By A. Penman

It was a little after five PM on Wednesday, the day they had agreed to meet privately. A very nervous Lady Bianca paced back and forth. Nerves? What the hell was this all about? She never got nervous about anything! This was completely out of character. The erotic anticipation was getting to her. Her loins ached. Her nipples tingled. Sophisticated, elegant Lady Bianca, mystic, seer, transcendent human and mistress of control was unable to control her emotions.


She sensed an arrival. Her entire body responds excitedly. This had never happened to her before. No woman had ever made her feel such desire. No woman that is, except the crimson haired beauty who now stood waiting to be invited inside.


Soft blue light was the illumination that the Lady had chosen for this evening. It was an excellent choice. Her eyes meandered lovingly across June’s upper torso. Flat on her back, the shadows from this light deepened in June’s full cleavage. Those spectacular breasts awaited hers, rife with desire. A light coating of the magical liquid had been lovingly applied to her areola and nipples. It was the same oil based fluid they had used three months ago, the night that their cunts first met and fucked so deeply. June could feel a thrilling, warm sensation enveloping her eager, aroused tits. Her legs were spread. The lady’s hips were placed strategically between them and her pendulous breasts were in perfect alignment directly above June’s. June had insisted that the lady’s nipples and areola also be coated with the oil. Lady Bianca was not inclined to argue the point. June took a deep breath, knowing what was coming next. The shafts of soft light between the four breasts vanished as raven haired Lady Bianca lowered her tits into June’s. Her aim was true. Nipple to nipple, areola fully to areola as soft gasps escaped from each woman’s chest and the magical fluid did its job, making both women feel the intense fusion of the four prodigious breasts. After three months, their lush breasts were together once again. As June reveled in the sensation of her breasts seemingly becoming one with the lady’s tits, she mused over what it might feel like if both bodies were completely coated in this intense, friction friendly concoction. After three long months they were, once again, body to body.

Over the last month or so, June began to notice a craving in her body. She knew that it only meant one thing. The Lady, much to her surprise and perhaps dismay, had spent a good deal of time recently feeling the same unmistakable cravings. The beautiful redhead’s deep sensuality had gotten to her like no one else. Her body hungered for the fullness that was June. Now, her desire was being sated. Their mutual desire was being sated. Underneath her, June began to writhe in pleasure. She matched her body to June’s rhythmic undulations. She felt June’s arms tighten around her waist, feeling June belly to belly, buttons perfectly aligned. June’s legs were now tightly wrapped around hers, forcing their silken pubes into full contact. The fuck that they had both needed and anticipated was about to commence. The lady kissed June passionately. June responded with heated fervor.

Content to remain on the bottom for now, June adjusted her hips to allow full access to her throbbing cunt. The lady knew exactly what to do. Flesh on flesh, the two pussies met. No oil had been applied yet. That would come later. Lady Bianca’s thick labia were sufficiently juiced with her own fluids. June’s cunt had moistened in expectation and desire. A soft squish accompanied the lady’s thrust. Her cunt sank into June’s swollen labia. The two cunts embraced lovingly. Breasts rolled into each other. Bellies slapped. Two naked bodies moved in smooth wavelike fashion. It had begun.

Through the haze, June began to feel her most clandestine needs and desires being met. This thrilled her to her core. But it also worried her.

She dearly loved Steve. He was the male love of her life, her partner for life and her best friend. He was charming, intelligent, understanding and patient to a fault with her. The sex between them was also incredible.

Yet, here she was, matching tits and pussies with a sensual goddess, giving her body to a woman’s body in way that she could never surrender to the man she loved. She did not understand why this was so. Perhaps tonight’s activities would provide some insight. She enjoyed fucking Steve, but knew down deep that this was only the second time in her life that she had fucked so profoundly with her whole body. Both of those times had been with the naked beauty now on top of her. Sweaty, writhing body to body fucks with this exquisite woman whose breasts were a perfect match for hers and whose cunt fucked her sweltering cunt like nothing before ever had. This was the complete abandon that she needed. Woman to woman. The night was just beginning. June’s whole body shivered.


Lady Bianca bucked furiously upward. At some point that she didn’t recall, June had body rolled her and taken control. The rhythm of their bodies never waned. She hadn’t noticed that all of a sudden she was the one being fucked. Both bodies were now sweaty and sticky, making the coalescence of flesh even more intimate. But even though the four massive orbs were fused tightly, the two women were still able to roll and rub their lightly oiled tits heatedly into each other. Nipples had been stroking and poking since initial contact. Breasts had been locked in sensual combat since their initial meeting, as both women had silently committed to a full on duel of tits.

A point of no return had been reached. Both women were desperate to release. June screamed, then kissed Lady Bianca passionately. Their tongues locked up. But June broke off the kiss, needing to howl as she shot a load of hot cum into the lady’s throbbing, welcoming cunt. Then a split second later, June was on her back receiving the lady’s gushing cum into her cunt. Once she stopped bucking, Lady Bianca collapsed prostrate on top of June. June held her as tightly as she could, silently, while feeling tears welling up in her eyes. Oh god, this was other worldly.


Lady Bianca returned from the bathroom with a hair brush. She brushed out her seriously matted hair, making herself look presentable once again. June thought to herself that even mussed up, this woman was a naked goddess. June’s loins began to quiver once again. This wasn’t over. She needed more. The hair brush was then casually tossed to her. She swiped it out of mid air, then matter-of-factly brushed and smoothed her deep red tresses. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Lady Bianca watched June as she raised her arms above her head in the brushing process. This caused June’s breasts to rise up and stand at perfect attention. She was almost in a classic breast emphasizing nude model pose. This excited her. Not to be outdone, Lady Bianca then raised her arms over her head and posed her tits for June. June understood, smiled, then posed off with her as if she was being challenged. They both giggled. June then set the hairbrush on the night stand and picked up the small bottle of oil, held it up and smiled a dirty, salacious smile. The lady moved into position. June scissored their legs. The gap between their soon to be reunited cunts narrowed. The lady then watched incredulously as two drops of oil landed on her already searing cunt lips. Then she watched as two more drops sped to June’s thick labia, quickly and evenly coated them. This was twice the recommended amount! She thought to herself, this bitch is stone crazy! Did she understand the intensity of what was about to happen? Then…

June’s hungry cunt literally attacked hers, catching her slightly off guard. She could feel her thick labia being sucked deeply into the slick, thickset folds of June’s lascivious pudenda. With practically no prompting, the two cunts seemed to lock themselves into a deep fuck stroke. Each cunt seemed to grip and slide. The lady, with her vast experience, tried to assert herself. But it was to no avail. While there were no words of anger or provocation, June had obviously come to fuck and to dominate. Any effort that she made to equalize her standing in this inferno of locked vulvas was easily overpowered by her red-headed protege. Lady Bianca had never been so overwhelmed. She was only a few labia locked strokes away from an emotional and sexual crescendo. Then, it happened. She was penetrated.

June’s fully erect clitoris invaded her cunt. The redhead grunted and squealed, as though she had satisfactorily reached a lubricious goal. The lady quickly and desperately matched her clit with June’s. Once again June dominated, fucking her deeply and easily gaining dominance in the lockup of the dueling clitorises. The lady was beside herself. My goodness, what had she unleashed? Had she created an insatiable sexual monster?

The more she fought back, the more ground she seemed to be loosing. She could not, in any way, match the fervor of June’s primal cunt in it’s deep and audacious fuck of her swollen cunt. She now completely went over the proverbial edge as June relentlessly pounded cunt into cunt and clitoris fucked her with something nearing vengeance.

Through the haze of woman to woman, through the vapors and the now literal battle taking place between their tightly locked thighs, the lady got a look at June’s facial expression and understood that June was on another plane altogether. There was indeed some next level shit going on. She was unnerved. All she could do was accommodate. June was somewhere in nirvana, and damn near out of control.

A wry smile came across June’s lovely face as Lady Bianca went down, flat on her back, pounding her clenched fists into the mattress as her amazing body writhed savagely out of control. June knew that she accomplished something; something that no one else had ever done.

The lady screamed uncontrollably as a volcanic eruption exploded from her cunt and June continued to lay her cunt into the lady. Satisfied, June then fell back and released her load into a vanquished Lady Bianca who could not quell the tears she hoped would go unnoticed.

Was this beyond or above normal, merely physical human experience? Was this TRANSCENDENCE?

The End