by a. penman

It was a visit that she had been eagerly anticipating for nearly a week. When Fallon’s doorbell rang at 5:30 PM on that fateful Friday in mid July, she could barely contain her excitement.

“Come in. Please come in! I can’t tell you how happy I am that you agreed to meet with me!” Fallon said, feeling giddy.

The tall, lovely woman was a bit perplexed by such enthusiasm but, nonetheless, felt the greeting was genuine. As she entered, Fallon quickly assessed the willowy blond with perfectly straight hair that went down to just about the top half of her curvaceous butt. The rest of her body was equally sexy. Through word of mouth, Fallon already knew about the woman’s awesome set of tits. Word of mouth did not exaggerate in this case.

But it was the initial exchange that caught her off guard. She was quite surprised by her soft spoken, genteel, even shy demeanor. This was definitely not what she had expected. But again, based on what she had heard about this strikingly beautiful blond, she was not going to allow herself to be fooled by the “cover.”

“First of all, let me say thank you for choosing me Fallon.”

“I heard that you’re good. So I made the decision to go with you. I mean, your firm.”

The blond woman’s ice blue eyes twinkled. A half smile quickly flashed across her lovely face as those same blue eyes took a few seconds to assess Fallon. She was astute and experienced enough to know that there was some extraordinary anatomy underneath the impressive brunette’s clothing. Her eyes then made a rapid but thorough assessment of Fallon’s full bust, settling on the rounded, exposed cleavage that was revealed by the top two blouse buttons that remained unfastened, no doubt intentionally. This could be an interesting evening, she thought. But then, she had to remind herself that this was a business appointment.

“Do you like what you see?” Fallon asked.

The blond blushed a bit, But the look on her face was an adequate response.

“It’s OK. Women check each other out all the time. I imagine you get a lot of that.” Fallon said, attempting to put her at ease.

“Oh my goodness, yes.” she admitted.

“So why don’t we get past the initial awkwardness and relax a bit? Would you care for a glass of wine?” Fallon offered.

“I would love one.” The blond replied enthusiastically.

“What’s your preference? Red or white?” Fallon offered.

“I’m fine with either. Whatever you pour, I’m sure it will be good.”

“Have a seat in the living room. Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back. DO NOT go anywhere!” Fallon teased.

As Fallon left the room, the blond could not resist checking out her gorgeous ass and her long, shapely legs. The short skirt and the blouse that Fallon wore were obviously chosen to accentuate her amazing figure. Who dresses like this just to meet with a financial advisor? Something else was going on here.

In minutes, Fallon returned from the kitchen with two glasses of chilled white wine. The blond woman graciously accepted one of them as Fallon sat down next to her on the couch, very close to her.

“Good thing you’re my last appointment of the day.”

“Cheers!” Said Fallon, as the glasses clinked together, then they sipped.

“This is very nice wine, Fallon. Thank you so much.”

“It’s a French Chardonnay. One of my favorites.”

“It’s different from American Chardonnay. It’s more...”

“Elegant?” Fallon offered.

“That’s good way to describe it.” the lovely blond agreed.

They both continued to enjoy the wine over small talk. But the moment had come for them to get down to business.

“So, dear Fallon, lovely Fallon. Six other financial advisers in the office, each of them as skilled and knowledgeable as I, and you specifically requested me.”

“Oh, I don’t think any of them are as skilled as you.” Fallon replied obliquely.

“I’m not sure I understand, Fallon. Do we know each other? Have our paths crossed before?”

“No. Not directly.”

“Then what is this all about? I’m getting the impression it’s not about setting up your retirement fund.”

“You’re right. It’s not.” Fallon admitted.

The blond beauty took one last swallow of wine then rose to her feet.

“Thank you for the delicious wine Fallon. However, I was misled into thinking that you were a legitimate client. Now I must be on my way. I have actual business to attend to.”

As the woman turned to leave, Fallon stood up quickly and grabbed her wrist.

“Please wait! Don’t go.” Fallon pleaded. She released the wrist when the blond turned and flashed her a sharp, angry glare. “I’m begging you to reconsider. Stay. I desperately need your help!” The woman’s demeanor softened as she looked into Fallon's beseeching eyes.

“No bullshit Fallon! What exactly do you want from me?”

“No more bullshit, I promise.”

The stunning blond woman could feel her pulse quickening. It began to race as she watched while gorgeous Fallon slowly unbuttoned her blouse. An all too familiar arousal shot through her body, concentrating in her cunt as Fallon stripped herself completely naked. This woman was even more beautiful in reality than her initial fleeting fantasy.

As Fallon cautiously approached her, she could see that the brunette’s nipples were erect and aroused. She also noted a clean shaven, full, thick cunt that would be an open, seductive challenge to any woman. Is THAT what this was about? A challenge? She sighed, shook out her long blond hair, then tossed her briefcase back onto the couch. She was never one to back down. It looked as though she might be here for a while. Then, to clarify matters, Fallon offered an explanation.

“I heard about you through a mutual friend. I got the impression from her that your skills are...well...exceptional.”

“So, Fallon. Since you’ve placed me into this rather unusual situation, I believe I have a right to know who this mutual friend is who spoke so highly of me.”

Fallon moved in closer. The blond did not flinch or back away. She had an odd feeling that she knew. Fallon locked eyes with her and confessed.

The blond’s ice blue eyes rolled in amazement.  “Jesus! You took on Brandi? Are you out of your mind?”

“Well, how was I supposed to know?” Fallon argued in her own defense.

“I guess you’re right. There was no way you could have known. Do I dare ask how it all came about, and how you fared?”

“How it all came about is too long of a story, for now anyway. As for how I fared? I did OK. For a brief period time.”

“I see. And just how much previous experience did you bring to this match?”

“I’d been in a few woman to woman, sex to sex altercations before. So I thought that I would be able to handle myself. Indeed, I figured I would win.” Fallon revealed.

“Yeah. That’s what they all say, until they lock up with a woman like Brandi.”

“Or until they lock up with a woman like YOU...Trinity.” Fallon then closed the space between them, invading Trinity’s comfort zone. Then, with her hands on her hips, Fallon gently eased her nude breasts into Trinity’s still covered tits. Even through her blouse and bra, she could feel the blonde’s nipples harden immediately in response to hers. Her breathing pattern changed to one of increasing arousal.

“What do you want, Fallon? A sex fight with me right here and now?”

“No lovely lady. I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid. I wouldn’t dare challenge you to an all out sex match.”

“Then what exactly do you have in mind, Fallon?” Trinity inquired, as she became aware of Fallon’s fingers slowly unbuttoning her blouse. Fallon peeled off the blouse with no resistance from the buxom blond. She then moved in tight, matching her bare breasts to Trinity’s bra covered breasts, testing them for fullness and firmness. What a set of knockers Trinity had! Fallon couldn’t wait to uncover them. Her own sexual desire for this blond goddess kept building. She backed up a few inches, slipped both bra straps under her thumbs and then slid them downward, watching excitedly as she freed the blonde’s massive breasts from their constraints, noting almost no droop or sag. These big, beautiful and real woman breasts were as exquisite as her own. And Fallon understood that they were far more experienced than her own. This was her objective. She wasted no time pressing her tits firmly with Trinity’s, full measure. She wanted to know what they knew. As her hands located the snap on Trinity’s skirt and popped it open, causing the skirt to drop to the floor, the blond then hit the brakes.

“Alright Fallon, enough! You said that you didn’t want a sex match, but you’re acting like you DO want one. What’s up with that?”

“Not a ‘match’ Trinity. I want something more profound.” Fallon explained.

“And that would be what?”

“Knowledge. I want my tits to know what your tits know, my body to learn from your body and I want your cunt to show my cunt the way. Teach me true pleasure and techniques of cunt to cunt sexual combat.” Fallon paused dramatically. “I want you to be my sensei.”

“I’ll need a reason, and a damn good one.” Trinity demanded.

“How about revenge?” Fallon stated.

“You know Fallon, Confucius said ‘Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.’” Trinity informed her.

“Yes, it’s true. He did say that. But most people are unaware that there’s a second part to that quote.”

“Really? Do tell, Fallon.

“Well, what he actually said was this: ‘Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. Unless you plan to challenge another woman to a sex duel, in which case, don’t dig two graves.’”

Trinity smiled. “Fallon, I admire your enthusiasm and determination. But I’ve gone up against Brandi many times and never achieved a solid victory.”

“That’s what she said about you. She said that the two of you locked cunts in many heated draws. Never a clear winner. She also said you were one hell of a teacher and the one who introduced her into the ‘group’.”

“That’s because the first time our pussies came together I recognized her potential. She was just that good. And low and behold, for four years she reigned as TCOC.” Trinity thought for a second.

“Humm...She told you about the group? Technically, she wasn’t supposed to do that. The group was supposed to very private.”

“Does it even still exist? I mean, since the two of you have long since graduated?” Fallon asked.

“Are you kidding? At an all girls, catholic college? What do you think?”

Fallon smiled. “Yeah. She told me mostly everything about her illustrious college experiences. I believe she was using that information to intimidate me. It worked.” Fallon said.

“Be that as it may, the point is that I’m not entirely certain that this is the best course of action for you to take. Brandi is the most masterful cunt on cunt lover and fighter I’ve ever gone up against.”

Fallon could not help noticing the wistful look on the blonde’s face. It was obvious that she and Brandi had a deep sexual connection. However...

“You taught her. Teach me.” Fallon insisted.

“It’s a really big step. Plus, I haven’t mentored anyone for many years. To bring you up to a level where you might have a chance...well, that could take a while and, truthfully, I might not be up to the task anymore.”

“Look, Trinity. I don’t know if I could ever beat her. But that’s not what this is about.”

“Then what, Fallon?”

“I just want you to teach me enough to be competitive. Competitive enough so that she’ll know that I’m not a push over, as I’m certain that Brandi and I will engage in many more contests of bodies. I want her to know that she’s been in a real match against a real woman.”

Trinity was still hesitant. Fallon continued to make her case.

“And as for you not being up to the task, well, that’s just nonsense. Just rubbing tits to tits with you has me so hot that I want to drag you to my bed and fuck your brains out, body to body and pussy to pussy.”

“So, you were actually crazy enough to challenge Brandi to a rematch?”

“I was indeed crazy enough.” Fallon smiled sarcastically.

Trinity then pushed herself away from Fallon. Fallon wasn’t sure what to make of this. Then, her pulse began to race. Trinity made the decisive move and slipped off her panties. Fallon could feel her pussy getting moist. This was it. She was going to take on the one woman who could teach her mastery of labia locked assignations and, via this route, spiritual enlightenment.

Trinity moved close to her. She wrapped her arms around Fallon’s waist and pulled the busty brunette into a full body embrace. Fallon’s knees felt weak. Her breathing increased as her tits tightly mashed with Trinity’s full, amazing rack. There was no separation between their lower bodies. Trinity’s belly was warm and smooth. It was firm and inviting as it moved with hers. She found that she loved softness of belly to belly, the way Trinity used her tummy. Fallon was impressed by how rhythmic she was. Her mons pubis was being teased by Trinity’s smooth pubic region. Fallon sensed that she was being tested. That was OK. She knew that she would be. Indeed, she could not wait to be thoroughly tested in bed by this incredible woman. She responded with her best moves, gently grinding her pelvis back into Trinity’s crotch. Her movement elicited a soft moan from Trinity, who then surprised her with a full lipped, soft kiss. As their lips became acquainted and their tongues gently circled each other, both women’s breathing became increasingly animated. Then, after a few seconds, Trinity suddenly pushed herself away. Taking a couple steps back, she looked Fallon up and down, her chest still noticeably heaving. Fallon did not know what to expect. Trinity then looked her directly in the eyes and nodded her head.

“OK Fallon. Let’s do this. Let’s see what you’ve got.” Fallon felt relieved and very turned on.

“Right this way to the master bedroom m‘lady.” Fallon took her hand and they sashayed to Fallon’s upstairs bedroom. Climbing the stairs, Trinity asked a question.

“Why do they call it the master bedroom anyway?”

“Damned if I know.”

“I mean, this is your house. Shouldn’t it be called the mistress bedroom?”

Fallon laughed as they turned into the large room. At the bedside, Trinity spoke with all the wisdom Fallon had expected to hear from her. It was Zen like. She was her sensei-her Miyagi.

“Fallon. Our bodies will now meet in this arena.” she said, gesturing to the large bed. “We will meet in naked softness and I will sexually assess you. If I SAY, you DO. No questions asked. Understood?”

“Yes, Sensei.” Fallon teased as she bowed.

“OK. So the first thing you’re gonna do is knock off the ‘sensei’ stuff.” Fallon giggled. Trinity smiled.

The buxom brunette then watched as beautiful Trinity got into her bed and stretched out on her back in an open invitation. Fallon had to struggle to control her excitement as she took a few seconds to visually assess the magnificent body with which she was about to come together. This had the potential to be an extraordinary girl on girl fuck. But, despite the potential for incredible pleasure, she was there to learn from one of the best. And, she knew that she needed to perform well enough to convince Trinity to be her mentor, to share her vast knowledge and skills. Trinity looked at her seductively and invited her to enter the fray.

“Come on ‘Grasshopper.’ Let’s fuck.”

Well now, Fallon thought, the bitch did have a sense of humor. Fallon smiled as she clambered into bed then slowly lowered herself into Trinity’s full naked embrace, making certain to make all the important anatomical connections. As Trinity’s legs seductively parted, Fallon lowered her mons pubis and carefully guided it into full contact with Trinity’s mound. A grunt of pleasure escaped from the blonde’s chest. Next, smooth tummies matched up, with navels in near perfect alignment. Then came the matchup that was heatedly welcomed by both women, as nipples aligned themselves while full, evenly sized breasts rolled into each other and ballooned.

As their arms encircled each other, the two naked beauties began to slowly roll back and forth in the bed, each one taking a turn on top as their soft lips engaged in a juicy kiss. With their tongues in each other’s mouth, Fallon rolled Trinity onto her back once again as the kiss broke off momentarily. Now at peak arousal, Fallon’s cunt demanded satisfaction. It needed to lock into the thick lushness of Trinity’s swollen labia. She repositioned her pelvis slightly. Trinity knew what was coming and was only too happy to oblige. She shifted her position to make her cunt more accessible.

“Give it to me bitch.” Trinity whispered into Fallon’s ear.

Fallon looked at her longingly. It was coming. She initiated a slight downward pelvic thrust and felt a slight, complimentary upward push from the blond. And just like that, Fallon was labia locked with the blond goddess who could teach her the intimate and subtle nuances of cunt to cunt sexual trysts. Her pussy quivered like never before. This was indeed a cunt worthy of respect and deep admiration. She heard a guttural moan come from Trinity as she pushed her pussy deeper into the blonde’s cunt meat.

“Oh god! Fallon! Good, so far.” Trinity observed in her mentor roll. “Fuck that pussy, baby! Lay your cunt into mine!”

Fallon was immediately encouraged. But then, she went off track and Trinity was quick to assess.

“OK, hold on. You’re on the right track, but don’t push quite so hard Fallon. The key is to seal your cunt with my cunt. But don’t force the issue. Let your cunt sense the second that my cunt relaxes, then ease deeper into me.”

Fallon eased up a bit and tried to execute the motion as explained. She felt Trinity move with her, but sensed that something wasn’t right. Trinity rolled her.

“Let me show you, Fallon.”

Slightly embarrassed but still eager to learn and improve, Fallon opened her legs and adjusted her pelvis to a more advantageous position. Even before their pussies came together again, she noted the intense sensual pleasure of the blonde’s full tits crushing into her tits and couldn’t help noticing how Trinity used her entire body. It was very obvious where Brandi had gotten her moves. Their mouths came together once again and their slithery tongues engaged. And then Trinity sealed the deal. Almost imperceptibly, she mated her moist cunt with Fallon’s. It took a few seconds for Fallon to react, but when she did...“Oh my god!!! Trinity! How are you doing that?” Fallon gasped through pleasure.

“Experience and innate understanding.” Trinity responded.

“Meaning what?” Fallon asked, as she moved her pelvis in synchrony with Trinity and the two women reveled in the mutually satisfying stroking of their cunts.

“Well, you know that old adage about how only a woman knows how to satisfy another woman?”

“I’ve heard it plenty of times in the past. But only recently, thanks to Brandi and now you, am I beginning to understand it and believe it. God Trinity, your cunt is so good!”

Trinity kissed Fallon again with passion. It thrilled Fallon beyond belief. Everything that this woman did was exquisitely sensual. Their tits were engaged in a lusty duel, their legs were tightly entwined, their smooth, firm abs pressed into full contact, and the marrying of their cunts was sexually hot beyond belief. Fallon couldn’t wait for their pussies to meet in a scissor lock. Trinity broke off the kiss.

“Listen Fallon. You’ve got a hot pussy between those sexy legs. You just need a bit more experience. If you still want, I’ll help you prepare for your pending match with Brandi.”

“Hell yes! I still want!” an overjoyed and overheated Fallon replied.

“OK girl. Let’s get down to business.” Trinity said as she pushed herself away from Fallon. “You handle yourself really well body to body, Fallon. And may I say for the record, that your body is phenomenal!”

“Thank you! That’s encouraging to hear.”

“Now let’s see how you handle yourself in the true test of woman to woman sex.”

Fallon eagerly awaited as her blond mentor moved into position. She adjusted herself to meet with her in the center of the bed. Their legs slid over and under as they closed the gap between two pussies that were now oozing secretions. This would be a moment of truth for Fallon. In the major league of cunt to cunt sexual encounters, she was stepping up to the plate. She could either be nervous, or she could relax and enjoy herself. She took a deep breath and chose to relax. It really was the only sensible option. She was about to lock cunts with the teacher-with one of the best. Fallon then gazed at the beautiful cunt that she was about to match hers with, smiled and nodded then elucidated softly to Trinity.

“I want all the knowledge that’s in that pussy. Teach me.”

“Let’s do it!” Trinity replied.

And with that, the two women lifted their asses slightly off the mattress and thrust into each other, conjoining thick labia into a full flesh lock. Both women gasped and moaned and then glared at each other, making the eye to eye connection that was so important in the first few seconds of womanly hookups. Each woman conveying wordlessly that the anticipation was finally over. Each woman reveling in the first full contact between their sensitive, swollen cunts. Each woman saying to the other with her eyes, “feel the power of my pussy against yours, bitch.” And, despite the fact that she wanted to learn from this goddess, Fallon knew that she had to represent herself well. She needed to fuck well with her cunt and show Trinity that she was worth teaching.

Slow rotations began. At least for now, Trinity seemed to be a receiver while Fallon displayed her cunt skills. She rotated gently, working her cunt into the lush folds of Trinity’s wet pussy. She squished and squashed, soft cunt meat sucking together, rolling and rubbing her thick labia into the blonde’s luxurious vulva, aligning cunt slits and using her movements to open up Trinity’s anatomy for a more intimate fusion. With growing sexual arousal, Trinity smiled at her and nodded approval.

“Really nice so far Fallon.”

Fallon felt the thrill of a student pleasing a teacher. But then, when she separated and slammed her cunt into Trinity’s cunt a few times, she was admonished.

“Whoa! Stop!”

“What?” asked a confused Fallon.

“Listen. You were doing pretty well up to this point.”

“What did I do wrong?”

“Well, pounding can sometimes be sexy, but I think it’s mostly for show in porn videos. In my opinion, based on personal experience, If you want to become good at cunt to cunt, you have to keep your cunt sealed with your opponent’s cunt. Let the two pussies fight it out and fuck it out while they’re locked tightly together. Keep your pelvis rotating while you use the full measure your cunt against your opponent’s cunt. Work your meat deeply into hers, until you can feel the folds of both cunts interlock. At some point you’ll feel a suction between the cunts, if you’ve done it right. That’s when things get really hot! Then comes the next, possibly the ultimate aspect-penetration. With your pussies clenched, you can then guide your erect clitoris deep into her cunt, asserting yourself, showing dominance. Of course, don’t forget that there’s another clitoris in this mix-hers. Your clitoris will have to deal with hers. There’s gonna be a clit on clit rumble. And with your cunts fully amalgamated, and the two girl cocks mating like earthworms deep inside, well, then it’s just a matter of who can hold out the longest-who is indeed the better woman. It is primal pleasure Fallon. I don’t think there’s anything else like it.”

A thrilled Fallon nodded in understanding. This was exactly what she was hoping for-ultimate knowledge and wisdom, coming a skilled blond goddess.

“I believe that sex fighting is almost exclusively about the sex part. Your goal, after all, is to make me scream in orgasmic ecstasy-to make me cum, hard and often, and thereby establishing your sexual superiority over me. The competitive part is simply which woman can out fuck the other-which cunt is the dominant cunt. But, in order to get to that point, you have to pleasure your opponent like she’s never been pleasured before, fuck her cunt with your cunt like she’s never been fucked before. Got it?”

“I think so.” Fallon said, hesitantly. Trinity sensed the uncertainty.

“Let’s continue, shall we?” Fallon nodded, then began to grind into Trinity slowly.

“Now, fuck me like you mean it, bitch!” Trinity threw in the invective because she hoped to spark Fallon to rise to the occasion.

“Fuck you, blond cunt!!!” Fallon responded. And then she began to lay her pussy into Trinity’s wise cunt like she was a woman with renewed determination. It worked. She slowly rotated her pelvis. The teacher took a deep breath and matched her rhythm. Their moist folds sucked together. Then Trinity propped up and gestured.

“Lie back down.”

Fallon knew that she was still missing something, and did as instructed.

“Would you like me to demonstrate, so that you can learn all these subtle nuances quickly?” the blond said.

“Yes, of course!”

Fallon then let out a loud groan as this masterful cunt fucking woman worked her lush pussy into a deep fusion with the fleshy lips of her cunt. She could feel Trinity applying a pressure that was reminiscent of how Brandi’s lush cunt locked up with hers. In her mind, she tried to visualize Trinity locked cunt to cunt with her nemesis. The visual was very hot. She then caught the intense look on the blonde’s face and returned her focus to matters at hand, still fantasizing about Brandi and Trinity fused together. But in the reality of this moment, Fallon felt the schooling of her cunt with every thrust, squeeze and stroke of the blonde’s exquisite labia. Within minutes she was on her back, flailing, writhing in ecstasy and screaming. Now out of control, she shot a load of cum into Trinity.

“Oh shit!!!” Fallon screamed, her body stiffening. “Oh fuck! Trinity!”

“That was fast!” Trinity wryly observed.

“It was. I’m sorry.” Fallon apologized.

“No need to be sorry. That happens a lot, with new girls.”

“That’s funny.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I didn’t really consider myself a new girl.”

“No offense intended sweetheart, but you are.”

Fallon sighed.

“I like your anatomy. It matches up well with mine.” Trinity stated.

“Thank you.” Fallon said. They looked at each other deeply. Trinity nodded.

“Shall we continue?”

“I’m beat” Fallon said.

“Suck it up girl! You’ve got some deep fucking and a lot of learning to do. Besides, you haven’t made me cum yet.”

Fallon summoned all her internal and physical strength for the long lessons that were at hand. “How much time do I have with you this evening?” Fallon wanted to know.

“As long as you need and as long as you’d like.”

“Good! Now lie down you blond slut. Flat on your back.”

Trinity smiled, seductively bit her lip and complied. This girl had potential. She was going to enjoy mentoring this gorgeous protege for her upcoming battle with Brandi. Fallon laid into her, making her shriek. She was definitely getting it. This was going to be long, sweaty, sensual night.

To be continued