By JB57

Deanna entered her husband’s empty office. The rich, wood-paneled walls and the marble tile floor echoed with the sound of her high heels as she glided around the long, glass-topped executive table dominating one side of the room. On the other side of the huge office was a massive executive desk and a sitting area. Deanna walked around the room, deactivating the security cameras; she knew from long experience where they were and she had already informed security the cameras would be out this evening. Security knew better than to question her. Moving to the head of the table, she put her hands on the thick glass for a moment, then sat down in the chair and crossed her long, bare, beautifully muscled legs. She sat back to wait.

In her mid 30s, Deanna was blonde and gorgeous, with the body of a much younger woman but the presence and confidence of a woman many years her senior. She was dressed expensively in a thin silk white jacket and a white silk blouse with matching skirt. The skirt barely fell mid-thigh, and did little to conceal her gorgeous, tanned legs, especially when she was sitting and her legs were crossed. The blouse clung to her curves. The high, buttoned-up collar concealed her cleavage, but the smooth silk tightly traced her round, firm, EE breasts. Her hands were adorned with expensive jewelry, including a diamond studded engagement ring sharing her finger with a gold wedding band. She played with the rings as she waited.

After about five minutes, the office door opened again. A breathtakingly beautiful woman walked in. She was the embodiment of the “sexy librarian”. Her lustrous black hair was pulled into a tight bun at the top of her head. Her beautiful face and stunning blue eyes were framed by a pair of glasses. She was carrying a tablet in a leather case under her arm. She wore an expensive black jacket, a white blouse, and a short, black skirt. The blouse’s top two buttons were strategically undone, allowing a tantalizing display of the bare flesh of her impressive chest. Her thick round breasts shifted and bounced enticingly beneath the cloth, clearly bra-free. Her skirt ended halfway down her thighs, drawing attention to her sleek, bare, powerfully muscled legs. Her feet were clad in 4-inch stilettos. She looked completely calm as she surveyed the room and quickly determined that she and Deanna were alone. Her bright blue eyes locked with Deanna’s equally blue gaze.

“Jannette.” Deanna said. “Please, come and sit with me.”

“Thank you, Deanna,” the dark-haired beauty smiled. Even her voice was a husky, sexy purr.

Jannette made sure the office door was locked. She walked across the room, moving with grace and self-assurance. She was roughly Deanna’s age, maybe a year or two younger. Deanna had always been impressed by the woman. She was hardly surprised when she discovered that Jannette was sleeping with her husband, Robert. Indeed, she had expected it.

Deanna remembered the first day she met Jannette, about nine months ago. Robert had hired a new vice president of personnel for his company. He mentioned that this person was a woman. Something about how he said it made Deanna’s radar go off. Deanna had begun her relationship with Robert as his personal assistant, so she was well aware of how a workplace relationship could easily expand to become something more. Deanna allowed her husband to hire his own employees, but she reserved the right to meet the new employees – especially the women -at the earliest possible opportunity. Deanna knew her husband well enough to know that he often hired women based on their physical attractiveness. That was certainly one of the major reasons he hired her. But she was also supremely confident in her ability to warn off any other woman. One meeting with Deanna was usually all it took for any potential challenger to realize that Deanna was not a woman she wanted to cross and enough to assure Deanna that the new hire could not offer Robert anything that he could not get at home.

About two weeks after Jannette started working with Robert, Deanna met the new vice president. She was planning a vacation with her husband and she dropped by the office to work out some details with Robert’s personal assistant. Jannette stopped by to speak with Robert while Deanna was there. The moment Jannette walked in the door, Deanna knew that she had a problem. Jannette was every bit as beautiful and voluptuous as she was. Even more, when their eyes met, Deanna instantly felt the smoldering power of an Alpha Bitch, a woman who was used to getting and taking what she wanted, especially when it came to sex. Deanna was as an Alpha Bitch herself. Deanna knew in that moment that if Jannette had not had designs on Robert before, she certainly did now. Few things made an Alpha Bitch as happy as taking something, especially a man, from a rival Alpha. The only thing that made an Alpha happier was proving her sexual superiority over a rival. When Deanna locked eyes with Jannette, she felt a flash of heat in her crotch and an intense tightening in her breasts and nipples. She knew that she wanted to break the other woman, break her in every way possible. She knew that Jannette felt the same way about her. All that they needed was an excuse.

Robert introduced Deanna and Jannette to each other and watched, somewhat nervously Deanna thought, as the two women sized each other up. They shook hands, but held the grip a bit too long as they stared deeply into each other’s eyes. The women exchanged the usual pleasantries and seemed to get along fine, but both women knew that they were circling each other, looking for an opportunity to meet in less amicable circumstances.

It was a few months after that Deanna found the first signs of Robert’s indiscretion. Late nights. Signs that he had washed his collars. He wanted to make love in the dark where before they had always fucked with the lights on, so that he could admire her beautiful body. Deanna had no doubt that there were scratch marks and teeth marks on her wayward husband’s flesh. Inside, she was seething. Like any territorial animal, she was enraged at the incursion on her territory from another of her species. Even so, she felt the thrilling excitement growing in her loins. On the outside, she took these provocations in stride. She could have gone after Jannette at any time. Instead, she decided to drag things out. Deanna began to sense Jannette’s frustration at her unwillingness to take the bait.

Finally, one night, Robert came home very late. Deanna heard her husband enter their luxurious penthouse apartment. She heard him enter the bathroom in the guest suite and start the shower. Deanna slipped out of bed. She was gloriously nude, her fantastic body perfect in every way. She walked down the hall, her hips swaying, her heart-shaped ass rippling, her firm, thick breasts bouncing gently. She entered the guest suite bathroom. Her husband was standing naked in the glass shower cube, the hot stream of water pouring down on him. His eyes were closed and he looked miserable. She examined his naked body. Robert was a man in his 50s, but he had done an excellent job of maintaining himself. He was still trim and fit. He had a decent personality, even if he could be an entitled prick, like most men of his status. Like most men of Deanna’s acquaintance, he followed his dick wherever it led him. For most of their marriage, Deanna had no difficulty in making sure that her husband’s dick led him right back to her. Janette was a challenge like no other she had faced before. Deanna did not blame her husband for his weakness. He was only a pathetic man. But he belonged to her and it was time for her to assert her rights over him.

Deanna opened the glass shower door and stepped into the spacious stall. Robert started, grunting with the sudden shock of being intruded upon. His eyes widened in fear when he saw his gorgeous wife, magnificent in her naked glory, her body already growing wet and slick with the water bouncing off of him and onto her. In a moment, her incredible tits were gleaming with wetness. Her nipples were already hard spikes.

“Oh God,” Robert moaned, his cock springing to attention as he ogled his wife’s incredible breasts. They instantly reminded him of Jannette’s equally awesome rack, a pair of thick, juicy tits that he had spent a great deal of time sucking earlier that evening. It seemed to him that Deanna’s and Janette’s tits were almost identical. As he had sucked on Jannette’s nipples and titmeat earlier that night he had consciously compared them to his wife’s beautiful melons and could sense no clear difference. His cock grew to steel-like hardness, even as his eyes darted frantically, looking for some way to hide his guilt.

Deanna smiled seductively at her wayward husband. She ran her fingers along the many bite marks on his chest and neck. She turned him around and examined the scratches that had been left on his back by his passionate mistress. Janette was clearly making her challenge, marking her territory, and daring Deanna to do anything about it.

“Did you enjoy your evening with Jannette, darling?” Deanna asked Robert sweetly.

Robert did not try to deny it. He hung his head, trying not to look his wife in the eyes. He stared at her tits instead and, despite his mortification, felt his cock grow even harder.

“Is she a good fuck, baby?” Deanna cooed. She gripped his massive shaft and squeezed gently. Robert moaned. “Is she as good as I am?” Her husband did not reply. “Well, let’s find out, shall we?” Deanna smiled.

Deanna began rubbing Robert’s thick shaft. With her free hand, she turned off the water. Robert moaned in uncontrollable pleasure as his wife worked his dick with her expert hand. He collapsed onto her chest, burying his face in her incredible tits, and began sucking and biting lustfully. Deanna allowed her husband to feast on her tits for a time as she continued to play with his cock. She pushed him up against the back shower wall, then fell to her knees. Robert cried out in sheer pleasure as Deanna took his throbbing prick all the way into her mouth, deep-throating him, before sucking and licking and feasting on him with all of her considerable skill. She sucked gently on his balls, she shoved a finger up his ass. But she made sure that he did not cum; she wanted him to be completely at her mercy. For the next 20 minutes, Deanna sucked Robert with her expert tongue, mouth and teeth, until he was quivering with unsatisfied lust. When he was on the verge of exploding, she would stop, use special techniques to soften his dick just enough, and then start up again, torturing him.

Deanna got to her feet, an evil smile on her face. For a moment, her horrified husband was afraid that this was her revenge –to work him into a frenzy of sexual desire then leave him unsatisfied. But she turned and stepped out of the shower stall and sashayed into the guest bedroom. Robert followed her, like a pathetic puppy. He whimpered with gratitude and relief when Deanna threw herself onto the bed and spread her luscious thighs wide, exposing her clean-shaven pussy and her welcoming pink fuckhole.

“Come and get it, baby,” she purred. Robert threw himself onto his gorgeous wife and drove himself balls deep into her wet, hot, tight cunt. He moaned with relief and desire as he entered her, as he finally lodged himself deep into the slick, vise-like furnace that was his wife’s beautiful twat. His chest crushed onto her breasts and he felt her nipples scoring his bare flesh. Robert pumped Deanna in absolute ecstasy, moaning and gasping and crying out as she worked his shaft with her vaginal muscles, squeezing and releasing, massaging and teasing his cock. Her thighs closed around his waist and she left claw marks of her own on his back as she worked him to higher and higher heights of passion and pleasure. When Robert finally exploded inside of his wife, he almost screamed with relief and pleasure. Deanna smiled as she held his convulsing body to her. She came hard, once, but this night was about teaching her husband where his self-interest lay: right between her legs. She squeezed him like a sponge with her vaginal muscles and finally let him go.

Robert collapsed beside his wife, panting, his heart pounding. Deanna smiled, cuddling up to her husband and throwing a naked leg across his body. She began stroking and playing with his limp, sex-slimed cock. “Don’t’ get too comfortable, husband,” she cooed. “We’re just getting started here.”

Over the next few hours, Deanna rode her husband, bouncing on him like a cowgirl, sucking his dick until he exploded again and again, letting him take her in the ass. When the night ended and the morning came, Robert had to call in sick. He could barely move.

As he made the phone call, Deanna was stretched out beside him, her naked body pressed against his side, her leg thrown carelessly across his legs.

“Answer me honestly, Robert,” Deanna purred. “Who is the better fuck: her or me?”

His hesitation told Deanna all she needed to know. “Really?” She sat up, angered. “After all that, you still have your doubts?”

“No, baby,” Robert beseeched. “You’re the better fuck! It’s just that it’s closer than you think.” As he said it, Robert was thinking about how Jannette had played with him, driving him crazy with her luscious body until, finally, allowing him to enter her. Then, it had been paradise – but no more so than the paradise found between his beautiful wife’s legs. He just couldn’t decide. The women were equals in every way, as far as he could tell.

“Well,” Deanna said, her rage smoldering behind her gorgeous blue eyes. “If you can’t make up your mind, maybe I’ll have to do it for you. I’m going to arrange a little meeting with Jannette. She and I can settle this, woman to woman.”

“Please darling,” Robert began. “Don’t! I’ll just fire her. This will be over.”

Deanna knew it would not be over. Robert might fire Jannette, but she had her claws in him too deeply. He would set her up as his mistress somewhere. He could not let her go. Deanna knew that she would need to “convince” Jannette to relinquish her grip on Deanna’s husband. But Deanna had known that from the beginning. It was what she was awaiting. It was what Jannette had wanted and had signaled to her by sending her husband back in this condition. Deanna knew it was time for her to take on her rival, one Alpha Bitch to the other, and work this out for themselves.

“No, Robert, I’ll handle this. I’ll call Jannette myself and arrange a meeting. In the meantime, you’re to come home every night right after work. If you’re going to be late, call me and let me know. I don’t want you spending any more time with her, is that clear?”

“Yes, dear,” Robert replied. He thought he was getting off easy. He loved his wife and there was no denying that she was the best fuck he had ever had. He did not want to lose her and he also did not want to pay the enormous alimony she would be sure to get if they divorced. But Jannette was Deanna’s equal in so many ways and it was unbearably hard for him to resist the intense pleasure that her incredible body offered. Jannette possessed sexual skills and a body that rivaled those of his wife. He found her irresistible.

Deanna knew that her husband would not be able to hold out long against Jannette’s abundant charms. She decided that she needed to settle things with the dark-haired vixen sooner rather than later. In the meantime, she would see about making sure that Robert knew exactly what he would be missing if she left him.

Later that afternoon, Deanna took a break from fucking Robert’s brains out. Her husband unconscious and exhausted in the guest room, Deanna found Jannette’s personal number and made the call.

“Jannette?” Deanna began when the other woman picked up the phone. “This is Deanna Rolston.”

“Deanna! How nice to hear from you,” Jannette’s husky voice said over the line. “How is Robert doing? I was surprised he called in sick. When I saw him last he looked fine. He must have caught something last night.”

“Yes, he’s fine,” Deanna smiled. “I’ve spent the day making him as comfortable as possible. In fact, I spent most of last night doing the same thing.”

“Really? I spent a lot of time last night making him comfortable too. It’s nice that he has two women like us looking out for him.”

Deanna barely controlled her temper. She was finding the arrogance of this bitch to be more than she could take. But she managed to keep her cool. “Yes, I think that you and I should meet to talk about that. Sometime very soon. Maybe tomorrow.”: The next day was Friday, so that would give them a lot of time to settle their differences.

“I’d love to meet, Deanna,” Jannette replied. “Where and when works for you?”

“Tomorrow night, at 7,” Deanna replied. “We can meet in Robert’s office. I think that will be the ideal place for a nice, private conversation.” Deanna knew the office well, having had many assignations with Robert there back when they first started their relationship and a few times since. Deanna was certain that Jannette had fucked Robert in his office. Deanna knew that she had to break Jannette at work if she was going to get rid of the woman. She wanted Jannette to come to work in the future with the knowledge that this was where she had been defeated. Deanna was sure that Jannette would be leaving the company very soon.

“Fine. I’ll be there. I’m looking forward to it.”

“So am I, Jannette.” Deanna clicked off, her blood boiling, her tits as hard as rocks, her pussy seething with wet heat. “You whore,” Deanna breathed. She was going to break that bitch, she swore to herself, no matter how long it took.

To be continued