By NylonNY

Jade was an up and coming plus size model and yesterday she received a call from a famous photographer. The photographer was trying to find a plus size cover girl for a popular magazine issue and asked her if she would do a trial photo-shoot against another model to see who would make the cut and be on the cover. Jade was excited and knew this could really boost her career. Jade was 5'10" and had large breasts, a small waist and full hips. Thick is how many envious men described her. She had long curly black hair about shoulder length and dark brown eyes. She quickly finished dressing and headed to the studio to meet the photographer.

Jade arrived a few minutes early to the studio and went inside. The photographer's assistant greeted her and directed her to the dressing room and told her to change into the outfit already set out for her. Jade thanked her and went into the dressing room. In the dressing room Jade found her outfit, a black satin panty-girdle with garter straps, a vintage bullet shaped bra, a pair of black seamed stockings and some black patent platform pumps with 5 inch heels.

"Looks like a pin-up style shoot today" she thought as she undressed and started getting into the lingerie. She started to wriggle into the panty girdle and realized it was probably one or 2 sizes too small for her voluptuous figure, but after a bit of wiggling she managed to squeeze into it. The girdle hugged her tight around her well rounded ass and felt almost glued to her crotch. Jade felt it was a bit constricting as she bent to pull up the nylons and attach them to the garter straps. She put on the bra which was also a bit small but the cone shaped cups allowed her large breasts some extra room. Lastly she stepped into the black pumps and after checking that the backseams of the nylons were straight she looked at herself in the mirror one last time. The panty-girdle was stretched tight across her ass and looked amazing, such a great shine created by the straining satin and spandex fabric.

The assistant showed Jade to the photo shoot set, it was just a plain white set with a step in a large open area. There was the other plus size model waiting there as well, a tall full figured red-headed woman. She was wearing a lacy green panty and bra set and a pair of matching green pumps. She looked stunning in the green lingerie against her long red hair.

"You must be the competition?" The redhead called over. "My name is Ruby, and you might as well go change, because I'm going to win this contract." she sneered.

"Wow, a bit over-confident are we?" said Jade as she walked closer to Red.

"Look, you look good and all, but I have tons of experience. I just don't think you have what it takes to win." stated Ruby.

"We will see." said Jade as she tugged at the back of her panty-girdle which was starting to ride up her ass.

"Indeed we shall." said Ruby.

Mark Jacobs was the current trend in fashion photographers, and he was just getting into plus-sized fashion as he recognized it as a segment of the industry that was set to explode. Both girls turned as he walked onto the set.

"Hello ladies." he stated quickly.

"Hello Mr. Jacobs" chimed both girls.

"Let me tell you both how this will work." He began. "I believe I am successful in my work because I demand complete control over my models and my shoots. I tell you what to do, where to stand, etc. There is no movement other than what I demand." he said glancing at the two models. "You are both not to adjust your outfits during the shoot or perform any un-desired actions or movements unless called on to do so. If either of you cannot keep your composure and I lose control of the shoot the model having the issue will be dismissed and the remaining model will be granted the contract. Is that clear?"

Both women agreed.

Mark went over to put together his camera equipment as Ruby and Jade got ready.

"Does everything look straight?" asked Ruby pointing to her bra and panties and turning.

"Looks fine" stated Jade. "How about mine?"

Ruby walked over and slowly ran her hands along the back of Jade's nylons. Jade flinched a bit at her touch.

"Just checking the seams, honey. Calm down before you get dismissed." said Ruby. Ruby placed her hands on Jade's hips and turned her around to face her, her hands ran along the front of Jade's panty's. "Let me straighten these a bit for you." said Ruby as she tugged on the waist of the tight black panties.

"Ummm, ok..." whispered Jade. Suddenly, Ruby pulled the waist of Jade's panty girdle open and before Jade could react Ruby dropped a small silver object down the front of her panties.

"What are you doing!!?" yelled Jade as she jumped back, shocked at the cold object that was dropped down her panty-girdle and had ended up snuggly pressed against her pussy."

"DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM?" Boomed Mark, looking at Jade.

"No sir, sorry."

"Another outburst on the set and you're out! Understand?" He snapped.

Ruby smiled as she saw the dagger-filled stare Jade shot back at her.

Mark told the girls to stand next to each other with their arms around each other's waist. As Jade began to move she stopped for a moment as she felt something in her panties begin to vibrate fiercely. She looked at Ruby who knew what was happening and just winked at her.

"Bitch!" thought Jade as she got into position and placed her right arm around Ruby's waist.

Ruby put her left arm around Jade's wide hips with her hand resting on the waist band at the back of Jade's panty-girdle. Mark snapped away at the two lingerie clad ladies. Ruby's hand grabbed at the back of Jade's tight girdle and pulled up on the straining satin fabric driving Jade's panties uncomfortably into her ass.

"Ughnnnh" muttered Jade under her breath as she felt the vibrator nudge closer to her sensitive clit, and the discomfort of the girdle riding up into her ass. Ruby's actions were hidden from Mark the entire time. Jade struggled for a moment to keep control of the situation, but she managed to keep it together for the time being.

The next pose they were ordered into was Ruby being behind Jade and Jade keeping her hands at her sides while Ruby cupped Jade's breasts from behind. Jade felt Ruby's hands on her breasts, the vibrator's work was starting to get her heated up. Ruby lightly slid her fingers back and forth across Jade's nipples under the lace of the tight bra. The movements were tiny and unnoticeable by Mark, but definitely felt by Jade who's nipples were getting hard from her touch. Jade felt the first bit of wetness form in her pussy. Between her nipples beginning to ache and the vibrator wedged against her clit, it was only a matter of time before she would lose control, but she was a fighter and would not give in so easily.

The next pose they were put in, the girls were placed breast to breast with their arms around each other. Jade grunted quietly as her aching aroused nipples came into contact with Ruby's large breasts. Jade's panty-girdle was uncomfortably snug against the cheeks of her ass but she could do nothing to adjust herself. Ruby pulled Jade closer against her, Jade grimaced as her sensitive nipples were pressed harder against Ruby's tits. Jade tried to wriggle her hips a bit to relieve the grip of her tight girdle on her ass, the garters straining over her ass cheeks to hang onto her stockings as her panty-girdle crept higher.

Mark told her to keep still and she was forced to endure her slow torture in silence.

Next Jade was instructed to sit on Ruby's lap. Sitting down forced the vibrator even harder against her burning pussy, as her panty-girdle was trying to ride up even further into her nether-regions. Mark instructed Jade to straddle Ruby's leg. Mark came over to help finalize Jade's position, which ended up with her legs straddling Ruby's knees. Jade was essentially sitting on the vibrator as it continued to work her over. She tried to squeeze her thighs to gain some relief but couldn't due to Ruby's knees keeping her legs spread. Ruby worked her knees back and forth under Jade's satin covered crotch slowly. Ruby could feel the vibrator in her competitor's panty-girdle against her knees. She slightly rocked her knees against it. She could feel that the crotch of Jade's girdle was getting damp.

Jade cursed to herself, "This bitch isn't going to beat me. I need to hope for a break so I can get this vibrator out of my panties."

Finally the models broke the pose. Jade's girdle was now firmly embedded into her lower half producing a nice camel toe, her garters stretched to their limit. The next pose gave Jade some hope as the two women were standing next to each other without touching.

"Whew...I can do this.." thought Jade. Ruby looked at her and just smiled. She noticed the sweat forming on Jade's breasts and neck as the war raged on in her opponents girdle.

Unfortunately, the last pose announced by Mark placed the two curvy beauties leaning against a nearby wall supporting themselves with one arm, their legs spread while placing their free hands on their counterpart's ass. Jade dreaded spreading her legs which would only leave her more open to the vibrator.

Soon, Jade felt Ruby's hand on her ass. Ruby managed to place her hand with her fingers resting near the crack of Jade's well-rounded posterior than Jade would have liked. Her fears were realized moments later as Ruby pressed her finger slowly into Jade's backside, pressing the tight fabric against Jade's backdoor. Jade flinched, she had always loved anal sex, she had found her ass to be extremely sensitive and was now very afraid Ruby was going to exploit this to win the contract. Jade felt Ruby's fingers rub against her quivering backdoor through her girdle, the thin satin and spandex being the only protection she could muster. The crotch of her panty-girdle was now wet, she felt like her nipples were on fire, she wasn't going to be able to hang on much longer.

She looked at Ruby, and Ruby pursed her lips as if blowing her a kiss. "I'm going to cum, I can't take this anymore..." thought Jade.

Ruby pressed on making circles around the edge of Jade's ass through her panties, pressing harder and harder. Mark seemed to be unaware of what Ruby was up to as he didn't yell or demand she stop. Jade's heels stomped the floor, her legs began to quiver in her stockings and her garter straps were shaking against the tension. Mark told her to remain still but she couldn't.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum!" she finally yelled out, as she lost control and began to grind her ass into Ruby's fingers.

Ruby, sensing victory, moved her hand to Jade's crotch and began to rub her furiously.

"Damn you! Bitch!" yelled out Jade as she fell to the floor on her back with Ruby on top of her bucking her hips against her opponent's hand.

"I"M CUMMING...UNGHHHHHH....OHHHHH....Unghhhhhhhh...CUMMMMINGGG!..."She screamed in defeat.

Ruby leaned close to the spent model and whispered, "Sorry, honey, I don't lose." She kissed Jade hard. Jade was so hot she kissed her back, her tongue twisting in Ruby's mouth. Ruby pulled away after a minute and left to change. Mark was still shooting pictures as Jade pulled herself up off the floor, finally pulling the vibrator from her girdle and tossing it on the ground. She walked away to change in the dressing room.

While changing and feeling utterly embarrassed and defeated, there was a knock on her dressing room door. It was Mark's assistant. "Mr. Jacobs told me to give this to you."

"Thanks" said Jade. It was an envelope. Jade opened it and it was a short handwritten letter: "Dear Jade, that was the hottest photo-shoot I've done in a very long time. It would be my pleasure to shoot you for this magazine cover and I would also love to shoot you for an entire center section spread in the same issue. Congratulations! I'll be in touch soon. -Mark".

Jade was speechless, and excited. She finished getting dressed and went home looking forward to a long hot bath, and a vibrator.

The End