By Nylon NY

Jess had the party planned for weeks, a fun costume party for all her friends. As a bonus she could flaunt her fantastic figure in a sexy costume and be the envy of her friends. She had picked up a sexy Wonder Woman costume online and it did not disappoint, a cleavage hugging red corset with the golden eagle wings over her huge round breasts and star spangled satin briefs which were tight on her curvaceous ass. She wore glossy pantyhose under the briefs, more to attract attention than for modesty. The outfit was topped off with the standard tiara, belt with "golden lasso" wristbands and red high heeled boots. After adjusting herself, in particular the very tight blue briefs, she headed downstairs to await her guests.

The guests began to arrive and she loved all the stares she received from both the men and the women at her costume. Jess went to mingle with her guests, secretly checking out all the "competition". There were your standard Sexy nurse, or bad schoolgirl costumes but nothing seemed to come close to her outfit.

The night went on and a good time was being had by everyone, it eventually came time for the announcement of the winner for best costume. Jess figured nobody could even come close to her costume. Three judges were picked at random from the guests and women who wanted to be in the contest lined up and then walked past the judges. Last to walk past the judges was Jess, and she made sure to play up her body to its fullest, giving the judges a generous glimpse of her well packaged "assets". Judging by the way their mouths were hanging open, even the women, she knew she had this one in the bag.

Suddenly, from the back of the room, a tall redhead came running up to the contest line.

"Sorry I'm late, I was in the ladies room." she stammered.

Jess turned and saw that it was Julia; the bitch that started screwing her ex-boyfriend after Jess had dumped him, and was probably screwing him while they were still together. Jess didn't remember ever inviting her to the party, but there was no sense in making a scene now.

"No worries." said the judges. “You’ve made it in time.”

"Thanks" she said, and proceeded to present herself for inspection.

Julia looked incredible. She was a tall redhead, less curvy than Jess but well toned with large breasts and a tight ass with long legs. She was wearing a witch costume, which was comprised of a black corset which pushed her breasts up into full view, and also a pair of black satin panties with garters attached to black silky nylons. A pair of black stiletto pumps and a black silk cape which moved and rippled as she walked finished her look.

The judges were enthralled by Julia's red hair contrasted against her black lingerie. Jess had to admit Julia looked hot. The judges began deliberating on the contestants. They stood up and said they had decided on a winner, and that winner was the SEXY WITCH!

"WTF, are you kidding me!?" screamed Jess to herself.

Julia stepped to the front of the room and was presented with a small gift basket for her victory. Jess was steaming, so much planning and work she had put into this party only to be upstaged by this bitch.

The party was wrapping up and the guests began to head home. As they filed out everyone complimented Jess for a great party and how good she looked as Wonder Woman. As the last guests left she closed the door only to find Julia still there, gift basket in hand.

"Don't you have somewhere to go?" snarled Jess.

"Nope, I just had to come here tonight to show you what sexy really looked like." said Julia as she walked over to Jess.

"I'm sexier than you will ever be, and if those judges weren't blind they would have voted for me!” said Jess. "Well, why don’t you prove who's sexier then?”

"Wonder Woman"? Julia laughed. "You’re on!

“What do you have in mind bitch?" Jess asked.

"How about we have a sexfight, whoever cums first loses?"

Jess looked surprised, she didn't expect this but she couldn’t back down from this bitch.

"Fine, when do you want to meet?" asked Jess.

"Right now seems fine with me." replied Julia.

"These damn panties have been grinding up into my crotch all night!" thought Jess. She was enjoying the prospect of taking them and her pantyhose off ASAP, but that would have to wait until after she beat Julia.

"Let’s go then" said Jess.

The two costume clad women moved the furniture out of the way and squared off. Jess moved closer to Julia and they embraced breast to breast. Jess grunted as their breasts pressed together and nearly popped from their corsets.

"Ughhhnnhh!" grunted Julia as her opponent’s larger breasts enveloped hers.

"Feels good doesn’t it bitch?" sneered Jess.

"A little bit. How does this feel?" said Julia as she moved her hand into the crotch of Jess's satin briefs and began rubbing her crotch hard. Jess flinched and tried to pull herself away but Julia held her close.

"Feels so good." thought Jess, as all night her tight briefs and pantyhose had really worked her crotch and pussy.

Watching her opponent’s reaction to her probing hand Julia knew she had an advantage. Julia leaned into Jess and kissed her. Jess kissed her back, their tongues exploring each others mouth. Jess found herself thrusting her satin covered crotch against Julia’s hand.

" Oooo baby wants it bad, huh?" taunted Julia.

"Unghh, fuck you!" grunted Jess. Jess ran her hand to Julia’s crotch and started to rub hard in return.

"Ooooooo, that’s a girl! Let’s see what you’ve got!" Julia sneered. Jess slid her hand against the crotch of the black panties and managed to sneak her fingers past Julia’s satin defenses and into her pussy.

"Ungghhhhhh!" moaned Julia, as she felt her pussy being invaded.

Jess also felt her crotch burning. Julia was really grinding her sensitive pussy through her costume and friction was building up to an almost unbearable level. Jess began to sweat, beads of it running down her chest into her corset.

"Ughnnnnhh, god...!" moaned Jess as the two combatants struggled against each other. The crotch of Jess's satin briefs started to show some dark blue areas as her sweat and pussy juices started to seep through.

"Shouldn’!" Julia struggled, noticing the wetness on her opponent’s crotch.

"No way! I'm going to finger you until you explode!" said Jess.

Julia wasn’t making enough progress working the outside of Jess's briefs. She needed to think of something quick because she felt herself getting close to orgasm from Jess's hand working her pussy. Then she noticed the lasso on the wonder woman costume and took action. Grabbing the lasso from Jess's thrusting hips she kicked the red high heeled boots out from under Jess.

"Ooooooffff!" cried Jess as she hit the carpet stunned.

"Gotcha now!" panted Julia as she straddled Jess's mid-section. Julia hogtied Jess's wrists and ankles together with the lasso good and tight.

"What the fuck is this shit?" screamed Jess.

"Victory!" said Julia.

"You didn’t make me cum, bitch! You didn’t win!" yelled Jess.

"I'll fix that in a moment!" said Julia as she stood up and walked towards the bedroom area.
Jess squirmed on the floor; her pussy ached and burned for attention. Soon Julia returned with something Jess recognized.

"My vibrator! Put that back!" said Jess.

"Oh, I will once I'm done with it!" Julia smirked. She lay beside Jess pulling her corset off her tits and began to suck her nipples.

"Mmmmmmmphhhh...ooooooo!" moaned the helpless Jess.

Julia slipped off Jess's belt and pulled at the waistband of Jess's star spangled panties.

"Stop! Nooo!" squirmed Jess.

Julia ignored her protests and ripped open the waistband of Jess's briefs and pantyhose and slid the vibrator into her pussy.

"No Please, don't!" pleaded Jess.

"Sorry honey...time for Wonder Woman to cum!" Julia switched on the vibrator and pushed it against Jess's wet pussy. Julia pulled her hand out of her pantyhose and returned to her squirming adversary's nipples and began to massage and suck at Jess's large breasts. Jess was on fire; her burning pussy was being assaulted by her own vibrator, her tight pantyhose and panties kept the vibrator glued to her throbbing pussy. Her pantyhose and blue panties were soaked through the crotch as her defeat was drawing close.

"Mmmmmmmph! Oooooooo!" Moaned Jess as Julia sucked and worked her tits. Her ass strained on the carpet as she tried to get out of the lasso but it was too tight! Her high heels couldn't get any traction as she squeezed her nylon clad thighs tight trying to hold off her building orgasm.

"How’s the heat down there?" laughed Julia.

"I can't hold on anymore!" thought Jess. "Fuck! I'm going to cum...!" admitted Jess.

"That's it, Wonder Woman, I have you now!” giggled Julia. Julia reached down and grabbed the front of Jess's pantyhose and pulled it up as far and hard as she could wedging the vibrator even deeper into Jess's pussy.

"Ugggghhnnn! I'm....going....unghhhhnn! To!" struggled Jess, as the fire in her pussy became too much. "Oh....fuck! I'm...I...can't......I'm...CUMMMMINNNNGGGGGGGGG!" Jess convulsed and thrashed on the floor with a huge orgasm!

Julia reached into Jess's panties and removed the vibrator. "I'm going to take this with me if you don’t mind. It will help me with some unfinished business, if you know what I mean?" laughed Julia as she stood up.

Jess laid there hogtied and sweating, her crotch was soaking wet and her breasts were heaving. Julia untied her, picked up the gift basket and left.

Jess felt utterly defeated! She lay on the floor in her costume unable to move. She vowed she would get back at that bitch one day, but first she desperately had to get these damn satin panties and pantyhose off. Jess struggled to her feet and headed to her bedroom, a Wonder Woman no more.