By Anonymous

As the blonde wrestlerette groggily got up again, the negro wrapped her arms fiercely around the white girl and lifted her up off the floor, squeezing with all the power of her muscular darkskinned body.

By now the spectators were shouting, urging on the nearly naked combatants.

As the negro lifted and squeezed her weaker adversary, the blonde’s face began to flush as the air was choked off by the bearhug she was in. In despair she beat her fists at the coloured girl, but she had not much power left. And then the negro let go of the other wrestlerette. The blonde sagged and was blasted with a hard low right below the navel, followed by a vicious kick to the scantily covered crotch.

I felt Kim’s hand grasping my left wrist and I felt Joanna’s hand grasping my right wrist. The eyes of my companions were shining. The rigid nipples of their breasts were jutting beneath the thin blouses the women were wearing.

Moaning with pain the white girl was on her knees, holding her hurt pussy with both hands. The negro was on her instantly. Gripping the blonde by her pointed breasts, she pulled the panting girl to her feet, twisting those pretty tits recklessly. Before the blonde was able to retaliate, the negro had her in a skillfully applied full nelson. Her dark face showing no emotion, the black beauty applied pressure, hurting the white girl terribly and slowly forcing all remaining fighting power out of her. Her sinewy, long legs spread wide, the young blonde did her best to withstand the pitiless hold, but after a few minutes her legs trembled and she went down. She was on her knees again, bent forward and with her tormentor on her back – black body on white body.

The spectators cheered both fighters, urging on the white girl not to give in, encouraging the coloured wrestlerette to continue hurting her victim.

The superior negro didn’t let up her attack. Ruthlessly she put all her strength in the hold she had on the panting girl beneath her, pressing her little face flat onto the dusty mat. She held her like this for seemingly endless minutes, and when she was sure that there was no resistance left in her opponent’s body, she turned the hapless girl onto her back and straddled her.

With each hand the dark wrestlerette grasped one of her victim’s nude, stiff tipped breasts. Her own breasts swollen with excitement, the negro squeezed and twisted and pulled the conquered girl’s nipples and dug them.

Fascinated we watched the barbarous spectacle. “Oh God, isn’t that wonderful,” Joanna murmured at my side. I held her in my arm, squeezing her ripe breasts which were hard with desire, the stiff nipples jutting at least an inch.

At my other side, Kim, her skirt far above her knees, sat with her long, nude legs spread wide apart. Her hand came over and grasped me. With my free hand I gripped one of her small pointed tits and pressed it.

The black fighter stood up. The white girl lay on her back and didn’t stir.

The black girl with a swift movement skinned down her bikini panties. With the exception of her boxer’s boots she was stark naked. She was completely hairless. Legs spread, she stood in triumph over the defeated white girl, but she was not yet finished with her. She squatted astride the conquered wrestlerette, hovering fr tantalizing moments over the flushed face underneath her, then mashing down her crotch on the white girl’s mouth. In a perfect face straddle the negro mashed and ground over the other girl’s mouth.

Spreading her long, muscular legs wider apart she rotated her pelvis on the humiliated girl’s face, buttocks clenching. Her nude body shivered as she sat astride on her victim’s buried face, smothering her into complete and ultimate defeat.

The black girl stayed on her white prey for a quarter of an hour. Finally she got up and struck a pose, proudly showing us her athletic naked body.

Her white adversary didn’t move anymore.


Smoothly the black Mercedes rolled homeward. Kim sat silently at my side. The stiff tips of her excited small breasts stretched the thin material of her blouse.

Kim, 35 years of age, housewife and mother of a handsome son of 12, she still had all the beauty of youth, combined with all of the experience of a woman of her age. That was one of the good things about her. One more was the fact that her husband spent 10 months a year in the Orient on an assignment for his company. The third real nice thing was her being my next door neighbor.

In the rear view mirror I saw Joanna’s red Alfa Romeo following us. Joanna, my beautiful cousin. The first time the two of us had made love I was 26. Now she was married to a doctor who spent most of his time in his hospital (and his nurses). Being a nymphomaniac she was always on the lookout for male as well as female prey.

Leaning back against her seat Kim spread her legs and her skirt slipped upward, revealing most of her long slender thighs.

“I’ve asked Joanna to come with us because I want you girls to fight,” I said. “How about it?”

“You mean like those girls we just watched?”

“Yes. The two of you, nude and no holds barred. I’ve always wanted to see you sexwrestle with Joanna, nude and dirty and to the finish – to see who is the better woman. I’ll be the referee.”

Kim’s voice was hoarse when she answered. “I’ll do it. But what about Joanna?”

“Don’t worry. She’ll do it, too.”

“Good, oh my God, that’s good… we’ll do it really dirty and nude and long… let’s hurry, let’s go to your place where I can fight it out with that blonde, horny beauty and hurt the womanhood between her legs and crush her dry!”

“That’s it,” I said, “Each of you tried to destroy her rival. The fight goes on until either Joanna or you are totally conquered.”

I stepped on the gas.

We arrived. I got out of my car and went over to Joanna’s Alfa. Helping her out, I told her that Kim was challenging her to a nude, no holds barred fight.

“Is that so?” asked Joanna.

Kim nodded. “Yes, and I hope you don’t chicken out!”

They stood closely, the tips of their breasts almost touching. “You bet I won’t. I accept your challenge. Let’s just go in and do it.”

Quickly we moved the furniture aside, clearing an arena of about 15x15 feet.

“Okay,” I said, “Here’s what you are going to do. First you cut your fingernails, both of you. It’s in the interest of both of you.” They sacrificed their claws.

“Now the rules. You fight barefoot and stark nude. Since this is a sexfight all holds are allowed, especially on ass and tits. It is agreed upon that you don’t have any grudge against each other and that you wrestle just to see who is the better woman. There will be no pause, you’ll fight without interruption to the finish.”

The combatants nodded their agreement.

“Good. Now, since Kim is the challenger, it’s only fair if she undresses first and allows Joanna to inspect her. Then it’s Joanna’s turn to strip and exhibit herself. After that the fight is to start.”

Without hesitating Kim got rid of her clothes. She was naked within seconds. Her long, slender legs spread, she stood in the center of the room provokingly, hands on hips. The tips of her small, hard breasts jutted in expectation. Her firm, round buttocks clenched, my lovely neighbor pushed out her dark haired crotch.

“Inspect her!” I told Joanna. “Grip her breasts to get acquainted with your rival!”

Looking into Kim’s eyes Joanna stepped over. In a gesture of sportsmanship she embraced her naked adversary, then with a sudden motion she grasped Kim’s breasts with both hands, gently squeezing the little globes to test their firmness. Kim flushed as the other woman touched her so indiscreetly, but she stood her ground.

Still without speaking, Joanna separated from her challenger’s nude body and stripped herself. When she was completely naked, she stood with spread legs, her pussy pushed out in a gesture of challenge, her blonde hair falling down to her shoulders, lewd and radiant and beautiful. Her body was perfect, the skin tight and slightly tanned. Her medium sized breasts were hanging like ripe, firm pears, swinging with every movement of her body and about twice the size of Kim’s pert little tits. The long, pink nipples stood stiff like soldiers on duty. Her thighs were slim and strong, the slender nude opened her long legs farther. She arched her body forward, and beneath the blonde, thin pubic hair which covered the upper part of her pussy the fleshy, lips protruded. Looking at her challenger, she just stood, offering her naked body for pre-fight inspection.

Kim didn’t waste any time. Giving Joanna’s larger breasts attention, she knelt between my cousin’s legs and without modesty gave the blonde’s private parts as close an inspection as she had experienced herself just a few minutes before. It was an incredibly fascinating sight – two perfect female specimens both nude and beautiful, one brunette, one blonde, one my next door neighbor, one my cousin.

However, I had to interrupt the foreplay. “Okay now,” I told my eager Amazons, “You made yourselves acquainted, so let’s stop playing around and get ready for fighting. Both of you go to your corners, and when I tell you so, you come out fighting.”

Naked they stood, the smiles between them tight, ready for their duel – blonde cousin Joanna in one corner, brunette Kim in the other ready to match muscle and skill.

“Fight!” I said.

The naked wrestlerettes circled first, then clasped each other in collar and elbow style. With their bodies well apart, they shuffled about the room, trying to get an advantage over the other. Cheek to cheek they pushed each other around, trying different holds. Kim succeeded in getting some kind of bearhug on my cousin, and now they wrestled in close embrace, body against body, breasts mashing breasts.

Kim, who seemed to be stronger, bent my cousin back, straining every nerve, her hard nipples piercing Joanna’s giving tit flesh. In order not to be forced down, the blonde wrestlerette grasped her aggressor’s ass with both hands, clutching Kim’s nude buttocks, fingers deep in her cleft. Thus the women struggled for minutes, Joanna in defense all the time. Suddenly in an effort to break Kim’s hold she thrust one hand between the other woman’s thighs. I wasn’t able to see what she did to the brunette but she seemed to hurt her good as Kim groaned with the sudden pain.

In retaliation Kim gripped the breasts in front of her with both hands, one hand on each tit, fingers digging deeply into the sensitive tissue. My cousin cried with tit pain. She grasped her foe’s wrists, but Kim didn’t let go of Joanna’s boobs. Stretching the blonde’s breasts painfully, she yanked her down and forced her onto her knees. Legs spread and buttocks clenched, Kim stood over the gasping blonde, holding her down.

Smiling cruelly, Kim twisted the kneeling wrestlerette’s tits while the tortured girl tried in vain to untie the dirty hold.

And then Kim forced her opponent straight back up again by those breasts, forced her on to tiptoes. Still holding her by her swollen tits, Kim’s knee flashed up, and Joanna straightened further with a gasp as it thudded in her crotch. In the next second Kim grasped behind the blonde’s thighs and dumped her to the floor.

With a triumphant cry Kim jumped on to her rival, nailing her to the floor. The beautiful sex wrestlers writhed and twisted on the floor, Kim clearly dominating Joanna. Her small hard breast piercing into Joanna’s aching swollen tits she mashed herself against the blonde pussy underneath her with strong thrusts. Moaning and gasping their nude bodies locked in horny combat embrace, they fought body to body.

My cousin was still on her back. Kim was on top of her, holding her on spread arms as crucified. My cousin, under her, had her eyes closed and breathed heavily through clenched teeth. Her long, beautiful legs clasped the naked body on top of her, her calves crossed over Kim’s thrusting ass. She writhed and heaved, head rolling.

Both women’s bellies were in constant contact, brunette pubic hair mingling with blonde.

“Aaaaggh….ooooh!” It was my cousin.

Kim stayed on top of her, her pelvis grinding viciously on the wrestlerette underneath. Doubtlessly Kim had some kind of submission grip laying in full body press on her victim to counter any move the blonde might make. For minutes my cousin bucked and twisted. Slowly subsiding till she lay quiet, thighs falling apart, ribcage heaving – apparently beaten.

“We aren’t finished yet!” panted Kim, holding fast Joanna’s wrists and in a swift forward motion sitting down heavily on the hapless wrestlerette’s face. Mashing on the face underneath her she rode on her foe in a perfect face straddle, the most brutal and sexy hold in female fighting.

I’ll never forget the wonderful sight of Kim face straddling Joanna nude, slender, sweating, on top of my equally nude, slender and glistening cousin who lay in defeat between her conqueror’s muscular thighs, one Amazon smothering the other.

Joanna soon had stopped struggling against the pressure of Kim’s crotch which covered most of her face, especially her nose and her mouth. Only her forehead was visible between Kim’s clasping thighs, everything else was hidden under the stronger wrestlerette. My cousin lay still.

She didn’t want to suffocate, there was only one thing to do for Joanna, and she did it; forgetting all scruples of civilization and education, she clenched her teeth viciously in the soft flesh covering her face.

With a loud cry Kim jumped up. Holding her injured sex with both hands, the wrestlerette collapsed, writhing with pain. She would have been easy prey for Joanna, however the blonde was busy with herself, gulping badly needed fresh air into her tortured lungs.

His interlude lasted for a few seconds only. The new round of fighting began with a swift attack by Joanna. She grasped Kim and took her in a two armed headlock, however the brunette quickly applied the same hold. In a test of strength the naked females tried to out wrestle each other, at first in a standing position, then slowly forcing each other down onto their knees.

Ten minutes passed. Kim and cousin Joanna were kneeling side by side, holding each other in a choking embrace, faces flushed and their nude, sweat soaked bodies writhing in despair.

‘How beautiful they are,’ I thought to myself. They fought like schoolboys, yet these were grown up, ripe women, mothers of schoolboys – nude, shameless and ambitious, wrestling like some primitive cave women right here in my apartment!

They broke, getting to their feet again. Joanna attacked again, pushing Kim to the nearest wall. She spaded her right hand and thrust it between Kim’s smooth thighs, gripping her.

The slender woman’s back muscles knotted and her buttocks clenched she lifted Kim up the wall by her crotch, her hand buried deeply in the dark pussy hair.

Kim yelled in pain!

Joanna held her opponent, a left arm bar across her throat, in this vicious grip for minutes – what a wonderful sight they were, my naked cousin, ass tense and muscles protruding, lifting my equally naked neighbor. Kim’s eyes were half closed, and I heard her moaning with despair.

I could have watched this for hours, but Joanna just couldn’t hold her victim any longer. Relinquishing her grip she backed away while Kim slumped by the wall, massaging her sweet, abused body.

Again Joanna attacked, using the advantage she had on the brunette. Sweat was dripping off her shoulders as she succeeded in pressing Kim flat on her back onto the floor. Kim’s white body disappeared writhing under my cousin’s powerful torso, straining for freedom. The slight acrid odor if nude, sweating women lingered in the air. When Joanna tried to straddle the struggling wrestlerette, Kim rammed her right deep between the spread thighs. Using the hold on he for leverage, she threw Joanna to the floor.

Joanna rolled away and leapt to her feet crouching low, breasts dangling. Kim crouched just one yard opposite from her.

They circled. Both Joanna’s and Kim’s breasts had expanded in the thrill of battle and close contact of their nude bodies. The nipples of their breasts were hard and thick.

They braced, standing upright now, legs apart. They wrestled breast to breast, bear hugging each other, grunting like men, sometimes squealing like girls. Their bellies glued together, they fought for the decision, thrusting brutally into each other’s hairy loins, matching stroke for stroke, giving and taking. Each wrestlerette gripped her foe’s naked ass with both hands, digging strong, experienced fingers deeply in clenching buttocks as if to prevent her adversary escaping this battle of attrition.

Eye to eye they grappled in vicious combat as only naked females can. Deep in between their thighs both used the most dirty of all female weapons against each other in a ruthless effort to destroy the other woman.


My cousin had been forced to orgasm for the second time! One moment later it was Kim’s voice.


The breath was hissing between their teeth as my cousin forced Kim to the floor and rolled onto her. The brunette arched her white body like a bow, but to no avail – Joanna stayed on top, laying between Kim’s spread legs. Panting the beautiful nudes lay there locked in a death grip, two naked females in ultimate womanly combat. Long minutes passed, decisive minutes.

Finally Joanna seemed to gain control of the nude underneath her. Kim’s white body was shining with sweat, her small hard tits rising and falling as she panted with exhaustion, Joanna sitting up in triumph.

I nodded my head. Joanna knew what I wanted to see – the loser’s total surrender and humiliation.

“Finish her off!” I told my cousin.

She turned Kim over on her face, getting no resistance from the exhausted wrestlerette. Slipping her arms under Kim’s armpits, she clutched the defeated woman’s small tits. Using them as leverage she strained backwards in a backbreaker, her pretty muscles bulging. Minutes passed with no submission from the tortured nude.

Joanna let her flop forward on her knees. Her round, white ass sticking out, Kim was on knees and elbows, her forehead resting on the floor.

Joanna straddled the squatting brunette. Riding her like a jockey, she faced Kim’s female ass. She clasped Kim’s head with her strong thighs. Pressing her thighs together, she held the hapless fighter in a reverse head scissors. Kim bucked in despair, she probably anticipated what was coming.

The victorious Amazon slid her hands down and grasped Kim’s crotch, with one hand from the front and the other from behind, applying the queen of holds in womanly combat – a double claw hold.

Her facial expression a mixture of cruel determination and wanton desire, Joanna gripped under her foe’s lower torso, clawed fingers probing.

“Give it to her!” I shouted. “Show her what a naked female can do to her naked rival!”

I heard my cousin’s strained breathing as she worked on her panting adversary.

Finally barely audible, I heard Kim groan; “Stop it, Joanna, I give up!”

“Louder!” Joanna said, “I can’t hear you!”

“I give in, please stop, I submit!”

“Say that I’m the better woman and that you love being conquered by me!”

“Yes, you are the better woman!”

“And you love being conquered by me!” Joanna insisted.

“Yes, I love it! I love being conquered by you…..”

Slowly Joanna got up and stepped over to me. Kim lay sobbing on her belly. Joanna’s arms encircled me. She pressed her nude body against mine. Her nipples were stiffer and harder than ever.

“Have me on top of her nude body,” my cousin said. “Take me like a wrestler!”

The End