by a. penman

PRELUDE: For those fans who wondered what went on between Fallon and Brandi before Bill arrived...

It had been three weeks since Fallon’s intense fuck-fight with Brandi. She still couldn’t get the incident out of her mind. She was obsessed with it. She had been defeated, woman to woman, in the type of erotic contest that she assumed she would win. Having made the mistake of underestimating her opponent, she vowed that would not happen again.

On the night of their first encounter, what had started out as a generic girl fight over a guy turned into something much more. The script unfolded routinely enough:

“Stay away from my man, you slut!” Brandi said, threateningly.

“I’ll go near your man anytime I want. Besides, he’s not going to be your man much longer, cunt.” Fallon responded, belligerently.

“I’m warning you. I’ll beat the slut out of you if you try anything.”

“You’re not woman enough to handle me, Brandi, with an i.”

“Oh yeah?”


Hands on hips, chests out, nostrils flaring...then, slap, slap, curse, curse, pause to assess, then a second round of slaps with much more enthusiasm, scream, scream, followed by more abusive language, and it was on. They lunged at each other, heatedly pushing and shoving, flailing, swinging and mostly missing. Both angry beauties then tearing at each other’s hair, screaming and tussling with each other, ultimately losing their balance and ending up bodies rolling around on the living room floor.  Both women made sure to assertively force their chests into each other, both making sure to entwine their stockinged legs around each other in order to align their overheated bodies for maximum contact.  This tussle lasted only a couple of minutes before the two women quickly realized, by way of their increasing arousal, that they wanted something much more profound.

Lying tangled on their sides nose to nose, breathing heavily into each other, they pushed themselves away and rose to their feet. No further venomous dialogue was necessary. With their eyes locked, Fallon and Brandi both licked their lips. Donning smiles of sarcasm on their lovely faces, by mutual unspoken agreement the two busty women then stripped down to their panties, neatly folded their clothes and placed them next to each other on the couch. Wordlessly, the two women agreed to match their bodies against each other-both women eager to engage in a much more intimate encounter-an encounter that both ladies seemed to know was their destiny. Then came the mouth watering splat of two naked female bodies aggressively meeting. The journey to horizontal was quick and full of sensations. They rolled around heatedly, craving the fusion of flesh, eagerly fighting each other body to body, not knowing that Bill had arrived and was watching them engage in this most womanly duel. The matchup was evenly contested, mind blowing and revelatory for both women. It was body against body that they had craved all along.

But, when the panties came off and the two women really got down to business, Fallon did not stand a chance. And even though she had been easily dispatched by her ex boyfriend’s current lover-almost to the point of humiliation, while he sat in awe and watched them-she had to admit to herself that it was the most incredible sexual encounter of her life. Brandi made her climax furiously, savagely and repeatedly, like no one else had ever done. She longed for the day that their thick succulent cunts would meet and mate once again. Whether it was desire for revenge, or just overwhelming need, Fallon hoped that she and this big titted bitch were not done with each other. She wanted Brandi’s cunt between her thighs once again. She was counting on Brandi’s ego and her sense of womanly honor. Thusly, when she called to challenge, Brandi eagerly agreed to a rematch. It seemed Brandi was just as eager to continue this. But there was one caveat.

“Just you and me this time Fallon.” Brandi stipulated. The prospect of a one on one with Brandi excited her so much that she forgot where she was.

“So you want it to be just the two of us next time we go pussy to pussy? No one else in the room? Is that what you’re saying?” Fallon said into her cell phone as she moved up in the express lane. She got so excited that she hit a button on the side of the phone, just as Brandi replied.

“Exactly, Fallon. You and me, body to body, tits to tits and cunt to cunt.” Brandi’s voice came back over the speakerphone, to the delight of everyone in the check out line.

“You’re on, bitch! Just the two of us. Woman to woman.” An enraptured Fallon responded, noting the reactions of those in line with her. An attractive, buxom brunette just ahead of her recognized Brandi’s voice. She turned and inserted herself into the dialogue.

“Wow! You’re taking on Brandi? Good luck with that, honey!” she expressed, as she loaded bags filled with staples into her cart. Directly behind her, an older man with grey hair and a beard dropped a dozen extra large, farm fresh eggs. The cashier quickly got on the overhead paging system.

“Clean up on express.”

“Hey! What the hell? Do you have me on speaker phone?” Brandi’s voice came shrieking back, as Fallon closed the flap and ended the call.

Fallon felt her nipples harden, as she unloaded her shopping cart, moved up and watched her 1% milk being scanned. The beautiful cashier noticed the nubs in Fallon’s tight top and felt a tingling in her loins. Having seen Fallon come through her line many times before, and engaging with her in brief but vacuous pleasantries, she had developed a crush on the busty brunette. She regained her composure and continued to scan Fallon’s groceries.

As Fallon swiped her debit card, her eyes were drawn to the gorgeous redhead. They made lengthy eye contact. They both smiled seductively. She wondered why she hadn’t connected with this woman before. She appeared to have a great set of tits. Fallon licked her lips, then returned her attention to the debit machine. She wondered about this woman and what kind of things she might be into sexually.

“Thank you so much, Vickie.” She said, reading the girl’s name tag as she accepted her receipt.

“You’re very welcome, Fallon.” The cashier smiled. Fallon blushed a bit as now everyone in the immediate area knew her name and what she was into. Oh well.

There was one last split second of checking each other out. Fallon thought that one day she would have to test these waters. But for now, she would just collect her two paper bags full of groceries and be on her way.

To be continued