It was early Saturday afternoon in Laurelhurst, a small, gated lakeside community in northern California. Valentine Silverman was riding her bicycle along the quiet streets, enjoying the relative solitude of the afternoon, and the freedom of summer. The leggy blonde had just finished her senior year of high school, and would be heading to Irvine in the fall. At the moment, however, she was completely without obligations; and furthermore, momentarily without her best friends, who had all left for various summer destinations.

Valentine had felt a little lonely at first, but she had plenty of experience entertaining herself, growing up as an only child; and it was only recently that the blonde had enjoyed a fair measure of popularity at school, having been somewhat of a late bloomer, both socially and physically. Even now, Valentine felt somewhat apart, even from a lot of her friends. The blonde was still not fully comfortable in her body, which at a shade under 6 feet made her easily the tallest girl amongst her group of friends. Valentine’s achingly beautiful legs alone measured more than 40 inches; she had always felt a little exposed on the few occasions that she had worn short skirts out in public. In her self-consciousness, Valentine frequently imagined the eyes of other girls staring at the back of her long legs with cool hostility, whispering and gossiping behind her back.

Valentine slowed to a stop in front of the gate leading to the community recreational center. She slid off the seat of her bicycle, and let herself in with her key. Locking her bicycle up, she made her way toward the swimming pool. Like much of the neighborhood, the pool was relatively empty this afternoon, with only a handful of teenage girls that Valentine didn’t recognize lying poolside on their stomachs lazily, and some small children splashing around noisily at the shallow end of the pool under the semi-watchful gaze of their adult chaperones.

Valentine’s eye was drawn to a long-legged girl sitting apart from everyone else, slightly in the shade of the pool house. The girl was dressed in a pair of black cotton boyshorts, with a matching bikini top. A straw hat was draped over her face, long dark curls of hair spilling out attractively from the edges. Suddenly, the girl removed the hat from on top of her face to fan herself briefly. Valentine felt something stir in her, a vague sense of excitement along with a strange sense of disquiet, when she realized that she knew the girl, that the brunette had graduated last week with her.

Kris Anderson was a rather brainy and physically arresting brunette, who had worked with Valentine on the school newspaper. Kris was very close to Valentine’s twin, physically. The brunette’s strong, shapely legs could match Valentine’s inch for inch, or very nearly. And the tantalizing glimpse of Kris’s cleavage, squeezed into her bikini cups and peeking out from beneath the brim of her hat, indicated breasts that were remarkably similar in shape and size to the firm, but not overly large breasts of Valentine’s. The girls even had similar complexions, tending toward an alabaster pallor that didn’t tan particularly well. In fact, several of her girlfriends (and one short-lived boyfriend) had mentioned the resemblance to her. The most noticeable physical difference between the two girls was their hair, with Valentine’s golden blonde mane which spilled straight down her back, contrasted with Kris’s cool, dark curls.

In spite of their physical similarities, Kris and Valentine had never gotten to know each other very well in school, despite being involved in several extracurricular activities together. Indeed, neither girl had ever shown much of an interest in befriending the other, although there had been more of a wary distance between the two than anything like hostility, up to this point. Perhaps it was simply because of their physical similarity that Valentine had never been able to warm up to Kris; she certainly recognized the irritation she felt when others brought the fact up to her. Whatever, Valentine thought as she headed poolside, their bodies couldn’t be EXACTLY alike; even though the blonde was a little self-conscious about her height, she still nevertheless harbored a secret pride in her long, lithe legs, never having seen their equal among girls her own age, at least at her school. They were maybe just a little nicer than Kris’s, Valentine told herself.

Although the two girls weren’t exactly friends, they did know each other, and Valentine suddenly felt like breaking free from her solitude briefly. And, to be entirely honest, Valentine had always felt a degree of physical attraction toward Kris, which she had never been adventuresome enough to explore, even while being strangely put off by her.

“Hi, Kris,” Valentine said, as she stood over the prone dark-haired girl. Valentine had changed into a light pink, two-piece bathing suit; the sun glistened wetly on her smooth, toned midriff, already coated with a thin film of sweat from the summer heat.

Kris started a little at the sound of her name, uncovering her face from beneath her hat again, and turning in Valentine’s direction. Her pretty face almost bumped into Valentine’s ankle, which was stationed right next to Kris’s head. The brunette angled her neck back, sliding her eyes up the supple lines of Valentine’s legs, staring straight up from between the blonde girl’s firm, upright breasts at Valentine’s smile of greeting.

“Valentine,” Kris said. Her voice was naturally soft, barely above a whisper normally, and slightly raspy. Valentine caught herself staring at the brunette’s full, dark red lips, which were glossed over thinly with lipstick. “Hey, what’s up?” Somewhat surprisingly, there was an indication of genuine welcome in her voice. Perhaps Valentine wasn’t the only girl feeling a little bored so far this summer.

Valentine shrugged, her eyes lifting to meet the other girl’s. “Just hanging out,” she said. “There’s not a lot to do these days.” She unslung the beach towel she was carrying from off her bare shoulder. “Mind if I join you?” she asked, after a slight hesitation.

Kris cocked her head to the side, as if considering the proposition, but then smiled slowly and replied, “No, I could use the company.”

Valentine spread her towel down beside the brunette girl, and lowered herself down onto it, stretching out her long legs, as she leaned back on her hands. For some reason, she noted that Kris had suddenly decided to stretch out her own lithe legs, which had previously been drawn up slightly. Valentine allowed her eyes to linger for a moment on the brunette’s gorgeous legs, admiring their shapely length and strength, feeling an impulsive, absurd urge to measure them against her own, suddenly. The girls smiled at each other somewhat uncomfortably, lapsing back into the wariness each naturally felt around the other, the initial pleasure of seeing a familiar face having largely dissipated.

“So what are you doing here today, Kris?” Valentine finally asked Kris, feeling uncomfortable with the silence. “There’s no one but kids and soccer moms around.”

Kris shrugged. “I could ask you the same question, Valentine,” she said. The brunette smiled slightly. “No, actually, I’m working here as a lifeguard this summer. My shift doesn’t start for another few hours, though.”

“Oh, that’s cool,” Valentine said. She couldn’t think of anything else to say to the brunette. The girls turned away from each other slightly. Sighing softly, Valentine tried to relax, lying back down on her towel. The blonde had brought her own large brimmed hat to shade her delicate complexion from the sun, and she now gratefully set it down over her face. Eventually, the drowsy warmth of the afternoon allowed Valentine to largely ignore the beautiful, swimsuit-clad girl beside her. The blonde drifted off to sleep, the sounds of splashing in the pool fading to static.

An indeterminate amount of time later, Valentine found herself starting awake at a delicate touch on her thigh, the muscle tensing nervously, as if it had been ready for action all this time. The blonde turned toward Kris, who was smiling wryly at her.

“It seems as if we’ve acquired some admirers,” Kris murmured, indicating with her chin a group of three boys Valentine dimly recognized as being one year behind them at school. They were stealing nervous glances at the two beautiful girls lying side-by-side, clearly a little intimidated.

A strange idea suddenly occurred to Valentine, one which sent a shiver of adrenaline down her body. Almost immediately, she wondered if she had been thinking along these lines since she first saw Kris lying there stretched out on her towel this afternoon. Valentine locked eyes with the brunette, and seeing something in her dark eyes, made up her mind. The blonde reached over the other girl’s body with her wide-brimmed hat, holding it on the far side of Kris’s head, and tilting it so that it hid the faces of the two girls from any observers situated at the shallow end of the pool; only the three teenaged boys could see them, now. Valentine leaned into Kris, then, their breasts brushing lightly in their bikini cups, and when Kris didn’t pull away, planted a soft, unsteady kiss on the brunette girl’s lips.

Valentine had her eyes closed, and she instinctively cringed when Kris’s lips seemed unresponsive, unyielding in that first, pleading instant when their lips brushed. Stricken with embarrassment, Valentine started to pull away, only to find that Kris’s lips were holding onto hers gently, tentatively trying to keep their two pairs of full, soft lips pressed together. Valentine’s heart was beating rapidly in her chest, which lay pressed lightly against Kris’s. After another moment, Valentine pulled away reluctantly from the kiss; Kris’s lips held the shape of a slight, pouting kiss for a second longer.

The girls stared at each other, their eyes wide and liquid. “Well,” Valentine said finally, just to break the silence. “How do you think those boys liked that?” she asked, not looking at the boys in question at all.

Kris seemed to swallow before answering. “I’m sure they’ve committed it to long-term memory,” she said, not taking her eyes off of Valentine’s. The brunette hesitated, before continuing. “How did you like it, Valentine?” Her brown eyes were uncertain, but at the same time intent and probing, demanding a serious response from Valentine.

Valentine held Kris’s stare wordlessly, not knowing exactly what she wanted to say. Their sweet, milky breasts rose and fell in shallow sine curves with their rapid breathing. “Let’s go down by the lake,” Valentine said softly.

“Ok,” Kris said quietly.

The girls rose, replacing their hats on their heads, and gathering up their beach towels. They left, feeling the eyes of the three dumbstruck boys on their backs, but they were not followed. The girls avoided each other’s eyes, walking in uncomfortable silence across an empty grass field, down toward the local lake. Valentine wondered what was going to happen. The blonde had only kissed one other girl before, and that had been one of her best friends, late at night on dare from her other friends. The kiss had been soft, teasing, but Valentine had not felt particularly moved by it. Not like she had been affected by the 5 seconds she had brushed up against the lips of this long limbed girl walking beside her. Kris’s beautiful face was hidden by the brim of her wide hat when Valentine risked a quick glance over. A few seconds later, she thought she could feel Kris looking furtively over at her, but she kept her eyes down.

Just as Valentine had hoped, the lakefront was void of people. The temperature was cooler here; a slight breeze played through the branches of the surrounding evergreens, raising gooseflesh on the girls’ milky skin. Valentine and Kris stopped just before the edge of a wooden pier, turning to face each other. Their eyes locked, as both girls took off their hats and shook their long hair out.

Kris was the first to speak. “How long have you wanted to do that, Valentine?” she asked.

Valentine flushed, the question going to the heart of what had been running through her mind these past few minutes. At the same time, it made her angry that this girl would presume to know her intentions. Who did she think she was? “Don’t flatter yourself, Kris,” she said.

“Why did you ask me down here, then?” the brunette asked, tilting her head slightly. Her dark eyes were serious, intent on Valentine’s beautiful face.

Valentine looked out into the lake, avoiding the other girl’s eyes. “I don’t know,” she said softly. She turned, then, and locked eyes with the brunette. “Why did you come?”

Kris shook her dark curls. “I don’t like girls,” the brunette said, as if she were trying to convince Valentine of the fact.

“Well, I don’t like girls either,” Valentine said, a little hotly. And it was true. She had never felt attracted to any of her girlfriends, even though many of them were very attractive and popular with the boys at school. The only two girls Valentine could ever remember being physically drawn to were Kris and a long-legged French exchange student during her junior year with whom Valentine had shared a rather hostile relationship with. Angered a bit by what she interpreted as an accusation from Kris, Valentine suddenly took a violent step toward the other girl, expecting Kris to flinch back.

Instead, Kris’s fine nostrils flared at Valentine’s aggressive intrusion of her space. Then without warning, the brunette grabbed a handful of Valentine’s flaxen hair with her right hand, leaned in and pressed her soft red lips down hard against the blonde’s. Kris jerked backward on Valentine’s hair as she wrestled with the blonde’s mouth, almost as if she were trying to force the other girl down to the ground. Surprised, Valentine almost stumbled, but caught herself just in time and surged back, filling both of her hands with Kris’s curls and engaging the other girl’s invading mouth with her own. Their pliant lips bit and sucked at each other for several furious seconds before Kris ripped her lips away with a wet smack. The brunette’s pretty eyes sparkled brightly.

Valentine was breathing heavily, more than a little shocked at what had just transpired. The kiss had been so sudden, she had not had time to do anything but react to the taste of Kris’s mouth on hers, and the sharp but oddly exciting pain that Kris had caused with the jerk on her blonde hair. Valentine was acutely aware that her first instinct had been to return Kris’s angry kiss and match the brunette’s hair pulling, follicle for follicle. Blood pumped furiously through her veins, as Valentine struggled to compose herself. “I thought you didn’t like girls,” she said to Kris.

“Now we’re even,” Kris said. The brunette wiped the back of her hand across her lips, as if to erase the taste of Valentine’s mouth from her lips.

Valentine’s mouth set in a hard line, as her blue eyes sparked with rage at Kris’s gesture of rejection. “Fuck you, Kris,” she said quietly.

Instead of smiling in triumph, however, Kris shook her head again. “No,” she said softly. “Fuck you, Valentine.”

Valentine felt a tightness growing between her legs as she stood facing Kris, their long, sexy bodies flashing skin and sleek muscle underneath their swimsuits. The air was heavy with sexual tension and the possibility of violence between the two young rivals. Valentine’s hands curled into claws at her side. “You little bitch,” she said quietly, stepping right up against Kris’s body. Their breasts brushed through the lycra of their swimsuits; Valentine felt her tits swell inside her suit, blood rushing to the tips of her nipples, as they stiffened suddenly.

She could feel Kris’s breath on her lips as the brunette arched her back slightly, pressing her tits a little more firmly into Valentine’s. The blonde let loose a soft hiss through her clenched teeth, as she felt the hard points of Kris’s nipples jam up against her round orbs, her own nipples reacting to the sensation by swelling even further. Valentine could not remember her nipples ever being this hard; their excited stiffness bordered on a sort of pleasurable pain. “Slut,” Kris hissed softly, drawing out the word.

Valentine almost groaned audibly as their breasts rubbed together in small, barely perceptible movements, the girls tentatively shoving their firm chests together, neither willing to admit what they were actually doing with their tits. What they wanted to do to the other girl with their tits. Valentine inhaled, her breasts struggling to shove Kris’s hot cleavage back into her chest. The blonde pressed her flat stomach against Kris’s, marveling at the feel of Kris’s bare midriff against her own, both soft and hard at the same time, sleek girl muscles tensing underneath milky, flawless skin.

“You dark-haired cunt,” Valentine murmured, as they brushed their lips together again.

“You blonde tramp,” Kris answered, their tongues flicking out like two wet swords, dancing around each other for a moment, then licking length to length, curling around each other. A part of Valentine’s mind recoiled at what she was doing, engaging in this hostile, sexually charged contact with another girl. But it was shouted down by an even more powerful, if largely unconscious part of her mind that reveled in the sensations that Kris’s slender, sexy body was provoking in hers, and which longed for domination of her new rival. The tightness in her groin grew, as she felt Kris’s shapely leg shove itself in between her legs, the brunette’s sexy thigh sliding across the plane of her own sleek thighs. Valentine clamped her legs around her rival’s invading thigh instinctively and squeezed, just as she felt Kris’s right leg wrap around her left, completing the mutual leg vise. Valentine and Kris both groaned as their leg muscles flexed and strained against one another, testing the strength in the other girl’s beautiful legs.

“Oh, god,” Valentine gasped involuntarily, as the thigh she held in between in her legs twisted its way up against the crotch of her swimsuit. Valentine could feel Kris’s thigh muscle throbbing against her excited cunt, as the girls squeezed their long legs together almost synchronously now, following a rhythm they could feel in their veins and sex. The blonde worked her leg up against Kris’s cunt, feeling the heat of the other girl’s sex on her bare thigh, fiery hot and alive. She squeezed, eliciting a plaintive groan from her rival.

“Kris, you BITCH,” Valentine managed to say through clenched teeth. “Get your fucking legs away from mine.”

“Fuck you, Valentine,” the brunette gasped. “You’re practically humping my leg, you sexed-up cunt.”

A bolt of shame shot through Valentine’s body at her rival’s accusation. Perversely, however, it only increased her level of arousal, which was already through the roof. Her body shook and her legs trembled, even as they struggled to stand up to Kris’s hot-looking legs. “You’re the bitch in heat who stuck her fucking thigh between my legs, whore,” Valentine said. The blonde’s ears burned with the language the girls were using with each other, the dirtiest words she had ever spoken to another girl.

Kris suddenly gripped the outside of Valentine’s right leg with her nails, sinking them into the pale, ivory expanse of her thigh. Valentine hissed with pain, raking her own nails up the length of Kris’s left thigh. Neither girl had long fingernails, but their short claws were still capable of inflicting a measure of punishment. “You started this with your dirty lips, Valentine,” Kris groaned.

“All I did was give you a little kiss, Kris,” Valentine said, with an answering groan. “It’s not my fault you couldn’t handle it.”

“Bullshit,” Kris said. “You think you’re such a hot and touch bitch, but you’ve been avoiding me for four years, now.”

“What?” Valentine almost screeched in disbelief. Her heart was hammering in her chest. “Listen, bitch, if you had told me you wanted to get it on, I would have gladly accommodated you ANYTIME these last four years.” Even as she spoke, Valentine suddenly realized that the words were true. “With my tongue OR my claws.”

“Fuck your tongue, slut,” Kris growled. “And FUCK your claws.” The brunette dug her nails in a little deeper, until Valentine felt tears welling up in her eyes. She retaliated with her own nails, determined to outlast her rival in this vicious contest she suddenly found herself engaged in.

“You are going to be so sorry you messed with me, Valentine,” Kris warned. “I am going to tear you apart, I swear.”

“Bring it!” Valentine growled. The brunette’s words were threatening, but Valentine had never heard of Kris getting into a fight with another girl before at school. The brunette seemed to be improvising as much as Valentine. “Bring it on, bitch, and we’ll see who comes out on top!”

Kris suddenly let go of Valentine’s thigh with her hand, bringing it up and whipping it across Valentine’s cheek with a sharp cry. The air rang with the sound of the slap, which sent Valentine’s head whipping to the side. The only thing that kept the blonde upright was the mutual leg vise that the girls were locked in. Furious, Valentine brought her own palm up, cracking it across Kris’s cheek. The brunette made no attempt to evade the blow, almost inviting it as if it were the expected response to an action performed during a ritual. Kris’s dark curls whipped across her face, as she almost fell to the ground, but Valentine kept her upright by tightening her legs around her dark-haired enemy. With strangled cries, the girls brought their hands up, claws outstretched and reaching for the other girl’s hands, clasping them together in profane prayer. All Valentine could see was Kris’s beautiful face, twisted in an animal-like snarl as the girls tested each other’s strength, the biceps in their slender arms straining with effort. Neither girl was particularly strong in their upper body, but they were nearly a perfect match for each other’s strength. Valentine felt her breasts press up against Kris’s round globes as the girls brought their arms up over their heads, bringing their chests together. The blonde gave her rival a shove with her tits, and felt Kris shoving right back, neither chest conceding a centimeter.

Somehow, the girls found themselves free of each other’s legs. They were stumbling slowly across the wooden surface of the dock, now, silently struggling with each other, only unintelligible grunts escaping their clenched teeth. All of a sudden, Valentine found herself teetering on the edge of the dock, the back of her heels up against the lip of the dock. Kris bore down on her, seemingly unaware or not caring that the two girls were dangling over the edge of the lake. The brunette’s firm breasts pressed down on Valentine’s tits from above, as the blonde girl was being bent backward at the waist, having lost too much of her balance to maintain the stalemate with Kris.

Valentine’s knees buckled then, and she fell into the lake with a scream. The blonde dug her nails into the back of Kris’s hands viciously, dragging a scream out of her rival as Valentine pulled the brunette over the edge of the pier with her. The girls splashed into the lake, still holding onto each other. The shock of hitting the surface of the lake disoriented Valentine for a second, as her long legs flailed out in the water. They met and locked around Kris’s legs like mating water snakes. Bubbles streamed from the mouths of both girls, as they curled their bodies around each other, long hair fanning out behind their heads like halos. Valentine’s lungs burned as Kris squeezed the oxygen from her body with her powerful legs. She bared her teeth and squeezed back with all of the corded strength available in her beautiful legs, encouraged by the look of desperation on Kris’s face.

Kris suddenly shoved her hand against Valentine’s chin and gave her rival a quick, hard shove. Valentine, unsure of how much more her lungs could take, reluctantly let go of Kris’s legs. The girls kicked free of each other, darting for the surface of the lake. Their heads broke the water, both girls sucking down huge gulps of air, as they treaded water. Glaring across at Kris, who was staring at her with open hatred, Valentine wanted more than anything else to fill her hands with Kris’s dark hair again and wrap her long legs around the beautiful brunette’s slim waist, squeezing until Kris groaned her surrender against Valentine’s pliant lips. The blonde ached with the desire to physically engage her dark-haired rival again; to squeeze and lock lips with her again, grind her long body against Kris’s, and wrap her shapely limbs around her rival’s, muscle against muscle; groaning and straining against one another’s hard, sleek bodies, until the two girls finished this fight. A storm of confusion and desire raged through Valentine’s mind as she floated in the water a few scant feet away from her rival. Underlying everything was the pleasurable tightness she felt in between her legs, an anticipation so intense that Valentine almost felt like screaming. It was like nothing the blonde had ever known before in her limited sexual experience.

Suddenly Valentine knew that if she and Kris were to lock legs again, if they were to drag each other to land where they could grind and rock against each other underneath the hot afternoon sun for as long as it took, that the tightness she felt in her cunt now would be nothing compared to what that fight would do to it. Valentine wasn’t sure if she was ready yet – she wanted to hold on to this pleasurable anticipation for a little while longer. Looking across at Kris, she thought she could see the same thoughts echoed in the brunette’s face. The brunette seemed just as anxious and uncertain as Valentine felt, which somehow made what was happening even more exciting to the blonde girl. There weren’t going to be any rules or procedures to govern what was going to happen between the rivals.

Valentine and Kris slowly made their way back toward a ladder that had been hung over the side of the dock, glaring warily at each other as they maintained eye contact all the way back toward the dock. Valentine grabbed onto a rung and lifted herself out of the water; lake water rolled off of her toned body as it traced the supple lines of Valentine’s breasts and stomach, racing down the twin tracks of her legs. The blonde whipped her long wet hair around, glaring through its tangled veil at Kris who was looking up at her sullenly from the water. An unspoken challenge seemed to hang in the air between the two girls - held in the pose of Valentine’s slender body on the ladder, the slight upward tilt of her chin. Not taking her eyes off of Valentine’s, Kris rose out of the water; grabbing onto the same rung that Valentine held, the brunette pulled herself out of the lake. The dripping wet girls hissed at each other through clenched teeth as they stood poised inches away from each other on the ladder. Valentine could feel the venom in Kris’s eyes and the hostility between their bikini-clad bodies as their evenly matched breasts dripped wetly across from each other; rock-hard nipples bulged like miniature telescopes mutually pointed at one another. Valentine’s left hand curled into a small claw; she longed to massage her throbbing cunt through her swimsuit.

“You cunt,” Valentine said lowly, dangerously. “Don’t think this is over between us.”

“Not even close,” Kris agreed. “You better stay away from me, Valentine, if you know what’s good for you.”

“You better stay away from ME, bitch, if you want to make it through the summer,” Valentine growled softly.

“I’m not afraid of you, slut,” Kris said. “You know right where I’m going to be this summer. If you think you’re girl enough, come for me when you’re ready.”

The challenge hung in the air, pregnant with layered meaning. Valentine ran her tongue along her upper lip, as a slow hiss escaped her lips. An answering hiss came from Kris’s lips, as the girls bent their heads together slowly. Sunlight glinted off their wet, glossy lips as they pressed them together in a long, lingering kiss. Exhausted by the unanticipated battle she had just been in with Kris’s body, Valentine nevertheless felt her body surging into readiness, her tired muscles tensing up painfully, and her cunt twitching with lust for another body to body war with Kris. Soon, Valentine told herself, feeling Kris’s tongue sliding in and out of her mouth, as the girls pulled on each other’s wet tresses, each girl feeling the need to dominate the kiss.

“You sure kiss like you’re afraid of me, bitch,” Valentine murmured into Kris’s lips.

“You blondes all think you’re so fucking hot,” Kris said softly, turning away slightly to brush her lips against Valentine’s ear. The brunette flicked her tongue out, and Valentine almost flinched at the feel of the cold, wet probe against the inside of her ear. “You think all the guys want you, strutting around in your crotch length skirts and see-through tops.”

“That’s not why they want me over you, girlfriend,” Valentine said, turning her head to reengage Kris’s mouth. The girls worked their lips against one another, murmuring soft insults into each other’s mouth, tongues flicking out to lick wetly at glistening lips. “They want me because I’ve got the body, and you don’t.”

“You are so wrong, bitch,” Kris said. “I will put my body up against yours anytime, anywhere.”

“Yeah,” Valentine grunted. “And you’ll lose, whore.”

“I can take your bitch body in a fight any day, cunt. Fair or dirty.”

“Is that how you like to fight, bitch? You like to fight dirty?”

“Yeah,” Kris grunted. “Real dirty.” The dialogue between them was spiraling far beyond the experience of either girl, their words to each other driven now by long suppressed fantasies.

“As dirty as this?” Valentine demanded. Her cunt was throbbing with the desire to lock up with Kris again, despite her body’s protests. From Kris’s ragged, uneven breathing, she gathered the brunette was feeling similarly aroused. Unable to help herself, driven on by the blood pumping furiously through her veins and the incredible tightness in her groin, the blonde suddenly grabbed Kris’s crotch, giving it a hard, almost possessive squeeze through her swimsuit. Valentine dug her nails into the brunette’s inner thigh, the flat of her hand pressed against her rival’s hidden cunt, feeling its heat on her palm.

Kris let loose a plaintive wail that was a cross between a scream and an agonized sex moan. Moments later, Valentine echoed her cry, as she felt Kris’s fingers squeezing her overheated cunt. The girls both groaned as small waves of pleasure radiated out from their groins, both realizing that they had just crossed a line into something final. There would be no backing out, now. Somehow, they would finish this fight they had begun with each other, however long it took, and however dirty it got. They both had to know.

“You cunt!” Kris screamed. “You dirty, crotch grabbing cunt!”

“You like it dirty, bitch, I’ll show you dirty!” Valentine cried.

The girls closed their eyes, tears streaming down their cheeks, as their groped at each other’s cunts clumsily, fighting to maintain their grip on the ladder as their bodies shook silently. Valentine closed her eyes, unnerved by the look of hatred, anguish, and ecstasy on Kris’s beautiful face, which she knew was mirrored on her own. Finally, with a strangled sob, Kris removed her hand from Valentine’s crotch, slapping at Valentine’s own grasping hand. The two rivals blinked rapidly, as they stared at each other’s tear-streaked faces. Then, without a word, Valentine climbed up the ladder carefully and left the brunette staring at her back from the dock. The blonde stumbled away from the lake, and found her bicycle where she had left it, at the front of the recreational center. As she pedaled home, tears drying in the air rushing past her, Valentine swore at Kris in her mind again and again. She felt soiled, furious, and incredibly aroused all at the same time. Kris would not get away with dragging her into the mud this way. The brunette would learn not to challenge this blonde.

Kris stood staring at the back of Valentine’s tight little ass until the long-legged blonde disappeared into the trees. The brunette felt flush with emotion and hormones; the muscles in her long legs were still tensed and ready, as if they even now still thought they held Valentine’s shapely legs captive. Kris rubbed her breasts through her bikini top, excited and disturbed at the same time by the stiffness of her nipples. Even more telling was the wet stain between her legs, not all of it originating from her dip in the lake with Valentine. Kris massaged her inner thighs, swearing bitterly at Valentine. The blonde’s hot body flashed through her mind again, causing her cunt to stir with anxiety.

Kris had definitely noticed Valentine during their time in high school together. How could she not have? The two were so alike physically and always seemed to be involved in one or another after-school activity together, although neither girl had ever made much of an effort to get to know the other. On Kris’s part, she had always felt a strange attraction to Valentine, quite different than the vague curiosity she felt toward two or three of the other girls in their class. As she sat in the bleachers during football games on Friday nights, Kris would sometimes steal glances at Valentine in her tight cheerleader’s sweater as the blonde kicked her shapely leg high into the air, her bare thigh flashing for just a moment underneath her skirt; Kris found herself wondering at those times just whose legs were longer. There were perhaps two other girls in their class who were taller than they were, but neither of them were nearly as attractive as Kris and Valentine. It was not exactly rational, but Kris had always felt a strange sort of rivalry with Valentine just based on this fact, coupled with a weird physical attraction. She had never approached Valentine during high school about any of this, however, even when she thought she noticed Valentine peeking at her while the two girls changed in the locker room after gym class or volleyball. Kris wasn’t even sure what she would have said, in any case.

But now Valentine had initiated first contact between them - and Kris had responded. Despite her attraction to the blonde, Kris’s initial reaction had been a confused denial, and then later a deliberate provocation of the blonde, which Valentine had reacted angrily to. She wondered idly if things might have developed differently if she had taken a different tack. The fight with Valentine, however - the angry, competitive kissing, thrashing their hard young bodies together in the lake, locking their long, gorgeous legs together underneath the water – had felt exhilarating, liberating. Fighting and competing with Valentine seemed – not “right” exactly, that wasn’t the word - but “inevitable,” perhaps. The tall blonde had lurked in Kris’s thoughts throughout high school, always just underneath her consciousness. As Kris made her way back to the pool, she wondered what might have happened between them if she had confronted Valentine four years ago when the two girls had both been freshmen. Neither of the girls had been as tall or as heavy in the chest as they were now, but even then there had been a spark of friction between the girls, as if they both sensed the possibility of future rivalry.

Kris let herself into the pool house, changing into her lifeguard outfit, a bright red one-piece suit. She wiped away the tear stains on her cheeks, splashing cold water onto her face. She looked at her face in the mirror, still a bit flushed from the fight with Valentine. Kris fingered her left cheek gingerly, where Valentine had slapped her. It was still slightly red, hot to the touch. “You cunt,” Kris swore softly. More conspicuous still, though, were the tiny nail marks on her thighs, where the blonde had raked her with her short claws.

Exiting the pool house, Kris made her way to one of the two ladder towers situated at either end of the pool. There had never been more than one lifeguard on duty at any given time at the pool, though, as far as Kris could ever recall. She climbed up to the platform at the top of her tower, and settled into her lifeguard seat, rubbing her tired legs discreetly. The brunette felt physically and emotionally drained, even though the fight hadn’t lasted all that long. It had been, in fact, the first girl on girl fight Kris had ever been engaged in. When she had gone down to the lake with Valentine, Kris had not had fighting in mind, at least not consciously. Thinking back, now, she wasn’t sure what she had intended when she had planted that aggressive kiss on Valentine’s lips. Everything had happened so fast, after that. Kris replaced her wide-brimmed hat on her head, sitting back in her chair and brooding about her beautiful blonde rival, until the pool closed for the night.

As she lay on her bed that night, Kris looked forward to what was going to happen between her and Valentine with a sick sort of anticipation, but also more than a little trepidation. The somewhat shy brunette had never been in a fight with another girl before, although she had oddly fantasized about it occasionally when she saw other tall, leggy girls in the hallways at school or the mall. She doubted that Valentine had been in many fights, either – the blonde girl didn’t seem as bitchy as a lot of her cheerleading friends, and Valentine had seemed somewhat hesitant to finish their fight down at the lake this afternoon, willingly backing off after Kris had slapped her hand off of her cunt. Kris thought that the blonde had seemed as ready as she was to postpone the conclusion until a later date. That didn’t mean, however, that when they did fight it out to a finish, that it would not be vicious. Although Kris had never been in a fight before, she knew how nasty girls could get when they fought, as evidenced this afternoon by Valentine’s sudden attack on her crotch. Kris flashed back to the feeling of Valentine’s lush lips wrapped around her tongue and the tightness in her crotch as it pressed against her rival’s sleek thigh and was squeezed by her enemy’s hand. A sliver of doubt suddenly crept into her mind. That wasn’t how two girls usually fought, was it? Even aside from the kissing – Kris hadn’t felt a desire to hurt Valentine so much as an almost physical need to compare her body with the blonde’s, to make her rival yield to her body. She had wanted to feel the sleek muscle of Valentine’s thigh pressed against her own; she had wanted to feel the soft crush of their cleavage in the water as they pressed and squirmed their chests together, grinding their bodies against one another, cursing and groaning until…finally…

Kris’s cell phone suddenly rang. The brunette’s eyes shot open, and she guiltily removed her hand from the front of her panties, where they had been softly massaging her excited cunt.

“Hello?” the brunette said, answering the phone hesitantly. She felt relief and disappointment simultaneously when the voice on the other end turned out to be her friend Jen.

“Hey, Kris,” Jen said brightly.

“Oh, hey, Jen,” Kris said. It was hard to keep the disappointment out of her voice.

“Kris? Everything okay?”

Kris hesitated. Jen was one of her closest friends, and yet… Kris wasn’t sure at all what her friend would make of her budding rivalry with Valentine, and the sexual undercurrent underlying it. She knew Jen had been in a few catfights with other girls before, and that they had gotten pretty dirty, but none of them had been the kind of fight she wanted to have with Valentine – at least, not the way Jen had related them to her.

“Yeah, great, Jen,” Kris said. “I’m just a little tired. I’ve been exercising a little this week.”

The two friends talked for a little over an hour, laughing and gossiping on the phone, but through it all, a large part of Kris’s mind was still distracted by the events of the afternoon. Finally, during a lull in the conversation, Kris asked her friend hesitantly, “Jen, you’ve been in fights with other girls, right?”

“Yeah, I’ve told you about them, remember?” Jen said. “Those bitches, Stacy and Sharon.” Stacy and Sharon were identical blonde twins, and had some of the biggest tits in their class, along with Jen; they liked showing off their chests, too, dressing in tight tube tops and low cut blouses, pendants and jewelry cradled between their round, bouncing breasts. Jen paused, and then laughed softly. “Why? Have you been fighting, Kris?” she said teasingly.

“No,” Kris said, her face flushing. “I was just wondering, you know. How often that kind of thing happens at school.”

“Not that often,” Jen said. Kris could almost see her friend’s brow lifting on the other end of the line at her sudden interest in the topic. “Most girls don’t really like to fight.”

“Well…” Kris said slowly, almost stammering. “When you fought them…Stacy and Sharon, I mean…did you ever get…you know, excited?”

“You HAVE been fighting,” Jen said slowly, wonderingly.

“No!” Kris said loudly. Jen laughed on the other end. “No,” Kris said again, more softly. “Really, Jen.” Kris laughed unconvincingly. “Who would I be fighting with?”

“You tell me, Kris.”

“I’m hanging up,” Kris declared, her cheeks flushed red, now.

“No, don’t hang up, Kris!” Jen said, laughing. But the brunette had already turned off her phone, stashing it furiously underneath her pillow. She should have never brought it up, Kris decided. At least she hadn’t revealed just what sort of fighting she had been involved in with Valentine. Then again, Kris thought as she drifted off to a fitful sleep, what kind of fighting would two big-titted girls like Jen and Stacy likely engage in?

When Kris woke up the next day, it was already almost noon, the sun slipping past her blinds to stripe her room with light. The brunette groggily rolled out of bed, thankful that it was summer. She felt a little sore from the previous day, but her body also felt incredibly alive, flush with hormones and adrenaline. Her heart raced whenever she thought of Valentine, and the secret war the two girls had declared on one another.

Kris ate a light lunch, packed her lifeguard uniform into a gym bag, and headed down to the pool. She was on edge the entire day, sitting on the edge of the chair at the top of her tower, only the balls of her feet touching the metal platform, as if she were ready to leap down to face Valentine at any instant. Still, the blonde girl never showed. Kris replayed the confrontation with her blonde rival over and over in her mind, as the hours dragged by. She found herself dragging her nails over her nipples discreetly, thinking back on how hard they had gotten pressed against Valentine’s sexy chest. Even now, thinking of the blonde girl’s tits was enough to arouse her nipples to semi-hardness through her suit. Guiltily, she stopped stroking them, crossing her arms underneath her breasts to cover them up.

Kris’s shift ended without a sign of Valentine. The brunette went home and ate dinner with her sister who was home from college, then went up to her room. She locked the door and closed the blinds, lying down in middle of her bed with her eyes closed tightly. She picked up her cell phone several times, tempted to call Valentine, but she couldn’t bring herself to punch in the last digit. Yesterday still seemed too raw in her mind for her to provoke another confrontation with Valentine just yet, even a verbal one. Frustrated, Kris signed on to her internet account, and spent the rest of the night answering e-mail before going to sleep.

Over the next week, Kris didn’t see or speak to her blonde rival, although several times she thought she caught a glimpse of long blonde hair out of the corner of her eye from her seat by the pool. The brunette spent her nights fantasizing about fighting Valentine again, her dreams getting more and more explicit, sometimes even brutal. She dreamed of slamming her fists repeatedly into Valentine’s hard stomach and seeing the blonde’s arrogant face cry out in surprise, or locking her long legs around Valentine’s slim waist and squeezing anguished sobs of defeat out of her rival. Even more compelling than those violent thoughts, however, Kris dreamed over and over of putting her body on the line against Valentine’s, tit to tit, cheeks pressed against each other, as their legs wrapped around and around one another in an unbreakable sex clinch. In the most vivid dream she had, the girls were standing on a wooden platform, floating out in the middle of the lake, far from the shore. The night was absolutely silent except for the soft grunts of the two girls, as they struggled against one another in the pale moonlight, until one girl was forced onto her back, groaning as her rival mounted her. The victorious girl had her long legs spread on the platform, tight ass thrust arrogantly high in the air, before plunging down in a determined thrust. Both girls groaned, then, one in victory and one in defeat, as the top girl’s round ass rose and fell again and again, until…

Kris always woke up at that point, gripping her wet panties with her hand, sweat soaking the inside of her thighs. It was obvious what the conclusion of her dream was, but the brunette’s mind balked at dwelling on it for more than a moment. She never remembered whether she was the girl on top in the dream.

Another week passed without incident. Kris parents went on vacation to Palm Springs, leaving her alone at home with her sister, who was never around much. Then, on a blisteringly hot Sunday afternoon, Kris saw her.

The brunette was once again sitting at the top of her ladder tower, watching the action in the pool distractedly when she caught a glimpse of someone standing just at the edge of the fence that surrounded the pool. She looked up, and her heart caught in her throat. It was Valentine, and the blonde was wearing a bright red swimsuit that was identical to Kris’s lifeguard uniform. Kris rose from her chair, turning to face the blonde, placing her right hand on her hip. The blonde mirrored her move, placing her weight on her right leg, and cocking her hip slightly. The girls stood staring at each other for what seemed like minutes, before Valentine started walking purposely toward the gate. Kris followed the tall blonde with her eyes, feeling her groin tighten with sick excitement. Two weeks after they had first fought down by the lake, Kris and Valentine were finally face to face again. The blonde looked even hotter than Kris had remembered.

Instead of approaching Kris, however, Valentine walked to the other end of the pool. As Kris watched with narrowed eyes, the blonde climbed the ladder tower directly across the pool from Kris, and seated herself at the top. For as long as Kris could remember, the pool had only ever had one lifeguard on duty at a time, but no one raised a protest or questioned the blonde in her red swimsuit. Kris stewed, feeling an urge to walk over there and drag the blonde down from her tower, but she didn’t dare risk a confrontation with all of these people here at the pool. Instead, she picked up the pair of lightweight binoculars at her side, and looked through them at the girl on the other ladder tower.

…Who was staring right back at her through her own pair of binoculars. In fact, if it weren’t for Valentine’s long blonde hair, Kris might have thought she was somehow looking at herself through the binoculars, by some manufacturing defect or bizarre arrangement of the lenses. Like Kris’s uniform, the blonde’s tight red swimsuit was cut just low enough to make out the line of intersection where her two round breasts came together. As Kris watched, Valentine wet her lips carefully with her tongue, prompting the brunette lifeguard to run her own tongue over her suddenly dry lips.

The blonde put down her binoculars, then, reaching into the gym bag she had placed on the top rung of her ladder. She emerged with a bottle of sunscreen, which she opened and spilled onto her hand, rubbing them together slowly. Kris felt her body temperature rise, as the tall blonde began running her hands up and down the length of her long legs, starting from her ankles and traveling up past her knees, fingers brushing her shapely thighs, and running all the way up to the hip of her high-cut suit. Valentine looked up, then, directly into Kris’s binoculars, and smiled challengingly.

Kris simmered quietly as she stared at the blonde’s arrogant smile. She waited until Valentine picked up her binoculars, then very deliberately set her own pair down. Placing her palm on her stomach, Kris slowly slid it down until it was positioned between her legs, right over her crotch. She extended her middle finger, silently mouthing, “Fuck you.” When she picked up her binoculars again, she saw the blonde copy her obscene gesture, mouthing the word “cunt” to the brunette over the pool.

Kris rose from her chair, and quickly climbed down from her tower. Across the pool from her, Valentine did the same. The brunette’s pulse quickened as the rivals made straight for one another, meeting halfway between their ladder towers, where they were just out of earshot of any of the swimmers in the pool.

“What do you think you’re doing up in that tower, bitch?” Kris hissed softly.

“Let’s just say I’m volunteering my time this summer to help you out,” Valentine said. “Girlfriend.”

“You’re the one that’s going to need help, Valentine,” Kris growled. “I’m going to get you back, you slutty, cunt-grabbing, bitch.”

“Still thinking about that, huh? I bet you can’t stop thinking about me.”

The girls were silent, as they stared at each other’s beautiful faces, oblivious to the noise of the pool. “I bet you can’t get me out of your mind either, blonde,” Kris growled quietly.

“I told you it wasn’t over between us,” Valentine hissed. “I’m not the type of girl that leaves things unfinished.”

“Well, you must be the type of girl that likes punishment, then.”

“I dish it out, bitch.”

“Yeah? Well, we’ll see how tough you are without all these people around.”

“You’re lucky they ARE around, Kris. This way, you can hold onto your illusions for a few more hours.”

“I’ve let you hold onto yours for two weeks, bitch. But if you insist, I’ll be happy to teach your body a lesson.”

Valentine’s eyes ran up and down Kris’s body appraisingly, before the blonde girl sniffed. “I admit, you look good in that suit, bitch.” The blonde ran her hands down the front of her identical swimsuit. “Too bad you decided to take on a girl that looks even better.”

“You’re just an imposter, slut. I’m the real thing.”

“We’ll see,” Valentine said. “I’ll get your body next to mine, bitch, and then we’ll see.”

“I’ll show you, slut,” Kris replied. “I’ll get your body next to mine, and I’ll show you.”

The girls stood facing each other for another second or two, breathing shallowly, before they turned and walked past each other angrily, hips brushing aggressively. Kris headed toward the ladder tower Valentine had occupied, while Valentine made for the tower Kris had vacated. The girls reassumed their seats above the pool, glaring across the water at each other balefully. Every ten minutes or so, the girls would pick up their binoculars and zoom in on one another. Each girl studied the long, supple lines of her rival’s hot-looking legs and the sexy curvature of her enemy’s breasts with jealous excitement. Kris thought she could even see the outline of Valentine’s nipples through her suit, betraying the blonde girl’s arousal at their staredown.

After every hour or so, the girls would climb down again and change ends. Walking past one another, they brushed each other’s bare thighs with the back of their hands, grabbing at lush, round ass cheeks as they passed, positioning their bodies so that no one in the pool could see them do it. Turning their heads to glare back at the other girl, they whispered threats and insults through clenched teeth, hands on each other’s butts.

“You’ve got a nice, fat ass, bitch,” Valentine hissed.

“It’s nicer and tighter than yours, blonde,” Kris growled back at her rival, before the girls spun away from each other.

The constant, teasing body contact and whispered dirty talk soon had Kris going crazy with lust. She had to get at the blonde, rip that red swimsuit off of her sleek, sexy body and lock up with her, but of course, that was impossible with all of these eyes around watching them.

As the day drew to a close, Kris whispered to Valentine, “Let’s go, bitch. Meet me here tonight at 10. I have a key to let us in, and we’ll settle this.”

“You and me, whore?” Valentine grunted.

“You and me,” Kris agreed, feeling her cunt twitch at the words.

“I want to see you in a bikini, bitch,” Valentine told her.

Kris swallowed. “You’ll see me, cunt,” she said. “I’ve got nothing to hide.”

Valentine nodded, and the girls gave each other’s butts a hard, aggressive grind with their own as they pushed off. Kris watched as Valentine slung her gym bag over her shoulder and climbed down her ladder, exiting the pool with one last hot glare over her shoulder at Kris. Kris closed down the pool, locking the gate behind her, as she raced home to prepare for their showdown, cunt muscles clenching with erotic anticipation of the body war to come.

Up in her room, now, Kris rummaged around in her dresser, until she found what she was looking for. She drew out the black string bikini carefully, turning it over in her hands. She had bought the bikini on a dare from Jen, and had only worn it once before, when she had felt terribly self-conscious in it. The back of the thong had kept crawling up between her ass cheeks, Kris recalled. She pulled the thong on, slipping it over her sleek hips, and tightened the knots at the sides. Turning around, Kris examined her tight, toned ass in the mirror approvingly, nearly naked except for the tiny strip of fabric in the back. Turning back toward the mirror, the brunette bent forward at the waist slightly, studying the deep lines of her cleavage reflected in the mirror, her breast flesh almost falling out of the skimpy cups of her bikini. She cupped her breasts, squeezing them gently, as she fingered her big nipples through the lycra material. Like most of the girls she knew, Kris compared her body with the other girls at school who had roughly the same measurements. As tall as she was, however, that group didn’t include very many members, and certainly few that could even approach her looks. Valentine being chief among those who did.

Well, Kris thought, tonight would settle a few of the questions between their bodies. They would find out which girl had the harder, stronger body, which pair of long legs ruled between them. Flashing back on the feel of Valentine’s hot, insistent lips on her own, Kris shivered slightly, squeezing her thighs together, as she felt her nipples harden fractionally. Perhaps a few other questions would be answered, as well.

Kris and Valentine lived in a profoundly safe neighborhood, but even given that, Kris felt a little strange going out at night in just a bikini. The brunette searched through her dresser some more, until she found a nice red, silk wrap. She wrapped the fabric around her hips, tying it off at the side. With a last glance in the mirror, Kris slipped on a pair of flip flops and left the house, her sister not even glancing up from the television as the front door closed. The time was 9:40 pm.

Kris biked down to the recreational center, abandoning her bike outside of the pool. She let herself in with her key, leaving the gate slightly open for Valentine. It was a hot, muggy night, and very close to a new moon. Only a sliver of the moon lent its light to the summer night, although a few stars twinkled in the night sky. Kris stepped carefully around the pool, keeping her arms stretched out in front of her, until she reached the sliding glass door to the pool house. She entered, and switched on the underwater lights of the pool, which suddenly lit up with a ghostly luminescence. Kris surveyed the scene: empty and quiet, with the soft, dancing light of the pool giving the setting a slightly surreal, menacing quality.

The brunette’s head turned at the sound of the gate swinging open slowly. Smoothing her silk wrap down over her hips, Kris stepped into the glow cast by the pool, as Valentine emerged from the darkness. With her tall, statuesque body lit from below by the underwater lights and her blood red bikini hugging every curve of her ripe breasts, the blonde looked just like a wicked, hellbound angel. Like Kris, Valentine wore a thin skirt wrapped around her hips.

The girls stared at each other across the water for a minute wordlessly, as the silence of the night enveloped them, and shut out everything but the sight of the other girl’s sexy, bikini-clad body. Keeping their eyes locked relentlessly on each other, the girls started to walk around the edge of the pool toward one another.

Kris descended a short, broad set of steps set in the shallow end of the pool, slipping into the warm, waist-deep water. Across from her, Valentine entered the water similarly. Their gauzy wraps floated upon the surface of the water, trailing behind them like mermaid’s tails, as the two rivals slowly made their way toward the center. Kris shuddered slightly as she felt Valentine’s arm encircle her waist jealously. The brunette wrapped her own arm around the blonde’s slender waist, pushing against the small of Valentine’s back with her palm, pulling their two bodies closer together in the water. The girls clenched their teeth as hard, aerobicized stomachs flattened themselves against one another, navels kissing just underneath the water.

Kris felt Valentine’s abdominal muscles tighten against hers, trembling with barely suppressed feeling. The brunette arched her supple back, pressing her stomach still more tightly against Valentine’s, her own muscles taut with anticipation.

“You’re shaking, bitch,” Kris said softly, breaking the silence of the pool.

“You’re shaking, too, you slut,” Valentine said, forcing Kris’s stomach even tighter against her own with her arm. “But it’s too late, now. We are going to settle things tonight, just you and me, Kris.”

“That is exactly what I want, Valentine,” Kris declared. The girls spoke in quiet whispers, the night air inviting hushed tones, guilty confessions of desire. The brunette leaned into her blonde rival, pressing their hot tits together, breast flesh nearly spilling out of their tiny bikinis. Little gasps escaped the lips of both girls, as they squeezed their breasts against one another in a soft, sexy crush. “We are going to fight, my body against yours. And there won’t be anyone to stop us.”

The brunette’s last statement hung in the air provocatively. Valentine wrapped a handful of Kris’s dark curls around her hand, glaring into her rival’s beautiful face. “Good,” she said raggedly. “I’m glad you want to finish this, bitch. And since you think you’re such a tough little slut, I better not hear you scream when we start squeezing.”

Kris felt Valentine’s long legs tangle around hers, and she welcomed the tall blonde’s legs, sliding her own sleek thigh in between her rival’s legs, as the girls flexed the muscles in their long limbs threateningly. “I meant what I said, bitch,” Kris said. “I will put any part of my body up against any part of your body. Girl to girl, muscle to muscle.”

Valentine nodded, and hissed, “Then let’s start with our legs, bitch.”

The girls’ faces hardened in rivalry, as they locked their long legs around one another underneath the water. Length to length, the longest pairs of legs in their senior class tightened in competition, matching up inch for inch, neither pair holding an advantage over the other as far as their measurements went. Valentine’s shapely thigh felt like a treacherous serpent between the brunette lifeguard’s legs, writhing slowly against her thighs. Kris gasped as she felt the blonde’s short nails digging into her bare ass cheeks, pulling her crotch in closer to Valentine’s, sliding the brunette up her rival’s sexy thigh. The brunette sank her own claws into Valentine’s tight butt, squeezing hard enough to provoke a sharp intake of breath from the blonde. The girls were nearly on top of each other now, their crotches poised centimeters away from one another just underneath the surface of the water, and their breasts pressed up against each other in an intimate, jealous hug.

“Is this how you dirty cheerleaders like to fight?” Kris groaned against her rival’s lips.

“Yeah,” Valentine grunted. “Is that why you never had the guts to join, Kris?”

“I don’t care how many football players you’ve fucked, bitch.”

“Well, what about how many girls I’ve fucked?” Valentine asked, sliding her thigh against Kris’s crotch. “Would you like to know that, cunt?”

“I bet you’d like to fuck me, wouldn’t you, you slutty bitch?” Kris jerked on Valentine’s golden mane, earning her a glare from the blonde. “Too bad, though, because you’re not hot enough to fuck a girl like me, Valentine.”

“Whatever, slut. I’m hot enough to fuck you while I’m doing my nails.”

“Then prove it, bitch.”

“I’ll prove it all right, cunt.” Valentine gave her rival’s captive leg a threatening squeeze with her thighs. “Muscle to muscle, Kris, just like you wanted.”

Kris felt her nipples stiffen with arousal at the blonde girl’s words. The two rivals were basically sitting on top of each other’s thighs now, squeezing their legs together slowly, building up pressure as a prelude to the real leg duel they both knew was coming. Kris’s shifted her body on top of Valentine’s sleek thigh, longing to relieve the pressure in her cunt. Her gaze shifted down to Valentine’s crotch in its skimpy red thong, which likewise rode the brunette’s hard thigh, grinding against it back and forth in a small, almost imperceptible motion, which only Valentine’s leg muscles could detect. Kris ran her eyes up from Valentine’s crotch, past her flat, sexy belly, lingering over the blonde’s pretty tits, all the way up to her rival’s beautiful face, set in a bitchy snarl. Kris’s own lips curled as Valentine glared openly at the brunette’s crotch, before locking eyes once again with her enemy. The subtext of the fight remained unspoken, but clearly understood by the clenched muscles of each girl’s pussy and the erect posture of their nipples, clearly visible now underneath their wet tops.

“After my legs beat yours, I am going to drag you out of this pool by that blonde hair you’re so proud of, Valentine,” Kris hissed.

“I am going to teach you not to mess with blonde girls who are hotter than you, Kris,” Valentine purred back dangerously.

“I am going to show you, Valentine,” Kris gasped, as their legs started to squeeze faster, sending ripples of turbulence out from where the two girls embraced in the water. “You’re going to know that my legs are best, bitch.”

“FUCK your legs, cunt!” Valentine growled savagely, and with such vehemence that it startled even Kris, momentarily. It seemed almost a violation of the nocturnal setting, the silence that surrounded the scene at the pool.

Then, Kris’s eyes flashed, her cunt swelling with arousal, and the brunette roared back in her rival’s face, “Fuck YOURS, you blonde whore!”

As if that was the signal they had been waiting on, the muscles in both girls’ shapely thighs surged, as adrenaline raced through their bodies. Their beautiful legs squeezed each other’s thighs with brutal strength underneath the water, seeking domination of rival gams. Kris couldn’t help it: the dark-haired girl screamed as pain lanced through her sleek thigh. She had never been hurt like this before, and certainly never by another girl. Held cruelly in the grip of Kris’s long legs, Valentine also screamed, a high-pitched cry of agony and outrage. The girls thrashed in the water, as their bodies shook and they screamed. Even as pain flashed through her legs, though, Kris felt her cunt throbbing, twitching with sick excitement. She was leg to leg with this girl who had become her most hated rival, battling her with her most prized physical assets. The rush of body to body combat was frighteningly intense, and Kris found herself humping against Valentine’s thigh desperately, even as the blonde fought to squeeze her into submission.

The screams gradually died down to long, low groans produced through clenched teeth, as the initial shock of combat wore off, and the pressure from the other girl’s legs was internalized, resolving to a dull, constant ache. In a corner of her mind, Kris hoped fervently that no one had heard the two girls, but her conscious mind was focused only on beating Valentine, on squeezing the blonde cheerleader’s hot legs between her own until she begged her to stop. On and on the girls squeezed, muscle to muscle, thousands of hours of cheerleading and swimming culminating in this leggy duel of strength.

“On your knees, bitch!” Valentine hissed, as she felt Kris’s legs weaken fractionally, her leg muscles starved for oxygen.

“No!” Kris growled. The blonde’s taunt served to shock her into realizing how close she was to losing it all, to letting the blonde bitch dominate her. The brunette’s leg muscles surged with new strength, drawing a sharp gasp from Valentine. The blonde’s knees buckled slightly, as Kris pressed into her with her hard breasts, but she managed to regain her position with a sharp tug on the brunette’s dark locks, resuming the trembling stalemate between the rivals’ legs.

Long, agonizing minutes passed as the girls squeezed and writhed against one another in the water, long hard bodies locked in a vicious embrace. Kris felt like she could feel all of the contours of Valentine’s alluring body as the girls stood pressed up tight against each other, every curve of the blonde’s tall body found its counterpart on Kris’s body, every muscle of Valentine’s encountered its match on the brunette. Kris wrapped her arms around her blonde rival’s chest experimentally, giving Valentine’s ripe tits a firm squeeze with her own. The blonde girl grunted, returning the embrace, forcing her pretty breasts on the brunette’s with a hard, sexy grind. Still, the focus remained on the rivals’ long legs, as they strained to conquer one another underneath the water. Gradually, however, their legs inevitably began losing strength, the brutal hold they had on each other’s legs weakening, until the girls were not so much squeezing as holding the other girl upright in the water, balanced on their hard thighs. The girls sagged against one another’s bodies for several minutes recovering, breathing raggedly.

Kris could feel Valentine’s heart beating against her breast, so tightly were the girls pressed into each other. She leaned her cheek against Valentine’s, as each girl felt the violent, brutal intensity of the leg fight give way to a more measured, but potentially just as nasty, competition.

Kris turned her head, brushing her lips against Valentine’s. Fighting with their long legs, bodies pressed up tight, belly to belly and breast to breast, had clearly gotten both girls aroused. Kris parted her lips, welcoming Valentine’s tongue into her mouth, sucking on the blonde’s wet, sweet probe. Cradling her rival’s head in her hands, the brunette pressed her lips against Valentine’s, pulling the girls into a hot, lingering kiss. The two rivals pulled on each other’s wet tresses, engaging in a full-body grind, heating up the pool with their excitement. Tongues slithered around one another, as the girls gasped into each other’s mouths, exchanging long, slow licks and kisses filled with a building urgency. Kris still felt Valentine’s shapely legs locked around her own, but instead of constricting, they were now stroking her sexy legs. The feel of Valentine’s slick, strong muscles locked around her own was unspeakably erotic. Without thinking, Kris suddenly thrust her crotch against Valentine’s in an almost Pavlovian response to the blonde’s body. Groaning, Valentine thrust back, grinding her lycra covered cunt into the brunette’s.

“Kris, you long-legged slut,” Valentine managed to gasp. “You getting hot fighting with my body?”

“Not as hot as you’re getting fighting my body, Valentine,” Kris said, fighting to keep from groaning as she felt her cunt responding to the friction the girls were generating between their crotches.

“I’ve fought hotter girls than you, bitch,” Valentine told her.

“Bullshit you have, you lying slut,” Kris said. “I’m hotter than any of those cunts on your little cheer squad, and I’m certainly hotter than you.” Kris punctuated her statement with a hard thrust against Valentine’s crotch, squeezing the blonde’s tight ass with her nails for emphasis.

The blonde uttered an almost guttural moan, as she pressed her cunt against Kris’s. The girls cocked their pelvises forward, allowing their crotches full, trembling contact underneath their lycra thongs. “Look at you now, you stuck-up bitch,” Valentine said spitefully. “I bet you loved having your fucking cunt groped down at the lake, you’ve wanted this all along.”

“All I care about is beating your body, you arrogant cunt,” Kris said. “If this is the way you blondes like to fight, then I can fight like this, too.”

“Admit it, Kris,” Valentine demanded, pulling on the brunette’s curls. “You love doing this, you lying cunt.”

“YOU love it, you slutty blonde bitch!”

“I hate you, bitch,” Valentine hissed. “You’re humping on my cunt so hard, and you’re still too prissy to admit you love it, you love fighting with my hard body.”

“You’re grinding on me just as hard, slut,” Kris shot back. The water around the struggling girls churned with the violence of their dirty embrace. Kris and Valentine both were having trouble speaking, their breath coming in short gasps as they rocked against one another. “I bet you’re ready to come already, you whore, but I’m not going to let you. I’m not going to let a blonde whore like you get off grinding on my body.”

In the unearthly light of the pool, Kris could see Valentine’s beautiful face flush a dark red, matching the color of her bikini. “You cunt,” Valentine said, her voice hard. “I’m not even close, bitch. You could never get me off.”

In a monumental act of self-control, Kris somehow forced herself to stop the steady motion of her cunt against Valentine’s, but she still kept it pressed to the blonde’s crotch. Likewise, Valentine had stopped her pelvic gyrations against Kris, but she also held her ground below the waist, keeping her crotch plastered against her rival’s. Kris ached to keep rubbing her cunt into Valentine’s, the blonde’s hips and crotch had felt so good grinding against hers, and her cunt felt so tight. However, it now appeared as if the girls had reached a tacit agreement that one of the ways to claim victory in this fight was to make the other girl lose control, to be the girl whose body couldn’t be resisted by her rival. In all of her dating experience, Kris had never wanted any of her boyfriends as much as they had wanted her, and she was determined not to let Valentine be the first person to get the upper hand on her sexually.

With their lower bodies held motionless against one another, Kris’s attention suddenly shifted to the two pairs of firm, heavy tits pressed into one another above the surface of the water. Little droplets of water glittered on Valentine’s valley of cleavage, rolling down the expanse of her milky breasts to disappear between the blonde’s wet tits. Kris’s equally endowed set of breasts glistened wetly in the light of the pool, and she felt a little quiver of excitement as she saw Valentine staring down at the tableau of her tits, nestled in the cups of her black top.

“I bet you’d really lose it if you saw my naked tits, Kris,” Valentine said, catching the brunette’s eye.

“I see better tits in the mirror every morning, girlfriend.”

“Not even, bitch.”

Kris struggled to keep her voice steady. She had seen Valentine’s bare breasts before in the locker room, but seeing them naked tonight in this charged atmosphere of erotic hatred would be an entirely different experience. “If you want to fight with our tits naked, that’s fine with me, slut,” Kris said slowly.

Glaring at each other warily, the two rivals separated slowly, their long legs unlocking with an almost palpable reluctance. Valentine swept her wet mane of blonde hair back from her face, facing Kris with her shoulders square. Both girls were breathing hard, their sizable breasts rising and falling in an almost hypnotic rhythm, echoing the lapping of the water around them. Kris reached for the left strap of her bikini with her right hand, while across from her Valentine mirrored her motion. The brunette slipped first the left and then the right strap of her bikini off of her smooth shoulders, swallowing a little in nervous anticipation. The two girls had long since passed the point where they could conceivably have backed out of their fight, but this would be an act that would put a seal of secrecy on the whole dirty encounter tonight. Even if she wanted to, Kris couldn’t imagine telling any of her friends, not even Jen, that she had met and fought with a topless Valentine in a pool in the middle of the night, or telling them how tight her cunt felt between her legs now, as the girls removed their tops to reveal their naked tits to one another.

Kris let her top drop into her hands, and placed her fists on either side of her hips. She didn’t need to look down to know that her nipples were stiff, hard with excitement, just like the two rigid pink points on Valentine’s creamy, naked breasts that pointed challengingly at her across the few feet of water separating them. The blonde had also placed her hands on her hips, in an almost defiant pose. The two tall, bare-chested rivals straightened now, standing upright in the water, daring the other girl to come up against her. Before tonight, Kris would have never believed that another girl’s tits could actually seem physically threatening, but Valentine’s firm, heavy breasts and her incredibly erect nipples looked very much like weapons as they posed across from her own pair of sexy tits.

“Still think yours look better, slut?” Valentine asked.

“It’s hard to tell when yours are all the way over there, bitch,” Kris said. “Are you afraid of my stiff nipples?”

“I’m not afraid of anything you have, Kris,” the blonde said. “Because I’ve got better.”

“Is that why you’re getting so hard looking at my tits, slut?”

Valentine cupped her breasts, brushing her long nipples lightly with her thumbs. “Are you talking about these, bitch?” Valentine asked. “That’s just their way of letting yours know which pair rules this pool.”

Kris took a deep breath before uttering her next words. “I bet they wouldn’t look so stiff next to mine, Valentine,” she said.

Valentine’s blue eyes sparkled in triumph. “I knew it, you cunt,” the blonde said. “Who’s hard, now, Kris? You want to get my bare tits against yours, don’t you?”

“Fuck you, Valentine,” Kris said hotly. “I don’t care what the hell you want me to admit, bitch. You just get your tits over here if you think yours are better.”

“You stuck-up cunt,” Valentine swore. “I should tell everyone how hard you were humping me with your fucking pussy.”

“You go ahead, Valentine,” Kris said angrily. “You go right ahead, and I’ll tell everyone how hot your cunt felt when we were grinding into each other.”

“Remember, bitch, I’ve felt your tongue on mine, so I know just how wet you are for me.”

Kris felt her body trembling with an intense combination of anger and desire, both directed at the blonde girl across from her. Valentine seemed determined to drag some sort of confession out of her, but she stubbornly refused to give in to the blonde and verbalize what was obviously happening between the two rivals. Instead, Kris shook her head and hissed, “I get wet thinking about how hard I’m going to beat you, slut, that’s all.”

The blonde snarled, her beautiful face hardening as she advanced on Kris. “Then FIGHT me, bitch!” Valentine growled.

“I’ll fight you, whore!” Kris cried, her hands going for Valentine’s hair as the two girls slammed into one another again, long legs reaching for each other underneath the water.

As much as she had braced for it, the impact of her naked tits against Valentine’s still sent a shockwave through Kris’s chest. The brunette gasped as she felt the blonde’s wet tit flesh sliding across hers, the first time she had ever felt another girl’s naked breasts against her own. Valentine’s glands were slippery and felt incredibly massive as they slammed into her breasts with a wet thud. Kris hissed as her long, stiff nipples smashed into her rival’s hard tits, driving into the blonde’s smooth, milky breast flesh. The brunette felt her sex points bending a little from the pressure, but sensing that they were forcing Valentine’s breasts to conform around their shape somewhat, Kris persevered, grinding her tits against Valentine’s viciously.

“Bitch!” Kris cried. “You like my hard tits against yours, you big blonde cunt?”

“I’ll bang tits with you all night, you big slut!” Valentine hissed.

The night air rang with the sound of wet tits slapping and the gasps and groans of the two rivals. High-pitched squeals of outrage escaped their lips as they waged war with their bosoms, swinging their breasts with wild abandon. Kris was privately amazed at how violently the girls were beating on each other with their breasts, but the harder Valentine slammed her tits into the brunette’s, the more enraged Kris got, and the harder she swung back at her blonde rival with her own firm sex glands. Half-crazed with hatred and fighting lust, the girls were literally trying to knock each other’s tits off, pounding their breasts into one another harder and harder. Suddenly, a particularly vicious swing of Kris’s right tit into the side of Valentine’s left breast knocked the blonde girl off of her feet. Stumbling slightly, Valentine pushed off of the bottom of the pool with her right foot, to end up a few feet from Kris.

The brunette felt an incredible surge of pride in her body; her tits had actually knocked the tall blonde backward! Kris placed her hands on her hips, displaying her bare chest to Valentine tauntingly. “How do you like my tits now, Valentine?” she asked meanly.

A wordless snarl answered her, as Valentine launched herself at Kris tit-first. Startled, the brunette could only wrap her arms around the blonde as she crashed into her, their tits colliding head-on with another wet smack. Kris felt the blonde’s strong arms encircle her back, as the blonde bore her backward in the water, until she felt the hard concrete of the wall slam into her ass. Kris hissed at the impact, feeling her breath being squeezed out of her lungs by Valentine’s hard body. The blonde slammed her washboard stomach into Kris’s and flattened her tits against the brunette’s, pressing Kris back against the concrete. Valentine had an almost crazed look in her blue eyes as she hugged her rival against her bosom brutally, forcing anguished groans from the brunette lifeguard. The blonde’s arms were like steel bands encircling Kris; she would never have believed the strength contained in those long bare arms until now. Desperately, Kris shoved her sleek thigh in between her rival’s legs, bracing her foot against the wall, and pushed off, carrying the girls back into the middle of the pool. The brunette tightened her arms around the blonde, as they plunged underneath the water.

Kris felt every part of the blonde’s body against hers as the two girls rolled over and over in the water, thrashing against each other’s long curves. She lashed out with her hands and feet, her short fingernails raking across Valentine’s belly and tits, while the blonde ran her claws up and down her rival’s clenched ass cheeks. Their long hair spread out from their heads like the plumes of two rival sea spirits, surrounding beautiful faces lost to primal female hatred. Somehow, Kris found Valentine’s foot pressed against her face, the heel of the blonde’s foot placed against her throat. The brunette groped for the blonde with her long legs, finding Valentine’s chin with her own foot just in time to give her rival an answering shove. The girls floated backward from each other, finding themselves at opposite ends of the pool once more, sitting on the shallow steps next to the edges of the pool.

Kris had had more than enough of the bitchy blonde. She was going to finish off Valentine, she decided furiously, taking the steps quickly and dashing around the pool toward Valentine, her bare wet feet slapping on the hard tiles. Valentine moved to meet her, running toward the brunette with a matching ferocity, her blue eyes sparkling with an almost crazed intensity. The topless girls met in a wild tangle of long limbs, swinging at each other with their fists and legs, striking out at each other’s bare tits, wet stomachs, and cheeks. As enraged as she was, Kris hardly felt Valentine’s nails raking across her left cheek. She responded with a hard punch to the blonde’s gut, causing the other girl to double over with a low grunt. As she stepped toward her rival, however, Kris was met with an answering blow to her belly, and she bent over at the waist, as well.

Kris lifted her head slightly and found Valentine glaring at her from her own bent over position, her wet blonde hair hanging down over her face. Kris reached for that golden mane, her hands securing a grip near her rival’s scalp. She felt her hair being taken up the same way by Valentine, her dark curls gathered up by the blonde’s long fingers. The girls stood bent over for several minutes breathing hard, keeping a careful hold on each other’s long hair. Kris could see Valentine’s firm tits hanging down, long nipples pointed straight at the ground; they moved up and down with the blonde’s ragged breaths.

Slowly, Kris began to straighten, keeping a firm hold on Valentine’s hair. The tall blonde rose with her, stepping in close to the brunette’s body, bringing their naked chests together, dripping wet with water. Their strength temporarily depleted, the girls were content to press their firm, tight bodies together, as they went nose to nose in a tense glare.

“Goddamn you, bitch,” Valentine hissed, pressing her chin against Kris’s. “You fucking dirty cunt.”

“You’re the slut who wanted to fight topless, Valentine,” Kris snarled softly, pushing back at the blonde’s jutting chin with her own. Her nipples felt so hard now against Valentine’s chest, hungry for sensation; the brunette couldn’t resist wriggling her tits against Valentine’s slippery mounds, slapping her nipples against the blonde’s big breasts, even momentarily engaging Valentine’s own erect sex points, sending waves of stimulation through her tits.

“You’re the slut who likes to rub tits, bitch,” Valentine groaned, slapping at Kris’s nipples with her own pair. Trembling gasps escaped the lips of both girls as their nipples stroked each other repeatedly, length to length.

“I’ll rub your dirty tits until you scream, cunt,” Kris said.

“Not with those weak nipples of yours, Kris.”

“You better believe these hard things can fuck over your soft nipples, Valentine.”

The blonde pulled on Kris’s hair, forcing the brunette to meet her gaze, the eyes of both girls wide with excitement and battle lust. Kris was almost scared by how alive her body felt in the grip of her blonde enemy, dripping wet and topless in the muggy summer night air. “My nipples are going to crush yours, blonde,” Kris hissed in the blonde’s face, as the girls faced off. Their breasts hovered inches from each other, long, engorged nipples pointed directly at each other like missiles bent on mutual destruction.

“Then do it, you little slut,” Valentine urged spitefully, her hands tightening painfully around Kris’s wet curls. “DO IT!”

With a wordless cry, the girls slammed their naked bosoms together. Kris groaned as she felt her painfully erect nipples meet Valentine’s hard points head-on, the sensitive rods twisting around one another, raising a small, tingling storm of sensation that made her toes curl on the wet tiles. The girls pressed against one another cheek to cheek as their breasts pressed into one another, flesh against flesh, nipples locked in an electric duel inside the erotic arena formed by their warring glands. Kris squirmed her chest against Valentine’s, gasping at the touch of the blonde’s slippery breasts on her own, no longer insulated by the lapping waves of the pool. The brunette willed her nipples to straighten and press her rival’s pair back into her breast, but all she knew about the hidden battle between their nipples was that her tits felt like they were on fire.

“Kris, you big whore,” Valentine groaned against her ear, as the trembling breast grind went on and on. “I’ll never let you beat my tits, I’ll never let you beat me.”

“I will go tit to tit with you all night, if that’s what it takes, Valentine,” Kris said, tears starting to form in her eyes. The dirty, sustained physical contact between their breasts was breaking down whatever mental barriers she had erected to protect her psyche from the taboo nature of her fight with Valentine tonight. Kris felt her cunt tighten with an arousal so strong she felt she would scream if she didn’t find release soon. “You’re never going to flaunt that body of yours around me again!”

“This body, you bitch?” Valentine said, wrapping her long legs around Kris’s, bringing their cunts into trembling contact, separated only by the thin lycra of their bikini bottoms. Kris gripped her rival’s biceps in her hands, squeezing the other girl’s muscles painfully as their cunts wriggled against one another. The girls struggled to remain upright, stumbling across the deck of the pool, their long legs tangled together like tango partners who couldn’t decide which one should lead.

“You want this, Kris?” Valentine demanded, pushing her cunt against Kris’s. The blonde’s fingers slipped around the strings of Kris’s thong, her short nails digging into back of the brunette’s shapely thighs.

“You want THIS, bitch?” Kris replied hotly, grinding her cunt against Valentine’s obscenely.

“I want you, cunt,” Valentine gasped, as the girls shook in each other’s arms. “I want all of you. Every last inch.”

Kris felt her cunt twitch at the blonde girl’s words, shivering as she sensed her pussy truly come to life, something hard emerging from deep inside her vaginal folds, straining for release inside of her wet thong as it pressed itself flat against Valentine’s crotch. “My inch will beat your inch, Valentine,” Kris said lowly, her voice shaking a little.

“If that’s how you want to settle this…” Valentine said, her voice trailing off at the end. The girls were silent for a moment, their long, nearly naked bodies tangled around one another tightly. “Mine against yours, Kris,” Valentine said, her voice suddenly hard again.

“Mine against yours,” Kris agreed, swallowing. “We’ll finish it, Valentine.”

Valentine’s hands gripped the brunette’s ass, as the girls positioned themselves against one another, their hips dancing around each other tentatively. Kris could hardly believe what she doing, but suddenly her cunt was naked and she was rubbing her furry snatch into the waiting crotch of the blonde cheerleader she had been locked up with for the better part of the last two hours. The naked, raw intimacy of the contact, girl against girl in the most primal, dirty contest possible, sent shivers down Kris’s body, even as she felt her naked body flush with the heat of competition and lust. Valentine’s cunt felt maddeningly wet and slippery against her own, and the blonde’s long body writhed in her arms like a live wire, breasts slapping against her own loudly as the girls slammed their bodies together toward an end that neither fully comprehended, yet.

Then, Kris’s mouth was on Valentine’s, her hand pulling back the blonde’s head by her golden hair. The brunette lifeguard forced open her rival’s mouth with her tongue, and the two enemies kissed urgently, breathlessly, consummating their hatred for one another. Kris felt the blonde’s body lose its balance, and she felt a similar sense of vertigo as their bodies fell back onto the ladder of one of the lifeguard towers. Kris looked down on Valentine’s beautiful face, glaring up at her defiantly as the dark-haired girl pressed down on her rival, her cunt seeking out its counterpart between the blonde’s thighs. She felt Valentine’s long legs wrapping around her waist, the blonde cheerleader welcoming her rival into her. Their cunts met with a wet smack, Valentine’s legs clinching around Kris’s slender waist and tightening with alarming strength. The girls groaned as they rubbed into each other, their wet fur tangling and their glistening pussy lips sliding across one another, opening in naked challenge until their hard clits met in the most private of all duels, held in the arena of their two joined pussies, a place no observer would ever be privy to.

Later, Kris could only remember the vague outlines of what had happened. She remembered dueling with the blonde crotch to crotch, gasping at each electric contact of their engorged clitorises, seeing her emotions mirrored on Valentine’s face, hatred and lust animating it in equal proportions, the one feeding the other. She remembered the girls crying, their hot tears mingling as they pressed their cheeks against one another, cursing in each other’s ears, calling one another the filthiest things they could think of, not having the vocabulary to fully articulate what they wanted to do to the other. On and on it went, until suddenly they found their arms wrapped around each other, naked bodies shuddering together as their cunts plunged off the edge of sensation, dragging both girls into a long, sordid orgasm. Kris remembered wrestling with Valentine’s body as the girls rolled off the ladder and writhed next to the pool in each other’s arms, long legs tangled as their cunts twitched their last spasms of desire into one another. Kris had lain next to the blonde for the better part of an hour, absorbing just what the girls had done. When she finally got off her back and turned toward Valentine, she saw the blonde sitting on her knees staring at her with a look that managed to stir her even in her exhausted state.

“I hate you, cunt,” Valentine said, somehow managing to invest those four words with all of the venom and intensity of the fight the two girls had just engaged in. The blonde’s fingers were between her legs, tangled around her blonde curls of pubic fur.

“I hate you too, cunt,” Kris said softly, gripping herself in her hand, as well. A look passed between the girls then that almost made the brunette orgasm again. She kept her hand on her cunt as Valentine got to feet and slipped back through the gate, disappearing from view.

Kris wiped her hand across her eyes and gathered up what remained of her swimsuit. The ride back to her house in the darkness was mercifully swift, and she gave silent thanks for the fact that only her sister was home. Kris closed her eyes as she let the warm spray from the showerhead wash away the stink of chlorine and sweat from her body, soothing her aching muscles. Collapsing on her bed, the brunette sank into a deep, dreamless sleep for the first time in weeks.