The oppressive heat had no effect on the two women after they noticed each other. Their rage boiled over when they sat up and turned to face each other. Karen swung her lovely legs around and placed her feet on the tiled, slick floor and spouted, “You fucking bitch!

Julia in return unwrapped the towel from her head and stood up. The 5’ 8' blonde undid the towel from her body and let it drop to the floor reveling her glistening body. There is only going to be one of us that will be able to walk out of here, Karen.”

The brunette stood up and let the towels that covered her head and body drop to the floor and started to move towards the blonde. They met in the middle of the small steamy room, two gorgeous women with their beautiful bodies glistening with moisture and every detail of their well defined muscles visible. They stood facing each other with the engorged nipples of their firm breasts barely touching. This was it, no excuses, no prying eyes, nothing but the two of them naked and sweating facing each other. All of the hatred and all of the emotion had come to this moment when it would be spent.

Karen started to lean into Julia forcing her 38D breasts into the blonde’s mirrored set. With a gasp of disgust and pleasure, Julia reached out and laced her fingers with the brunette’s pulling herself back against the blonde. Their large, perfectly shaped breasts mushroomed against each other. Back and forth they smeared their sweaty and slick mounds together stabbing and poking their nipples as spears into the soft tit flesh of the other. Their nipples would intermittently meet and twist and tangle around each other causing quick intakes of breath from the two.

Starting to feel frustrated with the stalemate, Julia released her grip from Karen’s hands and wrapped her arms around the perspiring and flexing back of the brunette. The crushing bear hug brought their flat, firm stomachs together with a flap. Their well toned and slick abdomens compressed and slapped together and slid effortlessly against each other causing their belly buttons to suck and squirt sweat and water into the other. Karen’s head slid past Julia’s so that it rested on the blonde’s strong shoulder lining up their ears perfectly. With more and more force being applied, the two started to shift their weight around by spreading their elegant legs wider. Karen let her hands slide down the blonde’s back to her powerful ass where she grabbed two handfuls and pulled Julia even closer. Their granite like slick thighs ground together, rubbing from hip to knee as they struggled.

Not a word was uttered, just the muffled gasps and grunts of the two gorgeous women mixed with the slap of sweaty skin against skin.
Their rock hard and smooth right thighs slid past each other and became welded to the other’s burning mound. Two simultaneous gasps rang out as they paused their struggle for a split second. Neither had ever had this kind of contact with another woman before, they both lusted for closer contact and were ashamed for feeling that way. Lust won out as they resumed their struggle.

Trying to gain an advantage, Karen hooked her left leg around Julia’s right leg in an effort to force the blonde off balance. Their Achilles tendons welded together while their smooth, firm and sweaty calves mushroomed out against each other. The unexpected explosion of arousal from the feel of another woman’s smooth and firm leg against her own was intense. While they struggled, the brunette couldn’t resist the temptation to move her leg up and down the length of the blonde’s feeling the silky skin of their mirrored image calves slide smoothly against each other. Julia loosened her bear hug and let her hands slide down to Karen’s flexing, wet ass and pulled the brunette’s sopping mound harder against her thigh. The gorgeous blonde then raised her rock hard thigh even higher into Karen’s mound by raising up on the tip-toes of her right foot causing her already well defined calf muscle to erupt with rippling definition. The sexy brunette brought her left thigh up, bending her knee, and pointed her lovely toes toward the floor letting the sole of her size 7 foot conform to the chiseled slick calf of Julia. Gently she would draw her foot up the length of the beautiful blonde’s calf and back down to the back of Julia’s heel. The caress of the gorgeous brunette’s perfect and soft foot against her slick and silky smooth calf sent shivers of pleasure through the beautiful blonde’s body. Julia pulled harder on Karen’s strong ass and ground her flaming cunt against the brunette’s granite thigh. The two women humped slowly and with increasing pressure against each other’s slick and smooth thighs until both were on the verge of orgasm. Shocked back into anger at each other, the two released their holds and gave each other a shove to disengage.

Fighting to control their lust, the two regarded each other cautiously. A new battle ground had opened up, not only did they have to contend with the physical powers of the other but the sexual ones as well. While they hated each other horribly, the sexual attraction was undeniable. It had turned into just as much a sexual confrontation as a physical fight. Unable to back down, they both acknowledged and accepted the challenge. Wanting to stay away from escalating their lust, they unsteadily circled each other looking for an opening. Their eyes burned holes into their opponent watching for a sudden flash of movement. Their usually perfectly kept hair lay in wet ringlets plastered to their head.

Frustrated, the two launched themselves into each other. This time the engagement was for physical control. Arms swung wildly, scratching and punching. Clicks of teeth and grunts of pain and anger rang out as they tried to inflict pain on the other. Their elegantly strong legs, spread wide, flexed and strained as they twirled and scooted around the steamy room. Karen finally connected with a solid punch to the gorgeous blonde’s chin, sending her stumbling back with her arms wind milling to keep her balance. Unsuccessful, Julia landed on her perfect ass with a thud. The punch was on the money. As she tried to clear the fuzziness from her head, Julia barely noticed Karen streaking toward her following up her advantage. At the last instant, before Karen was on top of her, Julia stuck her leg and size 7 foot out and caught the beautiful brunette square in the stomach as she was starting to dive on top. Karen let out a loud grunt of pain as she coiled in half around Julia’s strong leg and foot. The beautiful brunette crumpled on the tiled floor on the right side of the gorgeous blonde.

The two combatants lay next to each other recovering from the pain they had inflicted on each other. Groggy, Julia reached for Karen and entangled her hands in the brunette’s thick, wet hair. Unable to retaliate, Karen held her stomach as the gorgeous blonde dragged her closer. Karen lay on her left side facing Julia who lay on her right. The two glistening bodies matched up perfectly, exactly the same height and shape. Brunette and blonde, panting and moaning from pain and exhaustion. Karen had recovered from the horrible pain to her stomach. She quickly snatched two handfuls of Julia’s soaked blonde hair and pulled her the rest of the way to her.

With their hands firmly implanted in each other’s hair, the two glistening warriors scooted together until their bodies were touching from forehead to foot. Slowly, Julia started pressing her nipples into Karen’s. She lightly brushed her swollen points into and around the brunette’s engorged set. The soft contact was in stark contrast to the carnage that had just moments ago occurred. The beautiful blonde wasn’t going to fight the urge any longer. The closeness of the beautiful brunette laying next to her brought out a hunger that she didn’t know existed. Softly she pulled Karen’s beautiful face into her own. Their sweaty noses brushed past each other sliding softly until their full, wet lips made contact.

Karen released her vice-like grip on her adversary’s blonde hair and let her hands slide down to her neck. The ghastly encounter before had now turned into a soft and exclusively feminine contest of arousal and self control. Karen parted her luscious lips and hungrily accepted Julia’s tongue into her mouth, twisting and entwining it with her own tongue. Julia withdrew her mouth from the sexy brunette’s and left her tongue out with Karen’s wet lips wrapped around it, sucking on it like a popsicle. The sloppy, seductive kiss was arousing to both beautiful women. Hungry for more, the two greedily munched each other’s mouth and tongue with their own.

At the same time their hands caressed and stroked the other’s breasts and back. The competition started to rise within them. After being with many men, the two used every technique and trick they had ever learned on each other. Who was better at sex ? Who could withstand more pleasure ? Who was the better woman ?

Neither yielded to the other for the dominant top position. Instead they lay on their sides and ground into each other. They both wanted to force their thighs into each other’s sopping wet mounds but neither wanted to open themselves up for the assault on their womanhood. It was a test of agility and leg strength to find who would be the first to allow the other’s smooth and firm thigh between their legs. Like laying next to a mirror, they would try to force their thighs into the other’s crotch only to be met with an identical movement from the other.

Finally, Karen’s rock hard slippery right thigh slid to the inside of Julia’s granite left thigh. Forcing the beautiful blonde’s sweaty thighs apart with her own, the brunette felt the course prickly hair against her strong right thigh. A soft moan escaped the lips of Julia when she felt the hot ,firm and smooth thigh smash against her cunt. Unable to get her left thigh between the brunette’s thighs, Julia had no choice but to roll onto her back bringing Karen over on top of her. Once on top of her, the sweaty brunette opened her legs enough for the beautiful blonde to force her thigh against her burning hot snatch.

With their slimy 38D breasts smashed together, Julia draped her elegant wet left leg along the length of Karen’s smooth and muscular right leg. Exactly the same length, the two legs were plastered together from thigh to foot. Karen then hooked her left leg around Julia’s right leg mooring them together. Incredible arousal flamed in the two wet and slippery women when they felt the smooth and muscular legs of the other slither and smoothly slide against their own. The gorgeous blonde and brunette flexed and strained against each other. The heat of the room and the enormous amounts of fluid escaping their bodies made the two teeter on passing out.

Sliding around on each other’s body, the blonde and brunette pubic hairs of their moist pussies finally tangled. Without a word, they loosened their leg holds enough to bring their swollen and dripping mounds in direct contact. Both knew they were entering the final stage of the contest. There would be no more separation, no more strategy, just sheer sexual prowess. Gently and slowly, the two soaking wet women began pressing their burning and dripping cunts together. Wide eyed and unsure, the two gazed into each other’s eyes looking for a reaction from the intimate contact. The response occurred in the form of an intense spasm of delight from both women when their pussy lips parted enough for their wetness to mingle. As their inner sweetness slid and sucked together, their swollen clits found each other in a rigid collision.

Moans and squeals filled the air that was thick with the fragrance of mineral steam, sweat and womanhood. The whole episode was very primal and surreal to the inexperienced women. Julia felt it build deep within her. A tingling force that was trying to rise up. She felt like she would pass out from the heat and emotion she was experiencing. The gorgeous blonde wanted to absorb the beautiful brunette squirming and bucking on top of her, possess her fully and completely.

Karen was lost in a fog of unbridled carnality. The soft smoothness of the mirror image body tangled with her own was unleashing a level of consciousness until now unattained before. It was making her do and feel things she never thought she would do under any circumstances. Both women surrendered to the lasciviousness in an all out detonation of physical activity at the expense of the other. They greedily used each others body for their own carnal gratification. Hands groped and fondled, mouths hungrily kissed and sucked anything within lip or tongue range. Their hips flexed and strained as they shifted and rotated against each other while they hid the moist sucking and squirting battle underneath.

Their sexy, well defined legs strained and slid against each other as if the leggy contact fueled an already unquenchable inferno. Julia couldn’t contain her climax any longer. In an earsplitting release, the soaking blonde spasmed and contorted with pleasure. Shaking and crying she held on to the smooth and warm body bucking on top of her with all of the energy she had left. Karen, looking for more cunt to cunt contact, slowed down.

Standing up, the brunette lifted the jelly-like legs of the semi-conscious blonde and stepped over the top of Julia with her right leg so that the back of her hamstring slid over the top of the blonde’s glistening left thigh. Karen then brought her slick left thigh up against the soft and sweating hamstring of Julia’s right leg. Hooking her arms under the blonde’s knees, Karen pulled up the blonde by the legs and planted her sopping mound hard against the spent cunt of Julia’s. Unable to respond, Julia just rolled her head from side to side as Karen attacked with her sex. The impressive show of strength didn’t last long as the brunette squealed and returned all fluids into the helpless cunt of the shaking blond.

After the earth shattering orgasm Karen unsteadily lowered her rival’s legs and hips back down to the slick tile floor as if embarrassed by her uncontrollable show of regalement. Suddenly, the two women were shy and unsure what was supposed to happen next. Karen sank back down to her knees and gazed into Julia’s eyes as if looking for forgiveness for her actions.

Regaining her composure a little, Julia opened her arms inviting the wavering brunette back on top of her. Karen accepted and slid gently over the top of the blonde. The two women quickly entwined their wet and soft legs relishing the feel of them together. After a soft thankful kiss, the two lay like that, softly stroking each other, and forgot what they were fighting about in the first place.