PERFECT PAIR by Catharsis - Part 6 - Perfect Pair

Michelle surveyed the figure of her prone rival. Holly hadn't moved for some time, and it seemed like she had experienced more than she could take. Her chest rose and fell in great waves, seemingly in unison with the body of her foe who lay catching her breath just a few steps away. The edge of Holly's bed dug uncomfortably into Michelle's back, and she lifted herself up to sit on its soft mattress. Her knees wobbled and threatened to give way. Not wanting to appear weakened by the intimate assault her vagina had just withstood, she steadied herself and slowly settled her bottom down onto the fluffy comforter that covered the bed. Her silken underwear stuck wetly to her skin, and Michelle peeled it off and cast it to the floor in disgust.

Holly sighed, and turned her head to see where Michelle had gone. She found the blond sitting naked on her bed staring at her with a slight grin on her face. A pounding bass drum from next door kept time with her rapid heartbeat.

"It seems to me that my hostess has become tired, and the party is over," Michelle said in a coy voice. Holly rolled onto her side and started to prop herself up on one elbow. "No, no need to get up on my account. I can see myself out on my own." Michelle smiled, watching Holly sit up with obvious difficulty.

"You can leave if you want to," said Holly quietly. A challenging look flashed in her eyes. "But the music's still playing, and I'm not through dancing quite yet." Unhurriedly, Holly got to her feet and struck a sassy pose. Her breasts wobbled a bit before coming to rest, and her fully erect nipples pointed defiantly at Michelle.

The seated girl felt a rush of adrenaline flood her system and her pulse quickened. Anger made her grimace. She cursed silently that Holly hadn't given up their duel after the last, intense and erotic struggle the two had been through. She steeled herself for another round, feeling the same powerful mixture of hatred and lust that was becoming more and more enjoyable to her as their battle went on.

"Dancing, you say? Are you sure you even know the moves?" Michelle said cattily, leaning slightly backwards and parting her legs a little.

Holly began breathing faster and heavier. Half of her wanted to yank Michelle off the bed and slap the shit out of her, and the other half wanted Michelle to get up, unite their nude bodies firmly together, and bring her to another massive orgasm.

"Step on over here and I'll show you."

"Aw, but I'm comfortable right here, Holly."

"Suit yourself, then." At that, Holly pulled her panties down in one slinky motion, and strode over to the bed, swaying her hips licentiously. Michelle rose up, readying herself to grab Holly, swing her down onto the mattress and climb on top of her.

When she was a good meter away, though, Holly tensed, bent at the knees, and leaped at Michelle, tackling her down onto the soft comforter. Holly's momentum drove the startled blond backwards, partially pinning her with the full force of her weight. Michelle yelped in surprise, but soon fought back, wrapping her legs around Holly's midsection and attempting to roll the pair to the side.

The two nude young women fell into a crazed tussle, rocking back and forth among the blankets. Sweat formed on their naked skin as their bodies writhed in a heated contest for control for quite some time. Michelle's grip with her legs slipped, and Holly's hips forced them further apart. Holly began pounding at her opponent with her pelvis and, after several strong thrusts, succeeded in mashing her and Michelle's cunts together.

"See? I know the moves," Holly panted.

"Question is, can you keep up with the tempo?"

Growling in both fury and desire, Michelle began grinding her pussy into Holly's. Their blond pubic hair roughly brushed their sensitive labia, adding sharp notes of pain to the growing pleasure each felt emanating from their most intimate areas. For several minutes, the fearsome vixens engaged in a lewd war, banging their wet snatches together. Neither seemed to be able to tip the other over into ecstasy, however. Frustrated, they drew their breasts and then their lips into the fray, working every inch of each other's body into an aroused frenzy.

Their pelvic muscles weren't used to being flexed in this manner, though, and they eventually began to ache. Holly stopped to catch her breath, and broke off the deep French kiss she had planted on Michelle's mouth. Michelle gasped for air, and tried to ignore the uncomfortable weight of the other girl's chest bearing down on her own. The two nude coeds glared into each other's eyes.

"I will exhaust you," Holly stated, panting heavily.

"Never." Michelle reached up and cupped Holly's boobs. She arched her fingers into claws and dug her nails into the other blonde’s supple tit meat.

Holly cried out in alarm, and reared back. Before she could retaliate, Michelle pushed hard, sending Holly toppling into the headrest. Michelle hauled one leg out from underneath of Holly, but the other girl grabbed it and prevented her from escaping completely. As they looked at each other, their gaze wandered unavoidably to the sight of their curly blond bushes, now poised and ready to clash again.

"OK," said Holly after a short pause, "if that's the way you want to dance."

As one, they scooted towards each other and rammed their fur-covered mounds into firm contact. Twisting their nude bodies form side to side, the dueling teens slid their moistened cunts harder and harder together. Sensations unlike anything either had ever encountered shot through their nerve endings. On and on they continued their erotic war, each seeking to reduce the other to a quivering wreck of shattered willpower. They whined and whimpered, futilely trying to stifle the onrushing climax that was about to run them both over.

All at once, the fleshy hoods that protected their most tender erogenous organs opened up. Now exposed, their stiffened clitorises flicked and lanced at each other. Holly began a high-pitched, muffled scream, but kept attacking Michelle's clit again and again despite the overpowering emotions shooting through her. Michelle felt like her brain was going to explode, but nothing could have possibly stopped her from throwing every last ounce of strength into the tribadism battle she was locked in with Holly.

With one final, horrendous slam of their pussies, they bent each other's sex rods, sending a feeling too strong for either of them to withstand cascading through them like a fast-moving storm. Twin shouts echoed off the walls, and the girls collapsed onto their backs, still stuck together and gyrating their hips, as wave after wave of orgasm had its way with them. Neither had ever dreamed that such unbelievable sexual intensity existed, let alone that it had been hidden away inside their bodies.

Holly disengaged herself and drew her knees up to her chin. She watched Michelle's stomach and chest rise and fall in time with her breathing. The other blonde’s eyes were closed, and her mouth open. Holly swallowed, and noticed a dryness that meant she was getting dehydrated.

She climbed out of bed and walked on wobbly legs towards the sink. Propping herself up with one hand, she picked up a plastic cup and filled it with water to soothe her parched throat. As she closed her eyes and took the first sip, she felt something brush against both of her sides. She swallowed quickly and felt Michelle's hands slide around her waist and then search upwards to cup her breasts. Michelle's body pressed into Holly's. Her soft boobs expanded like pillows on Holly's bare back. Her exposed and still stiffened nipples poked like twin darts into her skin, and her thighs felt warm and sticky against Holly's naked ass.

"Aren't you going to offer your guest a drink?" Michelle cooed. Holly began to wiggle, but that just made Michelle's fingers tighten their grip on her tender orbs. The trapped girl felt a sudden twinge of arousal. She knew that if this went on much longer, she'd be at her captor's mercy.

"How impolite of me. You can have mine." Holly dumped the nearly full cup over her shoulder and onto Michelle's upper chest. Michelle leaped back as the cool water came like a shock to her warm skin. Holly spun around and watched in fascination as the liquid ran in tiny rivulets down Michelle's heaving breasts and into the cleavage between them. It dribbled down her stomach and dripped from her round tits.

"Thank you so much. I appreciate that." Michelle said. It was a lie.

"You're quite welcome." Holly replied. So was that.

Holly dropped the cup onto the rug as Michelle raised her arms and reached out with fingers ready to grab. Holly brought her hands up defensively and her foe latched onto them. With but a light grip, Michelle forced Holly's hands out of the way and soon both girls' arms were completely stretched out to either side. The girls stared unflinchingly into each others eyes as their bodies came together yet again. Michelle's face had a look of both determination and desire on it. Holly let out a sigh as Michelle's wet flesh sank onto hers. The water made their skin somewhat slippery, and their boobs began rubbing against one another freely. The two danced from side-to-side, lost in an erotic contest of seduction. They dragged their nipples softly at first, but Michelle soon started pressing her full feminine globes against her opponent. Holly's motions were beginning to make her delirious, and Michelle knew she had to do something to keep from losing control.

Michelle let go of Holly's hands and brought her arms around the girl's back. Drawing the two as close as possible, she squeezed, causing Holly to let out a single, quick moan. Burying her sensitive mammaries in Holly's hadn't quelled the strong emotions streaking through her, though. She loosened her hug and drove Holly backwards with her body. The pair collided with the closed closet door, and Michelle penned Holly in with her arms. They stood like that for a few moments, each taking in the sight of the other's flush appearance in the flickering candlelight.

"Still think you can outlast me?" asked Michelle.

Holly's ire was in full bloom. "I can outlast you, and out fight you, and out fuck you, too."

"Such language," Michelle teased. "But can you back up those words?" Michelle paused, basking in the mean expression her challenge had caused on Holly's face. "I didn't th-"

That was all Michelle got out when Holly's hand dove into her crotch and gave her labia a rough stroke. Instinctively, Michelle backed up, breaking off the contact. She kept her eyes trained on Holly's and chuckled. "You..."

Holly smiled sweetly. "Shall we dance?" she offered.

"Yes," Michelle panted, her pulse speeding up once again. "Let's."

With a noise midway between a howl and an aroused groan, the two naked girls reached out and began fingering each other's pussy. Wobbling this way and that, they leaned on each other's shoulders for balance and masturbated their way to one side of the room and then back again. They kissed each other's arms and shoulders and breasts, seeking to ramp up the pleasure each was doling out. Their naked bodies staggered, and each girl felt her knees begin to buckle. Out of control, the pair tumbled to the carpet and commenced a wild wrestling match, each fighting to keep the other away from her sensitive thighs. Locked together, they rolled and grappled about the floor, more and more aware of the soreness building in their tired and aching muscles.

The tangled mass of nude female flesh slowed to a halt, and Holly and Michelle strained to their limits to crush the other with a painful bear hug. With a grunt and a sigh, they relaxed the tight embrace, unable to keep it going for long.

Frustrated, they rested for a moment. As they did so, a feeling of desire began welling up unbidden in their entwined bodies. Their faces were mere inches apart, and they stared, somewhat amazed, into the eyes of the girl that had taken them beyond every barrier of inhibition they could imagine. Lust and hatred, passion and disgust, sex and dominance: all were combined in an overwhelming emotion that neither could ignore, and neither could hold back any longer.

"Too bad one of us has to lose," said Holly.

"Too bad it's going to be you," retorted Michelle.

Their lips met in a torrid kiss, and their bodies began swaying and rocking, eager to join in a most intimate coupling. Michelle's hands drifted to Holly's tits, where they caressed and massaged in time with Holly's hands moving up and down her back. Amorous feelings raced through them both, speeding their yearning and grasping fingers.

The will to win temporarily rose above the urge for satisfaction in Michelle, and she roughly pinched Holly's nipples in an attempt to force her down beneath her. Holly cried out, and raked her nails across Michelle's back. When that didn't stop Michelle's torture, Holly began kicking and slapping wildly, eventually dislodging the blonde’s body from hers.

Cupping her tender, damaged breasts, Holly retreated to her bed. Sensing victory, Michelle got up and crawled towards her.

"What's the matter, can't take any more?"

"You bitch!"

"Admit it, you've lost."


"Then, why are you backing away from me?"

Michelle lunged, but Holly pulled her leg away in time and stuck it beneath the thick comforter that their earlier battle had untucked from the foot of the bed. Michelle reared up on her hands and feet and jumped at Holly. Emitting a frightened shriek, Holly pulled the comforter in between her and Michelle, blocking the other girl's attack.

Michelle found herself atop a constantly shifting bed cover. Holly was completely under it, kicking and elbowing her foe above. After one too many jabs, Michelle got knocked off and landed at one end of the mattress. Holly kept fighting, as if against an unseen, phantom enemy. Michelle was more than willing to give her a real one. She lifted one corner of the comforter and dove into the dark space beneath it.

Chaos erupted amid the blankets as the two enraged hellcats scrambled and fought a tight skirmish underneath the fluffy bedspread. Incapable of seeing anything, they used their hands and bare skin to sense where their opponent's naked body was. Muffled grunts and moans punctuated the struggle, as the lump under the comforter jostled and twisted.

Finally, after a few minutes, Michelle flung back the covers and sat up, grinning and drenched with sweat. Her hips were astride Holly's and she was grinding her pussy strenuously into the other blonde’s. For her part, Holly's face wore a mask of defiance and she thrust her cunt into Michelle's with everything she had. Wet smacking sounds filled the room as the two coeds bucked and humped each other without pause for a long time. Both raced toward the brink of climax, but each strove to contain the lust that drove their sex fight on and on.

Michelle was giving it everything she had, fucking Holly with her stiff clit as much as she was being fucked back. Holly strained to make each thrust of her hips count as she felt her self-control begin to fade. Without warning, stars exploded in the two girls' visions. They felt their bodies erupt in successive orgasms. Warm juices flowed from their pussies and mingled as they came again and again in unison. Despite this, they kept grinding their hot, slippery cunts together, desperate not to surrender to the other's intense sexual assault. Their wide open mouths let out exultant shouts, and the long, exhausting battle reached its peak. After a particularly strong jolt of ecstatic pleasure, Michelle's eyes closed and her body went limp. The blond had pushed herself to the limits of her endurance, and her stamina had finally run dry. She passed out on top of Holly, and her nude form rolled off to one side. There she lay; unaware of the fact that Holly had gone unconscious just a second before.


Sometime during the night, Holly awoke, feeling uncomfortable. Trapping her pelvis and legs was a heavy weight. She shoved it, causing it to groan. With a start, Holly's eyes snapped open. Michelle's naked body lay partially atop of her own, and it moved slightly as the other girl's slumber abruptly ended.

The room was dark. The candles had used up the last of their wicks long ago. The music from the party next door was silent. The rest of the world continued to sleep as two suddenly horny young women shook the drowsiness from their heads and coiled their nude bodies together once more. No words were exchanged, just sensuous caresses, arousing kisses, and erotic, intimate grinding. Their brains became fully intoxicated with a mixture of desire and hatred, a drug that both had now become addicted to. Each drove themselves to out pleasure the other and send her into ecstasy before she gave in to the raw, powerful emotions coursing through her. Heat from their bodies mixed with a sweaty, feminine, sexual odor in the air around them. Faster and faster their sexfight churned about the madly tossed blankets as their pussies moistened and their clits hardened and fought once again. Then, the dueling girls embraced each other tightly, buried their faces into each other's shoulders to quiet their simultaneous orgasmic screams, and fell back asleep.

A few more times before dawn, the process repeated itself, as the tired but still willful coeds wrestled their naked bodies together on the sheets and pitted their aching but hungry cunts against one another again and again in the inky blackness.

When the sun finally rose, the weary girls awoke at the sound of Holly's alarm clock. Out of their minds with exhaustion, they lay in each other's arms for quite a while. Gradually, smiles broke out on their faces, and they shared a gentle, amorous kiss.

They realized that, in their attempt to discover which of the two perfectly equal young women would win, they had both come out victorious in the end.


At that same moment far away in the quiet, off campus apartment that Heather had asked Gina to take care of while she was away for the weekend, Rachel clicked a computer mouse, replaying the set of images that the web cam situated on top of her dorm room computer had captured.

"See," she said, "I told you they were a perfect pair!"

On the bed behind her, Gina chuckled. "Okay, okay. I admit that your hunch was right. Now, come back to bed," she said. As she did so, she lifted the blanket that lay atop her and threw it aside, revealing her slim, athletic, and fully naked body reclining against a pile of pillows. Her brown pubic hair glinted wetly in the glow of the computer monitor, and the warm breeze from the apartment's central heating carried the pungent smell of sex around the room.

Rachel's nude figure, silhouetted by the same monitor, turned around in the desk chair. She caught sight of her brunette lover lounging seductively on the soft mattress and noticed Gina ogle her perky breasts with a saucy, lascivious leer. It was all the prompting the redhead needed.

The End