By JB57

Monstrous steel and chrome towers, pockmarked by flashing lights, loomed into the dirty sky. At their feet, in battered contrast to the gleaming towers, was the mud and dirt of the space city’s underworld, its bars and clubs and houses of ill repute huddled together against the rain. This was the city of Azrapoor, located on a neglected world in one of the busiest parts of the galaxy. Azrapoor attracted people wishing to engage in questionable and profitable business. Lorena, captain of the starship “The Pequod”, had been summoned to this world to meet her newest potential customer.

Lorena moved easily through the crowded spaceport. On all sides, she was surrounded by the noise and smells of dozens of worlds as alien beings from all over the galaxy talked and argued and traded, jostling each other as they hurried off to their various meetings, criminal activities and illicit liaisons. Lorena loved the world of the spaceports, the claustrophobic crowds and constant activity. It made her return to the quiet and order of her own ship that much more of a treat.

Lorena was a stunningly beautiful giant of a woman. Almost two meters tall, her body gave off an aura of power and confidence that few other humans could match. Her golden hair hung halfway down her back, and her startlingly green eyes shone from out of a beautiful, perfectly symmetrical face. Her body was spectacular. Huge, perfect breasts swelled out of her chest; long, muscled legs tapered away from full, voluptuous hips. There was no doubt that, somewhere in her past, one or more of Lorena’s ancestors had been genetically engineered towards someone’s idea of physical perfection. Those genes were now fully expressed in the blonde goddess. Her extraordinary beauty was matched by her fantastic physical strength and innate intelligence. She was a remarkably powerful and intimidating woman.

Lorena’s air of confidence and control made it possible for her to walk through the anarchic spaceport without the fear of being accosted. At present, she was dressed in a full-length, waterproof traveling cloak which covered her from head to toe. The sleek garment hinted at her voluptuous curves, hugging the bulge of her breasts and the curve of her hips, and occasionally flashing open to offer a tantalizing view of Lorena’s beautiful body, which was on full display under the cloak. Lorena wore some revealing traveling clothes. Her breasts were barely contained by a skimpy halter, which dipped into a deep “v” at her neck, revealing most of her thrusting tits and almost half the areola of her hard brown nipples. Her midriff was bare, her powerful abdominal muscles rippling as she moved. A shining pearl navel ring adorned her belly. Her leggings were skin tight, and hugged her low on her hips, the waistband barely bordering her hairless pussy. Her boots were thick but functional. At her right hip, she wore a holstered laser gun; on her left, Lorena had secured a light-sword. Other, more primitive weapons were secreted around her person and in her cloak. Lorena flaunted her beauty and sexuality, but she projected the air of a woman who was dangerous enough to protect herself.

She entered a seedy bar at the farthest end of the spaceport’s main mall, then quickly took a seat as far back in the corner as she could, from where she could watch the door with the wall to her back. It was early afternoon, and the bar was largely empty. Strippers and prostitutes of all species, races and genders worked the few patrons who were present. A few of the human sex workers checked her out as she removed her cloak and sat down at her table. To some, it wasn’t clear if Lorena was a sex worker herself. A quick glance at her gun and other weapons, however, quickly answered the question. A young man, smiling seductively, began to walk towards her table; she warned him off with a sharp shake of her head. A voluptuous woman, observing this exchange, began to approach Lorena. The blonde beauty was more appreciative of the woman’s flowing curves and cascading hair. However, she still gave the approaching prostitute a sharp look, indicating her lack of interest in a sexual encounter. Lorena was in the bar on business, and she did not want any distractions.

Lorena ordered a drink, stretched her long legs out onto the chair opposite her own, and waited for her appointment to show up. In the meantime, the floorshow began. A number of aliens began to perform various erotic dances and rituals. A beautiful human woman, with a body that rivaled Lorena’s, took the stage and was introduced as the “Queen of the Club.” Lorena watched the woman with considerable interest; she rarely encountered women as well-endowed as she was and she was curious about this one. She watched the stripper with increasing interest and was amused to find a heat developing between her legs. Lorena was bisexual, but she preferred women, and this woman was quite appealing. She began to consider the possibility of approaching the “Queen” after she concluded her business.

“May I join you?” said a voice to her side. The voice was smooth and deep, but also very feminine and seductive. Lorena started; she cursed herself. For all of her precautions, she had allowed herself to become distracted and had been startled by the appearance of this stranger. Somehow, this woman had managed to walk almost right up to Lorena’s table without her registering the approach. Lorena was deeply angry with herself; that kind of carelessness could get her killed. However, she was also immediately intrigued. Standing beside her table was a tall woman, perhaps as tall as she was, dressed in a traveling cloak of similar design to Lorena’s own. The woman was still wearing her hood, so Lorena could not see her face. But the cloak bulged and clung in all the right places, suggesting it was concealing a remarkably voluptuous body. Lorena felt the dull heat in her body begin to grow, building into a sense of sexual excitement and anticipation.

“Are you Valustriana Seena?” she asked.

“Yes,” the mysterious woman replied.

“Then take a seat, and tell me what it is that you want to hire me to do,” Lorena said, brusquely, as she swung her legs off of the opposite chair and sat up to face her prospective new employer.

The woman pulled the hood back from her face, revealing a stunningly beautiful visage. Her hair was deep and dark, either black or a dark brown. Lorena was instantly caught by the dark-haired beauty’s eyes. They were green eyes but, unlike her own, they were olive in color and strikingly bright and clear. The women locked eyes, and the electricity that passed between them caused Lorena to start. Her heart quickened, her loins tightened with sudden arousal. Her half-exposed nipples suddenly swelled. The other woman looked coolly amused. She observed the effect she had on Lorena and seemed to be enjoying it. Lorena cursed herself for her lack of control, and took an immediate dislike to this sexually manipulative bitch. At the same time, she could not deny the heat in her tits and her hardening nipples. Her feelings of lust became even more intense when the dark-haired woman slipped off her traveling cloak to reveal a magnificent body, one that matched Lorena’s in sheer beauty and power.

The woman, Valustriana, shook out her long, dark mane and let her hair fall down her back. She sported a set of massive tits that strained against the skin tight fabric that contained them. Her breasts were half covered by a halter, but also completely revealed by the glistening, dark blue material. The halter looked like it had been painted on to her thrusting tits; it encased her breasts, all the way to under her areola, but then ended abruptly, leaving the underside of her voluminous breasts bare. Her arms were covered by sleeves that attached to her top; her neck was covered by a high collar. Her back was completely naked. Her muscular midriff was also completely bare, with the exception of her navel, which was decorated with a glistening golden ring. Her leggings were skin tight and, like Lorena’s, the waist dipped so far down that another few centimeters would have revealed her shaved pussy. The woman wore fashionable boots, but these were low-heeled and quite practical. The overall effect of her outfit was to call attention to every inch of dark bare skin, even as Valustriana’s other charms were emphasized by the enticing bulges covered by her outfit. If Lorena was the embodiment of a Nordic goddess, Valustriana reflected the beauty of the Greek pantheon.

Valustriana folded herself, like a cat, into the chair opposite Lorena, still wearing a half-smile of amusement on her beautiful face. Lorena leaned forward to face this mysterious woman. The sexual tension between the two beauties was thick and hot and growing by the moment. Lorena watched Valustriana’s nipples harden and grow in her skin tight halter and could see that, despite the other woman’s apparent nonchalance, she was being affected by Lorena’s sexual appeal as well.

Lorena tried to bring her feelings under control. It had been a long time since she had felt so aroused, since an encounter with another person – man or woman – had made her so instantaneously horny. She could not help but daydream about how it would feel to have this woman’s body crushed and writhing under her own. From what she could see, this dark-haired Amazon was her equal in all respects, and Lorena thrilled to the idea of matching her body to that of a woman every bit as powerful as herself. That could be a real challenge, she thought, even as she crossed her legs, feeling the heat and wetness in her crotch.

Valustriana leaned forward so that she and Lorena were almost too close together. The women stared intently into the other’s eyes; their mammoth breasts came dangerously close to touching across the length of the small table, their hard nipples jutting out, reaching for each other. Valustriana licked her lips, and then smiled again.

“I’m glad that you could make it to our meeting, Captain,” she murmured in her deep, melodious voice. “I’ve been told that you are reliable and discreet. I need someone like you to help me on a mission that I need to perform as soon as possible; in fact, we will need to leave almost immediately.”

Lorena stared intently into the other woman’s eyes, inhaled Valustriana’s sweet scent, and realized how thoroughly aroused she actually was. She felt an uncomfortable wetness between her legs, and wished that she had been wearing underwear to hold the moisture in. Still, she needed to focus on business.

“I have my ship here,” she replied, “but I won’t hire it and my crew out until I know where you plan to go and what your mission entails. My crew and I are willing to take on risks, but we need monetary compensation.”

“Oh, you and your crew will be very, very well paid, Captain,” Valustriana replied. “But the nature of my mission, and where we are going, need to be my secrets. I can give you various coordinates as we go along, but that’s it.”

Lorena glared at the other woman in disbelief for a moment, and then barked a laugh. “Well, then, I guess we won’t be doing business after all.” Lorena paused. She hated walking away from Valustriana now. To this point, she had been certain that she and the dark-haired beauty could quickly conclude their business then find someplace to indulge their obvious attraction to each other. Now, however, her lust might have to remain unsatisfied; there was no way she was going to accept any job without knowing the risks involved and where she was expected to go.

Valustriana smiled, calmly. “No, Captain, I don’t think you understand. My organization has immediate needs, and you and your ship are the best suited in this sector to meet those needs. We need you; you will comply with my request.”

Lorena’s eyes narrowed and her chest heaved in anger. “Just who do you think you are, you bitch? What makes you think you can give me orders?”

Valustriana reached into her cloak, an act that caused Lorena to quickly place her hand on the grip of her gun. But the dark-haired goddess pulled out a wallet that contained nothing but a blank identity card. As Lorena watched, however, the card suddenly displayed the image of a badge, then Valustriana’s picture (wherein she looked as spectacularly beautiful as in person) and identification information.

“I work for the Trans-Galactic Order, Captain – TGO. I think that you know what that means.”

Lorena did, indeed, understand the situation. TGO was a shadowy organization that was officially sanctioned but never accountable to the public. It handled high level military and political matters. TGO was too powerful to be defied. While no one knew who ran the organization or who worked for it, it was clearly a powerful force with an enormous ability to get what it wanted.

Lorena smiled grimly. “What if I say “no”?” she asked, rage building.

Valustriana stared calmly into Lorena’s enraged eyes. The TGO agent did not gloat or do anything to aggravate the situation further. She understood and sympathized with the Captain’s impotent rage.

“I don’t think it’s productive to discuss that, Captain. Let’s just say that we both know how much you need to depend on getting the right licenses and contracts to keep your business going. We can complicate that process, or we can make it much easier.”

“If I do this, will I have to work for you in the future?” Lorena asked quietly.

Valustriana shrugged, drawing Lorena’s immediate attention to the other woman’s magnificent rack. “I can’t say for certain. If we do need you again, we will ask. But that would be true of anyone.”

The women continued staring at each other for a few more moments, Lorena seething with helpless anger, Valustriana calmly waiting for the blonde warrior to accept the weakness of her position. Finally, Lorena spoke again.

“How much will you pay?” she asked grimly.

Valustriana let a slight smile of triumph touch her lips before replying. “25,000 credits for you, 15,000 for each of your crew when the trip starts. The same amount when we get back safely. Maybe a bonus, if the situations we encounter prove -exceptional.”

This was ten times the usual amount, but this did not comfort Lorena. If anything, the exceptional fee that TGO was willing to pay made her more nervous. It indicated how dangerous the mission might be.

After considering for a moment, she spoke again. “I will not agree to do this until I have had a chance to consult with my crew. I will not go against their wishes. If they do not want to risk their lives for the money that you offer, then I will not force them to. I don’t care what you think that TGO can do to me, that’s my answer.”

Valustriana’s gaze turned cold. “Do what you think you need to do, Captain,” she replied. “But I will come by your mooring at 1700 hours; that’s just 3 hours from now. If you are not prepared to let me board, I will find alternative transportation and TGO will destroy your career and those of your crew.”

The women now regarded each other with open hostility. Their anger fed the sexual tension building between them. Their mutual attraction, which had momentarily cooled, now came back full force. Both women were struck by a burning desire to tear into each other, to settle their conflict through intense sexual combat. Lorena looked at this dark-haired bitch and longed to strip the whore naked, pull her legs open, and lock up with the slut. She dreamed of what it would be like to feel the sex of this arrogant beauty crushed to her own, surrendering to her stronger cunt. Valustriana might be powerful with a badge and the power of TGO behind her, but Lorena was sure that she could humble the bitch sex to sex, tit to tit, and body to body. The raging beast of her own sexuality began to tear at its leash, desperate to devour Valustriana’s womanhood.

For her part, Valustriana basked in the feelings of anger and lust pulsing through her loins, feeding the hardness in her tits. She had been looking forward to this meeting with Lorena ever since she had started reading the Captain’s file, and she was not disappointed. Lorena was every bit as fiery and beautiful as Valustriana had dared hope. The TGO agent was a consummate professional, but she still had her urges and appetites, and she had been hoping that Lorena would challenge her sexually. She imagined what it would be like to be locked skin to skin with the magnificent blonde goddess before her, to feel her hard, taut tits crushing the blonde’s beautiful rack, to feel her clit fencing with Lorena’s hard sex. The thought thrilled her, sending a flash of pure lust burning through her belly.

The two beauties glared at each other for a few more minutes. The women realized that they would meet in sexual combat. They both wanted it, lusted after it. It was inevitable. For now, however, they both had to back down. With a final glare of lust and anger, Valustriana finally rose from her seat.

“1700 hours Captain. I won’t be late. Be ready to receive me when I arrive.”

“Fuck you, bitch.” Lorena replied.

Valustriana smiled frostily. “We’ll see, Captain.” With that, she turned, gathered up her cloak, and walked away, her beautiful hips swaying seductively, her naked back rippling with the movement of her voluptuous body. Lorena watched her leave, feeling the heat and tension in her loins. She hated to be coerced. On the other hand, she loved adventure and the TGO agent was now offering her many different kinds of adventure. How could she resist?

She rose from her seat, left a coin for her drink, then slipped her cloak over her arm and headed for the door of the club. She stepped into the street and pulled on her covering. It had started to rain outdoors, making the street muddy and adding another layer of dark grey to the sullen sky. Lorena pulled up her hood and began walking rapidly back to where her ship was stationed. She was struck by a sudden desire to leave this place, to return to the stars and move on. But she could not. TGO and Valustriana had their claws in her now, and there was no way to avoid dealing with that reality, one way or the other.

To be continued