By JB57

Valustriana appeared at the mooring of Lorena’s starship at 1700 hours exactly. The dark-haired beauty arrived in an old cab. She was carrying only two pieces of luggage: one was a duffel bag containing her personal effects and the other an innocuous-looking briefcase which was actually the repository of highly advanced technology and dangerous state secrets. Valustriana traveled lightly. Her clothing consisted mainly of skin-tight, remarkably brief (but tantalizing) scraps of cloth which fit easily into her bag. She also carried an array of highly miniaturized but expandable suits and formal dresses. Like any TGO agent, she was equipped for almost any eventuality.

She paused at the entry corridor to the great ship and looked up at it. Lorena’s ship was named “The Pequod” – an inside joke, but one that Valustriana understood completely, having read the Captain’s file. The Pequod was a decommissioned former battleship that Lorena had won in a high-stakes game of gambling. The ship was heavily armored and very fast, made even faster by Lorena’s various improvements. It was supposed to have been stripped bare of weaponry, and it was certainly illegal for a civilian transport to carry military-grade armaments. But the Pequod was designed to carry such weapons, and Valustriana knew that Lorena had military-grade weapons aboard, somewhere. These were further assets of this ship, from Valustriana’s perspective. It was well-armed and big enough to carry plenty of cargo, and contain many secret places to hide both people and things.

Valustriana walked to the end of the gangway and hit the call button. She identified herself to the voice at the other end. She was pleasantly surprised to find that she was not kept waiting. Moments later, the hatchway opened and Lorena herself was standing in the doorway. Evidently, Valustriana realized, the Captain had come to accept the situation and had decided that petty irritations were not worth her time or effort.

Lorena was dressed as she had been in the bar. She stood framed in the hatchway, her hands on her abundant hips, her massive tits thrust forward, and her golden hair flowing down her back. She exuded primitive sexuality and raw power. Valustriana could not help but be impressed. The two women locked eyes and pure sexual tension almost exploded between them, causing both women to feel a sudden tightness in their loins, a wet heat building in their pussies. Valustriana had to prevent herself from licking her lips in anticipation; Lorena barely stifled a gasp of lust, as her womanly core tensed in desire.

For a moment they stood frozen, immobilized by the energy burning between them. Then Lorena turned to a crewman behind her. The crewman was a young boy of 15 or 16 years, obviously some kind of cabin boy, and he was gawking at Valustriana. Clearly, he had never seen another woman capable of rivaling his Captain. Valustriana was certain the young man worshipped Lorena. She smiled inwardly, already thinking about how she could use that to her advantage. She smiled at the boy, thinking to herself that if he found her amazing right now, how would he react when he saw her without her cloak? Valustriana was used to reducing both men and women to silent gawkers. Still, she tried to maintain a certain humility about her appearance, even as she used it to her professional advantage.

“Jaxon, please take our guest’s luggage to her cabin,” Lorena said to the boy. “Ms. Seena has the executive cabin.”

“Yes, Sir,” the young man replied and stepped forward to take Valustriana’s bags.

“Thank you, Jaxon,” Valustriana responded, favoring him with a radiant smile. He averted his eyes in embarrassment, even as he desperately wished he could bask in her attention. “I will hold onto my briefcase, but I’d be grateful if you could take this duffel bag. Also, please take my cloak.” She handed him the duffel, then undid the cloak’s clasp at her neck and slipped the concealing garment off of her shoulders. Jaxon’s eyes bugged out as he saw Valustriana’s incredible body revealed in all of its glory. She was wearing the same outfit she had worn in the bar, and Jaxon was suddenly confronted by an overwhelming display of dusky, naked female flesh. He stared, transfixed, at Valustriana’s lower-half breast cleavage, her smooth, muscled belly, exposed almost down to her vagina. Her navel ring held him mesmerized. Suddenly, Jaxon became aware that he was trapped between two incredibly beautiful, half-naked Amazons. He ran off down the hall with Valustriana’s luggage, desperate to get away before he embarrassed himself.

Valustriana smiled with amusement, watching him go. She noted, with silent approval, that Lorena did not seem in the least disturbed that her own status as the object of Jaxon’s worship might now be under challenge. Indeed, the blonde beauty seemed slightly amused by the situation herself, though her face gave away little.

“I see that you’ve decided to accept my offer,” Valustriana said diplomatically.

“My crew has decided that your generosity was too good to pass up. I tend to agree, However, we will need to work out some ground rules and understandings so long as you are here.”

“That’s fine, Captain,” Valustriana replied. “However, I’d be grateful if we could leave that for later. For now, I would like to ask that you set a course for these coordinates and get ready to get underway.” She gave Lorena a scrap of silicon notepaper with the relevant information. “And there is this, too,” she added. Valustriana handed Lorena a computer card containing the advance payment for the ship and crew.

Lorena took the money chip without comment and without bothering to look at it. She knew that TGO would not cheat them, but she felt no need to be polite to a woman who had coerced her into being an employee. Lorena looked at the coordinates and raised an eyebrow. She recognized the destination. She said nothing, however, and just walked over to the wall communicator and ordered the bridge to set a course for the location specified on the pad.

“It will take about an hour before we can take off. Official clearances and such. In the meantime, I’ll give you a tour of the ship,” Lorena offered.

“I suspect that we will be able to get going a bit sooner than that, Captain,” replied Valustriana. “My employers are pretty intent on getting our mission started as soon as possible. However, I’d love a tour of your ship. Thanks very much.”

The two giant women had so far been able to maintain an air of civility in their dealings with each other. Just below the surface, however, both women wrestled with increasing sexual attraction and mutual hostility. As they walked down the hallway, side by side, each was conscious of the tension growing between them, something that would need to be released. Lorena and Valustriana were both very sexually experienced women, however; both were willing to wait for the right moment to act on their lust.

The tour began in the engine room and slowly worked its way up. Thirty minutes into the tour, “The Pequod” received clearance to depart the space port. Lorena and her guest proceeded up to the bridge, Lorena to supervise, Valustriana to observe. As she expected, Valustriana’s presence created a considerable stir on the bridge, especially among the human crew members.

The ship was large, but ran on a crew of no more than 32, a fraction of the complement necessary to maintain a regular battleship. Twenty of those crew members were non-human, a fact that Valustriana found interesting. Lorena was a beautiful human woman, but her appeal did not necessarily extend to non-humans. She was a beauty who did not need to have everyone around her as a slave to her beauty.

Most of the ship’s interior had been converted to cargo space. Still, enough was left over to provide the crew with fairly lavish living quarters and various amenities. The ship possessed excellent recreational facilities and space in which to relax. Clearly, Lorena believed in taking care of her people.

The ship launched successfully, but it would take several hours before it was far enough beyond the solar system to enter hyperspace and begin the journey to its mysterious destination. Lorena escorted her guest back to the guest quarters. Valustriana was impressed with the large, spacious suite. It was well-appointed, with numerous luxuries. A very large bed was fixed to the far wall. A small sitting area was at the other end of the room, appointed with two comfortable armchairs, a table, an entertainment system, and a shelf for electronic books and films. A small desk was snugly fitted beneath a large porthole, which looked out on the passing solar system. A full washroom was attached to the main cabin.

“Thank you, Captain,” Valustriana said politely. “I appreciate your hospitality. Perhaps we can talk about your rules and regulations now?” She gestured towards one of the chairs, inviting her guest to sit.

Lenore lowered her beautiful body into an armchair. Valustriana immediately sat facing her in the other chair. The women exchanged hot, hungry looks. The tension between them, which had abated somewhat, suddenly flared back to life. Now, for the first time, they were alone together in a private space. Lorena felt the heat between her legs spark to life, felt the incredible fury and power of her sexuality blaze with the desire to lock itself with Valustriana’s burning sex, to fuck the dark-haired beauty into submission, to show the olive-skinned whore whose sex was stronger, whose cunt was hungrier. Staring deeply into Valustriana’s eyes, Lorena saw her own lust mirrored back. Valustriana wanted to consume her just as much as Lorena wanted to consume her antagonist. Lorena shivered with delight as she saw the raw hunger in Valustriana’s beautiful eyes. Both women were yearning for an all-out confrontation. All that remained was to set the pretense for the fuckfight to come.

“I want it to be clear that I am the captain on this ship,” Lorena said. “I am not your employee, and everyone on this ship is answerable to me. That includes you. You have set the terms of this expedition, but I have the responsibility to implement it. I will not do anything that I feel endangers my ship or crew, and I will not enter any situation that might be dangerous without knowing exactly why. None of this TGO secrecy crap.” She paused. “Do you understand?”

Valustriana smiled. “Captain, I’m in complete agreement with what you want. There’s only one problem. There are going to be times when I can’t tell you why I want you to do certain things; you’re simply going to have to do them. There may be other times when I need you to order your crew members to perform certain tasks, at some risk to them. They – and you- are simply going to have to accept these orders. You are all being handsomely compensated but, beyond that, you really have no choice. I will destroy the careers of you and every member of your crew, if I have to. TGO can’t afford to allow its employees to tell it what to do.”

The two amazons locked eyes. Lorena slowly got to her feet, and Valustriana rose too, not wanting to be in a disadvantageous position in case the disagreement became violent – something that she was certain would happen.

The women confronted each other, both acutely conscious of the other’s magnificent body. Lorena swept her gaze over Valustriana’s gorgeous form, the thrusting tits and hard nipples piercing the skin-tight fabric of her scant halter, the naked abdomen, and the glittering belly-button ring. She was confronted by a woman whose sexuality was as overwhelming as her own, and she loved the challenge. Valustriana also let her eyes wander over Lorena’s powerful body, lingering on the blonde’s exposed areola, coffee-brown and rigid with lust. Valustriana’s eyes moved lower, to Lorena’s belly-ring and the smooth, naked skin that curved down almost to her vagina. Valustriana wanted this woman; she desperately wanted to pit her voluptuous body against this blonde goddess and feel the other woman’s sex surrendering to her own. Her cunt throbbed; she had to fuck this whore. She could not wait any longer.

“You dirty bitch,” Lorena snarled at her beautiful rival, her breasts starting to heave with anger and lust. Hot sweat started to trickle down between her tits as her excitement and rage built.

Valustriana smiled cruelly. “Maybe I’m a bitch, but you’re my bitch, Lorena. You’re going to spread your legs, open your cunt, and let me fuck you whenever I like. You’re a whore, and you’re my whore now.”

Lorena smiled, rage and lust shining in her eyes. The gloves were now off. The polite façade that both women had maintained finally fell away. Without a word, the blonde beauty suddenly, savagely slapped Valustriana across her perfect face with her open right hand. Valustriana’s head whipped to the side; the dark-haired Amazon gasped with the sudden shock. Lorena was not finished, however; as Valustriana was off-balance, the blonde giant drove her open left palm into Valustriana’s belly, slamming the dusky-skinned beauty’s golden belly ring into her abdomen. As Valustriana doubled over in pain, Lorena followed up her attack by driving her left knee up into Valustriana’s massive tits, sending the TGO agent flying back over her chair and crashing into the bulkhead.

Valustriana had been unprepared for the savagery of the attack. As she lay on her aching stomach, trying to regain her senses, Lorena quickly crossed the floor, throwing the chair aside, and grabbed Valustriana by her lustrous mane. She yanked the other woman to her feet; Valustriana shrieked with the sudden pain. Before she could resist, Lorena spun her around and slammed her into the wall. Lorena pressed hard into Valustriana’s back, pushing her tits into the dark-haired giant’s naked back, and then reached around and locked the busty beauty into a hard bearhug across her bulging tits. Lorena squeezed with all of her great strength, compressing Valustriana’s tits and forcing a moan of pleasure and pain from her foe. Then, still squeezing Valustriana’s left tit, she slid her hand down Valustriana’s smooth bare belly, down into her skin-tight leggings. Lorena cupped Valustriana’s naked, hairless cunt, running her index finger over the hot, wet pussy slit, and then pressed her middle finger into the thick, wet lips, spreading them. She forced her finger inside of her foe, seeking Valustriana’s clit.

Valustriana had enough. With a groan, she reached up, stretching her magnificent torso, and locked Lorena’s head in the crook of her right arm. Valustriana turned her face to Lorena, and the two gorgeous women panted into each other’s faces, lips touching, tantalizing. Valustriana braced her feet on the bulkhead and pushed, forcing Lorena to stumble back and creating room for Valustriana to act. Lorena continued her assault on her enemy’s pussy, squeezing and probing, her invading fingers making wet sucking sounds as they worked Valustriana’s dripping cunt.

“Do you like my finger inside of you, you cunt?” Lorena moaned at Valustriana, face to face, hot breath mixing. “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk, whore.”

Valustriana did not reply. Instead, she suddenly brought her right foot down on Lorena’s in a powerful stomp. Lorena screamed and released her holds on Valustriana. The dark beauty moved instantly, lashing out with a back-handed blow that snapped Lorena’s head to one side and immediately following up with a devastating sidekick that caught Lorena solidly in her belly, lifted her off the ground, and sent her flying across the room. Lorena came to a rolling stop by the cabin door, momentarily stunned by the power of Valustriana’s counterattack.

“Get up, you cuntlicker,” Valustriana snarled at her. “You need to learn which of us is the better woman. You’re going to be taking my orders for a long time, you sow.”

Lorena got slowly to her feet, her eyes burning with passion. The two Amazons moved towards each other, crouched down, their massive tits hanging from their chests like twin bowling balls. Rock hard nipples were fully engorged, extending an inch away from their burning breasts. Hot areola ached with sensation. Their pussies were soaked with vaginal juices, fully aroused and dampening the crotches of both women’s leggings.

The two women circled each other, and then reached for the other’s hands. Hand to hand, the two Amazons locked up in a test of strength, each trying to bend the other down. Valustriana began to force Lorena to the deck, only to have Lorena rally and turn the tables, almost forcing Valustriana down. The women grunted and gasped as they strained against each other, muscles struggling, holding each other at arms length. Hot sweat began to flow, slowly trickling between their luscious cleavages, causing their rippling abdomens to gleam with moisture. Valustriana wanted to feel Lorena’s body crushed to her own, she wanted hot skin matched to hot skin. With a quick wrist movement, she freed her hands and knocked Lorena’s arms wide. The blonde woman lurched forward, caught off balance. Their magnificent bodies crashed together. Rock hard nipples lined up perfectly and crushed each other back. Massive tits collided with enormous force; the heavy titflesh crushed and held. Lorena and Valustriana both groaned, then cried out with lust. Both women had been dreaming of going tit to tit since their meeting; now, they finally felt their juicy globes smashed together, and a shock of intense pleasure burned through both of them. Valustriana locked her arms around Lorena’s naked back and squeezed with all of her strength; she arched her back and felt her naked belly slap into Lorena’s. Lorena cried out as she felt her beautiful form crushed to her enemy; the contact of naked flesh was wonderful. Their crushed breasts overflowed their halters, bringing bulging titflesh into direct contact. Valustriana threw Lorena against the wall, still squeezing tight; Lorena wrapped her thighs around Valustriana’s hips, wrapped her own arms around Valustriana’s naked back, and squeezed back. Both women rubbed their bellies together, feeling their navel rings catch and push, feeling the slick sweat lubricate their writhing bodies. For long minutes they struggled together, rubbing and squeezing, gasping with building arousal.

Lorena reached up and yanked hard at Valustriana’s flowing hair, pulling the other woman’s head back. Lorena’s sudden action succeeded in throwing Valustriana off balance, and the blonde’s violent jerks of her hips caused Valustriana to stumble back to the bed, the blonde’s body still wrapped around her own. The women crashed onto the bed, Lorena on top. Valustriana quickly rolled their bodies, but Lorena rolled again and soon they fell off the bed and onto the hard metal floor. They writhed and strained in each other’s arms. Their legs thrashed, their muscles held and locked. Lorena pulled at Valustriana’s halter, and soon succeeded in ripping the other woman’s tits free. Valustriana’s beautiful olive tits bounced out engorged with sexual tension. The dark-haired beauty pulled at Lorena’s scant halter as they writhed, and easily managed to rip the scrap of cloth away from Lorena’s shoulders. As they thrashed about on the ground, hard bellies pressed and rubbing, massive tits began to rub and crush and slide together. The women gasped with growing lust and pleasure. Valustriana succeeded in pinning Lorena to the ground for a moment and used the chance to rub her tits into those of the blonde beauty, to rotate her upper torso into Lorena’s, to beat pleasure into her foe. Lorena moaned with joy then, with a burst of strength, threw Valustriana away.

The two Amazons rolled apart and stood, panting with lust and exertion, their bodies glistening with sweat. Lorena was now completely topless, her magnificent tits fully displayed. Valustriana’s tits were also proudly displayed, but she quickly removed the other part of her elaborate halter, peeling off the long sleeves and the high neck, and then threw the garment aside.

“Enough,” snarled Lorena. “We both know how we want to finish this. Let’s do it.”

Valustriana smiled back, panting with anger, exertion and hunger. The crotch of her skin-tight leggings was totally soaked, clearly outlining the saturated lips of her vagina. “Alright, you cunt,” she gasped. “Tit to tit, cunt to cunt. We keep going until one of us surrenders or passes out. Your sex against mine, woman to woman.” She paused, then grinned with raw savagery. “God, I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop.”

Lorena smiled back. “We’ll see who gets fucked, you whore. My clit has never been beaten, my tits are invincible. I’m going to break your filthy body no matter what it takes.”

The women stood 10 feet apart and examined each other, raw hunger burning in their eyes. Both were nude from their pubes up, and they drank in the other’s beauty, their massive, perfect tits confronting each other from across the room. Their bodies glistened with sweat. Lorena’s bountiful golden tits bounced free, standing high and proud on her chest without support. Her tits were topped by coffee-brown areola; her nipples jutted proudly from her perfect globes. She began to remove her few remaining items of clothing. She unzipped her boots, stepping out of the knee-high leather and kicking them aside. Then, without hesitation, she reached down and slowly peeled her skin-tight leggings from her voluptuous hips and down her long, smooth, muscular legs, kicking the crumpled cloth aside once it fell at her bare feet. Lorena stood proudly naked before her foe, unclothed except for her belly ring. She presented a magnificent sight, a vision of glowing perfection. The heavy musk of aroused womanhood filled the air.

While Lorena stripped, Valustriana did the same. She removed her boots. She unclasped the buckle sealing her pants, then hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her leggings and pulled the garment down her hips and her thighs, wiggling her beautiful ass as she worked the scrap of clothing off. The pants fell at her feet and she stepped out of them, moving forward to confront her enemy. Her olive-skinned form matched Lorena’s in every way. Her beautiful, heavy tits hung high and proud on her chest, her nipples were as hard as rocks. Her smooth, powerfully muscled torso curved down to her naked pussy, which dripped with vaginal juices. Her powerful hips flowed into her long, muscled legs. Her eyes burned with lust and anger as she hungrily drank in Lorena’s magnificent body.

Lorena and Valustriana moved toward each other, both almost delirious with mutual lust, two goddesses prepared to consume each other’s sex, desperate to match womanhood to womanhood. Lorena could not pull her eyes from Valustriana’s deliciously swaying tits; Valustriana reciprocated, her eyes locked to Lorena’s advancing golden globes. When they were inches apart, the women stopped. Olive-green eyes locked to emerald green orbs; the incredible passion, lust and mutual hatred the women felt for each other was brimming to overflowing. Their hard nipples – Lorena’s light brown and engorged, Valustriana’s dark brown and throbbing with heat – pulsed with sexual power. Their pussies dripped with hot vaginal fluids, forming small puddles on the metal deck at their feet.

“What are the rules?” Valustriana asked, her voice hoarse with lust.

“Simple,” Lorena replied. “We fuck until one of us can’t go on or surrenders. Number of orgasms doesn’t matter. All that matters is whose cunt eats whose cunt at the end of it.”

Valustriana smiled, anger and lust lighting her features. “My pussy will eat yours, you bitch. Then I’ll make you eat my clit. You’re going to be my slave by the end of this, Captain.”

Lorena grinned back, rage burning in her eyes. “You fucking slut. I’ll break you, then I’ll make you my fuck bitch for the rest of this trip. You’re going to have a very memorable mission, you whore.”

Valustriana suddenly took a half step forward, and her burning nipples crushed directly into Lorena’s hard, dark nubs. Both women gasped, then groaned with pleasure and pain as their massive nipples held, then crushed each other back to their areola. Lorena was forced to take a half step back, as she was caught slightly off balance. She quickly righted herself, however, and pushed back, hard. The women screamed together, flashes of pleasure rippling from their fused nipples into the core of their throbbing tits.

“Cunt…” Lorena gasped. She pushed back, tit to tit, struggling to crush the breasts attacking her own.

“Dirty slut…,” Valustriana gasped, as she began rolling her shoulder blades, grinding her massive tits into Lorena’s. Lorena threw back her head and groaned, then began rotating her bulging tits back into Valustriana’s, grinding back with equal force and power. Hard nipples rubbed together, rough areola ground together with delicious friction, sending sparks of electrical pleasure into the women’s tits. The women’s massive, perfect globes rolled and thrust, tight flesh pushing and merging. As they fought, their massive tits grew in power and sensitivity, hardening with arousal and burning with growing pleasure. Hot sweat lubricated the slick flesh, helping it to slide and rub, increasing the sensitivity of their throbbing sex organs. The building pleasure made it feel as though their massive chests had merged into one hot, meaty mass of supremely sensitive flesh. Their tits burned and throbbed. Hands on their hips, the women continued to titfight, leaning into each other, throwing the power of their muscular legs and asses into the effort to crush and overpower the other. They leaned forward as they compressed their tits until they were almost nose to nose. They exchanged exultant gasps and cries of pain and pleasure. Their hot breath intermingled as they battled, increasing the sense of profound sexual intimacy even more. The women were determined to master each other at the deepest levels of their bodies and womanhood. Their eyes were locked together, sharing every thrust and explosion of pleasure. Lorena leaned forward until she was nose to nose with Valustriana; the two beauties turned their heads, allowing their noses to slip past. Opening their mouths, they touched lips and blasted hot breath directly into the other, but they resisted locking into a kiss. For now, they tantalized each other.

Lorena moved her hands from her own hips to Valustriana’s; Valustriana quickly returned the move. The women sank their nails into the other’s hot, taut flesh, stroking each other, grasping and kneading. Valustriana groaned into Lorena’s mouth; Lorena grunted back in response. Their burning tits continued to war, their lust continued to build with each rolling thrust, until Valustriana could not take it any more. She wrapped her arms around Lorena’s back and crushed the blonde beauty’s massive chest to her own; Lorena instantly returned the grip, and the two warriors were suddenly locked in a mutual bearhug, squeezing as hard as they could, continuing to grind their tits together even as each tried to crush the other woman’s massive mammaries with her own. Their nipples burned and pulsed. Valustriana and Lorena now fought cheek to cheek, groaning and crying out, driving their powerful bodies together with all of their strength, powerful leg and back muscles flexing as each Amazon tried to overwhelm the other.

“You fucking cunt…,” Lorena moaned at Valustriana. “You dirty twat…,” Valustriana gasped back. Their bare feet began to slide on the smooth deck as the sweat from their erotic encounter combined with the puddles of vaginal fluid and began to slick the uncovered metal of the floor. Both women lost their balance at the same time and fell, awkwardly, to their knees. Their bodies broke apart as they struggled to regain their footing. Valustriana pushed Lorena, hoping to send the blonde beauty sprawling, but Lorena had enough balance to remain on her feet.

The two women paused, gasping and panting with rage, and considered each other from the distance of several feet. Then, they moved toward each other again. Valustriana and Lorena pushed their burning tits together, and then stopped. Angry green gazes locked, hot tits pulsed into each other, but the women paused before resuming the titfight.

Lorena slid her right palm down Valustriana’s slick belly, pushing on the golden belly ring, and cupped Valustriana’s burning cunt. She enjoyed the feel of the smooth, shaved pussy in her hand and she carefully pressed two fingers into her enemy’s hot pussy. Valustriana instantly returned the grip. Soon, the cabin was filled with the wet, sucking sound of two hands working enemy cunt, moving feverishly inside the hot, smooth core of the women warriors. Swollen clits emerged from slick hoods and each woman swiftly sent her thumb to probe the sensitive sex nubs. Valustriana ran a sharp nail gently over Lorena’s burning clit; the blonde beauty screamed, and then bit her lip to regain control. The shock of pleasure almost drove her to her knees. Before Valustriana could take full advantage, however, Lorena retaliated, jamming her thumb into Valustriana’s pulsing clit. Valustriana shrieked and both women, tits compressed into one mass, leaned into each other and let their knees fold them down to the floor, waves of unbearable pleasure washing over them. Kneeling on the ground, leaning into each other, gasping with pleasure, they continued to jam their fingers into the other’s core. Tears of pleasure slowly trickled down Lorena’s cheek.

“You like finger-fucking, don’t you, cuntlicker?” Valustriana groaned at her enemy. “Is that because your clit can’t take mine?”

“This is just the start, whore, “Lorena responded. “My clit is ready for yours anytime,” she gasped.

“Then let’s do it,” Valustriana gasped, barely able to speak as Lorena caressed her clit. “Let’s do it cunt to cunt, clit to clit.” Valustriana was challenging Lorena, but her challenge was as much a plea. She needed to feel the grinding sex of this blonde goddess locked into her own. She was almost insane with lust. Valustriana could not remember any other time being as incredibly aroused as she now was and she had to have the ultimate contact.

Valustriana pushed Lorena away, as both women released the other’s cunt. Lorena brought her hand to her mouth and slowly licked off Valustriana’s vaginal juices. Valustriana returned the gesture. Kneeling a few feet apart, the two beauties contemplated each other. Their eyes were wide with lust and anger; the mutual need to consume the other was stronger than ever.

Without a word, Lorena got up and walked to the bed. She crawled on to it, then turned, sat, and spread her beautiful thighs wide, presenting her burning pussy in challenge to her foe. Valustriana climbed on to the bed like a cat, slowly and carefully. She crawled on hands and knees towards Lorena, but rather than assuming a pussyfight position, she continued forward and, thrusting her round ass into the air, she lowered her face down to Lorena’s pulsing cunt. Valustriana ran her hot tongue over her enemy’s shaved pussy, running her pink probe over the open slit, sending her tongue along Lorena’s labia, then wrapping her tongue and teeth around Lorena’s swollen, exquisitely sensitive clit.

Lorena screamed and bucked, forcing Valustriana to break off the contact, but the dark-haired beauty returned to her sexual attack immediately. At the same time, however, she turned over onto her back, and pulled Lorena’s body down towards her. Even as she devoured Lorena’s cunt, she presented her own dripping snatch to her enemy. Lorena immediately and eagerly accepted the offer. She quickly folded her legs back under her body, and then dived forward. She rubbed her whole face in Valustriana’s burning, open cunt, then drove her tongue as far into her enemy’s wet, throbbing core as she could. She sucked Valustriana’s clit into her mouth and began working it with her tongue and teeth. Valustriana shrieked and bucked, but she was giving as good as she was getting. Hot juices flowed from both women’s pussies, soaking the sheets of the bed, coating their beautiful faces with moisture. Lorena wrapped her arms around Valustriana’s hips, settled her burning tits onto Valustriana’s abdomen, and continued devouring her foe in earnest. She spread Valustriana’s buttocks and rammed her index fingers up Valustriana’s anus. Again, Valustriana immediately returned the violation, even as she feasted greedily on Lorena’s clit.

The 69 fight continued to build until both beauties were shuddering and sobbing with pre-orgasmic tension. Lorena fought the urge to simply give in to this ecstasy, to simply let herself be carried by the intense pleasure. But it was so good! Valustriana fought the same struggle. It had been ages since she had been so aroused, ages since she had been devoured and fucked so effectively. And, to her amazed delight, she knew the best was yet to come. Going clit to clit with this blonde giant would be the ultimate battle and lead to the ultimate satisfaction. She had to have it. She was amazed by the size and power of Lorena’s clit – it rivaled her own in its dimensions and hardness, and she knew that she had to make the Captain’s sex horn as sensitive as she could if she was going to win her confrontation with the blonde beauty. At the same time, she could feel her own clit being expertly stimulated, being raised to levels of pleasure so intense that she wanted to scream with joy.

Finally, neither woman could stand to wait any longer. Valustriana suddenly pushed Lorena off of her face and rolled aside. Lorena sat up, gasping, her tits heaving, her face wet with vaginal juices, her eyes blazing with indescribable lust. Valustriana looked the same. The women shared looks of unrestrained passion and need. They had to fuck. They needed to go at each other clit to clit until one of them exploded. Both women were insane with the desire for an all-out fuckfight and nothing else could satisfy their mutual lust and hatred.

“Oh God, you dirty, filthy bitch…,” Lorena moaned. “Come here and open your cunt. You’re mine, I’m going to fuck you so hard…” Her lust was overwhelming.

Valustriana groaned. The self-controlled TGO agent was long gone. She was reduced to a wanton animal, a beautiful, sex-crazed goddess who needed to consume or be consumed by her natural rival, a woman filled with the blazing need to lock her hot clit and burning pussy with those of her mortal enemy and simply fuck to the end.

Valustriana sat on her hard ass and opened her thighs, presenting her beautiful pussy to her foe. Lorena moaned with lust and anticipation and began to move forward on her hard ass, aiming to scissor-lock with Valustriana. Valustriana moved forward to meet her, dribbling vaginal fluids from her over stimulated cunt. The two women met in the center of the bed, letting long, delicious legs slide past each other, rubbing smoothly, until their aching cunts were separated by only inches. Valustriana and Lorena looked down between their heaving tits at their pussies, now ready to lock up in battle. Their hairless snatches were wet and hot; heat blazed out of their cores, warming the inside of their legs. Lorena looked into the thick, juicy pussy lips confronting her own, the massive, swollen clit that was every bit as big and maybe even as hard as hers, and she almost exploded with joy and lust. She was sure that she would win this confrontation but, even so, she was excited beyond words by the knowledge that she was on the verge of beginning hours of delicious fucking. She could hardly wait to get started.

Valustriana had similar thoughts. She was determined to win, but she was also certain that the clitfight to come would be only the first of many that she would need to have with this blonde goddess over the next several hours. They had already agreed that first orgasm did not matter. This was a battle of sexual stamina as much as self-control. Valustriana knew her own sexual reserves were virtually inexhaustible. At least, she had never reached her limit in the past. But she had no doubt that Lorena would prove to be a very formidable foe. Valustriana was looking forward to whatever would happen.

The beauties shifted their gazes from their open, gaping, hungry cunts to each other’s eyes. They panted, smiling at each other in raw lust and blazing need. They understood each other perfectly.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out, Captain,” Valustriana whispered at her beautiful enemy. “I’m going to fuck you and fuck you until your pussy surrenders completely. You’re going to learn what it feels like to go clit to clit with a real woman.”

“We’ll see, you cunt,” Lorena whispered back. “My pussy has eaten bigger, better cunts than yours. I’m going to fuck you blind, and then you’re going to eat my pussy. You’re going to find out what I do to arrogant twats who come on my ship.”

With this final exchange of threats, the two goddesses finally prepared to meet in the ultimate combat. Both women pulled their hips back, aimed their hot, open cunts at each other, lined up their massive, throbbing clits, then – with a final glare of hatred and lust – they used all of the power of their hips and asses to drive their cunts together. The clit to clit fuck was finally joined.

To be continued