I was in my suite, sitting near the window of a luxury Hotel, in this big city, miles away from my home, feeling happy. A man in his late 20's, sorry... a very rich man in his late 20's! A month ago I was a salesman, just divorced, with a few friends, and no promising career, living in a two-room apartment in a low class neighborhood. Now thanks to uncle John - thanks to my uncle's John death to be accurate - everything had changed.

Uncle John was a very rich broker. He had never been married, I was his only relative... you get the picture. It was time for all my dreams to come true and you can bet that I had a lot of dreams. I was already a week in the city that he used to live in and I had just finished everything necessary with lawyers, tax collectors, bankers. Now it was time for a little rest and a lot of action! When you are very rich and you want a lot of action somewhere far away from your home, a hotel's porter is always a useful advisor. Dean, that was the porter's name, and he knew this city well. Some tips were enough to get all the information I wanted. Specifically some useful phone numbers.

A knock at the door stopped my thoughts. I opened it and I saw an attractive black girl. She should be about 5' 5", 135 lbs. in her middle 30's. She had an athletic slender body, a pair of legs which looked perfect in black stockings and high heels, her tight yellow dress pointed out her nice figure. She had short hair and a sexy, aggressive look was in her face. She was exactly as I expected her to be.

"You must be Michael?" she told me smiling as she came in. "I am Linda. Satisfied?" she asked with a professional smile. She knew that I was examining her.

"I think so?" I replied. "Have a seat. Want a drink?"

She nodded and she sat crossing her beautiful legs. She looked a little around the place. She was impressed from the big, luxurious suite and my expensive clothes. We chatted for a while. She wasn't a cheap hooker you could pick up from the streets or while being in a bar, that was for sure. She was an expensive call girl, she worked two years that way. She told me frankly that she had some very rich customers till now but that was a pleasant exception in her job. Her usual customers were middle aged men of medium class.

"Well, honey..." she said after finishing her drink. "Any plans now?"

"We have to wait for a little more" I told her. "No more!" I added instantly as I heard someone knocking at my door again.

This time as I opened the door I saw a redhead beauty. She should be at the same age with Linda, a little taller than her. I think that she should be about 5' 7'', 140 lbs. and she was as pretty as Linda, for my taste. She had long hair, a titillating pair of breasts and a rounded ass which was pointed out from a tight black dress. She was also in high heels and black stockings and she had the same sexy look as Linda.

"Hi Michael! " she told me as she came in. "I am Debbie" she added. Then she looked at Linda, then at me again "... If we are going to have company honey, you 'll have to pay some extra for it !" she continued.

"Company wasn't in our deal either" was Linda's additive comment. "I didn't know ...?"

"Relax girls! Everything will be settled." I said smiling. "Let's have a little talk, while we have some drinks." I offered a drink to Debbie who sat opposite to me. "Now, let me explain."

They looked at me, waiting. "You know my name, since I called you." I started my presentation. "As for you my girls, Debbie, Linda... " They examined each other then they looked at me again, waiting from me to continue. "As you can see I am a rich man. I am alone in this city, I want some hot action and I don't care how much I have to pay for it!"

"No problem with me!" Linda said. "But if I knew that you wanted two women, I could have come here with a friend. We play this game more often than you can think, if you can pay enough!"

"That's true!" Debbie added. "I have a friend and when a customer asks for two..."

"That was exactly what I didn't want to happen!" I stopped Debbie. "I could bet that each of you would have a friend for an occasion like this one, but I wanted to be with two girls who aren't friends. Better if they didn't even know each other!"

They looked at me professionally with that "customer is always right" look.

"O.K., we don't know each other well." Debbie said. "I have seen Linda in some places a couple of times before, but I never was in the same play with her. I didn't even know her name."

"That's true honey. I have noticed you too." Linda said smiling at Debbie. Then she looked at me. "Well, we don't know each other. What's the big deal now? Want a show or something?"

"It's more than a simple show for me!" I told her. "I have a fantasy and now I want to make it real! You are professionals, so you must know about sexfighting? I mean a sexfight between girls?"

"Yes, it's about two girls trying to finish each other off. " Debbie replied. "I have never played that game before but some of my friends did it. Their customers asked for it."

"I know that too!" Linda told me. "I also haven't any experience but I have heard that it's starting to be popular! You want to peep on us while we have a sexfight honey?"

"Well, you can say so." I added "But I want something more. Have you heard of a clitfight? It's a sexfight with a lot of pussy grinding, a sexfight between two clits."

Linda started to say something again but I cut her off. "You are not invited here for a usual two women show." I continued. "If you are going to do a performance, it must be a great one. I want to see a real clitfight between you two. At least as real as possible. I'll pay extra for it!"

They understood that I had more to say so they didn't try to stop me. "Before you came here you told me your price to spend a full night with me. You had similar requests. I'll pay double to each of you! Don't be surprised, I mean it, I' m going to pay it right now. That is for the clitfight which is something special and for my participation, whenever I want to. I wouldn't like to finish the night just sitting on a chair and peeping on you!"

They started to laugh. I paid them right away. They were relaxed now, ready to please me, but I hadn't finish yet.

"As I told you I want to see a real clitfight. In order to make it as real as possible I am going to offer you something more. This time only for one of you. The winner of the clitfight, the one who will make the other come first, will have an extra bonus from me. I'll pay her again after the battle, five times the usual tariff for a whole night! Quite a bit of money, eh? Only for the winner, for the loser nothing more."

They looked at each other then at me, surprised. "You see girls, " I added, "One of you is going to be out of here in a few hours just well paid for her services. The other one, the winner, will have much more than that. Now, can you see why I didn't want two girls who usually worked together? I don't like to see a clitfight between two friends who will share that money afterwards. I want to see two professionals ready to fuck each other in a hard way to earn this extra bonus! An extra bonus is a motivation for some real rivalry, don't you agree? Yes, you can do a set up even now, but think a little about it. It's a lot of money, why share it with another woman who doesn't happen to be your friend?"

They looked at each other again. Not smiling this time. It was a more than generous offer from me and rivalry was already in the air!

"Now girls," I said as I started to undress. "You have heard enough. You can do to each other anything you wish, but don't forget that the final showdown will be between your clits. When near the end, I don't want to see two women just making love to each other grinding their pussies. I demand a wild fight between two hungry for each other pussies, a decisive fight between two angry with each other clits! Get the picture? Winner will be paid damned well for every second! Fuck each other till one of you can't stand it anymore and submits or cums. Good luck!"

I sat semi-nude on a chair near the big double bed, waiting. I had spent a lot of hours searching and reading sexfighting stories during net surfing. Now, thanks to uncle John, I was ready to enjoy a real one. Linda made the first move. She stood up and she started to undress looking provocatively at Debbie. In a minute she had taken off her dress, then she unhooked her bra. Her body was magnificent. Her breasts were big, round and so firm. She was like a black panther ready to run at her victim. The redhead beauty did exactly the same, when I saw her also in her panties I caught my breath. Her smaller breasts were pointed towards her rival, her snowy buttocks was begging for attention. As she threw her own dress in a chair, she waved her red hair. A lioness ready for hunting!

Both of them were still in their black stockings, they were in their heels, too. Debbie had long legs but Linda's pair was one of the best
I had ever seen. They had a look at each other's body, then they made a move to take off their panties. I didn't let them.

"Wait for a minute girls!" I told them in a low voice. "These beautiful bodies of yours are going to be involved in a wild sexfight in a few minutes. Let them get acquainted with its rival for a while!"

They acted like they didn't notice my presence. They didn't take off their panties. They came closer to each other, looking at each other continuously. Debbie was a little taller but Linda had a taller pair of heels, so you could say that they were almost at the same height. They moved closer and closer till their breasts met. Stiffened black breasts pressed against snowy ones, two pairs of hardened nipples found their rivals and rubbed lightly against them. Then they started the action. Linda's right hand wrapped around Debbie's waist, pulling her closer. Her other hand pulled the redhead's long hair down, then her lips found Debbie's, giving her a wild open mouth kiss. The redhead accepted it, then she counter attacked. She hugged the black beauty by the waist and she pressed their pelvises together.

After some lustful seconds her right leg was between Linda's forcing them to open, then she started to rub her upper thigh directly on her rival's crotch! A moan left from the black call-girl's mouth. Her hand found Debbie's left breast and she started to caress it, her two fingers rubbed her hardened nipple. Her mouth left Debbie's and she started to bite lightly her neck. Simultaneously, her own black-stockinged leg found its way between Debbie's legs. She also started to rub her upper thigh on the redhead's crotch, it was the redhead's turn to moan this time.

They stood that way for a few minutes. They were rubbing their upper thighs with a slow, sensual motion on each other's crotches, they exchanged kisses and bites, they caressed each other's breasts, giving special attention to each other's nipples. Moans of pleasure escaped from their lips here and there. I didn't know if they were pretending or not and I didn't care. I wanted a great performance and I had one just in front of my eyes. They were like they were really trying to turn each other on. Fight for sexual mastery had begun!

After a while they started to move with a very slow, dancing-like motion toward the large bed. It was ready to welcome them. Reaching the edge of the bed they stopped. They exchanged one more full open mouth kiss, then their united bodies were apart.

"Be ready honey" said Linda to her rival while taking off her panties. "It's time to learn some more tricks!"

"Not from you sugar!" was Debbie's instant reply throwing her own panties. "You are not so good for me!"

The two beauties exchanged a quick look to each others nakedness, their shaved pussies were in clear view. Then in a second they were rolling on the bed and their full naked bodies met again. While rolling they rubbed breast against breast, nipples against nipples, upper thigh against crotch. Each one wanted to be on top, they wrestled for this dominant position, they tried hard to get it. For a moment Linda was on top, pressing her body downwards to keep Debbie under her, then the redhead call-girl threw her black rival away and was on her pressing her down with all her might.

While they wrestled they also continued their tries to turn each other on. I could see a black and a white open mouth meeting each other vigorously, I could sense their merciless tongue fight inside. I could see a black mouth finding a semi-dark hardened nipple and sucking it, a white mouth biting a black neck. A few meters away from me two black fingers were inserted in a juicy white cunt, while two white ones were assaulting a black rounded ass. It was quite a sight, just as I had dreamed.

Suddenly, Linda took the next step. While on top, she took her fingers from Debbie's cunt and she pressed hard her pelvis against her
redheaded rival's. Debbie didn't try to throw her away this time. She opened her legs wide and she wrapped them behind the black woman's back. As their crotches met Linda raised the upper part of her body pressing hard her lower part, her cunt against Debbie's who also raised her lower part to make this contact tighter. This time I heard their moans at the same time.

"You want it?" said the black call girl to her redhead rival, while moving her sensuous hips. "My hot black pussy drives you crazy!"

"Fuck you, bitch!" replied Debbie as she raised herself once more to continue this pussyfight. "Your cunt is going to cream in a few minutes!"

She raised her head, her hungry mouth found Linda's right nipple and she sucked it. The black woman pulled her rival's head away grabbing her by her red hair. She lowered her own head and her mouth to find Debbie's. They started a tongue fight again while their bodies were rubbing from head to toe. Then Debbie was on top and it was Linda's turn to wrap her legs behind her rival's back. Their crotches met again as the redhead pressed her loins downwards and the black call-girl upwards, then their pussies were in close contact. They were rubbing slowly at first, moving sensually, their pussies against each other, then their clits met and they started to move more intensely, like they were really heated up. Their moans, their feverish rubbing, I didn't know if they were pretending or not, all I know was that they looked like they had really turned each other on!

I had seen enough. I was so turned on that couldn't wait to see how they would finish their fight.

"Sorry girls." I said as removed my underwear and placed myself between them. "You'll finish the match afterwards, when I have some rest." My erect cock wanted some action and I forgot everything but them. They did the best they could for my pleasure. I started to fuck the black woman's ass without remorse while the Debbie sucked my balls and her rival's wet pussy. I exploded after a few strokes. After a few minutes the redhead's mouth revived my pecker. When I had enough I preferred her pussy to finish while Linda was sucking her breasts.

We had some drinks after that, listening to some music. I told them my story, at first they couldn't believe how lucky I was. Then we talked about some of their own experiences. They had laid with some women, customers or just for their pleasure, but as they had already told me sexfighting was something new for them. They admitted that it really turned them on.

The night wasn't finished yet. "Now girls," I told them as I sat on my chair again near the bed, "I want to see a real sexfight between you two, the original clitfight version! I'm not going to stop it this time. I want to see you really screwing each other's pussy with your clits, to hear some provocative dirty talking that I like. You know the rules!"

They didn't lose any time. They were on each other in seconds. They started with some caressing and kissing to turn each other on again, then their bodies were in full contact for one more time. I saw their mouths, their breasts and their pelvises in unison, I heard the sound of their nylon-clad legs while rubbing against each other, their moans after a while, when their cunts met again and again and again. Linda was on top one more time, her fucking downwards motions were met by Debbie's upwards ones. They started to breath hard, to move feverishly, they exchanged kisses and bites from time to time, they sucked each other's nipples. As far as I could see they were totally turned on.

They didn't stay that way for long. They let their cunts exchange some more lustful thrusts, then they turned their bodies to the clitfight position. They were semi-laid on the bed, opposite one another, their clad legs spread, still in heels. Each woman had her right leg over her rival's left one. They came closer till their pussies were in full contact. They had a look full of lust and desire to dominate each other sexually. A black panther beauty and a redhead lioness ready for the ultimate, decisive fight.

"Is your pussy ready, honey?" the black woman said with a low husky voice. "This time my clit is going to fuck you till you scream for mercy!"

"Don't count on that, bitch! You turned me on and that was your mistake! Now you'll see how a really turned-on woman can fuck!"

They started to rub their pussies against each other, looking straight at each other. They started slowly again, then as their clits met, their strokes started to be stronger, their pussy grinding started to be quicker and wilder. After a while the redhead's erect clit fucked the black woman's pussy like a turbo machine. Linda counterattacked with all her might. She fucked back, not leaving unanswered any pussy stroke that came from her rival.

"Sorry, sugar, but I really need that extra money!" Linda said as she fucked Debbie like her life depended on it.

"My clit is tough enough to fuck that black pussy of yours like it has never been fucked before!" was the redhead's instant reply. "I need that money too!"

They fucked like that for sometime, each one trying to beat her rival's clit with her own. Their clits should be on fire, their frenzied motions, their cries of passion let me sense how they felt.

"Fuck you. bitch!" said the redheaded call girl.

She grabbed Linda's right leg which was near her face and she bit it. Simultaneously, she pulled her rival towards her, pushing her own lower body to meet her.

"Fuck YOU, bitch!" the black woman cried as she did exactly the same.

Now the bed was creaking like it was ready to break in a million pieces. The end was near, I could see it in their faces, in their desperate tries to finish each other off. They continued their clitfight this way for a little more, moving feverishly their hips, biting each other legs, exchanging provocative curses.

Finally, Debbie won that pussy battle. Gradually, she became more aggressive, her clit screwed between the black woman's pussy lips till she forced her to scream loudly, shaking all over. She continued to fuck her victim in a merciless way, her fucking motions followed Linda's spasms, one by one. She continued even more wildly when she felt her rival ready to slow down her efforts.

"Don't you dare stop, you fucking bitch!" she cried. "I have to cum, too!"

That revived Linda, she had to continue till her rival comes too, even if that didn't count to the score. Her black drained pussy started to fuck back Debbie's wet one with all the might she had left. In a few seconds she drove Debbie to a tremendous orgasm, it was the redhead's scream now that filled the room. Linda kept fucking her till the redhead 's ecstasy moans became weaker, her spasms too.

After they were separated, they laid on the bed trying to catch their breath. I let them rest that way but not for too long. They had a shower, then a drink, then it was my turn again! In a a few minutes I was between Debbie's thighs with my hard as metal cock searching for her hot wet winning pussy. I fucked her that way till I was ready to cum, while Linda sat on her face, moaning loudly as the redhead call girl sucked her off for good. Finally, I changed position and partners, letting myself explode in the black woman's eager mouth.

They had a shower again, then they dressed to leave. I gave Debbie the extra bonus. She had earned it in a real wild way. I gave some money to Linda, too. She had tried too hard to win. Then I let them go, it was time to have some rest. I had spent a lot of money but I had enjoyed sex as none other time in my life.