Megan’s motorcycle sped easily over the hard, packed sand of the Eastern desert. The ruined road that she was riding on was visible only occasionally beneath the sand and the weeds and its own decay, but it still served as the foundation of a relatively smooth ride.

Her cycle was all but silent, its solar-powered electric motor purring like a contented cat. The bike was her pride and joy. She had found it abandoned in the ruins of New York just three months ago. It had taken a while, but she had finally managed to get the vehicle up and running at almost its full capacity.

Megan carried very little. A couple of medium-sized packs were strapped to the back of the bike. These contained food, a few items of clothing, tools and communication equipment, and various cooking utensils and other essential supplies, like a solar charger. She had learned that traveling lightly was always a good idea.

The hot sun baked down on Megan’s bronzed skin, but she barely noticed it. The young woman was almost naked in an outfit she had cobbled together from mannequins she had found in the bombed-out remnants of department stores. She was wearing a bikini bra, which was nothing more than two small triangles of pink cloth, which tried unsuccessfully to cup and contain her bountiful breasts. Titflesh swelled out on all sides of the bra and pushed hard against the constraining cloth. Her muscled belly was naked, her navel adorned by a hanging silver pendant. A silver sequined belt hung low on her wide hips and held a holster containing a powerful handgun. She was wearing a black thong. Visible over the edge of the thong, low on her left pube, was a red tattoo of an eagle. Her thighs were bare but her lower legs were covered in knee-high spike-heeled leather boots. Her long, thick blonde hair streamed out behind her, tossed by the wind as she raced down the abandoned highway.

Megan was a geneticist’s gift to a world that needed new humans capable of surviving the rigors of a changed climate and a devastated environment. She was genetically engineered to possess numerous extraordinary attributes. Her bronzed skin could endure almost unlimited exposure to the blazing sun and UV radiation without harm; her powerful body gave her superhuman endurance and strength and resistance to disease. Her cosmetic physical attributes were also very impressive. Her body was a vision of physical perfection, with massive, thrusting tits, a taut, narrow waist and wide, womanly hips. Her long legs were powerful and perfectly proportioned.

Megan had been traveling ever since the base on which she had been born and raised had been attacked and destroyed by a large band of human marauders. She and some of her genetically enhanced brothers and sisters had managed to fight off the attack and kill most of the attackers, but the installation had been devastated in the conflict. Megan stayed at the base until it became clear that her remaining companions were well on their way to becoming marauding bandits themselves. Then she left. She had been on her own now for three years. She had occasionally joined groups of nomadic humans who were looking for better places to survive, but she did not stay long with any party. She preferred the freedom of the open road and the reliability of her own company.

Megan was suddenly alert, drawn from her reverie back to the present in an instant. Her highly developed eyesight picked out a wire suspended across the road, just high enough to take out a bike. She barely had time to react. She squeezed the brakes, twisting her body at the same time. The bike’s tires screeched as the powerful machine dipped low on its side and just managed to slide under the wire. The bike crashed unceremoniously, coming to a crunching halt on the side of the road, but Megan was able to throw herself free. She rolled on the hot sand and came up to her feet in a crouch, her gun in her hand, her sharp eyes scanning the surroundings for any indication of whoever had laid the trap. Now that she was aware of the danger, she quickly spotted several telltale signs of the ambush. But it was too late. Even as she watched, five men popped up from foxholes dug into the ground and concealed by mesh netting. All possessed large guns and rifles, which they pointed at her. From behind her, Megan heard the sound of a rifle bolt being drawn back and pistols being cocked. She knew that she was surrounded.

“Don’t shoot!,” she heard a female voice call out. The voice came again. This time its instructions were directed at Megan. “Drop your gun, girl, then put your hands up.”

Slowly, Megan lowered her gun to the ground and placed it on the burning sand. She put her hands up and stood to her full height, but she was already scanning the men around her to see points of weakness. She could tell that all the men were “normals” from the way they were dressed. They were covered from head to toe in thick, sun-proof clothing and on the little bare skin that she could see, she could detect the glint of powerful sunblock. Normals were not nearly as fast or as strong as a genetically enhanced human such as herself, and their bulky clothing was a further impediment. Megan was sure she would be able to take down her attackers once they got within range.

The voice behind her spoke again. “Turn around, girl,” the voice said.

Megan turned around and her plans shattered. Facing her from about ten feet away was a spectacularly beautiful woman, a woman who was every bit as voluptuous as Megan herself. The woman was dressed in a similar way. She was wearing a tiny bikini leopard-print top, a garment even smaller than Megan’s bikini top. It was so brief that it barely covered the nipples of her round, golden orbs. Her torso was naked, her smooth, taut belly glistening in the heat of the day, a gold navel ring glinting in the sun. She was wearing a black leather belt, low on her womanly hips, from which dangled a holster. The gun from the holster was in her hand, pointed at Megan. The woman was wearing a leopard print bikini thong and black spike-heeled boots that flared up just high enough to protect her kneecaps. Her dark brown hair cascaded down her back in a wild shower. The woman was a vision of physical perfection and raw female sexuality.

This woman was, quite obviously, another genetically enhanced human. Megan knew that her chances of escaping were now slim to none. This woman would be just as fast as Megan. In addition, the brunette was flanked by three other men and one small woman, all of them normals and armed, covering Megan. The blonde knew that she had to bide her time and wait for the opportunity to get away.

“Well, well,” the woman said, smiling smugly. “We just wanted your bike, but you look like quite a catch. What’s your name, girl?”

“My name is Megan,” Megan replied. “Who are you?”

The brunette beauty smiled arrogantly. “My name is Mya. I’m in charge of the little band you see here.”

Mya walked up to Megan, smiling smugly. The two nearly naked women considered each other, both acutely aware of the other’s fantastic body. The tendency of post-humans to dress immodestly had been long established. Much of this was practical. In the present world, the constant heat and sun meant that clothing was not necessary for warmth. If it was possible to get by with little clothing, then that was a considerable burden that was not necessary to carry. But much of the tendency to dress in a revealing way was esthetic. Enhanced humans were, invariably, physically beautiful. They enjoyed displaying their beauty, comparing themselves to each other. They enjoyed the sense of power of being able to walk about the world almost naked while normal humans struggled to survive in the harsh environment.

Mya circled Megan, admiring and assessing the blonde’s beautiful body, comparing it to her own.

“So, where are you from, Megan?” Mya came back around to stand in front of Megan. She holstered her gun and placed her hands on her hips. Her tits thrust out, in challenge to Megan’s massive chest. Megan did not relax. She kept her hands up. She knew that this woman felt no affinity for her. Post-human marauders were very common and were constantly fighting and killing each other. Megan expected no mercy from the beautiful bitch facing her.

“I come from the far north,” Megan replied. “Just over the border areas.”

Mya smiled. “It looks like you are a long way from home. Well, that’s good. I’ve got an acquaintance who is enhanced, like us. He leads a much bigger gang in the city just 100 k from here. He’s always looking for good breeding stock and you look like you’ll bring me a pretty penny.”

Mya stepped back then barked orders to her companions. “David,” she said, ”put the cuffs on our new property here. Put some on her ankles, too. She looks like she’ll give us trouble, if she can. We’ll take her back to the camp, then send word to Marlin.”

One of the larger covered men produced a set of cuffs and ankle shackles from a bag at his side. He quickly locked the manacles around Megan’s wrists and ankles. Constrained in this way, she could only walk in a shuffle, but the man threw her over his shoulder with a grunt. He placed his hand firmly on her bare right buttock and squeezed the hard, round flesh. But that was the only sign that he was affected by the beauty of the nearly-naked woman on his shoulder. Another man climbed onto Megan’s motorcycle and rode it off into the scrubland along the road.

Led by Mya, the gang of bandits marched deeper into the desert, away from the site of the crash, following the same path as the man on the bike. About 1 k from the road, they entered an area of short, steep hills. These were recent geographical formations, the products of massive storms rearranging the soil and sand. The entire eastern seaboard was pockmarked with these ripples of rock and earth. They proved to be an excellent place in which to conceal a well-appointed camp consisting of five or six small wooden structures. All of the structures were covered in thick reflective material and anti-radiation insulation. Megan saw her bike parked in front of one of the huts, which probably served as a tool shed.

The man carried Megan into a shack on the edge of the settlement and set her down, gently, on the dirt floor. Mya followed him into the shack. With Mya watching, her gun in her hand covering Megan, the man unlocked Megan’s shackles, then led her to a massive wooden support pillar in the center of the room. A set of shackles were built into the wooden shaft, designed to hold a prisoner’s arms at her sides. He quickly fastened these new restraints to Megan’s wrists and ankles, chaining her to the pillar.

“What if I have to piss or shit?” Megan asked.

“Just ask David here. He’ll be keeping a watch on you. He’ll come and get me and I’ll take you out.”

Mya smiled again, apparently amused at Megan’s predicament.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’m not dumb enough to give you a chance of getting away. We both know how fast and strong people like you and me are. I’m not going to take the chance of losing you.”

Mya walked up to Megan and considered the blonde beauty carefully, raking her eyes over every inch of Megan’s voluptuous, sweat-gleaming flesh. Megan glared back, but she could not hide her own attraction to Mya’s fantastic body, so close to her own. The women locked eyes, their gazes smoldering with mutual heat. Megan felt her thick nipples tighten sharply; her pussy grew moist and hot. She could see Mya’s nips swelling up behind the leopard-print material of her bikini top. Both women’s sensitive noses detected the distinctive, alluring scent of feminine desire. For a moment, their mutual lust built to dangerous proportions. They both knew what they could do to each other and they both wanted it.

One of the genetic traits of enhanced humans was that they were incredibly sexually sensitive to each other. Their makers had given them this sensitivity to encourage reproduction, since only enhanced humans were suited to repopulate the planet. They were programmed to experience and enjoy sexual relations with each other at an intensity that normal humans could not comprehend. The genetic sensitivity was meant to be most active between men and women, but it often proved to be just as powerful between members of the same gender.

Carefully, Mya reached out and gently stroked Megan’s meaty right tit. Electricity seemed to leap from Mya’s caressing fingers into Megan’s breast, causing the blonde to inhale sharply with the sudden shock of pleasure. Megan barely suppressed a groan of joy as the sensation rippled through her body and nested in her cunt. Mya rested her hand on Megan’s beautiful, thick tit, enjoying the feel of the warm, wet flesh.

“Hm, you’re really nice,” Mya said, her voice smoky, her eyes smoldering with lust. Mya seemed to make a decision, her mind no match for her body’s desires.

“David,” Mya barked, “Go outside and wait. I want some private time to … interrogate our guest.”

David said nothing. The lumbering hulk of a man quietly left the building, pulling the door shut behind him.

Mya slipped her hand under Megan’s tight bra and gripped Megan’s naked titflesh. The brunette enjoyed the feel of Megan’s thick nipple pushing sharply into her palm. Mya felt her nipples growing hard and sharp, crusting over with tension. She smiled, her eyes glazing over with lust. Mya stepped back from Megan and contemplated her prisoner. Megan was panting hard, her body’s arousal reaching a fever. She strained against the bonds holding her in place, even as her restraint stimulated and excited her even more.

Mya grasped each of Megan’s straining tits in each hand. Then she carefully pulled the cups of Megan’s bikini top down, so that the pink cloth triangles bunched up and disappeared into the curve where Megan’s massive, thrusting tits met her chest. The elastic of the blonde’s bikini bra now stretched out to hold her tits in place more firmly, but the beautiful golden orbs were now absolutely naked. Mya smiled, contemplating the thick, golden-brown nipples topping Megan’s orbs. Mya reached out and seized each of Megan’s nipples between her thumb and index finger and squeezed. Megan cried out in sheer pleasure, groaning with intensity of the sensations rippling through her dense titflesh, sending electricity to her belly, making her cunt tight with need. Then, with a tortured groan of her own, Mya descended on Megan’s tits. She filled as much of her right hand as she could with Megan’s left tit and squeezed and kneaded the thick, yielding flesh. She lowered her head to Megan’s right tit and sucked as much of the massive gland into her mouth as she could. She bit and sucked and tongued Megan’s engorged nipple, she scraped the sensitive flesh with her teeth and devoured the tit ravenously, sucking for milk.

“Fuck, fuck, oh FUCK!!,” Megan screamed, her whole body convulsing with the unbearable pleasure. It had been a few months since she had last had sex with another person and more than a year since she had experienced the incredible pleasure and stimulation of sexual contact with another enhanced human. Her whole body was thrumming with sexual power and need.

Mya was groaning, gasping with pleasure as she sucked at Megan’s tit, as she covered the solid golden orb with spit. It had been a while since Mya had the opportunity to ravage another enhanced human, too, and her body was reacting like it had been subjected to sexual starvation. Even as she devoured Megan’s tit, Mya enjoyed the sensation of her own sharp, hard nipples rubbing into Megan’s taut stomach. Her free left hand ran up and down Megan’s bare body, scratching and kneading and caressing. Megan’s massive boob stifled Mya’s animal grunts and growls of pure bliss. After a little while, Mya released Megan’s right tit and shifted over to the blonde’s left tit. She began rubbing Megan’s freed right tit, but the gland was now especially sensitive and aroused. Megan screamed out as her tit exploded with pleasure. Megan was sure that she would soon start lactating and that Mya actually would begin sucking her milk; another quality of enhanced human females was that their breasts lactated heavily under intense sexual arousal. It was the side-effect of a genetic trait designed to make them good surrogate mothers.

Megan’s body writhed and stiffened as it succumbed to Mya’s sexual torture. Megan strained against her bonds, to no avail. After a time, Mya pulled back. She was gasping. She wiped the back of her hand against her mouth; she was sure that she had started to taste milk from Megan’s teat. She looked at Megan’s thrusting tits, which were now glistening with her spit and bearing her teethmarks and finger marks. Megan was panting, her blonde hair thrown back, her eyes gleaming with frustrated lust, her body shining with sweat. Both women could smell the other’s arousal, they could see the damp spots on the other’s thong. Mya felt the furnace between her legs and barely restrained herself from finger-fucking herself right there; Megan squirmed against the pillar, rubbing her ass into the wood, arching her back so she could rub her pussy into the hard beam and maybe relieve some of the sexual tension ravaging her body.

Mya reached up and pulled down her bikini bra triangles, exposing her own tits while leaving the bra to boost them up. Mya walked up to Megan. Their naked tits confronted each other, their hard, brown nipples reached for each other. Megan arched her back, trying to thrust her nipples out far enough that they could touch Mya’s nips and make that exquisite contact. Mya stood just far enough back to prevent contact, but erotic electricity seemed to leap between their throbbing nipples. Suddenly, Mya could not take anymore. With a cry, she threw her body at Megan’s chained, writhing body. Their burning nipples came together in a spasm of ecstasy. The women screamed in concert as their tits crushed tight, sending a burst of unbearable erotic pleasure through their bodies. Their hard bellies slapped. The women kept screaming, but their hungry mouths soon found each other. Their hot tongues twisted and corkscrewed together. Mya pushed herself into Megan’s trapped body as hard as she could. The women writhed against each other, their naked bellies rubbing and sliding, their massive tits grinding and pulsing with heat and tension. Mya wrapped her arms around Megan’s nearly naked body and pulled her closer. Megan worked herself against Mya as hard as she could. Mya wrapped her right leg around the pillar and began humping into Megan; Megan thrust back with her crotch. The women felt their wet, thong-covered cunts rub hard and they whimpered with lust.

In the back of her mind, Megan wondered if she could convince Mya to free her legs, to improve their ability to fuck each other cunt to cunt. If she could wrap her legs around Mya, it would be a much more deliciously satisfying mutual fucking for both of them. But Megan was also hoping this could give her the opening she needed to escape. If she could fuck Mya hard enough, she might be able to render the brunette unconscious, or at least so disoriented and tired that Megan might have a chance of getting away.

At that moment, there came a pounding at the door. A second later, a woman’s voice shouted into the building.

“Mya!,” the woman called. Vaguely, Megan registered that the woman’s voice sounded angry, and she realized that the woman shouting through the door must be Mya’s normal human lover or, at least, one of them. “Mya! Marlin is on the line! He wants to talk to you right now!”

Slowly, haltingly, Mya broke the kiss with Megan. Her eyes were still glazed, but they were quickly regaining their focus. Reluctantly, the brunette peeled her body away from Megan’s perfect form. Megan suppressed a groan of frustration.

Mya pulled her bra cups back into place. Then, she reached out and squeezed both of Megan’s massive tits hard, before pulling up the blonde’s bikini bra triangles.

“Well, baby, that was nice,” Mya murmured. “But it looks like we’ll have to settle this some other time, when there are fewer interruptions.”

Mya walked to the door, but almost staggered as she moved. Clearly, her body was still incredibly aroused.

Megan watched Mya’s hips see-saw, her bare ass ripple, her naked back flex, as the brunette beauty sashayed out of the house. As she left, she addressed the guard standing outside.

“Keep an eye on our guest, David, and call me if she wants anything. Give her food and water, but otherwise don’t touch her.”

“Yes, Mya,” the big man agreed. He settled in to his watch.

Mya exchanged one final hot, hungry glare with Megan before she walked away, accompanied by the small normal woman Megan had seen earlier.

It was now the early afternoon. Megan knew it would be dark in about six hours. She had been careful to examine the encampment when she had come in, though her awkward position thrown over David’s shoulder had made that difficult. She had a good idea of which shack contained the camp’s transport, so she knew where she had to go to get away. Now, she just needed to get out of her restraints. And she did not know how much time she had. She assumed that Mya would take her to this Marlin, and that would not happen before tomorrow. But if Marlin were really anxious about getting her as “breeding stock”, he might be able to make it to this encampment by dark. Megan did not plan to take the risk.

David undid the turban he was wearing around his head and slowly peeled off most of the layers of his dusty clothing. Despite the bulky protective garments he was wearing, Megan could see that the man had sustained numerous sunburns. His skin was almost orange and weathered. He was a handsome man, but he looked much older than he probably was. Megan knew he was almost certain to have some spot on his body that was in some stage of cancer.

Megan stood resolutely, chained to the wooden pillar. David watched her like a hawk, but the heat and stuffiness eventually took its toll. He nodded off after an hour. Megan used the opportunity. Concentrating, suppressing her pain receptors, Megan worked her right hand in the steel shackle. She abraded her skin. She quickly cut her hand enough to bleed. She used the blood to lubricate her efforts. After a few minutes of determined struggle, she freed her right hand. The moment her hand was clear of the restraint, it began to heal. Megan thanked her enhanced regenerative abilities, not for the first time, and then leaned down to reach the top of her right boot. She extracted a makeshift lock pick that she kept hidden in the boot’s inner seam. She used the pick to free her left hand, then quickly and soundlessly released her ankles from their restraints.

Silently, she approached David. She tapped him on the shoulder. She was treated to the satisfying sight of his eyes shooting wide open in surprise and fear before she knocked him unconscious with a single sharp blow of the heel of her hand to his chin. His head shot back into the wall of the shack with a crack. She searched him and discovered that he was not armed. She was surprised at that, but she did not speculate on why her guard had no gun. There was no time for that.

Megan peeked out of the shack door. In the central area of the camp, next to what she had identified as the transport shack, two men were working on some machines. Her bike was propped up against the wall of the structure behind them. Her bags were still on the machine – the slavers had not yet gotten around to going through her things. She was a bit surprised. Usually, the first thing they would do would be to distribute her possessions among themselves. Something was distracting them, but she did not care. All that mattered for Megan was getting to her bike and getting away.

Mya had taken Megan’s gun and holster belt. Both of the men were armed. Carefully, she silently exited the shack. Once outside, she reached down and picked up two good sized stones. Then, without a moment’s hesitation, she hurled each stone, one after the other, right at each of the men. So fast was Megan’s attack that the first man had not even fallen before the second stone hit his companion. The men crumpled to the ground, knocked cold. Megan was already moving. She dashed across the yard, pausing to rip the gun belt, with its holstered gun, and a water canteen from the nearest fallen slaver. She threw open the transport shed, quickly took in what was there – a few bikes and a kind of dune buggy. She shot at the batteries on all of the vehicles, which exploded in a crackle of electronic sparks. She threw the belt and canteen over her shoulder and leaped onto her bike. She heard shouts behind her as people came running to investigate the shots. Megan activated the starter mechanism. With a gentle whine, the solar-powered bike came to life. Megan took off, the bike quickly building up to a powerful whirr as it sped away from the camp.

Just before she turned the corner around the nearest hill, Megan heard the hiss of a bullet passing close by. The sharp report of a shot reached her ear an instant later.

“No, don’t shoot!” Megan heard Mya scream. Then she was gone, picking up speed as she raced for the road and freedom. She paused only long enough to secure the gunbelt to her hip before gunning the motor and barreling down the highway at almost 100 k per hour, the fastest she dared to go on the treacherous road.

For the next three hours, Megan sped down the highway, putting as much distance between herself and Mya and her vicious band as she could. Part of Megan regretted having to leave. The skin to skin contact that she had enjoyed with Mya had been brief but thrilling and deeply arousing. Even now, her body burned everywhere she had had flesh to flesh contact with Mya. Megan was not surprised at her reaction. Megan could tell from her body’s response to Mya that she and the brunette were probably ideally suited to each other. When she had lived at the base she was born on, marathon sexual sessions with other enhanced humans, both men and women, had been a regular and incredibly satisfying part of her life. There were times, like now, when she missed it desperately.

Megan continued on for another hour. It was starting to get dark, so she decided to pull in at the next protected spot to set up camp for the night. She soon found some of the same kind of small knolls that hid Mya’s camp. She pulled a short distance off the road, pulled out her pack and ate some rations. She drank some of her stolen water, then prepared to rest. Despite the fact that the entire eastern seaboard was now a desert, the nights were still hot and humid, an effect of the powerful gases that trapped heat in the atmosphere. Megan curled up like a cat and prepared for a good night’s sleep. Well, she thought to herself as she drifted off, at least today was interesting.

Megan was awoken by the gentle whirring sound of an electric motor. She could tell from the pitch that it was a solar motorcycle, similar to her own. Megan grabbed her gun and carefully made her way toward the top of the small hill, to see the road. She could make out a bike slowly rolling down the road. The bike was crawling along and its headlights were off. But the moon was high in the sky and she could see, without question, that Mya was on the bike. The brunette had pursued her into the desert.

As Megan watched, Mya brought her bike to a stop. The brunette’s extraordinary night vision allowed her to see the tracks of Megan’s bike quite clearly and she could tell that Megan had gotten off the road at this point. Mya lowered her bike to the ground and began to silently follow Megan’s tracks into the dunes. Megan, equally silently, maneuvered behind Mya. She kept the gang leader in her sights and, when she was sure of being close enough to shoot Mya no matter how quickly the other woman moved, Megan spoke up.

“Alright, bitch,” Megan said firmly. Her gun pointed at the other woman’s back. Mya froze. “Put your gun on the ground – slowly – then turn around with your hands up.”

Carefully, Mya did as she was instructed. Megan moved closer and the two beautiful women regarded each other closely once again. Their voluptuous bodies glistened in the light of the full moon, the ghostly light accentuating the deep shadows under their round, firm tits, the deep crevasses of their navels, the soft grooves of their naked midriffs, the enticing shadows between their legs.

“So, you had another motorcycle?” Megan asked conversationally.

“Yes, I keep my own bike inside my shack. I like to tinker with it,” Mya replied with a smirk.

“Well, it’s too bad I’m going to have to trash it before I leave. I can’t have you following me.” Megan moved closer to Mya. “Go that way,” she indicated the direction of her bike with a wave of her gun.

Mya marched over the rough sand, Megan a short distance behind her, watching her swaying round ass.

“You got out of that manacle like a pro,” Mya observed. “Good work.”

“Thanks,” Megan replied. They arrived at Megan’s bike. Mya turned around to face her opponent, her hands still in the air.

“I’m going to use some rope from my bag to tie you up,” Megan explained. “You’ll get free eventually, but by then I’ll be long gone.” She gestured with the gun. “Turn around and face away from me.” Megan intended to use her pistol to knock Mya out, making the process of tying her much easier.

Mya smiled. “I don’t think so,” she purred. She clenched her fist, activating something in the palm of her hand. Megan heard a high-pitched whine then heard a click sound coming from her gun. She looked down, startled, at the weapon. She realized what had happened. Mya had used an electronic signal to lock the gun’s safety. It was a high tech security device to prevent unauthorized use of a firearm. Obviously, Mya had attached this security precaution to all of her team’s weapons. Megan cursed herself for her carelessness.

Mya’s foot lashed out, burying the sharp toe of her right boot deep in Megan’s bare belly. The kick was incredibly powerful and sent Megan flying as pain exploded in her gut. Even as she went sprawling, Megan had the presence of mind to throw her gun away from her as hard as she could. It might be useless for her right now, but she could not risk Mya getting hold of the weapon, especially since the brunette had the key to unlock the gun.

Mya cursed as she saw the gun go sailing off into the dark. She considered running after it, but then she decided to press her advantage and went running towards Megan instead. Megan recovered quickly. Getting to her left knee, she braced herself and lashed out with her right leg, catching Mya hard in her taut gut. Mya gasped as she went hurtling back. Her arms flung wide and the electronic key flew out of her open hand and into the sand dunes.

“Fuck!,” Mya snarled as she realized what had happened. She rolled to her feet. Megan was now approaching her warily, crouched over in battle stance.

Mya crouched down. The two magnificent women faced each other, moving in a circle. Their massive tits hung down like twin meaty cannonballs, almost spilling out of their tiny bikini tops, glistening with perspiration in the moonlight, their nipples jutting like knives.

The women exploded in a blur of movement and violence. In an instant they exchanged brutal combinations of kicks and punches at lightning fast speed, most of which they both managed to block. Megan managed to get in a punch, sinking her right fist deep into Mya’s massive left tit. Mya shrieked but she retaliated instantly, hitting Megan’s melons like twin punching bags, battering the blonde’s fleshy mammaries in a flurry of punches. Both women covered their breasts then moved in closer and exchanged a series of hard blows to their naked bellies. Mya broke Megan’s guard and sent a knee rocketing up into Megan’s abdomen, just below her solar plexus. Megan gasped and fell to her knees. Mya prepared to smash Megan’s face with a hard right. Before she could act, Megan drove her right fist directly up between Mya’s powerful thighs, smashing Mya’s sensitive pussy.

Mya shrieked in agony. She joined Megan on her knees on the ground. Grunting with pain, Megan lashed out with an open-handed slap, whipping Mya’s head around. Snarling with rage, Mya returned the blow. Grunting, incoherent with hate, the beautiful women reached for each other’s heads. They both sank their powerful fingers into the other woman’s thick hair and began to pull viciously at each other’s beautiful manes. For long moments, Mya and Megan rocked back and forth on their knees as they each tried to rip out the other woman’s hair by the roots. Their grunts and snarls of rage and pain mingled. At the same time, both women freed one hand from the other’s head and began exchanging vicious punches, striking at each other’s heads and breasts and bellies. Their tits swung furiously as they pulled and pounded at each other.

Finally, Mya managed to throw Megan off balance. With a cry, Mya got her feet under her and threw herself on Megan’s nearly naked body. The women’s bikinied bodies crashed together. Massive tits slammed hard and, as they fell over, their rock-hard bellies slapped together. Megan wrapped her arms around Mya’s body, which was writhing on top of her own, grinding slick flesh to flesh. Mya returned the grip. The women squeezed each other in a mutual bearhug. Thick, meaty tits compressed tightly, struggling to flatten each other down; hard, sweaty bellies slid and rubbed. Megan twined her powerful legs through Mya’s legs and corded muscles strained against each other.

Incredible sexual sensations rippled and coursed through both women’s voluptuous bodies as their superhuman flesh met and meshed. Bodies designed to be extraordinarily sensitive to each other overflowed with heat and pulsing erotic tension. Electricity seemed to wrap around their writhing flesh.

“Oh, Jesus Fuck!!,” Megan groaned as the intense sensations wracked her perfect body. For the moment, the fight was forgotten; all she wanted to do was hold Mya’s bare flesh to her own and enjoy the erotic electricity. The women were cheek to cheek, their faces buried in their opponent’s thick mane of hair. Mya gasped and cried out, her body wriggling and writhing as she struggled to rub her flesh into every inch of Megan’s inviting, enticing body. She raised herself up, then slammed down, slapping their bellies, driving her hard tits down into Megan’s waiting rack. The women screamed in unison as pleasure roared through their merging flesh.

For several minutes, Megan and Mya rubbed and writhed together in the dirt, under the glow of the moon. Their bodies fed each other erotic energy, their flesh burned with sexual heat. Their gasps and cries echoed in the night, their heavy panting and pounding hearts filled their senses.

Megan felt Mya’s hands on her tits, then realized that the other woman had pulled Megan’s bikini top away from her breasts, exposing her throbbing golden orbs and their exquisitely sensitive nipples. Moaning, Megan reached behind Mya’s back and untied her bikini bra and yanked it away. Mya was now topless. The brunette raised herself up with her arms, so that she was arched above Megan, her massive, heavy tits hanging down, pointing directly at Megan’s matching tits. The women paused. Their eyes locked. Mutual sexual desire and the need to satisfy the demands of their libidos were paramount for both women. Megan grabbed her own massive tits, which were weighing to her sides. She pushed them together, the firm flesh pressing, her nipples pointing up at Mya’s tanned orbs. Mya lowered her body just slightly and brushed the tips of her nipples against Megan’s waiting nipples. Electric sensations coursed through their breasts, filling their meaty tits with unbelievable heat that radiated down into the rest of their bodies. The women closed their eyes and groaned in unison. Mya’s arms collapsed and her heavy tits pancaked onto Megan’s equally dense globes. The women’s groans turned to full-throated cries of sexual bliss as their tits mated. Mya wrapped her arms around Megan’s back and squeezed hard, rejoicing in the intense sensation of her tits crushing and merging with Megan’s fantastic rack. She felt Megan’s fingers tearing at the elastic of her thong; moments later, Mya felt her soaked thong being ripped away from her body and tossed aside. She was now perfectly nude, except for her boots.

Mya leaned forward, planting her full weight on her tits and pressing Megan harder into the ground. She reached down and pulled at Megan’s thong, mangling the tiny scrap of cloth as she tore it away from the blonde’s hips. Megan’s bra was still tied behind her back, but the cups had been pulled aside and were now caught under the weight of her tits, digging into the underside of her firm breasts. Mya reached behind Megan and undid the blonde’s bra, tossing it aside. Now, both bitches were equally naked and equally inflamed with lust and need.

Mya pushed forward on Megan’s delicious form. She felt her whole body align to Megan’s voluptuous body. The women’s massive tits rotated on each other as the women worked their backs and torsos, grinding tit to tit. Their nipples eclipsed and crushed hard, the long shafts of their engorged nips twisting together. Their hot bellies, wet with sweat, slammed together so tightly that the deep slits of their navels sucked. Mya felt the smooth, extra-sensitive skin of her pubes, shaved clean, rub deliciously against Megan’s equally smooth pubes. She pushed down with her hips and groaned as the hot, wet slit of her cunt crushed down into its counterpart on Megan’s perfect body. Wet fucklips kissed and suck, sliding against each other with delicious smoothness. Both women shuddered uncontrollably as the incredible furnaces of their open cunts melted together. Mya thrust down hard, then rubbed her wet cunt around and around on Megan’s sopping twat. Megan writhed back, grinding her hips in the opposite direction.

The women glared at each other through half-open eyes, their hot breath mixing, their pants of lust coming hard and fast.

“I’m going to fuck you blind, you cuntsucking whore,” Mya whispered at Meg, her voice trembling with desire. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to walk for a week. Then, I’m going to drag you back to my camp and sell your sorry ass to the highest bidder.”

“Give me everything you’ve got, slut,” Megan shot back. “We’ll see who gets fucked and who does the fucking.” Megan sank her claws into Mya’s perfect, heart-shaped ass and pulled the brunette beauty onto her body even harder and deeper. Mya drove her tongue down into Megan’s open mouth. The women’s tongue twisted into erotic knots as their bodies attacked each other with all of their sexual power.

Mya writhed and ground her steaming, naked flesh into every inch of Megan’s delicious body, even as she tried to suck the breath out of Megan through their locked mouths. Megan ground and bucked her body back just as hard. The women’s tits struggled powerfully, dense titflesh and swollen nipples grinding and grating. Their hungry, angry cunts fought furiously. At first, they slapped and slammed their wet cunts together brutally, each trying to pound the sex out of the other. The night air rang with the sound of taut, wet flesh slapping. Soon, they settled into a slow, hard grind. Their slick cuntlips slid together, lubricated with their hot pussyjuice, sliding and slopping back and forth, sending electrical pulses of erotic sensation rippling through the womens’ overheated bodies.

Mya and Megan had to break their violent kissing after a while, as their need for breath became unavoidable. Cheek to cheek, they gasped and groaned, their erotic moaning growing higher and louder as the fuckfight raged on. Megan felt her throbbing clit growing and hardening with every thrust. Soon, the engorged organ, extra-large and sensitive on her superior body, pushed its way free, swelling out of her aching cunt. At the same time, Megan felt Mya’s monstrously aroused clit sizzling up through her labia, stroking and caressing Meg’s inner cuntlips.

Both women cried out and Megan tried to seize and hold the invading shaft with her pussy mouth. She spread her legs wider and worked her hips. Mya froze as she felt the touch of Megan’s hot, hard clit, pushing at her twat.

The women paused in their struggle. Mya raised her head and positioned her face nose to nose with Megan’s beautiful face. Panting like race horses, the women glared hatefully into each other’s eyes as they worked their hips and cunts just slightly, maneuvering their burning clits until their sexhorns were in position. Then, with mutual snarls of hate and desire, they thrust at each other.

Megan and Mya screamed, their shrieks of unbearable sexual agony soon turning to uncontrollable sobs of pleasure. Their unbelievably sensitive clits fought viciously. Up, down, around and side to side, the two women stabbed and rubbed and jousted with their clits. Each contact was like a small bomb of ecstasy going off in their deepest cores, spreading heat and pleasure to every cell in their bodies. It was exquisite torture and neither woman was willing to back down. Wrapping their bodies together, holding tight, they pumped each other and fucked as hard as they could, each struggling to screw the other into oblivion, to prove which of them was the stronger woman, to pull as much pleasure out of each other as they could stand.

Their bodies ground into each other mercilessly, but they moved very little as their corded muscles strained against each other and held them almost immobile. Their powerful asses pumped slow and hard, moving together. Their ravenous cunts sucked and ate at each other furiously.

Panting, groaning, snarling, sobbing with pleasure and hate, Mya and Megan rode each other mercilessly. The women’s enormous clits could easily have been twisted and locked into a knot, but both women avoided that kind of overwhelming assault. Instead, they struggled clit to clit until their swollen sexhorns were trapped together, side by side and crushed tight, within their locked, tight slits. The women continued to saw their marble-hard organs against each other, forcing ever higher levels of pleasure on each other. Their thick clits were mated within their locked cunts; the women squeezed their conjoined clits with all the power of their drooling cunts, screaming with ecstasy as their pussies devoured their most sensitive organs. Waves of erotic heat and tension roared through their straining, struggling bodies.

Megan groaned and panted and heaved with pleasure. Unbearable waves of heat and tension started in her clit and rolled up through her body, sending her skin, sending every nerve in her body, tingling with electricity. She closed her eyes and fucked at Mya joyfully, her body lost in erotic bliss. It has been so, so long since she had last enjoyed another human like her, let alone a bitch as powerful and beautiful as Mya. Maybe it was just because it had been so long since she had last fucked another enhanced human, maybe it was because her sex with Mya was liberally seasoned with mutual hatred, but Megan was convinced that what she was experiencing was somehow even more intense and delicious than what she had felt in the past. She felt as though her skin was burning with power, as though she was melting into Mya’s slick, hot, writhing body.

Mya was experiencing exactly the same reaction. She had been without the physical enjoyment of another enhanced human for almost as long as Megan. Her body felt as though it was melting, merging with Megan’s rocking, thrusting flesh, combining into one mass of ecstasy. She did not know how long she could keep herself from exploding in an incredibly intense orgasm, but the only thing she wanted to do was keep grinding clits with Megan until they both collapsed in ecstatic exhaustion.

Grunting with each hard thrust, Mya and Megan continued to ride each other furiously. The women’s hands were fixed to each other’s pumping ass, their fingers and nails clawing at the taut, rippling flesh, their massive breasts squashed and pulsing with erotic sensations. Their nipples were burning with friction, twisted together deep within their titflesh.

Mya gritted her teeth and struggled to keep from screaming with pleasure. But her erotic moans and gasps grew louder and more desperate with each moment. Beneath her, Megan grunted and groaned and snarled. The women moved their bodies in concert, keeping their tight pussies plastered together, thick cunt lips sucking, their clits in continuous contact, fucking each other into a frenzy of lust.

The incredible sensations throbbing in Mya’s swollen clit built to a massive, unbearable peak. She tried to will her body to hold on, to resist the devastating orgasm pulsing in her core but, in the end, she could not. She rammed her cunt even harder onto Megan’s wet, hungry twat, thrusting with her hips, flattening her pussy to Megan’s matching sex, driving with all of her strength.

“Fuck, Oh Fuck, OH FUCK!!,” Mya howled. She came in a gush of pussy juice. She came so hard, so incredibly hard, that it almost felt to her like she was pissing. She rammed her cunt as deep as she could into Megan, her clit burning with sensation, delighting in the feeling of her woman-ejaculate injecting into Megan’s hot, warm quim. An instant later, she felt an answering gush of cunt juice as Megan came, screaming like a banshee.

The women bucked, their locked hips jerking and writhing, their long, tight bodies undulating up and down in rhythm like mating snakes, as they shared orgasm after orgasm, as they exchanged hard jets of hot cum. Their inner thighs and bellies, already drenched with sweat, grew wet with sexual secretions. Their burning cunts, locked together like hungry mouths, squeezed and squeezed, struggling to devour each other. Their tits grew hot and sweaty with friction and both women felt the thickening of their titflesh, filling with the sensation of impending lactation.

Megan and Mya clung to each other until they had sucked and fucked the last drop of cream out of the other woman’s convulsing cunt. For a few minutes, they lay still in each others’ arms, panting and heaving, soaked in sweat and sex, limbs twined, flesh melted together. They rested cheek to cheek and gasped for air, their hair mixed and meshed, their sweat mingling. Their pulsing clits throbbed together, pressed tight inside their locked cunts.

With a groan, Mya finally pulled herself off of Megan’s sweaty, cum-coated body and rolled onto her back. She felt exhilarated. Her sex continued to burn with heat and, as she lay staring at the moon, she felt the tension in her erogenous zones start to build again. At some level, she knew that she was feeling the effects of Megan’s pheromones acting on her body. The incredible sexual attraction between enhanced humans had taken over both women. But neither woman cared. They had both become sexual animals and they could only be satisfied by ravaging each other.

Mya turned her head to look at Megan, who was also staring, wide-eyed up at the stars. Megan sensed Mya’s gaze; she turned her head to her sexual rival and the woman’s eyes locked. The heat that passed between them reignited the spark of their sexual fury.

Megan pulled herself to a sitting position. Mya sat up too. Before she could reach for Megan, her breasts throbbing with heat, her pussy growing tight and hot, she saw Megan start to pull off her boots. Megan wished to continue their battle completely nude. Mya quickly did the same.

Megan crawled on her hands and knees towards Mya; Mya moved to meet her. The two women pushed close, their heavy tits hanging down and swinging like pendulums, the bright moonlight glinting off their round asses. Megan and Mya pushed their faces together, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, hot breath mingling.

“Are you ready to fuck, you cunt?” Megan whispered to Mya, the incredible lust in her body making her voice hoarse and harsh. “Are you ready for me to fuck you raw?”

“Oh baby,” Mya groaned, “I’m going to do things to you that you won’t believe. I’m going to ride you like a horse…” She could not resist any longer and thrust her tongue between Megan’s lips, into her mouth.

Megan sucked ravenously at Mya’s invading tongue, then opened her mouth wide and began licking, tongue to tongue, with Mya. The women caressed each other’s tongues, playing with each other, exchanging spit and scouring the inside of each other’s mouths, teasing the other, then sometimes attacking, their tongues struggling and pushing and trying to overpower each other. They felt the lust rising, building in their bodies, their eager pink probs feeding the heat and desire and in the rest of their aching flesh. Mya and Megan felt themselves slowly, inexorably, going insane with lust.

Finally, they stopped, resting nose to nose, sharing pants of lust. Megan ran her tongue over Mya’s lips one final time, then leaned back on her ass. She spread her bare, powerful legs wide and presented her beautiful cunt to Mya’s sex-crazed eyes. The moonlight illuminated the wet gleaming off Megan’s torso and focused around her thick, juicy pussy lips. Megan flexed her cunt, squeezing out some liquid, her pussy lubricating as her hunger built. Her thick clit rose up from her fuckhole, swollen and quivering in the lunar glow.

Mya groaned. She almost threw herself face first into Megan’s pussy, suddenly ravenously hungry for the taste of the other woman’s cunt. Mya knew that this could be a good strategy. She might be able to overwhelm and control Megan if she managed to wrap her tongue and lips around the other woman’s clit and sucked the whore to orgasm. But Mya felt the desire overflowing in her body and her desire was to meet and master Megan’s body with her own, to fuck the other woman until only one of them could take it, to satisfy the intense need wracking her perfect form.

Mya sat back and spread her legs to match Megan. Megan stared down into Mya’s twat and licked her lips unconsciously, her eyes glazing over with lust even more. The women locked eyes and smiled at each other hungrily. They both knew what they were going to do to each other and they knew that, whoever emerged victorious from their struggle, they would inflict unbelievable pleasure on each other. They shuddered in anticipation.

Flawless, bare, smooth muscled legs slid over each other as the women moved into position, scissoring each other, preparing to go at each other cunt to cunt and clit to clit. They leaned back, bracing their powerful bodies with their hands, their massive tits jiggling, taut with tension. Mya reached between her legs and spread her cuntlips, freeing her burning clit, stroking her sexnub and then shuddering with pleasure. She felt her hot pussy lubricate freely. Her cunt ached with need.

Megan spread her pussy lips with her index and middle finger and rubbed her clit. She moaned, panting, then thrust her fingers up her hungry cunt, briefly finger-fucking herself, momentarily allowing her intense need get the better of her. But she pulled out, and returned her hand behind her body to brace herself.

“Give me everything you’ve got, you bitch,” Megan snarled.

Mya sneered in reply. “I’m a lot more than you can handle, cunt fucker.”

Pulling back, Mya and Megan glared at each other. Then, signaling with their eyes, they thrust hard at each other. Their hot cunts slammed together with a thick, juicy slap. Their slick cunts, wet and slimy with lubrication, slid against each other furiously, merging into a meaty mass of ecstasy. Megan and Mya screamed and groaned and sobbed with pleasure.

“Fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” Megan chanted, her mind exploding with pleasure. Mya groaned and moaned relentlessly, her cries of joy growing louder and more insistent as the fuckfight engaged. The women threw back their heads and cried out to the sky, screaming with ecstasy as they fully enjoyed each other’s beautiful bodies, both women reveling in the hormones that coursed through their perfect flesh, filling them with incredible sensations. Their massive tits bounced heavily, their nipples ached with tension.

Megan and Mya began slamming their cunts, pulling back and driving at each other, pounding their wet twats together in unbearable ecstasy, both women excited by the violence of their pussy smashing conflict, enjoying the feeling of hot, wet flesh slapping and shocking, sending pulses of pleasure through their bodies. The women enjoyed the frisson of pain that kept building as they pounded pussies viciously.

After several minutes, they stopped pounding cunts and started grinding, working their hot, wet, hungry cunts into each other, spreading each other, trying to get their pussies into each other deep and hard. Mya and Megan moaned with joy, gasping. Their need to mate, to join together completely, to totally violate each other, overwhelmed them. Their cunts slowly locked, wet cuntlips sucking and forming a vacuum as they sank into each other, the hot lubrication helping their slick flesh to seal tight. Burning, aching clits slid along each other, sending a coruscating flow of raw, erotic electricity coursing through their struggling bodies.

“OH FUCKING GOD!!,” Megan howled as her clit exploded with power and sensation.

“AAAAAAHHHHH!!!,” Mya shrieked, her claws digging into the soft earth as the unbearable sensations bombarded her body.

Sobbing, gasping with pleasure, Mya and Megan began grinding furiously, clit to clit. Megan threw back her head and screamed in sheer joy. All she wanted to do was to keep this incredible mutual fucking going for as long as she could. Mya thrust back just as hard, her eyes closed tight, her mouth howling with pleasure, her body working against Megan’s body with absolute abandon. Their tits rocked and bounced, spraying sweat.

The women wrapped their legs around each other’s hips and asses, holding each other in place as they leaned back and pumped hard. The desert night echoed with the animal sounds of two Alpha bitches fucking each other senseless, their cries and growls and screams of pleasure mingling with the sounds of their taut, wet bodies slapping and grinding against each other.

On and on, the sexual battle raged, Mya and Megan lost in the raw ecstasy of their mutual fucking. Waves of heat flowed deliciously through the women as their sexually enhanced bodies struggled. Their bodies were designed to inflict incredible pleasure on each other and Mya and Megan felt transported by the indescribable sensations feeding their lust. They were lost in a haze of feverish desire, all semblance of thought gone, everything lost to the delicious rhythm of their pumping asses and grinding clits.

Megan forced her eyes open to stare at Mya’s rocking tits. The blonde reached out and grabbed each of Mya’s shoulders, one at a time. She pulled herself up towards her brunette enemy. Mya reached for Megan, wrapping her arms around the other woman’s naked back, pulling her in close. With a shared groan of pleasure, the women shuddered as their heavy tits mated, nipples crushing tight, areolas merging, thick titflesh gradually squashing into one. Megan pushed her beautiful face up to Mya’s equally gorgeous face. The women stared at each other, eyes glazed with delirious pleasure. They exchanged licks and then opened their mouths and swallowed each other’s tongues, pushing and shoving until they wrapped their tongues around each other, sharing spit. They moaned with unbearable sensations as their perfect bodies slowly became one pleasure-wracked flesh. Mya lowered her hands to Megan’s ass, seizing the blonde’s humping buttocks; Megan immediately reciprocated the grip. Holding each other tight, grinding and locking and twisting every inch of flesh on their bodies into their counterparts on the other woman, Mya and Megan fucked each other relentlessly. Intense heat and pressure grew in their cores, concentrated in their throbbing, grinding clits.

Finally, breaking their kiss to scream at the sky, Megan came excruciatingly hard, her cunt convulsing powerfully and shooting a blast of hot cum into Mya’s ravenous pussy.

“OH, FUCKING GOD!!,” the blonde howled, her head thrown back, her eyes squeezed shut, her body shuddering with the incredible ecstasy.

She tightened her body even more around Mya’s form, and pulled even harder on Mya’s ass, even as she bucked her hips and ass with all her strength, trying to drive her cunt as deep and hard into her enemy as she could. Her body ached for a complete union with Mya’s flesh.

Mya smiled with delight, rejoicing in the delicious, vicious intimacy of Megan’s hot juices flowing up into her vaginal canal, bathing her clit in sticky warmth and spreading over the slick flesh where their bodies were merged and locked. A moment later, stimulated to the point of no return by Megan’s hot ejaculate, Mya exploded, screaming in joy as her body detonated with pleasure.

“AAARRRRGGHHHH!!,” she shrieked incoherently. She could feel multiple orgasms lining up, preparing to explode one after the other in her core. It was as though a dam had broken inside of her sex.

The women clung together and continued to grind furiously, pulling orgasm after orgasm out of their pleasure-rocked bodies, accepting and exchanging hard shots of pussy juice as their twats convulsed in ecstasy. Cheek to cheek, panting hard, Mya and Megan cursed and swore at each other, when their tongues and mouths were not locked together or when they were not biting passionately at each other’s shoulders and cheeks and lower lips. Their tits felt like they had expanded into massive, fleshy balloons on the women’s chests. Their tits compressed ever tighter as the women rode each other through their multi-orgasmic climax.

Mya suddenly realized that the liquid on her chest was not just sweat; she and Megan had both started to lactate. Their crushed tits and intertwined, struggling nipples were beginning to express milk under the intense pressure and sexual stimulation. Only twice before in her life had Mya ever become so aroused that she had started to lactate and even then, the previous experiences had only been small trickles. This felt like milk was squeezing out from between the women’s compressed boobs in a near-torrent, coating their massive orbs in a hot, sticky film of mixed milk, trickling down their bellies to join with the cum and other juices leaking out from their sealed pussies.

Mya and Megan placed their faces nose to nose and moaned in the other woman’s face as they continued to exchange and share orgasms. Both women began to rotate their tits more powerfully against each other and squeezed harder. Now that they had started to lactate, both vixens were determined to milk dry the other woman’s tits with her own.

“You cuntsucking whore,” Megan moaned at her foe as she felt Mya’s nipples stabbing deep into her own, as she felt milk flow more freely from her mammoth tits. This had never happened before and she had the real fear that Mya would cause her tits to soften and collapse if she kept up the attack. Megan stabbed back, and delighted as she felt warm milk gush from Mya’s nips into her own. But so much milk was flowing from both of the enraged women’s breasts that it was impossible to tell, at least right now, who was losing more. At the same time, their voluptuous bodies continued to be wracked by chain orgasms, each one more devastating than the last as the women’s clits knotted together and fused tight.

Sobbing with passion and pleasure, Mya and Megan squeezed each other as hard as they could, tightening their arms and legs around each other, forming themselves into a shuddering, voluptuous ball of gorgeous female flesh. They pressed cheek to cheek, burying their faces in the other’s hair, clinging to each other as their uncontrollable bodies forced them higher and higher on the pleasure curve. Megan felt herself passing out, the intense sensations erupting in the most intimate hidden recesses of her body finally too much to take. It was as though her whole body was one huge genital, slick and hot with sweat and cum, merging and melting into Mya’s body, which had also become one giant, cum-slicked twat. The sensations were simply too much for her brain’s pleasure centers to endure. With a final shuddering, devastating orgasm, Megan felt her consciousness finally fade away in an explosion of orgasmic light and intensity. Her grip on Mya weakened and she felt her body slowly slide down to the sandy ground. In her semi-conscious state, even as orgasms continued to chain through her body, she expected to feel Mya’s body pressing down on top of her. But she could not take anymore. With a sigh of bliss, Megan felt a final orgasm claim her, starting deep in her core, then pulsing through her body, building and building until it rippled through her and exploded out of her head. Her nipples spurted along with her cunt. She gratefully embraced the oblivion of exhaustion.

To Be Continued