NEW FIGHT (True Story) - Part 3


Dana tried to scramble away, but Lisa grabbed her hair and pressed her face down into the carpet with one hand while the other hand worked into Dana's crotch. Lisa forcibly spread Dana's thighs and then sunk her finger into Dana's pussy. Dana moaned as Lisa pumped in and out, first with one finger, then two and then ultimately she was pumping Dana with four fingers. Dana was moaning rhythmically as her hips gyrated with the thrusting of Lisa's maroon-painted fingers. The big breasted woman was in complete control, sitting to the side of my wife, pumping her aggressively. She looked at me and blew me a fake kiss, licking her lips sensually. She had Dana in such a submissive situation that she no longer needed to hold her head down. At this point, only her thumb was free. She leaned in to Dana and whispered, "Can't you see you're outclassed and always have been? That's why you've always lost to me in everything, elections, men, sex and fighting...You can't hold my bra..." I realized listening that there was more to the stories than I knew. Dana let out a sob as she struggled to escape the assault of her arch rival. Lisa then increased the ante, as Dana realizing what was about to occur, frantically tried to scramble away but her body wouldn't listen. Her muscles quivered as she was sexually brutalized. For added insult, Lisa slammed a few punches into her foe's back and then spread her ass cheeks for the ultimate attack. She drove her thick-nailed thumb deep into Dana's asshole, eliciting a monstrous yelp from Dana. I leapt up off the bed to stop this but as I did, Dana turned her head towards me. Her head was matted with sweat as her cheek was pressed into the carpet. She grimaced rhythmically as her opponent pumped her harder. She tried to control herself but her face was a dead give away. "I don't--I don't--" she struggled to speak but couldn't get her breath. Tears streamed down her face. I think they were tears of frustration and not of pain interestingly. "I don't want----fffFUCK!" she was frustrated..."let me....fffinish..." and she moaned loudly, "Awwww GODDD, you bitch!!!" as Lisa laughed, hauling up on her bowling ball type of grip on Dana's crotch literally lifting her hips off the ground for a moment. Lisa leaned in on Dana hard as Dana almost gagged from the discomfort. I pleaded with her but again she waved me off.

Lisa leaned in again and this time, Dana flailed backwards with a blind swing of her arm, her fist connecting squarely with Lisa's cheek. "GET YOUR HAND OUT OF MY CUNT!!" screamed Dana. Lisa yelped and stumbled away, removing her hand. Dana was exhausted and she dragged herself a bit away as Lisa shook off the powerful punch. Lisa was only out for a second as she came back towards Dana quickly. Somehow, Dana got to her feet. As Lisa got close, Dana lashed out and smacked Lisa in the face hard. Lisa stumbled slightly, shocked and a little hurt. Dana moved behind her and kicked her right between the legs. Lisa moaned and then stumbled to the ground. Angry still, Dana ran up behind her and swung solid punches at head. Lisa quickly covered up and then swung wildly backwards, forcing Dana to back away for a moment. Dana was breathing hard as she moved around the room and reached a small bag which she had forgotten was there. She looked at Lisa who was slowly getting to her feet and she grabbed something from the bag, then charged Lisa, taking her to the ground. Then I saw that Dana had grabbed her dildo from the bag as the two rolled around the floor. Neither one got an upper hand as they yelped and rolled about the floor. Their muscles stood out as they battled one another and then they struggled over the dildo as Dana tried to drive it home several times but was unsuccessful. Lisa was now all flushed and sweaty too as she gained control of the dildo and Dana frantically tried to move away.

Dana was on her back, in somewhat of a crab position as Lisa moved to mirror her, placing one head of what turned out to be a two headed cock inside of her vagina. She licked her finger and moistened her labia as she motioned for Dana to come and take the other end so that they could finish the fight. Dana moved quickly to match up against her long time foe, she had done this before in her life. Both women purred as they took their respective heads. The two women gyrated and strained as their faces flushed and each tried to shove the dildo into their opponent. Gradually they both took the cock until their pussies were touching and their bodies were in a tight embrace. The kissing and caressing began with some edge as they struggled with each other's sexual skills. Dana threw her head back suddenly, screaming with pleasure but she didn't lose it. She was losing ground quickly though as Lisa moved forward. Dana moaned, "ohhhh God, noooo, please, " Lisa pressed on. "Oh fuck!" hissed Dana as she shook her head side to side and flailed her arms. Her body shook from the pumping. Lisa mounted her. Dana placed her hands behind her hips and suddenly thrust. Lisa's eyes went wide and suddenly Dana was on top bouncing wildly. Lisa was moaning in rapid rhythm as Dana took advantage of her good fortune. Lisa bucked as she was punished by Dana who had now begun to attack her foe's big tits. Dana pumped Lisa furiously as Lisa's moans became louder. Dana leaned in and suckled Lisa's nipple eliciting yelps of ecstasy from her foe. Then their tongues did battle, darting in and out of lipstick coated mouths. As their pink tongues wrestled it became surprisingly clear that suddenly Dana was winning. They rolled momentarily in a lesbian embrace but suddenly Lisa fell backwards moaning, "Oh God, you bitch, oh you fucking bitch! You broke me, you win! you fucking win! What the fuck's happened since college you slut!!" and then she exploded in a massive orgasm.

Dana rolled off of her gasping. She had won. And I had received the greatest birthday present ever.

The End