by JB57

Minerva stood in the bow of the great wooden ship, looking out at the ocean. The ship was anchored in the port of Strontia, an ancient city bordering the warm Western seas. The ship’s captain was awaiting a delegation from the city and, while they waited, Minerva contemplated how her life had brought her to this point.

The wind caught Minerva’s dark auburn hair and played with her billowing skirt, occasionally lifting the garment to expose her long, smooth, powerful legs. She was wearing a pair of short boots. Around her thrusting chest she wore a tight halter, which pushed up her massive cleavage and did not quite extend far enough to cover the underside of her perfect breasts. Her midriff was naked and tautly muscled, adorned only by a flashing silver pendant in her navel. Her torso curved into an entrancingly narrow waist then flared out into delectable, womanly hips. Her skirt hung from the widest part of her hips, then dipped low on her pubes, revealing the light trail of hair that ran from her navel down to her pussy. Small silver earrings hung from her earlobes, and a silver chain looped around her neck.

As a child, Minerva had been captured and taken from her home by slave traders. She was bought in the markets of a coastal city by a merchant to be a household servant. As she matured and became more and more gorgeous, however, the merchant’s wife became justifiably concerned about having such a tempting beauty beneath her roof. The matron forced her husband to sell Minerva again. In short order, Minerva ended up on a ship, purchased by a man who was a procurer for a high-class brothel in another distant coastal metropolis. The procurer always had his eyes open for young, beautiful women who could be successful courtesans. Minerva clearly fit into this category. Fate intervened, however, when her ship was stopped and boarded on the high seas by the vessel “Indomitable,” under the command of Captain Arella. Arella seized the ship’s cargo, including the slaves.

Arella was a beautiful woman who captained her own ship, a rarity among the regular fleets of the great trading nations. Arella sailed as part of the fleet of Captain Reynald, a famous and accomplished mercenary sailor who provided security and stability to the smaller states of the region. Reynald’s ships controlled the seas of this coastal region, and while he had started his career as a simple pirate, his shrewdness and ambition had led him to construct a formidable fleet of mercenary ships which provided safety, for a price, to the regional states. This arrangement saved the small local states from spending precious resources on navies of their own and guaranteed their security.

Minerva soon gained Captain Arella’s special attention. The young woman was smart and industrious, and Arella was as entranced by her beauty as any man. Minerva learned the ways of the ship and was trained in the arts of the sailor. She was soon being schooled by the captain in other ways. Arella took Minerva to her bed and taught the young woman a great deal about sex, including how to please men as well as women. After spending a year with Arella, Minerva attracted the attention of Captain Reynald himself and found herself transferred to the fleet’s flagship, the “Northstar”, as a gift from Captain Arella to her commanding officer. Minerva was now the mistress of Captain Reynald. She reveled in her position as the first woman of the fleet. She enjoyed power and a status that she had never had before in her young life.

The Northstar was an enormous vessel. Built from teak and more than 200 meters in length, it was easily the largest ship in the fleet and maybe the world. The ship was a floating city, Captain Reynald’s embassy on the ocean. It had a dozen decks and housed hundreds of sailors, warriors, scholars and others who were necessary to the conduct of Reynald’s business. It also contained cargo holds full of the treasure he had collected from his client states. The Northstar protected its passengers in comfort and luxury, while also serving as the most formidable battleship on the high seas.

A barge pulled up to the great vessel. The delegation from the port arrived, among them rich merchants and leading government officials. As Minerva watched, something – rather, someone – suddenly caught her eye. In the midst of the group of bustling merchants and officials were a number of servants carrying goods and gifts and among these was a young woman. She was covered head to toe in a crimson traveling cloak, but Minerva had the sense that the cloak was concealing some very impressive bulges and curves. Moreover, she could see from the young woman’s face that she was very beautiful. Minerva’s senses were suddenly alert. She detected a threat to her own position. She decided to investigate, immediately.

She strode down the deck, her long, sun-bronzed legs flashing, her luscious breasts bouncing, attracting the admiring glances of the men and women working on the ship. She entered the large, luxurious stateroom where the captain was meeting his guests. Captain Reynald smiled at her as she walked in; her sudden presence caused a considerable stir among the assembled men, who certainly had not expected to see a beautiful and voluptuous woman, with so many of her charms so prominently on display, suddenly in their midst. Minerva smiled at them, then took a seat behind the captain’s shoulder, from where she could watch the proceedings. She leaned forward, drawing the eyes of the men facing her to her impressive cleavage. One of the merchants was talking.

“Captain, we are grateful for your visit and for the protection that you have afforded our city. We are honored by your presence. As a token of our esteem, we want to present these gifts to you.”

The servants proceeded to lay out numerous expensive goods – rich tapestries, beautiful jugs and dining sets, golden cups and blazing jewels. Silks and other luxurious fabrics abounded. Some of these the captain would keep; many he would sell or trade for other items in other ports. Minerva watched the presentation of these gifts with interest, but she kept her eye on the woman in the delegation. The young woman did not look at Minerva; she kept her eyes down and appeared removed from what was going on around her. She remained covered in her cloak, but Minerva was now certain that the woman was a very voluptuous specimen.

Finally, the merchants came to their last gift. They looked at Minerva somewhat nervously, confirming the auburn-haired beauty’s worst fears.

“Finally, captain,” began the lead merchant. He stopped, looking at Minerva with some consternation. However, after some hesitation, he made the decision to proceed. “Finally, we are offering to you this young woman. Her name is Darielle. She is a skilled courtesan, and truly beautiful, as you can see.”

At this, the woman stood up, fixed everyone with a calm gaze, then removed her cloak, revealing a mocha-colored body of breathtaking beauty. She was wearing a jeweled halter which barely contained her majestic, thrusting breasts. The dark brown edges of her areola were just visible and her hard nipples pushed into the rich cloth. Her navel was adorned with a glistening jeweled ring, which supported a thin, glittering golden chain which looped around her narrow waist. Her abdomen was beautifully muscled, chiseled from taut, smooth flesh and rippled when she moved. The skirt that she wore was studded with glittering stones and hung low on her hips, revealing most of her belly almost down to her pubic hair. One leg thrust out, naked and perfect, from the slit in her long skirt. She wore slippers, and her exposed ankle sported a golden chain matching the one around her waist.

The woman was black haired, with startling blue eyes, skillfully emphasized by gentle makeup. Jewels hung from her ears, and a small golden choker was fixed to her throat, complementing her other golden adornments.

“Please do with this young woman as you see fit. She can bring you a handsome price in any market on the coast.”

Reynald smiled, his eyes gleaming with lust. Minerva glared, her eyes blazing with rage. But she did not say anything. She knew that she did not have the right to prevent her captain from claiming another woman, and she knew that he could not turn down such a gift without insulting his guests. Even so, she knew that her valued position as the captain’s mistress was under threat.

As she glared murderously at the young woman, the slave girl glanced up and met her gaze. Minerva was struck by the challenge in the girl’s eyes, and the sudden blast of heat that traveled between them. Her pussy suddenly, powerfully contracted; her nipples hardened into spikes. Her sex was powerfully aroused, and she realized that this new woman was challenging not only her status as the captain’s woman, but her womanhood itself. Their eyes locked and held for a long, intense moment, as the two she-cats silently bared their claws at each other, before the slave girl resumed her demure pose. Minerva could hardly keep herself from snarling.

“Thank you for your gifts, gentlemen,” Reynald said, graciously. “I truly value all of them, and I am grateful that I am able to provide so many services to such a fine city as yours. Please, stay with me and share the early evening meal. I have asked our ship’s cook to prepare a feast. I am sure that Minerva,” and here he gestured to the auburn-haired beauty by his side, “will agree to grace us with her presence.”

Minerva smiled, her beauty and sexual power dazzling the men in the room. “Of course, milord,” she said in a sultry, confident voice. “I will be delighted to assist you in entertaining our valued guests.” She rose to help lead the delegation to the ship’s formal dining room.

Reynald smiled at her, then turned to Darielle. “Perhaps, Darielle, you will consent to join Minerva and me, along with others of the delegation, at the head table? I would be very interested in hearing your story.”

Darielle looked up, her eyes shy but (to Minerva, at least) clearly hiding a cunning mind. “Thank you, milord,” she replied. “I would be honored to share your table.” Her voice was deep and melodious, and Minerva saw immediately the courtesan training at work. She resisted the spike of jealous anger that shot through her. “However, I do not have any formal clothing readily available. I will need to unpack my trunk.”

“Oh, formal wear is not necessary,” Reynald began, but then he remembered that the people of this city were quite sticky about such things. While the merchants and officials were dressed in fineries that enabled them to attend the meal, the slave girl’s outfit was more for display than formality. “However,” he continued, “if you do feel the need to change into something more appropriate, I am sure that Minerva would be willing to let you borrow one of her outfits. You and she look to be the same height and build.” Indeed, the women’s bodies were remarkably similar in their incredible voluptuousness, a fact that had not been lost on anyone, least of all the women themselves.

Minerva’s first instinct was to object, but then she saw the opportunity to quickly establish her dominance in her relationship with the slave girl. “Please,” she smiled, “come with me. I have many things that you can wear, which you may feel are better suited to the occasion.”

Minerva led Darielle out of the room and into the corridor. They were in the part of the huge vessel reserved for the captain and his delegation. Minerva’s hips swung enticingly as she walked, and she made sure that she put an extra wiggle in her ass for Darielle’s benefit. She could feel the other woman’s eyes on her back, examining her, measuring her and comparing their bodies. Minerva was confident that Darielle was impressed with what she saw.

She led Darielle to the deck below, then past a number of cabins until she came to her own.

Darielle stopped her, and pointed at a large door just next to Minerva’s cabin. “Is that the captain’s cabin?,” she asked curiously.

“Yes,” Minerva replied.

“Where do you think mine will be?” Darielle asked.

Minerva was instantly aware of what the other woman was implying. Minerva’s cabin was, at present, right next door to the captain’s, giving each of them easy access to the other. Darielle was suggesting that her cabin would also need to be close, maybe even that she would need Minerva’s cabin.

“I don’t know,” Minerva said, frostily. “That’s something that the captain will need to decide.” She opened the door to her room and let the other woman in.

Minerva’s cabin was exceptionally large, almost as large as that of Captain Reynald. It was linked by an interior door to the captain’s cabin, meaning that the captain and his mistress did not even need to enter the corridor to get to each other. The room was well appointed. Thick stateroom windows let the sun in and provided an unobstructed view of the majestic ocean. A large, opulent bed was bolted to the floor and fit against one wall; on the opposite wall, a series of wardrobes contained Minerva’s numerous outfits. Priceless rugs adorned the polished floor, and thick mahogany paneling covered the walls. It was a beautiful room and Minerva considered it the surest sign of her position on the ship and in the captain’s bed.

Darielle gasped. “What a wonderful room!,” she exclaimed. “You’re a very fortunate woman. It is good to see that the captain treats his woman so well.” Again, Minerva perceived a hidden challenge in the black-haired beauty’s words, but she decided to say nothing, at least for now.

She threw open one of her wardrobes and allowed Darielle to examine the many formal robes and gowns that she possessed. It quickly became apparent that Darielle did not want any garment that would conceal her voluptuous beauty. She wanted something formal that would still allow her to display all of her feminine charms. She found an outfit which consisted of a silken halter which looped around the wearer’s neck and cupped her breasts but left them mostly naked. The halter was held together between her thrusting tits by a single large, golden ring. The halter was accompanied by a luxurious burgundy skirt. The outfit left the wearer’s back and midriff naked, and enabled Darielle to continue wearing her belly ring and waist chain. Darielle decided that she wanted this ensemble. She took it out of the wardrobe, then began to strip out of her courtesan’s costume.

Darielle turned toward the watching Minerva. The women locked eyes. Darielle carefully, languidly reached up to her neck and untied the strings holding her halter around her neck. The skimpy garment fell to the floor and her huge, beautiful breasts bounced free. They were perfect, dark and round and hard, glowing with power. The areola were wide and dark brown, ridged with bumps. Her nipples were long and hard and stiff. Darielle smiled, then moved her torso from side to side, gently rocking her beautiful tits, giving Minerva a show of her womanhood. Minerva glared angrily, but could not help but stare at Darielle’s magnificent breasts. She felt her own nipples crusting over and tightening, and a deep tension begin to build in her loins. As she continued watching, Darielle unhooked the clasp holding her skirt to her womanly hips and let the garment fall in a heap at her feet. She was now nude, except for her belly ring and waist chain, her slippers, and a few pieces of jewelry. Darielle’s pussy was covered by a thick, well-shaped triangle of black fur. Her pussy lips glistened with moisture.

Darielle placed her hands on her hips and cocked her pelvis forward, thrusting out her crotch, presenting her hairy, glistening cunt, inviting Minerva to respond to her lewd display of womanly power. There was no longer any doubt of the challenge that Darielle presented to Minerva, there was no longer even the pretense of hiding her sexual ambitions. The women’s instant enmity was now out in the open.

Minerva looked the beauty in front of her up and down, her eyes lingering on the other woman’s breasts and moistened cunt. Then she slowly reached up and untied her halter where it was knotted between her jutting breasts. Never releasing her gaze from Darielle’s eyes, she slowly peeled the garment away from her glorious tits. Darielle’s gaze fell to Minerva’s chest, drinking in the incredible tits confronting her own. Minerva’s breasts were golden and perfectly round, hard and taut and throbbing with womanly power. Her nipples were a light brown. Her areola matched Darielle’s for size, and her nipples looked harder than steel as they swelled with arousal. Darielle was impressed. She had planned to intimidate Minerva with her tits. Instead, she found herself having to accept that she was confronting a pair of tits capable of challenging her own.

Minerva let Darielle ogle her breasts for a moment more, then reached down her naked torso and unhooked her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Her pussy glistened in the light, the vaginal lips wet and strong, her cunt fur thick.

The women faced each other from across the room, their nude, magnificent bodies on full display, the tension boiling between them. Minerva crossed the room and walked right up to Darielle. She stopped when her hard nipples were only inches from that of the slave girl. Darielle did not flinch; she thrust her chest out, eager to meet whatever Minerva had to give.

The women’s eyes fixed and locked. The sexual heat burning between them was overwhelming and, as she gazed into Minerva’s green eyes, Darielle felt her cunt contract and the tension in her core build to a shocking intensity. The confrontation she knew that she would have with Minerva from the moment that she first saw her had, apparently, arrived already.

“Do you want to fight, girl?,” Darielle murmured at the beauty in front of her. “Because I’m ready for anything you have. Anything,” she emphasized, her eyes burning with lust. She moistened her ruby red lips with her tongue.

Minerva was torn. She wanted nothing more than to drive her nude body into that of this slut and fight to the finish. She wanted to crush tits, grind cunts, lock clits with the other girl and fuck this whore into absolute submission. Moreover, she had brought the other girl here to her room just so she could establish her dominance. Now, however, seeing Darielle nude, staring into the other girl’s eyes, Minerva knew that any confrontation with this bitch was going to be an all-out struggle that could take a long time to decide, time that they did not have at this moment. Minerva did not want a battle right now, but she did want this upstart to know that she was prepared to face Darielle in any way that the black-haired whore wanted.

Minerva took one final step. Her steel-hard, terribly sensitive nipples crushed tight, head to head, with Darielle’s matching nipples. Pure sexual electricity coursed through the women’s dangerously aroused bodies; their magnificent tits tightened with the sudden heat. Minerva and Darielle gasped in concert, their hot cunts lubricating powerfully, tension pulsing in their cores. Their nipples crushed each other back into their taut titflesh, their sexual sensitivity so great that both women felt their nipple holes sucking tight.

Gasping, moaning into each other’s beautiful faces, Minerva and Darielle pushed hard enough to force their ridged areola to eclipse each other and crush. Then they stopped, panting at each other in hate and anger, sharing hot breath, pushing their foreheads together so they could gaze hatefully into the other’s gorgeous, glowing eyes.

“Not now,” Minerva whispered to Darielle, the pulsing heat in her tits driving her crazy with lust. Her lips almost brushed Darielle’s as she spoke. Both women were quivering with tension, the sexual heat between them built up to incredible proportions. “We’ll have lots of time later. But we will settle this, and soon.”

Staring deeply into Minerva’s eyes, panting with lust, Darielle finally nodded. Slowly, the women disengaged. As they pulled back, both women suddenly twisted to the opposite side, flicking the other’s hard nipples with her own. Minerva and Darielle inhaled sharply at the sudden intense stimulation they had inflicted on each other, then exchanged glares of murderous rage as they pulled their bodies back from the impending confrontation. After a few moments, they both calmed down enough to finish the business that had brought them here.

“I think that I will change into something more formal, too,” Minerva murmured. She reached past Darielle and into the wardrobe and began to pull out a highly abbreviated decorative outfit. The whole time, her eyes remained locked to Darielle’s blue orbs.

Several minutes later, the two women arrived at the dining hall. Darielle was wearing the revealing ensemble she had chosen earlier. Minerva was wearing an equally revealing outfit, consisting of a tight halter which cupped her tits and revealed an enormous amount of her cleavage. Her belly was completely naked, her navel ring glinting. A luxurious black skirt hung low on her hips, just barely concealing her pubic hair. A long slit ran all the way up the right side of the skirt, allowing her gorgeous leg to swing free. She had changed into some light slippers. Her body was as fully displayed as in her previous outfit – perhaps moreso in this more formal arrangement – but the design of the dress and the quality of the material marked it as more fitting for an important engagement.

The room was crowded and noisy with many guests from numerous other delegations which had already paid tribute to Reynald. The captain’s table was crowded, but the two women had been saved seats side by side, at the right hand of the Captain. Reynald smiled at them as they took their chairs, which had been pushed close together. He enjoyed having the two beautiful women side by side, their spectacular bodies offered up to his lustful gaze. He enjoyed comparing the women and their bountiful assets, and could do so more easily with them forced to sit so close together. Minerva and Darielle both understood what was happening, and neither wasted any time in leaning close over the table, displaying as much cleavage as possible for the Captain and anyone else who cared to watch.

Reynald was quick to engage Darielle in conversation. Minerva found his obvious interest in this new beauty incredibly annoying, but she held her tongue.

“Darielle, where are you from?” the captain asked, as he sliced into a leg of lamb.

“I am from Madrigar, my lord,” the beautiful young courtesan replied. “Or, my parents were. They moved to Strontia when I was young. My father fell into financial difficulties and ended up selling me to a local pleasure house about 10 years ago.”

“I see,” the captain replied. Darielle’s story was not uncommon. Many beautiful young women ended up as courtesans as a result of financial misfortune. In places such as Strontia and the surrounding kingdoms, where slavery was still allowed, selling a child into sexual commerce was considered to be an acceptable option, one that often provided the child with opportunities that he or she may never have received otherwise. What was obvious was that 10 years in a pleasure house would have provided Darielle with the training and skills to be a truly formidable sexual partner. Minerva had received a wonderful education from Captain Arella, but she was not certain that she could compete with someone who would have had so many years of formal training in the seductive arts.

As the conversation continued, Minerva picked at her food, her attention focused on gathering what information she could about her new rival. Her right leg, bare and luscious, was extended out under the table. Suddenly, she started; Darielle’s beautiful left leg, smooth and sleek, had moved to press against her right and now rubbed, slowly and sensuously, flesh to flesh. Minerva almost gasped with surprise and the sudden shock of delicious bare flesh pressed to her own. Her pussy burned and became soaked with juice; her nipples hardened into spikes. Darielle had removed her left slipper, leaving her foot bare. Now, she shifted, rubbing her shin into Minerva’s calf, then she slipped her bare foot down Minerva’s leg and pushed Minerva’s slipper off her right foot. The women’s bare feet now touched and wrestled, even as their hot legs twined together. Minerva was just adjusting to this battle of bare flesh when, suddenly, she felt Darielle’s left hand move up to stroke her vulnerable thigh; in moments, the slave girl’s hand had moved onto Minerva’s inner thigh and was working its way towards her naked cunt.

Minerva closed her hot thighs hard around the invading hand. Darielle continued rubbing her gorgeous leg against Minerva’s bare leg. A lull in her conversation with Reynald, who was distracted by the man to his left, allowed Darielle to lean in close to Minerva. Her breasts pushed into the auburn-haired beauty’s arm, and she whispered “Don’t be afraid, Minerva. I just want to feel what you have. You can feel mine.”

Minerva turned her head to look the other girl in the eye. Darielle’s blue eyes burned with lust and amusement. She was taunting Minerva, challenging her to deeper and dirtier and riskier levels of competition. But, clearly, she also wanted Minerva’s attentions. Minerva was amazed and a bit frightened at how aggressive this slave girl was. Clearly, she knew what she wanted and she knew that Minerva was the only obstacle in her way. Minerva refused to be cowed, however; no slut of a dark-haired tramp was going to take everything away from her.

Minerva opened her thighs as wide as she could on the chair, then suppressed a groan as Darielle’s probing hand moved up to cup and fondle her wet, aching cunt. At the same time, Minerva took her right hand and plunged it down between Darielle’s legs. Darielle also pulled her thighs apart to allow easier access. In moments, both women inserted index and middle fingers into the other’s hot, wet pussy and began to explore the other’s aching core. Their fingers hooked around and pushed at soft labia and the opening, sensitive muscles of the vagina. Hot liquid trickled out of both burning pussies. Both women quickly used their probing fingers to find and stroke the other woman’s growing clit.

The first finger to clit contact caused Minerva to jerk up, rigid with the sudden flash of raw pleasure, her eyes wide one moment, then slowly closing, her jaw clenched, as she struggled to control herself. An instant later, Darielle jerked, gritted her teeth, then bit her lip, her body quivering, in a desperate effort to keep from screaming out.

Reynald noticed the sudden movement. “Darielle,” he asked with concern. “Are you alright?”

“I am well, milord,” the beautiful courtesan replied. “But I do think that the gentle rocking of the ship has upset my stomach, just a bit. I think I may need some time to find my bearings on the sea. Perhaps Minerva would be kind enough to show me to where I can go to quiet my belly?”

“Yes,” Reynald replied. “There are potions we use to help soothe the stomachs of those unfamiliar with the sea. Minerva can find some of this for you, I am sure.”

Both women still had their probing fingers lodged in the other’s dripping cunt. As Darielle spoke, Minerva continued to tweak and caress her throbbing clit, trying to force the other women into an embarrassing scream or gasp.

“Yes,” Minerva replied to the captain’s request. She was barely able to suppress a gasp of pleasure as Darielle stroked her clit. “I will take Darielle to find some medicine.”

Minerva pulled her right hand out of her enemy’s hot pussy. She reached into her lap and pulled Darielle’s left hand out of her cunt. The women laced their wet fingers together and rose, hand in hand, to leave the table. Fingers intertwined tightly, each woman squeezing the other’s hand as hard as she could, the two beauties left the dining hall together. To an observer, it would appear the two women were becoming fast friends. In truth, they tested each other’s strength as they marched stiffly down the hall, looking for a place to continue and intensify their battle.

Minerva pulled Darielle into a luxuriously-appointed washroom at the end of the hall. She pushed the dark-haired beauty deeper into the room, then turned to lock the door. The women exchanged glares of hate and pure, unadulterated lust. Then Minerva threw herself at the other woman, pushing Darielle back against the wall. Pinning the courtesan, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, green eyes locked to blue. Their heavy tits crushed deliciously, their hard nipples catching and grating through the thin material of their halters, their overflowing titflesh rolling and squashing, exchanging heat. Both women groaned with pleasure at the tit to tit contact.

Burying her left hand in Darielle’s thick hair, reaching down with her right to shove aside the courtesan’s meager dress, Minerva thrust two fingers of her right hand hard up Darielle’s burning cunthole and began pumping the other woman in earnest. At the same time, Darielle’s questing right hand sent three fingers driving up into Minerva’s tight, hot sexhole even as her left hand sank into Minerva’s auburn hair and yanked painfully. The room soon filled with the wet, squelching noises of two cunts being viciously fingerfucked, and the hot sighs and groans of two enraged bitches in heat.

“You dirty cunt,” Minerva whispered and gasped at her foe, her forehead pressed tight to that of the courtesan. “I don’t care how much training… Oh God,” she almost sobbed, as Darielle stroked her clit with her finger nail, causing a blast of excruciating pleasure. A tear tricked down Minerva’s face.

“You cow, you filthy slut,” Darielle moaned quietly at her foe. “I’ll make you come like the whore you are…” She had to stop and bite her tongue to keep from screaming as Minerva launched a particularly delicious assault on her clit.

Both women were rigid with pleasure, their pussies gushing with juices, dampening their skirts and trickling down their smooth thighs. They pressed their faces closer, panting hot breath into each other’s mouth, whimpering and licking at each other, tongues teasing and tantalizing, as their expert fingers sent spasms of pleasure rippling through their beautiful bodies.

Darielle finally started to quiver, then whimper with barely contained pleasure. Minerva worked her cunt even harder, even as she struggled to tighten her will against Darielle’s incredible assault. With a quiet gasp, Darielle finally broke off. She pulled her fingers out of Minerva’s dripping pussy and used that same hand to pull Minerva’s probing fingers out of her cunt. Then, she shoved the auburn-haired beauty away. Minerva caught herself on the wall. She panted hard, her tits shuddering, her eyes glowing with heat, her torso and breasts red with arousal.

“You’re a weak bitch,” Minerva whispered at her foe. At the same time, she raised her dripping fingers to her mouth and licked off Darielle’s fluids.

Darielle licked Minerva’s juices off her fingers in return, then snarled, “You’re good girl, but I’ll prove better in the end. I always like a good challenge.”

Still, Minerva could tell that Darielle was deeply angry over having been forced to retreat.

“We’ll see, you cunt,” Minerva replied.

Silent now, but still exchanging hot glances and glares of hate and challenge, the women straightened their hair and tidied themselves before returning to the dinner. Reynald greeted them warmly and they spent the next hour sitting side by side, both conscious of the other and their growing rivalry, but both engaged in conversation with the captain and other man around the table.

An old man came up behind Darielle and tapped her on the shoulder. He introduced himself as the purser, the sailor responsible for assigning quarters. Darielle’s cabin was now ready for her, and he needed to show her how to find it.

Darielle excused herself and left with the purser. With Darielle gone, Minerva did not see much reason for her to continue staying. She sought and received the captain’s permission to leave. Before she departed, however, she was careful to see to the evening’s arrangements.

“I assume you would like to see me tonight, Captain?” She gave him a lustful grin, her eyes conveying her intention to take him on a long, hard ride. He smiled at her, his hot gaze sweeping over her thrusting tits, her nipples rigid with arousal, her hard, smooth belly, and down to her hot crotch. She could see what he was already imagining doing to her, and she smiled wider.

“Of course, my dear. I will be in my room all night, once I am finished here. Come by when you are ready. I will be waiting for you.”

Minerva smiled, kissed him lightly on the lips while being sure to press her breasts into his body so that he could feel her hard nipples, then left to go to her cabin. The moment she entered her cabin, she locked both doors (including the one leading to the captain’s chamber) and stripped herself naked. It took only a moment to shrug off her halter and unhook her skirt, letting it drop to the floor. She kicked off her slippers, then threw her voluptuous, nude body onto the bed. She lay for a few minutes on her back, fondling her right tit, lightly squeezing the nipple, caressing it. Her left hand slid down her hard belly, past her navel ring, and buried itself in the thick fur between her legs. Slowly, she began stroking her own clit, which was already plump with her arousal. As she stirred her clit to life with her thumb, she forced her index and middle fingers deep into her vagina, searching for her pleasure spots. In moments, she was groaning, shuddering with heat and the delicious sensations rippling up from her core.

As she masturbated, the images that raced through her mind were those of Darielle. She had just met this dark-haired bitch, but already she was becoming obsessed with her. As her pleasure built, as the tension increased in her core, Minerva rolled over onto her stomach. She rubbed her belly into the soft bedclothes, she ground her massive tits into the mattress, enjoying the hot friction. Her left hand worked hard between her legs, her right hand sank its claws into the pillow and held on. She gritted her teeth and moaned like an animal as she climbed higher and higher on the pleasure curve, her mind blazing with images of Darielle’s body, her imagination on fire with what it would feel like to have that delectable, delicious body locked to her own, thrusting, grinding, sweating, merging, fucking. Finally, she reached her climax. “God, Oh God, OH GOD!!,”she cried, shuddering with pleasure as her orgasm exploded. Her hand was soaked with her vaginal juices as she came, hard. With a moan and final fluttering of her eyelids, she collapsed into a deep sleep, disturbed only by erotic images of Darielle’s breasts and cunt.

Some time later, Minerva woke up. She stretched languidly; she felt completely rested. As she stretched out her legs, straining her toes, she suddenly realized how late it was by the growing darkness outside. Her promise to visit the captain came back to her. She smiled. She was not that late, and she began to gather herself, preparing to spend the night engaged in some deeply satisfying sex. The captain was a very good lover, and she had a few tricks that she planned to try out tonight.

She climbed off of the bed and then padded over to her wardrobe and pulled out a gossamer-thin robe, one that only barely hid her enticing curves, and revealed tantalizing hints of her dark nipples and thick bush. She tied it on then walked, barefoot, to the door connecting her cabin to the captain’s. As she approached the door, she began to detect distinct sounds. Frowning, she wondered what she was hearing; then, with a thrill of rage and fear, she knew exactly what it was. It was the sound of a man and a woman locked together in sex.

Enraged, Minerva threw open the door and found that her nightmare had come true. On the bed, Reynald and Darielle were fucking like animals, ramming at each other as though they wanted to drive through each other. Reynald was on top, his powerful ass pumping hard, his arms wrapped around Darielle’s straining body, squeezing her tight. His chest had crushed down on her firm breasts which ballooned out but still resisted his weight. Their bellies slapped together rhythmically. Darielle’s powerful thighs were wrapped around his hips, her ankles crossed just below his thrusting ass, locking their bodies into one. Her golden anklet winked as they pounded at each other.

They were locked in a deep kiss when Minerva first saw them, but now they broke the kiss and resumed making animal cries and groans of pleasure. Clearly, Darielle was using her skills as a courtesan to use her inner muscles to work Reynald’s shaft even as it was lodged deep inside her body. As Minerva watched, Reynald bucked wildly, then let loose a groan of sheer pleasure. He convulsed, lost in a powerful orgasm that wracked his body. For her part, Darielle continued holding on, her hips bucking stronger and faster until she howled out her own pleasure, arching her back and lifting Reynald’s heavy body off of the bed in the throes of her ecstasy.

Minerva gritted her teeth in rage and barely kept herself from shrieking in fury.

Gasping, the two lovers collapsed together, exchanging light kisses and panting whispers. Reynald continued to kiss and lick at Darielle. He was spent, he had clearly just experienced an intense orgasm, but it was also clear that he wanted much more. Minerva snarled; she thought she was the only person who could make the captain so aroused. Darielle kissed back, laughing quietly, seemingly equally enthusiastic about continuing their sexual encounter, despite the appearance that the two had already been at it for some time. Minerva decided it was time that she intervene.

“Reynald!,” she called, loudly but carefully. She had to make sure that her hurt and anger were not conveyed in her voice. The last thing that Reynald would find attractive was a jealous mistress, and Minerva was now very aware of the fragility of her position.

“Ah, Minerva!,” he called, turning his head to see her, his eyes lighting with lust. “I was wondering when you would come. When Darielle came knocking at my door, I first thought it was you. As you can see,” he smiled, “we decided not to wait. But I am glad that you are here now. I think that the three of us can have a very interesting time.”

Minerva understood now; Reynald wanted a threesome, and probably had from the moment he saw Darielle. She glanced at Darielle. The dark-haired beauty had been staring at her with a smug, triumphant expression up until that moment. Now, her look became more circumspect; she had not conquered the captain as much as she had thought. He was still very interested in having sex with Minerva. But Darielle was very interested in having sex with Minerva too, and the new situation was introducing interesting new possibilities.

Minerva smiled, then walked carefully towards the bed, her hips swaying, reaching up to her shoulders to pull back her robe, letting the gossamer garment whisper down her magnificent body and fall to the deck as she walked. Reynald smiled lustfully, and pulled himself off of and out of Darielle beneath him, disengaging his cock from her pussy with an audible sucking pop. Minerva noted that his cock was still hard, despite his orgasm. His shaft seemed to be hardening each moment. He crawled on the bed toward her, then sat on the edge of the bed to wait for her, reaching for her as she drew near, his cock at full attention. He reached up to stroke and squeeze her massive breasts, to run his hands over her hips and belly. She smiled and reached down to seize his massive cock, to rub and caress the shaft, still slick with Reynald’s cum and Darielle’s juices. Reynald groaned, then buried his face in Minerva’s tits. He began licking and sucking at her gorgeous breasts, even as she squeezed and worked the tip of his shaft.

Darielle was watching all of this with interest, from her position lying back on the bed. Now as she and Minerva locked eyes over Reynald’s shoulder, she began to move to get up and get involved. Before she could, Minerva gently pushed Reynald away from her breasts, then fell to her knees. She took his enormous, hardening shaft into her mouth and throat, and began feasting on his erection. She tasted Darielle’s juices on the shaft, as she took as much of it into her throat as she could. Reynald gasped, burying his hand in Minerva’s thick auburn hair. Darielle came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest, pushing her massive tits into his back. She ran her hands down his belly and kissed his back.

Despite the women’s ministrations, Reynald was still not as rock-hard as he usually was. It was evident that the tremendous orgasm he had experienced with Darielle still had him somewhat drained and not quite ready to resume his sexual athletics. Still, under Minerva’s expert sucking, he soon became rock-hard again, and he was soon panting and groaning as Minerva feasted on his shaft, playing with the tip, stroking his balls, licking around his scrotum, taking almost the entire shaft deep into her throat. During this entire time, Darielle rubbed her incredible body into his back, grinding her tits and cunt against his solid muscle, her hands roaming over his muscled chest, occasionally dropping down to stroke Minerva’s head as it bobbed against the captain’s crotch. After a few more minutes of intense stimulation, Reynald began to groan, then, with a cry, came hard in Minerva’s mouth. He bucked, driving his shaft as far up her throat as he could, pulling her down on him by her head, his hand buried in her hair. Minerva resisted, pulling back slightly, but continued sucking him, using his cum as lubrication, drawing everything out of him that she could, leaving him gasping and spent. With a smile, she released his softening cock, and kissed the tip of the shaft. Reynald, still gasping, smiled at her in satisfaction.

“Wait a few more minutes, my love, my cock will come back. For now, I want you and Darielle to do something for me.”

“Anything, Reynald,” Minerva replied. “Of course, milord,” said Darielle.

“I want you to lie down side by side. I want to see you two together.” Reynald smiled, raw lust lighting up his features.

To be continued