By NylonNY

Jane stepped out of the shower and into her bedroom. It was time to get dressed and get to the office. Jane had just turned 50 and was an extremely successful business woman managing a large department at a renowned financial firm. Always a career woman she never had time for any lasting relationships, having various flings throughout her life when the mood struck her. She had a great body for her age, long hours at the gym helping to fight off the effects of age. Still she now found that under her tight skirts that she liked to wear a panty girdle was a must have piece of equipment to keep everything fitting the way it should. But Jane didn't mind, she loved the feel of firm satin panty girdles and matching garter belts and stockings, loving the stares she got when her skirt would ride up and the tops of her stockings would show.

Jane pulled on a black satin panty girdle and wriggled it over her hips. Next a black satin garter belt with 6 garters to which she attached a pair of silky black nylons, which she carefully slid up her legs. She pulled on a short gray skirt and put her well rounded breasts into a black lace bra before putting on a tight satin blouse. She grabbed a pair of black patent 5 inch platform heels to finish off her outfit, a quick glance in the mirror "Still hot" she thought to herself as she grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

Jane arrived at the office and walked to her corner office. The office workers greeted her, mostly because she was the boss, many of them Jane was sure thought she was a bitch. Jane ran her department with a "my way or the highway" attitude and while many didn't like it, it produced results that corporate loved so nobody ever had any success complaining.

Jane settled into her chair, turned on her computer and began sifting through her email. Her secretary brought in some coffee without a word. Jane didn't even look up from her keyboard. Around 9am there was a knock on Jane’s door. "Come in" said Jane.

In walked Kate, a supervisor who worked under her for numerous years, working long hours and weekends tying up whatever loose ends Jane had for her. Kate was a curvy blonde with huge breasts, a narrow waist and full hips and wasn't afraid to flaunt her figure. She loved to wear tight, short skirts like the leather mini she had on today. And clingy low cut sweaters and blouses that accented her big tits. Today she had on a pair of knee high stiletto boots which gave a racy edge to her already sexy look. Secretly Jane always had trouble keeping focused on work when Kate was around, her body just seemed to ooze sexuality and Jane had to work hard to keep her eyes from staring at her body.

"Hi Jane" said Kate as she sat down in one of Jane's guest chairs, slowly crossing her legs, letting her high heeled boots dangle, seeing Jane's eyes following her legs as she crossed them.

"Hi Kate, what can I do for you?" Jane replied.

"I would like your help with something." said Kate.

"Now what would that be?" Jane replied.

"I would like you to write me a recommendation for a new job that opened up in the Company. It's a senior management position."

Jane was shocked "I didn't know you had aspirations of leaving my team" she managed.

"Well, it's an opportunity I can't pass up. I finally will be playing with the big boys and girls. I look at it as a challenge." Kate stared right into Jane’s eyes as she spoke.

"I would love to help you with this Kate, but, I can't afford to lose you at the present time. You are critical to the team under me." Jane placed special emphasis on the word "Under".

Kate remained cool headed and stood up from her chair, "Why don’t you come by my place tonight and we can talk about this in a more comfortable setting and maybe come to an agreement? Maybe around 7:00pm?"

"I don't see my decision changing, but I will listen to what you have to say." said Jane.

"Excellent" said Kate as she turned to leave.

Jane caught herself staring at Kate's round ass as she walked out.

The day passed by quickly and Jane ended up working a bit late as always which didn't leave her time to get home and change out of her work clothes. So after a quick stop in the executive powder room to freshen up she headed to Kate’s place.

Kate lived in a modest home in the suburbs, with a nicely landscaped yard. Jane parked at the curb in front and headed to the door. Jane rang the doorbell and a few moments later the door opened and Kate was there smiling. Jane stood staring in awe of the sexy blonde before her. Kate had changed out of her office attire and was wearing a leather bustier cinched so tight her voluminous breasts were nearly bursting out of the top of it. She also had on a pair of latex leggings that were so tight they looked painted on. Topping the outfit off were a pair of black stiletto heels.

"So glad you could make it" Smiled Kate.

Jane had to make a serious effort to bring her eyes back up to Kate's face, "I told you I would be here, so here I am." stated Jane seriously.

"Welcome, come in said Kate." Kate turned and walked into the living room area and Jane followed behind her, watching every swing of Kate's hips as she walked, Jane felt herself getting a bit hot just watching her.

"Have you thought any more about writing that letter for me?" asked Kate as she sat onto a nearby chair, crossing her legs.

"No I can't say that I have, once I make up my mind my decisions are final." Jane said with a smirk.

Kate was noticing Jane staring at her legs and chest, just like she knew she would. Kate knew Jane had not slept with any of her boy toys she kept around because she usually made all the travel arrangements for her hook ups. Which meant Jane was most likely vulnerable to her plan to take her down once and for all. Kate stood and slowly walked over to the chair where Jane sat, watching as Jane tried and failed to not stare at Kate’s huge breasts, and tight pants. "You know Jane, how about a little friendly contest?" asked Kate as she circled behind Jane's chair.

"A contest… what are you talking about?" laughed Jane.

Kate placed her hands on Jane's shoulders gently caressing and rubbing them through the silky blouse. She felt Jane flinch at her unexpected touch but Jane didn’t stop her caress. "How about we see who is a real woman? I'm betting you might be able to beat me in the board room, but I would surely win in the bedroom!" said Kate in a seductive voice.

Jane was trying to comprehend what the sexy blonde was saying and form a reply as she felt Kate's hands move from her shoulders to her breasts, lightly gliding over the thin fabric of her blouse and just barely avoiding her nipple area.

"I bet I can make you cum before you could do the same to me." said Kate. "How about this, if I make you cum first, you write me a letter for that job. If you manage to make me cum first, I'll stay as your assistant?"

"This is ludicrous!" said Jane as she tried to stay focused. Her nipples were already getting hard from the stroking of her breasts. "I've been around the block a time or two and I have no attraction to you, or desire to be with a woman! I think I need to leave now!" said Jane as she began to get up.

Kate placed her hands on Jane's shoulders and pushed her back down into her chair, she could see Jane's nipples strain against her lacy bra and blouse, and knew the boss was heating up. Kate began to once again caress her boss's breasts through her blouse, this time being sure to brush against her nipples more forcibly.

"Stop it! Let go of me!" stammered Jane.

Kate leaned in close to Jane's ear, her lips lightly touched Jane's earlobe as she said softly, "You really don't want me to stop do you honey?"

Jane squeezed her thighs together tightly, she felt herself starting to get wet. Suddenly her panty girdle felt a couple sizes too small as it seemed to be pressing hard against her pussy. Kate started to nibble Jane's earlobe and started to move down her neck kissing her skin as she did.

"Unnnngh...stop...please..."Jane begged desperately.

"Sorry babe, I need this new job, and I'm getting it any way I have to." Kate said. Kate grabbed the top of Jane's blouse and ripped it open, the buttons popping off in all directions, leaving Jane’s breasts heaving in their lace bra.

My, what fancy undies you have, Baby" said the Blonde. Jane felt Kate's hands move to her tits. Her mind was whirling, her nipples ached for attention. Jane grabbed her own nipples and began to pull on them, moaning softly.

"Wow, thanks for helping me win this little contest." Kate giggled.

"Unghhh..fuck...you.." stammered Jane.

Kate spun around and suddenly straddled Jane, Kate undid her corset and her giant breasts were right in front of Jane's face.

Jane couldn’t help herself she was hot beyond belief! She moved her mouth to the nearest nipple and latched onto Kate's titty.

"Oooooooohhh, moaned Kate, that’s the spirit girl, lets see what you got." Jane moved a hand to the big blonde’s crotch, the tight rubber forming a camel toe on the blonde. Jane began to massage Kate's pussy through the tight material.

"Ummmphhh, oh yeah, that’s it, but you're going to have to try harder than that to make me cum." sneered Kate. Kate pulled away and dragged Jane from the chair onto the floor and got on top of the older woman. Kate pinned her lower legs beneath her round ass. "Lets take a look under the hood shall we?" laughed Kate.

"No don't..."started Jane, struggling to keep herself under wraps.

Kate managed to hike up Jane's skirt first revealing her garters and finally Jane’s panty girdle. Jane was red with embarrassment. "A girdle… Wow! Sexy look with the garters, I guess age is starting to take its toll on you huh?" laughed Kate. Kate spun herself around to plant her ass on Jane's midsection, pinning her once more on the ground.

"Get off of me!" Jane struggled.

"Now come on Jane, you love to stare at my ass. I've caught you doing it many times."

Jane couldn’t move. She tried to get her hands on Kate’s backside but couldn’t reach it or get to the blonde's pussy, she was helpless. Jane felt Kate begin to spread her exposed legs, she tried to keep her thighs closed but Kate was too strong.

"OOOOO looks like someone is a bit hot under the girdle!" smiled Kate as she noticed a small wet spot that had formed on the reinforced crotch of Jane's panty-girdle. Kate stretched Jane’s legs wide apart, Jane had given up trying to force her thighs closed. Kate ran her hands along the inside of Jane's legs up to the crotch of her black girdle.

"MMMMmmmph" mumbled Jane as Kate stopped just short of touching the crotch of her panties.

"Patience honey, all in good time" sneered Kate.

Jane was reeling, she was pulling at her nipples and writhing on the floor as the curvy blonde worked her over. "I can't take much more of this" she thought to herself. She had been without a good orgasm for quite some time, and she was struggling to resist giving in to Kate's expert hands.

"Let's turn the heat up a bit baby" smiled Kate as she moved her hand to Jane's vulnerable crotch. Jane's legs were spread wide her garter straps were stretched to the limit as they tried to hold on to the tops of her nylons. Kate rubbed her fingers around the wet spot soaking through Jane's girdle. Jane bucked her hips trying to escape Kate's probing fingers but it was no use, she was trapped. Kate began to rub Jane's crotch more forcibly, probing the wet areas of her panties, feeling Jane's swollen clit under the tight material.

"Mmmmmmmmmphhhhh....oooooooo" moaned Jane, who was thrusting her crotch against Kate's hand desperate for more.

"You are making this too easy for me" giggled Kate. Kate pulled at Jane's panty girdle and slipped her hand under the soaked crotch and into Jane's dripping pussy.

"Nooooo, Stop!" stammered Jane as she felt her assistant get past her satin defenses.

"Lay back and relax honey, and get your pen ready, you have some writing to do."

Jane was going crazy, she felt Kate slip 3 fingers into her pussy. The big blonde was pumping her pussy slowly, while using her thumb to work Jane's throbbing clit. Jane found herself grinding her hips trying to force Kate's hand deeper into her pussy. "Unghhhhh...god..I...can't take it..." moaned the writhing Jane. Her heels slid against the floor trying to find some strength or a way to break free. Jane watched Kate's latex clad ass wriggling in front of her, watching as the rubber stretched and moved as Kate worked her pussy over, only got her closer to orgasm. "I can't lose, I have to focus...I'll never be able to show my face in the office..." Jane thought.

Kate smiled as she sped up the finger fucking of her boss.

"Ugnnnnnnnhh..can't we....unghhhhhh...come to an...unghhhhhhhhhh...agreement.....unghhhhh" struggled Jane trying to hold off defeat.

"Oh you’re going to CUM alright! I'm going to make you my bitch now!" Kate leered.

"F...Fuck You..." said Jane."

Kate ignored the squirming woman beneath her as she focused on her work inside Jane’s girdle. Jane's thighs were shaking, her high heels kicked at the floor, Kate watched as Jane increased thrusting her hips against her hand. Kate knew she had the bitch beat, her own pussy was wet inside her rubber leggings, and she found herself grinding against Jane's midsection.

"Fuck I'm going to cum!" Jane thought desperately. Trembling she saw Kate grinding herself against her, she could feel how hot Kate's crotch was on her belly. Unfortunately Jane could not find a way to take advantage. Her pussy was being pounded by the buxom blonde on top of her and she needed to and wanted to cum.

"Almost there" laughed Kate.

Jane's pussy tightened around Kate's fingers, her hips started to buck uncontrollably as her orgasm began to build. "You Bitch...I'm...going.....unghhhhhhh!..going.....Unghhhhh!...to...CUM! Ohhhhh Godddddd, I'm cumming! Unghhhhhhh!" screamed Jane as she exploded in orgasm.

Kate pulled her fingers out of the older woman’s pussy and Jane came in her panty girdle soaking it through completely.

"MMMMMMMmmm, wasn’t that delicious?" smiled Kate as she leaned over her spent boss and kissed her panting mouth on the lips.

Jane was dizzy and totally spent, she found herself kissing the busty blonde in return. Kate stood up and put her corset back on, she then reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out a small vibrator. Kate sat in a chair across from Jane and spread her legs, she pulled open her latex pants and reached in with the vibrator and inserted it into her pussy. She watched Jane lay there and stare as she worked herself into an orgasm.

"Play with yourself" commanded Kate.

Jane reached her one hand into her soaking wet girdle and into her pussy, the other hand she used to pinch her nipples. Kate orgasmed quickly and Jane found herself writhing in orgasm on the floor once again moments later. "I expect that letter of recommendation on my desk in the morning" stated Kate. "You can show yourself out, and if you think you can back out of our little wager." said Kate as she walked to a bookshelf in the room, "I have it all on video." she chuckled as she removed a hidden camera from the shelf. "If you don’t want this video to appear on office emails you will keep up your end of the bargain! Goodnight bitch!" laughed Kate.

Jane was spent, she was dominated and beaten sexually by her former assistant, and now professionally. Jane stood up pulling her blouse around her as best she could, adjusting her panty-girdle and garters, the cold damp girdle feeling like a depressing reminder of her weakness tonight. She headed out the door and to her car. “This isn't the end of this” she thought, “This isn't the end.”

The End?