PERFECT PAIR by Catharsis - Part 5 - Complete Duplicates

Thirty minutes later, a firm knock rang at the door to room 214, cutting through the noise from the stereo system blaring throughout the hall. Holly opened it a crack, and peered out. Michelle stood out in the hallway wearing an ankle-length winter overcoat buttoned up all the way to her chin and a fuzzy, fake fur hat and matching boots. Without a word, Holly backed away from the door and let her in. Michelle closed and locked the door behind her, muffling the thumping music somewhat, and then turned to face her hated foe.

What she saw took her breath away. Holly was standing next to her bed, illuminated by a pair of candles. Draped on her body was a gorgeous white ensemble made up of a silken camisole and matching panties covered by gauze-like gown hitched with embroidered clasps. Her blond hair was shiny and radiant, and cascaded down to her shoulders in a golden stream.

"Take off your coat," she said, smiling at the reaction that showed on Michelle's face, "and stay a while." In her mind, she thought, "And don't be afraid to admit that I've got the better body."

Michelle exhaled, and then took two steps towards Holly. Undoing the buttons one by one, she cooed, "Don't mind if I do." When she reached the final button, she paused, then flung the overcoat wide open and gingerly slipped her arms out of it. Holly was frozen, speechless, as she watched Michelle hang the bulky jacket up and pull off her fur-lined winter boots. Michelle wore the same nightgown that Holly had seen earlier in the other blonde’s closet, and she filled out every curve of it devastatingly well. It rose up her legs much higher than Holly had guessed it would, and her eyes traced the edges of its scalloped hem. Wrapped around Michelle's body was a see-through nightie held closed in the front by a trio of small ribbons tied into bows. Her face glowed in the flickering light, and her eyes twinkled.

In silence, the two sexy coeds walked slowly towards each other with their hands at their sides and met in the center of the room. Locked in a smoky stare, they stopped only when the fronts of their negligees were about to touch. For a few seconds, the sole movement in the room was the accelerating rising and falling of their nearly identical chests. The sweet scent of their perfumes mingled in the still air.

The two girls leaned forward and pressed their busts firmly into one another. The sheer fabric of their lingerie couldn't hide the fact that both sets of nipples were already stiffened and ready for action. After hours apart, it felt so satisfying to the pair to have their boobs once again forced together.

"I don't mean to intrude," teased Michelle. She began to grind one of her tits further into Holly's opposing one.

"Not at all," countered Holly, giving her a shove with both breasts. "You're welcome to stay as long as you like."

"That's very kind. Please don't think ill of me if I accidentally outlast your hospitality. It isn't my intention to take advantage of someone, however easy that may be." She set her supple mammaries onto Holly's, and held them there.

"I assure you, you'll have a very difficult time doing that." Holly's blood was beginning to boil, and her patience wearing thin. "But, enough chit chat. How about we get right to the heart of the matter?"

"Yes," said Michelle, placing her hands lightly onto Holly's waist. "Let's."

With one swift motion, Holly brought her hands up around Michelle's back and dove her fingers into her hair. Tilting Michelle's head, she planted an ardent kiss upon the other girl's mouth. The taste of cherry was strong on Michelle's lips, and Holly knew that the blond was getting a good bit of strawberry flavor in return. Michelle responded immediately, moaning and echoing every bit of passion back. Her fingers began wandering up and down Holly's body, massaging her gently through the transparent material of her gown. Holly slid one hand out from Michelle's hair and ran it tantalizingly down her arm. Sensuously, the pair twisted and swayed back and forth like willow branches caught in a spring breeze. They rubbed their torsos together, feeling each other's boobs deform and wiggle beneath their clothes, unconstrained as they were by any restrictive bra. Their nails languidly explored every curve and caressed their sensitive sides, hips, and rear ends.

On and on for many minutes, the pair made out, sucking each other's lips and probing with their warm, wet tongues. Both fought to control the powerful emotions welling up within them as they did their best to work the other girl up into a frenzy of desire. Holly soon found Michelle's gown to be an annoying hindrance to her efforts. She broke off her kiss, but only got out, "How about..." before Michelle hungrily attacked her mouth and cut her sentence off.

"Hmm?" Michelle moaned, when she had finished.

Tugging on Michelle's outer layer, she said, "Mind if I take that for you? It's getting a little warm in here, don't you think?"

"How sweet of you to notice. Allow me to help you with yours." Deftly and seductively, the duo wormed their fingers in between their bodies. One by one, Holly untied the ribbons holding Michelle's gown closed, and Michelle undid the clasps on Holly's. "You look like you're getting uncomfortable yourself," Michelle added.

As she pulled the front of Michelle's nightie open, Holly taunted, "It's nothing I can't handle. I only offered because it seems like the heat is getting to you."

"Worry about yourself," retorted Michelle with mock kindness. She raised her hands up slowly to slide Holly's gauze-like covering off her shoulders. When they passed Holly's bulging tits, Michelle's knuckles lifted the feminine globes upward before rubbing roughly across the twin nipples poking like tent poles underneath her silk camisole.

"Unh," Holly panted. Her fingers crawled like spider legs up Michelle's stomach and around the sides of the girl's heaving boobs. Holly's hands remained there, tenderly cupping the soft flesh while her thumbs lazily circled Michelle's aureoles. A high-pitched noise rose in Michelle's throat as she struggled not to pull herself away from the other girl's ministrations. Pushing Holly's outer wrap downwards onto her arms, Michelle forced her rival to let go in order to allow the slinky fabric to fall to the floor. Undeterred, Holly pulled on Michelle's gown, drawing it off her torso inch by inch. Michelle felt it creep across her skin, and dropped her shoulders to ease its journey off her body.

Both girls' eyes then followed the thin straps holding the other's lingerie on from where they hung near their necks down to the deep crevasse of their cleavage. Their shiny nighties seemed to pour over the tops of their breasts like waterfalls of silk, reflecting the candle flames as they shifted in the night air. Holly caught herself, realizing with embarrassment how much lust was coursing through her veins. She scattered those thoughts away. "It's Michelle who's going to succumb to those impulses first," she reminded herself, "and I'm going to make her."

Michelle had her own ideas in that regard. Licking her lips, she grabbed hold of Holly's breasts with both hands and began a stimulating massage with her fingers. Holly groaned, swept away by an exquisite wave of sensations. Steadying herself, she sought out Michelle's creamy tits and started plying them with her hands. Lost in pleasure, the two girls ratcheted up their efforts to drive each other out of their minds. They toyed with each other's nipples, running their palms across them and tweaking them between their thumbs and fore fingers. A deep, rosy color bloomed on their cheeks as the temperature in the room seemed to skyrocket higher and higher.

Unable to elicit anything stronger than a groan from her opponent, Michelle drew her fingertips down to Holly's sides. A slight tickle made Holly shiver like shaken jelly. Happy with the effect she had had, Michelle bent her knees and lowered herself down, continuing to make a furrow in the satiny material of Holly's camisole until her fingers reached the other girl's legs. Holly, unable to keep holding on to Michelle's breasts, stuck her hands on either side of her rival's face and began caressing the back of her neck. Michelle's head tilted forward and her hair brushed against the front of Holly's chest. With a low moan, Holly drove her fingers into Michelle's hair and pulled her face deeper into her bosom.

Michelle backed her head up, breaking Holly's embrace. Very slowly, she stood up, letting her fingertips sneak onto Holly's ass and her breasts slide up Holly's stomach. Both girls held their breaths, electrified by the luxurious feel of their silk-covered flesh slipping against one another. The tops of Michelle's tits met the underside of Holly's, and then lifted them upwards. A pause in the music made the room so quiet that they could hear the faint whisper of their lingerie slithering and rubbing. With a sudden release, Michelle's boobs shot past Holly's, her hardened nipples scraping twin lines across the blonde’s tender feminine globes. Both girls exhaled gasps of undeniable eroticism as the next song began its pounding drum beat. Their minds swam with dizzying emotion, threatening their balance.

Unwilling to let Michelle have any advantage, Holly counterattacked, forcing her entire body onto Michelle's and aiming to stab the coed's nipples with her own. Wrapping their arms tightly about each other, they united in a crushing embrace. Michelle sought out Holly's mouth with her own, kissing the other blonde’s lips and licking at her tongue. Eyes closed now, the pair danced a drunken tango about the room, lost in a fevered attempt to conquer the other with pure sensuality. The collided with furniture and bumped into the walls, but remained locked in a tight tangle of flesh and silk, impervious to everything else in the universe. The room seemed to spin around them as their ceaseless battle went on and on.

With an unexpected lurch, their world tilted sideways. Their legs had encountered the side of Rachel's bed and the momentum of their duel carried them off balance and onto the blanket-covered mattress. Michelle landed on top of Holly and quickly drew her arms out from underneath the other girl. Holly, not wanting to be trapped, pushed on Michelle's sides in an attempt to roll her off. Michelle resisted, and placed both of her hands on Holly's shoulders to pin her down. Holly strained to free herself, but found she wasn't strong enough to dislodge Michelle, whose full body weight was bearing down on her.

After a minute, Holly paused her struggling. The two blonds looked at each other. Their faces were flush, and their hair a disheveled mess. Both were panting, half from exertion and half from arousal. Michelle's dangling tits rested lightly on Holly's, making their stiffened nipples throb. The burning heat emanating from their crotches seared each other's thighs.

Holly idly ran her fingernails up Michelle's legs, lifting the hem of her nightie and tracing lines across her silken panties. Michelle inhaled deeply, trying to remain under control. She let out a sigh and began kneading Holly's shoulders with her fingers.

"What's the matter?" Holly asked.

"Nothing," came the hasty reply. It was followed by a muffled gasp as Holly's hands reached to top of her underwear and began caressing bare skin.

Holly giggled, and an evil look flashed in her eyes. "You sure?"


"Oh," purred Holly, massaging higher and higher up her back. "It looks to me like you need to get something off your chest." She brought her hands to Michelle's sides, tickling her and raising the blonde’s nightgown further up her torso.

"Unnh," Michelle moaned. "You slut." Holly's nails gently moved to the small of Michelle's back. Michelle arched her body in response, rearing her head up and driving her pelvis into Holly's. The increased pressure on her groin made Holly let out a low groan.

Michelle sat up, straddling Holly's hips, and let her hands work their way down on to the other girl's swelling breasts. They teased her supple flesh through the fabric of her silk negligee and pleasurably tortured her aching nubs. It was now Holly's turn to inhale a sharp gasp.

"You're a slut." Saying such a dirty word out loud gave Holly a thrilling charge.

Michelle grinned. "I guess that makes us even."

Holly copied her grin. "Oh, I don't think so. We may be equally matched physically, but one of us is definitely sluttier, and that person is going to be the one who gives in to the other's superior sexuality first."

"I'm glad you understand what's about to happen to you."

"I hate to say this to you, Michelle, but you've got it backwards." At this, Holly darted her hands around Michelle's soft stomach and drove them upwards. Her fingers snaked beneath Michelle's nightie and grabbed a firm hold of the naked flesh of the blonde’s boobs. Michelle gave an ecstatic cry. She realized that she couldn't escape backwards without ripping her favorite silk lingerie and instead lurched forward, lying down upon Holly and causing her hair to cascade into the other girl's face. Holly pinched her thumbs and index fingers together and twirled Michelle's nipples between them. Michelle groaned from the powerful mixture of pleasure and pain. She knew she wasn't going to be able to take much more if she let Holly continue.

Sitting back up, she reached for the hem of her gown and pulled it up over her head. Climbing off of Holly, she moved herself down to the end of the bed. Holly propped herself up on her elbows, wearing a smirk she could no longer hide. It vanished in the next instant as Michelle grabbed her arms and yanked her to a sitting position.

"Now who's the one who needs to get something off her chest?" cooed Michelle. Holly shot her an exasperated look. She was sure that she had finally sent her rival over the edge, but Michelle was proving more resilient than she had imagined.

Seeing Holly's hesitation, Michelle continued, "Allow me." Slowly and seductively, Michelle lifted Holly's camisole upwards, exposing more and more of the blonde’s flawless skin as she went. Holly, unwilling to sit still while Michelle took the initiative, resumed her tender caress of Michelle's bosom. She had to stop when Michelle's disrobing of her reached her arms. She raised them up and the two girls glared smokily into each other's eyes as Michelle removed the last bit of clothing covering Holly's torso.

The nearly naked coeds sat there, gazing at each other. Desire to be touched, to experience erotic pleasure, and to satisfy the aching tingling between their legs built in every fiber of their beings. At the same time, the urge to punish the other girl, to drive her to defeat and to see her weep in humiliation boiled in their veins. The two seemingly opposing feelings confused them, and made them frustrated and furious. Nothing mattered more at that moment to either of them than to unite their bodies in a fearsome war of primal sensuality.

With a simultaneous growl, the pair met at the center of the bed. Michelle tried to clamp onto Holly's shoulders again and push her back down. Holly knocked Michelle's hands away and reached out for her foe's blond mane. The sexy young women collided together and wrapped their arms around each other. Their nipples stabbed into each other's breast flesh, and their legs embraced like coiling vines. Holly twisted her body to one side, attempting to throw Michelle sideways onto the mattress. Michelle fought back, and the battling duo tumbled as one off of the bed.

Locked in a tight mass of writhing female flesh, the two nineteen year olds rolled over and over on the carpet, wearing nothing but their shiny silk panties. Their buxom bodies wrestled chaotically for a few minutes, having gained the understanding that whoever obtained the top position would be better able to dominate the other. Animal-like growls erupted from the pile of flailing arms and limbs, as their frustration at each other's endurance mingled with their frustration at their own urges to consummate their wanton desires.

Still jumbled together, the girls finally came to a stop in the center of the floor. Lying on their sides, they stared daggers right into each other's eyes. Holly had one arm trapped beneath Michelle's body, and the other was gripping her rival's underwear. Michelle had one arm around Holly's neck, and the other at the small of her opponent's back. Michelle's free hand drifted lower until it met the elastic waistband of Holly's panties. Her fingers slid lazily underneath and crawled onto the bare flesh of Holly's ass. Holly responded by grinding her hips further into Michelle's. One of her thighs parted Michelle's legs and came to a halt when it reached the girl's crotch.

Holly knew what she was feeling there. Michelle's panties were damp, soaked with the juices of feminine arousal. A slight tickle told her that her pussy was equally moist. She looked at Michelle's face. She eyes were almost closed, and she was working her silk-clad mound against Holly's intrusive leg. Sensing that some sort of victory was near, Holly began stroking Michelle's inner thighs with her own. Michelle moaned twice, her pitch rising higher each time, and then opened her eyes wide.

"Where are my manners?" she said, breathing heavily. The hand Michelle had wormed into Holly's panties glided its way smoothly around the other female's hips and dove into the tangled forest of her pubic hair. Holly shut her eyes and began exhaling in a labored fashion, fighting to control her erotic yearnings. Refusing to be outdone, Holly let go of Michelle's underwear with her free hand and forced it into the crevasse between her rival's legs.

Nearly simultaneously, the young women's fingers touched the outer folds of each other's labia. No words were spoken as the two sped head-long into a wild battle of mutual stimulation. Gasping and panting, Holly and Michelle amplified their assaults on their intimate regions, slithering their fingers deeper and deeper into their hot, wet cunts. Their arms drew their bodies tighter together in a strong hug, and they rested their blushing cheeks against one another. Whimpering into Michelle's ear, Holly strove to hold back the tide of inevitable ecstasy as she penetrated deeper and deeper into the other girl's pussy. She heard Michelle start to emit a desperate whine, and the coed masturbated her faster and faster, driving her insane with desire.

All at once, Holly and Michelle let out twin shrieks and buried their heads into each other's shoulders. On and on they kept at it, finger fucking with complete abandon and letting out muffled screams until the intense pleasure they felt finally subsided. They opened their eyes in unison and gazed at each other with expressions of both shock and joy plastered across their faces.

Holly, as if suddenly embarrassed at where her hand was, drew it out of Michelle's soaked panties. The scent of her rival's feminine juices coated her fingers and drifted unmistakably through the air. Michelle freed her arms and pushed herself away from Holly with an agonizing groan. Holly rolled onto her back and stared, still quite stunned, at the ceiling. Michelle crawled over to Holly's bed and leaned against it, the full impact of what had just transpired only now registering in her brain. The pair remained that way for a couple minutes, awash in soothing afterglow and bewildered disbelief.

To Be Continued