by Emery

At 28 years of age, Becky Johnson was one of the two youngest teachers at Clearwater High School. The blonde English teacher cut a somewhat imposing figure at 5’8”, with what most of the other female faculty considered coldly attractive features that were framed with a pair of black horn-rimmed glasses that sat perched on the edge of her nose. She wore her shoulder-length blonde hair in a tight-bun most days, making her appear even more severe. Becky was respected although not exactly well-liked among the largely female faculty at the high school, most of who were more than 10 years older and had little in common with her.

The other 28 year old teacher at the high school was Stephanie Jordan, a dark-haired brunette to Becky’s platinum blonde, who taught Biology. The two women stood at the same height more or less; depending on the shoes they wore that day, which more often than not were stylish high heels. Stephanie wore her hair tied back in a sleek ponytail, but she shared the same creamy complexion and slightly angular features of her blonde counterpart, and even wore a pair of red, square-framed glasses.

The two women had made an effort to connect, being the only women under 30 on the faculty. They went out at least several times a month to watch a movie or have dinner, and even went dancing together when they didn’t have dates. Every time they went out, Becky noticed that Stephanie wore a red outfit: a red, sleeveless mini dress with matching 4” heels that showed off her well-sculpted arms and elegant legs; bright red tights tucked into knee length boots, a red and white striped sweater stretched tightly across her breasts; and similar ensembles that flirted with the line between boldness and sluttiness. Becky had taken to wearing black when going out with Stephanie, and over the past year she had assembled a similar wardrobe of black micro skirts, halter tops and skin-tight jeans.

There was always a competitive vibe when she went out with Stephanie, and the blonde teacher found herself spending more time getting ready for “dates” with her brunette counterpart than for her actual dates with men. Even more disturbingly, during times when she had gone for a while without sex and was feeling particularly horny, she would frequently think not of men, but of Stephanie and her hard yet feminine body. At the same time, these feelings of lust seemed to be intimately tied to the sense of rivalry she instinctively felt with the other woman: she never imagined Stephanie’s milky breasts by themselves, but pressed up against hers as the two of them looked down at the valley of cleavage between them, matching sneers on their lips; she never thought of the brunette’s long, gorgeous legs without picturing them tangled up with hers, black nylons wrapped around red stockings, usually ripped, her nails painted a glossy black and chipped with red polish.

Becky had wondered at times whether she should talk to a therapist about these thoughts, especially as lately she had lost most of her interest in dating. The prospect of meeting a new man just didn’t give her the same charge as getting dolled up for a night out with Stephanie, experiencing the weird cocktail of friendship and rivalry that she had with the brunette, the backhanded compliments and jealous appraisals of the other girl’s looks. Lately, the relationship between the two women had turned even more catty, but that had only caused Becky to want to spend even more time with Stephanie; as the undercurrent of hostility between them was laid increasingly bare, the perverse arousal Becky felt towards her dark-haired rival/friend only grew.

Today, Becky was wearing a knee-length black skirt with tan pantyhose and a white blouse, her hair tied back in the customary bun she wore it in at school. She had taken to coming to school very early in the morning to sit in the faculty lounge and correct papers and plan for the day’s lessons. Not coincidentally, Stephanie had adopted a similar routine. The brunette was wearing a pleated red and black skirt with flesh-colored nylons and a white blouse, the top two buttons undone now that school was out. Becky caught a glimpse of the other teacher’s lacy red bra peeking out from underneath her blouse, as Stephanie arched her back theatrically in a luxurious stretch from her seat across Becky. The two were sitting at a small circular lunch table, a pile of papers strewn across the surface, working in relative silence. Her head down, reading one of her student’s essays, Becky’s eyes kept being drawn across the table to Stephanie’s half-exposed cleavage, resting on the tabletop cradled in her bright red lace bra. As she tried to concentrate on the essay, she kept getting distracted by small movements from Stephanie, the brunette shifting her shoulders or sighing as she marked the paper in front of her with a red pen, her breasts always seeming to scoot forward, splayed in front of Becky’s face like a nonverbal taunt.

Almost unconsciously, Becky realized that she had undone the top two buttons of her blouse, as well. As she eyes flicked across the table, she saw her friend staring down at her chest from above her red-rimmed glasses. Both women blushed slightly as they caught each other staring. It wasn’t uncommon for them to give each other appraising looks when they went out together, and on more than one occasion they had gotten a little wild on the dance floor after a few drinks, but at school they had been completely professional so far.

“Mirror neurons,” the dark-haired biology teacher remarked suddenly, her voice uncharacteristically soft, almost wavering.

“Excuse me?” Becky said, a little startled, as much by the brunette’s tone as by the end of the silence in the room, lifting her eyes from the other woman’s breasts quickly to meet her eyes.

Stephanie gave a short nervous laugh, as she made a motion to pinch her blouse shut, but didn’t. “They’re brain cells that fire when an animal acts and when it observes the same action performed by another,” she said. The brunette reached back to adjust her ponytail, arching her back so that her breasts pushed up and outward, which caused Becky to reach back to give her blonde bun a pat and her chest a little thrust forward. “See?” Stephanie said.

The women remained in that pose, arms raised and bent behind their heads and chests pushed forward. The atmosphere in the lounge had very suddenly changed, the silence turning ominous. The seconds stretched to a minute and then more, and still neither woman moved or spoke. Becky realized she had stopped breathing, as she stared into the brunette’s dark eyes, her nipples hardening underneath her blouse. She flicked out her tongue to lick her lips which had gone dry.

Becky made a decision just then, as her knees touched Stephanie’s underneath the table. She could feel a slight quiver in them. “Oh?” the blonde remarked, her own voice shaking a little. “You mean like this?” she said softly. And with that, Becky pivoted away from the table, grabbing the knee-length hem of her skirt and slowly hiking it up her thigh, exposing the sleek expanse of her left thigh in their nylons.

The blonde teacher seemed to swallow. “Exactly,” Stephanie said, her voice slightly raspy, swiveling away from the table to hike up her skirt, as well, slowly and deliberately flashing Becky a glimpse of her own strong, shapely thigh in their flesh-colored synthetic sheath. The two women’s stare turned into a long, smoldering glare, as Becky and Stephanie eyed each other through their eyeglasses for several seconds, thighs tensed, fingers rigidly gripping muscle and skirt hems.

The lounge was almost completely silent as the women breathed raggedly, the only other sound the ticking of the analog clock on the wall. Becky wasn’t conscious of any particular thought running through her mind, she was only aware of a hot, angry heat that had originated in her chest, spreading up to her face and down to her stomach and between her legs, which trembled slightly as she compared them to the legs on display across from her.

Finally, Becky shoved the hem of her skirt back down, still breathing hard. She stood up from the table abruptly, and started to gather up her papers. As she swept them together, Becky looked down at her friend (rival?) over the top of her glasses, and said with a rising, sick excitement, “So that’s it? We’re just two animals doing what comes naturally?”

As she finished, Stephanie rose out of her seat and to her heeled feet, stepping around the table. Becky, hardly breathing, slid around the table to meet the blonde almost without thinking, stopping inches away and pushing her face close in to Stephanie’s so that the two women were almost nose to nose. She felt her mouth pulled into a smile that matched Stephanie’s as the two teachers bared their teeth at each other like two wild animals meeting each other for the first time. Becky could taste the other woman’s hot breath on her lips, and inhaled it with a hiss through her now clenched teeth.

Stephanie suddenly shoved her chest against Becky, bracing herself for the return impact, as sure enough, the blonde pushed back with her chest, the two women slamming their breasts together like butting rams. The impact sent a perverse surge of excitement through Becky’s body. She clenched her fists by her side, as she surged forward again only to be met by the blonde’s breasts, both of them grunting softly in a tense impasse. Becky could feel the calf muscles in her left leg bulge as she braced herself on the tiled floor of the lounge in her high heels, her other leg placed slightly in front so that she could push forward against Stephanie.

“We’re not so far removed from the jungle,” Stephanie said as the women strained against one another.

Becky growled as she felt the weight of Stephanie’s tits shove against hers, the two women rocking back and forth slightly on their heels to buffet the other woman’s firm, bra-covered breasts with their own. Neither woman spoke for a few minutes, the only sounds in the room their soft grunts and the sound of their breasts butting against one another softly through their blouses.

“You’ve felt it,” Stephanie said finally, her voice a soft hiss, a strange expression on her face. “I know you have.” Although it was a statement, Becky thought she could hear the hint of a question in the other woman’s tone.

She had felt it, Becky realized, her heart starting to beat hard in her chest. Those nights dancing close to one another in the club, the inebriation used almost as an excuse to get close, each women daring the other to be the first to step back. Their red and black ensembles, carefully matched in terms of how much they revealed, but always clashing in color. Whispered confessions of fights with other girls in high school, prodding one another for details as they laughed nervously together over drinks, eyes searching the other woman’s.

Without thinking, the blonde ran her moist tongue across the bottom of her lipsticked upper lip, and saw her brunette rival mirror her action, a sick excitement building in the pit of her stomach. Stephanie’s teeth were clenched, her cherry red lips bared; in the silence of the lounge, Becky heard her brunette rival draw in a long, hissing breath and found herself doing the same, as the two shoved their evenly matched breasts together, their white blouses half-open on their chests. Becky swallowed dryly. “Do you really want to do this here?” she asked.

“Why not?” Stephanie insisted.

“We might get fired.”

“We might.”

Stephanie’s eyes had a slightly crazed look to them as they glared into Becky’s; the blonde wondered if her own eyes had the same quality. “Come over to my place tonight,” she said softly, biting down on the last word.

“What are we going to do there?”

“Whatever comes naturally.”

“Yeah? Are you going to show me your claws?” Stephanie asked.

Becky realized her hands were rigid talons at her sides. Her face burned hotly. “If you show me yours,” she said.

Becky suddenly gasped, her body jerking stiff. Stephanie had grabbed onto the exposed shelf of her cleavage with her manicured nails, the red tips digging into her breast flesh. The brunette leaned into her, her breasts crushed against the blonde’s, who struggled to hold her ground. “I’ll show you mine right now,” the brunette snarled.

“Bitch!” Becky growled, her hands reaching for Stephanie’s breasts, clamping down on them and squeezing. She had only squeezed another girl’s breasts one other time before in her life, and that was in high school during a little scrap in the girl’s locker room. Stephanie’s tits were warm and heavy in her hands, they were a woman’s breasts.

Both women stiffened suddenly as they heard voices approaching. The sound seemed to startle them out of their own private world. Becky shoved Stephanie away from her, hurriedly buttoning up her blouse. She was sure the brunette bitch had left marks on her breasts, and she only hoped she had left an equal impression on Stephanie’s. The voices receded, as the women glared at one another over the table, hastily gathering their papers. Both women were breathing heavily, out of proportion to the actual amount of physical activity.

“I’ll see you tonight,” Becky said hoarsely. Stephanie just nodded, and the women left the lounge in opposite directions, each still feeling the bite of the other’s nails on their skin.

The rest of the morning passed in a blur for Becky. A few of her students even commented on her distracted manner, which gave the blonde pause. If they weren’t careful, she realized, she and Stephanie would both lose their jobs. She made more of an effort to organize her thoughts the rest of the morning, until at 11:30am a student came up to her desk with a note.

“What is this?” she asked the girl, who shrugged.

“It’s from Miss Jordan,” the girl - whose name was Sara, Becky now remembered - said.

Becky had to fight to keep her voice even. “Thank you, Sara,” she said.

While the rest of the class had their heads down doing a writing assignment, Becky tore open the envelope and read.

Bitch. I can’t wait until tonight. If you can’t, either, meet me in the faculty parking lot for a taste.

Stephanie was waiting for her by her car. As the women made eye contact, the brunette opened the driver side door and slipped inside, followed momentarily by Becky.

“You bitch, what if someone sees us together?” Becky demanded as she slipped in the passenger side, turning to face Stephanie.

“Relax,” Stephanie snapped. Both women unconsciously touched their breasts, even though the pain the other woman’s nails had inflicted had faded since their morning confrontation. “There’s nothing unusual about us having lunch together. We’re friends, remember?” The brunette’s voice was heavy with sarcasm.

“Fuck you,” Becky said. “I can’t believe I was ever friends with a jealous bitch like you.”

“I don’t see anything I have to be jealous about,” Stephanie said pointedly with a sniff.

“You were jealous enough to grab them this morning,” Becky said hotly, cupping her breasts and squeezing them together. Seemingly without thinking, the blonde across from her did the same, before both women realized where they were, belatedly looking out the car to see if anyone had glimpsed them.

Stephanie straightened up, readjusting her blouse with one final glare at Becky. “Let’s go, we have an hour.”

“Fine,” Becky said, adjusting her own blouse on her shoulders and sitting back in her leather seat, as the brunette started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

The drive was unbelievably tense, neither woman saying a word. As they pulled up to a stoplight, however, the women took the opportunity to turn towards the other to exchange a long, hateful glare, which they held until a honk from the car behind them alerted them that the light had turned. As Stephanie turned away, Becky opened her purse and took out her lipstick, pulling down the sun visor on her side and using the mirror to pointedly apply a new coat of dark cherry gloss to her lips. She could see Stephanie sneaking a sidelong glance at her in the mirror, her lips painted a lighter shade of rose set in a hard line, as Becky made a kissy face in front of the mirror. The car shifted into another gear as the brunette stepped on the accelerator, knocking Becky back in her seat. The blonde turned to give her rival a dirty look, to find Stephanie with one hand on the wheel now, her other hand playing with the hem of her skirt, nails stroking her nyloned thigh. In response, Becky hiked up her own skirt on the left, almost tearing it with the vehemence of the movement. Both women looked straight ahead. With their skirts raised about their thighs, Becky and Stephanie sped through the streets, turning off the main road after a few minutes.

The car crunched through gravel, rocking up and down as paved roads gave way to dirt and rock. Later that day, Becky would think to herself how crazy this was, driving down a rural road during her lunch break to fight with another teacher, but at the time, all she felt was an almost painful need to get at Stephanie – alone. It was a hot day and Stephanie had neither turned on the AC nor rolled down the windows, so the car was sweltering. Becky could feel the sweat on her face and her blouse starting to cling to her breasts. She slipped off her heels, welcoming the rush of air on her nyloned feet, warm as it was.

Becky was starting to wonder just how far the other woman was going to take them when Stephanie took them off the road, veering to the left across a field of tall grass. Becky took a deep breath as the car rolled to a stop underneath a huge willow tree, the branches shading the car from view as well as casting the interior of the car into partial darkness. The brunette killed the engine, and Becky could hear the sound of Stephanie’s stockinged feet slip out of her heels, as the women unbuckled themselves and turned to face one another.

Even in the heavy shade of the tree, the hate in each woman’s face was evident. The seeds of it had been there for a year, practically from the moment the women saw one another, and had grown almost unnoticed or at least unacknowledged until their sudden confrontation this morning. Now, away from the school and prying eyes, Becky and Stephanie felt safe enough to give in to it.

“Come here often, bitch?” Becky asked with a sneer.

Stephanie sneered right back. “Just with you, slut,” the other teacher said. “Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of places we could get at one another.”

“I have,” Becky admitted. The two women had leaned into one another, arching their backs so that their breasts brushed up against the other woman’s, their chins touching, faces slightly angled up as they stared intently at each other’s stern, lovely faces through their glasses. “On the football field, at night,” the blonde continued, her voice low. “Just like when you and that other cheerleader bitch had it out in high school.”

“Or underneath the bleachers?” Stephanie breathed. Their lower lips were almost touching.

“Or in the copy room,” Becky said, imagining them locked inside that small, dark room, skirts hiked and legs locked.

Stephanie’s eyes blazed into Becky’s, and she suddenly grabbed hold of the other woman’s face, her fingers painfully gripping the blonde’s cheeks. “You could never match me,” the brunette growled.

“Cunt, I’m your perfect match!” Becky roared, the words burning her cheeks, as she grabbed a hold of Becky’s face right back, pinching the brunette’s cheeks together.

The blonde gave a matching roar, the women pressing their foreheads together so tightly their glasses scraped up against one another, their hands going for each other’s hair. Becky grabbed a hold of Stephanie’s dark brown ponytail, and yanked down viciously, causing the brunette to emit a high pitched keen, almost like a wounded alley cat. Meanwhile, Stephanie’s hands went to Becky’s blonde bun, her fingers digging into the tight curls, nails pressing down on the blonde’s scalp painfully. Becky winced, pain shooting through her head, her face flushing red as her ears filled with a dull, pulsing roar like an ocean wave and through it, the other woman’s feline, primal call to battle, sounding like nails on a chalkboard to Becky. In that moment, Becky gave herself over to the hate that she had for Stephanie, the rational part of her thinking retreating in the face of thousands of years of evolution and the vicious, often secret competition between women. The blonde opened her mouth wide, her wet, glossy lips with their newly applied sheen yawing open to emit a cry that was pure jungle cat. As the two women’s cries tore the air inside the darkened vehicle, Becky felt her toes curling up inside her nylons to match her fingers, which still had Stephanie’s ponytail wrapped around them.

“You catty bitch!” Becky wailed, snapping at Stephanie’s mouth with her teeth, tasting the brunette’s bright crimson lipstick on her lips as her teeth bit down on her rival’s lower lip.

Stephanie cried back, her voice twisted into an angry mewl, “You nasty cunt of a cat!” The brunette’s tongue suddenly lunged out to lick at Becky’s face, the wet probe lapping up against her cheek, and leaving a hot trail of saliva as it traced the side of the blonde’s face. Becky hissed in a mixture of disgust and arousal, but found herself mirroring her rival’s action, rubbing her wet cheek against Stephanie’s and trading licks with the brunette, the screeching inside the car gradually moderating, before turning to a low, angry purr.

“Is that how you want to settle this?” Becky growled. “Cat to cat?”

“Are you woman enough to go cat against me?” Stephanie demanded with a sneer.

“Bitch, I will show you a real cat’s claws,” Becky threatened, taking one hand off of Stephanie’s hair, and reaching down to claw at Stephanie’s nyloned thigh. The flesh colored hose tore easily underneath Becky’s meticulously filed nails.

“Slut!” Stephanie screamed, hooking one of her own nails into Becky’s nylons and giving her a matching tear in her nylons, on the outside of her right thigh. “I will take you back to the jungle, girlfriend,” the brunette snarled.

Becky answered by giving her rival another rip in her stocking, pulling up the brunette’s skirt so high on her waist that she could see the other woman’s red lace panties underneath her hose. The blonde reached around the other woman to latch her claws onto the brunette’s buns, two tense meaty pads of muscle underneath her pantyhose, grabbing and ripping at Stephanie’s backside. The brunette retaliated by clawing down Becky’s inner thighs, her nails clamping down inches from her blonde rival’s black panty covered cunt and tearing ragged paths away from it with her red nails.

Becky snarled in Stephanie’s face, her dark cherry lips pulled apart to reveal her gleaming teeth, only to be met by a matching snarl from the brunette. Their wet, flushed faces danced around one another, lips brushing cheeks, tongues lapping at lipstick, and teeth snapping as the two women lost themselves in a haze of perfume and white hot hatred. Stephanie pressed her forehead hard into Becky’s, causing the blonde’s glasses to ride up the bridge of her nose and tilting her head back. The brunette then opened her mouth wide, and clamped her teeth down on the other teacher’s lower set of molars. Becky’s neck jerked stiffly, as she shook her head instinctively, the two women’s teeth scraping along their gums painfully.

“Whore!” Becky cried, as she shoved Stephanie back roughly, the brunette letting go of her bite as she crashed against the doorway. Becky tasted blood in her mouth as she traced the lining of her gums with her tongue; across from her, Stephanie wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, a satisfied smile on her lips. The women had their skirts bunched up around their waists by now, the nylon torn around their crotches and backside, red and black panties exposed as they lay opposite each other, elbows resting against the car doors. Becky lashed out with her long, shapely right leg, her nyloned foot reaching for Stephanie’s face. The brunette leaned back to avoid it, while lashing out with her own legs. Becky caught Stephanie’s right foot with her left, their nylon soles meeting as leg muscles rippled underneath their nylons, but found the other woman’s left foot shoved against her throat, even as she lodged her stockinged right foot against Stephanie’s neck. The blonde pressed her foot against her rival’s throat threateningly, only to feel an answering pressure from Stephanie’s foot against her throat.

The two women remained in this tense position for several moments, both breathing heavily as their breasts heaved up and down, muscles shaking. “We have to get back,” Stephanie finally said, easing up on Becky’s neck reluctantly. “But this isn’t finished.”

“You have no idea,” Becky said, as she warily removed her foot from the other woman’s neck.

Stephanie let go of Becky’s other foot with her own, the two women lowering their beautiful legs simultaneously, while maintaining their glare. They held each other’s eyes for another full minute wordlessly, before each women turned to face forward in her seat, pulling their skirts back down over their thighs, checking for the most obvious tell-tale rips. Thankfully, even in their rage, neither woman had done any visible damage that couldn’t be covered up. Becky slipped her feet into her heels, her body still shaking slightly with anger, as she pulled down the sun visor on her side to check her hair and makeup and tried to re-create the image of a cool, polished professional woman instead of the hellcat that Stephanie had brought out. Beside her, Stephanie was doing the same, retying her ponytail and retouching her makeup. Both women studiously avoided looking at the other.

“Bitch,” Stephanie finally said, closing her mirror and putting her visor back up.

“Slut,” Becky said, fighting for a measure of cool in her voice. Stephanie turned the key in the ignition, and the car started up, emerging from the shade of the willow tree into the hot glare of noon. They drove back across the field bumpily, making their way back to the main streets. The two teachers pulled into the parking lot with just a minute left before the next period, and had to race off, leaving each other with one last glare and the promise that they would settle things with each other later on.

Becky gave her next class a silent reading assignment for the first part of the period to give herself an excuse to go to the women’s restroom. When she checked herself in the mirror over the sink, she was relieved to find that she looked relatively normal, if still a little flush. There was a little puffiness in her lip from where Stephanie had bit down, but it wasn’t noticeable to a casual observer. She made a few adjustments to her bun of blonde hair, and then slid into one of the bathroom stalls.

Once inside, she gingerly slid off her skirt, wincing a little as she did. Becky drew in her breath as she surveyed the damage Stephanie had done to her stockinged thighs. The tan colored pantyhose lay clawed and ragged on her sleek thighs, the skin underneath red and abraded by the brunette’s painted talons. She tore off a few strips that were barely hanging on by a thread, and dropped them into the toilet, before seating herself on the porcelain commode. Stretching her long legs in front of her, she checked for damage to the visible portion of her legs, but didn’t find anything too suspicious. Upon slipping off her heels, though, she was shocked to find that the toe of both her nylons had been ripped apart by her toenails, which now poked out from the remains of her hose. She put her shoes back on, grateful that the worst of the damage from her lunchtime confrontation with Stephanie was easily hidden.

When she got back to her classroom, her students were still head down in their reading. As she leaned over her desk to pick up her notes for the lesson, however, she noticed that she had a new message on her phone from Stephanie. Becky’s heart immediately started to pound in her chest, her fingers tightening around the stack of papers she clutched and her bare toes curling inside her shoes. Still, she forced herself to ignore the flashing message on her phone and continue with her planned lesson, although she lost her train of thought once or twice while giving it. Once the bell rang ending the period and her students filed out of the classroom, Becky grabbed her phone and opened her rival’s message.

It was a picture of the brunette’s behind with her red skirt lifted, the nylon shredded around her ass, scratches marring the creamy skin covering two perfect, quivering pads of muscle. Judging from the blue metal wall in the background, the picture had been taken in the women’s restroom. Underneath was a caption.

Bitch, look what you did to me. I’ll do worse to you.

Becky felt her stomach tied in knots, a warmth growing between her thighs as she stared at the picture of Stephanie’s ass on her phone. Here was real, concrete proof of the fight that had suddenly erupted between the two women, but which had been brewing for months. Stephanie seemed determined to carry their fight through to the end, the scandalous picture she had sent an invitation to descend deeper into their conspiracy of mutual hatred.

Becky still had a few minutes before her students would come filtering into her classroom for next period. The leggy blonde took her camera and reaching below her desk, she raised the hem of her skirt to expose the length of her long, elegant left leg encased in pantyhose, her sleek muscular thigh displaying the marks left by Stephanie’s red nails, her flesh showing through the torn nylon in several places. She snapped a picture, and typed a short reply.

Looks like we can both claw, cat. What else you got?

As Becky hit the ‘Send’ button, she was left to marvel - not for the first time today - at how insane what she was doing would appear to a “normal” woman, and yet how naturally it came to her. The bitchy back and forth with Stephanie, the eagerness with which she embraced a dirty, nylon ripping catfight with her former “friend,” and the lengths to which she now realized she was willing to take their fight in order to beat the brunette. Maybe it shouldn’t have been so surprising, though, Becky thought to herself – the tension between her and Stephanie had lain there unspoken for months, and the seeds of it had been there almost from the beginning of their relationship.

Her phone shook as a reply to her message came almost immediately. She tapped the screen to open Stephanie’s message.

There were no words, just a picture of the brunette’s mouth, lips lightly retouched with a fresh coat of her bright red lipstick. One red nail tugged the corner of her mouth down in a sneer, a gleam of her white teeth showing through.

Becky stole a glance at the window to make sure no one was outside looking in. Taking a deep breath, she quickly undid the top two buttons of her blouse, and positioned her phone to take a picture staring down at the top of her cleavage, one finger tracing the valley between her breasts. Buttoning back up hastily, she sent the picture reply.

A longer wait this time, but just as the first of her students came in through the door, her phone alerted her of a message. Opening it up, the picture was a little harder to see this time because of the low light in which it was taken, but still unmistakable. Stephanie had snapped a picture of her red, lace covered cunt, the lips of her vulva providing a slight bulge to her panties.

It was a game of one-upmanship, the blonde and brunette goading each other on to more intimate, dirtier depths. Becky’s mind raced and just before the bell rang to signal the beginning of the period, she dashed off her final reply.

Meet me in the copy room after this period, bitch. I have a present for you.

As it happened, both Becky and Stephanie had fifth period free, which they sometimes used to have coffee together in the faculty lounge. There was usually no one there at that time, as the other teachers who had it free usually preferred to spend the time correcting papers or taking a walk outside on school grounds. Still, Becky was relieved to find it empty again today. The copy room was just off the lounge, although hardly anyone ever used it anymore since the copier was several years old and a newer model had replaced it in the front office.

Becky didn’t have to wait long before she heard the tell-tale steps of her rival in the hall, the tall brunette’s heels striking authoritatively on the tiled floor. The women had to suppress a growl as their eyes met again, Stephanie striding up to Becky on her long legs, skirt for now pulled down demurely to her knees. Becky looked over Stephanie’s shoulder to make sure the doorway was clear, before grabbing the brunette’s hands, her nails digging into the back of the other woman’s hands painfully. She felt an answering squeeze from Stephanie.

“In here,” Becky breathed, indicating the copy room with a tilt of her head. The women walked hand in hand around the corner and into the room, Becky closing the door softly. Across from her, Stephanie waited tensely, her hands already at the hem of skirt, legs spread wide on the floor. “So what do you have for me, bitch?” Stephanie hissed, her voice pitched low.

Becky held her rival’s glare silently, her hands going to the hem of her own skirt, long legs spread on the floor. “Let me show you, slut,” she said, as her skirt slowly lifted, hips shifting from side to side as first the ragged ruins of the pantyhose covering her thighs was revealed, and then her black lace panties. Stephanie’s eyes were intent on her crotch, as Becky rolled down her pantyhose. She placed her right hand on her panties, fingers gripping the left edge, and slowly pulled the lace toward the center of her cunt to reveal a patch of dark fur peeking out from the side. The blonde teacher thought she heard a soft groan from Stephanie, as her dark-haired rival lifted her own skirt to reveal her red panties.

With her left hand, Becky reached down to grab a tuft of her dark cunt hair, and taking a deep breath, she ripped it off, clenching her teeth to suppress a scream. Stephanie’s eyes widened a little in shock, and it seemed as if the brunette’s body was frozen in place, as Becky approached her holding her hairs in her clenched fist.

Becky pressed her chin against her rival’s, her hot breath mingling with Stephanie’s as the women breathed shallowly into each other’s lips. She slid her hands underneath Stephanie’s skirt, whose hips were perfectly still, tense with excitement and apprehension. Becky pulled Stephanie’s panties out from her cunt slightly, placing her cunt hairs inside next to the blonde’s lighter curls, letting the elastic snap back as she withdrew her hands. “Cunt hairs for a CUNT,” she said in Stephanie’s face.

“You bitch,” Stephanie said, her voice shaking. “You are going to get it tonight, bitch, you are really going to get it.”

“ Bring…it...ON,” Becky said, and with the last word, she jammed her hand back inside the brunette’s panties, her fingers twisting around the short, curly hairs of Stephanie’s cunt, and pulling up viciously. The brunette’s whole body jerked stiffly, as she rose up on her toes almost jumping out of her high heels. Her mouth twisted in agony, her coldly beautiful face a mask of hatred as her hand darted underneath Becky’s raised skirt to clamp down on her cunt.

“Is that how you want it, cunt?” Stephanie demanded, her voice distorted by pain and hatred. Her nails tightened around the blonde’s cunt, squeezing it hard enough to cause Becky to gasp in pain, her knees weakening, but not enough to cause her to scream out. “I can fight dirtier than you can even DREAM of.”

“Then we’ll go at it like two dirty cunts should,” Becky hissed, regaining her footing and pressing in close to her rival. Their breasts met underneath their blouses, each woman fighting to suppress a groan of arousal as she felt her rival’s stiff nipples against her own pair. “And I’ll FINISH you, Stephanie,” she said fiercely.

“I’ll finish YOU, Becky,” Stephanie said, her voice shaking with the same intensity as her rival’s. “One way or another,” she said darkly.

“Then I’ll see you tonight, cunt,” Becky said, withdrawing her hand from the brunette’s panties. Stephanie reluctantly let her hand drop from her rival’s crotch, as well, but tilted her pelvis forward to give Becky’s panties a rough bump with her own. The blonde returned the bump aggressively, feeling her cunt stirring angrily underneath her lace underwear, before reaching for Stephanie’s breast and taking one stiff nipple between the nails of her thumb and forefinger, squeezing spitefully.

“Tonight, whore,” Stephanie said, as she squeezed one of Becky’s stiff nipples beneath her blouse. “You better be ready.” And with that, the brunette shouldered her way to the door, the two women jostling roughly one last time. Becky was left alone in the copy room, quickly smoothing her skirt back down over her thighs, before switching off the light and exiting about a minute afterwards.

Becky had one more class to get through before the school day ended, which she somehow did without betraying the absolute storm going on inside her head. She took off her shoes to drive home, flexing her bare toes in their ruined nylon as she stepped on the accelerator, fingernails tapping one by one on the wheel, her legs repeatedly opening and closing as she squeezed her thighs together. She would have sworn she had left a large wet spot on the seat when she got home, judging from the feeling inside her panties as she thought about what she and Stephanie were going to do that night, but there was little visible evidence of it when slid off the seat to race inside her building.

Once she made it inside her apartment, Becky wiggled out of her skirt, stripping off her half-shredded nylons and tossing them in the garbage to leave her bare legged. Meticulously, she painted her fingernails and toenails a glossy black. She undid her bun of blonde hair, shaking it out so that it loosely resembled a wild lion’s mane, even styling it a little with hairspray to enhance the effect. Her makeup was next, heavy eyeliner and black eye shadow enhanced the trashy allure of her eyes, and she put on extra coats of dark cherry lipstick on her lips, whose slight puffiness from the fight earlier today only made them seem even fuller than they normally were. As she looked approvingly at herself in the mirror, seeing the over-the-top image of sleazy sexuality that she wanted to project, her phone buzzed with an incoming message. It was Stephanie again.

Getting ready for me, cat?

The accompanying attachment was a picture of Stephanie’s crotch clad in a tawdry looking pair of skimpy jungle print panties, her dark cunt hair peeking out from the sides, nails with a fresh coat of blood red polish lightly stroking her cunt.  Becky unbuttoned her blouse, and didn’t have to waste any time teasing her nipples to erectness; they were already rock hard. She took her nipple in between her painted black nails, and snapped a picture with her phone.

Nice and hard, cunt. Get here soon.

Becky fished around in the drawer she kept her trashiest lingerie in, and managed to find a pair of her own leopard print panties, which she shimmied on. She decided to go with another pair of flesh colored nylons, pulling them on like a second skin, her black toenails shining wetly like a second set of claws underneath.

Another message came in on her phone. I’m coming, cunt.

And then, I’m here.

A hard, loud knock on the door. Becky went to answer it in only her panties, nylons, and a pair of wicked black heels she had just slipped on. Stephanie was dressed in a slick red raincoat, her own dark hair freed from its customary ponytail and tussled around her face, which was made up as heavily as Becky’s.

“Hello, kitten,” Stephanie said, her voice a low purr.

“Come on in, pussy,” Becky answered, grabbing her rival’s arm and pulling her inside, locking the door behind her.

Stephanie stepped inside, shrugging off Becky’s grip as she unbelted her rain coat and let it drop. The leggy brunette was dressed almost identically to her blonde rival in just a pair of sheer nylons, bright red heels with open toes, and the jungle print panties in her photo. Like Becky, her lips sported a fresh coat of heavy lipstick, and her nails and toenails were newly painted a blood red to Becky’s midnight black; the brunette had also elected to leave her glasses off, just like Becky. She pivoted on the long, thin spike of one shoe to face her blonde enemy.

“You’ve always wanted to look like me,” Stephanie sneered.

“Not at all,” Becky said smoothly. The women began to circle one another on their long legs, hands flanking their hips. Becky had pushed the furniture in her living room aside to create a makeshift arena that provided about ten feet of room on all sides, just enough space for the women to maneuver, but not enough for either of them to get away from the other. “I look better.”

“You’re a cheap copy,” Stephanie said with a loud sniff.

Becky could smell her rival’s heavy perfume in the air, the same brand she wore at school only applied twice as thickly. Her own perfume hung in the air, the two scents mingling as she drew in a deep breath of her own through her nostrils.

“Copy?” Becky scoffed. “I was at the school before you, and I’ll be there after I take care of you and your second-place body tonight.”

The brunette growled, her eyes glinting with anger. “You’re going to KNOW I’m better than you after tonight, bitch. Even if I have to make you admit it with my hands around your throat.”

Becky let her eyes wander up and down her rival’s long, curvy body pointedly as the women continued to circle. “I don’t see anything I can’t beat,” she said haughtily.

“You don’t have the body to back up your talk, cat,” Stephanie said. The brunette had her hands in front of her now, her manicured nails flexing dangerously.

Becky brandished her own set of claws, black nails like pools of darkness in the dim light. “I have the body that will break yours,” she said.

Stephanie had stopped circling her rival, and she threw her wild mane of dark hair back, her voice feline as she growled, “Bitch, I will RUIN you!”

Becky tossed her head back, her own voice distorted with hate and fight lust into a high pitched screech, “FIGHT ME, CAT!”

With twin screams of hatred, the two women lunged the few feet that separated them, their half-naked bodies twisting together in a collision of feminine fury and flesh. They went for each other’s hair with one hand, fingers wrapping themselves around slick strands hardened with hairspray, while their other hand slapped wildly at the other woman, claws flashing viciously.

The living room rang out with the sound of skin smacking skin as the two schoolteachers traded slaps and punches to bellies, backs, and behinds. The women moved in a tight circle, dragging each other along by their long hair as they traded wild blows like inexperienced prizefighters in the opening rounds of a bout. The blonde and brunette exchanged short little kicks, their shoes striking at each other’s shins, knees thudding into thighs, and stiletto spikes stamping down on feet as Becky and Stephanie engaged in the violent dance of the female catfight.

Becky took a swipe at Stephanie’s bare breasts, the other woman swearing as the blonde sent them swaying with a quick slap. The women’s nipples were both incredibly hard, four thick nubs whose throbbing length and rigidity betrayed each woman’s arousal in the presence of the other, and Becky felt just how hard Stephanie’s were as the brunette pressed them into her breasts, lodging them like bullets against her supple, yielding breast flesh.

“You feel that?” Stephanie demanded, as she leaned into Becky with her breasts. “You go ahead and feel how hard my nipples are, bitch, you just feel them and tell me I’m not sexier!”

Becky’s own nipples were rock hard, and she shifted her chest to lock her pink rods with Stephanie’s darker pair, the women stiffening with a groan as they pressed their long, stiff points into one another, teasing little gasps from each other’s lips.

“I can take you, whore!” Becky cried. “I can take every inch of your body and still come out on top!”

“I’m harder than you, Becky,” Stephanie insisted, as she swiped her erect nipples against Becky’s, who twisted her own nipples against her rival’s, both women fixated on their dueling sex points.

“You’re a soft little bitch, Stephanie,” Becky said in the brunette’s lips, the women alternately glaring nose to nose, or directing their gaze downwards at their joined cleavage. “Too soft to beat a woman like me.”

“I’ll show you who’s soft, you whore,” the brunette swore. Becky hissed as she felt her rival’s blood red nails bite down on her flat belly, the brunette’s fingers shaking as she clawed at her blonde enemy, lips bared in an almost ecstatic smile as she felt her nails dig into her rival. Becky slapped the other teacher’s hand away, slamming her taut stomach into Stephanie’s, the two women groaning as their hips thrust into one another, panties bumping roughly underneath nylon, causing each woman’s insides to twist achingly. The blonde clawed at her rival’s jutting ass, tearing at the nylon with the nails of her right hand, hearing it rip as she hooked her nails underneath the sheer fabric and yanked.

“You cunt,” Stephanie growled, her ass quivering beneath Becky’s hand. “You like stripping my ass, don’t you?”

“It’s a big target, bitch,” Becky growled back, giving the other woman’s ass a hard slap, her nails ripping another patch of nylon off.

“It’s tighter than your big butt, whore,” Stephanie spat. The brunette couldn’t resist grabbing a hold of Becky’s butt with her hand, squeezing the blonde’s ass cheeks through her nylon like she was kneading dough. The two women abandoned their one-handed hold on each other’s hair, contrasting colored strands trailing from their fingers as they filled both of their hands with their rival’s meaty gluteus muscles.

Becky squeezed, her eyes glaring into Stephanie’s, her butt muscles shaking as the brunette’s blood red nails bit into them. She tightened her own black talons on her rival’s buns, pairing that with a sudden thrust of her hips into Stephanie’s, their pelvic bones thudding together roughly, causing the brunette to stumble back a step. Stephanie caught herself on her right foot, though, bracing the spike of her heel against the carpet, her sleek calf muscle flexing underneath her nylon. The brunette’s teeth were clenched in a furious snarl, as she returned the blow, pulling Becky’s hips toward her with her hands, while thrusting her pelvis against the blonde’s violently.

“I told you I’d break you, cunt!” Becky said, as the women traded pelvic blows, crying out each time they collided with their dueling hips.

“Your body’s going to break long before mine, bitch!” Stephanie snarled. With each successive blow, the women seemed to be aiming their crotches more and more directly toward their rival’s crotch, their jungle print panties slamming together underneath their pantyhose. Becky could feel the arousal in her cunt, spurred on by this violent, long dreamed of confrontation with Stephanie, their hard bodies clad in nothing but nylons and heels clashing here in her apartment. Her eyes closed briefly as she slammed her hips into the brunette’s, giving in to the primal nature of their battle. Each collision of their panties provoked a matching, breathless whimper from Stephanie, so Becky knew that their fight was getting to her rival, as well.

Becky slammed her panties into Stephanie’s again with a sharp little cry, and was preparing to rear back with her ass for another thrust when she felt Stephanie’s hands resisting, keeping the blonde’s crotch against hers. The women groaned as they ground their hips together, cunts rubbing up against one another through nylon and silk.

“You big, dirty cunt,” Becky breathed, as the women braced against one another cheek to cheek, her hot breath tickling Stephanie’s ear.

“What’s the matter, Becky?” Stephanie taunted, grinding her panties into Becky’s. “Can’t take my cunt on yours? Just wait until we’re bare, you blonde bitch.”

Becky forced herself to grind back with just as much relish as her dark-haired rival, fighting to keep the brunette from overwhelming her just with her apparent willingness to engage in the dirtiest of female battles. “Don’t think I won’t fight you that way or ANY way you want to fight, Stephanie,” Becky hissed, punctuating her statement with a sharp slap to Stephanie’s butt that rang throughout the living room.

“BITCH!” Stephanie cried, cracking her palm across Becky’s buns in retaliation, setting the blonde’s tight ass bouncing, but only slightly.

Becky pressed her crotch into her rival’s, screaming “SLUT!” and wrapping her long right leg around Stephanie’s left, the long, thin heels of their shoes locking together as they embraced leggily. The two women stumbled around their tight arena precariously, hands going once more to each other’s hair as they fought to control one another. Becky curled her free arm around Stephanie’s waist, crushing the brunette’s chest to hers, their four erect nipples meeting again electrically. Stephanie eagerly returned the crushing hug, pressing her chin against Becky’s, the two women trembling as their bodies pressed into one another like dual molds of the ideal female form.

“Harder,” Stephanie urged, as she yanked down on Becky’s long blonde hair. The brunette tightened her arm around her rival’s waist, their taut stomachs flat against one another, each woman feeling every twitch of muscle, every slight quiver that betrayed any weakness. “HARDER, BITCH!” the brunette screamed.

“Cunt,” Becky spat into her rival’s lips. The blonde could feel the other woman’s hot spittle on her lips and cheeks. Their heavy makeup was streaked with sweat and starting to smear, further emphasizing the cruel, wild sexuality in by each woman’s features. Becky fought to arch her back against Stephanie’s crushing embrace, her nipples sliding underneath the brunette’s and thrusting up from beneath, forcing an anguished moan from Stephanie. Each cry or groan she forced from Stephanie gave Becky another shot of adrenaline, sending ripples of strength through her muscles as they braced themselves against the brunette’s. “You don’t have the BODY or SEX to deal with how hard I am!” Becky hissed in her rival’s face, as she hugged Stephanie to her, their breasts trembling together, her rigid nipples jutting up into Stephanie’s.

As still as she tried to hold Stephanie’s naked, squirming torso against hers, Becky still felt Stephanie able to twist her breasts just a fraction away from hers, slipping her nipples away from Becky’s only to drive them back into the blonde’s breasts, stabbing at Becky’s aureoles with her stiff points, drawing a long, pained grunt from the busty blonde. “Come ON, then, slut,” Stephanie growled, forcing her breasts on Becky. “Let’s fight it out like two hard bitches SHOULD!”

The two teachers roared in each other’s faces, completely lost in their hatred for one another, neither one even pausing to even wonder at the fact that in less than a day they had each been transformed from perfectly professional - if sometimes catty - colleagues into the primal creatures now locked in a fight to the finish in a cramped, dimly lit living room, tooth and claw and cunt. Becky screamed as she pressed nose to nose with Stephanie, an expression of pure, carnal catfight lust and hate, language momentarily lost to her, only to be met by an answering scream from the brunette, her eyes wild and electric. Their jutting, painfully erect nipples pushed and slid against one another achingly, an erotic battle where the ground won and lost was measured in fractions of centimeters. Screams of rage gave way to panting gasps as the women waged a war of sexual attrition, the blonde and brunette leaning into one another, clutching and tearing at the other’s hair slowly.

For several minutes, Becky and Stephanie went around in a tight circle, heels dragging along the carpet as legs rubbed up against one another in nylons, and heavy breasts hugged wetly, erect nipples jutting into their rival pair viciously. Then, the long heel of Becky’s black shoe suddenly managed to upend the slender rod of Stephanie’s right heel, causing the brunette’s knee to give just slightly, but enough for Becky to drag the other woman down to the carpet. Their bodies toppled to the ground in a tangle of limbs, long hair, and nylons, with Becky on top. Her crotch came slamming down on Stephanie’s, who took the weight of her rival on her with a pained grunt, wrapping her long legs around Becky’s, the friction between their nylon sending shivers through Becky’s body.

Becky stared down at her rival’s sternly beautiful face beneath her twisted in hatred much like her own lovely visage, their lipsticked mouths both covered in a sheen of saliva. “I hate you, Stephanie,” she whispered into Stephanie’s mouth as if confessing something secret, one half of a ritual pledge. “I hate you, too, Becky,” Stephanie replied in a soft hiss, completing the rivals’ promise of hatred. With their vows now exchanged, the two rivals began to buck against one another violently, Becky fighting to press the weight of her body down onto Stephanie, while the brunette struggled to turn the tables and mount the other woman.

As she struggled to pin Stephanie’s writhing arms and legs down to the carpet with her own long limbs, the brunette’s tongue flicked out teasingly, the tip of it just visible between Stephanie’s glossy lips. Unable to resist, Becky lowered her mouth to Stephanie’s, her lips closing around the wet, glistening probe, which suddenly shot out and into the blonde’s mouth, pumping in and out like a piston, driving deep into the back of her mouth. Becky started at the sudden violation, almost gagging, and Stephanie took that opportunity to reverse their positions, the muscles in her arms and legs rippling as she slowly wrestled her rival off of her and managed to mount the blonde, breathing heavily with the effort of upending her equally sized, shapely enemy.

“Now I’m on top, bitch,” Stephanie breathed into her rival’s lips, her arms pinning Becky’s to the carpet over her head. The brunette pressed her breasts down on top of Becky’s, her rigid nipples digging into the blonde’s creamy, sweat streaked breast flesh roughly. Becky swore up at her rival, her body bucking underneath, her hips slamming up into Stephanie’s as she arched her back and thrust her pelvis desperately against the long, leggy woman on top of her. On one such thrust, Stephanie met her with her own crotch, the two women’s panties slamming together underneath their nylon. The brunette couldn’t resist grinding against Becky’s crotch with her own, the two women panting to get at each other, the friction generated by their intense gyrations threatening to overheat their intimate parts.

During one hard, long grind against Stephanie’s skimpy panties, Becky felt her rival’s body weaken just a fraction as the brunette groaned, her grip reflexively tightening on the blonde’s hair. With a low, agonized grunt of effort, Becky managed to overturn her rival, her own hips squirming against Stephanie’s as their panty clad cunts slid against one another. Still, she wasn’t able to mount the brunette, as the two locked women continued rolling slowly around their small arena, legs tangled viciously and swearing in each other’s faces.

“You long-legged whore,” Stephanie growled, fighting to control Becky’s writhing nylon limbs, her blood red nails tearing long strips of sheer material from the blonde’s legs as they clutched at one another in their slow-motion roll. “I am going to spread those long legs of yours and then you’ll really get it.”

“I can handle you, bitch,” Becky hissed, slapping and clawing at her brunette rival’s pantyhose with her black nails, her sweaty, naked torso crushed to Stephanie’s as their bodies trembled against one another. “I can handle anything you have just FINE.”

“Yeah?” Stephanie grunted, driving her panties into Becky’s with a smack that their nylons muffled. “You know how this has to end, right?”

“I know how you WANT it to end, whore,” Becky said, feeling the heat of Stephanie’s crotch through their nylon and panties, her own cunt radiating a scorching heat as it trembled against its rival.

“You want it, too, bitch,” Stephanie said. “I KNOW you do, I can FEEL you on me.”

“You’re going to feel me IN you, slut,” Becky growled.

“Bring IT on, cunt,” Stephanie swore, pounding her cunt into Becky’s, the nylon starting to wear thin between their enraged cunts.

“Bring HER on, you mean, bitch,” Becky said, feeling her clit throb inside her panties, stiff and ready to bring the fight to her counterpart.

“Let’s let the girls out and finish this, then, BECKY,” Stephanie said. With angry albeit weary shoves, the two women separated, crawling to their knees and dragging themselves up on their high heeled feet. Becky and Stephanie glared at one another, the two rivals a fearsome sight in their ragged pantyhose and 6” heels, naked torsos streaked with sweat and sporting nipples whose size and rigidity had only grown as the women fought, their faces masks of determined hatred, mascara and lipstick smeared on each other’s cheeks.

Stephanie reached between her legs now and slowly ripped out the nylon crotch of her pantyhose, baring her skimpy jungle print panties to her rival, curls of her dark cunt hair peeking out from the sides. “Meet me, Becky,” Stephanie invited her enemy, her voice strangely soft now after the screams and shrill battle cries that had marked their fight thus far. “Woman to woman…girl to girl.”

Becky gripped the front of her pantyhose with her wicked black nails, tearing the nylon off of her as if parting a curtain, to reveal her matching pair of panties, tufts of her lighter cunt hair visible in perfect symmetry to her rival. “I’m here, Stephanie,” Becky said. “I’ll meet you woman to woman…my girl against yours…and we’ll know…we’ll finally KNOW.”

“Are you hard, bitch?” Stephanie growled, her eyes flashing hungrily.

“I’m hard, bitch,” Becky grunted. “Are you?”

“Harder than I’ve ever been,” the brunette said with a snarl.

The blonde gripped her panties and ripped the soaked material off of her hips, her hot hairy cunt finally free. Across from her, Stephanie did the same, both women making an incoherent sound as they devoured each other’s naked cunts with their eyes.

“Then let’s finish this, slut,” Becky challenged her rival. “CUNT on CUNT.”

With a wild roar, Becky and Stephanie came together, leading with their bare cunts. They smacked them together several times, quick, vicious blows as the blonde and brunette gave full vent to their sexual rage. Blonde cunt hair tangled with black, the curly hairs pulling at one another as the women dragged their cunts over one another, vaginal lips open and glistening wetly. Becky wrapped her long legs in their ruined pantyhose around Stephanie’s, who eagerly returned the embrace, her shapely legs tightening around Becky’s, pulling their cunts into a steamy face-off.

Becky pressed her cheek against Stephanie’s, smelling the other woman’s sweat and perfume, inhaling the animalistic scent deeply through her nostrils. She could feel Stephanie’s hot, labored breathing against her shoulder, each hard grind or quick thrust forcing a moan from the lips of each woman. Their slick labial folds kissed violently, their womanly juices starting to drip down their thighs and soaking what was left of their pantyhose.

“I hate you, Becky,” Stephanie groaned. Both teachers now had their hands in the other’s wild mane of hair, their fingers twisting themselves around the long strands over and over, as if wanting to make sure their rival could not possibly get away from them. “I’ve always hated you, even on that first day.”

“I know, bitch,” Becky said. The blonde’s stomach was knotted painfully as she fought to retain her self control even as Stephanie’s hot, angry cunt pressed against hers, the two rivals thrusting and grinding obscenely, desperately. “Two women like us could NEVER be real friends.”

“Rivals,” the brunette groaned. The women had started to drag each other around their tiny arena, high heels stumbling along the carpet as the force of their cunt thrusts and the fatigue in their legs caused each woman to momentarily lose her balance at times. “Women like us can only be RIVALS.”

Becky felt her clit, stiff and painfully erect, emerge from the folds of her cunt. The blonde’s eyes widened a little in surprise, but she eagerly forced herself into her dark-haired rival. “I’m HERE, bitch,” Becky gasped.

“I…feel you, cunt,” Stephanie gasped back, her brow furrowed in worry. Just then, however, the brunette gave a little cry of delight, sending a shiver down Becky’s body. The blonde felt her cunt invaded by Stephanie’s own stiff and engorged weapon, the brunette’s clit licking along the slick contours of her cunt.

“I…feel you, too…bitch,” Becky said grudgingly. The two women were maneuvering their pussies around one another gingerly, the violence of their cunt fight on hold for a few moments as they explored the unfamiliar feeling of another woman’s cunt. Tentatively, Becky and Stephanie sought out the other’s rival clit, each clash of their throbbing sex horns causing them both to retreat with a slight intake of breath. Their clitoral touching gradually started to get faster, building steam, the women beginning to grunt gutturally as they touched one another with their most feminine weapon.

Becky’s cunt was on fire, each touch of Stephanie’s clit on hers like a hot needle sending tendrils of molten pleasure through her body. She could tell from the brunette’s groans that Stephanie was in just as bad a state as she was, however, which gave her the strength to continue. Another sharp, probing thrust almost knocked her legs out from under her, and Becky realized it was now or never.

“Come ON, bitch,” Becky urged, her black painted nails grabbing her rival’s ass and squeezing. “Let’s finish this, you and me,” she growled. “Your girl against mine.” She put her lips right up against Stephanie’s. “WHO IS MORE WOMAN.”

“You’re ON, whore,” Stephanie swore, her blood red talons clutching at Becky’s buns, shredding the remains of whatever nylon was left there. “To the finish, just the way two hard bitches like us SHOULD do it.” The brunette pressed her lips against Becky’s, tasting her lipstick as they breathed into each other’s mouths hotly. “MAY THE HOTTEST CUNT WIN!”

Becky let loose a wild, primal scream as she met Stephanie’s clit with hers, their erect and engorged sex horns colliding and twisting together in an explosion of sensation. Her scream was matched by Stephanie’s roar, the two women throwing their hips forward, driving their cunts into one another in a final, desperate push. Gasps and groans filled the air as Becky and Stephanie clawed at each other’s buns, hips shaking and hair whipping back and forth, the sounds becoming more and more high-pitched as the end neared.

It took less than a minute. Becky and Stephanie were both so aroused by everything that had gone on this day that neither could hold out very long once their clits met in earnest. It was Stephanie that lost control first, the brunette’s body wracked by the spasms of orgasm, her long legs buckling as she fell to the carpet wailing. Becky fell on top of her, her cunt continuing to grind on her rival’s gushing pussy, her triumphant clit still hard even as Stephanie’s orgasm left the brunette’s sex organ limp and diminished. As she stared down at her rival’s beautiful, anguished face, Becky came, clutching the vanquished brunette’s face to her heaving breasts.