the sexual techniques she had learned, to push back the pleasure and tension, to hold out just long enough to defeat Deanna. For both women, the thought of losing to the other filled her with such revulsion that it gave her the strength to keep fighting, to keep fucking. Thrust after thrust after thrust, Deanna and Jannette rode each other until both felt they were going insane with desire and pleasure. Their voluptuous bodies trembled with need, pussy juice flowed down their inner thighs and onto their muscled calves as their swollen, locked pussies released torrents of lubrication. Their swollen tits pulsed with heat, their fused nipples burned with pleasure.

The women lost all track of time, locked together in their universe of erotic ecstasy and hatred. Ten minutes turned to twenty then thirty. Neither woman had ever held back such intense pleasure for so long. Their tightly shut eyes streamed tears. Deanna and Jannette felt the other woman’s stomach hardening, rippling against her own. They whimpered with desperation. Two minutes later, the women broke their deep, spit sucking kiss. They threw back their heads in a spray of saliva and released hitching gasps to the ceiling. Deanna and Jannette clenched their teeth, they struggled with all their power to hold back the orgasms threatening to explode in their cores, even as their clits seemed to swell to new, unbearable sizes. The end came when their engorged clits hooked each other, wrapped together and pulled against each other as the women’s asses humped. The pleasure detonated in both women at once, finally too much for them to bear. Deanna and Jannette shrieked in mutual agony as they released the most intense, unbearable orgasms of their lives. Their convulsing cunts drowned each other in hot cum as the women ejaculated hard, again and again, into each other. The women sank their claws into each other’s pumping ass and held on desperately, pulling each other in deeply. Screaming, gasping and moaning, Deanna and Jannette sank to the floor, spreading their legs to each other and keeping their locked pussies crushed tight as they collapsed, almost in slow motion, clinging to each other. As their asses hit the floor, the women wrapped their legs around the other’s hip and drove their swollen, throbbing, fuckmeat even more deeply and powerfully into each other. Deanna and Jannette screamed and screamed as their quims exchanged shot after shot of steaming cum, as their pussies gripped each other like hungry mouths and contracted, locking, fusing them into one mass of raw pleasure.

Tit to tit, sobbing uncontrollably, Deanna and Jannette looked into each other’s eyes as the final devastating orgasms erupted from their bodies. Their eyes were glazed, both stunned by the unbelievable pleasure they had just inflicted on each other. They pulled each other in and kissed deeply, passionately, as the final waves of orgasmic release and pleasure washed through them. Panting, they rested cheek to cheek, biting each other’s necks and shoulders. Finally, they pushed away from each other. Their hungry pussies separated with some difficulty, their still hardened clits refusing to release each other. The women pulled away and crawled a short distance from each other. As their eyes cleared and they returned to themselves, their looks sharpened into glares of hate and grudging respect. Jannette and Deanna had to admit to themselves, if no one else, that they had just given each other the best fucks of their lives.

“Bitch,” Deanna finally snapped, her naked body sprawled beside the table, her legs spread wide, her thick-lipped twat wide and inviting.

“Cunt,” Jannette shot back. Her body felt tired yet also curiously rejuvenated. She was grateful that she had survived this part of the battle. Incredibly, she and Deanna had fought to a draw. Now, going forward, she would make sure the fight continued on her terms.

“No one won that,” Jannette said. Grudgingly, Deanna nodded. “Are you ready to go on, or do you want to forfeit?”

“Baby, I can go all night,” Deanna snarled angrily. But part of her was also thrilled. She still planned to fuck this bitch into the ground and she was completely confident in her ability to outlast her husband’s mistress. But if she could get incredible sex out of doing it, so much the better.

“Good,” Jannette smiled. “Because going all night is my specialty. New rules,” she continued “We go at each other, cunt to cunt, until one of us can’t go on anymore. The one to outfuck the other is the winner. That’s the best way to see who has the better cunt anyway.”

“Fine by me, fucker,” Deanna snarled. “Come here and let’s get started. My twat is just dying to suck yours inside out.”

Smiling grimly, excitement building in her with every passing moment, Jannette slid across the marble floor on her beautiful ass, her legs spread wide, her naked, pink twat wide and inviting. She reached down to spread her cuntlips, freeing her clit, which was rock-hard and growing harder and thicker by the moment. Deanna slid to meet her. The blonde also spread her cuntlips, freeing her engorged clit. The women came together, sliding right legs over lefts, scissoring each other eagerly. They spread their pink meat, aiming their fuckholes directly at each other. With a hard, powerful thrust, they came together, pink labia melting and meshing, their vulvas separating each other and slotting, two thick, fleshy, powerful notches, fusing into one.

“Oh my fucking GOD!!,” Deanna screamed as she mated with her husband’s mistress. The melding of hate and lust in her mind was so deliciously arousing that she almost orgasmed on the spot. She felt and saw her thick fuckmeat meshing and sealing to Jannette’s cunt. The idea that they were fighting and eating and destroying each other with the same organ they used to give such intense pleasure to the man they were fighting over drove both women crazy with desire.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, yesssss!!” Jannette moaned as her body, her genitals, became one with Deanna’s glorious twat. The women shoved into each other with all of the power of their asses and hips. They drove deep into each other’s cunts, spreading fleshy lips with lips, lodging deep inside warm, wet twats, vaginal canals lined up and sucking at each other. When they were as deep in each other as they could go, Deanna and Jannette began squeezing each other, using their vaginal muscles to wrestle, to ripple and try to suck each other in deeper and harder, to squeeze and stimulate the other’s clit. They reached out and grabbed the other woman’s muscular, sweaty thigh. Using this grip as leverage, they worked their powerful asses and hips. Their swollen clits came together, grinding and grating head to head, sending wave after wave of pleasure racing through their bodies. Asses rippling, hips thrusting, tits bouncing furiously, Deanna and Jannette fucked and fucked and fucked, each woman struggling to sexually exhaust the other, to force her rival to admit that she was the better cunt, that she deserved Robert more than the other.

The sweat poured from their writhing bodies, their tits bounced and jerked, their moans and screams and shrieks of pleasure and rage flowed. On and on, Deanna and Jannette fucked, pulling orgasm after orgasm out of each other, drowning each other’s cunts in juices, natural womanly lubricants supplemented by regular shots of hot ejaculate causing both women’s lower bellies to soon be slick and gleaming. Each woman loved forcing her opponent to a screaming orgasm, rejoicing in proving that she was the superior fuck. But these victories lasted only until the next orgasm, when her opponent would even the score. Soon, the women’s bodies synched up and they began to share simultaneous orgasms more and more. Secretly, both women enjoyed this the most; the delicious feeling of violating each other with their hot cum, the cum mixing and seething into a froth, flowing and boiling in their locked vaginal canals, their powerful bodies convulsing and straining against each other in shared ecstasy. Their eyes half-closed, their asses pumping, the blonde and brunette fought on, both enjoying the battle too much to want to stop, both caught up in a miasma of hate and jealousy and pure lust. Every so often, the women pulled each other up, mashed and rubbed their tits, and kissed savagely as orgasms washed over them. Mostly, however, they fought scissor-locked, gripping each other’s thigh, bringing all the power of their incredible bodies to bear, squeezing cunt to cunt, sealed together in a fuck to the finish, each determined to destroy and dominate the other, no matter how long it took. They lined up their rock-hard clits and ground them together head to head, forcing exquisite pleasure from each other, both women hoping to feel the other’s clit weaken and soften under the onslaught from her own sexhorn. Instead, their clits grew harder and stronger and even more unbearably sensitive.

Two hours of unbridled ecstasy became three. Pleasure and cum flowed between Deanna and Jannette’s voluptuous bodies like water. The women eventually collapsed flat on their backs, but continued bucking and thrusting, grinding clits and squeezing cunts, exchanging and sharing hot shots of ejaculate. They arched their backs, their massive tits bouncing ferociously, as they drove themselves into each other. Trapped between each other’s luscious thighs, Deanna and Jannette fucked mercilessly until, finally, exhausted, overwhelmed with pleasure, they had to stop.

Locked twat to twat, the women lay on the marble floor, resting in a small, expanding pool of sweat and sexual juices. Their incredible bodies were soaked, dripping with sweat and cum. Their massive tits jiggled deliciously as they panted. Deanna had her arm thrown across her forehead, her blonde hair bedraggled and drenched with sweat. Jannette’s arms were extended along the floor over her head, her dark hair spread in a sweaty halo under her head. The women’s eyes were closed, their luscious mouths half open as they struggled to catch their breath and regain their strength.

Deanna felt like her whole body was floating. She had never been fucked so completely, absolutely and wonderfully before. But the fact that she was taking from, and giving such pleasure to, her husband’s mistress only enraged her more. Jannette felt the same way. The fact that her lover’s wife was proving to be her match in every way drove her into a fury. But she could not deny that she had never before taken such raw pleasure from between another woman’s legs.

After a time, Deanna and Jannette pushed themselves up on their elbows and glared at each other over their heaving tits. They both contracted their pussies at the same moment and groaned in mutual rage and lust as their cunts struggled to crush and dominate each other again. After a moment, after watching their angry twats quiver with effort, the women stopped. Deanna pushed herself to a sitting position and Jannette rose to meet her. Tit to tit, nipple to nipple, the two beauties glared hatefully into each other’s eyes. So far, they had fought to a standstill, but neither was yet willing to admit it.

“God, I hate you, you filthy stinking cunt,” Jannette snarled, nose to nose with Deanna.

“I’m still going to fuck you blind, you filthy twat,” Deanna shot back.

“Shut up and bring it, fucker,” Jannette grunted. The women drove their hungry mouths deeply together, tongues lashing at each other. At the same time, they began writhing in each other’s arms, mashing their tits, rippling their lower bodies, driving their throbbing clits together once again. Their vaginal muscles rippled and twisted, their hips and asses bucked as they fucked, grinding their clits directly on each other, pulling hair and clawing at backs and asses as they felt the intense pleasure build and build yet again, as their bodies melted together once more in erotic ecstasy. Both women hoped that this one final fuck might be the one that defeated her rival, that finally drained the other woman and forced her into sexual submission. Instead, they rode each other to another screaming, clawing, gasping, bucking orgasm that found them ejaculating powerfully into each other five more times in multi-orgasmic ecstasy until they collapsed onto their backs once more, gasping for breath.

When they were recovered enough, Deanna and Jannette pushed themselves up on their elbows and, once more, glared at each other over their heaving, sweaty tits. Neither woman wanted to admit it, but they had both come to the enraging conclusion that their cunts were too equally matched for one of them to defeat the other. The gorgeous women exchanged stares of pure hate. Just looking at each other drove them both crazy with anger and, at the same time, raw lust. They needed to possess each other; Deanna felt her blood boiling as she stared at Jannette. The very thought that Jannette had been fucking Robert to within an inch of his life with the same cunt that she was now using to ravage and resist Deanna send the blonde wife into a rage. At the same time, looking at the lush, sweaty flesh of the brunette, feeling the delicious sensation of being locked to this woman, sent a wave of pure desire burning through every cell in her body.

Jannette had exactly the same reaction. She had always prided herself on being the best fuck a man could ever get. Now, she was locked twat to twat, the very essence of her womanhood sealed to the very essence of the womanhood of a filthy bitch who was proving herself to be every bit the woman that Jannette was. Even worse, this incredible woman was the wife of her lover. It was enraging but also intensely, unbearably erotic at the same time.

“We’re getting nowhere like this,” Jannette finally snarled. “If we can’t beat each other cunt to cunt, we have to try something else.”
Deanna nodded. “A suck off. That’s a test of skill, not just power.”

“Agreed,” Jannette replied.

Slowly, agonizingly, the women pulled apart. For the first time in hours, their inosculated cunts separated, sucking apart with effort. Both women grimaced, their pussies sore, but both also angry that they were not separating as the clear victor in the twat to twat struggle that they had both engaged so enthusiastically.

Slowly, painfully, Deanna and Jannette got to their feet. Their naked bodies dripped sweat and cum, their engorged tits bounced enthusiastically.

Deanna looked at the glass table beside her. She crawled up on to the glass surface and slid to the center. Then, she lay flat on her back, her legs akimbo and spread, her massive tits jiggling.

“Come on, cunteater,” Deanna purred. “Come and eat my cunt. Show me what you’ve got.”

Grinning savagely, Jannette climbed up onto the table at the far end and crawled along the glass surface, approaching Deanna from her head. Jannette paused when she was face to face with Deanna, their heads reversed. The women’s eyes locked in hate, then Jannette slowly released a trail of saliva down towards Deanna’s mouth. The blonde eagerly opened her mouth and accepted the violation; Jannette lowered her face and, for a few moments, the women kissed and licked and exchanged spit, their faces upside down. Then Jannette continued moving down Deanna’s luscious body. She ran her tongue along the top of Deanna’s tits, pausing to suck and then bite at the blonde’s incredible breasts. Jannette loved the feel of the woman’s thick titmeat in her mouth, the taste and texture of the blonde’s nipples on her tongue. Even as she sucked and bit at Deanna’s tits, Deanna did the same to her, nuzzling and ravaging Jannette’s delicious orbs as they hung in her face, careful not to be suffocated by the woman’s thick titmeat The women’s moans of pleasure and lust grew more intense. Jannette eventually moved down to lick and suck at Deanna’s belly and navel; Deanna returned the favor, running her tongue around and around Jannette’s navel, lapping the salt off her enemy’s silken skin. The women finally reached each other’s cunts. Jannette’s tongue ran around and around Deanna’s gorgeous twat, not going in yet but teasing and licking, biting and sucking the sensitive flesh, playing with the blonde’s desire. Deanna did the same to Jannette, licking and teasing, sucking and biting, spitting and lapping along the edge of her hot slit. The women drove their hungry tongues into each other’s pussies at the same moment. The instant they tasted each other’s cum, the moment they buried their noses in the other’s fragrant twat, both women were seized with the overpowering need to consume each other in every way possible. Deanna closed her powerful, slick thighs around Jannette’s head; Jannette returned the grip. With a shared, tortuous groan, the women rolled onto their sides, so that they could eat each other from a position of equality.

Locked between each other’s lush thighs, caught by the overpowering need to devour each other, Deanna and Jannette set about eating each other’s cunts in the most passionate and luscious 69 that either woman had ever experienced. They sucked and nibbled on each other’s swollen clits; they sent their tongues plunging deep into their opponent’s vagina, scouring the insides, licking and lapping at the pink. They used their tongues and fingers to explore each other’s assholes, sucking at the puckered flesh. They shoved eager fingers deep into the other’s tight, hot cunt, rubbing sensitive spots inside of their vaginal canals, probing fingers soon turning into ramming, driving fists. They fisted each other’s assholes, slowly and carefully inserting themselves into the depths of the other’s magnificent body. This sexual warfare continued on and on. Deanna and Jannette orgasmed over and over, spraying each other’s gorgeous faces with cum until their hair was soaked with ejaculate. They drank as much of the other woman’s ejaculate as they could. The women moaned and screamed and cried out in sheer ecstasy, eating and eating, hungrier and hungrier for the taste of the other’s cum, for the taste of the other’s pussy, the longer it went on. Pleasure built on pleasure. Soon they had covered much of the glass table with their bodily fluids. Still, they went on and on. Hours passed in absolute sexual bliss as they struggled to exhaust each other, to inflict more pleasure on each other than the other could bear.

Finally, exhausted, they rolled apart. Side by side, their incredible bodies stretched out length to length, their heads pointing in the opposite directions, the gorgeous women lay on the glass table, staring up at the mirrored ceiling, watching themselves, watching each other. Their tits heaved with their pants. Both women had their right fist inserted deep in the other woman’s cunt. Vaguely, out of the corner of her eye, Deanna caught a clock on the wall over the door and realized it was almost 3 AM. She and Jannette had been fucking and fighting for almost eight hours.

As if by mutual agreement, the exhausted women pulled their fists out of the other’s twat. With a sharp pop, their hands came free. Both women felt momentarily bereft. They sat up, side by side, and exchanged looks of hate and lust. Wife and mistress considered each other with shared loathing. Neither Jannette nor Deanna were ready to back down. But they had fucked each other into near exhaustion. They both knew that they could not continue much longer.

Slowly, Deanna pushed herself back on the slick table and turned so she was facing Jannette, her lush thighs spread. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, offering her cunt to her enemy in a final showdown. She realized that her normally vise-tight pussy was just slightly distended, the effect of having Jannette’s arm and fist pumping her cunt so long and so hard. As Jannette turned to face her, the brunette’s legs spread, and Deanna realized the same was true of Jannette’s cunt. The mistress realized the same thing a moment later.

The women smiled at each other viciously. They both knew that this meant they could lock up deeper and harder than before; they could enter and violate each other at the very core of their womanhood. They could devour each other, cunt to cunt, from the inside out.

“You fucking bitch,” Jannette moaned. “You’re a fantastic fuck, Deanna,” the mistress said. “But now I’m going to suck out that little twat until it breaks.”

“Come and get it, cuntlicker,” Deanna replied. “I’m going to squeeze you out like a cheap sponge.”

The women smiled at each other savagely as they closed the final distance between their bodies. Thick, juicy, distended pussy lips slapped together; throbbing clits pushed head to head. Deanna and Jannette moaned and screamed out with indescribable pleasure as their delicious bodies mated once more. The enraged women shoved and powered into each other with all the strength of their bucking asses and hips. Their vaginas spread just a bit more, opening, letting them get a deeper, stronger grip on each other. They sealed together, entering and sealing the inner pink of their vaginas in a bond of intimate violation. Their engorged clits sank deep into the hot, wet arena formed by their crushed together pussies. The women lined their clits up head to head and began to move in concert, rubbing and grinding and grating their clits, shockwaves of excruciating pleasure radiating out from their conjoined sexes, suffusing their writhing, grinding bodies.

Deanna and Jannette glared at each other through half-closed eyes, their mutual hate shining through. But the unbearable pleasure soon had them both whimpering in agonized ecstasy, gasping and moaning with each delicious thrust. They squeezed with their vaginas; they rippled their inner vaginal walls, drawing each other in. Their pussies released a torrential outpouring of pussy juice, their bodies moved in hard rhythm, driving them deeper and stronger, locking them up in an unbearably erotic, intimate violation. Their marble-hard clits rolled and ground against each other like ball bearings, filling them with indescribable pleasure. The women pressed nose to nose, gasping, sharing hot breath, looking deep into the eyes of other, letting each other see their shared hate, hoping to see the moment of defeat. After all the incredible pleasure they had given to each other, Deanna and Jannette could both tell that this final fuck was building up to something new and different, something even more intense than what they had experienced so far, something that might truly decide their conflict.

Jannette pulled back slightly, reached down and pulled Deanna’s succulent right tit to her mouth. She began sucking and licking the delicious tit in time to her grinding clit. Deanna cried out and instantly returned the attack, biting into Jannette’s luscious right tit, worrying the taut flesh, as the women rocked and thrust and fucked each other to greater and greater heights of pleasure.

The women released each other’s tits and pulled each other in. They felt the end coming, an orgasm of incredible intensity. They clamped down on each other’s cunts, squeezing and rippling their vaginal muscles on their intertwined clits, sucking and pulling at each other. Their heavy tits mashed tight, nipple to nipple and Deanna and Jannette reached down and seized each other’s rippling ass, pulling harder, scratching and clawing at the other’s back and ass as the explosion neared.

Sobbing, moaning, the women locked their mouths in a spit sucking kiss, their need to devour each other, to mate completely, never greater. Intense heat flowed through their fused flesh, unbearable pleasure exploded from their interlocked clits. Deanna and Jannette threw back their heads and screamed and screamed, clawing and pulling hair, sinking their fingernails into their bucking asses, squeezing each other’s cunts with all of their power.

As incredibly intense orgasm after orgasm seared through their trembling bodies, Jannette and Deanna realized they could not stop. They had fucked each other to the point of no return. Now their bodies were intent on consuming each other completely and the women could only hold on and let their ravenous sexualities flow together and mate and fight and destroy each other in an unleashing of primal forces.

The pleasure built and built, each orgasm more devastating than the last. Deanna clung to Jannette’s flesh, she bit and clawed her enemy, her husband’s hated mistress, as they fucked each other into oblivion. Her last conscious thought was how much she hated Jannette, how much she wanted to break the whore, and how she was sure she would die from the pleasure wracking her body. The women ejaculated powerfully into each other. They stopped screaming and simply held each other, their pleasure too great for screams to express. Nose to nose, staring deeply into each other’s beautiful eyes, they shared the most intense pleasure of their lives with the woman they hated more than anyone else. They sealed their mouths together in a final, savage kiss, raping each other’s mouths in a desperate effort to overpower the other. A final wave of ecstasy roared through their twined, locked bodies.

Overwhelmed with pleasure, unable to take anymore, Jannette and Deanna passed out in each other’s arms. Slowly, they rolled onto their sides. Even in unconsciousness, their bodies twitched and convulsed as wave after wave of sexual pleasure followed them into sleep.

Epilogue I:

Deanna slowly regained her senses. Her body felt detached from her, almost as though her senses had not yet returned to their proper places. She opened her eyes; she was lying side by side with Jannette, both women sprawled out on the glass table, their bodies pressed tight, tit to tit, thighs tangled, bellies flat against each other. Her pussy felt sore, but it was no longer buried cunt-deep in Jannette’s twat. Deanna studied the other woman. Jannette’s beautiful face wore an expression of contentment, of absolute sexual satisfaction. Deanna understood exactly how the other woman felt.

Slowly, careful not to disturb the brunette, Deanna slid herself painfully off of the table. Long strands of thick, viscous cum linked her pussy to Jannette’s twat, a symbol of how intimately they had violated each other. The liquid strand broke as she rolled off the table. Her entire body was sore, but her pussy, in particular, felt like it had gone to war – which, in a very real sense, it had. She was so sore in her cunt that she could barely bend over. Slowly, she pulled on her skirt, her ruined blouse and her jacket. She picked up her thong and, as an afterthought, decided to take Jannette’s thong, too, as a trophy. Deanna was not really sure she had won this confrontation. But she was the one awake, walking out of her husband’s office under her own power. That had to count for something.

Lastly, Deanna gathered up her jewelry. She pulled on her engagement ring and her wedding band with a feeling of satisfaction. She had successfully defended her marriage and her rights as a wife and a woman against the most formidable bitch she had ever faced. She would be more than happy to defend them again, if Jannette chose to make trouble.

With a final glance at her fantastic, hated rival, Deanna picked up her stilettos and left the office, closing the door gently. She staggered down the hall. It would take her some time to recover from what she and Jannette had done to each other tonight. But she could not deny the fantastic pleasure she and the other woman had exchanged. She hated the bitch even more.

Epilogue II:

Jannette was awakened by the sound of Deanna’s leaving. The beautiful brunette looked around, puzzled. When she realized that Deanna was gone, she almost exploded in rage, despite her exhaustion She had lost. Somehow, the blonde whore, the fucking cunt, the dirty wife had beaten her. Jannette’s rage was tempered only by her sense of shame. For the first time in her life, her incredible body and her insatiable sexuality had let her down.

She dressed slowly and carefully, her breasts and, especially, her pussy extremely sore. When she realized that Deanna had taken her thong, she had another explosion of rage.

“You bitch,” she swore to Deanna in her mind, “You dirty, filthy, fucking cunt. This is not over. I swear it.” But she could not shake the sense of shame and humiliation.

The weekend was terrible for Jannette. She spent much of the time soaking in her tub, wondering what she could have done to ensure her victory over her blonde rival. Monday and Tuesday were particularly bad days. She had meetings with Robert in his office. The first time in the office, the site of her defeat and humiliation, she was embarrassed and distracted. Robert did not say much to her after the meeting, but she knew that Deanna had gone home and told her husband which of them had come out on top as the stronger cunt. She felt too demoralized to push herself on Robert, something he noticed but did not comment upon.

On Wednesday, when Jannette got to her office, she found a DVD on her desk. Attached to it was a note that read “You will find this interesting. The end may be of special interest.” She put the DVD in her computer, assuming it had something to do with a work-related problem, wondering which of her co-workers had left it for her. What she saw made her sit up in alarm. It was a high quality DVD of Robert’s office; it showed Deanna entering the room and turning off security cameras. It showed her sitting down and waiting. It showed Jannette entering the room. What followed was more than eight hours of vicious, ecstatic, glorious sexfighting. Jannette’s head was reeling. Obviously, some cameras had recorded what went on. But who had done this? She smiled grimly as the obvious answer came to mind.

Jannette fast-forwarded the DVD. When she got to the end, she watched herself and Deanna locked in their final confrontation. The expressions of sheer, unbridled ecstasy on their gorgeous faces sent a shiver down her spine. As she watched, she saw their locked together bodies shudder and convulse, sharing incredible orgasm after orgasm. She watched as they passed out together. Jannette’s heart leaped. She now knew that Deanna had not fucked her into submission. Instead, they had vanquished each other. The blonde bitch just was a lighter sleeper.

Jannette was not entirely sure of the strength of her case, but it was enough. Smiling viciously, she downloaded the DVD to her computer, then sent the entire file to Deanna’s email address, along with a note that read “Look at the end.”.

A few minutes later, Jannette received a skype call. She answered it and experienced a thrill through her breasts and crotch when Deanna appeared on the screen. The blonde beauty looked as gorgeous as it was possible for a woman to look. Her deep cleavage was on full display, her blue eyes shone with anger and contempt.

“What is this, Jannette?” Deanna asked. “Some kind of blackmail tape?”

“I have no idea where that came from. Someone was recording us when we fought. If I were you, I’d talk to Robert. But what interests me is the end. It doesn’t look to me like a clean win for you. We passed out together. You just came to faster.”

Deanna paused. Then she barked a laugh. “So what? I’m still the one who walked out of there first. And I have your thong as a prize. In fact,” Deanna leaned forward with a smug grin, “I’m wearing it right now.” Jannette’s eyes flashed with anger. ”That means I won, as far as I’m concerned.”

“Not as far as I’m concerned,” Jannette shot back. “From my point of view, this just means that Robert is fair game. And I plan to follow up.” She smiled grimly as she saw the rage building in Deanna’s beautiful face. “But I’m willing to make a one-time offer.”

“What’s that?” Deanna asked. But she suspected she knew.

“A rematch,” Jannette purred. “You against me, as long as it takes. This Friday night at my place. Be prepared to stay all weekend, though. You’re not leaving until we both know who is the better cunt.”

Deanna paused only for effect. Inside, her heart was pounding with excitement, even as she savored the feelings of rage and hate. “You’re on, you fucking whore. This time, I’m going to destroy you completely.”

Jannette smiled smugly, but her heart was pounding. “7 PM. I’ll send you my address. Don’t be late.”

Deanna clicked off. Jannette leaned back in her chair and clasped her hands behind her head, pulling her blouse taut over the luscious mounds of her breasts. Her nipples were sharp and hard against the thin material. She smiled, a predatory grin. She swore to herself she would give Deanna a night to remember.

“You’re going to be mine, whore,” she murmured to herself.

Then she smiled, got up from her chair, and sauntered down the hall to Robert’s office, her hips swaying and her braless tits jiggling. It was time for Robert to give her a morning fuck.

To be continued