Megan regained consciousness only a few minutes later. She could tell because the moon had hardly moved in the sky and her body was still vibrating in the aftermath of the incredible sexual nirvana it had just experienced. Megan felt a pressure in and on her cunt, and realized that her body was still locked with Mya’s beautiful form. As she regained her senses, she felt the weight of Mya’s legs scissoring her body and she could see the other woman’s bare legs and feet on either side of her head. Megan realized that the brunette must have passed out too. Even as she thought this, Mya stirred.

Megan and Mya propped themselves up on their elbows and looked at each other over the tops of their wet, hot tits. Megan felt anger and sexual heat stirring deep in her loins. Her desire to break and fuck Mya into submission was as powerful as ever. She could see the same passion firing up in Mya’s angry eyes and she knew that they were both lost to the biological imperatives of their bodies. She tried to think of a way to turn this to her advantage, but she was finding it harder and harder to think. Her sexual instincts were taking over, reducing her to a ravenous bitch who needed to fulfill her body’s urges.

The women pulled apart, their hungry cunts separating with a hard suck and a splatter of mixed juices, their taut clits sliding apart with a shiver of erotic electricity that caused both women to gasp.

Mya and Megan got onto their hands and knees and glared at each other across the moon-dappled ground. The women examined each other’s bodies.

“Are you ready for round two, you little fuck?” Mya growled. Her nipples were so hard they hurt.

“Oh yeah, baby,” Megan purred. “I’m going to fuck you up so bad…”

Milk dripped from Mya and Megan’s nipples as they began to crawl towards each other, moving gracefully like savage cats, prepared to leap into each other’s arms and fight it out. As they came closer, however, Mya stood up on her knees, raised her arms, laced her fingers behind her head, and thrust her meaty tits forward. She twisted her torso, causing her magnificent mammaries to rock from side to side and jiggle enticingly.

Megan immediately understood. Mya wanted a nipple fight.

Megan stood up on her knees and mirrored Mya’s position. Slowly, carefully, the women moved towards each other, their throbbing nipples tantalizingly close, closing the gap. Megan was amazed at how beautiful Mya’s tits were, how long and hard the other woman’s nipples were. She could not wait to match them to her own beauties. When they were close enough, the women did not press nipple to nipple; instead, they crossed their hard, brown cylinders like swords and slowly, agonizingly, rubbed their shafts together, side to side, up and down.

“Mmmmmm,” Mya and Megan moaned in unison, closing their eyes as the erotic electricity raced through their bodies. They kept this up for a few minutes, not pressing, just rubbing their engorged nipples up and down against each other until they felt like four thick clits, throbbing with pleasure, pulsing with sharp heat. When she was sure that her nipples were as hard as they could possibly be, Mya reluctantly broke off the mutual rubbing and began pressing her tits to the side, locking her nipples with Megan’s and trying to bend the blonde beauty’s nips. Megan immediately realized the nipplefight had entered its next phase and began pushing in the opposite direction. Their battle had now become a test of whose nipples were harder and stronger, whose arousal and self-control were greater, whose tits were thicker and heavier and more powerful.

For long minutes the women pushed against each other, their nipples crossed and locked like swords. Their nipples bent each other back and sprang apart like tightly-wound springs, sending spasms of exquisite pain and pleasure racing through the combatants. Instantly, they crossed nipples again and resumed the battle, flicking their nipples back and forth until the throbbing brown cylinders ached with sexual power and sensitivity. Still, despite their best efforts, neither Mya nor Megan could force the other woman’s nips to submit. Instead, their nipples grew so stiff that neither Mya and Megan could bend the other one’s back. Their nipples locked and held even under the weight of the quivering meat of their round, heavy tits.

“Enough of this,” Megan finally gasped, pulling back. The nipplefight had reached a stalemate and she knew she needed to take it to the next level. “Tit to tit, right now.”

“I’m going to milk those flabby bags dry, cunt,” Megan breathed, her breath coming in hot pants.

Mya smiled. “Bring it, bitch,” she murmured in reply. Her tits were aching and throbbing with arousal and her nipples were hard and sore with tension and sensitivity. “I’m going to smash those fucking things flat and squeeze out every drop.”

The hate-filled Amazons lined up their swollen nipples and pressed their hard, thick brown cylinders together, head to head. Their nipple holes seized and suctioned on each other, pulling milk from the other woman’s tits.

“Fuck, oh Fuck,” Mya moaned as incredible pleasure arced through her massive tits, causing them to swell and harden even more. Hot milk spurted from her tits as their dense, internal tissues contracted and stiffened under the sexual stimulation.

“Oh, God, God, God,” Megan gasped as the same sensations filled her breasts, feeding intense erotic power into her pulsing clit.

The women kneeled together, tit to tit, not pushing but just feeling the erotic power that their bodies were pouring into each other, feeling the heat and electricity as their breasts sealed and stimulated the women into a sexual frenzy. Megan and Mya’s eyes were glazed with lust and need, their incredible bodies growing ever more enslaved to the natural attraction built into their genes.

Panting, the women began to press, seeking to drive the other woman’s nipples back into her tits. Their hard nipples quivered and slowly, agonizingly, pushed back into their titflesh. Milk slowly leaked from their mating nipples, squeezing out to coat their fusing mammaries with a light sheen of liquid. Mya moaned in agony and lust and wrapped her arms around Megan’s naked back. Megan returned the grip. Megan and Mya began to crush their bodies together, locked into a mutual bearhug. Their taut, full tits resisted, compressing and slowly ballooning out to their sides. The milk from their crushing tits flowed harder, but not as hard as when the women had first begun to lactate.

Groaning, holding each other tight, Mya and Megan began rotating their tits, moving in opposite directions, drilling their tits into each other with exquisite force and care, grinding together deliciously. The women worked their shoulders and back muscles. They moaned and gasped, their bodies shuddering with passion as indescribable pleasure burned and throbbed, filling their dense titflesh with electricity, feeding the power and sensation in their engorged clits. Mya and Megan pushed nose to nose, groaning with need, their eyes locked in hate and lust. Their slipped their noses past each other and sealed their mouths together in a deep, luscious kiss. Their eager tongues worked hard inside their cheeks, they shared spit and hot breath. Their cries of raw pleasure, their groans of ecstasy, began to grow more urgent and desperate.

Mya felt the entire world falling away. All of her senses focused into her breasts and her pussy. Her tits felt like huge, throbbing, meaty bags of electrical sensation. Her clit felt like a balloon, pushing out of her twat, pulsing in time to the throbbing in her massive tits as they rolled and squashed against Megan’s dense breasts, as her nipples almost exploded with pleasure. For Megan, the same incredible feelings permeated her tits and fed her aching clit. The women’s tits rolled and wrestled and slid against each other deliciously, wet, taut flesh sliding in and around each other like mating, oiled-up snakes. The women’s breasts grew more taut and more thick and sensitive as the warriors titfucked furiously.

On and on, Megan and Mya ground their boobs. Milk flowed from their breasts, down their slick bellies and rippled down over their boiling cunts. Their pussies were already wet and hot with pussy juice; liquids and lubricants trickled down their inner thighs and their cunts dripped with moisture.

The women broke their hungry kiss and rested their beautiful faces cheek to cheek, their chins on the other’s shoulder. They bit and licked at each other, almost frantic with pleasure and lust. Hot tongues invaded shell-like ears, nibbling at earlobes, licking and biting at necks and shoulders.

“God, you whore, you fucking whore,” Mya moaned, her voice breaking with passion and raging hunger.

“Cuntlicking slut, you filthy fuck,” Megan groaned back in reply. Megan slid one hand down Mya’s muscled back to the brunette’s hard round ass. She squeezed and sank her claws into the firm buttock, before inserting a probing finger up Mya’s asshole. Mya cried out and felt her sphincter contract hard around the invading digit. Mya immediately returned the violation and, for the next few minutes, the women ground their tits and groaned in pleasure and agony as they probed each other’s asses, searching for ways to drive each other insane with lust.

Even so, the battle remained focused on their struggling tits, which continued to massage each other vigorously, mashing and grinding and sliding and squashing, stimulating both women to unbearable heights of pleasure. The tension and ecstasy filling their tits created in Mya and Megan the overwhelming desire to rub their cunts into one frothy mess of pleasure. Their clits were as hard as rocks and throbbed painfully with desire.

But neither woman was yet ready to shift her position enough to bring their lower bodies into contact. The tit to tit grinding was so powerful that Mya and Megan sensed, even through the haze of sexual heat, that pushing their bodies in closer now would result in one woman overbalancing the other and taking the dominant position in the fuckfight to follow.

Megan was slowly going crazy with lust. She needed the cunt to cunt contact with Mya, she needed to go clit to clit with her enemy. She was preparing to throw herself onto her back, to pull Mya down on top of her and spread her legs to her foe, maybe even to offer herself in submission. Anything to get Mya’s cunt and clit locked into her twat. At some level, Megan knew that to do this was to practically surrender, but she did not care. All that mattered was fucking and fucking Mya’s unbelievable body, losing herself in the indescribable pleasure of Mya’s burning flesh.

Before she could act on this need, however, Megan suddenly felt the incredible pulsing heat in her tits flare to an intensity she had never experienced before. The heat seemed to originate in her rock-hard nips, fill all of her dense titflesh to overflowing, then flow directly into her engorged clit. Megan only had a moment to realize that she was experiencing her first nipple orgasm when her clit exploded in absolute ecstasy.

Megan tossed back her blonde hair and shrieked like a banshee. Her inner pussy muscles contracted and convulsed and hot cum jetted out from between her legs, splattering on the ground like it was shot from a hose.

“Oh, FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!,” she screamed, as wave after wave of pleasure flowed down from her sex-engorged tits directly into her aching clit. She felt, for that moment, that if she started stroking her clit, she might never stop coming. Even as the orgasm took her, Megan knew that she was at a serious disadvantage. She expected to find herself shoved onto her back at any moment, to be mounted and spread by Mya, and then fucked into oblivion. Part of her wanted that very, very much.

A moment after Megan ejaculated on the ground, however, Mya tightened her grip on her blonde enemy’s back, groaned tortuously, then screamed with pleasure as she came hard too, a geyser of pussy juice erupting from her cunt to splash on the ground and mix with the woman-cum that Megan had already released.

Holding each other tight, moaning with joy, Mya and Megan orgasmed in unison, multiple climaxes shaking their perfect bodies. As their cunts spasmed with pleasure, jetting hot cum, their burning nipples squirted in concert, ejaculating hot milk onto the women’s chests and torsos. The women threw back their heads and cried out in pleasure and joy, their thick hair tossing. As the final orgasms rippled through their bodies, they rested their faces cheek to cheek, gasping and panting in each other’s ears.

With the slight relief of the orgasm, Megan was able to think more clearly, but she knew that she could not resist her animal desires any longer.

She slipped her right hand down Mya’s smooth, damp belly and cupped the brunette’s wet, hot slit with the palm of her hand. Then, before Mya could react, Megan slipped two fingers into the other woman’s cunt and began stroking her enemy’s clit. Mya sobbed, her sobs turning instantly into screams of pleasure. But she was not beaten yet. She slid her own right hand down into Megan’s twat and was soon rubbing and stimulating the blonde’s clit with equal fervor. At the same time, she pulled back on Megan’s hair and forced the blonde’s body back from her. Mya filled her left hand with Megan’s dense right tit, raised the thick meat to her face, lowered her head to Megan’s tit, and began sucking at the engorged nipple with all of her lust, sucking for milk, chewing and biting and gnawing at Megan’s incredible breast. Megan screamed as the sensations washed over her. She reached down with her left hand and seized the nipple of Mya’s right breast and began squeezing and rubbing it, forcing gasps of erotic joy from her enemy. Gathering all of her will, Megan lowered her head, pulled Mya’s boob to her mouth, and began ravenously feasting on her rival’s titmeat.

With delirious passion, Mya and Megan masturbated each other and suckled each other’s tits. Their cries of animal lust and pleasure were buried in their enemy’s breasts, but they still increased in volume and urgency as the women drove each other crazy with lust. Their hands worked furiously in the other woman’s nether regions. Both women were soon inserting all five fingers into their foe’s twat, and it was not long before they were fisting each other, stretching the thick, tight muscles of their fuck slits, their hands and wrists getting soaked with pussy juices.

At the same time, they sucked each other’s milk, drinking from each other.

Megan knew that she could not last much longer. Her body was shuddering with sexual agony. She was sobbing with the overwhelming pleasure.

She was sure that, soon, she would start to orgasm and she would not be able to stop. Then Mya would have her. Mya would ride her and fuck her into submission. Gathering all of her will, Megan pulled her fist out of Mya’s tight cunt, grabbed Mya’s wrist and pulled the brunette’s hand out of her twat. Megan interlaced her wet fingers with Mya’s soaking hand and bit down hard on her enemy’s tit (causing Mya to bite back just as hard). Wrapping her free arm around Mya’s voluptuous body, struggling with Mya’s locked hand, Megan threw the other woman to the sandy ground and followed her down.

For a few moments, the enraged beauties screamed and snarled and scratched at each other, two wildcats in heat, driven by their mutual hate and their overwhelming desire to mate with each other, driven by their need to humiliate and conquer each other. They thrashed around on the ground, their bodies wriggling and struggling, each woman trying to control the other. They rolled back and forth furiously, their naked bodies slipping and sliding. Somehow, they became turned around and Megan found herself within striking distance of Mya’s cunt. Without hesitation, she leaped into the other woman’s pussy, face-first. She plunged her tongue into Mya’s naked cunt. Mya screamed and bucked, trying to push Megan away. Megan held on, her tongue working expertly inside of Mya’s dripping twat. But Mya succeeded in spinning her body around so that she was now face to quim with Megan’s pussy.

Megan felt the exquisite delight of Mya’s tongue violating her pussy, spreading and tasting her labia, massaging and caressing her clit. The women groaned in mutual desire. They wrapped their thighs around the other’s head, locking each other in place. They rolled onto their sides, then onto their backs, Mya on top. They spread their hands on the other’s round, hard ass, and began to eat each other’s cunts like two starving cats.

Their thick tits pressed tight, underside to underside. Their nipples pushed into each other’s taut belly. They used their hands to spread the thick, muscled pads of the other’s buttocks and fingered each other’s assholes, before plunging eager digits into hot, wet cunts. Their ravenous mouths closed and sealed over each other’s cunts, which they opened and spread, then invaded with lapping tongues. Mya and Megan wrapped their lips and tongues around each other’s hard, thick clits and sucked viciously, scraping at the incredibly sensitive sexhorns with their teeth, striving to reduce the other woman to a quivering mass of orgasmic ecstasy. They reached down each other’s backs, stroking and scratching, occasionally reaching down to cup or squeeze the other woman’s taut breast and throbbing nipples.

Screaming and sobbing with incredible sexual pleasure, the women attacked each other with all of their power and passion. Mya nursed on Megan’s clit like she had on Megan’s nipples, sucking and teasing and driving her whole face deep into Megan’s cunt, doing all that she could to drive the blonde crazy with lust. Mya’s unbridled assault on Megan’s twat, however, was fed by the unbearable sensations blazing up from between Mya’s legs as Megan devoured her clit and cunt with equal fervor.

It was not long before the writhing, gasping women felt the pleasure in their cunts grow to unbearable levels. With shrieks of joy, they came as one, hot cum exploding out of their convulsing pussies. Megan and Mya both sucked back as much of the salty-sweet nectar as they could, enjoying the pleasure of the other woman ejaculating in their face. They shuddered and rocked as a string of orgasms chained through their overcharged bodies.

“Fuck, Oh God, you fucking, fucking whore…” Mya moaned, her face a rictus of sexual agony.

“Dirty cuntlicking slut,” Megan groaned back, her eyes shut tight, her teeth gritted in pleasure as her body released its liquid in a painfully intense stream of cum directly into Mya’s waiting face and mouth.

The women collapsed for a moment, Megan resting her cheek on Mya’s wet twat, Mya stroking and kneading Megan’s beautiful ass. They gasped and groaned, then rolled together over onto their sides, wrapping their legs around the other’s head again, and resuming their cunteating battle.

Mya and Megan devoured each other’s pussies, eating each other and drinking the sexual discharge of the other, with a passion and raw lust that neither had ever felt before. The hormones and pheromones saturating their bodies and filling the air around their writhing, bucking forms permeated their senses. For both women, the world ceased to exist, except for the luscious cunt of the other woman and the unbearable feelings radiating out from between their legs as they feasted on each other.

More than two hours later, after countless orgasms and indescribable pleasure, the women collapsed into an exhausted sleep. But the sexual appetites of their bodies continued to build and, when she woke only a half hour later, Megan felt her body, especially her aching clit and her overflowing nipples, throbbing with need. Megan regained consciousness to find her face buried in Mya’s wet, beautiful twat. She was literally inhaling the other woman’s sweet, fragrant cunt with every breath. All the fingers of her right hand were buried in Mya’s tight slit, and Megan could feel the delicious sensation of Mya’s fist buried in her cunt, stretching the muscle of her fuckhole like a drum.

Megan was almost delirious with sexual desire. Nothing mattered more than satisfying the overwhelming urges that required her to join with Mya’s body and draw pleasure from the other woman’s perfect flesh. But a part of her reminded herself that she had to win this struggle, that her freedom depended on forcing into submission the magnificent bitch to whom she was locked in erotic warfare. With a groan of agony, Megan disentangled her body from Mya’s beautiful form and pulled away.

Mya moaned and rolled onto her back. The brunette looked up at the night sky, her eyes glazed with sexual delirium. Her body was vibrating with unrelieved sexual tension, her clit was pounding like a drum, her nipples were pulsing in sympathy. At an animal level, she knew that her body needed flesh to flesh contact with Megan. Before she could fully process this thought, Megan was suddenly back.

The blonde loomed over Mya. Megan’s eyes were also glazed with sexual pleasure and need, but she struggled to hold onto her own will, to keep from giving into the animal desires now driving her body. Megan seized Mya’s right leg and placed the brunette’s calf on her shoulder. At the same time, Megan fit her open cunt onto Mya’s drooling pussy, scissoring the other woman. Megan did not lock their twats. Instead, she dipped her long, thick clit down into Megan’s fuckhole and slowly stroked her clit up through the other woman’s wet, thick labia. Megan quivered with sexual ecstasy as she did this. She struggled to keep from screaming. Her clit finally reached Mya’s waiting, burning clit and sizzled up the underside of the brunette’s sexhorn, before pulling away at the top of the stroke.

Mya’s eyes shot wide and she screamed in joy at the clit to clit contact. She arched her back to drive her cunt up into Megan’s twat and seal their pussy mouths together; she reached up for Megan’s jiggling, leaking tits.

All of Megan’s instincts screamed for her to throw her aching body onto Mya and lose herself as they fucked each other raw. But she forced herself to catch Mya’s hands with her own and lock palm to palm. At the same time, she pulled her hips back, just enough to keep her hungry cunt from sealing with Mya’s questing, ravenous twat.

Mya looked up at Megan deliriously, her eyes confused, unable to understand why Megan did not want to join with her, clit to clit, cunt to cunt, tit to tit.

“Beg me for it, cuntlicker,” Megan rasped. “Tell me you want me to fuck you. Beg me!!,” It took all her will to keep from driving her aching, starving cunt down into Mya’s waiting fuckhole. She knew that she was denying herself heaven, denying herself the unimaginable ecstasy of Mya’s flesh, and she realized she could not do that for long. But she was hoping that Mya could resist even less.

Mya looked at her with incomprehension. Megan saw Mya’s intellect glimmer briefly in the brunette’s eyes. But Mya’s reasons for pursuing Megan were not nearly as important as Megan’s reasons for wanting to escape, for needing to win this struggle.

“Please,” Mya moaned, “Oh God, please, please, PLEASE, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEEEEE!!,” she howled, her pleas growing to screams of need. She arched her back higher, shoving up with her hips and ass, desperate to drive her cunt into Megan’s dripping twat. She slammed their wet pussies together, and both women screamed with pleasure. Their pussy lips almost locked and sealed, until Megan asserted her will and pulled back.

Megan gritted her teeth and held off just a bit longer. She had to seal her victory, she had to do it in a way where both of them would know which of them was the stronger woman. “Say that you’re my bitch, say it!!,” she cried.

“I’m your bitch, I’m your bitch,” Mya howled, wriggling her hips, grinding her hard ass into the thick sand, desperately trying to find some way to relieve the ravenous need filling her cunt.

Megan released Mya’s hands and felt the brunette’s leg slip from her shoulder down to the ground. Mya spread her legs wide, eagerly offering her pussy to her enemy, now her mistress. She reached up and filled her hands with Megan’s incredibly sensitive tits. She squeezed Megan’s engorged nipples until they squirted little jets of milk. Megan sobbed as the fire exploded in her tits, in her nipples. At the same time, she filled her hands with Mya’s tits and squeezed back hard. With a growl, she lowered her mouth to Mya’s right nipple and sucked hard, sucking up milk.

Mya shrieked, bucking and writhing. Megan released her enemy’s nipples, then seized Mya’s hands with her own. Interlacing their fingers, she pushed Mya’s hands to the ground on either side of the brunette’s head. Eyes locked, incredible hunger and passion blazing in their hearts, Megan slowly lowered her sensitive tits down onto Mya’s waiting rack. The women screamed in unison as their nipples locked and sucked tight, then as their tits compressed, taut titflesh slowly and agonizingly squashing, raw ecstasy rippling through their bodies as each layer of dense breastflesh crushed into one. Megan slapped her bare belly to Mya’s taut abdomen and felt their navels suck. Mya’s abs writhed and rippled against her own, and Megan was seized once more with the sense of her erotically charged flesh melting and fusing to Mya’s perfect body. She felt like her whole body had become one sinuous mass of pleasure, she felt like she and Mya were twining into each other, wrapping their sex and muscles together in an unbreakable knot of flesh and sweat and sensation. They were face to face, nose to nose, staring intently into each other’s eyes, sharing sweet breath. Their tongues touched and tangled and they plunged into the other’s mouth.

Finally, Megan shoved down with her hips and ass and almost passed out with the explosion of ecstasy as her slick, hot cuntlips splatted down on Mya’s equally slick, hot cuntlips. Their twats sealed to each other with a wet, hot suction, opening up and sucking, fuckhole to fuckhole, locking their throbbing, aching clits into an arena of tight, burning flesh. Lubricants gushed and Mya and Megan felt their pleasure explode as their thick clits stroked and then wrapped around each other, twisting into a Gordian knot of sexual ecstasy. The women screamed uncontrollably into each other’s mouths, swallowing each other’s cries and moans of joy. Tears streamed from their eyes, which squeezed shut as the most intense sensations of their lives filled their bodies to bursting.

Megan’s conscious thought faded away to be replaced by raw animal instincts as she was overcome by a delirious mix of lust and pleasure.

Megan felt Mya twine her legs through hers and the sensation of their bodies becoming one grew to overwhelming proportions. The women writhed and moaned and screamed, their bodies moving in unison, the erotic tension building and building and building. Megan’s body shuddered uncontrollably as that tension finally released in a devastating orgasm. She felt Mya shudder with her and she groaned in ecstasy as she felt Mya’s hot cum jetting into her body, as she felt her body pumping back the mix of their sexual juices. Together, Mya and Megan descended into a red miasma of orgasmic passion that lasted long into the night.


Megan woke slowly, her mind forcing itself back to awareness through a haze of exhaustion. The sun was high in the sky, indicating that it was mid-morning. Megan felt drained in a way that she never had before. Her body was dehydrated; it had lost a lot of liquid as sweat and cum. But the deep core of her body almost felt wrung out, almost depleted of energy. She remembered the pleasure of the night, however, and she was not surprised to feel a dim stirring in her clit.

Megan propped herself up on her elbows and looked down her sweat-covered, filthy body. As she expected, she and Mya were still scissored together, though their cunts were no longer contracting around each other, trying to eat one another. She dimly remembered that she and Mya had finished the night by getting on their backs, locking together pussy to pussy, clits fused into one, and fucking wildly until they could not take it anymore.

Megan pulled herself away from Mya’s body. They popped apart. Mya moaned, but she did not regain consciousness.

Megan got to her feet. Her enhanced physiology meant that she was not sore or weak, but she had the sense that the voracious beast of her sexuality had been sated, at least for the moment. Weary, she pulled on her skimpy clothing. She wanted to be gone by the time Mya woke up.

Part of her wanted to stay and engage the other woman again. But if she could be gone, she knew that the reality of her victory would be clearer to both of them.

Megan saw the gun that she had stolen lying a short distance away. She did not see Mya’s deactivator, but now that she knew the gun had one, she could remove the safety device. She quickly retrieved the weapon and shoved it into her holster. Then, carefully, she climbed onto her bike and whirred away, leaving the naked Mya sleeping in the sand. Just before she turned the corner of the dune, she caught a glimmer of motion from the corner of her eye and had the sense that Mya may have been awakened by the sound of the bike motor. She accelerated the bike.

Megan made her way to the highway. She stopped beside Mya’s bike for just a moment and removed a component necessary to allow the bike to retain its solar charge. She threw the module back into the dunes, then turned the bike down the road and continued south. Just as the bike started to pick up speed, she heard a sound behind her.

“You fucking bitch,” Mya screeched. Megan looked over her shoulder and grinned. Mya was standing beside her bike, stark naked, her flawless, voluptuous body streaked with dirt and glistening in the sun.

“This isn’t over, whore,” Mya screamed.

Megan held up her middle finger in salute as she rocketed down the highway. But her pussy tightened and her nipples hardened into pebbles as she sped away. It would take Mya a bit of time to find the module and an hour or two more for the bike to regain its charge. But, after that, if Mya chose to pursue her, Megan knew that she might be spending the coming night locked in sexual warfare with her sworn enemy.

“Oh God,” she thought, as a deep sexual pulse shuddered through her body, “Oh God, please let Mya come after me.”

She had few doubts that the other woman would be right behind her. She had no doubt that she wanted the pursuit. She could have done far more damage to the bike, but she had chosen not to.

Megan enjoyed the sexual heat that built up in her body. By the end of the day, that heat would be a fever, demanding the release that only Mya’s body could give. She knew that if Mya pursued her, the brunette beauty would catch up to Megan with the same need eating at her core.

Megan smiled in anticipation and looked forward to the end of the day and the fuckwar she was sure would come. Her lonely life had suddenly become much more interesting. She gunned the motor and raced towards her future.

The End