You never really know in life, just when trouble is coming your way. Sometimes it's waiting for you at your desk in the morning, other times its waiting back at the house. Sometimes it shows up in a telephone call and other times it just walks in the front door and sits right down.

On a warm summer evening in July, trouble came to Monica Parker. This time it came in the mail. Monica was a young and pretty business woman, working for an upscale firm in the outskirts of LA. At 28, she had a great job, a fast car, and the kind of body only regular trips to the gym can build. She lived in a nice condo and dated a handsome gentleman named Jeff. Her life was nearly perfect, that is until the letter came.

It came in a plain white envelope with no return address. It came stuffed in the mailbox along with half a dozen bills. She didn't even notice it at first. Only after she let herself in and sat down to relax did she pick out the plain little envelope from among the assorted bills. Taking the envelope in one hand, she slipped a thumbnail under the flap and pulled it open. That's when Monica got the shock of her life.

Inside the envelope was a single Polaroid picture of a pretty young brunette. She was lying stark naked in the middle of a bed with both legs spread for all to see. Her full breasts and bushy sex displayed clearly to the camera. Monica was shocked. Why would a complete stranger send her a picture like this? She flipped the picture over and quickly found the answer.

Written on the back was a brief message. It said, "This is where Jeff puts his cock on Friday nights. So go find yourself another man, because this one is taken."

Monica was so hurt and angry that her hands shook and she dropped the photo. After a minute, she picked it up again, then she took a deep breath and called Jeff.

Jeff came by her place that night. At first he denied seeing anyone else, but when Monica showed him the picture he broke down and admitted everything. The other woman's name was Karen. She was a sales and marketing specialist for a company that Jeff's firm dealt with. He had been seeing her for about six months. Monica was very angry with Jeff, but she was also quite practical. While Jeff had a weak will when it came to women, he also had a lot of assets. He was young, handsome, reasonably wealthy, and terrific in bed. In general he was just too good to give up without a fight.

Monica bugged Jeff until he gave her Karen's address. He didn't want to, but Monica was demanding and in the end it seemed only fair. Once she had the address, she ran Jeff off, but not before arranging a dinner date for next Saturday. Once she was alone, she went to the closet and got out her camera. Going to her bedroom, she placed the camera carefully on the dresser and then slipped some magazines under the back to tilt the camera down towards the bed. Completely disrobing, Monica brushed out her hair and touched up her lipstick, then she set the timer on the camera for a minute and threw herself down on the bed. Arranging herself just so, she arched her back and spread her thighs. One minute later, a flash and a whir and the picture was complete.

Getting up off the bed, Monica walked over to the camera and examined the photo. As the picture faded in, it showed a beautiful light-haired beauty with firm proud breasts and golden tan thighs. Her bushy chestnut pubic hair was clearly and forcefully displayed. The picture was obscenely provocative.

"Well," Monica said to herself, "this will show Karen that she isn't the only one who can send dirty pictures in the mail." Flipping the photo over, Monica wrote a nasty little note claiming Jeff's dick for herself and telling Karen just where she could put her camera. Message complete, she popped the picture into an envelope and carefully addressed it to her rival.

The next morning, Monica put a stamp on the letter and dropped it in the mailbox on the way to work. She was confident that after Karen saw this, she wouldn't have anymore problems with her. Of course, Monica was mistaken.

Three days later, Monica was sitting down to watch the television when her phone rang. When she picked it up, a pleasant female voice said, "Hello, I'd like to speak to Monica."

"Speaking", she replied.

"Hello Monica, this is Karen."

Monica paused a moment and then said, "Hello Karen, what do you want?"

"I got your picture today." Karen replied, "I think you and I should get together for a little talk."

"That's fine by me." Monica responded sweetly, "Where would you like to meet?"

"Do you know Jerry's Place, it's a little Italian restaurant down on 23rd street?"

"I've been there." Monica replied evenly.

"What do you say we meet there for a little chat tomorrow, say 4 PM?"

"That will be fine." Monica replied, "I'm looking forward to it."

"So am I." Karen responded, then she hung up.

Talk! Talk indeed Monica laughed. Karen wasn't looking to talk to anybody, Karen was looking for a catfight, and Monica was just the girl to give it to her. Monica put down the phone and eased back onto the couch to make her plans.

The next day, Monica made arrangements to leave work early. At 3:30 she locked up her office and went down the hall to the women's restroom. Once there, she changed out of her normally conservative business attire and into the outfit she had selected for the fight. It consisted mainly of a short, short dress with a plunging neckline. It was all black and made of a light, clingy material that accented her every curve. She passed on a bra and encased her long legs in sheer black pantyhose. All that was left now was to add a pair of black high heels and she was ready.

Leaving the restroom, Monica made her way down to the parking garage. Three minutes later, she was driving through afternoon traffic, on her way to Jerry's Place. The restaurant was a classy little place at one end of a new shopping mall. The big main room was dimly lit and cluttered with tables. A row of secluded booths, lined the left wall. Each booth had its own little curtain which the occupants could close for further privacy. It was, Monica thought, the perfect spot for their little confrontation.

Arriving a little early, Monica asked the waiter for a booth off in the back corner. As the restaurant was nearly empty at this hour, the waiter gladly obliged. Slipping onto one of the soft, high-backed leather seats, Monica ordered a drink and sat back to wait for her rival. She didn't have to wait long. Monica had taken a couple of sips from her drink and was beginning to play with the ice, when she felt someone slide into the booth next to her. When she looked up, she was eye to eye with Karen. They were sitting now only inches apart.

Karen gave her one long look and then ordered a drink from the waiter. After he left, she drew the little curtain shut, and then moved over closer until they were touching thigh to thigh. Monica looked her rival over closely. They were about the same height and weight. Karen was wearing a short black skirt with a tight red blouse which was unbuttoned to display a generous amount of cleavage. Her long dark hair framed a pretty almost heart-shaped face. She had a beautiful smile. She was smiling even now.

The waiter reappeared and he placed Karen's drink down on the table and then quickly left again.

"Well, Monica," Karen said, "you're every bit the pretty little tart that Jeff described to me."

"Funny," Monica replied, "I don't remember being the first one to send dirty pictures through the mail."

"Just a little scare tactic," Karen replied, "but it didn't work with you, did it?"

"No, I'm afraid not," Monica responded, "it will take a lot more than that to make me give up Jeff."

Karen turned slightly toward Monica and slipped one hand behind her back pressing them closer together.

"And what will it take?" Karen whispered as they rubbed together.

"You'll have to fight for him." Monica replied quietly as she slipped an arm of her own around Karen.

"That's what I thought," Karen replied as she rolled over on one hip and slipped a nylon clad leg between Monica's thighs. Their legs tangled and the two women clutched at each other in the narrow confines of the booth. Monica lightly gripped a handful of hair as she slowly ran one hand over Karen's blouse to grab one full breast. Karen tightened her grip around Monica's shoulders and grabbed a boob of her own. It was at this tense moment that the waiter returned.

The waiter asked if either of the ladies wished to place another order. Slowly untangling themselves, Monica and Karen declined. With a slight nod and a baffled look on his face, the waiter vanished as quickly as he had come. The two women stared at each other.

After a couple of minutes, Monica said, "This place isn't private enough. We should go somewhere else, somewhere we can be alone and finish our little conversation."

"Sounds good to me." Karen replied, "Any suggestions?"

"There's this little motel just down the road," Monica responded, "it's called the Midnight Inn. It's just the sort of place a cheap little slut like you should have no trouble finding."

"Fine." Karen replied through gritted teeth. "Let's go."

The two women paid for their drinks and left. Once in the parking lot, they got into their cars and headed down the road. Ten minutes later they were pulling into the Midnight Inn.

The Inn was the sort of cheap trashy motel men took their secretaries to at lunch. At 4:30 it was fairly quiet and the two women had no trouble getting a room. Five minutes and twenty dollars later they were standing together outside of room 14. Karen opened the door and Monica followed her inside. Monica closed the door and turned to throw the dead bolt. When she turned back, Karen was on her, the catfight was ON!

Karen threw herself at Monica and the two women clinched chest to chest and belly to belly. Wrapping their arms around each other, they stumbled back into the door. Karen pinned Monica against the door as each lady grabbed double handfuls of hair. Gripping each other tightly, they rubbed and squirmed together. Monica could feel Karen's warm breath on her shoulder as they struggled. Getting one foot against the door, Monica pushed off and they staggered out into the room still clutching at each other. One more push and Monica forced her rival up to the bed where they fell, breaking apart momentarily.

Kicking off her shoes, Monica reached for Karen with her nylon clad legs. Karen responded in kind and soon the two women's legs were hopelessly entangled together. Locked thigh to thigh they clinched again and began rolling slowly back and forth across the bed fighting to get on top of each other.

Monica wanted to teach Karen a thing or two, but right now what she wanted most was to strip her rival naked. She waited until Karen was on top of her and then she released Karen's hair and grabbed her blouse with both hands. All it took was one savage pull and the blouse ripped wide open, spitting buttons all across the room. Karen's large breasts tangled above her, tan with large pale nipples.

Karen cursed and reached for the bottom of Monica's dress. The dress had already ridden up over Monica's hips as their legs had wrestled. Grabbing the bottom, Karen pulled the dress up over Monica's head. Monica was forced to twist and turn to free herself. In doing so, she helped Karen strip the dress right off. Holding the dress over her head, Karen gave a little shout of triumph and threw it into a corner. Monica's big breasts flopped left and right as she fought to unseat her rival. Catching a handful of Karen's hair she pulled her over onto her side. Gripping her tightly, Monica reached back behind her and unzipped the short black skirt, now wrapped around Karen's waist. Two good jerks and a little tearing cloth and the skirt joined the dress in the corner. Karen meanwhile had discarded the remains of her blouse rather than risk becoming entangled in it.

Topless and nearly nude save for their pantyhose, the two women grappled on the bed with renewed energy. Bare breasts, now covered in sweat, rubbed over and around each other. Hard bellies touched and parted as arms gripped slippery backs and nylon covered legs made war below the waist. Monica tried to get Karen's hose off, but the clingy material was hard to get a grip on. All she could do was make long runs in it. Karen had one hand between her legs, trying to rip the crotch out of her pantyhose, but couldn't get a grip on the smooth fabric.

"Stop", Monica said.

The two women paused a moment hugging breast to breast and panting for breath.

"I want to fight you naked. I'll take my pantyhose off if you'll remove yours."

"OK." Karen replied, "Nude then."

Slowly the two women released each other, carefully untangling their legs and pulling their sweat drenched bodies apart. Now standing on opposite sides of the bed, they slowly stripped off the shredded remains of their nylons. At last they faced each other as they knew they would all along, in the nude.

Karen got back onto the bed on her knees and motioned Monica to join her. Edging forward they met in the middle of the bed, breasts touching lightly, hands at their sides. Karen glared into Monica's eyes and snarled, "I'm going to fuck you up bitch," as she rubbed her breasts softly against Monica's boobs.

"Just try it." Monica snapped, as she rubbed back against her foe.

Back and forth they went rubbing their breasts together, first lightly then harder and harder. Their nipples quickly became hard and erect as they poked against each other as the two girls swayed back and forth. Karen reached out and pulled Monica to her. She paused for a moment and then pressed her mouth down onto Monica's lips in an open mouthed kiss. Monica was ready for her and their moist tongues met and tussled in the dark. Falling to one side, the two women resumed their battle, wrapping their legs around each other and rolling back and forth across the bed. As they fought, they continued to exchange long hard kisses and fondled each other's breasts wantonly. They probed each other with their hands, reaching wherever they could. Their smooth thighs ground deeper and deeper into their crotches making them both wet and driving them wild with desire.

Suddenly, the fight entered a new phase. Monica was on top of Karen, mouths locked in a deep and passionate kiss. Carefully she rotated her hips until she was finally able to bring their vaginas into direct and intimate contact. Legs locked around hips she began to grind her pussy into her rival's. Karen quickly tightened her grip around Monica and pressed her sex up and into her opponent's. It was a sex fight now. Pussy to pussy, cunt to cunt, the two rivals ground their sex together, fighting for sexual mastery.

Pubic hair tangled as vaginal lips plastered against each other wetly. Tender pink flesh pressed and rubbed moistly. Clits, hard and swollen met again and again in hard rough contact. Slowly Karen rolled Monica onto her side, but neither woman would relinquish her grip. Holding each other in a firm but sweaty embrace, they continued to force their sensitive genitals against each other. On and on it went until finally, too exhausted to continue, they fell apart.

"You dirty little bitch." Monica gasped, "I thought you wanted to talk?"

"Liar!" Karen groaned, "You knew we were going to fight and since it concerned a man it was bound to get nasty."

"I don't care now!" Monica replied, "I just wish I had something here so I could finish you off once and for all!"

"What do you mean?" Karen asked.

"I mean, I wish we had a double dildo so I could fuck you raw!", Monica snarled. "We'll never finish this by just rubbing against each other."

"Check the nightstand," Karen sneered, "you never know what you'll find in a place like this."

Monica checked and sure enough, the bottom drawer was full of adult toys, including a 14 inch two-headed dildo still wrapped in plastic, compliments of the Midnight Inn.

"Are you women enough to meet me pussy to pussy with this?" Monica challenged, as she held up her find.

"You know I am!" Karen replied, as she sat up on her elbows. Lining themselves up on the bed, They faced each other cross-legged as Monica pulled the plastic off the dong.

"So what are the rules of this game?" Karen asked.

"It's simple enough," Monica replied, "I fuck you and you fuck me. The first woman to make the other orgasm is the better woman and wins Jeff."

"OK," Karen replied, "you're on, let's do it!"

Facing each other on the bed the two women spread their legs, slipping them over and around each other. Edging closer together, they stopped just inches apart. Taking the big dildo in one hand, Monica carefully inserted it into her now wet vagina. Giving the other end to Karen she sat back on her elbows and waited. Karen gently inserted the other end of the dong inside herself. Once it was firmly in place, she laid back as well. They paused for moment and then tightened their grip on each other, pulling themselves closer together.

Suddenly, Monica arched her back, driving the dildo deep into her rival. Karen took the stroke with a loud gasp. Baring down hard, Karen tightened her grip on the slippery rubber toy and forced it back into Monica who moaned as it slid back inside her. Back and forth they went matching each other stroke for stroke. The visible portion of the dildo would disappear as they drove into each other and then reappear, twisted and turned, like an injured snake as the two women battled. Locked together the two girls humped the dong back and forth between them. Covered in sweat, their big breasts bounced and jiggled as they fought. Slowly the dildo disappeared deeper inside them eventually vanishing completely from sight. Now they fought each other cunt to cunt, as the hidden dildo worked inside them.

Flat on her back now, Monica twisted and moaned as she fought to control the dildo. It moved within her like it had a life of it's own, slipping and sliding as she battled to hold it still. Karen gritted her teeth and panted for breath as the deeply buried sex toy moved roughly inside her. She squeezed with every muscle she could rally as she forced the dildo back into her foe again and again. There was no escape. Locked between each other's legs, with the hard plastic toy moving wildly inside them the two women cursed and moaned as they fought it out in the darkened room of the motel. Passion, dark and red, flared inside them as the dildo did its work.

Feeling the end was near, Karen sat up suddenly and pulled Monica to her. Clinching chest to chest, the two women locked their mouths together, tongues battling as they fought to finish each other off. Hips thrusting together, fighting woman to woman, they locked together in an unstoppable trip toward climax. And then it was over. Monica could take no more. Arching her back, she screamed in pleasure and sorrow as Karen's well timed thrusts took her over the edge, plunging her into wild and helpless orgasm.

Karen forced Monica over and onto her back and finished her off, driving the dildo into her again and again until Monica lay in an exhausted heap on the sweat soaked sheets. After a time, Karen slipped the dildo from inside herself and rolled off her beaten opponent. After laying beside her on the bed for a time, Karen rose and went to the bathroom to rinse off. Picking Monica's dress up off the floor she quietly dressed.

"I hope you don't mind me taking your dress?", she said, "but my clothes seem to be something of a mess."

Monica said nothing, having rolled over on the bed and buried her face in a pillow. Karen walked over to her and ran a hand gently down Monica's bare back, getting a slight quiver in response.

"Well, it's been fun." she said softly as she headed for the door. "You know, I might even be willing to give you a rematch. Give me a call if you like." then Karen disappeared out the door, gone but not forgotten.