(Shak just received a phone call from Rina in Atlanta)

"Hey baby, how you doin'?"


"The Salon"

:::"Oh, you're at the salon, already?"

"Yep, I couldn't wait. I missed all the ladies, besides there's somebody here on 3-way who wants to say 'hi' to you."

: "Hi, Shak!"

:::"Who is this?"

: "Kimmie!"

:::"KIMMIE, really? I haven't heard from you in 6 years, how are you doing?"

: "I'm fine. You know, I had to call when I found out this fine young thang wuz your wife!"

:::"Uh...Kimmie, don't be molestin' my wife, alright?"

: "Oh I'm not gonna molest her.......YET!"

:::"Rina, did you know Kimmie is bi-sexual?"

"Yes I did, I met her last weekend when I went out with CoCo!"

:::"You went out with CoCo?"

"Yep, she's right here, she wants to say 'hi'!"

: "Hi, Shak!"

:::"CoCo, don't you and Kimmie go and fuck my wife, OK?"

: "Too late, we got plans for this girl!"

:::"Oh shit, the 3 of you working in the same salon, I could just imagine....?!"

: "Don't worry hon', whatever you can imagine that's what's gonna happen, bye!"

:::"Bye Coco. Rina don't embarrass the salon ok? Just...I don't know....be professional!"

"Don't worry baby everything we do's gonna be...PROFESH-SHIONAL!"

:::"Oh God, somebody warn the clients! So let me ask you something...is your pussy wet?"

"You know it is baby, just thinking about these hot-ass ladies over here, just makes me wanna...UMMMMMM!"

:::"Damn, I'm jealous! Alright precious, have fun, call me tomorrow."

"I will, love you."

:::"I love you too, bye!"

After I hung up the phone I turned and saw CoCo and Kimmie staring at me smiling!


"Nothing," CoCo answered sweetly, "just looking! So what do you think Kimmie, is she cute enough?"

"I think so, but I'm not sure if her 20 something year old pussy is experienced enough to handle my 30 something year old furnace?"

"Well, only one way to find out!" I smiled, rotating my pussy towards them.

"Umm Hmm, we'll see." Kimmie's eyes burned into mine as her nostrils flared, her tongue wetly smacking through her lips. "You better b

"Would what?" I interrupted her, What cho gon do...?"

"Now, now girls," CoCo cut in, "no fucking in the salon! It's written somewhere in the employee manual, it says 'NOOO GIRL FUCKING IN THE SALON!"

"Ok!" both Kimmie and I answered at the same time, not taking our eyes off each other.

Suddenly, the front door opened and 2 hair stylists walked in. I gave Kimmie a wink as I walked away. She just sat at the front desk looking at me with a sly smirk on her face. Soon the salon was full of clients and I was doing one head after another. Finally around 3:00pm I received a phone call from an old client who knew I was back in town. The phone was at the front desk right in front of Kimmie. She swung the receiver gently as she looked at me. God she looks good! My mind lusted and my pussy moistened as I walked to the front counter. Her chocolate skin was smooth and her thick lips discreetly blew me a kiss as I reach

Bending over I whispered in her ear, "Don't start nothing you can't finish!" I then stood up right in front of her and answered the phone.

"Hello...,hi Jeanette, how are you doing? It's been so long...,yes me too...,uh huh..."

Right then, as I was talking, I felt a hand creeping up my skirt and sliding along my thigh! Quickly I turned and glared at Kimmie mouthing for her to stop! As I turned around a customer came through the door and walked right up to the front counter as Kimmie turned her attention to the customer while continuing to slid her hand up my thighs. Kimmie spoke to the customer as if everything was fine, but her hand was now moving my panties out of the way and she began feeling around in my asshole and pussy! Thank god the front counter was high enough so no one could see behind it! I'm babbling now trying to keep a straight face in front of the customer and talk to Jeanette at the same time!

Oh shit, what is she doing to me?! M

"Oh, oh yeah, yeah, I'm here I just got distracted," I answered shakily.

Right then the customer at the front counter looked me straight in the eye and smiled. She was gorgeous and I now found myself wanting to look at her, talk to Jeanette and cum from Kimmies fingers all at the same time! Suddenly, Kimmie inserted 2 fingers inside my dripping pussy, my breath caught in my throat as I stood motionless!

"So is Thursday at 3:00 ok?" asked Jeanette.

"I haven't seen her."

"Seen who? Rina, what are you talking about? Are you alright?"

"Huh? What did you say?"

"Appointment...helllooo...Thursday...3:00 o-clock...earth to Rina anybody home???"

"I-I....yeah ok..."

Right then Kimmie jammed her thumb up my ass hole! My eyes widened, the customer stared at me concerned, "Are you alright?"

I stood there paralyzed!

"Rina, are you there, will you answer me?" Jeanette called

"Oh shit, Jeanette, I forgot! Owww, Ohhhh, I'm fiinnee, I have to goooo, I'll call you later, bye!" I hung up the phone quickly while I nervously grinned at the customer, "I'm alright...thanks!"

Kimmie pushed her thumb deeper in my ass! "Oh uh, I have to go bye!"

Quickly I turned flashing a dagger at Kimmie as I headed straight for the restroom. I nodded to my client sitting in the salon chair waiting for me, "be right back!"

In the restroom I quickly snatched my panties down and rubbed myself to a silent orgasm, while planning my revenge against Kimmie! When I walked out Kimmie saw me and smirked, while discreetly lifting her fingers and smelling them! She then leaned over to CoCo and let her take a sniff!

"Oh, you're in trouble!" I thought, "you just wait 'til I get my pussy against yours!"

I didn't have to wait long! One hour later I heard CoCo ask Kimmie to change the CD and put some Reggae music on. "Oh and give me a count of the new shipment of conditioners we have in

"Mmmmmm, Hmmmmm", we moaned quietly but intensely! Mouths chewing and biting, tongues licking everywhere at once. We started gripping each other's hair, pulling and forcing our mouths and faces harder together! Oh God I was so fucking hot! I wanted to be inside this sluts skin! I pushed her against the wall and snatched our dresses up! She began forcing our panties down as we kicked them away! I jammed my legs between hers and forced them open...WIDE!!!

I spread out as wide as her and we squatted slightly so we could angle our pussies up! "SPLATTT!" I heard our wet pussies smack together! I began grinding into her, our wetness making squish-squash sounds! All the while our mouths never separated! She grabbed the back of my head forcing my face even harder into hers if that was possible! Our eyes open and locked, she mashed her face deeply into mine, our teeth clanked and ground, our big lips smearing wet!

Oh God my mind was whirling with sensations as we began moving at high speed trying to mash everything together at once! We jammed our hard clits together, pubic hair snagging as we mixed our juices! Clit to clit we began grinding and humping furiously, pussies, breasts and mouths kissing sensuously together!

Suddenly, the music turned up, then a key began unlocking the door! We both froze, looking at the door! CoCo peaked her head around the door and smiled, "Mmm hmmm, just as I thought!" she mumbled slipping in the room, locking the door again!

Quickly, she dropped her panties and skirt. She then turned and backed into me, bending over until her hands touched the floor. "Sit on my ass baby, " she whispered!

I squatted until my ass sat directly on top of hers! She reached behind with one hand and

Suddenly, Kimmie jerked my face back towards hers, "Look at me, we're not done yet!" she hissed quietly in my mouth. Her mouth and nose mashed into mine as our eyes locked back together! She squatted lower and forced her pelvis up until, once again, our pussies touched!

Suddenly, "Shaggy" came on the CD....."Mr. Lover Lover...hmmm..."

"Come on yall, let's dance to Mr. Lover Lover," CoCo whispered! Anyone familiar with this Shaggy beat can picture how we started to move. We began to do the Jamaican Grind! Kimmie braced her head and shoulders against the wall so she could mash her pussy into mine, our faces still pressed together, eyes locked! CoCo wound her delicious ass into mine and the dancer came out in me! I began to grind and shake my ass back against hers! Our butt holes felt wonderful as we ground together! Our asses jiggled and shook to the beat of Shaggy! Arched in half moons, I could just imagine how beautiful we must look! CoCo began stroking her clit with one hand moaning softly! Meanwhile, Kimmie matched us stroke for stroke! She pushed up until our clits met again! CoCo's ass pushed me into Kimmie, while Kimmie's pelvis pushed me back into CoCo! I was deliciously sandwiched between these two hot vixens! I groaned as my mouth sealed to Kimmies in a mashing soul kiss!!! The BOOOMBASTIC beat of Shaggy carried us, as we followed his rhythm! We were grinding and rolling as one, 3 chocolate sisters dancing and fucking together! I could feel our climax building! Somehow I could tell we would come together! The music tempo increased, our grinding bodies ground tighter and tighter!

"Oh shit!" I whispered in Kimmie's mouth, "the 3 of us are going to cum together!"

"Uh, I-I know," Kimmie Stammered, I could tell she was losing

"Oh shit!" Kimmie whispered, "that was great!"

All I could do was look at her, still breathless! "We've got clients," CoCo whispered, "we've got to get back to work!"

I nodded unable to get up. CoCo got to her feet first, straightening her clothes. "I'll go out first, then one of you come out about 3 minutes later and then the another 3 minutes after that! Go straight to the restroom and wash!"

"Ok," I said, finally getting up. CoCo quickly slipped out the door and closed it. I looked down at Kimmie who was still on the floor. We looked at each other and started giggling!

"You bad!" she whispered!

"No, you bad," I returned. "All this started when you put your hand up my dress!"

"I couldn't help it girl", she giggled, "It was just too good to pass up!" I helped her up as I checked the time. Quickly, we straightened our clothes. As I reached for door, she quickly grabbed me and kissed me softly on the lips, "I'll see you this weekend!"

"You know it", I smiled. Quickly, I left and went straight to the restroom. After I washed I headed for my client who by now had stepped away from the dryer.

"What took you so long?" she asked smiling, her pretty eyes twinkling.

"Oh shit, here we go again!!!"