"Will you do it?" I asked anxiously...

She was still sweaty from our most recent sex-episode. "Why?" she asked.

"Because I asked you to, you like sex and I want to know which one of you is truly the best."

"Jim, she fucks everything that moves, for Chrissake, you know she's gonna fuck the shit out of me!"

"Kim, you are one of the best lays I've ever had, and I've fucked both of you several times. She's great, but she's no better than you."

She knew that I wasn't being one-hundred percent truthful. Denise was the biggest fuck-hound I had ever met, and she probably was better than Kim, but since the opportunity had presented itself, and Kim was so open-minded, I thought I'd go for it. I had gotten Denise's email a day earlier.

Denise and I had met in college. We weren't dating, but truly casual lovers. She liked the way I fucked, and I her. She had the largest tits of anyone I had ever fucked, and I was a "breast man." When I asked her how big her breasts were, she had replied, "Let's put it this way, my bikinis are custom made."

Now that doesn't mean she was absurd, she probably was a true Double E or something, but she was bigger than Kim, the largest girl I had known before her, and Kim was a 36D.

Kim was a girl from high school, who would visit in college and who stayed around at least this first year after college. We were still fooling around now that I was back in town.

Anyway, back to the email. Apparently Denise was in town visiting some friends and wanted to see me. I blew her off for Kim and she made a proposition. Why don't she and Kim meet up for the "fuck off" we had always talked about. (I had talked about it with both of them...)

Kim however, was reluctant. "I don't think so." she said.

"Why not, it's not like it's gonna change anything, she lives in L.A. anyway, she'll only be here for a day or two."

Kim thought about it as she toyed with my balls...

"Here's the deal. Answer two questions honestly and I'll do it."

I was stunned. So stunned I walked into her trap. Fortunately, I was a quick thinker. "OKAY!" I answered, probably with too much enthusiasm.

"First, remember, you promised to answer HONESTLY, and I'm holding your balls in my hands... which one of us was truly better in college?"

I didn't answer. I felt the pressure increasing on my testicles. "Okay, okay! Denise was, but just by a little bit..."

"Whatever, " Kim retorted..."Second, since I know I've gotten better since then, do you think that I'm better now than she was in college?"

That was easy, "Definitely." That was probably true.

"Have you had sex with her since college?"

"HEY, THAT's THREE!" she squeezed. "Woman's prerogative."



"No, really, no."

"I'll do it. I want to know anyway."

"Then why were you so hesitant?"

"Women are very competitive. You didn't know but your friend Denise and I met at a motel once during a college visit. We fought. I lost. Badly."

I sat there stunned.

"Get your jaw off the floor, you idiot." She threw the phone at me. "Call your whore. Let's get this done while I'm warmed up and horny."

"Oh, " I said, "I don't need to call her. I gambled. She should be here any second." Kim chased me around the room, laughing.

It was literally moments until the doorbell rang.

Kim waited in the bedroom, mostly because she was naked and didn't want her clothes back on.

Denise came in dressed like a whore. Her dark curly hair cascaded over her olive skin. Her big tits practically climbed out of her bustier-style top as she dropped her jacket on the chair. Her lips were painted bright red and she had thick eyeliner on.

The contrast with Kim was so stark, with her blonde hair and rarely ever wearing make up. It would be amazing to see them in bed together. Denise kissed me on the mouth and then said, "Where's your little sexpot?"

"In here, skank!" yelled Kim "And bring the cock, and Jim in with you."

Denise laughed, "I see you recall our last meeting then, I hope you are prepared for a similar result."

Denise removed her clothes in the living room of the apartment and I noted that unlike in college, both she and Kim had taken to working out, and to shaving everything. She brought her bag into the room with her and I followed like a puppy dog. Both women instructed me to sit down and remain quiet until directed to do otherwise.

Denise pulled a massive two-headed cock out of the bag and Kim looked at it. "It's bigger than what I remember."

"That's what all the girls say..." purred Denise.

Suddenly the two were embracing one another, their lips pressed together and their tongues dancing in and out of one-another's mouth. Their big tits pressed together as sweat began to glisten on their bodies. One thing hadn't changed, Denise's tits were at least a cup size bigger than Kim's. The double dildo sat next to them not being used as each woman forced their upper thighs between their foe's legs and began to ride. They gripped one another tightly and separated from their lip lock as their heads rested on shoulders and they rhythmically rubbed on their thighs. Their breathing became ragged and heavy. They mumbled things to each other that I couldn't hear but that caused the other to react. The battle was intensifying as each woman rubbed harder and faster. It was evident that there were some rules which they knew that I did not. Kim began chirping, a sign that she was getting closer to orgasm.

Denise moaned, a low guttural moan.

"C'mon bitch, I know you're about to explode, you're leaking more juice than a Florida orange..." Kim hissed to Denise.

"No....n...nooo..fuc...fucking....w-w-wwa" Denise tried to reject Kim's statement, but never got to finish her denial as she threw her head back and her back muscles clenched, her veins stood out on her neck and she threw her head back, moaning intensely.

"First blood to me," hissed Kim.

Denise's body convulsed wildly then slumped slightly into Denise's arms. Suddenly, though, Denise stiffened and groaned, standing straight up. Kim pushed her onto the bed and I saw the huge two-headed dildo sticking out of the darker woman. Kim mounted her and the two began to fuck again, intensely. It dawned on me that the first exchange was to see who would have the advantage position for this part.

Kim's hips gyrated in a way that I had never seen before. Denise's body moved rhythmically with her. Denise reached up and squeezed Kim's big breasts firmly, I thought just enough to cause some pain since I saw Kim stiffen slightly as Denise squeezed.

Denise brought her legs up onto the bed a little more, obviously for leverage and she began to pump into Kim. Kim now looked as if she were riding a bronco. In many ways she was. Both women were panting intensely now. Kim bent at the waist and their massive breasts pressed into each other. Denise's huge breasts, despite being on the bottom, quickly enveloped Kim's large, but outmatched chest.

The two women kissed. Denise' lipstick smeared onto Kim's face as her painted fingernails clawed Kim's back. Denise began to finger Kim's anus and pussy.

Kim fucked harder. Now sweat was apparent on both women. Kim's body shuddered as Denise penetrated her anus. Suddenly, Denise was on top and Kim was screaming in ecstasy. Point for Denise.

Denise now gyrated with intensity. Kim reached up for her breasts and now the positions were exchanged. Kim began to buck and Denise gyrated. Denise though, seemed more in charge than Kim ever did.

"Noooo, oh God, noooooo!" I heard Kim moan. I saw the contorted look of pleasure mixed with failure on her beautiful face. Her body convulsed again. Point for Denise.

For the next 15 minutes Denise dominated Kim. She came twice but it almost seemed as though she had allowed it. After 15 minutes of domination, Kim was begging her to stop. Her face was flushed and tears streamed down the sides of her face. Her tits were red from Denise squeezing them. Denise didn't stop though, instead, she moved the dildo from Kim's pussy into Kim's primed ass and began to annihilate her. Kim's moans became guttural grunts and Kim's face twisted with pain as Denise grabbed her long hair and used it like a pair of reins.

"Puh- puh-, puhlease..." stammered Kim as her body was wracked with the force of Denise's pumping. Denise smiled at me, proud of herself as she dominated my "other" girlfriend. She was showing me who was boss.

Kim's hair was sweaty, her makeup running down her face and her face flushed. She looked at me, pleading.

"JIM!" screamed Kim, "Puh-please! Stop her! She's fucking the s-ssh-shit out of me!"

I knew I would pay for the decision, but I said, "This is between the two of you, I'm just a spectator."

The veins on Kim's neck stood out. I had a thought.

I moved around behind Denise. Her tight ass was exposed right in front of me.

She never knew what hit her. She enjoyed it though.

So did I....

The End